One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 5: War


Paul was pushing his horse to the limit. It was galloping so that it could die in a quick slow down. Paul saw North Castle. It was close, getting closer. He made his way through the gates, into the Throne Room. The King, Zelda, and Link were all in a perfect awe.

"Sire! The Gnomes are attacking at the bay!" Paul gasped.

"What?" Zelda asked.

"The-the Gnomes are,-coming." Paul breathed.

"Great, great," Link said.

"Link, we have an advantage, now," Zelda said smiling. Link beamed.

"What?" Paul asked.

"The Triforce of Wisdom," The King said. Paul didn't answer, he was struck silent. He looked at Link.

"I just found it in the river from Death Mountain. Looks like, maybe, that 'storm,' thing hit there," Link said. Paul almost said something but was cut off by the King.

"How many Gnomes, do you think?" The King asked.

"Well, if this is one attack squad, they are a big kingdom, very big." Paul said. They all followed the King to the fields behind the castle. The Ogres were spread out doing their business.

"Odron!" The King yelled.

"Yes?" Odron came running up.

"The Gnomes are coming, they've attacked the bay, but they just keep coming," the King said.

"They must know you've allied with us, but, there must be something else, there must be-" Odron was cut off by the King.

"We have their four staffs," The King said.

"You do?! Excellent, with that, we have a great advantage, give them to me, I'll meld them with mine!" Odron said, running to a tent where he kept his staffs. Link went charging to the castle, he had a hard time making his way through all the soldiers going to the bay. He soon pushed his way to the castle, to the treasure room. He went charging back to the field with the staffs. He handed them to the King, who handed them to Odron.

"Yes!" Odron put the staffs down and dropped the others on top of them. They all melted together to make a single gold colored staff. Odron picked it up and all the Ogres stared in awe. Odron followed Paul into the crowd of soldiers and Ogres. More Ogres were coming running from the towns and forests to fight.

"Well," Link said. He then ran to join the crowd.

"Zelda," The King said, "Get the Triforces."

"Right," She ran to the castle. The King followed her to the Triforces. She took them to a balcony, she could see to the bay. Suddenly, all the soldiers, Ogres, Link, and Paul were fighting much better. Zelda began shooting magic at the Gnomish ships.


Diette watched the rain pass. She had seen the native fairies to this place. They were just like her. This had to be Hyrule, it had to be. Those fairies would pay, they would. The storm had already destroyed almost half of this place. Those scared fairies, the ones still alive, were running to their Hylian castle, now. Well, let them, they couldn't stop the storm, they couldn't. Only water could stop it, a lot of water. Diette's scouts had said there was already some kind of war going on.

Diette suddenly had the feeling. She called the storm back. It was going to rain. Diette saw a fairy coming. "Who are you?" Diette asked.

"I'm representing the other fairies, your guards let me through. Who are you?" The fairy asked.

"I'm Diette, tell that to the older fairies, they'll die then and there."


Ganon came to. He was in the woods somewhere. He couldn't move, he ached and had gashes everywhere. The skin from his back was almost all torn off. He couldn't really remember what the rebels had done to him, just that they found he didn't have the Triforce of Power anymore. Now, now they were trying to find the Triforce of Courage. Ganon didn't know much about that, just that Link had used it once, but he couldn't use them like Zelda. So it wore him out and its magic went out of control, so it shot off to another hiding place.

"Ganondorf! Get up!" It was Ocit, Ganon's eyes were swollen shut, but he recognized the voice. Ganon just lay there.

"Get up you old moblin thing," Ocit said. Ocit grabbed Ganon by the neck, blood squirted out and Ocit let go.

"I, gettin' up," Ganon tried to say. Ocit went back to business with the others, studying old scrolls and maps. Someone grabbed Ganon by the arm and lifted him up. Ganon could see a little better now. He tried to walk. It wasn't easy, and no one would help him. But if he fell, or tried to fake dead, Ocit would stick his fingers up his nose. Ganon was near the end of the crowd when everyone began cautiously walking. Ganon noticed the trees were as fragile and slimy as Death Mountain.

"Ganon!" Ocit barked, "Do you know how to use a Triforce?"


"Well, I must say, I'm not sure what the rebels are doing."

"You fool, it's obvious they are trying to make a super being."


"Yes, they have already been to other countries and magic centers, they want a killing machine."

"For what?"

"For the Hylians, just because they left Ganon doesn't mean they left their cause."

"I see, oh, you know Diette has returned."

"No, isn't she the one who screwed with the, um, the environment?"

"Yeah, she controls the storm."

"Oh, I thought it would be someone like, um-"

"Well, it isn't."

"I figured that out."



Link was in Ruto on a squad stopping the Gnomes from getting to far into Hyrule. He ought to go to a healer, but the Gnome patrols kept attacking. Link could only help the other defensive lines were holding out, too. Paul came walking up to him.

"Link, we just got word, Zelda became exhausted, the Triforce is down for a bit." Paul said.

"Mm," Link replied.

"Why don't YOU get some rest, I can knock you down with my damn finger."

"Well, I just might, I just might."

"Hey," Paul perked, "you know, I was studying some magic books, and I think I found out how Ganon resurrects!"

"Really?" Link asked, "How?"

"With Dark Magic!" Paul exclaimed.

"That's Black Magic, and everyone already knows that," Link said.

"Oh," Paul said.

"Paul-" Link was cut off by a loud yelling. More Gnomes, Link went running into the battle with his sword flying and shield straight. Link loved to fight, he liked it more than Zelda, or so he thought. Link began killing two Gnomes at a time by running them through the stomach. The Ogres fought wildly. They used no weapons but their hard skin and huge arms. They had big hands, making rock-like fists. They punched the heads in of the Gnomes. The Gnomes, however, were very acrobatic and mentally frigid. They put up a formidable fight.

Paul was fighting aside Link for a moment. He then was separated. Soon enough, Paul found himself almost alone with Gnomes. He began to panic. Paul was growing tired. His blade became heavy and slow. He looked up. He saw a Gnome jumping down at him. But he couldn't hear, and the Gnome seemed blurry and slow. 'Of course, ' he suddenly realized, 'the old healer, he was so odd, and those eyes, a pure, gazing, unreal blue. He was a double agent for the Gnomes, he drugged the people who came to him.

"Shit," Paul heard himself say, rather quietly. He then heard Link's voice.

"Help him!!" Link shouted to some soldiers. Half the troop had been drugged. Link went slicing through the last Gnome, and found Paul. "Get him to a healer."

Link went to a tent. He had to rest. Good thing Ganon hadn't attacked. Then he remembered, 'the storm.' Link suddenly heard two all to familiar voices.

"You know, that storm will be in the area of North Castle a lot later than we expected."


"Yeah, rain is slowin down Diette."

"Yeah, I hope Diette-"

A third voice, "He's listening!" Then, silence. Link didn't recognize the name. 'Diette,' it was completely unfamiliar. Link knew he had to go back and see the robed men again. But he didn't know if the boat that took him there would still be waiting.

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