The Orb of Light

By Doug

Author's Notes: Link journeys somewhere different to confront a new enemy as well as an old one. Link steps forth to confront both evils, but will he succeed or fail with his new allies at his side.

Chapter 1: So it begins


            In the kingdom of Hyrule it has been relatively quiet. Ganon has not made an attempt to steal the Triforce of Wisdom for around two months. The villages in Hyrule have also reported fewer sightings of Ganon’s minions which makes Link and Princess Zelda suspicious of what’s going on.

            One day the princess and the king are sitting in the throne room when a magical corridor opens Zelda reacted by jumping up pulling her bow out aiming at this passageway. Nobody seems to be coming through so she yells “Who ever is in there come out!” A young man with short brown hair of about 25 years of age steps out along with a female of about 13 that also has brown hair just longer both have grey eyes. He is dressed in armor almost like a soldier and she is dressed in a blue dress. He presents himself “My name is King Charles of the kingdom of Aseline. And this is my sister Princess Sophia she is the one that created this magical passageway. We have come to seek an adventurer for our homeland is under attack.” Zelda relaxes herself not feeling threatened anymore then says “What is the problem your homeland is facing? Maybe we can help.” The young king begins “A long time ago my father ruled our kingdom and we lived in peace and harmony. We have certain magical item called the Orb of Light which has a great deal of power, but protected us from evil. When my father died I took over as king and all seemed to go well at the start. Then things started to go badly, my top advisor and best army commander General Felix begin to turn against me. I had known Felix since I was a child. He had taught me everything I knew about combat and tactics. The way it started was he first begin to question my judgment when I made decisions concerning the military. See we had just finished fighting a war with a neighboring kingdom to our east and had won. I wanted to scale our forces back and allow the militias to disband themselves, but he wanted to keep them ready to call out. I went along with his decision on that. Then a couple of months later all the militia commanders came to me and asked me to allow them to disband since the war no longer going on. I called General Felix in on this meeting, but he got mad midway through and walked out. I heard out the commanders and allowed them to do what they asked. Later I caught up with the general and he accused me of betraying all that my father had stood for. I was a little shocked about this, I tried to discuss this rationally with him, but he wouldn’t have it. For a few weeks after this confrontation he gave me a cold shoulder and I begin to suspect something was up. One day an officer of my royal guard said that there was a plot to overthrow me. I quickly got to the bottom of it arresting everyone that had been named except there was one ringleader that was not named. It ended up being ten of my top commanders and advisors. When I questioned each one of the conspirators they couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me who the ringleader was. I had each one sentenced to hang for treason. I had them hung one at a time hoping to scare the others into talking. I gave each one a chance to opt out of hanging by telling me who was behind all of this. The very last one didn’t believe as much in overthrowing me as he let on. An hour before his execution he called me to his cell and told me that General Felix was behind it all. I quickly had this man sent to another kingdom to protect his identity then went to confront General Felix. The general denied it, but got angry that I had accused him of it. He told me that day he was leaving to go off on his own. I allowed him that which turned out to be a big mistake. He took most of my army with him and marched off. Later I found out that he had turned this army into mercenaries. All this took place about two years ago. Then back six months ago many of these men that had gone with him returned to my service. They said that General Felix was planning to return and take the Orb of Light. It was also said that he had become obsessed with the power that the Orb of Light had and had transformed into a monster of sorts. Two months ago we started running into evil forces that we had never encountered before. I believe these monsters are called Moblins, alligator looking Daira guards, and walking skeletons Stalfos. The rumors have it that General Felix has aligned himself with another evil leader I think his name is Ganon.” Zelda stops King Charles right there “Are you sure about this?”  The king responds “Yes I am.” Zelda says “That explains a lot.” Then she says “Where is Link he should be hearing this.” At this point Link swings down from the wall before King Charles saying “You called princess,” as he lands. Zelda introduces Link to Charles and Charles tells Link the whole story from start to finish.

