The Power of Corruption

  By Dustin Bell



After Link had heard enough of Zelda arguing Link decided to go upstairs to his room. He packed a few belongings and then went back downstairs only to meet with Zelda again. " Link you can't be serious! " Screamed Zelda.

" Zelda, " Link began, " For over seven years Ganondorf has been gaining more and more strength within the evil realm, if we do not take his triforce away from him he will continue to do so and soon break the seal over the realm." Said Link.

" But who knows what the evil realm is like! The book of Mudora said it was a spirit realm where anyone who ventures in will be turned into a spirit and locked in a soul cage for eternity. Others say it is just a replica of Hyrule but evil. Dark, damp and dead. " Said Zelda.

" Well Zelda if I don't get the triforce of power from Ganondorf then he will break the seal and be released. Now are you going to give me your triforce so that I will be strong enough to withstand whatever is in that realm?" Spoke Link.

Zelda looked at him coldly and then a bright pink cinder appeared around her. She held her right arm up and the triforce came of the back of her hand and went on to Link's.

" There " Zelda said, " I hope you're happy. " Link smiled at her then left for the Temple of Time.


He went up to the altar and pulled the Ocarina of Time and the three spiritual stones from his pouch. He played the Song of Time. The Door of Time opened and Link walked in to where the master sword was held. He picked the sword up and was transported to the Chamber of The Sages.

" Rauru!" shouted Link. " Open up the seal to the evil realm and send me in! " Commanded Link.

" Link," started Rauru, " The evil realm is too dangerous. You cannot go in alone."

" I am not powerless, I have two triforces in my hand. And when I come out I will have three. Now send me in! " Commanded Link.

Without even responding Rauru lifted his arms and the center of the triforce on the floor opened and a portal appeared. Rauru gave Link and very worried look but almost immediately after Link jumped into the portal. </P>


Link appeared on what appeared to be a pyramid. It was made up of pure gold. Zelda was right on one of her descriptions of the evil realm. It was almost an exact replica of Hyrule but Dark. All around himself Link could sense evil. All of a sudden a figure jumped out at Link. Link shoved his sword through its stomach. The figure fell down and Link could see its face. " Oh no! Zelda I'm so sorry! " The person he had just killed was Zelda. The face started to melt and then the true face appeared. It was Ganondorf and he was devilishly smiling. Link screamed and shoved his sword into the face.

Then the pyramid started to shake and the top caved in. He landed in a temple. Much like the Temple of Time but...evil, Link decided. In front of him was an altar with a door behind it. The door looked very much like a horned pig. There was an inscription on the altar Link read it. " Ye who holds thy triforce of wisdom and thy courage place them hither and walk through thy door in front of thou" Link finished the inscription. Link placed the two triforces where two triangle shaped hallows were and the door opened. Or rather the pig's mouth opened and Link stepped inside.

There on a podium, made entirely out polished diamond was the triforce of power. Link couldn't believe his eyes. He walked up to it and picked it up. It was very heavy. Probably from being under evil power for so long. Link ran out back to where the altar was and picked up the other two triforces. With all the triforce power Link created a portal back to Hyrule and jumped into it. Then Gannon stepped into the temple and ran through the portal.

Grinning evilly to himself Gannon began to make his way through the portal back into the light realm. He arrived in the Chamber of The Sages. Link had apparently left already and the sages were defenseless to any kind of attack. Gannon raised his hands and the entire chamber burst into flames. The sages burnt to death except for Darunia who could withstand the fire and extreme heat. Darunia started to attack Gannon. He shoot waves of fire at him. Gannon pulled out the triforce of power and shot a beam of energy at Darunia.

" But I thought Link took the triforce of power from the evil realm! " Said Darunia.

" Ah but Darunia do you think I would leave it unprotected? I just made a replica of it so Link would take it and make a portal back to the light realm. And now my plan to finally take over the world has begun. And killing all the sages will start it." With that Gannon slashed at Darunia killing him. The sages' spirits went to the sage guardian to forever rest.

