The Oracle of Earth

By Pata Hikari

Summoning arts are a very difficult branch of magic. While mainly lieing within the Spirit Elementals, it branches out into every other element.

- >From “A General Overview of Magic.”

Chapter 7: The Temple of Din

“Well, like, what do you think?”

The group stared at Rosa. “It’s… different.” Link said slowly.

“More like hellish…” Maple muttered.

“I’m hot…” Saria wheezed.

“I feel weak…” Kalo slumped down onto Saria’s head.

“Is, like, something wrong?” Rosa blinked.

“Well… it’s just different then we’re used to.” Link said, trying to be tactful.

“In the same way Gerudo Valley is different to Zoras.” Saria whispered.

“Oh, that’s all!” Rosa giggled, “I’m sure you’ll realize how great a place Subrosia is!”

“She’s insane!” Maple shouted.

A particularly large lightning bolt flew over their heads. Maple and Saria both screamed, loudly.

“What’s, like, their problem?” Rosa asked.

Link shook his head. This was going to be a long day.

Din wandered the hallways of the cursed palace. Not that it did her any good, she was pretty sure that Onox could see her wherever she went. And the whole place was a prison anyway. But it was either walk, or lose her mind.

And she was pretty sure she wanted to keep sane while these beasts watched her.

She felt nothing, no power, no life. The Season Spirits were no longer with her. The Goddesses no longer spoke to her. It was as if she was no longer in the world she knew.

“Somebody… help me.” She sobbed, “I need to get out of here!”

“…and over there are the lava springs, and over there there’s this totally fabulous café, oh and there’s the karaoke bar!”

“Somebody kill me now.” Maple muttered.

Rosa had been giving them a tour of Subrosia. It had proved to be an… interesting… little trip. The Subrosians had filled their homeland with strange buildings that by all reason shouldn’t be standing, massive pits dug for seemingly no reason, and of course, huge markets that sold things seemingly at random.

All in all, Link was beginning to think that the whole place was created when some god got bored.

“Are you OK?” Saria was holding Kalo in her hands. The poor fairy was having difficulty even hovering for a few moments, let alone flying.

“I’m just tired… It’s odd, but the moment we entered this place, I suddenly felt all connections with the world snap.” Kalo said weakly, “It’s almost like the Goddesses aren’t in the world anymore.”

“No… that’s not right.” Link said suddenly, “We aren’t in our world anymore.”

“What makes you say that?” Maple glanced at Link as Rosa started describing a nail salon that she seemed to like. (Do Subrosians even have fingernails?)

“What I mean is that Subrosia is a different world.” Link said matter-of-factly, “We are closely tied to the planet. The earth, the sky, the waters, and all living things are connected through the Currents of Mana, which comes from the Goddesses. It is the way we were created, it is a fact of life for us.” Link looked up into the sky, “This world is not ours, we can not connect to it.”

“That makes sense..” Saria frowned, “But that means that we can’t use magic here.”

“Well… crap.” Maple coughed, “That means that I’ve suddenly become pretty damn powerless.”

“Fairies need magic to fly… and to even survive.” Kalo whispered, “I need to get out of this place soon!”

“How long do you think you can last?” Link asked, “I don’t want to take any risks…”

“About two days… if I just sit here.” Kalo sighed, “Small amounts of Mana are coming through areas around Subrosia, I assume they’re portals to home. That will keep me alive… just barely though.”

“Oh Din… You just sit tight and relax Kalo.” Saria said quickly, “Don’t worry about a thing. Me and Link will take care of you.”

“Hello? I’m, like, talking here!” Rosa shouted, irritated.

All eyes turned to the little group.

“Oh my god! It’s Rosa!” One of the Subrosians shouted.

“Wait… what?” Link looked… and saw the stampede of Subrosians charging towards them. “What the fu-”


Link got ran over by the masses.

“I can’t believe I got to meet you!”

“Sign my robes!”

“Can you sing right now?”

“I love you!”

A massive crowd of Subrosians had gathered around Rosa, they were all jumping around her giddily. Screaming their heads off about seeing her.

“There’s someone using me as a stepladder…” Link muttered through the dirt.

“I think she’s well known.” Maple said dryly.

About half an hour passed before Link could get to Rosa again. Wading through the massive crowd had proved to be difficult. “What the hell is going on here?” He shouted to get her attention.

The Subrosians surrounding Rosa looked at him, they then burst into a new group of screams.