            Link says “So that’s why old pig face hasn’t made any moves against us. He has his sights turned elsewhere.” Charles says “So you will be able to help us Link?” Link responds “I guess so. Princess is that okay with you?” Zelda says “I don’t think if Ganon’s attention is elsewhere anyone will try to steal the Triforce. So yes you can go and help them. I will protect the Triforce while you’re gone.” Link asks Charles “So what’s next?” Charles says “My sister will open up a magical corridor for us to go back through and get back to my homeland.” Princess Sophia says a few words and all a sudden green beams shoot out of her hands opening this passageway for them. Link looks back at Zelda and says “How about a kiss for luck Princess?” Zelda laughs and says “You don’t need any luck you’ll be fine.” To this Link responds “Well excuuuuse me Princess.” Zelda waves at Link and says “But be careful anyway.”



Chapter 2: Aseline


            Then the three walk through the corridor and are there at a throne room that looks a lot like Hyrule just it has different colored banners and streamers hanging down. Charles looks at Link and says “Welcome to the Crystal Palace I wasn’t expecting anyone would help, but I am more then happy you chose to help us. I don’t know what our next move should be. What do you think, Link?” Link says “I can’t think of a first move. Usually Ganon makes his move then we try to deal with that, however just about every time he makes a mistake that can be exploited. The only thing I can think of is sending out scouts toward where they are coming from.” “We have done that and as far as I know they are camped in the Woods of Dervill a cursed place if you know what I know mean,” Charles says. Link then says to Charles “Yeah that sounds like Ganon. His underworld kingdom is pretty cursed in my opinion.”

            It is around dinnertime so they head dining room. A wonderful meal is laid out for them to enjoy. Link and Charles trade adventuring stories back and forth while Princess Sophia sits there a little bored. Some of King Charles’ adventures involved General Felix and Link listening very closely on them hoping perhaps to find a weakness in the general. Then Link talks about how he defeated Ganon originally and the many adventures him and Princess Zelda have went on. He tells of the time the moblins revolted overthrowing Ganon, then the chance to capture the Triforce of Power that Link managed to mess up by freeing Ganon. He related how Zelda didn’t speak him for three days over that everybody including Link laughs about it. Link also tells the story of the time Ganon killed him and took his body leaving just his ghost that only Zelda could see as well as the time Link had gotten hold of the Triforce of Power; Charles asks “What is your relationship to Princess Zelda?” Link stammers a minute then says “I guess we are close, but she gets mad every time I call her my girlfriend,” then Link asks Charles “What about you your highness. Is there no one special in your life?” This takes the king a little by surprise but he answers “There is one, a princess in the kingdom of Hillsfar to the north. Her name is Tamar and I really love her, but because of this mess with the general I can’t put her at risk. Unlike your Princess Zelda, Tamar isn’t an adventurer of any sort. Her brother was my best friend from childhood and we adventured together, unfortunately he was killed five years ago while we were after a dragon’s head. The dragon got him and I got the dragon. He saved my life from that very dragon, but I couldn’t save him. I promised him if I survived I would indeed marry his sister. When I returned with his body to his father I was blamed for his death and that’s the other reason I don’t have much of relationship with her. I hope in future things will change.” Sophia remained quiet this whole time which Link thinks is a little odd, but says nothing about it. At this point Sophia pulls out a bright shinning sphere and says “This is the Orb of Light which the general is after.” After dinner Link is shown to his room where he goes right to sleep.

            At this time an uninvited guest a keese leaves the castle and flies to where Ganon and General Felix are about twenty miles away in deep forest in the Woods of Dervill. The keese tells Ganon of the news that Link is here now. General Felix, a strongly built warrior with flowing dark beard is standing next to tree when Ganon approaches him. “General Felix, I fear the third party has entered himself into our plans,” Ganon says. “Ganon, you worry too much he is like an insect and together we will crush him here instead of in Hyrule, we will make our move tomorrow,” says Felix. They both laugh an evil cackle heard throughout the woods.