Gannon then left through the portal back to the temple of time. He knew that the sages' spirits would go to the sage guardian the Deku Tree. He had to go to Kokiri Forest to kill the tree. He headed across Hyrule field towards Kokiri forest, killing anything that crossed his path.


He finally made it to Kokiri forest. He walked in and immediately started throwing fireballs at the houses. Kokiri children began running out of their homes. Gannon killed them by slashing at them with his claws. He walked through the ruins of the forest into the Great Deku Tree's meadow. He looked up at the tree and hurled a giant fireball at it. The tree burst into flames. He then looked at the Deku Tree sprout and hurled another fireball at it. Both trees were now burnt to a crisp. He smiled to himself and then something miraculous happened. A Gerudo named Cylina, A Goron named Dalsonia, A Zora named Alinia and Mido still alive and well appeared and the sage spirit of their race entered them making them into that sage.

Cylina of the Gerudo inherited the sage of spirit. Dalsonia of the Goron inherited the sage of fire. Anilia of the Zora inherited the sage of water. Mido inherited the sage of forest. Since no known Sheikah still existed no sage of shadow could be inherited. Just then mirror Link appeared and inherited the sage of shadow. Just then Link and Zelda rushed into the meadow. Link inherited the sage of light and Princess Zelda remained as the seventh sage.

"Who are you and why have you destroyed the forest?" Demanded Link.

" Ah...I see you do not recognize my new body. Do you not remember that lost day in the future? A day that never happened. Three years ago you, Link, The Hero of Time destroyed Ganondorf, King of Darkness, Ganondorf then came back and made one last wish on the triforce of power. He wished for eternal life until that triforce was either destroyed or taken from him. But the wish had a side effect. His spirit would live on through an evil wizard named Gannon. I, Link am that wizard. I am the spirit of Ganondorf, King of Darkness and rightful ruler of Hyrule!" Shouted Gannon.

He then held up the triforce of power and Link looked at him in astonishment, " How, how did you get the triforce of power? I got it from the evil realm." Said Link.

" Ah but Link do you think I would actually leave the triforce unprotected? I merely made a replica of it so you would take it and make a portal back to the light realm. Of course you took the bait and here I am now. And now you shall die and I will extract the triforces from you!" Shouted Gannon.

" Gannon have you not the noticed that you are surrounded by all the sages the hero of time and the seventh sage? You are outnumbered greatly." Replied Link calmly.

Gannon searched his surroundings and created a portal and jumped into it.


The eight heroes looked up at the burned Deku Tree, which was now entirely destroyed. The wood was burnt to a crisp and the remaining parts of the tree were black and rotted. The spirits of Darunia, Saria, Impa, Nabooru and Rauru were now cursed for eternity until their deaths were avenged.

Out of nowhere about ten stalfos appeared wielding swords. Link pulled out his own and the sages prepared to defend. Link immediately dove forward and jabbed his sword into the stalfos skull knocking it to the ground. Three more surrounded Link. He ginned and started to charge power at the end of his sword. As soon as the blade turned blue Link released and the blade went in a circular motion knocking all three stalfos to the ground. Link then finished them off by cutting of their skulls. He took as stab at one but the stalfos moved back and Link fell to the ground. Another came up from behind him and raised it's sword.

Link's life flashed before his eyes. He remembered the horse ride with his mother to Kokiri Forest when the war was raging on. Fires were everywhere in site and arrows were flying past him and his mother.


A while later his mother let the baby down in front of the Great Deku Tree her last words, " Protect my son, raise him to the destiny he is to fulfil Great Deku Tree..." And then his mother died.

He was raised as a Kokiri in the forest. Always being teased because he did not have a fairy. But one day on his tenth birthday, a fairy came to him and he was summoned to the Great Deku Tree. The Deku Tree told him of his destiny and started him on his quest. Link retrieved the three spiritual stones and then the master sword.

He then traveled seven years into the future to awaken the seven sages and defeat the King of Darkness, Ganondorf. He did so and saved Hyrule from destruction. After that he went back to the past and relived his life as any normal Hylian would for the next ten years.

