One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 16: All of Hyrule Depends On It


Jamar was back in his robes, he walked to Olosk, standing at the entrance to the thin trees where a temple was standing in the middle.

"You okay now, Jamarsonal?" Olosk asked.

"That is not what you will call me, now," Jamar said.

"Good, come on, you are welcome to come to my area," Olosk began walking.

"Your area?" Jamar asked.

"It's in the deep wood, we can just warp to the temple for gatherings, my area is filled with magic, also two other members," Olosk said.

Jamar hesitated, "Who?" He asked.

"Hm, Evere and Ganon," Olosk said walking still, "But Olosk is rowing the boat to Hyrule, Zelda is coming, those are the people we watch," Olosk said.

"Well, Link?" Jamar asked.

"He is in a place we can sence, watching wears us out, but it is possible," Olosk said darting through the trees, becoming denser.

"I will watch him as much as I can," Jamar said.

"Good, then, you can keep us informed," Olosk said, almost with a laugh, almost.

"Yes, is this the place?" They had arrived at a little clearing with potions and crystals and Ganon sitting watching an image of Paul and Zelda riding horses, the image was floating in the air.

"This is it," Olosk stood over a small table with potions on it.

"What are you doing?" Jamar asked.

"I am perfecting an elixer that myself and Evere have been working on, there is a very big flaw in it," Olosk said.

"What's that?" Jamar asked.

"Never you mind, you should rest, summon your magic if you wish to watch Link," Olosk said.

"You're going to watch Link?" Ganon spoke up.

"That's right," Jamar said.

"Well, you will keep us informed, correct?" Ganon inquired.

"Surely," Jamar said, "Is that elixer for Link?"

"Yes," Olosk said.

"Well, I'll tell you how much time you have to-"

"Shit!" Olosk said.

"What?" Ganon asked.

"You cursed," Jamar said.

"The elixer is completly defective! I.m afraid I'll have to come up with something else....." Olosk said.

"Well, whatever," Ganon looked back at his image, he stood up.

"Uh," Jamar grunted as he sat down, he was feeling pain from his burns, but it would go away as he sank back in groove.

"Well, everyone content, Zelda is going to try to loose Paul tonight in Ruto," Ganon said.

"I'll be watching," Olosk said.


Zelda and Paul were in Ruto, they stopped at an inn, they didn't have to, but Zel wanted to pick up some supplies, and, she realised having Paul along wasn't such a good idea, she planned to leave in the middle of the night and head for Saria, she probibly wouldn't make it, but it would give her a good head start, plus Paul had no idea where she was going.

Zelda was walking down a street of merchants, buying elixers, healing potions, arrows, everything she didn't have enough of. She was at the end of the streak when she met up with Paul.

"Hey, it's getting late, I'll be at the inn bar, okay?" Paul asked.

"Sure," Zelda said.

"So, you going to tell me anything yet?" Paul smiled.

"You don't have to come," Zelda said steadily.

"Well, maybe if I knew where we were going, hint hint," Paul smirked.

"Uh huh, well you go to that inn bar now," Zelda said walking off.

"Zelda! I'll uh, I'll be at the, uh, bar," Paul stared out yelling, but ended stuttering and talking normally. 'What's wrong with her?' Paul asked himself, 'Why is she acting like this?' Paul rolled his tounge around as he walked to the bar.

Zelda came to the bar later that night, it was pretty late, and Zelda wasn't a late night person, so she was upst to see Paul still sitting at the bar waving at her. Zelda faked a smile and waved back, then walked up to her room. She sighed as she sat down on her bed, and opened the window. Diette flew in.

"Hello, Zelda," She sat on the window sill.

"Hi," Zelda said slowly with a yawn.

"Tired? Then go to sleep," Diette smiled.

"I can't, you may or may not know I'm going to the Island of the Keepers of Evolution, and my pheonse is trying to come to, and I had hoped to give him the slip tonight, but he stays up late," Zelda said stopping for yawns.

"Well, then, I could give you a little waking boost if you like," Diette giggled.

"Please," Zelda said. Diette took a liilt pouch and threw its contents all over Zelda's face. "Thanks," Zelda was awake and energized.

"No problem," Diette said.

"I don't understand you, little bird," Zelda said.

"Huh?" Diette said, she sighed, "I'm giving you a day of civilization in Hyrule, with Link, the damage will be repaired over a few generations, I told you, it's the fairies I'm after."

"Right, but, never mind," Zelda got up and walked around the room as she talked.

"Well, little princess, you will have to do something about Paul," Diette giggled.

"You let me worry about that," Zelda said.

"But I worry, Zelda, I worry!" Diette said sternly. Zelda laughed.


Paul sat on the bar stool gulping down drinks and telling his life story to some guy named 'Bagu from the woods.' Paul wasn't sure if he'd known him for an hour or a decade, but he liked the guy, he was a good listener. He hadn't said anything the whole time! If that didn't get a guy to be great, nothing did.

"....and then, I say, I say, 'Link! I'll kick your ass if you don't let me to that chicken!" Paul continued to ramble on and on. Bagu was pretty out, he was asleep on the bar table, in his own puke. Paul didn't notice, he was beginning to fade as well. He didn't notice Zelda sneak past him and run out either, he didn't even remember Zelda was there with him.

"Uhhh," Bagu woke up and got up.

"Leavin' already?" Paul asked.

"Uh huh," Bagu walked out of the tavern. Outside he saw a woman in a robe getting on a horse. "Hi, there," Bagu smiled. Zelda looked up, "Woah, uh," Bagu squinted, "Princess? Princess Zelda?" Bagu walked a little closer.

"Bagu, I'm heading you'r way, can I ride with you?" Zelda asked. Bagu wasn't sure how to answer, he didn't mind, but what could he talk to the Princess about?

"Uh, yeah, sure, I-I mean, of course, Your Highness," Bagu mounted his horse.

"Please forget formalities, okay?" Zelda asked.

"Right your high-, right," Bagu said.

"Good then, let's go," Zelda smiled.


Olosk and Ganon were watching Zelda and Bagu ride along talking. Jamar was trying to see Link.

"So," Ganon began, "You can't give Link the elixer?"

"Right," Olosk said.

"Well, we all posess a magic higher than others, right?" Ganon asked.

"Right," Olosk said.

"If one of us were to get disconnected, not like Jamar, but willingly and knowingly, the magic would focus on another body, it isn't a magic we developed, so it will find someone who can accept it, right?"

"Okay," Olosk sighed, "I see what you are getting at, but Link wouldn't know how to focus the magic."

"He'll learn, all of Hyrule depends on it," Ganon smiled.

"He will, then?" Olosk asked.

"It's worth a shot," Ganon said.

"It is a sentient magic, it may even help him learn it," Jamar spoke up.

"Then it's settled, okay?" Ganon asked.

"No, we have to present this to the whole group, Evere may object, he doesn't like these kind of risks," Olosk said.

"Evere left here to talk to Link once!" Ganon said.

"True, but it had no permanent effects," Olosk said.

"I'll call a meeting," Ganon said.

"I'm going to stay, you have me on your side, I want to see Link!" Jamar said.

"So, I can say you agree?" Ganon asked.

"Sure," Jamar said.

"Okay," Ganon and Olosk began walking through the woods. Jamar thought he started to pick something up. His magic told him it was probibly Link. And, another, Link? 'Ah,' Jamar thought, 'Link is meeting with, no, what the hell?'

"I will kill you!" A Link in robes with a staff screamed as he lunged at the Link Jamar knew.

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