One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 23: Night


Zelda and Link were out by the tree. Zelda was in his lap, and Link kept his eyes on the last peak of the sun in the sky. Zelda leaned her head back and rested it on Link's chest. They just started to kiss when Link heard footsteps. "Shit," He whispered smally as Zelda scrambled around to the other side of the tree facing a dark sky. Paul came around the castle to see them just as always.

"Sorry to interrupt," He said staring at Link, who raised an eyebrow, "but the King wants to see you two." Paul swiftly turned around and almost ran back around the North Castle. Link and Zelda followed him to the throne room.

"Link," the King said not showing emotion or expression, "did you find a way to use the magic?"

"I communicated with it a couple of times, but I don't think I got anything," Link sighed.

"Really? Were you trying all day?" The King rested his chin on his fist.

"Yeah, I had to be, relaxed to talk to it, so it might not have looked like I was working," Link said cooly.

"Ah! And was Zelda helping you relax?!" Paul snapped. Link shot his glare at Paul.

"What?" Link asked.

"How were you, _relaxing,' huh?" Paul asked angrily.

"Wait a minute!" Zelda yelled, "Paul, dad, what are you implying?!"

"I saw you," Paul sneered.


Flagnom sat in his tower and stared out the window at the stars appearing on the night sky. He felt it stir. Flagnom sighed, "What is it?" He asked himself.

"I want some more of that drink," the magic said.

"Which drink?" Flagnom asked.

"The bubbly one," the magic replied.

"It's not good for me at night, there will be no more," Flagnom said.

"If you don't give me some I'll resist on tommorrow's experiment," the magic said.

"I have you under control, it isn't neccisary for you to willingly cooperate anymore," Flagnom smiled.

"There is another like us here," the magic said.

"Oh?" Flagnom asked.

"His name is Link, but he was never a Keeper," the magic said.

"How did that work out?" Flagnom asked.

"Is your memory fading in your old age? Think, it happened once while we were Keepers!" The magic screeched.

"A magic transfer?" Flagnom asked.

"Right, smarty," the magic retorted.

"Does that mean I'm right or wrong?" Flagnom asked annoyed.

"You are right, and if you aren't going to drink, leave me alone," the magic said.

"Gladly," Flagnom said. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. He remembered when he had died, so long ago.

"Flagnom?" the magic asked.

"Huh?" Flagnom replied lazily.

"Get a drink."

"Yeah, okay," Flagnom got up.









Link sat in his room tapping his foot. "Look at this mess you've gotten into, boy," Someone said. Link looked up.

"Jamar," Link stood up to see the robed man.

"It's a shame, really," Jamar said.

"Uh huh," Link said.

"The way it is going you'll be fired from protector, you'll be remembered as a traitor and a-"

"What, do you want?!" Link interrupted.

"I thought I'd tell you a little something," Jamar said.

"Won't the Keepers get mad?" Link asked.

"They aren't paying attention," Jamar said.

"Oh?" Link raised both eyebrows.

"Ganon is coming, he will be here tomorrow," Jamar turned around.

"Wait, what?" Link said as Jamar disappeared. "Damn it!" Link left his room and walked into the throne room.

"Link?! I told you to leave!" The King yelled. Paul and Zelda were still there.

"I was just visited by a Keeper," Link announced, "He said-"

"LEAVE THE THRONE ROOM!" Paul yelled. Two guards dragged Link off. Paul turned back to the King. Zelda was red in her face, making Paul believe her story was for shit. _We were drunk and just being old friends, it is no big deal,' she had pieced together. Paul wasn't that dumb though. Neither was the King.

"Zelda, why don't you tell me the truth?" The King asked.

"I just did," Zelda said unsure.

"No, you didn't, next I'll bring in Link, and he will tell completely different lie," The King said.

"You, don't trust me, then," Zelda said sadly.

"I, I trust you, Zelda, it's just that," The King stuttered.

"You don't! You don't trust your own daughter!" Zelda started crying.

"Well, you, you're right, go to bed, Zelda," The King smiled.

"What?!" Paul yelled in disbelief.

"You don't trust me either," Zelda sighed.

"No, I don't!" Paul yelled.

"Paul!" The King barked.

"Look, why not interview Link? If Zelda is telling the truth she will be cleared without a doubt." Paul said.

"I am clear!" Zelda shouted.

"Not by me your not!" Paul yelled, "I won't marry you if I can't trust you!"

_There is my break,' Zelda thought. "Then don't marry me Paul!" Zelda ran out of the throne room to her's.

Zelda got to her room to see Diette waiting on her window. "What the Hell do you want?" Zelda asked as she lay down on her bed.

"I want to talk to you, I was watching in the throne room, magnificent act, very mean to poor Paul though," Diette smiled.

"Get out of here you little bitch! And start your damn storm tomorrow! It's all the better!" Zelda jumped up and grabbed Diette.

"You know killing me won't make a difference," Diette smiled.

"But it'll make me feel better," Zelda said.

"I gave you the realization that Link is the one you-" Diette started.

"Everything was fine until you came along!" Zelda screamed.

"You don't have the guts! Go ahead snap my neck, just crook your finger! Link would! Hell, without me, you are-" Zelda crooked her finger. And she felt no remorse.


Odron smiled. This was great. A nice cave filled land portion of Hyrule, all for the Ogres. He sat now at the bay. The Ogres were now Hylian Ogres, with the Elves, Zoras, and other creatures. This was truly a great land. This bit of land hadn't even been hit by the storm. Hyrule, why weren't the Ogres born here? Why the Gnome land? The Gnomes, whatever happened to them?


"Jamar?" Evere asked.

"Yeah?" Jamar replied.

"I'm glad to see you've stopped using emotions," Evere said.

"Chaos, I don't want to hear that again," Jamar said.

"Good, good," Evere said.

"Yes, is there something else?" Jamar asked.

"Yes, Olosk is forming an underground resistance, and I want have your assurance you aren't in it," Evere said.

"Then rest assured, I'm not," Jamar looked at Evere.

"You aren't, then, you wish to stay in our system?" Evere asked.

"No, definitely not, the system must change, it was you who said things change, wasn't it?" Jamar asked.

"I agree, most definitely," Evere said.

"Good, then," Jamar said.



"I'm always paying attention."

"I know."

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