The New Hyrule

By RosieA

Chapter 1: Ocean and Land


The sea was vast and wide. An endless blue that stretched on and on without seeming to ever ending. On that sea sailed ships, ships with merchants, travelers, and some with pirates. On one of the ships sailed a boy. Blond hair and fierce blue eyes, garbed in a tunic as green as a forest who was known as no other than the Hero of Time. Along side him sailed a girl. Born a princess, raised a pirate, she looked similar enough to this hero they could be brother and sister. She was Tetra, the fierce pirate of the seas.


They sailed on through their lives looking for a golden land. A new golden land to replace the old. The old Hyrule Castle had been sunken in protection of the land. The land had been lost completely as it had attempted to be saved. But, with it died the Great Evil that ravaged through the seas.


Tetra recalled her old memories as she sat on her bed on the pirate ship. No longer was she young, she was in her teens, making her more stubborn and arrogant than before. She jumped off her bed and tied a red bandana around her neck. She walked out of her room and headed toward the deck.


Link was already up and already annoying her crew. “Oy, Link, stop bothering my crew and go make yourself useful. Niko, go up to the lookout tower and see if you can spot land.”


As Niko scurried off Link was grinning widely. “What would you like me to do, Princess Zelda?”


Tetra glared at Link. “I told you to not call me that!” she wailed. Link smiled and headed to practice jumping off swinging lanterns. Not that he needed practice. He had been at it for six years already, six long years stuck with Tetra on the ship as they looked for the new Hyrule as they had been told to do so by the King of Hyrule, or as known to Link, the King of Red Lions. He had died saving him and Tetra as they fought off Ganondorf.


“Tetra, come on and race me. I bet you can’t beat me,” taunted Link slowly walking away.


Tetra fumed and raced to the ship’s hull. They stood side by side getting ready to race. “On your marks… Get set… Go!” Shouted Tetra as she raced Link to the platform on the other side. They leapt from lantern to lantern trying to keep lead.


“Woo! I win,” shouted Link dancing around on the platform.


“Did not.” Tetra landed with a plop beside him. She pushed him over as he fell off the platform. “I win.”


Link looked up from the ground and laughed. “Cheater, I would’ve won if you didn’t play games as bad as the old fish in the ocean smell.”


Tetra jumped of the platform and pinned Link to the ground. “Now admit that I won fair and square or else you are not getting out of this pin.”


Link pretended to struggle and placed his chin on his hands. “Fine, you won fair and square.” Tetra released him and he sprang up and ran to the ladder to get onto the deck. “Not,” he laughed as Tetra chased after him. He ran into her bedroom and suddenly sat on the ground rummaging through a chest.


“Link, what are you doing?” Tetra sat beside him as he pulled out his delux picto-box. He smiled and showed her a picture of them and The King of Red Lions. She smiled and said, “Do you think we will ever find this new land? We’ve been sailing for years and every place we go the land is either already inhabited or is an empty wasteland.”


“I don’t know,” she said sighing. “But honestly we need to find it soon. I don’t know why, but it feels like time is running short.”


“I have that same feeling.” Link whispered as the crew that was on deck started yelling. Tetra sprang up and ran to deck. “Land ahoy! Land ahoy.” they were shouting. Tetra looked at Link and they ascended the ladder to the lookout.


“Great goddesses…” Link breathed out. The land they were looking out was large. It looked like a giant green cloak that stretched on almost as long as the ocean. Trees and mountains stood everywhere they could see.


“Impossible.” Tetra mouthed.




Farore sat in the Great Castle beside her sisters as they prayed. She kept shifting uncomfortably as Nayru kept glancing at her feeling her sister’s nervous aura. “What is wrong? Your aura is uncontrolled, you are sending off waves. If you don’t stop, Din will have a fit,” she whispered.


Farore stood up and addressed the Goddess of Power. “Sister, I am not feeling well right now. I think I will take a quick walk outside.” Din cracked open one of her eyes and allowed the Goddess of Courage to recover from whatever it was.


‘Make sure you make up for the time you have missed,’ Din had said to her. She would eventually, maybe. Farore walked over to the Seeing Pond that was in the garden. Kneeling beside it she whispered, “Show me the Hero.”


There she saw Link standing beside the princess. They were looking at a forest. A familiar looking forest along with mountains and a castle. “Ah!” she yelled in surprise. Farore stood and ran to her sisters. “Din, Nayru!”


Din snapped opened her eyes once more to Farore’s interruptions. “What. We are still praying you know!”


“They found it! They found it!” yelled Farore.


“Found what? And who is they?” Nayru asked standing.


“The Hero and Princess! They found the new land!”


Din closed her eyes. “That is impossible. Once the king died it had been made impossible for them to find it.” She turned her back to the Goddess of Courage and knelt down to pray once more.


“Din,” Nayru whispered softly, “she isn’t lying.” The Goddess of Wisdom felt excitement rising inside her. “Ooh! We must go to the land at once welcome and congratulate them!”


“Fast!” Din cried out suddenly. Nayru and Farore looked confused at her. “Darkness is rising once more there. We must help them, fast!” This time they understood and quickly they warped to the mortal land.




“How large is this forest?” complained Tetra as she cut down stray branches with her sword. “Ah!” she cried out as the ground started shaking beneath them. She fell onto Link who cut his hand with his sword.


“Tetra!” he yelled in pain. One of the trees began to fall right where they were on the ground. Link rolled to the side and pulled Tetra with him with his good hand. The tree crashed right where they had just been lying. “Close one…Tetra, get off of me, please.”