Chapter 3: Village of Tinsley


            The morning arrives very early at the Crystal Palace. A messenger running at top speed makes it across the drawbridge then into the main throne room dropping to his knees more out of exhaustion then respect. The messenger is worn out by his trip and looks to be injured by the cuts on his face and body. King Charles is brought immediately into the throne room flanked by Princess Sophia and Link. Charles addresses the messenger “What has happened, sir?” The messenger attempts to catch his breathe then relates what has indeed happened. “Sire,” the messenger begins “It all begin early this morning before the cock had even crowed. When I woke up my village Tinsley was under attack by these hideous creatures lead by General Felix. I could hardly escape these monsters. I saw all of my people captured I think they are being held hostage at this point in the village.” Link says “Well then we must move and free them. I just hope that Ganon has overestimated his plans like normal and has left an opening to exploit.”

            Link and Charles quickly get ready. When Charles puts on his equipment he is wearing two swords one on each hip. On his left hip his long sword and his right a short sword and in his left boot a dagger. They both mount with about forty soldiers to head off in the direction of the village. Then they ride at top speed. “Link, I know a short cut,” Charles says and leads the whole group on to trail through the forest.

            By the time they reach the edge of the village it in flames. About a dozen moblins charge them. Charles gallops at top speed crashing into the moblins and knocking them down with his soldiers behind him. Link follows then jumps from his horse with sword drawn and shield into a crowd of stalfos. Charles dismounts quickly draws both swords as the moblins rise to face him. Link easily defeats the stalfos, just as he finishes the last one a giant warrior almost twice his size armed with a double bladed battle axe tries to cut Link in half. Link jumps out of the way. This enemy is General Felix, Link quickly realizes. Charles and his soldiers are cutting through the moblins sending each one of them back to the evil jar, but more are coming forth. With the soldiers from the palace this is becoming a giant melee.

            The double bladed axe looks pretty sharp and Link definitely doesn’t want to get cut in half. The general in turn is also sizing up Link. “Your lust for power makes you like Ganon and just like Ganon you will fail,” Link yells. Link with both his long sword and shield stands his ground for a minute then both move forward at the same time to attack. But Link feints an attack while General Felix swings this time aimed at Link’s head. Link ducks and kicks the general in the stomach area to not much effect. Link launches forward with his sword and Felix blocks with his axe. Link is strong but Felix is much stronger and easily pushes Link off of him knocking Link to the ground. Felix laughs and says “Ah you’re not as dangerous as Ganon said you were. I will finish you now.” However where Link is most dangerous is the fact he is quick. The general sensing a chance finish Link while he is on the ground comes down with his axe, but Link moves out the way. Felix’s axe is stuck in the ground, this time Link hits the general with his shield in full force completely taking Felix by surprise. Even with this hit from Link the general doesn’t fall down instead he backs up a few feet. Recovering Felix draws a great sword almost the size of Link himself. Felix again lunges at Link this time the blades crash together. Again the general shows his strength but unlike last time Link back flips instead of getting knocked down. Felix strikes once more this time Link tries to block him with his shield but that doesn’t work. The shield is knocked out of Link’s hand and he himself ends up on the ground. The general this time is about to finish him when Link aims his sword and zaps the general only a few feet away. “Aurggghh!!!” the stunned general says and this gives Link enough time to recover and charge the general. Felix swings and Link jumps over the swing and lands behind the general then kicks him again this time on his back. Felix already off balance from the swing falls on the ground. Link is about to finish him when Ganon appears. “No you don’t hero,” Ganon says as he shoots a zap out of his hand at Link who now caught off balance takes the hit in the right shoulder. Link is thrown twenty feet away and Ganon slowly walks toward the downed hero preparing to destroy him once and for all when all a sudden a dagger hits Ganon. Charles had spotted this and threw his dagger at the evil wizard. Before Ganon can recover Link zaps him once. Ganon calls to the general and his minions “Retreat!!” and disappears as do all of the forces. The fight is over. King Charles forces are victorious against Ganon and General Felix.