“Who's this guy?”

“He's huge?”

“Do you know him Rosa?”

“What is he?”

Rosa giggled, “This is Link, he's a friend of mine!” She said happily.

“I am?” Link asked.

The Subrosians acted in a somewhat predictable way.


“How's you meet him?”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

Saria groaned, “These people are strange...”

“They're asking if Link's the midgets boyfriend.” Maple said flatly.

The Subrosians had now started swarming around Link instead. He was struggling to throw them off him before they drove him insane! “Rosa! Just how do these people know you!” He screamed as loud as he could.

Rosa turned to Link, “What do you, like, mean?”

“How do you know all these people?” Link screamed, pushing another Subrosian out of his way.

“I don't, like, know these people.” Rosa smiled, “They're, like, my loyal fans!"

“Your... what?” Saria asked.

“May fans!” Rosa said, “You know, I'm, like, a famous idol singer. So of course I have fans!”

“And what, in the name of Farore, is an idol singer?” Maple muttered.

“I, like, you know, sing. I sing songs, and people, like, listen to them.” Rosa giggled, “It's fun!”

“And I thought Gorons were obsessed with music...” Link said. “You Subrosians take it to a new level.”

“Whatever,' Rosa said, before her eyes light up, “”Oh! I, like, know what you guys need!”

“You taking us to the Temple?” Saria suggested helpfully.

“No, I mean something, like, important!” Rosa said happily.

That is important you ditz!” Maple shouted in Rosa's face.

“How rude.” Rosa said angrily, “Link, why do you, like, hang around with these losers?”

“They-” Link began, but Rosa started talking again.

“Now where was I? Oh yeah! What you need is some dancing!” Rosa cheered, “Follow me!” She shouted, before moving in a new direction.

“Let me kill her...” Maple said, “I'll make it quick. One good whack with that sword of yours should do it. What can they do? They're little midgets, they can't fight us. We'd be doing the world a favor. She must die!” Maple's eyes started twitching

“Sadly that would be morally wrong...” Link cursed.

“What do we have here?” Shadow smirked. The red robed man he had trailed had stopped in front of a small stone building.

Slipping back into existence, he slowly began to track his prey. The insides of the hut proved to be more interesting then they first appeared to be.

The red robed man pressed his hand against a wall. A moment later the whole room lit up as streaks of red light spread all over the walls. The light formed words and symbols telling various tales. A rectangle of light formed on the floor. A moment later, that part of the floor vanished, revealing a staircase. The man walked down into the lower levels...

Shadow chuckled softly, “What do you know?” He whispered, “I bet there's something that he needs to find.”

Taking care to walk silently, Shadow rushed after the man who he would get his answers from.

“Here we are! The, like, best dance hall in all of Subrosia!” Rosa waved her hands dramatically. The large stone building contained a brick floor, with stands in which there were Subrosians playing instruments that didn't even look like they should make noise, let alone music. In the center of the room was a large pedestal that a elaborately dressed Subrosian was standing on. All in all, it was a strange place that just confused the group.

It fit in with the rest of Subrosia perfectly.

“We. Don't. Care!” Maple snapped.

“Rosa! Baby! What brings ya here?” The Subrosian on the pedestal called out, “Ya come to dance da night away?”

“Not this time Len! I brought some friends!” Rosa called back.

“Hmm?” Saria walked over to the center of the room where a large group of Subrosians were gathering in a square around the pedestal. “What are you all waiting for?” She asked.

“Hey! It looks like one of your friends wants ta boogy with da rest of 'em!” Len said.

“Huh?” Link looked at Saria, “Wait! She doesn't-”

“Let da Subrosian Dace Contest Begin!” Len shouted, pulling out a drum and smacking it.

“Wait, what?” Saria noticed that the Subrosians in line were starting to move.

“Like, start dancing!” Rosa said.

“What are they doing?” Link asked.

“Here!” Saria said as she passed by Maple, “Take Kalo!” She handed the sleeping fairy to her.

“OK...” Maple took Kalo in her hands.

“The Dance Contest is simple mon.” Len said to Link, “All ya gotta do is dance any way ya like while keepin' in line. If ya bump into another dude, your out for the count! The best dancer wins.”

“Dancing? OK...” Saria started doing a Kokiri dance, one she really like. It involved a lot of twirls and jumps. It was a little tricky to do it while moving in the square though...

