The Oracle of Earth

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 1: One Heck of a Birthday Present

"What do you think Kalo?"

A girl, appearing about thirteen, was examining herself in a mirror. She was a very beautiful girl, her emerald green hair flowed down slightly past her shoulders. Wearing a dark blue blouse with a skirt the color of fresh grass. She spun around for a moment, examining her features in the reflection. "I think I like the new look, Malon sure knows what looks good on me, wouldn't you say?"

"You look lovely Saria." The small creature that was hovering over the girl said. He was, at first glance, a glowing green ball of light with transparent insect wings. Yet, if you looked close enough, you could see a human like body. "Though I'm willing to bet that Link will be dressed the exact same way."

"Nonsense!" Saria admonished Kalo, a fairy, "Link is sure to look nice for my birthday!"

Kalo hovered slightly above Saria's head, though he dropped down to her eye level, so Saria could see him folding his arms and giving her a slight smirk. "Saria, as much as I care about you...I can't shield you from the truth. Link is a boy, and we males are inherently careless about things like this."

Saria rolled her eyes, "Kalo, don't worry about it, I had Makan bother Link about it, he's sure to look nice. If only to get Makan to shut up."

Kalo raised an eyebrow, before smirking, "You're evil, you know that?"

Saria grinned slightly, "I just do what needs to be done."

Kalo laughed, before shaking his head, "Hard to believe that your celebrating a birthday, your what, ten decades and three years old?"

Saria nodded, "Yup, but I wanted a birthday party...because I feel like I'm living a new life." Her face grew wistful.

"I understand." Kalo said.

Saria was celebrating her one hundred and third birthday because she is a Kokiri, who live at least five hundred years, most live longer.

Saria looked at the mirror, it was a gift from her friend Malon. All the girls in the Kokiri Village had come to look at it, the boys were wondering what the big deal was. "Yup," she smiled at her reflection, "A new life."

"Now remember, Miss Saria is counting on you looking nice." A hovering specter, looking like a twelve year old boy said to another boy. The other boy, looking about thirteen, with straw blond hair that framed his face. Was putting on a black shirt and dark blue jeans, complete with a green vest. "Dark colors look good on you." the ghost commented, brushing his black hair from his eyes.

"Whatever Makan." the blond boy said to the ghost, "Why you care what I, someone who is a man, looks?"

Makan smirked, "Miss Saria insisted that I make sure you look nice for her party. And I, being the gentleman that I am, agreed."

Link rolled his eyes, "Whatever Makan, I'm doing it for Saria, not you."

"Of course." Makan grinned knowingly, "I'm sure she'll be floored by your looks."

Link plopped his green hat on his head, "I'm sure nothing I can put on will compare to her." he said matter-of-factly.

"I can't help but agree with you there, my friend." Makan affirmed.

The whole village was out for the celebration. After all, Kokiri love a good party for any reason.

"Hey people!" Saria came out, her face joyous. "I'm here!"

Half the boys forgot to breathe.

The girls were staring with shock, and no small amount of jealousy.

Mido, the oldest and as such the leader of the Kokiri was the first of the boys to recover, "H-hello Saria." he stammered, "Happy Birthday." he said.

"Oh, wow, thanks!" Saria squealed. "You're all so wonderful!"

A Kokiri birthday party is an interesting thing, huge tables set of with all kinds of strange foods. Most of them sweet. Gifts covered the tables, and strange magical lights were spread around the area, beautiful, lively music was played. It was a fantastic thing.

"Where's Link?" Yelm, one of the Know-it-all brothers, asked. "Shouldn't he be here?"

Saria paused, "He's probably getting ready." she said confidentially.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!" Link called out, jumping from his house, which rested at the top of a tree. "I was being held up!"

This time, half the girls forgot to breathe, and the guys felt the jealousy.

"Link..." Saria's eyes sparkled, "You...look great."

"Thanks." Link blushed slightly, "You're pretty too." he reached into his bag, pulling out a small box. "I got this for you." he said, placing it in her hands.

Saria smiled as she took the box, "Thank you," she said, "I'm sure it's wonderful."