Chapter 4: The Crystal Palace Attempt


            At the same time the battle is going on between Link, Charles, and Ganon’s forces; a group of six moblins along with a wizzrobe have infiltrated the Crystal Palace with the intent to capture Princess Sophia and the Orb of Light. Sophia is in her room when suddenly the moblins bust down the door one of them says “Grab her! Grab her now!” But unknown to the moblins the princess is quite capable of taking care of herself. Sophia says “You are supposed to capture, huh?” Out of her hands shot a red beam of light which halts the moblins in their tracks. She raises her hands and they are lifted off the ground. Then she has them thrown against the wall. They rise up to again try to take her, but this time she shoots an energy ball out of her hands sending them all back to the evil jar. The wizzrobe enters the room clapping his hands. “So you like magic my dear. I will show you some magic,” the wizzrobe says overconfidently. He sends a bolt of energy at Sophia which she easily deflects. “What you blocked my spell! Impossible,” the wizzrobe says. “That’s right and soon you will be joining those moblins,” Sophia says angrily. He shoots another spell at her this it is lighting which she catches in her hands and sends it back on him. The wizzrobe is struck with his own lighting and this causes him to be sent back to the evil jar.

            An hour later Link, Charles, and the soldiers return to the palace. All the ones involved in the village battle are worn out. Link is still feeling his shoulder from the shot Ganon hit him with. “Why did they retreat? They did seem to have the upper hand,” Charles asks. “See Ganon is powerful, but three hits will de-energize him and then it takes him about a month to recover even with the Triforce of Power,” Link says. Sophia greets Charles and tells him what happened. “Ganon likes to try to use other things like that attack on the village to divert our attention. He was trying to capture the princess and the Orb of Light. Luckily for us he underestimated the power of your sister and the Orb of Light,” Link says. “I just hope he doesn’t have anything else up his shelves,” Charles says to Link. Sophia jumps in and says “If he had someone or something spying on us the other evening he might have heard everything that was said. That would put Princess Tamar in danger wouldn’t you say.” Link nods his head yes. Charles looks down fearing know for Princess Tamar and knowing that there is no way to warn her.



Chapter 5: Princess Tamar is Captured


            At the royal castle of Hillsfar, it is evening and Princess Tamar is getting ready for dinner with her father King Phillip. She has long black hair with grey eyes. This evening she is wearing a red dress and combing her hair. The moblins sent to capture her have managed to avoid detection by coming through an underground entrance. They were first warped there by Ganon into some woods near the castle then they located a secret passageway underneath the castle. They number ten moblins with a bag and plenty of swords just in case they run into castle guards.

            At this time in the day the watch is being changed so the moblins quickly make it pass the barracks where the guards are unnoticed. Morning shift guards are heading home while the night shift guards are drawing assignments. None of these guards are even thinking about anything like this happening. Once in the central hallway the moblins move quickly to the princess’ room.

            With a quick motion the moblins break down the door rushing into the room. The princess screams. One guard a young boy named Jack barely fifteen years old is down the hallway when he hears the scream for help. He had his helmet off trying to fix his blond hair then like a bolt he puts it back on. He runs at top speed with his sword a katana drawn. When he enters the princess’ room he sees all ten moblins and attacks without worrying about the numbers. The moblins see him as nothing more then a boy, but he is a top guard and one of the more able fighters in the kingdom. Four of the moblins hold the princess while the rest attack the lone guard. The guard fights bravely striking four of the moblins at once in a whirlwind thrust sending them back to the evil jar.  Then he hits the other two not holding the princess also sending them back to the evil jar. One of the four holds his sword to the princess’ throat and barks at the guard “Back away or I kill princess!” Jack backs up allowing them to leave the room. “You no follow us or else she dies,” says the moblin as he leaves with the princess.

            The remaining moblins run down the hallway and make it to the passageway with their hostage. Jack follows, but stays out of sight. Once in the passageway one of the moblins pulls out a bomb and throws it at the ceiling behind him causing it to cave in. The young soldier is stopped from pursuing. He quickly goes to get help but it is too late the moblins have stepped back through the warp and again present with Ganon along with the princess.

            Jack in turn reports what happened to the king. The king is furious that this happened. Jack swears to the king he will do all in his power to rescue the princess, but for the most part that isn’t enough. As the king’s anger subsides he says “We will have to get help somewhere. Come with me and we will do that.” In a few minutes a magician opens a magic doorway into the nearest place that might provide help King Charles Crystal Palace in that throne room.