“This is embarrassing.” Link muttered.

“Whee!” Saria giggled as she did three spins in rapid succession, “This is pretty neat!”

“Hey, she's having fun, at least.” Maple commented.

Link sighed, “I guess... But this isn't important! We need to find that Temple!”

“How are they supposed to beat Saria?” Maple asked, “I mean, look at the rest of them.” Maple made a good point, it seemed that grace was not the specialty of the Subrosians. Compared to Saria, they were clunky and slow.

A few minutes passed as one by one, other dancers fell. Finally, Len beat the drum again, “Time's up!” He announced.

“I gotta admit, that was pretty cool.” Maple smirked.

“Hey mon, what's da girl's name?” Len whispered to Link.

“Um, Saria.” Link whispered back.

“Well, I think we all know who da winnar is!” Len called out, “It's da lovely new girl, Saria!”

“Unng...” Saria muttered, “I dON't feeL so Good.” She stumbled over to the center. “LinK? WhY is thE WORLd spinnING?”

“I guess she spun around too much.” Maple giggled

“Come here.” Link caught Saria before she fell flat on her face, “You always get like this after dancing...” He said fondly, “You should control yourself.”

“BuT IT's fUn!” Saria said, “UuuNN... maKe the WorLD stOp SPInniNG!”

“OK...” Lin said, “Well, bring da lovely girl her prize!”

A Subrosian ran over to Saria, holding a golden box.

“Ohh! What is it? Is it jewels? Riches? Something valuable?” Maple said excitedly.

Saria pulled it open and pulled out her prize, “What is it?”

Both Link and Maple nearly fell over at the stupidity of it all (It was good that they didn't, because then poor Kalo would have been crushed.)

“It's a boomerang.” Link said flatly.

The boomerang was made of a solid wood, probably elm, with a simple green gem in the center. A razor blade could be seen lining the edge of it. Saria held it over her head, “What does it do?”

“Here.” Link plucked it out of Saria's hands, “You toss it like this,” Link threw the boomerang in the air, “You let it spin around,” The boomerang moved in a short arc. “And it comes back to you.” Link casually caught it as it spun back towards him, “It's a useful weapon.”

“Wow...” Saria took it back.

“What were you doing mon?” Len shouted.

“You almost threw away a perfectly good boomerang!” A Subrosian shouted.

“But, that's how you use one!” Link said, slightly confused.

“Where did you, like, get that silly idea?” Rosa asked, “Every one knows that you wear boomerangs!”

There was a pause.

“I hate this place.” Maple said dully.

Shadow had been following the red cloaked man for some time now. Moving through the damp stone maze that lay underground. Finally, they reached a door, with the Triforce engraved upon it. The man opened the door, moving through it quickly. A few moments later, Shadow trailed him.

The room they were in was clearly the reason this whole maze had been built. While it was simple, there was an air of sacredness that was not in the other rooms. Sitting on a simple stone pillar, was a gold disk. Embedded with blue jewels that resembled raindrops. “Here it is...” The man whispered. He reached out and grabbed it.

There was a flash of power, and the man let go of the disk. The golden relic was unmoved. “Damn it all! It's protected!” The man cursed.

How interesting, Shadow smirked, He can not touch what he was looking for. Though... protection can be broken... He moved slowly, trying to get at a better angle. One where he might better see the man's face.

Shadow's foot brushed against a small rock. In the totally silent room, it was as if a bomb had gone off.

“Who's there?” The man spun around, and Shadow's eyes locked with his.

The man had sickly hair that appeared to be like weeds sprouting from his head, falling along his sides. His eyes appeared to flash many colors. For a moment they stared at each other. Even as Shadow tried to back up and make himself less visible. The man laughed.

Shadow jumped aside, dodging a bolt of magic. He glared at the man and reached for his sword.

“Ah, I know who you are.” The man gave Shadow a evil smirk, “You are the Lune Perin created from the Key.”

Shadow paused, yet he knew how to suppress his surprise, “So you know who I am.” He pulled out his blade, “Not that it will make any difference.”

The man began moving, Shadow moved with him, causing the two to circle each other. “Your efforts are in vain, ShadowBeast, the Flame of Decay shall be lit.”

“I do not know what you speak of.” Shadow said, “But I doubt it matters, as you will not be leaving this room alive.”

“You amuse me, ShadowBeast.” The man said, “As if you could harm me. I can feel your weakness, both in the body and in the heart.”