The sword came crashing down and one moment before the sword hit his back a beam yellow light hit the stalfos in the back causing it to be sent to the evil realm. Link then got up and killed the last stalfos.

" Huff-huff.." Link breathed uneasily and deeply. " Thank you for saving me Zelda...Huff-huff" He said to Zelda who had shot the beam of energy at the stalfos.

" It was nothing Link, But I fear that Gannon person is actually the spirit of Ganondorf. We will without a doubt be seeing more of him. He has the triforce of power within him and I fear...he is very powerful and could destroy us." Replied Zelda.

They started across Hyrule field to Hyrule Castle. About halfway across the field just before the castle was in sight a man on a horse came running up to him. He pulled out his ocarina and played the Song of the Royal Family. He was a messenger of the castle.

" Princess Zelda, I have dreadful news. A pig like creature is leading an attack on Hyrule Castle. He has few troops but they are very powerful. They have the strength of ten men."

Link and Zelda ran up the hill until the castle was visible. Sure enough, The market was on fire, There was so much smoke one could not see the castle. " Father!" Shouted Zelda. She and Link started running towards the castle. They had to stop the invasion before it was too late.


Gannon pointed his staff at a group of guards and shouted, " Attack! " The group of stalfos ran in while some Deku shrubs shot seeds at the guards. The stalfos ran in and slaughtered the guards where they stood. The guards' upper bodies flew off while their lower body remained standing for a short time then it feel over.

Gannon had very little troops under his command, but he was satisfied with their strength. He had around twenty tektites, ten Deku shrubs, fifteen stalfos, five lizafos and ten wolfos. Already Gannon had made a large hole in the front of the castle so that the raid on the inside could begin. Gannon caught sight of a Deku shrub running towards him.

" Sir, The fates have turned against us and our numbers are down greatly. We have around three tektites, two stalfos, one lizafos, and four wolfos. I am the only shrub remaining." Said the shrub

" But how did our numbers decrease so heavily?" Shouted Gannon.

" A young man about twenty years of age in a green tunic and a young woman of about the same came rushing in and started destroying guards by the minute. Also reinforcements have come from the nearby Kakariko village. I fear we must retreat before our numbers are totally lost! " Shouted the shrub.

" Agreed...." Sighed Gannon disappointed with his attack. " Retreat men! " Gannon formed a blue portal and all his troops suddenly disappeared.


Link and Zelda sat watching from the tower as the men started rebuilding the castle wall. Link was on a bed due to an injury when he was fighting the stalfos. One of them stabbed him in the shoulder; it had just missed the bone. It had already been healed but his shoulder was still aching. The wall was almost repaired. The attack was over a week ago and they had been making great progress on repairing.

" Where do you want the pipe organ placed!?" Shouted one of Gannon's stalfos.

" Put it near the back of the cave!" Replied Gannon.

Gannon's chamber was being set up within the labyrinth underneath of Death Mountain. He was again planning another attack on Hyrule Castle but this time his numbers would be much greater.

" Master! I've found something! " Shouted another of Gannon's minions. Gannon walked over to where the lizafos was. " It appears to be a dagger of some importance master, shall I look it up in one of the volumes?" Asked the lizafos.

" No, Continue with your work. I shall look it up myself. " Replied Gannon walking into the nearly completed study. Gannon walked up to one of the shelves and started looking from side to side. A book entitled Ancient Artifacts of Old Hyrule. Gannon picked that one from the shelf and walked over to the desk. Opening up the book he immediately began looking for a picture of the dagger his minions had found. After a short while he found the page he was looking for.


The Nagul Dagger: Of the two mighty artifacts that the magnificent sorcerer Nagul crafted he threw away his second masterpiece, A powerful dagger. It had the power to destroy the holder of the triforce and to extract that from its owner. If one was to find the dagger he could rule the world if one had claimed the triforce.

The Nagul Dagger is also used in conjunction with the Amulet of Nagul; The first masterpiece. The handle on the dagger has a hallow that would fit the amulet perfectly. If the amulet were placed in the hallow then it could create a replica of any triforces not held by the owner as long as he had at least one triforce.