Tetra was lying on top of Link with her eyes wide and locked with his. The more she looked at him, the more attractive she began to think he was. Tetra quickly shook her head. What was she thinking? She had traveled with this same boy for years and never felt anything for him. Yes, she loved him, but more like a brother. She was beginning to think the small quake had done something to her head.


“Tetra!” Link shouted. “Can you please get off of me?” Tetra blushed, heaved herself off Link, and muttered, “Sorry.” Link stood up and continued leading the way. Whenever he used his sword to cut down branches, he winced in pain from his wounded hand.


After awhile, Tetra was beginning to get annoyed. “Link, let me see your hand.”


She reached out to take his hand and he pulled away. She stuck out her foot and he tripped over yelling in surprise. “Aw, damn it, Tetra, what was that for?”


Tetra kneeled beside him and took off his gauntlet. “Now stay still while I wrap this for you.” Link grunted knowing there was no point in arguing with the pirate girl. Tetra took bandana off from her neck and tied Links hand with it after she cleaned it out with a small amount of water she took from a bottle. “There, it shouldn’t hurt as much now.”



Chapter 2: The New Hyrule


Link looked curiously at Tetra and breathed in deeply. “Thanks.” He stood and helped Tetra up. They walked on a bit further when Tetra soon yelled, “Link! Look! Light!” She ran ahead and left Link running after her. Tetra paused once she reached the outskirts of the forest. In the distance stood a castle, tall and grand. “This is the place, Link. I know it is.”


Link smiled at Tetra and fell over as another quake hit, this time it was stronger with a greater force. The ground shook furiously and Link tried to pull himself up off the ground. Once it finally stopped, he looked at Tetra still lying on the ground face flat. “Tetra! Are you okay?” He turned her over and shook her shoulder. She appeared to be unconscious. “Tetra, are you all right?”


Tetra groaned and slowly sat up. “Ugh, my head… What just happened?”


“Another quake.” Link helped Tetra stand on her feet. She was still a bit shaky and leaned on Link. “Are you okay?”


“Hmm… Fine,” she said softly. “We better get a move on, Link.” He nodded and they walked through the field to the castle. The grass was greener than the grass that was at the sunken Hyrule. A sweet smell of flower floated through the air and a small sparkling stream ran through the field.


Approaching the castle, Link turned to Tetra. “No one is here. So… uh… if we want this to be the kingdom, won’t there have to be subjects? And we are sort of the only ones here… so…”


Tetra blushed and frowned at Link knowing where he was going with that. “Absolutely not! I know exactly what you are thinking, and no.”


Link breathed out in relief. “But where are we going to find enough people to fill a kingdom?” Tetra shrugged and continued on to the castle. The castle was even bigger than the Forsaken Fortress. When Tetra looked up, she felt as big as an ant.


“Here we are. The new Hyrule.” Tetra whispered. Link looked at her and saw a tear roll down her cheek. He knew she must have been thinking of the dead King of Hyrule’s words to them before he disappeared with the old castle. ‘The land you find will not be Hyrule. It will be your land.’ Link smiled and pulled Tetra close.


Tetra looked at Link in surprise. He was looking at her softly; he wasn’t wearing the same playful expression that he usually wore when he looked at her. This one was different. She sniffed and rubbed her wet cheek. Was she actually crying? She, Tetra, leader of a band of pirates, was crying. She missed the King who was her only known family even though she head known him for such a short time it felt like forever.


“Come on,” Tetra sniffed as she broke away from Link. He nodded and followed close behind. Tetra wandered to the entrance of the castle. She looked at Link and pushed open the large wooden door. Inside the castle was beautiful, never before had she seen anything like it. The floor was marble and a golden carpet led to a large throne in the back of the room.


“It’s amazing,” Link said walking forward. He was looking above the throne where a structure of the Triforce was carved into the wall.


Tetra nodded and smiled. “Come on,” she shouted dragging Link with her. They ran through numerous hallways and viewed beautiful rooms. Tetra stopped running once she reached the final room that looked like a small temple. In it stood a tall man with a sword hanging at his side. “You…”


The man let out an evil laugh. “Yes, it is me, Princess. Long time no see.” He turned around and Link drew his sword.


“Ganon, you’re supposed to be dead,” Link growled. Ganon laughed again and lunged at Link with his sword.


Link reflected the blow but was kicked in the stomach as soon as he did so. Ganon began to spin wildly in circles around the room, shattering the windows with the rush. Link jumped out of his path. Ganon stopped spinning and paused to catch his breath. Link quickly used a jump attack and brought his sword down hard on Ganon.


Tetra stood in the corner of the room in fear. She had to help Link; Ganon had grown far too strong for him to battle alone. She quickly pulled out Link’s bow and put a light arrow to the string. Thank the Goddesses she stole Link’s bow when he pushed her overboard. Her crew had to pull her and after that, well, Link ran for it.


Adjusting the arrow, she fired at Ganon. It sped right toward him but he reflected it with his sword. Ganon turned from Link and rushed toward Tetra. She stood petrified, unsure what to do. Ganon knocked her down and whispered in her ear as his hand slid down her breast, “You are mine, Princess. As soon as I slaughter this so-called hero, you and I will wed and you shall bear me a child whether you want to or not.”


Tetra’s eyes widened and tried to push the dark wizard off her. He let out a cry of pain as Lin stood behind him plunging his sword in Ganon’s back. “Get off of her.” he said driving his sword deeper into Ganon’s back.


