One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 24: One Life's Power


As the sun rose, the rouge fairies, with a burning rage, set the storm in motion. They were still mainly upset with the other fairies, but Zelda had killed Diette, and the storm would be punishment enough. But they had sped up the storm's pace. It would arrive at the North Castle quicker than expected.


The people of Hyrule heard that the storm was approaching quicker than expected. They were all drumming to lakes and rivers. Some people had all their belongings in boats.

At the castle, all troops were in the moat. They had learned that Ganon was approaching with his troops. He would arrive before the storm, but not by much. Inside the castle, Zelda, Paul, the King, and Link were in the Triforce room praying. Link's only response from the Triforce was the vision of a raindrop. That had been happening for a while.

_It must be because I can't save Hyrule, so it is leading me to what can,' Link decided.










Ganon's troops fought with a burning savage as the storm was visible on the horizon. Throughout the moat and anywhere else where Hylians were, lakes and rivers. Ganon himself was in the castle. He'd survived one of these damn storms, he could make it through this one. Ganon clinched his teeth. Where the hell was the Triforce room? He hadn't been a keeper that long, but he was pretty old now.

"Augh! Where is it!" Ganon growled.

"Ganon!" Ganon saw Link pop out of one of the rooms.

"Link! You fool! You are of course with the Triforce!" Ganon jumped to Link and attacked with his sword. Link found he didn't have his shield, only his sword. So he blocked.

"Link!" Paul and Zelda both shouted as they emerged from the room. Link made no attempt to answer them.

"The storm, I see it!" The King shouted. Zelda ran to get the Triforce. Paul didn't know what to do.

"Paul!" Zelda shouted.

"What?!" Paul yelled back over Link and Ganon's sword clangs.

"Take my father to the tight room!" Zelda shouted as she grabbed the Triforce with both hands. Paul took the King by the arm and ran to the tight room. Zelda stuck her head out the window. She concintrated the Triforce on the storm.

Link and Ganon continued to thrust away at each other. Link saw this as his only chance. He'd killed Ganon before, but he just kept coming back, if by ressurection, or now by coming back as a Keeper. But if he killed Ganon now, the Keepers wouldn't be stupid enough to let him come back to Hyrule, and if Link kept the body until it completely decomposed, there would be no ressurection, at least he hoped not.

Ganon fought with an incredible savage. He would kill Link. The Keepers were on the verge of war, and wouldn't allow anyone to leave ever again. Plus, since Link couldn't command the sentient magic, it would jump to the nearest person who could, Ganon. All Ganon needed to do was drive his sword through Link. That's all. They fought all the way to the throne room. Then Ganon saw a moment. He kicked Link, who stumbled and fell out a window to the ground outside.

Ganon jumped out at Link who rolled out of the way, into the moat. Ganon lost him among the other soldiers and moblins fighting. He jumped into the moat, only to see Link jump back out. Link was heading for Zelda in the North Castle when he saw it. Just before he entered the castle. The storm, approaching wildly. People and moblins stopped fighting and were melting as they searched for water to get into.

Link was so caught up in watching, he didn't notice Ganon behind him. Ganon shoved his sword through Link's back. Link sucked in air as he stared down at the sword petruding from his stomach. Ganon laughed as he twisted the sword. Link screamed. Ganon left the sword in Link and watched him hit the ground. Ganon waited for Link to die. Then he saw the storm. Ganon calmly stepped into the moat.

Link crawled leaving a trail of blood to the tree. He leaned against it, pressing the sword deeper. He heard someone coming.

"Link!" Zelda cried.

"Hello," Link hispered meekly.

"Link come on! You need a healer! There is a shallow lake-"

"Don't bother," Link whispered.

"What?!" Zelda felt her eyes scorching with tears.

"Zelda, do you know why Power is on the top of the Triforce?" Link whispered.

"Link?!" Zelda cried.

"Because it requires both courage and wisdom to get power," Link closed his eyes.

"Link! Get up!" Zelda screamed.

"Power is the little thing you get for having wisdom and courage," Link whispered, "what you do with it is up to you, that is why so many who get it are evil."

"Link, why won't you come?" Zelda whimpered.

"One Life's Power measures everything you've accomplished, in all your lives," Link smiled and felt himself leaving his body. His vision was fading, but he knew the storm had hit North Castle. Suddenly everything was clear, and Link spoke to the magic, which followed his command. Link's vision dissolved into seeing the Keepers encircled, but before he lost Hyrule, he saw a raindrop falling to his face, followed by many others.



THE END......?

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