One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

CHAPTER 4:Diette


  Zelda, Paul, the King, and Odron were back in the conference room. "Alright," the King said, "we sent a group of people to your lands, everything is as soft as butter, and covered in green, the gnomes are nowhere to be seen. We have reason to ally with your people, now, why do you think this is coming for us?"

"What of the staffs? Did you find the staffs? With their power, I could probably heal our land," Odron asked.

"Answer me first," the King asked.

"This is a powerful place, and the bugs attack powerful places, in fact, Hyrule is one of the few they haven't, I don't know why, maybe someone controls them," Odron said.

"And that is your explanation?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah, that's it."

"Hm, where would it attack first?" Paul asked.

"Mountains, it attacks mountains first," Odron said.

"It may have attacked Ganon already," Paul said.

"Maybe," Zelda said.

"My only word of comfort is, hope it rains." Odron said.

"Yes, we will have to hope that," Zelda said getting up and leaving. No one stopped her.


  Link was walking along a river when he saw it. Right there, floating down stream. The Triforce of Power. Link wasn't sure at first, but then, it came floating to him. The Triforce of Power. There it was, Link reached out and grabbed it. It was surprisingly lightweight. Link looked at it for a minute, then began a slow walk back to the castle. Link was light on his feet. He was almost gliding to North Castle, 'Ihave it!' he thought, 'I have it.' Link saw North Castle. He ran around back and sat down at the tree. He'd wait there, he'd wait.

  Around sundown, Zelda still hadn't arrived. Link stretched out, and went to sleep. Later that night, Zelda arrived. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," Link answered.

"I don't like this thing with the ogres," Zelda said, sitting on the other side of the tree, facing the water.

"Why?" Link asked.

"Well, it's all to vague, this 'storm,' thing. A lot of maybe's and such."

"Where was it supposed to hit first?"

"The mountains."

"That may vary well be true."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, wait, did the Kings scouts get back?"

"Yeah, the gnome place was like jelly."

"Then, that part of Odron's story checks out."

"I guess."

"So, anyway," Link began, "If the storm hits mountains first, Ganon would be badly hurt."

"Yeah, I guess." Zelda answered.

"It probably already happened," Link said. Zelda turned her head slightly, Link spoke again, "I found something in the mountain river."

"What?" Zelda asked.

"Something, pretty cool," Link stood up, and took the Triforce of Courage from his pouch.


"Are you watching Ganon? You are Link's fan."

"Ah, yes, well, Link is presenting his prize to Zelda, this is much more interesting."


"Yes, Ganon is being tortured by rebels."

"Ah, poor soul."

"Hm, I believe it is crudely righteous."

"You do?"

"Yes, I do."

"You know, the Gnomes have a good ability of mental and physical logic."


"Through spies and such, they know Hyrule has allied with the Ogres."


"And they are going to attack."

"But the Hylians took their staffs."

"They don't know how to use them."

"The Ogres do."

"Well, that's true."


  Paul was at the bay tower, when a guard reported it. A squad of Gnomish warships were approaching. And they were ready with soldiers. Paul rushed to North Castle with the news. This was bad, very bad.


  The storm was in the swamp. It was approaching at a good rate. Diette sent a command to it to slow down, it was going to rain ahead. Diette and the other outcast fairies waited. This was the place they'd been looking for, they were sure it was. This had to be Hyrule, it was more familiar than the previous places, this was the place, it must be the place.






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