One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 20: Return to Paradise


Link awoke the next day to find that Jamar was missing. He quickly jumped up, and called out his name. He thought he heard a faint voice answer, he followed it, until he saw Jamar, he was far off, and had discovered an old row boat a ways away.

"What is it doing here?" Link asked as he stopped running.

"It probably washed up, at the cold season, the storms hit like hell here," Jamar said.

"It is in good shape for being tossed through a storm," Link inspected it.

"Yes, well, you were expecting a boat, to a godlike land, it may be blessed," Jamar smiled.

"Well, whatever, I'm ready to leave, let's bring it to the bay," Link said.

"Alright, I'm to assume I'll accompany you to this island,?" Jamar raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, you can learn all about yourself, I suspect you have an interesting history," Link said.

"Why's that?" Jamar asked.

"You'll see," Link and Jamar hauled the boat up and started walking.

"So, Peanut-" Jamar started.

"Damnit, don't call me that anymore!" Link ordered.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Jamar laughed, "You are very bad at that, nobody would listen to you as king!"

"Heh-Heh, smartey, you just keep thinking that," Link clamped his jaw.

"Boy, you are one arrogant bastard," Jamar said. Link shot him his best stone-stare. "What is it boy?" Jamar asked.

"Nothing, I just didn't know my parents very well," Link said.

"So?" Jamar inquired.

"So don't call me a bastard," Link said.

"Boy, I don't know what bastard means," Jamar laughed.

"Were you always so damn happy?" Link asked smiling.

"Yep, sure was," Jamar said.

"You probably have no idea how annoying it is, do you?" Link asked.

"Oh, but I do, I do it on purpose, to see what cool boys like you would do," Jamar smirked.

"Well, it is funny to no one but you," Link said.

"On contrair, friendly, you will remember this as a quite humorous event!" Jamar said.

"Oh, really?" Link asked.

"Of course," Jamar said. They arrived at the bay, Link pushed the boat in, and Jamar pulled from the water, then the two climbed in and each grabbed a paddle. "I haven't rode the waters since I was a boy," Jamar said.

"Well, this is, uh, dirty water," Link looked down at the stagnant black liquid.

"It is festered with serpents," Jamar said.

"Oh....?" Link asked unsure.

"Yep," Jamar said.

"Is that one?" Link asked pointing to a ripple in the water. Jamar's eyes widened.


"And you have no idea where she went?" The King asked Paul.

"That's right," Paul swallowed.

"Damn her arrogance!" The King's face turned red and he slammed his fists down on the armrests of his throne. "Call Impa!" He barked to a guard. The guard bowed and left the throne room. The King curled in his lip. Paul sighed slowly. The minutes dragged by like hours.

"Sir?" Impa finally came walking in.

"Impa, we have a little problem, Zelda has run off, most likely to find Link, and-"

"She has? She told me she knew Link would be back, she was very sure of herself," Impa said.

"Well, I don't know if that is why she left, but I think it is why," The King said.

"Hm, well sir, what would you like me to do?" Impa said.

"You don't know where she went, either?" The King raised his eyebrow.

"No, sir," Impa bowed and left.

"What can I do?" Paul asked.

"Wait," The King waved Paul out. Paul stalked out of the throne room and walked out of the castle. He took in a deep breath and walked around back of North Castle to the oak tree Zelda and Link would always meet at.

'I should cut this thing down,' Paul thought, fingering his sword, the tree was thick and big, so it would take a while. 'I should do it anyway,' Paul flexed the muscles in his jaw, he unsheathed his sword. He looked up at the green top of the tree. "Should I?" He asked it. Surprisingly enough, he got an answer.

"No," A tiny voice said, Paul looked wide eyed at the tree.

"Who said that?" He asked.

"I did," the voice said again.

"Well who are you? And where are you?" Paul asked looking around.

"I'm Diette, and I have nothing but sorrow for you, Paul," the voice continued.

"Why's that?" Paul sat down.

"Oh, you will find out soon enough, I'm sure," Diette flew down from the top of the tree.

"I hear you are the cause of the storm, really, why did it stop?" Paul said.