Ganon slowly stood and used a spell to recover the attack. He punched Link in the mouth. Link fell back and let go of his sword. He wiped the blood from his mouth and tried to stand. “Just stay down there. You won’t hurt as much when I plunge this sword into you,” he said taking the Master Sword out of his back.


Tetra, still in the corner, managed to stand. As Ganon raised the sword for a deathblow, she ran in front of Link. “No.”


“No? Well, why not? As long as you’re here…” he grinned and kicked Tetra in the stomach, knocking her down beside Link, “I might as well kill you, too. All I really need is the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom.” He kicked hard at Link and brought the sword up once more and suddenly a flash of light burst throughout the entire castle. Tetra heard Ganon yell in surprise and the sword clatter on the ground.


She opened her eyes as her eyes adjusted to the light and cradled Link’s head in her arms. “He is not dead, you know,” a light voice said. Tetra looked up and saw a girl with hair as green as the forest. Her eyes were gentle and kind and she, too, had the long pointed ears of the Hylians.


“You… your Farore… the Goddess of Courage…,” Tetra said slowly standing not knowing if everything was real. Farore walked over to Tetra and pushed her carefully back to the ground.


“Child, do not deplete your energy for it will be needed.”


“Where is Ganon?”


“Do not fear him now. I have sent him to a temporary realm that will not hold him for long. We must use the time we have wisely.” Farore turned around and muttered a spell under her breath. Before her appeared two women, one was wearing a long blue gown and the other wearing a loose, long red skirt and a top with a high neck that covered only what needed to be covered.


Tetra guessed that those two women were Din and Nayru, the Goddesses of Power and Wisdom. Nayru was gentle looking and looked like she wanted to have nothing to do with fighting. Din, on the other hand, bore a fierce expression, she looked like a great fighter with the sword that hung at her waist and her fiery red hair that was pulled up high.


“Where is the wizard?” Din asked stepping in front of her sister.


Farore shook her head, “I sent him to a world that will only keep him temporarily. He has been here already.” Farore nodded to Tetra and Link lying on the ground.


Nayru walked over to Tetra and knelt beside her. She put her hand to Tetra’s forehead and smiled and the Triforce on Tetra’s hand glowed brightly. “You two surely look exhausted. At least two pieces of our power went to great heroes with pure hearts.”


Din frowned. “What is that supposed to mean?”


“I am saying that if you took the time to locate where part of your powers were, we wouldn’t have to deal with the darkness that threatens to take over,” Nayru said simply.


Din glared as Farore stood between the two quarrelling sisters. “Not now. We have matters to attend to.” She knelt beside Tetra, Link and Nayru. “First we must revive you both.” She closed her emerald eyes and placed her hands above Link. Nayru was doing the same but instead she was focusing her energy on Tetra. Blue and green mist swirled around them and Tetra felt all of her energy returning.


She looked at Link who was slowly opening his eyes. Tetra sighed in relief and grabbed his hand. “Your okay.” Link managed to crack a smile before he sat up. “You are the Goddesses…,” he slowly said once he saw Din, Farore and Nayru.


Farore and Nayru smiled while Din nodded. “Well stand up, Hero,” Din said. Link slowly stood up and Tetra followed his movements.


“You do not even know where you are, do you?” she asked as Link and Tetra shook their heads. “You are at the new Hyrule, the land we Goddesses created once the destruction of the old happened. Although you were not supposed to find it after the king died, you still did.” Din began walking in circles around them. “This land is only a year away south from Outset, yet for some reason it took you six.”


“At least they still found it, Din,” Nayru said frowning.


“True. But, you two do know that you only made a vast loop around the sea you both traveled when you were younger. Maybe if you took not so long we wouldn’t have to deal with Ganon.”


“Din! Enough!” shouted Nayru. “They found it. That is all that counts.”


Din glared and walked out of the room. “Don’t mind her,” Farore said softly. “Come, it is time we showed you around this castle. Nayru, can you send for the people of the Hylian Islands. We need to get an army and order ready.”


Link and Tetra followed Farore unsure what she meant by them needing an army. And, Nayru was going to send for the people of the Hylian Islands. That probably included Windfall, Outset, and Dragon Roost Island and all of the others.


“Here we are,” Farore said opening a door. “Zelda, this will be your room… Or do you prefer to be called Tetra?”


Tetra blinked, “Zelda is fine.” In the room to large doors opened up to a garden and a sweet smelling aroma drifted in. “It smells so different than the ocean,” she whispered to Link.


Link nodded and looked around. In the back of the room stood a large four-poster bed. A small desk was in the corner next to a large bookshelf. The ceiling and walls were colored the same blue-white and the wooden floor was polished so much you could see a perfect reflection in it.


“Well, here you are, Princess. Come, Link, I will show you your room.” Farore and Link left leaving Tetra to herself.


She sighed and sat on the soft bed. This was her castle. This was her kingdom. Tetra smiled and laid back. She like the thought of this place being hers. But, how could she be a princess when she was raised a pirate?


Tetra jumped off the bed and opened a tall wardrobe that stood by the room’s door. Inside were beautiful dresses made of silk and other kinds of fabrics she had never seen before. She pulled out a long pink dress that looked similar to the one she wore when she helped Link fight Ganon in the sunken Hyrule Castle. She held it up to her and looked in a mirror; the dress was light and appeared to be made just for her. Carefully she set it down and went through the doors that led to a deck that overlooked the garden.




