One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 11: But He Is, Dear Princess, He Is


Diette sat on a branch of the tree behind the North Castle. She watched Zelda sitting below. A sane being, in this carnage. People running around trying to find someone to change the weather. That magic was forgotten. Diette was one of the very few who could still use it.

Diette decided she'd talk with this Princess Zelda. She made her way down to where Zelda sat.

"Hello," said Diette. Zelda looked surprised.

"Hello, who are you?" Zelda asked.

"My name is Diette, I'm sure you've heard of me."

"That I have, tell me, little creature, why attack all of Hyrule, we did not throw you out."

"True, but you've all done something similar, and time to pay is due."

"So, there is nothing that will change your mind?"


"Then why do you sit here?" Zelda asked. Diette smiled.

"I wished to meet you, after all, you are calm, you no doubt realize what I'm doing can be rebuilt and fixed. It's the fairies that the damage is permanent!"

"But my country can't be vulnerable for the slightest moment, not to mention hundreds of years!"

"Ah, you are afraid of attacks, then?"

"Of course!" Zelda exclaimed.

"Well, I've been to most other big countries, too, you know, also, Hyrule is allied with many other countries that will protect you," Diette smiled, "you also have the ogres."

"But Ganon's minions, they will try to resurrect him!" Zelda argued.

"To do that they need the blood of your beloved Link."

"Beloved?! What the hell are you implying?" Zelda asked a little annoyed.

"You are so quick to defend, anyway it's painfully obvious to me, fairies are experts on love, you know," Diette laughed.

"Well, still, is, is Link dead?" Zelda asked.

"I don't know," Diette replied.

"Well, back to the matter at hand-"

"Why are you marrying Paul?" Diette asked.

"What?" Zelda asked.

"Why are you marrying Paul, you know you don't want to, you rejected him once already, when your Link was still here," Diette smiled.

"I just wasn't ready, now I am," Zelda said.

"Right, you wouldn't still be talking about it if you were that confident."

"Look, why would I marry him if I didn't want to?" Zelda asked.

"That's what I asked you," Diette giggled.

"Well, there is no answer," Zelda said.

"Sure there is, you are lonely, right?" Diette pried.

"Yes I'm lonely, that's why I'm getting married," Zelda said.

"See, you just gave up the truth, you don't love this Paul, you just are tired of being a little girl, you want companionship," Diette stood up and flew to Zelda's shoulder.

"What do you think you are doing up here?" Zelda asked.

"You can here me better up here, and I am more comfortable," Diette smiled.

"So you're lonely, too," Zelda said.

"Of course, otherwise I wouldn't talk to you, I spoke to Link as well!" Diette stated.

"I know," Zelda smiled. She leaned back and slumped on the tree. Diette giggled. "What?" Zelda asked.

"You are talking with me, someone who will destroy your land" Diette laughed.

"Well, capturing you wouldn't do much good, I assume you are immune to the storm, and killing you would destroy any chance of salvation." Zelda closed her eyes.

"Ha, you are smart, then, I also realize you know there is nothing to change my mind."

"Your logic baffles me, little creature, but you have a flare that makes me somewhat like you," Zelda said.

"Ah, so I do," Diette said.

"You are almost as fun as Link," Zelda laughed.

"Of course, Link is more fun than Paul?" Diette asked.

"Oh, yeah, Link is..." Zelda's smile faded and she looked at Diette, who was smiling at her.

"Bet you'd like one more care free, civilized day with him, huh?"

"Yeah, yeah, I would," Zelda said softly.

"Well, then, maybe you'll get it," Diette said.

"What? You said you didn't know if he was alive," Zelda said.

"But he is, dear princess, he is," Diette said.

"He is...." Zelda said.

"Perhaps, I'll see you again, Princess Zelda, but I must go now," Diette smiled, and got up. She flew away.

'Ha,' Diette thought, 'I'll give her until her Link gets back, and one day to catch his heart, this princess, I may have to talk with her again.' And then, the storm, stopped moving.


"Link has gone to another world," Evere said.

"Yes, well, there is nothing we can do, we only control this world," Olosk said.

"He went to a world with one huge oasis, Hyrule Castle and surroundings, then a huge wall, after that dead land, desert dweller central," Ganon said.

"Hey!" Evere exclaimed.

"What?" Olosk asked.

"The storm stopped!" Evere said, "Diette has taken a liking to the Princess!"

"But, alas," Ganon said, "It is only temporary."

"But, still, it is time for the land of Hyrule, it is time," Olosk said.

"Hm, odd," Evere said.

"What's odd?" Ganon asked.

"I seem to realize that Diette is, somewhat merciful, in a demented way," Evere said.

"Oh, how odd," Olosk said.


Hero Link didn't sleep. He sat on the window seal in the room addressed to him looking out the window, at the streets, the houses, the fields, and the wall to outside. A big wall, it reached up incredibly high, as high as the castle. Hero Link walked to the door. It wouldn't open. He pounded on it. Zelda opened it.

"Yes?" She asked.

"The door is locked, I wanted to take a walk," Link said.

"Well, I was passing by, no one was placed out here, are you sure your door was locked?" Zelda asked.

"Yes," Hero Link cracked his neck, "Your husband must have, accidentally locked it," Hero Link said.

"You don't like our Link, do you?" Zelda asked.

"I don't like your entire civilization," Hero Link said.

"Oh? And why not?" Zelda began to walk down the stairs, Hero Link reluctantly followed.

"Because, I've noted how you set up everything. Link is above the King, he's some spiritual bullshit leader, then, he judges on how 'worthy you are for what kind-"

"What's wrong with that?" Zelda asked.

"Everything, he can't tell how spiritual someone is," Hero Link said.

"Yes he can!" Zelda defended.

"No, he can't, he's deluded Hyrule into thinking he's this godlike thing, I could do it if I wanted," Hero Link said.

"But he knows about things!" Zelda said.

"He knows because he studied," Hero Link replied casually. Zelda sighed and continued to walk in silence. Hero Link looked at every house, all big houses built by the hands of desert dwellers captured and brought in along with people Priest Link didn't like. How did he fool Zelda? If she was anything like the Zelda he knew, she wouldn't have been so easy to believe, let alone marry.

"How long have you been married to Link?" Hero Link asked.

"Since I was old enough, so that's, four years."

"Since you were eighteen? Didn't you want to, well-"

"I couldn't deny my savior!" Zelda retorted.

"Ah, of course not," Hero Link said.

"You are so, different, than our Link," Zelda stopped walking.

"Well, that is good, your Link is a prick," Hero Link said.

"Prick?" Zelda asked.

"Never mind," Hero Link laughed.

"What's funny?" Zelda asked.

"Nothing, it's just that, you are a lot like the Zelda I know," Hero Link said.

"You aren't married?" Zelda asked.

"Nope," Hero Link replied.

"Too bad, she probably likes you," Zelda smiled.

"Really, then?" Hero Link asked.

"Yes, definitely," Zelda said.

"Well, I'll keep that in mind," Hero Link said.

"I'm sure you will," Then Zelda confidently pulled Link's head down and kissed him.

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