            King Phillip and Jack both bow before King Charles, Sophia, and Link as guests. Charles asks “What brings you here King Phillip?” To which King Phillip states “Charles I know you and I are not the best of friends in fact for a long time I did blame for my son’s death and for that I was wrong and am sorry. But this evening as my daughter was getting ready for dinner she was kidnapped by monsters. This soldier beside me fought them and can describe what they looked like. I need your help in recovering my daughter. I offer her hand in marriage if you can rescue her.” Charles is visibly upset about this turn of events, but says “Yes, I will rescue your daughter.” Jack feeling that he himself failed in his charge speaks up “I will describe the monsters I faced, but I ask that I be allowed to go with you in the rescue because I failed to protect her.” Charles and Link both agree that they need some help. King Phillip looks at Jack and says “Are you sure you wish to do this?” To which Jack says “Yes.” King Phillip steps back through the magical archway leaving the young Jack with Link and Charles. Jack describes the monsters which Link quickly identifies as moblins.



Chapter 6: The Next Move


            The three heros plot a next move, Princess Sophia seems interested in helping in any way but since she is holder of the Orb of Light they decide taking her with them would be too great a risk. Link asks “Where are they now?” Charles says “My scouts tell me they are still in the Woods of Dervill, but they decided to move into a cave there.” “Probably to concentrate their forces for an attack on palace itself,” Link says. Jack pipes up “Then we must attack first, that would catch them off guard. Who knows they are most likely holding the princess as a hostage to force us to surrender the Orb of Light and Sophia over to them.” Both Link and Charles agree this would be best. “If I get Ganon alone I know I can beat him, but you guys will have to hold back General Felix and all of Ganon’s minions. Can you do that?” Link asks. “We can. I will take Felix since he is my old mentor perhaps I can defeat him once and for all. Jack you deal with those minions as best you can,” Charles says. Jack nods yes. Link says “Then we must go now. I know we all get to fight Ganon’s minions just be careful before hand the best thing we can hope for is taking them by surprise. That means avoid sending any of them to evil jar or Ganon will know we are coming.” Charles and Jack both agree.

            The three mount horses and begin the ride to the cave for the final confrontation they hope. Ganon and Felix themselves are recovering from the battle but seem ready to handle these troublemakers. Ganon looks at Princess Tamar and says “My dear I am sure Link will attempt a rescue he is very easy figure out, but I am ready for him and his friends. I have plenty of traps here waiting for them. Once they are gone you will be my bride and Princess Sophia will surrender the Orb of Light over to us and we will rule this kingdom. Then we will move against Zelda and Hyrule and easily defeat them taking the Triforce of Wisdom reuniting it under me. We shall rule the whole world at that point with no one to stand in our way.” Tamar tied up says “You are wrong they will rescue me and destroy you. I would never marry such a disgusting animal as you.” General Felix interrupts “Enough talk we will be victorious this day and the throne of Aseline will be mine.”

            Charles, Link, and Jack slowly move into the Woods of Dervill. There is no resistance as they proceed deeper and deeper into the woods, which makes Link very suspicious. Finally they reach the mouth of the cave, but notice ten darknuts standing out front. “These guys are what I really hate to deal with,” Link says. “Why is that?” Charles asks. “You can’t attack them in front too heavily armored, you can defeat by going in from the sides or the back,” Link says. While Link is saying this Jack moves towards the darknuts and calls to them. “Hey fellows can you tell me where Ganon is?” Jack says. The lead darknut says “Get him! Charge.” They move to attack, but Jack throws a bomb at them taking out half of them before they get near him. Link and Charles leave their cover attacking the remaining darknuts. All three heros are fast and each one easily out maneuver the darknuts facing them. Jack hits his opponent after side stepping him on the right side making him disappear. Charles rolls under a swing aimed at his head, hits his darknut opponent in the back causing the same thing. Link is facing two darknuts; he sidesteps one tripping him as he attacks then quickly thrusts down taking him out. The one remaining is a lead darknut Link fires a zap at him which the darknut blocks as he charges Link. Link jumps over and again fires a zap this time the zap hits the darknut in the back sending him back to the evil jar. Link is a little mad at Jack “Jack, I thought we were going to try take Ganon by surprise now with that fight behind us he will now know we’re coming!” Jack says “I am sorry but I thought that was the only way into this cave.” Charles says “You are right Jack this is the only way into this cave so we might as well go in.”