The Nagul Dagger was said to be used once in all of Hyrulian history. When the forging of the Master Sword was taking place a Gerudo thief by the name of Wernard Dragmire stole both the Amulet of Nagul as well as the Dagger of Nagul. Before the sword was set in the Pedestal of Time the Gerudo ran into the Temple of Time and attempted to make his way into the Sacred Realm and steal the triforce from the sages. Just as the sword was set into the pedestal and the portal to the Chamber of the Sages opened Wernard attempted to jump in but fell short. The dagger and the amulet feel out of his hands into the portal being transported to the Chamber. Wernard again dove for the portal and just barely made it. However only half of his body made it through and the space time continuum sent him into the void between realms.

The dagger and amulet was then given to Darunia, The Sage of Fire to hide hopefully for eternity. Darunia returned to Hyrule and made his home in Death Mountain. Some say he hid the two creations somewhere near the mountain.


Gannon remembered the name Wernard Dragmire. It was the name of his mortal form's father. Wernard was the father of Ganondorf Dragmire. Gannon examined the dagger. There was an engraving of a triforce emblem on the handle, The blade of the dagger was made from pure silver and finally the tip of the blade had a single drop of blood on it.

Gannon picked up his personal journal and started writing:


23 days 7BW: Today my pipe organ was placed in the cavern. It seems construction of my new lair is going well. I expect it to be done in a week at the latest. I want the secret chamber for the triforce of power to be started as soon as possible but my new minions the Dodongos say it would be too dangerous to start digging now. I disagree but one of the things I most hate to say is that they are more knowledgeable on this subject then I am. I must go with them on this one.

Preparations for the attack are nearly complete. The Dodongos have been planning to make a tunnel underneath the surface so that we can make a sneak attack. I have acquired many new Deku shrubs, those will pose as major defense and the first line of attacks. My plan is that the shrubs go in first while we stay behind, the shrubs will fire their seeds and knock down as many soldiers as possible, and then the real attack will begin.

Now for some really good news. One of the lizafos made a great discovery today; A dagger with the power to kill Link and Zelda and take the triforces from them. This will aid me greatly in the attack and my plan to rule the world.

Since the battle plans need extensive attention I will not be making entries in this journal for a while until either the battle is ended or I can find some free time.


" Master! Do you wish to come work on the plans? " Shouted a stalfos.

" I shall be right there..." Replied Gannon. He walked towards the main cavern and met up with his minions and began preparing for battle.

" Dodongos, You tunnel is soon ready? I received a report from one that it is only a few meters until you reach the courtyard and then about fifty meters to the surface. Is this correct?" Said Gannon.

" Yes master, We plan to have the breakthrough about twenty meters away from the front guard station. We have also done something without your permission we regret if this goes against your plans. We planted five Deku shrub seeds for shrubs to grow and they will surface upon our command. " Replied the head dodongo.

" That was a good idea but I'd appreciate you coming for my approval first. Now shrubs you will go in first shooting your Deku seeds and knock down as many guards as you can. We are aiming for the entire front guardhouse to be rid of soldiers. I know it will be hard but do your best. Now wolfos you will aid the dodongos in the second line of attacks. Both of you will run in to the second guardhouse attacking. Wolfos run in and start attack by using your claws. Dodongos run in and start breathing fire. After these two attacks I want the shrubs to follow the main attack and stay behind us if we decide to retreat, you will hold of the guards. Wolfos and dodongos you hide somewhere and come in as needed. Your leader will decide when the time is right. " Gannon finished his plans for the first two attacks.

" But master what of Link and Zelda?" Asked a lizafos.

" Ah getting to that, allow me to present to you Aspete, He is an abnormal stalfos trained greatly in swordsmenship. He will be the one that will fight Link. Now Garnial is an abnormal lizafos skilled in hand to hand combat as well as sword combat. He shall also deal with Link as needed but primarily Zelda." Said Gannon as Garnial and Aspete stepped into the room.

" Anyway as Garnial and Aspete are dealing with Link and Zelda, the stalfos and lizafos will deal with the castle guards. After either the guards are whipped out or they retreat, Garnial and Aspete will hold Link and Zelda as I stab them both in the heart with the dagger and then their triforces will become mine. " Gannon finished.

