One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 13: I'm A Wise Man, You Know


Hero Link stood with Priest Link, Zelda, the Gerudo, and the walking Zora. Horses were being called for this 'mission of destiny' as Priest Link had put it. Only the leaders of the 'spiritually allied races' could attend, anyway, the Hylians had to rest, they were going out for a battle, to capture more land soon. Hero Link was beginning to believe Priest Link was beginning to believe the shit he was shoveling.

"Here you have sire," a servant said walking up to the group by the huge double doors to the outside, "A horse for his royal highness, Queen Zelda, the Gerudo Mian, and for the spiritual missionary," Hero Link sighed. The bunch mounted, and the Zora, Hero Link guessed, could walk fast.

"All ready, open the gates," Priest Link commanded. After a few seconds, the gates slowly opened to reveal a scorched field, small fires and scant shrubbery spread out on the field. All trotted off, the Zora easily keeping up.

"We should try to make it to the grass plains by evening, it is very cool and few desert dwellers reside there," the Gerudo Mian suggested.

"Right, I need a cool place to sleep," the Zora said.

"I didn't catch your name," Hero Link said to the Zora.

"Don't need one, Zora will do me fine," The Zora said.

"Hm," Link sighed.

"So, tell me, Link," Priest Link began, "how did you get so involved with the gods?"

Hero Link smiled slightly, "By not judging a person through others' opinions, I once allied with Ganon."

"Really, well, your gods are obviously differ-"

"Oh?" Hero Link turned his head, "I thought the gods governed all, and just certain beings were put to watch different worlds."

"Yes," Priest Link stammered, "that's what I meant." Hero Link turned his head to Zelda, who quickly looked away. The group trotted in silence until late afternoon. The Gerudo Mian suddenly halted.

"Did you hear that?" She whispered.

"Hear what?" Zelda asked.

"That!" Mian shrieked. In an instant they were attacked by people in robes with sticks.

'Desert dwellers!' Link thought. He was knocked from his steed, which was then beaten down. Link grabbed his sword and shield he was given. He attacked the man, but the dweller had lightning reflexes, and in the setting sun, was silent, he wheeled around Hero Link and snapped his stick over his back. Hero Link grunted and in a quick motion, sung his shield around into the desert man's face.

Hero Link felt a hand on his back. He whipped around to see Priest Link. "What the hell are you doing?!" Hero Link yelled over the commotion.

"Making sure you are still on our side," Priest Link kept a straight face. Hero Link had had it. He back handed Priest Link and threw his sword and shield to the ground. Priest Link grunted, though he wasn't known as a fighter, he could hold his own. Priest Link jumped up with a punch to Hero Link's face.

"What are you doing?!" the Zora yelled. Neither Link reacted, they just continued to beat each other down. The Zora couldn't stop any more, the desert dwellers were still pushing, none of them seemed hurt. Hero Link ended up with Priest Link slammed on a tree. Hero Link was continuously hitting him, hard. Then, a desert dweller noticed. He ran to Hero Link, thinking he was hitting one of theirs, but when he saw two identical men, one beating the hell out of the other, he wasn't sure what to do. He recognized them as the evil king, and his twin? In any event, the dweller saw that the evil king as being battered. So, he began hitting him, too.

"Look! What the hell?!" Zelda ran to the group of desert dwellers and Hero Link all slamming into Priest Link. Mian fought off some of the dwellers, who went whooping into the night. Hero Link, with a bloody nose and lip, saw the team coming and stopped hitting Priest Link. He made no attempt, though, to stop the dwellers from dragging Priest Link off with them.

"Save him!" The Zora ran after the dwellers, so did Mian. Zelda just looked at Hero Link.

"What just happened?" Zelda asked.

"I got mad at your Link," Hero Link looked straight into Zelda's eyes as he smoothly spoke.

"Right, well, you are going to be in trouble when they come back with him," Zelda crossed her arms.

"Who says I'll be here when they come back?" Hero Link said. Then he started to walk off. Zelda ran to him and grabbed his arm.

"I'm coming, too," She said.