“Well here, Link. This is your room,” Farore said. “I will be with Nayru sending for everyone on the islands if you need anything.” The goddess turned to leave and added, “I have not chosen like Din.”


Link looked confused and opened the wardrobe that stood in the room. Inside were a green tunic and leggings that were exactly like the ones he had on. He took them out and undressed. He didn’t have time to bathe so he just put the clean pair on. As he finished dressing, a knock sounded on the door.


“Link?  Are you in here?”


Link opened the door and saw Tetra. She was wearing the same bloodstained clothes as before, the only difference was that her hair that was usually pulled up in a bun on the top of her head was let loose down to the middle of her back. “Hiya, Tetra.”


She smiled. “Did you know that there are only dresses in my wardrobe? Now I have to wait to get my clothes from the ship. Oh, the ship! We forgot about the crew!” She turned to leave but Link grabbed her arm.


“We can get them later when the others start arriving.”


“Others? What others?”


“Nayru and Farore are sending for everyone on the islands so this can really be a kingdom.” Link sighed. “I can’t believe we found this place.”


Tetra looked at her feet. “Ya, me neither. So, what do we do now?”


Link shrugged and they stood awkwardly for a while. “What do you think Farore meant by we need an army? What for?” Tetra finally said.


“I don’t know. But in order to fight you need to know how. You have a sword, right Tet?”

Tetra nodded and followed Link to wherever he was going. She followed him to a large, wide-open field and he drew his sword. “Copy what I do,” Link said.


He took out his sword and did a spin attack. “Do that.”


Tetra laughed, “Do I have to yell like that as well?” She laughed again as Link frowned. She did the spin attack just as Link showed her. “Have you ever done it so many times that you fell over?” she asked suddenly.


“No, why,” he asked confused.


“Oh, it’s just that I don’t want you falling so much, Hero of Time.” Tetra winked and leapt at Link, knocking him over. She stood and ran across the field.


Link stood up and brushed himself off. He ran after Tetra, but of course, she outran him. She wasn’t wearing chain mail and carrying a mound of weapons. Once he finally caught Tetra, he pulled her down to the ground with him.


“Link, let me up,” she complained as he pulled her to his chest.




“Fine then.” Tetra elbowed Link in the stomach and got away from his grip. She leapt up and ran up the side of a small hill. She stopped at the top of it and looked out to the horizon. The sun was just setting over the mountains that were lined like a fortress around the castle. Right across the sky, blues, oranges, reds, and pinks danced above the mountains.


Tetra sat down in the grass and looked at the sunset. “What are you doing, Tet?” asked Link sitting beside her.


“Lookin’. Link, what do you think Ganondorf is going to do?”


“I don’t know. But if he touches you or this kingdom, he’s dead.”


Tetra smiled, “He already should be dead. You can’t take him alone, Link. You know that.”


“I know… and Tetra?”


“Hmm?” she asked back lying down in the grass.


“I love you.”


Tetra looked at Link for a while. The energy in his eyes was dying out as she said nothing. He probably thinks I don’t love him back, she thought. “I love you too, Link.” Tetra sat up and rested her head on Link’s shoulder. He smiled at her and kissed her head.


They sat there for a few moment longer then Tetra stood. “We better start headin’ back to the castle.” Link nodded and followed her to the castle.




Chapter 3: Arrivals


At the castle, Din was practicing fighting and nodded as Link and Tetra passed by. Nayru and Farore were sitting in the same room they were in before, meditating. Nayru stood as they entered the room. “Hello. We have sent for the people on the island and they should be coming soon. Three days at the most.”


“You both look exhausted,” Farore said walking over to them. “Best you go get some rest now. Or are you hungry?”


“No, thank you. I am fine for now.” Tetra turned and Link followed her to their rooms. “I still can’t believe that we found the new Hyrule.”


“Neither can I.” Link kissed Tetra on the forehead. “You better get to bed. We’ve a long day ahead of us.”


Tetra smiled and walked into her bedroom. As she opened the wardrobe for something to wear, all she saw was nightgowns. She frowned and took a random one out. It was red and white with an orange design sewn on to the bottom. She took off her pirate clothes and set them aside so she could wash them and herself in the morning. She slid the dress on and fell to sleep on the soft bed.


Tetra woke up in a pink gown. The same pink gown she had worn when she was younger. But, she couldn’t have been awake for she was a child. She looked around and noticed she was in the old Hyrule’s sanctuary. Before her appeared a tall woman. “Hello child,” she said softly. “I am here to give you a warning. And only that. ‘Beware the people who travel here for safety and to enrich their lives. Some are liars; some are truth tellers, there is only one. And, they may even be one that is with you now. Only trust those whom your heart tells you to trust.’”  The woman faded before child Tetra’s eyes as she begged the person to stay.


Tetra’s eyes snapped open as she tried to name the woman. Well, she saw the she was obviously a Hylian because of her ears. She was tall and lean with dark blond hair that went down to her ankles. Her eyes were a beautiful blue that reminded her of the sea. “Of course!” she cried out. That woman, that beautiful woman was her mother, the queen.


Tetra jumped out of bed and looked outside. The sun was already out and the air was hot and humid. She picked up her pirate clothes and saw that they had been already cleaned. She headed to the bathroom and took off her nightgown. Her bath had already been drawn for her. Nayru, she assumed, did all of what she needed to do.