“Even if I am weak, I am sill stronger then you!” Shadow spat.

“Very amusing.” The man smiled, “Soon, you shall be mine. I am The Deceiver, one of the five Heralds of Ragnarök. My name is Agahnim. Prepare yourself.

The battle begun.

“Now can you take us to the Temple?”

Rosa looked at Link, “You, like, really want to go to that 'temple,' don't you?”

“Yes Rosa, we do.” Saria said tiredly. Every time she tried to use her new boomerang, Rosa yelled at her.

Rosa sighed, “Fine, I'll take you. Follow me.”

“It's about time.” Maple muttered.

Shadow deflected a spear of fire before charging forward, sword extended. Agahnim casually sidestepped the attack before pressing his hand against Shadow's back. “You are a stubborn creature, you know that?”

Shadow suddenly felt blinding pain shoot through his entire body. For a moment Shadow was sure his body was being torn apart by the molecule. He was then blasted forward, slamming into a wall.

“Why do you insist on fighting me in the form of your 'brother?' I know you can do far more then that. Just let it go... release the demons that lie within you!” Agahnim taunted.

“Go to hell!” Shadow shouted, “Burning Annihilation!” The searing flames spiraled out of Shadow's body before twisting towards Agahnim.

The wizard calmly held back the magic with one hand. “You are far to weak to be using such spells. Are you tapping into your very lifeforce?”

“Shut up!” Shadow screamed.

“Or perhaps you are pulling it from another source?” Agahnim thought about it for a moment, “Perhaps, the part of you that you wish to suppress?”

Shadow slashed his sword at Agahnim, “Just stop talking.” He spat.

Navi was so tired...

For hours she had followed Link. But now... she felt so weak, she could hardly move anymore. Let alone fly.

She tried following them by foot, but that proved to be to difficult. Tripping, she hit the ground. She could see them approach a building, she continued to crawl...

“I'm.. sorry... Link...” She whispered, passing out just a few feet behind him.

“Here it is.” Rosa said dejectedly.

They were standing in front of the main door of the Temple of Din. It was a massive, beautiful stone building. For towers jutted out of it. Various symbols were inscribed along the walls.

It was also sitting in a puddle of lava.

“It's a bit less... pretty... then when I last saw it.” Maple said dryly.

“Come on, let's go in.” Saria pulled out the key. She quickly inserted it into the keyhole. The door glowed red for a moment, before the door just... vanished.

“Huh..?” Kalo opened his eyes, “There's Mana coming from that door. Lots of it.” He floated up, “I feel better now, though it's not much, it'll sustain me a little more.”

“Good to hear.” Saria smiled, “Come on, let's go.”

“Um... I'm going to, like, stay out here.” Rosa said, “It's scary in there!”

“Whatever.” Link muttered, “You do what you feel like, just stay around, we'll need you to take us back to our world.”

They entered the Temple, within a matter of seconds they were wishing they hadn't.

“What happened here...?” Maple whispered.

“Oh Farore” Saria cried.

“This is so wrong.” Link muttered.

The Temple of Din had been a popular place to visit for prayer and meditation. Hundreds of people of all races, ages, and nationalities were always coming.

They had been in there when the Temple had been forced into Subrosia.

None of the people had survived.

“Who... who could do such a thing?” Maple shouted, “Who could take the lives of so many!”

“No one was spared.” Link whispered, “Even the children perished when Onox did this.”

“What makes you think he did this?” Saria asked.

“Who else!” Link said, waving his arm at the carnage, “Who else would banish the Temple of Din from our world, and kill everyone inside!”

Kalo flew around the place... “Wait! Someone's still alive!” Kalo stopped and fluttered over a pile of broken wood, “I can feel it!”

Saria dashed over and started pulling splintered shelves off the person trapped underneath, Link and Maple quickly came over to help as well.

Soon the trapped soul was revealed. It was an old woman, dressed in the clothes of a High Priestess. She slowly opened her eyes...

“Who's there?” The old woman looked at Saria for a moment... she smiled weakly, “Hello there, Child.”

“Are you alright?” Saria asked, pulling the woman into an upright position.

“Not really, no.” The old woman coughed, “It was horrible... the whole Temple shook and sank into the earth.” She looked around, “All these poor souls...” She fell into another coughing fit.

“Here, I know some healing magic...” Saria held up her hands, but the woman brushed it off.

