One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 6: It Was Ganon


Zelda was awoke by the sound of sword clashing and screaming. She looked out her window, it was night. The Gnomes must have sent a substantial attack. The Gnomes had taken over a string of islands a ways out. They were sending fleets from there, it was just on the horizon. Zelda wasn't in top shape yet, she had used all her energy on the Triforce.

She had been on the castle wall concentrating her magic, when she felt a fatigue, then passed out. Now, she was alone in her room. Then, a fairy flew in her window.

"Zelda, I am Ivy, and I have news from the fairies." The fairy said.

"Really...what?" Zelda wasn't as tired as she thought, and sat up.

"An old outcast has returned to Hyrule, she is the fairy Diette," Ivy said.

"Oh?" Zelda said.

"Yes, she was outcast for trying to change Hyrule into a complete forest, she liked forests." Ivy said.

"And, she was outcast for that?" Zelda asked.

"Well, she was abusing her powers, and, she messed up, and created freaks of nature, and didn't place water correctly, so some places were underwater, and others, at the same elevation, weren't," Ivy explained, "So, the fairies stripped her of her power and gave her the job of fixing her mistake with science. She did, but somehow, she came to be completely afraid of water, she had accidentally exposed herself to early forms of Black Magic, so water could kill her."

"Then, you outcast her?" Zelda asked.

"Yes," Ivy answered.

"Now, she's back?" Zelda asked.

"Yes, she had no fairy powers, so she forgot where Hyrule was, so she went out and destroyed big countries that had fairies, when she saw the fairies, and that they weren't like her-"

"Wait," Zelda cut her off, "She still looks like a fairy?"

"Yes, we couldn't change her anatomy and such without killing her."

"Ah. Continue."

"So, her life span was coming to an end, and she wanted to destroy our homeland first. Now, she found Hyrule, and is happy."

"How does she plan to destroy Hyrule?" Zelda asked.

"With a, well, you see, she has four other fairies from somewhere else. And, using their science and normal magic, they created a storm of bugs, that eat the interior of thing and spit them back out, leaving the object softer than mud, but, this storm can't get near water, Diette knows, that because she didn't use water in this creation, water would mutate, then kill it." Ivy said.

"So, it can't get in water," Zelda said.

"It can't be in rain either," Ivy said, "it also kills, if you are exposed long enough, but it doesn't kill fairies, it just makes us suffer, it will also destroy our mental prowess if we are in it long enough." Ivy then said the fairies were hiding around lakes and rivers. Then, Ivy flew back out the window. Zelda sat up and got dressed. She walked out into the hall. She made her way to the throne room. The King and Impa were inside. Zelda walked in.

"Zelda, are you feeling better?" Impa asked.

"Yes, yes I am," Zelda replied.

"Good, you may have to use the Triforce soon," The King said.

"Yes, we need its power now that Link and Paul are gone," Impa said.

"What?" Zelda asked.

"Yes, Paul was badly wounded, so he's out of commission, and Link said he was going to see some people who could help us, he said you'd know who, do you?" Impa asked.

'Ah,' Zelda thought, 'them.' "Yes, but I cannot explain who they are," she answered.

"Very well, we are going against an entire nation, anything helps," The King said.

"Yes, well," Zelda trailed off. Then she remembered, "Oh, I have news about the storm! It's real!"


"Link is going to come!"

"Good for Link."

"He's on his way, he'll reach the boat in two days!"

"At the least."

"Well, this is good, so you shut up."

"Look, in a few hours he'll meet the rebels, they are going to North Castle with the other Triforce, you know."

"Well, they won't want to fight Link then."

"They all really, really, hate Link."

"Yes, but...."


A third voice, "He's listening!"


Then, silence. 'Great,' Link thought, 'They are going to kill me, and they have the Triforce.' Link decided he'd just avoid them, so he began to stray off the path.

"Hey! You!" A moblin screamed. 'Great,' Link thought. Link turned around to see a giant moblin, and Ganon, but Ganon was bloody and battered.

"Well?" Link asked.

"Link, I am Ocit, and I must say, I should kill you, but I'm on my way to make peace with you and your people." The moblin said.

"Well, then, be on your way, and watch out for Gnomes, we are at war you know," Link then began walking beyond the group.

"Not so fast! I can't resist! No one will know anyway! Everyone be still," Ocit said. He grabbed a blade. Link drew his sword and raised his shield. Ocit had a very obvious advantage. Weight.

Ocit swung his sword at Link blocked it with his shield. Link then realized that he shouldn't do that again, the weight almost broke his arm. Link quickly swung his sword at Ocit. Ocit blocked the first set of attacks, but when Link began swinging again, Ocit screwed up and was hit several times by Link. Link then slammed his shield into Ocit. Ocit hit the ground and then jumped up.

"Well, that was good exercise, I'll see you later," Ocit said. Link began to leave, but first ran up to Ganon and sliced off his head. Link then took the head with him as he walked away.


Ganon walked up to the encirclement of robed men. He couldn't remember how he got here, but he did remember that he'd probably have to do a test, he didn't.



Link was still about a day away from the spot where the boat to the island of robed men. Ganon's skull had rotted into nothing. Link sat down near a stream. He tried to sleep, but he couldn't. So, he sat up and watched the sky. He thought about Paul and Zelda, he never liked the fact that they were attracted to each other, when Zelda had rejected Paul's proposal, Link had been surprised, and somewhat relieved. Now, Paul had gone somewhat crazy. He began always drinking and becoming very different. Link didn't mind it, though, because that is how Paul was before he met Zelda.

Link heard something. He got up quickly. It was a fairy. But the fairy wasn't bright, like most. The fairy sat down beside Link. "Are you Link?" She asked.

"Yes, who are you?" Link said.

"I'm a fairy, don't you like fairies?" the fairy said.

"Well, I like some fairies, and I don't like others," Link said.

"Well, that's good attitude, do you like all Hylians?"

"No, not all, but I certainly like some," Link said.

"What if the Hylians made you leave Hyrule, and made your sword arm weak?" the fairy said.

"Who are you?!" Link asked, a little annoyed.

"My name, is Diette," The fairy said.

"Well, if I was thrown out of Hyrule, and no one stood up for me, or tried to keep up with me, I wouldn't like them that much, no, but I won't get banished." Link said firmly.

"Oh, what if you try to better something, and you mess up, would you get banished then?" Diette asked.

"That depends, where is this conversation going?" Link walked to the stream to wash his face. He heard the fairy gasp, then fly away. Link just shrugged to himself, and sat back down.

Link then heard two familiar voices, plus one more, it sounded very, very familiar, too.

"Well, I told you Diette was nuts."

"You were right, I suppose."

"Both of you are fools," said the strange voice, "she isn't nuts, she is obsessed and has a thing about water, that doesn't make her insane."

"Well, maybe not, but nuts and insane aren't the same."

The strange voice, "Well, I'm still new, being a dead not-to book smart King of thieves, I-"

Another voice, "He's listening!" Then silence. Link knew, it was Ganon, it was Ganon.

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