After she was done, she walked downstairs to the throne room where the Goddesses and Link were eating. “Good morning, Princess,” Nayru said happily. “You are probably very hungry, yes?” she stood up and grabbed a plate for Tetra. “Well here you are. Come on, Din, Farore. We have to wait for everyone to arrive at this land. They are coming so much earlier than I expected. Good bye, Zelda and Link.”


Tetra sat down as the goddesses left. “What is this, Link?” she asked poking at the food on her plate.


“Their cuccoo eggs.”


“Well they’re good,” she said with her mouth full of eggs even before Link told her.


Link smiled and stood. “Very unladylike. When you’re done I want to show you something.”


Tetra grinned and shoved all the food in her mouth at once. “There, all done,” she said as she swallowed hard. “Where we going?” She jumped up and ran to Link. She took his arm and followed him.


“I though you might like this so…” Link said slowly leading her down a corridor. At the end was a door that was carved with great skill. On it were pictures of the castle and a small lake, basically all of the new land. “Here.”


As he opened the door, bright light filled the hallway. Link led Tetra inside and she gasped. Two tall stone pillars stretched up to the sky, for some odd reason they rested in the middle of a pond and had small pegs sticking out of them. “We’re going to play a game, Tet. First person to reach the top wins a prize that is on a platform all the way up there.” Link pointed up to the sky in between the pillars.


“Okay, Link. But you know I’ll beat you,” she said winking. She was a great climber that was certain. “When do we start?” Tetra’s eyes widened as she noticed Link already climbing the pillar with his hook shot and grappling hook. “Cheater!” she cried beginning to climb.


She was beginning to pass off Link when she was growing tired and sore. She guessed she was already around thirty-forty feet off the ground. She couldn’t lose to Link this time. Her pace was beginning to slow as she neared the top. Almost there, she thought to herself.


“Woo! I win!” she cried once she was at the top. She gasped for breath then jumped to the platform that appeared to be floating. “Link,” she called out. “There’s nothing up here.”


“Wait one second, Tetra.” Link began to climb quicker than before and once at the top he asked, “What?”


“There’s nothing up here. I thought you said there was a prize.”


Link grinned and walked over to Tetra. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her. Tetra blinked in surprise and then kissed him back, enjoying the moment. His tongue traced hers and found its way into her mouth. She felt his tongue meet her and she wrapped her arms around his neck.


He slowly kissed down her neck unaware of Tetra’s reactions. “Link…” she whispered.


Link pulled back and looked at Tetra. He stroked her cheek with his hand and smiled. “I love you so much, Tetra.”


“Link. Zelda.” called a voice from on the ground. Tetra ripped free from Link and jumped into the pond below. Link, unsure what to do, followed her.


Tetra landed in the water with a large splash and thanked the Goddesses it was deep enough for her to jump into it. She climbed out of the pond dripping wet. As she raised her eyes, Tetra saw Farore.


“Come hither, Princess. Get the Hero, too.” Farore turned and walked quickly through the castle. “Nayru, are there horses awaiting us?” Nayru nodded. Farore led Link and Tetra to the front of the castle where three large creatures where standing.


“Farore, what are these things?” Tetra asked cautiously walking up to one of the horses.


“These are horses, haven’t you ever seen one before?” Farore asked. Link and Tetra shook their heads. “Anyways, get on. They won’t hurt you.” Farore instructed them how to mount their horses and they rode away through the forest. The horses occasionally leapt over fallen trees and Tetra clung on desperately.


“Ah, here we are.” Farore got off her horse and led them to the ocean. “Look.”


In the ocean sailed four grand ships, equal in size. The three waited for the ships to come to shore and off the first came the people of Outset. Sturgeon, Orca, a few other of Outsets people, and finally Link’s grandmother and Aryll, Link’s sister.


“Oy, Link!” she shouted running over to hug her brother. Her blond hair was pulled in pigtails on the side of her head and she still wore her purple pirate dress.


“I thought Grandma didn’t want you wearing that anymore.”


Aryll shrugged, “I still wear it though. Well, I better get going. Nina says that pretty blue lady over there is going to show us our new home.” She laughed as she realized Link didn’t know who Nina was. “Nina is Orca’s new sword apprentice. She’s really good.” Aryll hugged Link and followed Nayru to her new home with the other people of Outset.


On the second ship came the Rito people of Dragon Roost. First off the ship came Rito Chieftain, the Rito leader. Behind him came his son Prince Komali, who was stretching his wings tiredly. He had obviously grown older. He spotted Link and Tetra and walked over. “Hello, Link. Hello, Miss Tetra.”


“Hello, Komali,” they said in chorus.


“It is great to see you both again. Well, I had better head out now. That woman over there looks very impatient.” Komali turned and walked over to where his father and Din stood.


Next off the boat came Quill and Medli. “Link!” cried Medli. “Oh how good it is to see you again. When we last saw each other I didn’t want you to leave but I knew I had a duty. Once I heard about coming here and returned to Dragon Roost and waited for the ship. Not all of us can fly you know, and the ones that could never could’ve made the journey. When I returned, Komali didn’t even seem to recognize me. Oh, it was so great to return and see everyone.” Medli rambled.


Tetra laughed and Link put up a hand, “Medli, it is great to see you too. But there will be more time to talk afterwards.”


Medli smiled and walked to where the other Rito people were, ready to head out once the Koroks arrived.


“She’s very talkative isn’t she?” Tetra asked Link.


Off the third and fourth boat came the Koroks and the people of Windfall. The Windfall people curiously looked around at their surroundings and went to where Farore stood. In the group of people, Link noticed Tingle, the crazy elf who believed in faeries. Link also saw the man that operated the Farris wheel that led up to the lighthouse tower at Windfall and the four-boy gang that considered Link as their role model.


