The Next Generation

By Doug

            It has been a fairly quiet seventeen years in Hyrule since Ganon’s final defeat at the hands Link and Princess Zelda along with the restoration of the Triforce to one. They are now king and queen of the kingdom with their children growing quickly into very fine young adults. Link’s dark brown hair has a few strands of grey in it being 35. Zelda is a very lovely woman not near as thin as she was when they first got married but she did have children, her hair is slightly shorter going just down to her shoulders rather then all down her back. Zelda doesn’t look at all like she’s 34 years old herself. At this point they are renegotiating alliances and friendships that is the backdrop of the story.



Chapter 1: The Evil Sets In



             It is two days before King Charles of Asiline and King James of Calatia are set to arrive at the castle.  Link though he has been king for about five years is extremely nervous while Zelda is maintaining calm and restraint. “Link, relax you’ll be fine,” she says in a reassuring voice. “Well, excuse me your highness. I can’t help it this is the first time I have been involved in something like this by myself,” he responds. Spryte is also trying to calm him down but it is all to no avail. It is true the last time that Link was involved in this was with his father-in-law King Harkinian who died some five years ago. Zelda calmly says “But you’re not alone you have me to support you and the kids to help where ever.” “I am glad you’re the calm one here I just hope for success,” Link says.  Link has gotten more and more nervous as the time approached for this meeting. Link knows both of these kings, King James married his sister Gwen thus making him Link’s brother-in-law after their adventure in Calatia. And Link helped King Charles in saving his kingdom from Ganon and General Felix but that was also seventeen years ago and he hasn’t seen him since.


            Hezekiah and Alexandra both 15 are enjoying themselves riding back from Midoro Swamp. They have pet names for each other which sounds rather odd for royalty but they never think of themselves as royalty. Alexandra calls Hezekiah most times Hezy and Hezekiah’s name for Alexandra is the same as their father’s name for her Alex. Both are talking back and forth Hezekiah says “What do you suppose dad will have us do with the guests visiting.” Alexandra responds “I don’t know Hezy I just know it sounds boring.” “You know Alex, he’s all nervous and worried about the visit I wish there was something we could do to help,” Hezekiah says. As they enter Ruaru a soldier approaches bowing before them. Hezekiah looks at him and says “There’s no need for all that pomp and such. What do you need?” The soldier looks up at them dutifully “Your highnesses the king sent me to bring you back to the castle he has something he wanted to talk to you about.” Alexandra says in a sarcastic voice “Great, well we were on our way back anyway,” then to the soldier “We are going to have lunch here and we will return to the castle as soon as we’re done.” The soldier responds “Yes, sir. You will be ready to leave here in about 90 minutes to two hours.” Alexandra says “Yeah that’s about right just wait for us if that’s our father’s orders.”  They dismount and go over to an inn for lunch.


            At the same time in the northern part of Hyrule near the small town of Ruto, Captain Krin and several soldiers are surveying an area for a possible road. Captain Krin is looking from the road near the woods. Krin is an experienced soldier and leader being captain of the guards but at 40 years of age he is looking forward to retiring from the military service, one of the soldiers is his apprentice and is also one of the best scouts in Hyrule’s military. Krin says “Tarin come here help me survey this area.” Tarin is pretty fearless but has no real battle experience he doesn’t look very much like a soldier with his light brown hair and blue eyes along with his young age being 17. Tarin walks over to him without any hold up then says “Let’s hurry and get this done I have bad feeling about this place.” Krin smiles and says “Come on Tarin there hasn’t been anything terrible happening out here in nearly twenty years.” They finish taking their measurements and mount. They ride over to the road when suddenly an energized arrow hits Krin in the chest. It knocks the wind out of him then a group of club wielding moblins charge out of nowhere. Krin still hurting from the initial blow draws his sword and strikes one the moblins causing it to disappear into purple smoke. Another moblin hits Krin on the side of the head with his club as the Tarin rides over then hits the moblin causing it to also disappear.  The other soldiers form a protective circle near him and repel the attack. Then just as suddenly as they attacked the moblins leave. Krin is bleeding slightly from his head wound and the other soldiers are just surprised about what they just fought off. Krin says “Men let’s go over to the village. I’ve got to get this wound taken care.” They all agree riding quickly to the village. As the shaman of the village looks the other soldiers over after bandaging Krin’s head he tells them that they have been seeing underworld creatures lurking around but never attacking. Krin says to Tarin “This isn’t good we must report this to the king.” Tarin nods and the group mount riding out of the village as quickly as possible.


