One Life's Power

by Mack Costello



"They don't know it's coming."

"Of course not, how could they?"

"I thought their mental ability would tip them off."

"Well, it didn't."

"I see that."

"The Link is approaching the barge, with the Paul."

"Shh, watch."



  Link and Paul loaded the barge. "I'm glad to leave Hyrule for a while," Paul said.

"I'm not to fond of leaving just to tour a Gnomish country," Link retorted.

"Not a tour," Paul said, "We're talking treaty with Chintilon! That's a good ally, the Gnomes are as skilled with swords and magic as us," Paul looked back at the bay as the barge began its slow way to Chintilon. "I still shouldn't have to come," Link said.

"Well, the King wasn't able to leave, Zelda refused, so who better than the captain of the palace security and Hyrule's famous hero?" Paul asked smiling.

"Yeah, whatever, I don't like leaving the Triforce unprotected." Link said as the two began touring the deck. "You got big, separate rooms, right?" Link asked in a menacing tone.

"Yes, yours is...3. Mine is 8." Paul stopped and noticed a bar cabin. Link saw him watching.

"Later," he said, "You can shoot the breeze and flirt later, it's still daylight." Paul lingered a second longer then began walking with Link again. Paul had been quite the drinker since Zelda rejected his marriage proposal. Link didn't really mind, except Paul would often find a way to bring 'Zelda the bitch' into his conversations. They continued around the barge. Eventually, they came to their rooms.

"We meet at the bar at sunset," Paul said as Link was unlocking his door. Link nodded and Paul walked off. Link found his key was upside down. He turned it right-side up. He continued to jam the key into the door, when it finally made it, Link turned it, the door didn't open. "Maybe it's a push door," Link thought. He started to press as he turned the lock when an old lady arrived at the room across from him. She turned around, saw Link, and hit him with her bag.

"What're ye doin' sunny?" Link found this was room 4, his was 3. He apologized and skipped to 3, he quickly went in. Link felt stupid about that, but it was just a simple mistake, he told himself. He didn't really care to change just to go on an expedition with Paul, so he just lay on his bed in his usual green tunic. He grabbed his cap and threw it away from him. "I'll wear it later," he thought.


  Paul had been searching for someone to impress all night. Link was finding himself quite bored and didn't try to strike up a conversation with anybody. Then, Link heard glass break, wood collapse, and the sound of bone slammed against bone. Link turned around from his spot at the bar and felt for his sword or shield. He realized he didn't have them with him. He stared forward at Paul and someone else beating the shit out of each other. People were screaming, Link noticed one woman laughing. It was all to obvious, she wanted to see them fight, so she got them, somehow, to fight over her. Link ran in to this brawl just to be slammed in the face by someone cheering on the man Paul was fighting.

"Hey, what the hell did-Agh!" He slammed Link again. Link was now quite mad. He grabbed the man by the right shoulder and spun him around. The man raised his hand to hit Link again. Link punched him in the stomach and kicked him out of the way. He then ran into Paul and the other man. But, when he got there, Paul, somewhat drunk, had beaten the other man down. "What happened?" Link asked.

"I was just, um," Paul began, "I was talkin' to the girl, when, then boom, and I hit him back, and-"

"Okay, sure, now let's take you back to your room, and you'll sleep there, okay?" Link asked.

"All right," Paul said a bit loudly.




  Zelda sat under a tree behind North Castle between the wall and the moat, it was night, she was now wishing she'd went with Link instead of sending Paul. It was so boring to be here without Link to whine at or talk to. But, he wasn't here, wouldn't be for a few weeks. The King had decided to let Link go since Ganon was still trying to gain control of his moblins, they had revolted recently. "It would be good if Hyrule and Chintilon to become allies, That way they could help us with moblins, and we could help them with ogres" Zelda told herself. She got up and wiped off her dress. Then she made her way around to the way into North Castle.

"Hello, Zelda," said the King.

"Hello, father," Zelda said as she began walking to her room.

Zelda opened the door to her room and lied down on her huge bed. She knew she wouldn't sleep, but she closed her eyes. "I wonder what Link is doing now," she thought.


  Ganon was standing in the forest near North Castle. He had most of his moblins back, but about one third had revolted permanently. With his moblins, and his Triforce, he could attack. He knew Link and Paul had left. It was a stupid move, very stupid. He could attack now, he certainly could. "Those fools, I could summon my troops, and raid them now, I'd probably destroy half the castle, and I might get either the Triforce or Princess, but not both, no, and I need both, Zelda must show me how to use the Triforce, but, I may not have this chance again," Ganon continued contemplating what to do. "Yes, now," he decided.


  Zelda just fell to sleep, she was awoke very suddenly by a loud clash and screams that followed. She didnÕt bother to get up. It all made perfect sense. Ganon was ready to attack when Link was gone, it was almost funny.

"Princess, get up!" a guard had made his way to Zelda's room. "You and the King are being put in the tight room," he said. "The tight room, great," Zelda thought. The tight room was an almost completely sealed and secure.

"The Triforce! Where's the Triforce?" Zelda screamed.

"We're trying to get to it, come on!" The guard was in a hurry. Zelda grabbed a robe and followed the guard out.

"Dear!" The King exclaimed as Zelda entered the tight room.

"Daddy, the Triforce, where is the damn Triforce?!" Zelda was getting very hyperactive.

"I don't know, we'll get it, we'll get it," the King assured.




  Link and Paul arrived on Chintilon and were immediately greeted by cheesy actors and such. Soon enough, they arrived at the oddly built castle that King Ne~Chin resided in. "Ready?" Paul asked.

"No, but, we're going in anyway," Link said.

"That's right, we are," Paul said as they began to walk into the throne room. Ne~Chin sat on a throne in the center of the room instead of the end. Link tried very hard to smile. Paul succeeded with flying colors. "Hello, sir," Link said.

"I'm Paul, and we represent the fine country of Hyrule, and that fine country would like to have the friendship of another powerful country, and that is why, I, the Head Knight, and Link, our hero I'm sure you've heard of, are here," Paul said with a confidence only a missionary could have. Link beamed.

"Very nice, very nice," Ne~Chin said, "That was not even rehearsed, I can tell," he said. Paul smiled. "So, let's get to the point, Hyrule's peace is invaded by creatures run by a, um, Cannon?"

"Ganon, sir," Link spoke up.

"Ah, yes, Ganon, and my country is corrupted by ogres, we used to know the leader, but he and my son were found dead, so, now who runs them is a mystery," Ne~Chin finished.

"Yes, sir," Link suddenly had a new strategy, Ne~Chin, of course, didn't know about the Triforce, now he was going to find out the Gnome power problem. He took a deep breath, and began to talk.




"It is on its way, you know, they are very unprepared."

"Yes, but we won't help them, not unless Link comes back, but I don't think he'll have time."

"The others are coming, get in position."

"Do we have a visitor?"


"Al right, get in the circle, a moblin and an ogre are coming."

"Okay, everyone, in unison, now, speak...."



  Zelda sat in the tight room. Still, no Triforce. Knights would sometimes report what was happening. It was well into the night, the fight was dying down. Ganon obviously thought that because Link was gone Hyrule was unprepared. "Well, we weren't as prepared as we should have been, but we are holding out," Zelda thought.

  The King was very nervous. The fight was dying, but it was still going, Ganon was obviously staying until he got the Triforce. Now, that the fight wasn't as bad, someone was going to bring the Triforce here. "I hope it is still there," he thought.

  Ganon was quite discouraged, this wasn't going right. North Castle's army was better prepared than he had anticipated. "But," he thought, preparing to retreat, "I'll be ready, soon."


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