Link looked down as he felt a tugging at his boot. He saw Makar, the Sage of Winds, Carlov, and a few others of the Koroks dancing at his feet. “Hello, Hero of Winds,” they said. “We’re here. It was painful to leave the Great Deku Tree behind, you know.”


Makar shifted on his feet and said, “Come on. We have to follow the Green Lady. Bye Link,” he called.


“Well that’s everyone,” Link sighed.


“Yup,” Tetra swung her glance around from Link to see a group of men running toward them.


“Miss Tetra! Miss Tetra!” they called. Stopping in front of Tetra and Link, Niko stepped forward, “Aye, Miss,” he said saluting Tetra. “Aye, swabbie, how’ve ya been,” he said to Link adjusting his glasses.


“Niko,” Tetra began, looking down at the short pirate, “Go to the castle. If you head straight through the forest, you should be able to see it. Then once you’re at the castle, you should see three women. One blue, one red, and one green. Tell them who ya are and they should instruct you from there.”


Niko nodded and led the rest of the pirates to the castle. “Maybe we should head back too, Tet,” Link said mounting his ‘horse’.  Link sped off into the forest and smiled. He loved the feeling of the air come in bursts at his face and the freedom of going wherever he pleased.


Tetra rode behind urging her horse to go faster. The mare whinnied in protest but Tetra ignored it. “C’mon horse, faster.”


At the castle Din, Nayru, and Farore stood in front of the crowd of people. “I though you were going to bring us to our homes,” one woman yelled. All of the others began joining in and the Goddesses stood impatiently in front of them. “Silence!” yelled Din yelled. The crowd stopped talking suddenly.


“Listen, all of you. You were brought here for a reason. But before we can explain anything to you, we must wait for the Princess of this land, this land of Hyrule,” Farore announced. Murmurs went through the crowd at the word Hyrule. Yes, they new of it. But, they believed it had disappeared years ago.


“Ah, here. They arrive,” Nayru said softly as Link and Tetra rode up.


“What are you all doing?” Tetra asked. Her stomach lurched. For some reason she knew that the Goddesses were going to have her speak in front of all of these people.


“I now present thy Princess of Hyrule to thou.” Din stepped back and her sisters followed her movements.


Tetra reluctantly walked forward. “Attention people of the Great Seas. You have been brought here to fill the new Hyrule. I have searched for many years along with Link, The Hero of Winds and Time, and eventually we found it. But then we heard of an evil rising. The same evil that brought pain and suffering down on all of us a few years back. We must unite and fight this evil at all costs for survival. Please, I ask of you to assist us.”


Tetra stepped back and the Goddesses smiled at her. Link whispered in her ear, “I knew you were always a great leader.”


“Miss Tetra or Princess Zelda, we will always follow you no matter what the situation!” the pirates called. Slowly more cheers erupted from the crowd. “Let’s kick some evil butt!” Link heard Aryll and Orca cry.



Chapter 4: The War


Tetra sat in her room adjusting her bandana around her neck. She still wore her red vest and white baggy pants. Instead of a white shirt underneath, she wore a golden breastplate. She pulled up her hair, grabbed her sword, and put in in its scabbard.


The people of the sea have been training hard for the war. Especially Link, everyday he came back to the castle, ate, then went to bed. She’d hardly been seeing him the past few days and it bothered Tetra.


She looked into the mirror and hurried downstairs. “Din, has there been any news?” she asked.


“Yes, Ganon’s army is advancing. They should be here in at least three days. Do not worry, Princess, I have already alerted the people to become wary.” Din stood and began glowing with a red mist. “You see, I must fight with my power. And my power now lies with a person not on your side. So, Princess, I am sorry to do this but not at the same time.” Din closed her eyes and smiled.


Her eyes flashed open a burst of fire came from her hands as they flared out. Right before the fire hit Tetra, a light shield appeared in front of her as well as Nayru. “Din, I can see you aren’t to be reasoned with so I suppose Farore and I are able to do anything to stop you,” Nayru said.


Din and Nayru began fighting with their powers and Tetra ran to find Farore. She ran to every room in the castle but could find no Farore. Then, Tetra remembered a place - the small enclosed garden with the climbing pillars. She ran there and flung open the door.


Farore sat behind Link helping him recover from the over extensive training. She slowly slid her hands down his bare back as he sighed with relief from the pain.


“Farore!” Tetra yelled bursting through the door. Farore stood up and looked at the girl. “Din and Nayru are fighting.”


“Princess, you should know by now that they always do,” she said laughing.


“No, not like that. They are in a cold-hearted fight with their powers in the throne room.”


Farore’s expression grew serious. “Oh my.” She quickly headed to the throne room, bursting with energy.


“Link. This means the war has begun,” Tetra said slowly.


Link nodded and slid his tunic and chain mail over his head. “My sword in in my room.” Link hurried to his room trying not to fall because of the crashes that occurred in the throne room and his weak legs from the training. “What are they doing,” he yelled so that Tetra could hear him.


“Fighting probably,” she yelled back.


Link flung open his door and grabbed his sword and shield. “C’mon, we have to hurry then,” he said putting his sword in its scabbard.


They ran back downstairs and found Din gone. Farore was healing Nayru the same way she had healed Link. “Are you both okay?” she asked as they appeared.


“We are fine. How about you two,” Tetra said.