"Look, Paul, I don't have the heart to tell you about Zelda, nor the time to tell you about my hate of the Hylian fairies, I just want to tell you, not to cut down this tree," Diette flew off. Paul got up, and walked around and reentered the castle. He made his way to the Triforce room.

"Where is Zelda?" He asked it calmly, nothing. "Where is Link?" He asked. He got an over welling sensation, it knocked him off his feet, a raindrop, he saw a raindrop. "What does this mean?" Paul breathed heavily. Nothing.

Paul got up, "WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!!!" He shouted at the Triforce. He wanted to break it, throw it, anything, but he couldn't touch it. Paul crumpled down, and closed his eyes.


Water was splashing everywhere. Jamar was trying to bail out water, from a crack where the serpent's tail had slammed up into. Link was trying to kill it, he had his sword out swiping at the snake like head. Jamar couldn't see him, though, the serpent was splashing so much, he couldn't see his hands in front of him.

Link could barely see the head, he swiped at it when he could, it would strike out, it had hit him once. Blood was pouring from his shoulder. The serpent swiped out again, this time Link jabbed his sword in its jaw. He held on as the beast cried and flew from the area of the boat. Link was high in the air, hanging by his sword. He looked back to see Jamar bailing water out of the boat. The serpent slammed its tail onto the boat, Link saw water splash, then, no more boat, or Jamar.

Link turned back to see blood had started to pour from the jaw of the serpent, who slammed its head into the water. The force pushed Link and his sword away from the beast and shooting across the water. He hit a piece of the boat, with Jamar's arm stuck to it, the rest of his body was missing. Link couldn't take time to grieve, the water was rippling , suggesting the serpent was coming. He climbed onto the floating piece of boat, readied his sword and clinched his teeth.

The serpent leaped from the water, jumped into the air and came screaming down toward Link. 'Shit,' Link thought, then, the thing opened its mouth to reveal a smooth, soft interior at the top side. Link, in an adrenalin rush, threw his sword up into the mouth, hoping it would slam into the brain. It did, but as the color faded from its eyes, it came falling down. Link didn't realize how huge it was, it would slam right into him.

Link jumped from the boat, and swam furiously. He was breathing heavily and was panicking. He heard the serpent hit the water, then came the force, it slammed into Link in a combination of waves and wind. Link was torn from the water and thrown far forward. He hit the water in a skid form. He ended up on a beach. He groaned and looked up, he saw, a man in robes. He was very familiar...Ganondorf.

Link suddenly was no longer on a beach. He was trudging through the snow, looking forward at a never ending expanse, it was freezing. He fell through the snow and was then in a field, a big field. It was raining. He saw a raindrop, coming down right into his face, he saw his reflection, but he had a sword petruding from his stomach.

Link was then running through the seasons, going to a voice, calling him, it was Zelda's voice, she was calling his name. He pressed his lungs until he could run no more. Link fell, as he fell the world passed him by, and he landed on a beach. Link opened his eyes, and saw Zelda looking down at him, worried.

"Link?" Zelda asked.

"Huh, uuuuhhh," Link moaned.

"Link?!" Zelda slapped his face lightly.

"What?!" Link sat up.

"Are you alright?" Zelda almost whispered.

".........yeah," Link shook his head and stood up, he saw an encirclement of men in robes beyond Zelda. He walked past Zelda and stood in front of them.


Link sighed, "Oh?"


"Ah," Link tipped on his feet, "Ganon."

"That's right," One of the men stepped forward and threw back his hood, Ganon smiled widely through his seemingly reattached head. Link moved his teeth back and forth.

"So, this, sentient magic, will go to me?" Link asked.

"That's right," Ganon said.

"Fine," Link said rather quickly.

"Good, then!" Ganon sucked in a breath, and blew at Link, Link suddenly felt a new presence, a strange sensation of an intruder, waiting, a new conscious in his abdomen. Ganon then disappeared in a puff of smoke. The robed men were gone as well.

"Link?" Zelda asked.

"Hm?" Link replied.

"Let's go," She said.

"Okay," Link and Zelda got aboard the little rowboat.

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