One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 12: Wars in a Fold of Thin Fabric


Ne~Chin met with other rulers who had been destroyed by the storm. All it took was a little scheming. After all, everyone who wasn't allied with or scared of Hyrule hated the country, it was so powerful.

'But, now,' Ne~Chin thought, 'Now, us middle and big countries that survived, we will slaughter that damn place!' He had a very big army, everyone was willing, already filled with anger over dead loved ones, ruined lands, why not blame it on Hyrule? Hyrule's allied countries would tremble at the army Ne~Chin now possessed.

Ne~Chin had Gnomes, the mighty trolls of the mountains, he had goblins, even some Necromancers. An easy match for a bunch of Hylian Elves. If the King was able to get all species, including moblins, in all of Hyrule, plus other countries, he may have a chance. The Ogres were the big problem, they had all the staffs, a big power source, Ne~Chin had the impression Hyrule had some power source of its own.

'Not much longer,' Ne~Chin thought, 'soon, soon I'll be ready to attack, and win!'

"My lord," said a servant. Ne~Chin looked up from his hands, he was in his newly built throne room back on the ruined country of his.

"Yes?" Ne~Chin asked.

"The tower is sinking, I may have to ask you to leave, we will have to build a station somewhere else," the servant said.

"Right, let's just find an island a little ways off, I don't want to be too far," Ne~Chin said.

"Yes, sir," The servant said.

"Uh," Ne~Chin got up, "the damn swamp is harder ground than this."

"Yes, sir," the servant helped Ne~Chin down. Ne~Chin walked down the hall to the front doors. He noted that he did have to step up in order to run out, the tower was at least one inch in the jelly like ground. Ne~Chin walked quickly until the ground got hard.

"Are you alright, sir?" a different servant asked.

"Yes, yes, fine," Ne~Chin said. He had only about one hundred of his most trusted servants with him. 'Damn this, this, storm,' Ne~Chin thought. He walked on past the group of people standing around.

"Sir, some of the mountain troll tribes are wondering when we are going to attack," a servant said.

"Tell them, in due time," Ne~Chin said.

"I did, they say, time is due," the servant said.

"Well, tell them, we will loose if we attack now," Ne~Chin said.

"They are also curious about the Link character," the servant said.

"I'm not sure, when he escaped here, I don't know, I really don't," Ne~Chin said.

"Yes, yes, sir," the servant bowed and walked off.


Zelda sat in her room with Paul. "So," Paul said, "the storm has stopped moving?"

"Yep," Zelda said.

"Did the fairie tell you why?" Paul asked.

"She said, she, she said she'd give a bit more time," Zelda said.

"Gee, explanitory," Paul said.

"Very," Zelda said.

"Zelda, should we marry while it is stopped?" Paul asked.

"Uh," Zelda stuttered, "No, let's wait."

"Okay, after it hits, then?" Paul inquired.

"Right," Zelda refused to look at him.

"What's wrong, Zelda?" Paul asked.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong," Zelda swallowed.


"So, did you note what happened in the other world as Zelda realised her care for Link?" Ganon asked.

"Yes, yes, I noticed," Olosk said.

"Me too, it was odd, but it also made perfect sence, the worlds are all related, you know," Evere said.

"Well, it was still a funny thing to watch," Ganon said.

"Funny?" Evere asked.

"Well, I just recently came, so I still remember, you see," Ganon said.

"I remember, too, but, it's just, not there," Olosk said.

"I checked up on the Gnomish people, they are, preparing for one big attack, they are after the staffs, and the king has a grudge on Hyrule now," Evere said.

"Is this all we do? Gossip and catch up on the lives of people we are interested?" Ganon asked.

"In a way, yes," Evere said.

"One thing I note, Zelda is becoming unconciously attached to Link," Olosk said.

"Paul is bound to notice sometime," Evere said.

"Also, Diette is convinced Link will get back," Ganon said.

"So am I," Evere said.

"Hm," Olosk mumbled.

"If Link does get back, and Zelda gets a little antsy, Paul will get a bit mad, and he's not a calm person," Ganon said.

"Ne~Chin is sending spies to Hyrule, to see when the storm will hit," Evere said.

"All these little battles, little feuds," Olosk said.

"All battles to one big war," Evere said.

"You both are incorrect, they are related events in the fabric of time and life," Ganon said.

"The fabric is getting thin, all will fall together, sometime soon," Evere noted.

"Wars in a fold of thin fabric," Olosk said, "wars erupt, and fabric burns."

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