“We, too, are fine,” Nayru said. “We must alert the people. With Din on Ganon’s side, we cannot bear think of the tragic things that can happen.”


“I will tell the people now.” Farore stood and disappeared in a flash of blinding green light.


“You are both obviously ready. Although I prefer not to fight I will assist you in some way, I promise you.” Nayru stood and led them to where she said Farore would gather the people.


“The Rito people, you will attack by air. The Koroks, you will attack with the cover of the forest. All of the others, well, you will fight in the valley as soldiers,” Farore said giving out orders. “Ah, good. You are finally here.” Farore walked over to Link and Tetra. “The army is going to arrive from over that mountain,” she said pointing to a large mountain in the horizon. “Nayru, any other reports?”


“No, sorry.”


Farore nodded as everything fell silent. The ground was beginning to pound as it did when Ganondorf was in the castle. Tetra looked to the mountain once more and saw a group of creatures slowly advancing. “Time to end this once and for all,” Link said drawing his sword.


The new Hylian army ran to get into position as quietly as they could. A Rito girl walked up to Link carrying a small harp. “Link,” she said, “Makar and I will pray for we cannot assist in fighting. But we will lead those who cannot fight into safety.”


“Yes! You can count on us, Link!” a small Korok said appearing beside the un-winged Rito.


“Thank you, Medli. Thank you, Makar,” Link said. “Good luck,” he called as they turned to leave.


The ground began to shake once more and the opposition was about to attack in less then ten minutes. Tetra looked at Link and smiled, hoping that they would succeed. Link looked back at her and kissed her forehead.


Link, Tetra, Nayru, and Farore advanced to the front of their battle line. They took their places and hoped for the best. Ganon’s army was now within plain sight and he was on a large pitch-black horse. “You should just give up,” he jeered as he let out a ravaged battle cry.


Link and Tetra fought side by side until Farore pulled them from the battle. “I have lost sight of Ganondorf. He may be in the castle so there we must hurry.” She warped them to the castle and ran to the throne room.


Ganon and Din stood side-by-side with already drawn swords. “Ah, nice of you to join us,” said Ganon. Din just stood and watched her sisters.


“Ganon, it is time you must die… permanently,” Link said glaring. Din rolled her eyes and flung herself into attack at Farore. Farore quickly dodged the attack and soon all three Goddesses were in battle.


Tetra looked around and pulled Link from the center of the room, “Ganons disappeared again.” Link nodded and guesses that the evildoer was at the enclosed garden. Together they ran at top speed and Link almost broke the door in half as they barged in.


Ganon turned around to see the Hero and Princess. He smirked and climbed up one of the pillars. “Link, I’ll climb and get him down here for you two fight ‘em.” Tetra ran and quickly climbed up the other pillar before Link could protest. At the top Tetra drew her sword and said, “Hello Ganon.”


Ganon laughed and went to attack Tetra. Tetra dodged the blow and quickly he lost his footing because of his size and plummeted into the water below. He climbed out to greet a painful slash at his arm from Link.  Ganon growled and launched himself at Link. Link sidestepped the attack and went for Ganon’s legs.


Ganon just escaped the blow but instead was hit by a light arrow shot by Tetra. He pulled out a small orb and knocked Tetra off the platform by hitting her squarely in the chest. Tetra fell down and just hit the water. Slowly she climbed out, choking on the water.


Link stabbed at Ganon as he wasn’t paying attention and hit him in his arm. Blood began to pour out of the wound but Ganon simply ignored it. He lashed at Link, cutting through his chain mail reaching the skin on his stomach. Link winced and preformed a jump attack as quickly as he could. Ganon did not expect it and almost fell to the ground.


Both men paused to catch their breaths. Link had several wounds on his arms and back  but he was beginning to lose the most blood from his stomach. Ganon’s head was beginning to gush scarlet blood and he had wounds on his legs and arms. Ganon was beginning to feel lightheaded from the loss of blood but refused to back down.


Ganon unexpectedly preformed one of his spin attacks and knocked Link to the ground. “Link!” Tetra yelled out. Ganon noticed her and kicked poor Tetra to the ground. He walked up to Link and stooped over and punched him in the face a couple of times. “Do you know how long I have waited for this moment? I fled as soon as the pathetic Hylian King began to sink the kingdom. Of course he tried to stop me, but I outwitted him. So here I am, about to kill the beloved Hero. Any last words?”


Link managed to let out a groan as blood trickled down his cheek and from his lip. “You. Can’t…” he said painfully.


“Of course I can. And you will be my proof.” Ganon stood and raised his sword.


Tetra managed to stand and ran up to Ganon, stabbing him in the arm. Ganon yelled in surprise and switched his target to the Princess. It wasn’t the first time she stopped his deathblow.


While Tetra and Ganon were fighting, Link slowly and painfully stood. He picked up the fallen Master Sword and crept up behind Ganon. He just had knocked Tetra’s sword from her hand and was about to kill her. Link raised his sword and plunged it into Ganon’s body. He ripped it downward with his remaining strength as Ganon fell to the ground covered in blood and gore.


Link fell beside him, unconscious. Tetra ran next to Link and sat beside him, not caring how much blood was around her. He was still breathing, thankfully, but was out cold. Tetra smiled and sighed with relief. Finally, evil was gone, she knew that definitely because Ganondorf lay dead beside her. And, if not already dead, he would be soon from the major loss of blood.




