One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 7: A Complete Triforce


Zelda had been using the Triforce nonstop for days at a time. Although its magic was powerful, Zelda would grow tired and have to sleep. She awoke one night, a guard was at her door telling her to come to the King's chambers. Zelda quickly got dressed and made her way to the chamber.

"Zelda, meet Ocit," The King said dryly, "He has the Triforce of Courage." Zelda suddenly grew very excited. The Triforce of Courage! This moblin had somehow found it after it had overpowered Link years ago.

"Yes, I have your triangle," Ocit said, "and if you want it, you must take my deal."

"What is your deal?" Zelda asked.

"My comrades and I want to buy a small country, it is called Nor`sadine. It is far south of here. You must buy it for us," Ocit said.

"What!?" Zelda exclaimed.

"Yes, with citizens, only the royal family will leave," Ocit said.

"Well, how will we make the King order that?!" Zelda whined.

"Pay more," Ocit said calmly.

"Agreed, father, send word to-" Zelda was cut off by The King.

"Hold on! Nothing is final yet! I'll send word, and see the price, assuming this King is willing to sell," The King said grimly.

"Oh, for the right price, he'll sell, he'll sell," Ocit smiled to himself. Impa, who had been sitting down close by, spoke up.

"I know of Nor`sadine, it is a country of mixed races, all at peace, it also is thriving with gold, minerals, and such, it is a rich land. Why would King Roghtom wish to sell?" Impa asked.

"Because," Ocit growled, "because of a strange occurrence there recently, a storm of green fog, with bug like units! It recently happened upon this land and ruined part of it, I will rebuild this land, and I will live as a just ruler, who left Hyrule here my people lived under the thumb of the pig, Ganon!"

"What makes you think Ganon won't stop you, he may have loyal-" Zelda was cut off by Ocit.

"Ganon had no Triforce, no Triforce, and your Link had the power of two...." Ocit trailed off smiling. Zelda suddenly felt a rush of excitement. 'Link killed Ganon! I don't believe it!' Zelda thought.

"I don't believe you, Ocit," Zelda said.

"Well, then, that doesn't matter, does it, it has nothing to do with the deal, so just ask your little hero when he gets here," Ocit said in a tone close to sneering.

"Just a moment!" The King growled, "I will send word to the country, where can I reach you?"

"I'll come back in one week," Ocit said.

"A week, do we have that long?" The King asked. Zelda shrugged.

"What are you talking- ah, well, three days, then," Ocit said smiling.

"Very well," The King said. Ocit attempted to make a dramatic exit by slinging his long, blue, torn cape as he turned away. It didn't look to cool, though. A guard escorted Ocit to the outer moat around North Castle. Ocit looked around and ran as fast as he could to the woods.

"Zelda," The King said, "Get the Triforce and go to a guarded balcony, our troops are getting sluggish." Zelda nodded and walked off with the thought of Link killing Ganon, 'I wonder how he did it,' Zelda thought.


Link found the spot of the small boat to the island. It was there, and there was a robed man there with a paddle. Link sat down in the boat and the man began to row.

"I heard Ganon talking with some other two about three days ago," Link said. The robed man looked at him. Link couldn't see his face.

"The being previously called Ganon is part of us now, yes," The robed man said.

"What is 'us' exactly?" Link asked taking his eyes of the robed man.

"We are the spirits of the previous who created a life and destiny for themselves worthy of the gods," The man said.

"And Ganon is worthy of the gods?" Link asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, as we told you before, the truth is both good and evil, and so are gods, now, we will have to take a while longer than last time to get to the island. Gnomes cover the seas, we must take a long way around," The robed man said looking at the horizon.

"So, he's been there before? You all said we'd lived before," Link said.

"No," The robed man said.

"But," Link was confused.

"Ganon never died. You did, but your spirit wasn't finished just yet, so it waited for the appropriate time to return, often the parents were nothing but the god's pawns to house you," The robed man said.

"But, Ganon's spirit is finished?" Link said getting confused.

"No, but Ganon was killed. People die for a reason, they have a certain amount of time to make a life for themselves. Ganon did, but his time was cut short. For people like you and Ganon, who have made a life, or destiny, those people, hen their spirit is finished or cut off, comes to us," The robed man said.

"So, I'll be there someday, too," Link said.

"Yes, when you wish it, you have control of your afterlife, your spirit remembers everything you've done, when this knowledge is given to you, when you die, you will decide rather you are done or not," The robed man said.

"I don't understand, I think I do, part of it anyway," Link said.

"Well, I'm not surprised," The robed man said.

"You have emotion?" Link said.

"Emotion? That thinking is already the beginning of your culture's demise," The robed man laughed.

"What?" Link said in a plain voice.

"Your science, all races will put to much effort in it, most will leave magic, lose any extra ability, like Hylians and their physic ability, all will be lost and you will become normal humans," The robed man said.

"When?" Link asked. The robed man met his gaze.

"That is not necessarily the future, we see all possible futures, present, and past, we see through logic, science, everything, these different times are dimensions, you have other dimensions just the same as yours, many possible futures wait, but this is the most likely, but chance is another matter, you see-" Link cut off the robed man by a wave of his hand and a groan. Link lay down in the small boat and tried to sleep. He asked one more thing, "Who were the others I hear?"

"I know not their names, but they once mentioned, Evere and Olosk."


"Well, golden boy is coming," Ganon said.

"Yes, I knew he would!" Evere said excitedly.

"Well, I suppose I will look upon Link with more admiration, now, it used to be you, Ganondorf, I know what you look like," Olosk said slyly.

"Hmm, well, what can Link gain by coming here?" Ganon asked.

"We'll give him the ability," Evere said.

"In return for what?" Ganon said.

"Well...." Evere thought.

"I've got an idea that will be perfect......." Ganon sneered.


Paul awoke in North Castle. He was in the dungeon, which the King was using as a Royal healing chamber because it had beds and lots of room. Zelda was sitting beside him.

"Paul, Impa said you'd wake soon," Zelda said in a flat voice.

"Zelda, what are you doing here?" Paul found it was easy to talk, but he was so tired.

"I thought I'd check up on you, fill you in on what's happening," Zelda said.

"That's all?" Paul tried to smile.

"We have a complete Triforce, Ganon may be dead," Zelda said in a somewhat raspy voice. Paul knew she was tired.

"May be?" Paul asked.

"We aren't sure, Link might have killed him, he went to get help," Zelda said.

"From who?" Paul asked quietly, he was so tired.

"It's not important, the Gnomes have eased off, giving us time to strengthen our navy," Zelda said, "It is the storm we are worried about."

"The storm?" Paul didn't quite remember.

"The green bug fog," Zelda said.

"Um, oh," Paul started to vaguely recall that.

"How do you feel?" Zelda asked.

"Tired," Paul replied.

"Oh," Zelda trailed off.

"Zelda, is there something, else?" Paul asked.

"Maybe," she smiled.

"Maybe, huh?" Paul smiled to himself.

"Maybe," Zelda repeated.

"Why did you reject me in the first place?" Paul blurted out.

"I just wasn't ready to marry," Zelda said.

"And, you are now?" Paul asked.

"No, not to marry," Zelda said.

"I see, well, I'm vary tired, and you sound like sleep wouldn't hurt you either, so, good night, or is it day?" Paul asked.

"It's day," Zelda said.

"How long has Link been gone?"

"A while," Zelda said, "a while."

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