One Life's Power

by Mack Costello

Chapter 8: Good Day, Gentlemen


Link woke up to find the robed man paddling furiously. "What's up?" he asked.

"Gnomes, a ship comes by here every so long, we can't be spotted, you know," the robed man said.

"Use some invisible magic or something," Link groaned.

"You don't seem to understand, I'm afraid, our magic is for only certain logic and things, if you want this in very simple terms, we are dead wizards who live forever," the robed man said quickly. Link saw a Gnomish war ship on the horizon, he suddenly jumped up and grabbed another paddle from the bottom of the boat. Link paddled furiously along with the robed man. But it was hopeless, the war galleon was much more powerful than the power of two men. Link thought he heard a heavy, shaky, long breath from the robed man. Then he heard the shouts of Gnomes, an eerie scream, then someone grabbed Link and spat in his face. Link ignored the wet blob on his face and grabbed his sword and shield and began blindly fighting a the spittle dripped in his eye.

"I'll be damned, it is the one Ne~Chin said to spare!" A Gnome holding Link said. Link dropped his head and listened to the Gnomes discuss what to do.

"Yeah, it's that, that Lunk fellow!"

"Quite the fighter, seemed easy to get, though."

"Yes, but what of his bumbling, whining companion, this- AAGGHH!" Link looked up to see the Gnome had removed the hood of the robed man. The head was that of a freshly killed man. Link saw that they didn't repair flesh, this head was burned red, the jawbone visible, crisp hair in small patches, Link could still tell he'd once been a black man, a desert dweller, maybe. Link bowed his head and slept.

Link awoke with a swift blow to his back. His eyes shot up and he recognized Ne~Chin sitting on a throne in front of him. He looked to the side to see his companion, the keeper, beside him. He was dressed in rags, Link saw that he was as well. Then, he looked back at the keeper. He was of a burned corpse, holding his head and rocking back and fourth. Link looked back up at Ne~Chin, and listened.

"Good day, gentlemen, I am Ne~Chin...."


People were rebuilding Hyrule and always taking a cautious look to the ocean. The Gnomes hadn't attacked in weeks. But, the storm had hit the edge of civilization. Zelda was sitting at the tree behind North Castle by the moat, with Paul.



"How did you come across this spot?"

"Oh, Link did. I found him sitting here once, and I sat the opposite side facing the east side of the moat, while he looked west."

"What made you remember it today?"

"Hm? Oh, we always come out here at night and discuss the day, because we don't see each other much, you know."

"Oh, it sure is taking Link a while to get back." Paul's words reminded Zelda of the night before. Her father had called her to his chamber and brought up Link. He was going to pronounce him dead if he didn't return soon. Zelda had protested, but the King stuck to his decision.

"Zelda?" Paul asked cautiously.

"Hm?" Zelda replied.

"When is Link coming back?" Paul pried.

"I don't know," Zelda finally said, she bowed her head.


The Keeper continued to talk and ramble to Link while they remained in their cell for final judgment. "Then, y'know, then me and Gwana got married, Gwana and me, we got married, and when, heh, and when, hehaha, then, then Par as lookin for a shower, and Gwana said scrub your ass with sand! Ha ha he," He entered into a cough. Link listened to the life of this Keeper of Evolution once known as Jamarsonal. Jamar. He had lived in the deserts of the Gnarish men. Men. Humans. No extra magic ability. No advantage, they were strong. End the end, Humans would be a prevailing race against all other races. Link sighed.

"Then, Gwana and me, we joined the Kler tribe, yeah, those were the good old days. We all had good times, I was once a hansom young, married, desert man, those in th Kler tribe, some weren't desert men, some were light skinned," Jamar smiled. "Do you got a wife, Link?"

"No, not yet," Link was so hot, with no company but this fountain of good life trapped in a decaying body, who was no extraordinary being, just a logic trained human who broke out.

"You got someone in mind then?" Jamar asked.

"Well, no, maybe," Link thought of Zelda.

"Well, you won't always be a good lookin young fellow, so enjoy life, you may one day, get caught in a fire...." Jamar trailed off.

"Gentlemen!" Ne~Chin was at the door, "you are excepted in our army! I must say, Link, your last sentence moved me! 'I wasn't born to Hyrule, and I won't die for it,' perfect since!" Link smiled.


Diette was sitting on a big maple leaf listening to the pleas of the fairies. Just a bunch of Please and No don't's that Diette herself had made in her exile hearing, they didn't listen, and she won't.

"Diette, you must understand that what you did was worthy of exile at the time, we have changed!" A fairy pleaded.

"I guess you didn't change soon enough, did you?" Diette laughed.

"We are a good people, and-"

"Hah! You try to tell me your system has become perfect! Well, if it had, you wouldn't need to come here now!" Diette stood up and told her followers to dismiss the fairies.


"This is bad, a man of us has gone mad." Olosk said.

"Yes, but it has happened before, before you were here." Evere said.

"In any event, Link is with the Gnomes!" Ganon said.

"I doubt it, I've been watching Link since his spirit first housed a body, he isn't with the Gnomes." Evere said. Ganon smiled, 'he will come to us' he thought grinning.

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