One Life's Power

by Mack Costello



  Link hated being left in the dark. The King, Paul, and Zelda were all discussing some new problem with the Gnomes and Ogres. So, that left Link with nothing to do but tour the countryside. Yippee. Link was at the bay. He noticed the tide was coming in early. "Strange, it is quite early really," Link whirled around to see who was talking.

"Who are you?" Link asked the robed person.

"You don't remember?" The robed person asked.

"Maybe, what should I remember?" Link asked.

"Sometime ago, you arrived at an island in search of your past and-"

"Okay, shut up, what are you doing here?"

"The ogres could save you, you know?"

"Save me from what?"

"The tide comes in, now, that is not natural, water plays a very important role in your safety."


  Link began to speak when another robed man came walking towards him. "You, what are you doing?" He said. The first robed man spoke.

"I'm hinting."

"You are breaking the rules."

"No, I'm not."

"You aren't supposed to mess with the path these people forge."

"I'm not."

"You are, how would you like it if I stopped it from hitting Ganon?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Link asked. The two stared at him, then vanished in a puff of smoke.


"I should tell the others what you did."

"Go ahead, when you get down to it I didn't do anything wrong."

"You left the island!"

"It isn't a rule not to."

"It may not be, but you know you cheated your way into violating our ways!"

"Things change, things change...."


  Ganon noted it was unusually dark. He made his way through the twisting tunnels of his domain, and climbed out the peak of Death Mountain. There was the sun, but a sheet of darkness was obviously there. Something was wrong. Ganon rushed to his chamber for the Triforce, but it was to late. He noticed a strange noise on his way to the chamber. Then, there was motion. The air moved.

  'Bugs,' Ganon thought, 'Small bugs.' Then, stinging. Incredible pain. Between Ganon's and his minion's screams, Ganon noticed the walls being eaten away. He made it to the Triforce. He grabbed it then slammed his way through the mountain. In a blind rage, Ganon through the Triforce. He heard a splash.

  "Aghhhhhagh-ungAhaHAH," Ganon screeched as he lost all possible vision. He tripped on something and fell into water. Then, he could see, and the water stung the huge welts on his body. He saw the bugs didn't get to close to the water. He groped around for the Triforce. He didn't find it. But, at that moment, he didn't care. Ganon noticed how his wounds bled and pussed. He needed a healer. It wouldn't kill him, he knew, but Ganon preferred not to go through continuous pain. He then realized how his energy was depleted. Ganon walked down the river a way. The bugs still swarmed above him. He found a rock in the water and leaned on it. Then, Ganon slept. He didn't dream.


  "And, you are sure it was one of them?" Zelda asked Link. They were sitting in their usual spot behind the castle near the moat against the tree. The only thing different, was they were both on the same side of the tree. Link, for some reason, didn't like this.

"Yeah, I'm sure," Link answered.

"I don't think of them much, I wonder what they are."

"Who knows? So, with this, what do you have to say about the Ogres now?"

"I was already going to vote to team with them."

"Good, very good."



"If a time comes, when Hyrule is at peace, what would you do?"


"What would you do?"

"Well, I don't know, anyway, Hyrule won't be at peace any time while I'm alive. Maybe it'll be close, but these things are gradual."

  Zelda was stunned. She didn't expect Link to say that. Also, he didn't even change his tone. "How do you know?" She asked.

"How many lives have I gone through without Hyrule being peaceful?"

"Well, those robed people may have just been playing a game of-"

"Then how were we compelled to go to them?"

"Just, shut up." Zelda closed her eyes. Link got up. "Where are you going?" Zelda asked.

"To the other side of the tree."


"It is normal, easier to talk this way."

"Things change, Link, things change." Zelda smiled.


  Ganon woke up. The bugs weren't gone. But they were thinning out. Ganon could see Death Mountain, it was covered in an odd green slime. Ganon didn't get out of the water, but he got up. Ganon walked over as far as he could get. He reached out and touched the mountain. It broke. There was a hand hole straight through the mountain. Ganon sighed. He wanted to scream.

'I gotta rally my troops,' Ganon thought. He turned around and began walking down the river hoping others had gotten in. As he walked on, he saw a group, a big group, in a huge lake, taking up most of it.

"Minions!" Ganon yelled.

"Ganon?" The moblin at the end of the river asked.

"Yes!" Ganon ran up face to face with the moblin.

"The bugs hit the mountain, huh?"

'What,' Ganon thought, "Yeah," he said.

"How convenient." Next thing Ganon knew he was thrown into the middle of the lake. Moblins were all around. So were Hylian thieves. Then, it hit him.

'Of course,' Ganon thought, 'it is the rebels!' The rebels, the moblins that never reallied with him after his temporary insanity. Now, they had made their crew bigger with the help of thieves. 'Almost funny,' Ganon thought.

"You promised to be loyal to me to the end, moblin," Ganon said.

"My name is Ocit, and you left us, so that makes you no longer my leader."

"Is that so?! You are a moblin! I saved, no I am, I am, your race!" Ganon screeched.

"Ha! You are a fool, Ganondorf! A fool!"

"You, You will call me Ganon! Ganondorf is the name of a pink being of human shape!"

"You see! You aren't my race! You are a thief, a thief who got in over his head! A small, thief who lied his way to the Triforce of Power!"

"I will kill you when I find it again!" Ganon said, realizing everyone suddenly was very aware. He didn't have it anymore.

"You lost the Triforce? You stupid, twisted, disguised Gerudo!"

"You know nothing of me! If it weren't for me, you'd be eating dog shit in the Lost Woods!"

"I owe you nothing! Nothing you damned pig!"

Ganon began to speak but cut himself off and punched Ocit and attempted to fly. Without the Triforce, though, he couldn't. And he was vulnerable to counter punches from Ocit. The first was to his face, then his stomach, finally he was kicked in at the chest. Ganon fell into the shallow water spitting blood and flem.

"Ha, look at our great leader now!" Ocit taunted.

"I...kill, you......" Ganon dropped his head, looked at the green sheet of bugs in the air.

"Have you nothing to say, pig?" Ocit laughed.

"I, ughh," Ganon rolled over and coughed up blood.

"Old fool, have you no dignity?"

"I was....savior," Ganon made out.


"Uhhuh," Ganon sighed.

"We are loyal to you know more, you will be tortured now, not killed, but believe me, you will wish you were dead," Ocit said.

"You pledged, my, you, pledged," Ganon said softly.

"Things change, dear Ganondorf, things change."


"That was ironic, yes?"

"Yes, it was, things are changing, we are losing ability."

"No, we aren't losing, they are gaining."

"Is that what you think?"

"Yes, yes it is."

"Wait, never mind."


"I thought someone was listening."

"That is happening quite a bit, isn't it?"

"Yes, they are gaining."

"Well, things do change, don't they?"


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