"Is that so?" Link laughed without stopping walking.

"It's so," Zelda caught up with him. Link stopped and turned around.

"You know that when I'm gone I don't come back, you'll be stuck on the island or whatever, and your Link won't be to happy with you, plus-"

"Shut up, I really don't care, it sounds like your world is wondrous, maybe not perfect, but better than ours," Zelda said.

"Still, you live in yours," Link cocked his neck, he heard the others coming, Link began to run off, Zelda followed. Link wasn't sure if she was keeping up with him, but he didn't slow down, and made very sharp turns and path changes. Soon enough, he saw a small shack, a dead fire place in front of it. Zelda came, breathing heavy, to his side. 'Hm,' Link noted, 'these people are soft with 'peace."

"Who lives here?" Zelda asked, Link turned to her, with a look saying how the hell should I know, and amazed Zelda had recovered from the run so quickly.

"I don't know," Link said quietly, almost a whisper.

"Well, might as well find out, then," Zelda began to walk toward the hut, when a man came out, Link could tell he wasn't a dweller, his ancestors, maybe, but he had skin not as rough.

"Who are you, then, young people from in the piss happy land of wall-rule?" Zelda took a minute to take in the man's features, he was loosing his hair, all white, with a scruffy beard covering his face, he was wearing all animal skin clothes, even shoes. Zelda still didn't answer, Link sighed, and spoke.

"I am, I'm Knil, and this is, Zelda..." Link trailed off.

"Zelda, hm, well, don't think I'm in the dark, I would kill the lady if she wasn't with you, sir, news travels fast out here you know, by the description of your clothes, your the mysterious man who tried to kill Link the butcher!" The old man smiled.

"Butcher?" Zelda asked.

"Yes, don't you know, your 'great man' kills any black man who tries to get into your wall land," the old man smirked and looked back at Link.

"You, um, Knil, you bring your friend in, and tell me all about your problems, I'm a wise man, you know," The old man smiled.

"Really?" Link laughed.

"That's right, educated by the best alone!" The old man walked into his little house talking to himself. Link noticed trees were starting to become more abundant. He walked toward the house. Zelda hesitated, then followed.


Ocit breathed in the cool air, rain had blessed the newly named land of Ocitolom, which meant Ocit's bee, no one was sure why Ocit named it that, he just liked the way it sounded. He sat down on the firm and fertile ground. All that was needed was rain, time, and to be left alone and the ground was firm again. A castle was going to be tough, even with the thousands of people who stayed when the land was bought.

"A castle," Ocit said to the clouds as he lay down on the grass. Under him there was probably a diamond mine. Amazing rock was everywhere, smooth, and tough. 'All mine!' Ocit thought. He was suddenly filled with energy. He jumped up and ran through the grass, he tried to flip, he tried very hard, but he landed on his head in the ground, the ground sure was firm.

"Uh," Ocit grunted. He sat up, dazed. He didn't let it bother him, though, he would have a country as big as Hyrule and as peaceful and hard as the mountain troll lands. He got up and began to walk to his small town of the original band who had left Hyrule. As he approached, he saw his good friend, the moblin Cotmo, talking to a gnome.

"King Ocit! We have a visitor!" Cotmo called to Ocit. Ocit ran through the busy street to the Gnome and Cotmo.

"Who are you?" Ocit growled. The Gnome smiled.

"I am ambassitor Chin~Pola, of the land ruled by Ne~Chin, and we have a proposition for you, sir," The Gnome said.

"Really?" Ocit asked.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes....."


"Well, things are finally beginning to start!" Ganon said.

"Ah, yes, the wars may not come for some time, but Link will have a bit of trouble here, as honorable as he is, I think he will stay in the other land," Evere said.

"What?" Olosk asked.

"Well, just watch, the man he's meeting will inform him of some things, and an exchange of information will occur," Evere said.

"I noted that Zelda, in our Hyrule, is constantly worried, she's heading toward a breakdown," Ganon said.

"What happened to Link's body when he left?" Olosk asked.

"He opened his eyes, then crumpled to dust!" Ganon said.

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