" Now I don't want to waste any time everyone into the tunnel! We have a battle to win!"

Gannon shouted as they all ran into the tunnel.




Link and Zelda sat on the balcony watching the sunrise. Gannon had been fairly quiet for the past few days. It worried Zelda and Link. " He's been quiet for too long " Said Zelda.

" Yes well maybe he just realized that we are too powerful for him and he cannot beat us." Replied Link.

" Well we'd better be on the lookout. He could attack at any time. " Replied Zelda.

" Yes..." Agreed Link with coldness in his voice. Link went over to a chair and started polishing the Master Sword.


" What!" Shouted Gannon. " You say the tunnel caved in because it wasn't far enough below the surface?" He shouted again. " Start digging to the left and make your away around the caved in area. I want the surface breakthrough to be exactly where it was planned. " Shouted Gannon.

The dodongos continued to dig as Gannon ordered all the men back to the underground lair. When they finally got there Gannon went strait to his study. He picked up his journal and began writing.

24 days 7AIW: Disaster. Today when the troops and I were going down the tunnel we came upon a part of it that had caved in. It could take as many as three days to dig around the caved in area. It will put us off schedule greatly.

One good thing, While my troops were scouting around the Death Mountain area they stumbled upon a building known as the Tower of Hera. It appears to have been built almost immediately after the Imprisoning War that locked me in the evil realm for ten years. They also found out that it contains a spherical object known as the Moon Pearl. It can change a person who has been in the evil realm back to their mortal form. If I could get this, I could change back into my mortal form of Ganondorf Dragmire.

This new lair is working well but I fear for my safety. The volcano of Death Mountain is an active one and causes volcanic earthquakes. This means that my lair could cave in and crush us all.

I have had as many troops as I can find searching the Death Mountain area for the lost Amulet of Nagul. Some of the troops say that they found something interesting within a cave in the crater. It appears to be another culture's markings. The lizafos claim they have seen the writing and say it is from a country called Tanol. They say it is a warlike country. If I could persuade them into joining forces with me it could prove as a great aid.

I have been practicing my sorcery and have found a way to seal the gate to the evil realm for eternity. It is actually very simple really. All I have to do is take a simple being and cast the stone spell on it. Then cast the spell to open a portal to the realm and cast the stone being into it. Then as long as the stone being does not land in my soul protecting temple, the soul cages will try to trap the soul of the stone being until it has used up all it's power and eventually sucks all the power and life out of the realm. Including the power to open a gate to the realm.

Now that is all the time I have to write. I must now send troops to the Tower of Hera to bring back the Moon Pearl.


Gannon finished his entry and started searching the shelves of his study for a volume. He found the volume he was looking for the book was entitled The Book of Mudora. Gannon opened the volume and turned to the page he was looking for.


The Dagger of Nagul is a very dangerous and powerful weapon. It is more powerful then a single triforce piece in war as the triforce is incapable of killing or wounding a living person animal or plant. Some say the dagger is capable of killing the holder of the triforce. The dagger is incapable of killing the holder of a triforce piece, but it is capable of extracting the triforce from the holder.

The dagger is compatible with the Amulet of Nagul as well. If the two are joined it will have as much power as the fully joined triforce. If the two were joined, it can make a nearly as powerful triforce piece as long the two items had the power of a single triforce.

The dagger was used once throughout Hyrulian history ( see page 386 )

The location of the dagger is unknown but some say it was given to Darunia, The Sage of Fire to hide for eternity.


" Damnit! " Shouted Gannon. Gannon had killed Darunia when he came back from the evil realm into the Chamber of The Sages. He had to find a way to resurrect Darunia so that he could find out where the amulet was. Gannon put the Book of Mudora back in its place and began searching for another volume. He couldn't find it but continued looking.

" Din Damnit! Chief stalfos! Do we have a copy of Mystic Spells of Ancient Hyrule in the study! " Shouted Gannon.