"Hey," Kikal, the older of the twins said, "I think the party should start now!"

"Yeah!" Kalo agreed joyfully.

And so the party began. It was an amazing amount of fun. Saria and Link danced happily, fun games were played, and good food was eaten. Soon, the girls dragged Saria off to talk to her, while the boys were left waiting.

"Link looks so handsome!" Kikal said, chattering gleefully with Saria.

"Yeah...he is..." Saria glanced at Link, who was talking with the Know-it-all brothers, he waved at her when he noticed her gaze.

"You two are amazing!" Midari said, her red hair bouncing around as she jumped with excitement. "The way you two's so sweet!"

Saria was blushing now, "Well...I really do care about Link. I'm going to stay with him through everything."

"That's so sweet!" all the girls squealed.

Link, on the other hand, was engaging in what is called bragging.

"Saria's a lot different now." Lupter, who guarded the path to the village, said.

Link grinned, "Well, lets just say that I've been making sure that she's happy."

"What does that mean?" Mido snapped.

Link just chuckled, "Well, there's a little trick I learned from Outsiders."

"What?" Yelm asked, he and all the other boys were filled with curiosity.

Link was having the time of his life here, "Well, it's called 'kissing.' A boy and a girl who really like each other do it."

"Explain." Mido demanded.

"Well," Link put a finger on his chin in a thoughtful pose, "First you have to make sure the girl likes you as much as you like her, this is serious stuff, after all. Once you're both sure that you really like each other. Here's what you do; You need to get real close to the girl, then, you press your lips against hers!" Link grinned, "It makes you feel really warm.

All the boys with crushes were absorbing this knowledge, Link wouldn't have been surprised to see them writing notes.

"Now, if she slaps you," Link continued, "then you screwed up. Mainly because that means that she doesn't like you enough. So don't try again for a while, like a couple of months. But still try to get her to like you! Anyway, there's more, but I think you've all learned enough for today. The basics of kissing are good enough for now."

All the boy Kokiri were wide eyed as they stared at Link, "There's more?" Yelm asked.

Link nodded sagely, he was loving this! "More advanced forms of kissing, for one." Link paused, "Of course, then there's sex." he said with a devilish grin.

The boys were speechless for a moment, "What is sex?" Mido asked, his voice reflecting the sheer amount of eagerness to learn there was.

Link folded his arms, "Well, me and Saria actually haven't done that yet. But I know all about it."

"Link! Just what in the name of Farore are you telling them?" Kalo shouted, flying over to the group of boys. "Where are your Fairies!" he screamed at the boys, who quickly scattered at the sight of the angry fairy.

Link slowly started to sneak back to Saria.

"Stop right there Link!" Kalo flew over to Link, "Just what were you doing? You can't just...arrg! I'm going to have a serious talk with all the fairies about watching their charge!" Kalo glared at Link, "But don't think you're going to get away with this!"

Link shrugged, "Just telling them the facts of life."

"Not for Kokiri!" Kalo snapped, "I'm going to have to get talking about that stuff forbidden, do you know that?"

"Spoilsport." Link mumbled.

"What naughty thing did you do now Link?" Saria asked lightly, not really being mad at all.

"It's nothing Saria." Link shook his head, "Just me and Kalo disagreeing on something."

"Nothing my wings..." Kalo muttered.

Saria laughed, "It's been a nice party though, hasn't it?"

"Yeah." Link said, "Hey, open the gift I gave you now!"

Saria smiled flirtatiously, "What makes you think I haven't?"

"Because I don't see the gift on you." Link smiled back.

"You win." Saria said, "alright, here it is." she pulled out the small box Link had given her, she pulled off the ribbon. With a giddy look, she pulled open the box. "Oh..." Saria whispered, seeing the present.

It was a ring, the elegant silver band fit in perfectly with the diamond that rested on it. A beautiful pattern was carved into it. "It's wonderful." Saria whispered, "Thank you..." The Kokiri girl quickly put the ring on her finger, it was a perfect fit.

Link smiled gently, "You're welcome."

A few hours passed, and things quieted down.