            The soldiers ride hard for the castle making it back in less then an hour. Krin and Tarin are at a run when they enter the throne room bowing before both Link and Zelda. “Your Highnesses,” Krin says “Today we were attacked by moblins near the town of Ruto.” Link and Zelda both say “What?” at the same time. Then Link follows with “Is everybody in your command okay?” Krin replies “Yes, no injuries aside from me.” Link paces back and forth nervously while Zelda continues to keep her composure. “Link go outside and get a breathe of fresh air it might help you calm down,” she says in a commanding manner. Link agrees and walks outside, Zelda says “Good now we can see if we handle this in a more calmed down manner.” Captain Krin still standing starts swaying back and forth like he’s drunk, Zelda responds “Captain Krin, sit down you look like you’re going to pass out.” A guard hurriedly gets a chair and brings it over to the injured captain who sits down. Zelda walks over to him “Captain, are you sure you are alright?” Krin responds “I am…I am fine your highness.” Zelda knows he isn’t and says “Captain, I think you need to take a couple weeks off until you feel you are healed up from your injuries.” “But your highness, the conference, and the guards who will take over,” he says in disagreeing  fashion. Zelda looks him then points to Tarin “He will fill in for you.” Krin shakes his head “He has never really commanded anything.” “But he is your apprentice right?” she says. Krin responds “Yes he is. I will go along with your suggestion that he take over for me.”  Zelda says them “Then you are dismissed,” then to Tarin “come back in the morning and begin filling in for Captain Krin.”

Chapter 2: A Renewing of Old Friendships and the Realization of Evil



            Link re enters the room somewhat calmer then when he left. The threat is something he has not faced since the fall of Ganon. Link’s first question is “Where is Captain Krin?”. Zelda tells him “Link, I gave Krin some time off until he recovers from his injuries.” Then pointing to Tarin she says “Tarin here is his replacement.” Link asks Tarin directly “You haven’t ever led soldiers before have you?” Tarin shakes his head.

This response does little to make Link feel better. Tarin says confidently “I did help fight those monsters off today and I can do it again.”  “Your young age bothers me,” Link says. As he finishes the statement Zelda clears her throat “If I am correct you were that young or younger when you took over as the Triforce’s protector Link, remember.” Link knows she is right and says “The queen is right and I guess I trust you to do your best as I did.” Tarin responds  Thank you, your majesty,” then bows before Link and leaves the room.


            At the same time miles away in Ganon’s former lair at Death Mountain something else is taking place. An evil voice crackles as it addresses the moblins involved in the ambush “So you attacked Hyrule soldiers today. This complicates things.” The lead moblin says gruffly “Yes, Master. We try to do better in future.” The evil voice says “The Kingdom of Hyrule is now aware of us. This turn of events is unfortunate however it was inevitable that it would happen.” The voice belongs to a hooded stranger. One moblins speaks up “Master Agahnim, will we truly succeed and bring back Ganon?” “Yes, we will. It has been a long time since darkness engulfed Hyrule and we shall prevail.” Agahnim calls forth a keese that flutters to him “Yes, Master what would you have me do?”

Agahnim says “I need you to spy on the Royal family report everything you see. Try to remain out of sight.”  “Yes my master it shall be done,”

the little keese says as he flies off.



            Prince Hezekiah and Princess Alexandra arrive back at the castle little later then their father minded. They enter into the throne room Hezekiah says to his father who is seated on the throne “So, what do you want father?” This grabs Link’s attention. “You two know how important it is for this meeting to take place right?” he asks. They both respond “Yes.”

He takes a deep breath and says “Well, I have a favor to ask of the two of you. While the two kings are here I need you to entertain their children.” Alexandra is first to respond “You mean you want us to baby sit?” “Now don’t look it like that it’s much more important then that,”

Link says.  Hezekiah joins in “Oh, dad why us?” Link responds “Because your mother and I are tied up in dealing with their parents the kings and queens of those two kingdoms. I ask it a favor.” Alexandra jumps in again “It seems like such a bore doing something like that.” “Who knows you might enjoy yourselves and besides these princes and princesses might be the ones you deal with in the future,” Link argues back in a calm voice. “So what do you want us to do with them,” Hezekiah asks.

“Well, there will be a dance and you know escort them to that if they wish to go. And show them around the castle and countryside.” Both Hezekiah and Alexandra let out a sigh of depression and boredom. Link follows up with “You guys will help me on this right?” They both know that they can’t say no so they look at each other them at their father and nod yes. As they both leave they head to their rooms. Alexandra snorts out “This is going to be a pain in the neck I bet. I hate having to impress others it’s so unbecoming of us.” Hezekiah responds “I know what you mean I hate doing it too, but we have to we said we would.”

They split going to their rooms.



            Bright and early the next morning Link awakens with his wife beside him in bed. He yawns as he sits up in bed. Zelda is still asleep or so it appears. Today is the day King James and his family should arrive sometime before lunch and King Charles and his family sometime in the afternoon. Link nerves are still shaken but he is a lot calmer. A good night’s sleep always seems to help in his mind. As the morning moves along Link along with the rest of his family goes to breakfast. Hezekiah and Alexandra make breakfast on time of course Zelda is ever present.


  They enjoy a quiet meal then go to the throne room to begin preparing for their guests. Time flies as it goes from eight in the morning to eleven. At this point the trumpet sounds signaling the arrival of King James and Queen Gwen of Calatia. Link and Zelda take their seats in their thrones as do the prince and princess. James and Gwen enter the room with much pomp then bow before the throne. Link stands up and walks to them then shakes James hand and hugs Gwen. Zelda follows at a close distance doing much the same with Hezekiah and Alexandra in behind her.