            Ganon in his lair back a couple hundred feet down in the cave stands there looking at the evil jar. The darknuts have just appeared in the evil jar to which Ganon says “I knew it the heros were going to try a rescue, so there are three of them no matter. Well, let’s just welcome them.” Ganon holds up his hands and sends more of his minions out into the cave to greet them. Felix walks up to Ganon “I am more then ready to deal with our guests at this time.” Ganon says “Don’t worry General we will see to it they don’t have an easy time coming down. Then we will destroy them once and for all.”

            The heros continue into the cave itself fighting some of Ganon’s welcoming parties while avoiding others. Each one of these interruptions take time to deal with. Traps are also laid which Jack accidentally steps into one these traps where spikes from the wall shoot out hitting him in the legs. Link and Charles go to help their injured friend they patch his legs as well as they can then they all continue to move on. Just a little ahead is an open section in the cave and beyond that is Ganon’s lair.



Chapter 7: The Final Confrontation


            As they enter the open section of cave General Felix steps out to greet with about two dozen of Ganon’s minions behind him.  General Felix says “Welcome to the end of road my ill-fated friends.” Then looking at the minions behind him says “Kill them spare no one.” All of these monsters charge at once in one wave. Link, Charles, and Jack bravely move forward fighting these different monsters. Link manages to fight his way through and then runs toward Ganon’s lair itself. The general doesn’t seem to notice he has his eyes set upon Charles. Jack manages to fight through the minions and attacks the general. Felix laughs at the young boy. Charles is the only one still fighting but he facing the most of the minions. Jack lunges with his katana and misses the general. Then Felix attacks with his great sword and Jack blocks with his sword. Jack tries to use his strength against the general, but just like Link he is not near as strong. Felix throws him back laughing at Jack while he does it. Jack again swings; the general’s sword blocks the blow. Felix says “Surely you can better.” To which Jack pulls away before the general pushes him away. Felix again attacks Jack who is giving ground as he blocks the shot. Felix again laughs and says “I am disappointed, if that’s the best you can do.” Felix’s strength is just too much as he pushes Jack to the ground. Jack tries to get up but Felix cruelly strikes him across the chest and stomach. Jack is hurt bad and Felix moves in for the kill about to strike down and finish when from across the room runs Charles at top speed blocking the would be fatal blow. Felix pulls away. “This is what you wanted isn’t it general? You now have my complete attention,” Charles yells. “Brave of you boy I would thought you know better then to face me,” Felix says. Charles responds “You know me I am a slow learner.”  Charles with both swords faces his former mentor General Felix.

            At the same Link enters Ganon’s lair, but he doesn’t see Ganon. He does see the princess tied to the wall and goes over to her. “Princess Tamar, I am with King Charles and we’re here to rescue you,” Link says. Tamar says “Be careful he is somewhere in this room. I saw him a couple minutes ago.” Just as Link is about to cut her loose a shot of electricity hits him sending against the far wall. Ganon laughs and says “Now I have you. You are so pathetically predictable.” Link rises up and responds “Come on Ganon face me now.” Link pulls out his shield and moves toward Ganon for the final fight. In the background is the evil jar, but no Triforce of Power Link notices. “Looking for the Triforce? It’s still back in Hyrule. You and the Princess Zelda could have captured it. I have dondoggo and Gohma guarding it. No matter I will destroy here just as the general is destroying your friends,” says Ganon with an evil laugh.