“No, no, don't worry about me. I'm old, my time has come.” She brushed Saria's face with her hand. “You're not an ordinary child... are you?”

Saria nodded slowly.

“Ah, I thought so.” The old woman wheezed, “You have some gifts...” She coughed for a few more minutes, “I have a feeling that it will be safe with you.”

“What will?” Saria asked.

“Inside the main altar, there is a scepter. I want you to take it. From there head to the four towers.” The woman smiled sadly, “I just wish that you wouldn't have to take on this responsibility.”

“Don't worry, I'm glad to.” Saria said softly, “I just want to help.”

“Good luck then, young Sage.” The old woman smiled fondly.

Saria gasped, “How did you know?” She whispered.

The woman's eyes twinkled, “I guess I was just lucky... good luck Child.” She let out a soft breath... and her eyes closed.

“Damn it.” Link said, “We couldn't even save one person!”

Saria stood up, tears in her eyes, and ran towards the back of the Temple.

“Wait for us!” Kalo shouted, the rest chased after Saria.

The main altar was beautiful. Golden statues of the Three Goddesses surrounded a large pillar where the words of many Sages were inscribed. Sitting on shelves attached to the pillar were many holy books and relics. Sitting on a gold stand was one of the most beautiful staffs Link had even seen. It was made of a red wood of an unknown type. Gold leaf swirled around it like the sun's rays. The top was round and had four diamonds embedded around it.

“The Scepter of Earth!” Maple said

Saria pulled the staff from it's stand. For a moment she looked at it. “Come on, let's head up to those towers.” She said quietly.

“Saria...” Kalo whispered.

The Mask Salesman appeared in the Temple. For a moment he just looked at all the damage that had been done. It saddened him to see the Temple of Din devastated like this. But that wasn't why he was here. He looked around before he spotted an old woman in the clothes of a High Priestess. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't breathing.

“You can stop the act Thente.” He said flatly.

Before his eyes the woman shifted into the form Thente had taken a liking to as of late, that of a Kokiri.

“You deceived them.” The Mask Salesman said calmly.

“It was necessary.” Thente answered sadly, “I am not allowed to show myself to them when possible.”

The Mask Salesman smirked, “Now you care about what you're allowed to do?”

“I do when the order comes from Din herself.” Thente sighed.

For a moment the two gods just looked around the Temple. Finally, Thente spoke.

“It was painful, passing all these souls through... They did not deserve to die.” Thente quietly said.

“You could keep them from dieing, you know.” The Mask Salesman glanced at him.

“Yes, but what then? They would suffer in ways no living thing should. Their bodies broken and their spirits torn asunder.” Thente sighed, “I could not bear to give them such a fate...”

“I'm guessing that you came here to make sure the Forest Sage got the Scepter of Earth.” The Mask Salesman said. “You seem determined to make her as powerful as possible.”

“I have my reasons.” Thente smiled, “Do not worry, I'm sure that everything will prove to be for the better.”

“You'd better be right, Thente, otherwise we might be in trouble.” The Mask Salesman muttered.

They had climbed up the stairs of the tower. Now after a long climb, they reached the top.

The small shrine, compared to the main altar, was simple. Scrolls covered the walls, an there was a small statue of a woman, carved from blue stone.

“Well, here we are.” Link shrugged, “What now?” He took a step forward.

Only to be blown back by a barrier. There shield flashed multiple colors for a moment, before becoming invisible again.

“There's that.” Maple said with amusement.

“What the hell?” Link rubbed his head, “That hurt!”

“Being blasted by a barrier tends to do that.” Kalo snickered.

Saria looked at it, she held up the Scepter of Earth. It connected with her. With the Essence of Earth she had inside of her. She could feel the power. Lifting it up into the air, she slammed it into the barrier with a shout. She could feel it press against her, yet she shoved the staff forward. The barrier flashed, before shattering, making a sound like breaking glass.

“I was right!” Saria cheered quietly.

“Now what?” Kalo asked.

The small statue started to glow.

“Maybe that.” Link said dryly.

The statue started to float. Even as it's light grew brighter and brighter. For a moment, it was brighter then the sun. Nobody could see for a few seconds...

“Thank you...” A gentle voice said.

“Huh?” Saria blinked, clearing her vision. Floating in front of her was a woman. She was tall, with pale skin that seemed to glow. Her long blue hair dropped down to her feet. An elegant white dress fluttered around here. Her eyes were... that strange silver color she had seen on Diran.

