Majora's Curse

By Jonathan


"In the land of Hyrule, a boy who, after battling evil and saving Hyrule, crept away from the land that had made him a legend. Done with the battles he once waged across time, he embarked on a journey. A secret and personal journey for it was a journey in search of a beloved and invaluable friend. A friend with whom he parted ways when he finally fulfilled his heroic destiny and took his place among legends."

Upon his steed, Epona Link was lost on the road his was travelling. His friend Navi, his formal companion surprisingly left him, leaving him with very few words. Link went to find her. Link was going through the deepest part of the Lost Woods to find her. Now he is lost. Link stopped Epona and looked around his environment. He has been travelling for hours and it seems to be that he is going around in circles. The way was misty and every tree he passed seems to be the same. Link blinked sleepily and saw two fairies on the left. Link looked closely and realised that they were both not Navi. The two fairies were not bluey white but they were dark purple and  bright yellow.

“Excuse me,” he said to the fairies “Can you help me?”

However, the fairies ignored him and went for Epona. They flew around the Epona’s beautiful bay head and made her so dizzy and that made Link fall off. The fairies looked over and saw a person in a creepy looking mask laughing creepily. It was a stout looking creature, his clothes was green and brown hay with brown boots. The clothing was torn, even his boots were matted. These creatures were known as Skull Kids, who used to be children, but who went into the Lost Woods and they were turned into this shape. What made him seen more terrifying is the mask he was wearing.  It was a purple mask, not as purple as one of the fairies, and it was decorated with sickly yellow horns, six on each side. The eyes of the mask were terrifying to even glance at, the iris were as yellow as the horns and the pupils was green surrounding the black dot.

 “You two fairies did great” as the masked Skull Kid walked up to them “Lets see what he has got.”

 The Skull Kid walked and looked around Link and picked up a blue shiny item. It was a odd looking thing, an ocarina which was mystical blue, and made of something similar to glass. The purple fairy spoke excitedly “Oooo, what a pretty ocarina” the Skull kid played it “Hey Skull kid lemme play it.”

The yellow fairy looked at the purple fairy and hit him her eyes were bright green with hidden concern “No Tael! What if you break it, or drop it?” Tael looked at her and smirked, his own blue eyes twinkling “Aww sis, come on, I really wanna play it.”

Link got up a bit dazed “What in Din’s name happened?” His answer was right before him as he saw Tael, the yellow fairy and the Skull Kid admiring the ocarina. The Skull Kid turned around and saw Link, and gasped in surprise and hid the ocarina behind his back. Link, who was not fooled, launched for him, but the Skull Kid jumped onto Epona. Epona was still dizzy and confused on who her master is, so she galloped off without warning. In shock, the Skull kid was holding on, amazed for the burst of speed which Epona was using. However, Link grabbed the end of her leg, just before she galloped into the mist. But he could not hold on and he fell off.

“Link..... Link, I will always remember you.... I love you” whispered a achingly familiar voice, which made the sleeping hero feel at ease “Do not forget me.... we will meet again”


Navi!” he called and he woke up and looked around a bit confused of the past events that just happened. Where he landed was outside a hollowed out tree were shrubs were growing nearby. On the floor right next to him was his sword; the Kokiri sword which his friends, the Kokiri gave it to him so that he would defend himself if the need arises. Right next to the sword was his shield; different from the shield he used when he was on the quest to defeat the Evil King albeit a lot smaller. It was a gift from his friend Zelda's caretaker Impa who is a Sage. He picked up the precious cargo, and he went through the log and saw a cave and ran inside.


When he entered the cave, the surroundings were odd. It was highly strange how his steed, jumped up here, let alone go through this tunnel. But Link took a step too many, and he lost his footing and he fell down a hole. As he fell down the hole, the surroundings were abstract for he saw many faces that looked strangely like masks. His trip ended short as he fell on a strange flower which broke his fall. Link looked at the strange flower “What in Din’s name?”

Suddenly the lights turned on and Link looked forward and saw the Skull Kid ad the two fairies leering at him. It was strange; the Skull kid was floating; Skull kids are timid wood creatures who have barely got any magical essence. Yet this Skull kid was floating without effort.

“What’s up with that horse?” taunted the Skull Kid. “It wouldn’t listen to a word I say,” he giggled and resumed “so I did you a favour and I got rid of it.”

Link’s face shown complete rage and he took out his sword and shield “You won’t get away with this, Skull kid.” But the Skull Kid laughed, his laugh was strangely different; very inhuman, which is odd since he was human, somewhere.

“Come on, I was having a bit of fun with you” he taunted and he looked Link in the eye with the mask “Do you really think you can beat me? Fool.” The mask shook violently.


Scrubs, Scrubs, millions of them, all leering at Link, were getting closer and closer. Link looked around and he tried to swipe one of them, but his sword and shield were missing. He had no option; the Scrubs were getting louder and louder and getting closer. Link ran from the Scrubs and covered his ears. But the sound was just as deafening. A huge Scrub was rising into the darkness, behind Link, and he went for him.