Link and Saria were resting in the Sacred Forest Meadow, it was their usual spot. Link was lieing down, enjoying the soft grass. Saria was sitting on her stump, absentmindedly fingering a golden sword, the Gilded Kokiri Sword. Kalo was sitting on the ground, leaning against Link's head. Makan wasn't anywhere in sight, but that didn't mean anything, he was probably resting in the sword.

"Link." Saria said, pulling out a cloth, using it to polish her weapon.

"Hmm?" Link turned one eye to her, "What is it?"

Saria paused, "I'm going to restore the Forest Temple." she said.

"Sure, it'll take a bit of work, but I'll help out." Link said.

"Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that." Kalo added.

"It's more then that." Saria looked at the ancient building, "I'm going to live here." she said.

"Huh? Why?" Link sat up, while Kalo flew up.

Saria closed her eyes, placing a hand on the stone wall, "It wants me to, Link, being a Sage means that you have to take care of your Temple. I need to live here. But, live here with me?" Saria blushed, looking down at the ground, "I just would..."

Link turned red as well, "Sure...I'll keep you company in the Temple." Link smiled uneasily, "It's not like there aren't enough rooms...right?"

Saria nodded quickly, "Yeah..."

A rustling sound was heard. "Who's there?" Link spun around, reaching for his sword by habit, only to realize that he had left it at home. Crap!

From the forest came a man, wearing purple with bright red hair. His face set in a perpetual smile. "Hello Link, Saria, Kalo." The Mask Salesman said.

"Oh, it's just the freak." Link said, relaxing slightly.

"The freak?" Saria asked.

"Link, 'Freak' is really a poor word choice to describe him" Makan appeared, by now they were all used to him popping up out of thin air. "He is a Messenger of the Goddesses, a powerful spirit who guides those chosen by the Three." he explained, "I am not surprised to see him here."

"Yeah, whatever." Link said, "What do you want?"

The Salesman walked over to Link, "There is something that must be done." he said, looking at Link straight in the eyes.

Saria heard this, "Now wait a minute, whatever he's doing, I'm coming too!" she said.

Makan and the Salesman looked at Saria in shock, "Forest Sage, this does not concern you." the Salesman explained.

"It may not involve the Forest Sage," Saria said, "But Link is involved, so I'm involved, as Saria! I want to stay with him, so don't think I'm going to sit and watch!"

The Mask Salesman looked at Saria for a moment, he then paused, getting a distracted look on his face. "I see..." he muttered, "So there is nothing wrong with her being by his side..." He looked up at Saria, "Very well, you can go with him. Do you have any objections, Link?"

Link looked at Saria, who was giving him a Look. (Look #4: Say yes, or I'll get mad. You don't want me to get mad.) "Of course she can come along!" Link said happily, "She might help out." That and Link really didn't want to part from her just two weeks after being with her. They were still in the stage of the relationship where "personal space" is a myth.

"I see." The Mask Salesman nodded, "Well, do you accept the task the Goddesses need you to do?"

Link smirked, "Sure, bring it on."

"Of course." The Mask Salesman held up his arms, "The task"

And there was nothing but swirling light.

Funny how redemption works.

Of course, not much had presented itself. So, he was stuck in a bit of a pickle. To truly redeem himself, something really bad needed to happen, for him to help fix. But, he couldn't hope that something happened, because that meant hoping for bad things to happen to people.

So, Shadow was beginning to question his sanity when he had thought up the idea of doing a good deed to make up for every one of the sins he had commited. It was much too problematic.

Of course, with Shadow being more stubborn then an ass, he refused to change his mind.

"You know..." he muttered to nothing, being in the Void for so long had given him the habit of talking to himself, "Maybe I should just try to live a good life instead of going on this pointless 'Journey of Redemption.' It might make things less frustrating, not to mention it involves a lot less guilt tripping." Suddenly, Shadow felt the spiritual equivalent of a weight attached to a rope that was tied to him being pulled about a thousand miles.

Needless to say, it stunned him, in much the same way being hit with a stick on the head does.