“You were the one who freed me.” The woman said kindly, “I thank you, young Forest Sage.”

“Forest Sage?” Maple said loudly.

“We'll explain later!” Kalo hissed.

“Who... who are you?” Saria asked, awe filling her voice.

“Ah,” The woman smiled, “I am Selcian. The Goddesses of Winter. Servant of the Great Mother of Earth, Din.”

“A goddesses...” Maple whispered...

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Lady Selcian.” Saria smiled, “Who sealed you up in here?”

Selcian sighed, “An evil force. Even now it keeps this Holy Ground in another world. My brothers and my sister are still sealed away... though with me no longer being contained...”

“What do you mean?” Saria asked.

“What Lady Selcian means, Miss Saria,” Makan popped out, “Is that without her to seal away, the power that was being used to contain her, had spread to the other three Season Gods.” Makan pointed to the altar, “You will need to be stronger to break the next seal, Miss Saria.”

“Thank you Makan.” Selcian said, “And I must admit, it is a pleasure to see you again.”

“Wait... you know her?” Link asked the ghost.

“Of course, I am a servant of the Goddesses just like she is.” Makan explained, before turning back to Selcian, “Now, I'm afraid there's been some trouble, the Oracle of Earth has been imprisoned. That is how the evil being did all this.”

“I see...” Selcian sighed, “I guess I have no choice.” She looked down at Saria, “Forest Sage, Saria, I can feel the Warm Sun within you. You hold the Scepter of Earth, one of the Three Heavenly Tools. You posses the ability to handle the power of gods.”

“What does that mean?” Saria asked.

“You'll see...” Selcian said, as she suddenly exploded into a flash of bright light. The light shot towards Saria, slamming into the Scepter of Earth. For a moment Saria felt a strange energy rush through her. Lights swirled around her.

And then it suddenly stopped.

“I feel funny...” Saria said.

“Lady Selcian's soul is now bound to yours, just as mine is.” Makan explained, “You will be able to use her power like you use mine. Channel it through the Scepter.”

Saria looked at her staff, and noticed that one of the diamonds was glowing blue. “Are you in there... Selcian?

“Yes.” Selcian reappeared in front of them, “Until we rescue the Oracle, I am staying with you.”

“Cool!” Maple cheered, “We have a goddesses with us!”

“I don't think there will be much protest.” Makan said flatly.

Shadow was knocked back against a wall. Agahnim then held him in place with dark powers...

“Look at you. Tired, weak, pathetic.” Agahnim sneered, “You refuse to surrender even when there is no hope. You are nothing more then damaged goods barely worth the effort to bend to my will.”

“I will not be controlled!” Shadow said, even though he was having trouble breathing...

“Oh yes you will!” Agahnim shouted, as waves of that horrible, indescribable, color came out of his hands... wrapping around Shadow. “Do not fight your true nature any longer... you were made to destroy... and you shall destroy again!”

Shadow tried to respond, but he found he was unable to speak, or even move, as the horrible power swarmed over him...

No... I don't want this!

“Do not worry... you shall help us greatly... once I break you.” Agahnim said.

Dark laughter echoed through the underground maze...

They slowly left the Temple. Now, they knew what they needed to return to their own world. They would have Rosa guide them back to the portal.

Yet, as Maple walked... something caught her eye.

“I'll be back in a second!” She called out, before running over to the faint glow. “What do we have here?” She looked down at the source of the light.

It was a fairy. Her short silver hair was filled with dirt. While her dress was tattered, yet she was still breathing. So she was still alive. “Poor thing...” Maple whispered, carefully picking the fairy up.

“What was it?” Saria asked Maple when she came back.

“A fairy... the poor girl was passed out.” Maple sighed, “We should take her back quickly.”

“Here, let me see...” Kalo floated over Maple's hands to look at the fairy... and he nearly fell. “Oh Din!”

“What?” Link peered into Maple's hands... “Oh Farore!” He cried out, tears in his eyes.

“Who is it?” Saria asked.

“It's...” Link took a deep breath, “It's Navi”

Authors Note: Thank you Vladmir the Hamster for pointing out that error. It's just one of many I'm sure. If anybody sees anything like that, feel free to point it out. But remember, if something in FyS or TOoE condridicts something in ToaLK... the newer stories are probably right unless I say so. I'll probably revise/rewrite ToaLK later...

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