            Felix and Charles are locked into mortal combat. Charles attacks with both swords which the general dodges one sword while blocking the other. Felix says “I told you should have concentrated on using just one sword, but you thought you knew better. Your training under me was the best you could have received, but now it means nothing. Just like always you have no control and that will be your downfall.” Charles swings again but again is blocked by the great sword. Felix strikes Charles catches the heavy blade between his two swords. But Felix’s strength knocks Charles down. Felix raises his great sword back ready to finish his former student when Charles quickly pushes his short sword into the general’s ribs and into his heart. The general is stunned by this fatal wound but still comes forward with his blade. Charles puts his long sword up and catches the general as he falls forward unto him. Charles says as he finishes the general “No, I am better then you and my training under you brought this day about where you die.” Charles is underneath the body of his former general. Felix is dead with two swords in him. Charles throws the body off of him and runs over to Jack who looks pretty badly wounded. Charles locates a red potion where one of Ganon’s was defeated and gives it to Jack. It helps but Charles knows he has to get Jack out of there.

            Link is also in a fierce fight against Ganon. Ganon disappears and reappears several times each time throwing different magic spells at Link which he either dodges or blocks with his shield. Link in turn tries to zap Ganon. Finally Ganon stays in one place to long and Link zaps him twice before Ganon disappears again. Ganon once again appears and this time very near Link and shoots a flame out of his hand. Link is just barely able to block it. But Link responds running forward and striking Ganon. Ganon is now de-energized and must return to the Triforce of Power. Ganon says “No, no, this is impossible I will destroy some way or another one day.” Then Ganon disappears and so does the evil jar. Link runs over and cuts the princess loose then they head back into the room where Jack and Charles had fought the general. Link looks at Jack and says to Charles “We have got to get him out of here now. Where is General Felix?” Charles responds bluntly “Dead. I managed to kill him.” Charles and Link carry Jack out as quickly as they can. Then they go at top speed back to the palace with Tamar riding on the back of Charles horse. Back at the palace a couple of hours later Sophia is able to heal Jack.



Chapter 8: The Aftermath


            A couple of weeks later the occasion is more joyous. The two kingdoms Aseline and Hillsfar are now united and will become one when King Phillip steps down as king and gives his soon to be son-in-law Hillsfar to rule. King Charles is preparing himself for this wedding but is still very nervous. Link is at present trying to calm him down. Jack is present escorting Princess Sophia into the sanctuary to her seat. As everyone gets to their seats a calmness settles over the sanctuary. Link walks in and finds a seat trying to himself relax while wearing a double breasted green coat rather then his usual tunic which is uncomfortable for him. The ceremony takes place without a hitch.

            A week following the wedding, Link is in his room at the palace when he is summoned to the throne room. Link quickly goes to the throne room where he bows before King Charles and Queen Tamar. Charles looks at him and says “Link, you don’t need to do that my friend. I was just thinking I could use your help here in running things. Would you consider staying on?” Link remembers that at some point or another he is going to have to return to Hyrule then says “It would be my honor, but I have to get back and protect the Triforce of Wisdom now that Ganon is back there.” Charles asks “What if Ganon returns or someone else tries to steal the Orb of Light?” Link says “Your highness with General Felix dead Ganon has no allies here, but if someone else attempts to go after the Orb I believe that you and Jack are more then able to handle that.” Charles finishes by saying “Thank you Link, you are very kind with your words and you know you are always welcome in my kingdom. But I guess I should make sure that you get back to Hyrule.” Link and Jack shake hands then wish each other well. A few minutes later Princess Sophia opens a magical corridor and Link steps through with Charles and Sophia following to make sure he gets back.

            Suddenly Link is back at North Castle in the throne room. Zelda and King Harkinian are sitting in their thrones. Zelda jumps up and runs down to Link hugging him nearly knocking him off his feet. Charles and Sophia who are also there are snickering about this. Zelda says “Oh Link I missed you so much. I didn’t know how much I would miss you. Promise you won’t leave again okay.” Charles says to Zelda “Princess Zelda, because of Link my kingdom is safe and I want thank you for that,” and says to Link “my friend please let me know when you and your girlfriend are getting married okay.” Zelda looks at Link then says “You told him I was your girlfriend.” “Well excuuuuuse me princess. I thought you just said you missed me,” says Link. “I did say that but, oh never mind,” Zelda says. Now Link is in trouble just like normal. Link says to Charles “Thanks your highness.” Charles takes the hint and Sophia opens the corridor back up. Link shakes hands with Charles then steps away. Charles waves goodbye to the Zelda and Link who do the same as he and Sophia step back through.


The End

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