The New Enemy

By Patrick Dewey

       (Six months after Ganondorf has been banished into the Evil Realm, and seven years turned back. Link reunited with Navi after three months of searching.)


            Link strode out of his Kokiri tree house, yawning. He’d slept late again.

            “Link, you really shouldn’t oversleep.” Navi told him reproachfully.

            “Well, slaying Moblins that attack Hyrule Castle, climbing Death Mountain to deliver Biggoron his new tools, and fleeing from Ruto really wore me down yesterday,” Link reminded her dryly.

            Navi relented after a moment. “I’m sorry.”

            “Don’t be. Now, what’s on the agenda today?” Link asked her, climbing down his ladder.

            “I don’t know. Maybe you should go see Zelda?” Navi suggested.

            Link grimaced.

            “No, Navi. She’s been too busy and I’m not in the mood to sneak past any guards.” Link told her mildly.

            “Link! Link!” An excited voice burst out.

            Without thinking, Link drew his sword and settled into a combat stance.

            His sword had been a gift from a Hylian Knight that Link saved. It was three feet long, and had a beautifully decorated hilt.

            “What? What?” Link exclaimed. Navi gave an exasperated sigh.

            It was Saria.

            “Link, I’ve just got the most exciting news!” Saria said happily.

            Link smiled. “What is it?”

            Rauru sent me a message last night. Because of my nature as a Sage, I’m no longer technically Kokiri. Because of that, I’ve been given the chance to actually grow up!” Saria sounded very happy.

            “Wow, that’s great, Saria!” Link told her warmly. “I think I don’t have to ask if you’re excited?” Link smirked.

            She smiled. “No, but he also told me to tell you, that you need to go to Lake Hylia today.”

            Link frowned. “Why?”

            “Because he says that Ruto has been driving him nuts, pestering him to force you into marrying her.” She laughed lightly.

            Link groaned. “What does he want me to do about it?”

            She shrugged. “Try to talk her out of it?” Saria suggested half-heartedly.

            “Ugh. Alright I’ll go.” Link forced a smile. “Great news with you, though. See you later!” Link called to her.



            Water Temple



        Beneath the ice-cold depths of water, a dark figure emerged.

            He was clad in all black armor, equipped with a sword and shield replica of the Hero of Time.

            He’d been frozen beneath the water for too long, unable to move. Speech would not come easily.

            “Where… where are… are you, Ganondorf?” DarkLink wheezed. He could not sense his evil master.

            A sudden strange, purple warp opened in the center of the chamber.

            Ganon is gone. He banished me after I failed to kill the Hero of Time.” A voice spoke. “I was his Phantom. I have been searching for his creations for some time. Will you join me, in vengeance?” PhantomGanon asked him.

            “Yes. I… want nothing more than to kill him.”

            With that, DarkLink stepped into the warp.



            Zora’s Domain



        Link had used the Ocarina of Time, to warp to Lake Hylia, thus taking a shortcut to Zora’s Domain.

            Link had entered the beautiful waterfall city, and searched for Ruto.

            He did not have to search long.

            Ruto had been waiting for him and wanted to know if he would go to the lake with her.

            Ruto, please,” Link told her patiently. “Please stop badgering the Sages to haul me here to you.” Link pleaded.

            “I will if you go to Lake Hylia with me,” Ruto said slyly.

            Link bit back a curse with difficulty; she had him.

            “Oh, alright,” he sighed. “Just once, though.”

            Ruto smiled triumphantly.



            Lake Hylia



        Link and Ruto had just arrived at the lake, when Navi spoke up.

            “Link,” she said slowly. “Link? Hey! Listen!” Navi snapped impatiently.

            Link smiled. She always did that when she wanted his attention.


            “Do you… feel strange? I mean… like do you sense danger?” She asked him.

            “I’m on a date with Ruto. Of course I sense danger!”

            “Be serious, please.”

            Link halted for a moment in his mind, while Ruto led him on.

            Navi, I think you’re right. Something’s not right.” Link stated. It felt like a cold hand had touched his innards, freezing them.

            “Link, let’s be careful.” Navi cautioned.

            “Yeah… I’ll be sure to listen to you for once, Navi.”



            Next Day



        Link stumbled onto the Lost Woods bridge, cursing.

            Ruto had put something in the Red Potion she’d given him after he was wounded, fighting off the Water Tekitees. It had mad him extremely weary and weaker of mind. It took the last of Link’s strength to escape her.

            “Never,” he said irritably, “again with her! Ever!”

            “Link, calm down! Please, you’re giving me a headache.” Navi whined.

            “Yeah? Well, I remember a certain someone shouting in my ear while I saved the world.” Link said in annoyance.

            Navi blushed. “Well, that was the only way I could get your attention.”

            Before Link could retort, he heard a scream in the distance.

            Without thinking, Link drew his sword and ran towards the source.

            It took two seconds until Link found the problem.

            Moblins had escaped the Lost Woods, and were terrorizing the Kokiri.