Chapter 5: Peace


Link lay in bed as the sun was beginning to rise. He tried to sit up but his muscles screamed madly in protest. Link closed his eyes once more and slowly fell back into a dreamless sleep.


Tetra sat in the dining hall beside Nayru. “Well, I suppose Farore and I better head home. I know Din will need to be settled down. She doesn’t like losing one bit… It has been a pleasure to meet the wielder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Farewell,” Nayru said as she was about to disappear back to her world along with Farore. Farore bade her farewell and asked to pass on her goodbye to Link.


As they disappeared, Tetra thought she heard someone calling her name. She stood and followed the voice as it got louder and louder. “Hello? Is anyone there?” she called entering the temple-like room. As she walked in, she saw a man who she never expected to see.


The man opened his arms widely. Tetra ran into them and hugged the man tightly, “I never thought I’d see you again, Your Highness,” she said feeling tears beginning to role down her cheeks.


“Ah, Zelda. I knew you and Link would succeed. I missed you both greatly,” the dead King of Hyrule said.


“How are you here?” Tetra asked sniffing.


“The Goddesses allowed me to see my only living relative, the Princess of this new land. But I cannot stay long; I am here to do one thing only.”


“What is it?” The King of Hyrule extended his arms and a golden mist floated around Tetra. “Hey! No! Why does this have to be done?” The King only smiled and watched the pirate girl transform into her true, princess self.


When he lowered his arms, Tetra looked at herself. Her skin had paled to a lighter shade and now on her body was a long pink dress with a sash that had the Triforce on it. To Tetra, it seemed the same as the one she had on the last time she was transformed into her true princess self - only nicer.


“And, lastly, I don’t want you referring to yourself as Tetra anymore. I want you and everyone else to call you Zelda, the Princess of the new Hyrule.” The king smiled and began to fade. “May the Goddesses light your path. Farewell, and pass by words to Link.”


“Wait, don’t go!” Tetra cried out. She reached out to grab the King but her hand went right through his fading body. Tetra fell to the ground and whispered, “Please, don’t leave me…” She stood up again after the king finally disappeared. She gave a slight smile and ran to the enclosed garden.


She opened the door quietly and attempted to climb the pillars in her dress. It took longer than usual but she still made it. She stood on the platform and jumped onto the castle’s roof. Tetra lost her footing and slid down the roof, regaining her grip at the last second.


She carefully scaled the rooftop, taking the smallest possible steps she could. At the highest point she could reach, Tetra looked out at the land. It looked peaceful from this point, the battle-ravaged land no longer was blood red and the dead corpses of the fallen monsters no longer were scattered about.


Tetra sighed and climbed down the roof back to the platform. She climbed down the pillar and decided to see if Link was conscious yet.


She sat on Link’s bed and brushed his long, blonde hair out of his face. He looked so peaceful sleeping, free from war and troubles. Tetra stroked his cheek softly and he began to stir.


“Tetra?” he asked groggily as he struggled to sit up. “What happened?”


“It is Zelda, not Tetra. You have been asleep for at most five days. The war is won and Ganondorf officially dead.” Tetra paused and told Link of the return of The King of Hyrule.


Link stared blankly at her then grinned. “No wonder why your wearing a dress.” He laughed and winced in pain from his wounds.


“A Rito doctor is supposed to stop by as well as two men by the names of Orca and Sturgeon to help cleanse your wounds.” Tetra smiled at Link as he pulled her head close to his and kissed her passionately. Tetra pulled away when a small knock came from outside the door.


As she opened it Medli, Komali, Makar, Aryll, Link’s grandma, Orca, Sturgeon, and the Rito doctor filed in the room.


“Are you better, Link?” Komali asked.


“I told you we would pray for you,” Medli and Makar said in chorus.


“Hey, out. Let the doctor, Sturgeon, and Orca do what they must,” Link’s grandma said pulling Aryll out of the room by her ear. “That means all of you.”


Orca nodded to Tetra, “You better go, too.”


When Tetra left, the Rito doctor carefully removed Link’s tunic. “Never before have I seen this many wounds on a single man of your age. Sturgeon, make me a poultice. By the way, Link, my name is Marcole. Quill has told me much of your deeds.” Marcole rubbed a strong herbal poultice on his stomach where Link’s greatest wound was. He tied a long piece of cloth around his torso tying it tightly. “Keep that there and do not remove it.” Marcole turned to Orca, “I want you to finish here.” With that, the Rito left.


Orca turned to face Link, “Honestly, must you always attract trouble?” Orca smiled and finished dressing Link’s wounds. “Come, Sturgeon. Let the boy rest.”


As the brothers left, Link pulled out his sword from beside his bed. He quietly walked down to the small Temple like room and stood in the center. The beautiful stained glass windows were still in many pieces on the bloodstained ground. Link drew his sword and stabbed the center of ground before him. The Triforce on his hand flashed and the sword slid gently into the ground. “May the legendary blade that slew the dark evil rest here until darkness rises again,” he whispered.


Link walked out of the room and sealed the door with the power of the Triforce. He turned around and saw Tetra standing in front of him. “Well I didn’t expect you to do that, but, it probably came with a reason,” she said winking. “C’mon. Aryll and all the rest of your friends are waiting to see you healthy again. Although they do expect you to be resting now.” Tetra turned around to leave but Link pulled her back and kissed her. She blinked, “What was that for?”


Link shrugged, “Everything, I guess.” Link headed to greet everyone and Tetra hung back.


The Triforce on her hand flashed. “Now, time to become princess,” she whispered pushing her hair out of her eyes.

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