One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 15: Erupt


K'holodamin began leading his tribe to the eastern desert as soon as he heard of the possible savior. He didn't have much better to do, so why not take a chance at this? After all, he had a huge tribe, what was there to worry about? He had no enemies here. But what if the Riosla tribe was coming, too?

This man, who was supposed to be the one of the prophecy, K'holodamin had heard he looked almost identical to the evil king. Except he was more muscular and a bit taller. K'holodamin did believe it was true, after all, why lie about this? Unless one was trying to get all tribes to kill themselves.

K'holodamin sighed and continued to lead his tribe, after all, he had seen other tribes heading to the east desert as well. The man, Jamarsonal, was known for his peace gestures, so, maybe, just maybe, this was true. K'holodamin looked up into the sun, the sun looked back at him, and seemed to ask him, 'how did all this happen? When did the tribes separate? How did the small man conquer you?'

K'holodamin looked back down, toward the sand, which laughed at him, 'You think your stupid prophecy will come true? Ha! That prophecy is probably what destroyed the first tribe!' K'holodamin looked back straight forward, he saw the sky touch the ground, he looked back up, the sun smiled.


Priest Link woke up. His vision was blurred. He could see a person looking over him. He thought he heard them ask if he was okay, he tried to nod, but his head felt like a boulder, he closed his eyes, then opened them again, ah, it was Paul looking at him.

"Hey, Link, you know who I am?" Paul asked.

"Yes, of course, the gods have been merciful to me," Link smiled.

"What's the last thing you remember?" Paul asked.

"I remember, the other, the devil crusted man, turning on us, and beating me down with his unholy strength," Link said.

"Well, looks like he has taken Zelda," Paul said quietly.

"What?!" Link sat up, but his head felt very heavy, he tried to get a hold of himself.

"Are you alright?" Paul asked with a smirk in his tone.

Link looked up at him, "How long have I been out?" He asked.

"You fade in and out, it's been a month, roughly," Paul said casually.

"A month! Zelda has been missing for a month! What happened during this month, you petty fool?!" Link shot up, no longer in pain. But then, horns blew, people shouted, and screamed. Link put on his cloths and grabbed his magic staff. Paul and he went running into the main hall.

"What's happening?!" Paul shouted. Link already knew, he ran to a tower.

"What is happening?!!" Paul grabbed a guard.

"The dwellers, they are coming!"

"So, what?" Paul made his way through the massive amount of people to a tower, he finally got to a balcony.

"Oh, shit, oh, god...." Paul felt like throwing up. A line of dwellers as far as he could see, as long as he could see. All dog mad and with huge clubs, and in front, the Link from another place, and Zelda by his side. Now, the warriors of Hyrule were all armored well and excellent fighters, which couldn't be said for these dwellers, but, there were so many of them......

"They are running all over that place like dogs, I can on the brim of the wall," Link said to Zelda.

"They'll have archers," Zelda said.

"Not to worry, we'll have the gate down in no time," Link continued to look straight forward. Zelda took in a deep breath.

"We will win, won't we?" Jamar said, he was just behind Zelda.

"That's right," Link said, "They may be able to hold up a good fight, but it's hopeless for them."

"We are high of spirit, we will kill them, and leave the king for you," Jamar said smiling at Link.

"Sounds good," Link said. Zelda raised an eyebrow.

Priest Link ran into the tight room, he prayed, he really prayed, for the first time in his life, 'Please, help me, this isn't right, it isn't right! It's-'

"HA!!" A voice entered Priest Link's head, he jumped, and began to sweat. "YOU FOOL! YOU ASK ME TO BE MERCIFUL UNTO YOU?! DAMN YOU! I TRIED TO HELP THESE PEOPLE, NOW, A CURAGIOUS MAN HAS COME!"

"Ganondorf," Priest Link said.


"Then you aren't a god?" Priest Link said.

"AH, THEN YOU ARE LESS THAN A MAN, A PRIEST, WHO IS IGNORED BY HIS GODS!" Ganondorf laughed in Priest Link's head.

"You dare to tell me I'm less than a man!" Priest Link screamed.


"No! NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo!" Priest Link yelled.


Jamarsonal slammed his club into the face of the warrior who had killed a good sum of dwellers, when he saw the man's face again, it was completely smashed in, with cracks of brain oozing out of it. Jamar began screaming a battle cry and swinging his club wildly as he ran through a bunch of warriors, he wasn't sure how many of them he'd killed, but this battle was glorious. A warrior stabbed a dweller in the back, and twisted the sword out before Jamar got to him, but he lost him in a crowd, Jamar swung his club vigorously at the crowd, but then ran back to get some help before the bunch all beat him down.

"Hey! You!" Paul stuck out his sword at Jamar, "You are the one in charge, aside from the traitor," Paul swung his sword, strategically at the club. It bounced out of Jamar's hand. Jamar wasted no time in slamming a dive into Paul.

"Uuf," Paul fell over and his sword flew out of his hands.

"Ha! You stupid man!" Jamar cracked his knuckles and smiled.


K'holodamin saw his friends, his enemies, and people he'd never seen before killing and being killed. But, at this battle for freedom, he didn't care. He'd picked up a sword from a dead guy and found it much more effective and lighter than the club he normally carried. Swiping it from left to right had become fun. Watching the faces of the people who had thrown his people out become scratched and sliced, beaten in and torn out.

"Ah, you damn fools! You knew this day would come!" K'holodamin yelled as he swung his sword into a bunch of people fighting another dweller. He took most of them out before a sharp pain came to his stomach. He looked down to see a sword sticking out of his abdomen.

"Ha!" A guard yelled twisting his sword back out. He then ran off only to have his head bashed in by a dweller. K'holodamin looked around, then back at his stomach, 'oh well,' he thought, 'it was a good battle....' and he slumped over.


Paul jumped up and kicked Jamar with everything he had. Jamar lost his breath momentarily. Paul failed to take advantage of the moment, so Jamar recovered, and hit Paul in the mouth hard enough to knock him off his feet and blood to splatter.

"Uhh," Paul pretended to be dead. Jamar turned his back and Paul jumped up and started biting and swinging his fists like a mad dog. Jamar didn't expect this, as Paul jumped onto his back, he fell, but turned over in mid-air slamming Paul to the ground, and shoving his nose up into his brain. He died, and the Keepers laughed at him.


"You don't understand! Help me!" Priest Link was reduced to tears sobbing all over the tight room. "Help me!!" His voice cracked at the last cry.

"YOU'RE IN TROUBLE NOW, FOOL!" Ganondorf cackled.

"What?" Link's eyes were flushed in red.


"No! No he can't! He can't! He can't! He can't! He can't!" Link slumped to the ground, "What now......?" he whispered.


"No!" As Link screamed, the tight room door was opened, Zelda was holding the key.

"Link...." She said.

"What have you done?! You bitch!" Link cracked out.

"You don't even have our child in here! He's safe at the third dune base," Zelda said.

"He's not my son now! He will never be my son again!" Link took his staff from the ground and focused his power.

"You'd kill me?" Zelda asked.

"Oh, yes!" Link laughed as he shot a beam, only to be reflected by Hero Link, who walked in.

"You better do better, Link, I'll torture you, not kill you, if you don't kill me," Hero Link smirked.

"I will kill you!" And the two Links prepared to fight with everything they had.

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