            Link rolled forward, and slashed one from behind. It dropped with a roar that alerted more to his presence.

            One charged at him, and Link dropped, his shield would protect him. The Moblin’s spear point shattered on Link’s Hylian Shield.

            Link leaped up and slashed it across the chest. He brought out his Hookshot, as two more charged him. He zipped to each roof, firing arrows with his homemade bow.

            Most of his weapons he kept. The others had to wait until he was big enough to use.

            Five minutes later, only one Moblin remained.

            Oddly enough, it had cornered Mido.

            Link sighed it was his duty to protect innocents. Not that Mido was innocent, Link reflected wryly.

            Link took down the last one, panting slightly.

            “Okay, what happened?” Link asked Mido.


            DarkLink strode through the Shadow Temple’s corridors, shuddering.

            They’d been using this place as their headquarters, and DarkLink had to admit that he was impressed that the Hero got past this Temple.

            Most of the commanders were actually Ganondorf’s top minions.

            PhantomGanon, the reborn Volvagia, himself, Bongo-Bong, and several Elite Ironknuckles; were at the top of the food chain.

            Bongo-Bongo and the Elite Ironknuckles had escaped from the Hero’s purge only because PhantomGanon had either pulled them out of danger, or reanimated them.

            PhantomGanon, when exactly are we going to exact our revenge?” DarkLink asked him pointedly.

            “Soon. Very soon. Have patience.”

            DarkLink snorted.


            “Okay, so they broke out? It’s just that simple?” Link repeated incredulously. “Why don’t I believe you?”

            Mido bridled at the sharp edge in Link’s voice. “What did you think we led them into the forest?” he challenged.

            “No, but I thought that the big boss of the Kokiri could keep them out,” Link countered. He was sick of arguing with Mido.

            “Actually, I think I saw something,” Navett said thoughtfully. “It was a figure in black, riding a horse out of the Lost Woods. A few minutes later, the Moblins attacked.”

            Link and Navi exchanged glances.

            “What did the figure look like?” Link asked.

            “I didn’t see it too well.”

            “Surely you remember something,” Link pressed.


            Navi, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Link stated.

            “Yeah… join the club.”



            Sacred Forest Meadow



        Link sat on the top of the ruined staircase that led up to the Forest Temple.

            He’d been hanging around here lately, making sure that the Moblins stayed where they where.

            Unfortunately, the Cucco, Kojiro, had found its way into the meadow, and was becoming a nuisance.

            “What’s wrong, Link?” Saria asked him, emerging from the Temple.

            Link shook his head. “Nothing. Just can’t believe what happened yesterday.”

            Saria sat down next to him and wrapped her arms around him.

            “Listen, you don’t have to worry too much at the moment.” She assured him warmly. “If that guy shows up again, you just chase him out. It’s what you do,” she giggled.

            Link smiled reluctantly. “Thanks, you’re right.”


            At the Shadow Temple, DarkLink was getting very angry.

            “Look, what you did yesterday accomplished nothing!” he argued with PhantomGanon. “Why did you do it?”

            “To test the Hero.”

            “That’s your answer?” DarkLink jeered.

            “Yes. And it had better be satisfactory to you, DarkLink. Else, I might banish you where Ganondorf sent me.”

            DarkLink scowled and shivered. “Fine.”

            “If you are so impatient, take some Moblins and some Ironknuckles and attack Hyrule Castle,” PhantomGanon said idly.

            “Very well. Maybe I’ll actually get a chance to fight. Anything’s better than sticking around here.”


            Hyrule Castle, Next Day



        “Pull back! There’s too many!” Ghenterson bellowed at his troops.

            They were defending the entrance into Castle Town from some of Ganon’s creatures. They weren’t doing too well.

            All of the sudden, boulders came thundering across the land, flattening the enemy. They kept rolling past the guards, knocking the monsters into the moat or completely flattening them.

            “What the-!”

            “Howdy, boys! Havin’ a little trouble?” Link asked with a grin as he fired an arrow through an Ironknuckle’s helmet.

            “What are they?” Ghenterson demanded.

            “Oh, I heard the Castle came under heavy fire, so I whistled up some help.” Link said idly.

            The boulders suddenly came to life.


            “Nice touch, kid.” One of his men complimented Link.

            “Thank you. I’ll be heading in, now. Do you mind?” Link motioned at the drawbridge.

            “Of course.” He said, bemused.

            “Thank you. I’ll see you around.” Link said. “Oh and if this happens again, make sure the Moblins attack Cuccos instead. That’ll get you all the help you need.”



            Castle Grounds



        Link strode past the gate guard, Saria at his side.

            She had wanted to come with him to the Castle for a very long time. She reached out and grasped his hand. He smiled at her.

            They walked across the grounds outside the Castle, and Saria shot him a questioning look.

            “I get free rein of the place now,” he explained. “I just happen to like getting through the old-fashioned way.”

            “What, sneak past the guards, and over that ledge?” Saria asked him in amusement.