  Link says “Let me introduce you to our children,” pointing to his son “This is Prince Hezekiah and” pointing to his daughter “Princess Alexandra.” After this James signals someone outside, three young children walk in. James says “The last time we got together it wasn’t a good time to introduce our children.” He clears his throat and says “First my oldest is Prince Link of Calatia, he is twelve.” Prince Link is wearing white pants and shirt. His hair color is red and he has grey eyes.

He steps forward to meet his more famous uncle with the same name. He says “So you’re my uncle that daddy told me so much about and you have my name.” The elder Link laughs as he shakes the young boy’s hand “I am happy to meet you as well.” James follows with the introduction of a young girl “This is Princess Seline of Calatia, she is eight.” Link also in turn shakes Princess Seline’s hand and smiles. James finishes with “This is my youngest son Prince Harkanian he is five.” The last two children have brown hair. Both royal families head to the dining hall where lunch is. Hezekiah and Alexandra stay at distance both not liking this at all.


            The two kings sit at the head of the table with their wives beside them and the children sitting nearby. As lunch is served Prince Link sits directly across from his two cousins Hezekiah and Alexandra. The other children of King James keep to themselves while young Prince Link stays quiet. Then he pipes up addressing his cousins “Do either of you know how to fight with a sword or bow?” Hezekiah responds “Why do you want to know that?” “I want to be as great a hero as my uncle Link,” the young prince says. Alexandra says “Our father taught us everything he knew with regards to swordplay and our mother taught us about using a bow. I seemed to do better with a sword while Hezekiah does better with a bow.”

The young prince says “Wow, do you think you could teach me?” Both Hezekiah and Alexandra smile then Alexandra says “I guess we could right Hezekiah?” Hezekiah says “Hey, why not, it would take us away from this.”


            The three young royals head to the courtyard after lunch. Hezekiah goes first, grabbing a bow from the military rack of bows near the gate. There are several targets set up for the soldiers to practice made of straw.

Hezekiah takes his place with Alexandra and Prince Link looking on. The first shot hits just a few inches under the bulls eye. They respond with a light applause then go silent. Hezekiah takes a deep breath then draws back the second arrow this time the aim is true as it hit’s the bulls eye with a resounding thud. This impressing the young Prince Link he says “That’s amazing. Will show me how to do that?” Hezekiah signals to his young cousin to approach. Prince Link walks over to Hezekiah who hands him the bow with another arrow ready. Prince Link pulls back the bowstring but the release is terrible with the arrow totally missing the target completely and digging into the wall. Prince Link gets another arrow and again tries this time his luck is a little better but not much the arrow hit’s the ground in front of the target. Hezekiah offers the young prince some advice “When you aim see it the target in your mind.

But before you get there calm yourself so you can take better aim.”

Prince Link takes a deep breath, closes his eyes with a calmness, then opens them as he aims the third arrow. This time the arrow strikes the target in one of the outer rings. Prince Link is happy “I didn’t believe I could do that.” Hezekiah smiles “See your calmness allowed your shot to be truer, I am sure you will improve.” Now is Princess Alexandra’s turn to work with the young prince. She has her father’s old silver sword which has magical abilities but is not as strong as his. Hezekiah hands Prince Link his sword to practice with. Alexandra quickly draws her sword just her father always did. Alexandra says “Link, focus on me and I won’t let anything happen to you.” Prince Link has some trouble with the sword and control of it. They both come together in a circle where they are about to engage each other. Prince Link boldly strikes at Alexandra who moves out of the way. Then she strikes both blades hitting her strength is too much for the young boy who she pushes to the ground.

She levels the blade at his chest laughing as she does. She steps back to allow him to get up. “Gees, kid you don’t stand a chance, strength to strength is not the wise way to go here,” she says as she helps him to his feet.

            At the same time this is taking place Link is talking to James. Link asks “So James who’s in charge of your kingdom without you there?”

“Well, your sister-in-law is more or less in charge. Sonja is very wise.

Your brother Zachery got a little peeved when I asked him to fill in so I went to her and she nervously took over. I am sure she will do fine,”

James responds then he asks “Isn’t there like one more king that’s supposed to be at this meeting?” Link says “Yes, King Charles of Aseline. He’s is supposed to be here by this afternoon sometime. He didn’t indicate when so that’s up in the air.”  Zelda is sitting with Link the whole time while Gwen went outside to watch the kids.



  Time passes by and it suddenly four in the afternoon and still no King Charles which really bothers Link and Zelda. At four thirty a messenger arrives dressed in uniform of kingdom of Aseline. He hands Link a message. Link reads it.



My friend we have had some difficulty in making it over the mountains into Hyrule. My driver lost control of the carriage and was injured trying maintain control, I fear he has broken arm. I sent my soldiers back with him to take care of his injuries. My family will be arriving on sometime tomorrow morning once we get another driver here. I am sorry for the trouble.

Your friend,




            As Link finishes the letter he sighs in disgust. “That’s Charles’ handwriting. Everything that we had going for tonight has to be postponed to tomorrow night.” The mood of the room isn’t real relaxed but Link doesn’t feel so pushed to do anything. The future is on hold for now.


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