Link looked around saw no Scrubs. He was back in the room where he saw the Skull Kid. Something didn’t feel right and he looked at his reflection and saw that he turned into a small green Deku Scrub. Link screamed, in a Deku voice; higher than humans, and more wood like “What have you done to me?”

But the fairies and the Skull Kid were laughing unkindly “Now that is a good look for you” smirked the Skull Kid “You should that way, forever. “ The Skull Kid floated off with Tael close behind him, however the yellow fairy stopped Link from following and she pushed Link and she stuck her tongue in rudeness. Her brother looked back and felt the enchantment on the door was lifting and screamed “Sis!!” and the door closed.

The yellow fairy looked back and her eyes were in shock and she flew swiftly to the door “Hey Skull Kid I am still here.” She tried to push the door to see if there was any opening but with no avail. She sighed but then she remembered Link who was still on the floor from her beating.

“You,” she flew back to Link and she smiled unconvincingly, like her smiles were so much effort “If I was not dealing with you I would not have split up with my brother.” Link looked at her in disbelief as she also said “So can you help me by opening the door for me?”

Link was not to be fooled the second time and started to be sceptical “Why?” he said putting his hands on his waist. She again was smiling unconvincingly sweet “Come on please, I am a helpless girl.” Link sighed and he and placed his arms on his side and went to the door “Come on then.”

Before he opened the door, the little fairy flew in his face again “About before, I am sorry about that.” She flew a bit higher as it was a sign of authority “You want to know where the Skull Kid went?” he nodded and she smiled. “Well I happen to know where he is going” she boasted and Link frowned.

“So if I could come with you I will help you find him.”  Link looked at her; he needed someone who knows the way, because he had no idea where in the world he is. It was decided “Ok then, as long as you behave yourself.” Tatl nodded “Ok I promise, I’m Tatl, so pleased to meet you and all that.” Link could tell she was different from all the fairies he met, very selfish and rude which is different from Navi's sweet and caring nature. “Link” he replied as they went through the door. 


When they arrived on the other side of the door he walked forward and found himself in a curious room. There was gears turning from the water's flow, properly powering something huge. In the distance, Link heard a resonating sound in the air, similar to a bell.  Link looked around at the sound yet Tatl whizzed around upwards as if she did not even notice it, if she did, it did not bother her. Link found door that led outside.

“You have met with a terrible fate hmmm?” said a voice behind Link. Tatl retreated behind Link and Link saw the Happy Mask Salesman. This man was a curious person, wearing a happy face, which looks a bit too happy. He was sporting a purple shirt and trousers, and on his back was a bag which was easily twice the size of him. His eyes were odd, they were very gentle, full of laughter.... but there was a hidden something inside those eyes. Its like this person has a plan.... but the plan was not to be yet.

“What are you doing here?” Link asked the traveller and he looked at Tatl who was shaking in fear, her eyes were gentle emeralds.

“Ho ho I am a traveller young one, so we apparently crossed paths. Anyway I see that you are not originally a Deku hmmm? Well I can help you if you get back that precious item that was stolen from you.” Link thought of his ocarina and he nodded and started to walk away, however the salesman held him back. His smile was strangely eerie, and his eyes feel like they were piercing his soul. He spoke again “In exchange, I want the mask that the imp stole from me.”

Doubt flashed in Link's eyes as the mask was mentioned. He felt evil in the imp so taking the mask off the Skull Kid was not going to be simple. The salesman's thumb and finger were on his chin “But I am a busy man and I will have to leave in three days.” “Three days?” Link questioned “You think I can do this in three days?”

The man smiled gently “Not a problem for a young man like you” Link frowned at that feeling a bit insulted since the Skull Kid stripped away his humanity. “So believe in your strengths young one” He concluded “I know you are not the right shape, but I believe you.” Link nodded again unsure if the compliment was a compliment and he walked out of the Clock curious about why he wanted that creepy mask.



Link walked out and noticed he was in a town, a prosperous town; which was achingly similar to Hyrule. He went forward and he was knocked out the way by a burly man, with dark brown hair, and he was carrying lumber on his shoulder. “Watch it kid!” he scowled and he resumed walking. Link picked himself up amazed by what he entered from. He lifted his head at the dynamic clock of an unusual pattern. The clock was turning slowly, in minute time. Link again looked up and his eyes widened. In the sky was a huge grey circular object with a angry face, its teeth were bared in equal anger, its eyes were orange with hatred; it was the moon. Never did the moon have such hatred, in fact, the moon should not have any hatred, it was not a living being. Yet it did, and it was closer to the world than it has ever been.

