One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 14: Prophecy


"What is your real name, boy?" The dweller asked Link. Link thought for a moment.

"Link," he answered. The dweller stepped back. He looked at the old man, the wise man.

"Looks like you were right, then," the Dweller said.

"What is going on?" Link asked, annoyed, he was tied to a chair with no idea where he was or where Zelda was. The room he was in smelled like fifty sweaty moblins, and it was dark, Link could barely see the two men in front of him.

"Think for a minute, boy," the wise man began, "What's the last thing you remember?"


Zelda sat with her head in her hands thinking about her little situation. She was leaning on the tree behind North Castle, Paul had been there earlier, but he had been called away. It was just as well, she didn't feel like talking to him, or listening to him. The storm had disappeared, but she knew it would be back, the demented fairy had said so.

'Paul, I never realized how annoying he is,' Zelda thought, Paul did seem a bit in love with himself. Zelda sighed, she knew she should be in the castle, advising her father on what to do to repair the damage to the towns.

She got up to see Paul running to her from around the castle. "Zelda!" He called.

"Yeah?" She replied walking to him.

"Come, your father calls to you, its about Link," Paul said. Zelda began walking with him to the gate to the entrance of North Castle.

"What about Link?" Zelda asked.

"He has had enough, and wants you to sign a new Triforce protector," Paul smiled.

"Oh?" Zelda asked.

"Yeah, he thinks Link is dead, you know," Paul said, "Well, I gotta get to duty, see you later!"

Zelda walked into the throne room, "Yes?" She asked her father, who was sitting on his throne, they were alone.

"Zelda, I have to talk to you about the Triforce, and the fact that Link isn't here," The King said.


Link remembered walking into a wise man's house with Zelda, the man introduced himself as Maelo. Link, calling himself Knil, wanted safe passage through the land to the bay. The wise man asked Zelda if her husband was making peace, she said no. Then Link had slipped up and assured he wasn't Zelda's husband. Then, the man asked 'Where are you from, Link?' and Link began to answer, realizing his mistake. Maelo then got up and stated 'You are from another land, a land you want to return to, but, you can't until you-' then Link and Zelda started to run, but they were knocked out.

"I remember, running, then, you, you hit me...." Link said looking at the desert dweller.

"Right, now, I must tell you something, all dwellers, everywhere, hold a prophecy from the first tribe, that someday our people will be thrown as trash, and a terrible scheming man will rise to power, but the man's loving but hard brother does not approve of what he does, and comes to his brother's land of Hyrule, and he sees how terrible it is, and he comes to us, we then convince him, to overthrow Hyrule, and-"

"Just a minute, all that is wrong, I came here by-"

"But!" the dweller interrupted, "you are here, nonetheless! And you must help us! All tribes are scattered, but when word of the savior gets out, we will unite! We outnumber Hyrule! I know we do! I know because-"

"I know that, too, and you think I can lead you into the slaughter of the Kingdom? I never commanded such an army of rough inexperienced people!" Link whined.

"We are very experienced!" the dweller said.

"You are experienced on how to survive out here, not how to fight in there, you have clubs and tooth knives, they have elfin swords!" Link stated.

"But, there are so many of us!" the dweller screamed.

"Where is Zelda?" Link asked.

"In the next room, some guards are with her," the dweller said.

"Release her, take her outside, I want to talk to her," Link said.

"Fine," the dweller untied Link and took him outside, in the light, he looked very familiar.

"What is your name?" Link asked the dweller.

"Jamarsonal, leader of the united east tribes!" He smiled. Link smirked. Zelda was brought out, she stumbled and squinted in the light. Jamar stepped back, Link saw now that he was in pure desert, sand everywhere. Zelda tapped Link's shoulder, he looked down at her, she was squinting and having a hard time in the environment.

"Link, I hear you are some kind of messiah to these people, they say you-"

"I heard the abridged version," Link said, "and I'm staying, for a while, anyway, just long enough to get all the dwellers on their feet, then I'll leave, whether you are with me or not, I'm doing it."

"I'm, I'm.........with you......" Zelda squeaked.

"Okay, then, soon enough word will spread about me, this shouldn't take long," Link walked back to Jamarsonal and started talking. Zelda was so intrigued with this character, 'I've already birthed a child to my Link, I can't let this happen,' she would though, she had no choice, this Link was so, wonderful, and confident, now he was feeding off the belief of the prophecy handed down by these people. Amazing, her life was coming together and falling apart all at once.


Zelda nominated Paul as the new protector, but this wouldn't last, the damn Triforce wouldn't help, it just showed a damn raindrop. She snuck out of her room one morning, and grabbed her horse, there would be random tribes of moblins that survived the storm, and it was a very long way to the bay where the boater was, assuming he was there, of course. If he wasn't there, though, she'd still get to the island, she could make a raft, she'd get to the robed people.

Zelda was just getting her horse when Paul came walking up to her. "What are you doing?" He asked steadily.

"Going, uh, I'm, going for a ride," Zelda stuttered.

"Where?" Paul asked walking a little closer.

"To, the, I'm going to Ruto," Zelda said, beginning to straighten up.

"Really, I see you've got a bag there, it's full," Paul walked around the horse to the bag. He looked back at Zelda, he crossed his arms.

"Something wrong, Paul?" She asked.

"Nope, mind if I join you to, Ruto?" Paul kept a straight face.

"Well, I was hoping for some time to clear my head," Zelda said.

"In the loudest and most alive town in Hyrule?" Paul inquired.

"That's right," Zelda tried to smile.

"It is, huh?" Paul stepped up to Zelda.

"Paul, can I go now?" Zelda asked trying to sound annoyed.

"Where are you really going, Zelda?" Paul asked.

"Didn't I just tell you?" Zelda asked.

"No, you said your going to Ruto, with sleeping bags and food, to clear your head, and frankly, it's a bit transparent," Paul said, still not changing his tone.

"Paul, I'm going to be your wife, as a favor, walk out of here and forget you came in, I'll be back, soon, don't worry," Zelda pleaded.

"Not until you tell me what is going on," Paul said.

"I'm taking a trip, no, vacation," Zelda caught her words and spoke steadily. Paul sat down on the hard floor. He took in a deep breath.

"Is that all you're going to tell me?" He asked.

"Yes," Zelda looked away from him.

"And I can't tag along?" Paul raised an eyebrow. Zelda thought for a minute, after all he could be helpful against the roaming monsters. But, then, what would she tell him after they reached the bay?

"You can tag along," she decided, "but that doesn't mean the whole way."

"Well, then," Paul stood up and walked to his steed. He kept his ready with sleeping bags and such. Zelda mounted without waiting for Paul and took off. Paul fumbled around surprised at Zelda's speedy departure, but eventually he took off, and kept Zelda in view, but he couldn't keep up, he'd catch her though.


Jamar sat in a wet hole of mud by the island's bay. All of them are dead, his wife, his tribe, his friends, all in the fire. All of them died in the fire, all he had was the bone like remains of Link, and Link's clothes were still of the skeleton, it had crumpled so fast...

Why did this happen? He'd gotten into a situation that he couldn't handle, and started thinking about the last life he'd lived, and the emotions returned, he couldn't handle it, so he began to fall deep into insanity. Now, he was back on the island, back on the cursed place where the Keepers watched over the world they inhabited.

He'd lived so many lives, always getting the tribes closer to unity, he was a great man, a very great man, now he was killed, and his spirit done, he'd always be remembered, now he watched over the desert dwellers, until, this. Now what? Jamar put his head in his hands, maybe one day soon he'd fall back into the groove of these, Keepers of Evolution, maybe.

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