"What in the world...?" he muttered, "Link?" he whispered, "Why the hell were you just teleported across Torre?" he rubbed his head. He quickly appeared where his connection with Link told him the Kokiri boy would be. Traveling through the Void is really nothing more the leaving it, and appearing in a different place then where you entered. He stared at what he saw, "Alright, this is different..."

Link, Saria, and Kalo were passed out, laying in the middle of a meadow. "OK..." Shadow was confused, "Alright, I need to find..." just then a woman came out from behind some trees. "...someone."

She was an adult woman, Shadow thought she was a Gerudo, at first. She had bright red hair, deeply tanned skin. A Gerudo style dress lightly covered her body, it to was red. Yet, Shadow saw her eyes, and he saw something he had never seen before. Her eyes were not the normal gold of a Gerudo. They were silver, with a reflection of fire shining in them.

Shadow quickly adjusted his cloak, making sure his face was hidden. He really didn't want any questions about his looks.

"Oh!" the strange woman said, she ran over to the three passed out people. "What happened here?" she asked.

"I don't know Miss." Shadow said, "I just got here, I found them like this."

She looked down at them, "The poor children!" she said, "We need to help them."

Shadow nodded, "I agree." he examined them, "Do you have a house nearby Miss..."

"Diran" The woman said, "Just call me Diran. What's your name?"

Shadow paused, "I really don't have a name, I'm just a shadow..." he sighed, "Just call me what I am."

Diran looked at Shadow for a moment, "I see..." she said quietly, "Listen, I'm a member of a carnival, I'll go get the others, we'll take care of them."

Shadow nodded, "I'll carry them." he reached down, picking up Link and Saria, "Urk...heavy..." They need to go on a diet... Shadow looked at Diran, "Can you take the fairy?" he asked.

"Oh! Wow, you're pretty strong for someone so small..." Diran said, before picking up Kalo. "Come on, we're this way, in Horon Village."

The swirling, chaotic colors surrounded them. Every color imaginable was thrown into the mix, until blackness came from passing out.

The blackness faded as Link opened his eyes. Groaning, he sat up, the first thing he noticed was that he was in some kind of tent. The second thing he noticed was that he was in a bed. The third thing he noticed was that Saria wasn't with him. "Saria?" he asked, hoping that she was just out of sight. She wasn't, "Just what is going on?"

"Oh, you're awake." a woman's voice said.

Link turned around, a woman was sitting in a chair, looking at him with relief. "Thank the Goddesses you're OK."

Link decided to get straight to the point, "Where am I? And who are you?"

"I'm Diran," the woman explained, "you're in Horon Village."

Link took that in, "OK, and where is Horon Village?" he asked.

Diran looked at Link in confusion, "Horon Village, it's in southern Holodrum."

"Holodrum?" Link asked, not Hyrule? "This can't be good." he muttered.

"Your two friends are in a different tent." Diran explained, "I'm sure you're worried about them."

"Yes!" Link stood up, "Can you please take me to Saria?"

"Is that her name?" Diran asked, "Such a nice name. What's yours?"


Diran smiled, "Well, Link, I'll take you to your friends."

"Maple! Maple! Where are you, you lazy girl?"

A short girl reluctantly got out of her bed. Not bothering to comb her short hair, she yawned and stretched a little. "Coming Grandmother!" she said sleepily. Pulling off her pajamas, she opened her closet. It appeared really dark at first, but then you realized it was just because nothing but black was in it. She put on a dress and a wide brimmed pointed hat. Looking at herself in a mirror that was hovering near the wall, she grinned. "Nothing like the classic look." Winking at her reflection, she walked downstairs.

Her parents were off doing some job, so she was being taken care of by her dear old granny for the time being. The fact that her grandmother was her teacher made things slightly more difficult though.

"What is it?" she asked, entering the main room if their house. Looking at the old woman that was sitting in a chair.

Her grandmother looked at her, "Maple," she said, "I had a dream, with you in it."

Maple looked at the old woman for a moment, "So?" she asked.

"It wasn't a normal dream!" The elderly lady snapped.

"Ohhh." Maple realized, "So you saw my future!" Squealing with joy, Maple ran over to the woman, "What did you see, Grandma Syrup? What did you see? Will I become famous? Will the man of my dreams come and sweep me off my feet? Will-" Maple's talking was stopped when Syrup smacked her on the head. "Ow!"