 “He gives me the creeps” said Tatl as Link looked around “But three days! That is not long Link. Its only seventy-two hours.” Link looked at her and smiled in his Deku form “Tatl, we will make it; though I agree with you the Mask salesman is creepy.” Tatl flew on Link’s shoulder “Well let’s go and meet the Professor; he and I were good friends before I met the Skull Kid; follow me” she said as she got off and flew North. Link followed her and they arrived in a small niche and a boy who was guarding it. “What is the password?” he asked. “4 1 6 2 4 5” Tatl said confidently. The boy smiled and stepped aside “Welcome Tatl, it’s been awhile.” Tatl smiled back and beckoned Link; Link moved forward but the boy denied him. Tatl flew forward “He is with me” she said. The boy spoke “Since the Skull Kid, we don’t want other members which are not human.” Link nearly shouted out when he heard this but Tatl intervened “We are seeing the professor, nothing else.” The boy gave up and nodded his blonde hair swayed a bit and allowed Link through. Link walked through and shouted out of earshot of the boy “But I am human Tatl.” Tatl said “They don’t know that Link, you look like a Deku.” Link nodded gently a bit put off and he followed his guide, his mind in overdrive with confusion. “why is this happening to me” he thought sadly

Link arrived in an astronomy room. He looked around and saw a scarecrow “Hey hey” said the scarecrow “Time is precious if know what I mean.” Link looked at him with confusion “What do you mean?” Tatl spoke “I will go and find the professor” as she flew upwards. Link approached the scarecrow “Well if you play the mysterious song backwards, time will slow down and if you play each note twice, time will go forward half a day.” Link looked confused at this. “Ah you are called Link” said a voice behind him. Link looked behind and saw an old man smiling warmly at him. He was quite aged, his grey hair was very well kept and he was wearing a blue robe with his long grey hair put back by a headband “Tatl has spoken about you.” Link walked upwards and arrived at the top of the tower and he saw Tatl at the foot of the telescope looking scared. “What some matter Tatl?” asked Link as Tatl rested on his shoulder. “The Skull Kid” she whispered. The professor arrived at Link side “Yes that Skull Kid is making the moon fall.” Link looked at the professor “Why?” The old man shook his head, his brown eyes clouded with sadness “We don’t know; all we know that it will fall in exactly three days; on the Eve of the Carnival.” Link through the telescope and saw the Skull Kid looking upwards at the Moon, its eyes were ghastly red and its face was very creepy. “Well we have to stop him” Link said gently, showing no fear In his auburn eyes. The professor looked at him sadly “All I know that to meet him, you need to get there on the eve on the carnival.” Link blasted a bubble out of his mouth in surprise.

Link arrived at the Stock Pot Inn to rest for the night. “Hello?” he said when he arrived at the front desk. “Oh hello there Young Deku Scrub” said a woman smiling “Have you got a reservation?” “Yes its Link” Link lied. The woman ran down her finger on a list and found his name “Mr. Link I am Anju and here is your key.” Link took his key from Anju and smiled and he went upstairs to the room. “Well that was odd” said Link looking at his key “Not every day you get a mystery key to a suite” he looked around his room, which was highly adequate “Like this.” Tatl woke up and yawned “I guess you’re right, any way we got one more day till Eve of the Carnival.” Link got on his bed and fell asleep as did Tatl on his shoulder. At two in the morning Link was woken up by a knock at the door, which woke him up but not Tatl. He answered it and saw Anju “Hello, sorry to wake you up at this hour, but I need someone to talk to.” Link smiled and allowed her in. “It’s well… I feel that you are not a Deku” she said. Link looked at her with surprise “W-what do you mean Anju?”Anju smiled at him and sat down on his bed “You feel like a human” she said and smiled “I need someone to talk to.” Link sat down with her and spoke “If I am a human, why do you want to talk to me than anyone else.” Anju smiled once more “I feel that you are a hero.” Link smiled back “Well honestly, I am cursed Anju as a Deku Scrub and I need to recover from this state.” Anju smiled and stroked his hair “Well you see I want you to find Kafei; my husband to be; we are getting married soon” she said. Link blushed but smiled “Well when I am finished with my business I will find Kafei” Link promised. Anju smiled at him and kissed his forehead and spoke “Thank you” and she left the room. What a bold statement thought Link as he crept on his bed.

Link looked up and saw that Eve was closing in. Tatl hopped on his head “Only a few more minutes till the bridge to the Clock Tower appears” she said to Link. Fireworks flew into the sky making the dark night bright with many different lights and the stair case to the Clock Tower formed in which Link ran all the way up to. As he arrived he looked upwards and saw the Moon 's face. He could sense the evil malice in its eyes... and the familiarity to the Mask that the Skull Kid had.

The Skull Kid....

Link looked to his right and he saw the Skull Kid staring at him with disbelief. Tael appeared next to the Skull Kid “Sis!!” Tatl smiled as he saw her brother “Tael, you’re ok, now Skull Kid, give us that mask, hey Skull Kid!” However Tael spoke again “Swamp. Mountain. Ocean. Canyon. Hurry the four who were there, bring them here.” The Skull Kid hit Tael “Stupid Fairy! Don’t speak out of line!” Tatl tried to go to the Skull Kid in rage, but Link stopped her “No-one does that to my brother!” The Skull Kid grinned “Well whatever, just looked above you, if you can stop it, try.” The Skull Kid raised his hands and the Moon was falling quicker than ever. Time was precious...

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