One Life's Power

by Mack Costello



"It will hit North Castle first."

"I think it will hit Death Mountain."

"Maybe Ganon will come."

"You like him, don't you?"

"Well, we don't have that ability, I'm afraid."

"Then you admire the way his mind works."

"Somewhat, yes."



  Link had his information, Ne~Chin didn't even suspect Hyrule had its own source of omnipotence, the Triforce. Ne~Chin had the Staffs of the Gods. There were eight of them. The ogres had four, and the Gnomes had four. Ne~Chin, Link, and Paul were all in a conference room, Link was mostly thinking, and not talking.

"It would be good for my country to unite with yours," Ne~Chin said, "You know, we were in bad shape a while ago, volcanoes were erupting everywhere, and such. My daughter, and the ogre leader, for some reason, teamed and left the country searching for an eternal knowledge."

Link was suddenly listening, himself and Ganon had a similar experience recently, "Sometime later, they both were found in a boat near the bay, dead," Ne~Chin finished, he was smiling.

Paul was puzzled by the smile, "That's, nice..." Paul said very unsure of himself. Link sat back. Paul began to talk again, Link drowned him out, he just nodded at the ÔRight, Link?'s and such. This would work out, of course it would.

As they had reached an agreement for peace, the castle was attacked by a squad of ogres. Link was pleased in a demented way. This way, he could show off his skills and usefulness, and Ne~Chin would realize his importance. When Link got to the front court, however, he found that the ogres, were much bigger than moblins. "Oh, this...damn," Link mumbled. He jumped at one, and found they also had hard back skin. The only place to stab them was in the chest, head, or stomach. when Link made his way around the beast, he found they weren't very coordinated, and easily struck it down. Then he moved on to the next, swiftly he took it out. Then, six attacked him at once. Link tried to use the whirling blade, but the sword hit their hard sides. So, he took them out one by one. Soon enough, the Gnomish army had killed one half of the ogres, and Link had taken the other.

"Wow, that was, great!" Ne~Chin said. Link smiled.

"Ghmnh," Odron growled. Now that he had taken over the ogres, he saw that the Gnomes were allying with a country that had great fighters, this one standing out. He was watching from the wood. This ÔHyrule,' maybe he could convince them that they should ally with the ogres instead of the Gnomes, after all, they probably didn't know the truth.


  Zelda was watching a new set of knights being taken into Hyrule by their lords. ÔLink should come back today,' she thought. Ganon hadn't attacked again, so he probably didn't know. Zelda walked around to the back of North Castle, she sat in Link's usual spot against the lone tree between the castle wall and the moat. that evening, Link arrived. He sat down on the side of the tree facing the moat, Zelda was facing the wall.

"Hi," Link said.

"What happened?" Zelda asked.

"We met with Ne~Chin, and I found out that their source of power is the Staffs of the Gods, the ogres have four, they have four. Paul set a treaty, and now we have a new friend."

"Does he know about the Triforce?"


"Well," Zelda sighed, "Ganon attacked, he wasn't quite together, but it took a while to repair."

"Yeah, well," Link said watching the moonlight reflect on the water.

"How's Paul?" Zelda asked. Link turned his head slightly.

"No better, he still likes you, it's obvious, he always refers to you as, Ôthat bitch,' but it is all he talks about," Link turned back.


"Look, Link is just sitting there with the princess, he has no idea."

"I may admire Ganon, but you are obsessed with Link."

"Well, it already hit Death Mountain, if it hits North Castle, too...."

"It also already hit the Gnomes, the ogres are on their way to Hyrule."

"All of them?"

"All of them."

"I must admit, I was disgusted the King thought the Gnomes were the right side to ally with, just because they look decent."

"Yes, that was a dumb move, the ogres may ally with Ganon, after all they watched it hit the Gnomes, they may ant to help Ganon."

"I doubt it, the ogres are smart, they will side with Hyrule."



  The next day, a giant amount of marching ogres came to North Castle. Guards were swarming everywhere. But the ogres did nothing but stand by the moat. "Hello?!" One yelled.

"Who goes there?" Someone worked up the nerve to ask.

"I am Odron, I speak for the ogres! You are making a tragic mistake by allying with the Gnomes! Let me talk to you! This must be quick! Something is going to happen, soon. Something important!"


  Some time later, Odron was in conference with the King, Zelda, and Paul. "You said something is going to happen, what did you mean?" Paul asked.

"I'll get to that," Odron said, "you see, the Gnomes aren't what you seem to think. Long ago, in our distant past, Gnomes and ogres lived together. The staffs of Gods were kept in a sacred temple. One day, a Gnome named Chin, stole the staffs from the shrine. Chin used the combined power to create distortion in the people's way of thinking, so prejudices developed, and wars started. Chin, of course, pretended to be a savior, and was appointed King. But the ogres were baffled by their hate just disappearing, and realized what Chin had done. So, all ogres united. And we raided the freshly built castle, and stole four, of the eight staffs." Odron finished.

"So, your people have been at war ever since," Zelda inquired.

"Yes," Odron said.

"Why should we believe you?" The King asked.

Odron sighed, "Well, did you notice how the Gnomes dress, or fight? They have everlasting greed. They wear ogre skins. They care not to defend, or make peace, but to attack!"

"Really?" Paul asked, "Ogres attacked them while Link and I were there."

"No," said Odron, "They were trying to sneak to the bay, to catch you on the barge, and talk there, but the guards spotted and attacked them."

"Ah, well, how did they know we were there?" Paul asked.

"We have spies," Odron stated, "Where is that hero I saw fight?" He asked.

"Around," Zelda said sharply, "You said you'd say what you meant by Ôsomething is coming.'"

Odron slumped back. "The something, is a strange, storm."

"Storm?" the King said, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, okay, at first, it looks like a very thick, green fog. Then, when it gets close, you can hear an odd noise, a buzzing. Then, it covers around you, it blinds you. At this time, you have one chance to get away. Run, and run without pattern. You-"

"What do you mean, without pattern?" Paul asked.

"I mean, run as in, don't do it normally. Run very fast, then slow, then drag a leg and jump a leg, no pattern."

"Okay, then what?" Zelda asked.

"Then, hope you've run in the direction of water. If you have jump in. Swim, swim fast. It won't get close to water, but it will try to chase you, get to the area that the water flows, a lake, or bay. Water that big will stop it. Then, wait for it to go back to its area it is conquering, then, leave."

"Leave?" The King asked.

"Leave," Odron said.

"How do you know this?" Zelda asked.

"It happened to the Gnomes while we were in combat. I was inches away form their staffs when I was blinded. Ogres have excellent hearing, so we ran to the rushing of water, and, luckily, it saved us," Odron finished.

"What makes you think it's coming here?" Paul asked.

"I think, I'll tell you that after a deal is made."

"Hmm, well, you and your party may stay here," the King said, "we have a shortage of beds, so you'll stay in the dungeons below the castle."


"They better deal with the ogres, soon."

"How long do they have?"

"About, three weeks."

"Well, that's time enough."

"If they care to save their kingdom, moving fast is required."



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