            “Exactly. Inside the Castle, there’s a beautiful Courtyard. No one’s used it for a long time, though.” Link told her. “I once used my Slingshot and shot one of the windows there in frustration-I forget why-and I literally got thrown out. Other than that, my past times there have been rather pleasant.”

            Saria doubted that he had been alone any of those times.

            “Why are we going there?” She asked him.

            “Because it’s an incredible place to relax, and like I said, almost no one uses it, so we wouldn’t have to be bothered with guards.” Link told her.

            “Or Royal Family members?” Saria suggested shrewdly.

            Link smiled. “Perhaps.”

            They proceeded through one of the passages towards the Courtyard, when, they were spotted by Princess Zelda.

            “What are you doing here?” Zelda asked Link curiously, throwing Saria a malevolent glare.

            Link shrugged uncomfortably. “These areas of the Castle are very pretty, so I thought I’d show Saria around.” Link explained.

            Zelda didn’t look too happy about this, but left them back to their walk.

            “I’ll have to remember not to come here again.” Saria observed.

            “You don’t have to be chased away by her! You have every right to be here with me.” Link told her sternly.

            “Thank you,” she said sweetly. “But, what’s your problem with her anyway?” Saria asked him with a slight frown.

            Link bit his lip. “I’m sure you remember the Dark Times?” he asked her.

            Saria nodded.

            “Well, it was her prophecy that led to that. That and Ganondorf’s evil schemes.” He said, a bit of anger in his voice. “She’s a very nice girl and good friend, but, she really ruined a large chunk of my life, sending me through time and darkness.”

            “But, you came back alright in the end,” she pointed out. “And at least some good came of it.”


            “Yeah, my side affect of being a Sage. I get to grow up with you.”

            Link kissed her cheek, causing her to go scarlet.


            In the Shadow Temple, the Dark Forces were very angry.

            Their attack had failed. They had lost quite a few of their number.

            The Dark Force’s anger was so great, DarkLink fled from them, beginning his hunt alone for the Hero…



            Death Mountain Battle



        “Link! Did you hear that?” Navi asked in a panicked voice.

            They had been walking through Kakariko Village, when they heard an explosion.

            Death Mountain’s cloud suddenly turned red.

            Link cursed. “Come on, Navi! That looks like trouble.”

            “Hey! Wait! Shouldn’t you get the Megaton Hammer?” Navi asked him worriedly.

            Link nodded. “I’ll need Darunia’s help, though.”


            One Hour Later


        “Brother, are you ready?” Darunia asked Link.

            He nodded determinedly.

            “Let’s go!”

            Darunia rolled forward, Link attempting a similar roll after him.

            Darunia carried the hammer, while Link carried every weapon he could think to bring.

            But he had done something very bold.

            He had taken The Master Sword.

            It was slung across his back, along with the Mirror Shield. Link was determined to finish whatever had caused the fighting.

            Link and Darunia had only a short walk once inside the Temple. Link was using Nayru’s Love, to protect him from the heat.

            They entered the boss chamber, and Link had a flash of déjà vu.

            Link couldn’t believe his eyes. Standing in front of him: was DarkLink.

            “I killed you,” Link whispered.

            “Not quite, Hero.”

            Darunia, can you handle Volvagia?” Link asked him.

            The Goron wore a determined look when he spoke. “Brother, it would be my honor.” And pursued the fire-breathing menace.

            “Alright, you cheap phony, let’s go!”

            Link bounded forward, striking with the Master Sword in a horizontal slash.

            DarkLink mimicked the very same move.

            Link slashed again, and again DarkLink copied him.

            Link thrust the blade forward, and DarkLink vanished for a moment. He reappeared a moment later:

            On the flat of the Master Sword.

            DarkLink kicked him in face, sending Link reeling.

            “Din’s Fire!” Link screamed, releasing the spell.

            It blasted forward, injuring the darkened copy of the Hero. Link leaped at him, sword slashing.

            He disarmed DarkLink, and then Darunia yelled: “Take this, Brother!” And hurled the Megaton Hammer.

            Link caught it, barely. He raised it over the half-standing copy of himself, and with a bellowing roar, sent it smashing down on him.

            DarkLink was tossed aside, flung into the lava. Link could hear his screeching for a minute.

            Then, silence.

            “Thank you, Darunia. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Link said finally.

            “My pleasure and honor, Brother. Let us return to Goron City. I think a party is due.”

            Link grinned from ear to ear. “With Saria’s Song as music?”

            Darunia shrugged. “I can dance.”


            After the two warriors return, a celebration is hosted in Goron City.

            Link and Saria sat atop the platform where the Goron’s Ruby once stood, playing their Ocarinas.

            Link had decided to use the one Saria had given him, so they played Saria’s Song in unison, while Gorons, Hylians, Zoras, and Kokiri danced below.

            The Sages had placed a unique spell, so that the Kokiri could join the celebrations.

            At the end of the celebrations, Link and Saria come together in a deep, passionate kiss.

            From that day on, they stood as a couple.

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