"Maple..." Syrup groaned, sometimes she wondered how this girl could be of her blood. "I saw you confronting terrible monsters! Mighty warriors fought by your side, the world itself shook during the battles you were a part of! Something big is planned for you, and it's going to start soon."

Maple stared at Syrup, "OK...are you sure it just wasn't Mom's cooking that gave you the weird dream?" For this comment, Maple received a slap on the back of her head.

"Alright, Maple, I need you to go out, and find a boy with a green hat and a sword. A girl with green hair and a golden blade, and a Fairy that glows green."

"What's with all the green?" Maple asked. Syrup slapped her again.

"Maple! Just go, I don't know what's going on. But something big is happening, and you need to help take care of it!" Syrup ordered.

"Fine, just let me get my broom." Maple muttered, walking over to a closet, where she pulled out a broom with a seat attached to it. "He, I guess I could use the practice."

"Not in here Maple!" Syrup ordered, "Go outside to practice your horrible flying."

Maple frowned, "I'm not that bad." she muttered, as she went outside. "Alright..." she muttered, "Let's go!" Sitting on the brooms saddle, she began to chant. "Mystic forces that lie in life, defeat earths attempt to hold me down! Ultimate Flight!" The broom glowed for a moment, before it began moving up into the air. Slowly it climbed into the air. Shakily it moved into the sky.

Then the broom fell onto the ground with a loud thud.

"Damn it!" Maple screamed, "Why won't this stupid broom work!"

"My head..." Saria sat up, she was in a small room. She turned and saw someone she really wanted to see, "Link! Where are we?"

Link was standing over her bed, with a woman she didn't know beside him. "We're in Holodrum, I think we've traveled quite a bit." he grinned slightly.

"Holodrum?" Saria mumbled, "Where's that?"

"A country northeast of Hyrule." Link explained, "We're pretty far from home. Diran here says we were found passed out in the middle of a meadow."

"That was not fun..." Kalo muttered, apparently waking up.

Saria looked at Diran, something about her..."Odd.." she whispered, noticing her silver eyes. "Thanks for helping us."

Diran nodded, "I was glad to help the three of you."

"OK..." Kalo flew up, "So, what does this have to do with anything?"

Link shrugged, "As far as I can tell, nothing's wrong."

"What do you mean by that?" Diran asked.

"Nothing..." Link said.

"Well, OK, I'll show you three around." Diran said happily. "I'm a member of a traveling carnival, but we're still setting up here." She lead them outside, where people could be seen setting things up.

"Wow!" Saria looked around, "I've never seen anything like this before!"

Link looked around, it was pretty nice, though no major revelations.

"This is great!" Kalo laughed, "I haven't been to a carnival in ages!"

"This should be kinda fun..." Link looked around, something caught his eye, "Huh?" at closer look, however, there was nothing.

"What was that?" Saria asked.

"Nothing, just thought I saw something..." Link mumbled.

Shadow sighed, he had almost been caught. He really didn't want Link to see him, not yet. Why were they here? In a part of the world that he knew little about. Shadow had asked Diran to not tell them about him. "Something is going on..." he whispered, a strange feeling was building up within him, he turned to the source of the feeling. "Why do I have a feeling something big is going to happen?" he whispered.

A moment later, he vanished into the Void.

Kalo flew around excitedly, "I can't wait for it to start!" he said eagerly.

Saria jumped with a whoop, sharing in his excitement.

Diran chuckled, "Saria and Kalo are pretty eager about this." She smiled, "You should all see my act."

"I think we will." Link said, though he kept on looking around. Where is the threat?

"Hey, this is one heck of a birthday present, you know that?" Saria asked, wrapping her arms around Link.

Link felt his face flush, "Yeah...I guess it is..."

Authors Notes: Alright, here we see what the heck is going in with Link and Saria! Anyway, this takes place two weeks after ToaLK. Now, we see the missing characters that aren't in FyS! And yes, Link did forget to bring along any of his equipment. (Wink Wink)

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