" I'm sorry master that is one of the books we do not have. But I do know of a place that does have a copy. It is near Kakariko Village. The new sanctuary claims to have every book written in Hyrule since Hylians became the dominant species." Replied the chief stalfos.

" Well let us go! I want two dodongos and three stalfos immediately. " Then Gannon and his five minions left for Kakariko Village.


" Zelda my dear. I have great news! The explorers that left about a year ago have returned with news of land beyond Death Mountain. It rightfully belongs to Hyrule! I just want you and Link to go over Death Mountain. It will take you to another mountain range. There is a giant mountain there in which you must climb. From there you can see all the new land. I want you to climb that and survey the new land. " Spoke the King of Hyrule.

" Yes father, Link and I shall explore this new land. We shall leave tonight.

Zelda went and got Link. They started packing immediately. Soon after they were on there way to Kakariko Village to climb Death Mountain. They reached the gates to the village and saw smoke. Link ran in and saw two dodongos and three stalfos creating chaos throughout the village. Link pulled his sword out and immediately began destroying foes. Gannon came running out from the newly built sanctuary with a large book. He then saw his attack was foiled and teleported away.

" What was that about!? " Shouted Link.

" I have no idea, but I think we should continue on with our quest. " Replied Zelda. Link agreed with her and they set off for Death Mountain.

About one hour later they were at the top of Death Mountain gazing over all of Hyrule.

" It's beautiful isn't it Link? " Zelda asked.

" Yes it truly is, but we can't stay for long I would like to get across the mountain range by nightfall." Replied Link.

" Yes, I guess we should go" Agreed Zelda. The two started off across the mountain range towards the new land.

They had been walking for about an hour and Zelda suddenly felt a great burst of energy.

" Link, I just felt an overwhelming burst of energy, I think I may need to sit down for a moment. " Said Zelda.

" Woah! I just felt it too. I had better sit down as well. " Replied Link.

" Link! Look at your hand! The triforce is glowing! " Shouted Zelda. Link looked and sure enough it was.

" Yours is as well Zelda! " Replied Link. Zelda's was glowing as well.

" Someone must be playing the song of the triforce..." Replied Zelda.

" The song of what?" Asked Link.

" The song of the triforce, remember the lost day where you battled Ganondorf. When you first walked in and I was trapped in the crystal. Ganondorf was playing a song on his pipe organ. If all three triforce were within the room in which the song was being played the triforces would combine into one again." Replied Zelda.

Link remembered that day coldly as he sat up again. " Well the Deku Tree Sprout told me that when one would touch the triforce and he was not in balance the force he most believed in would teach them the song of the triforce. That means that only one person could know this song other then us, Gannon. " Replied Link.

" Correct Link, You're a smart one yes you are. " Spoke Gannon.

Link and Zelda turned over to where the voice was coming from and there stood Gannon with about ten lizafos standing behind him.

" Gannon! " Shouted Link. " You will die and then Ganondorf's spirit shall be sealed in the evil realm for eternity."

" Ah, My lad Link, I'm sorry that cannot be arranged because I sealed the evil realm of for eternity with a spell. Now you cannot banish me anywhere! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Shouted Gannon. " Now attack troops, Don't kill him I want him alive! " Shouted Gannon.

The attack came fast. This was strange for lizafos because they usually stayed on the defense and rarely attacked in battle. Although Link had never fought so many lizafos at one time he was sure that their numbers had an effect on the way they attack.


Zelda was just short of useless since the triforce cannot kill or injure another being and she had no weapon. Link had sworn to the king that he was to protect Zelda to the death with all his might. Link intended to keep that promise. He dodged a blow from the lizafos then dove and shoved the master sword into its stomach killing it. He then charged the power in his sword and released it. Link spun the sword around as it knocked down several lizafos to the ground. Wanting to get the fight over with Link cast Din's Fire and burned the rest of the lizafos to death. He then ran over to Gannon and raised his sword.

" Now! " Shouted Gannon as a stalfos appeared and stabbed Zelda in the back. Just as she was dying Gannon teleported over to her and shoved the dagger of Nagul into her hand. The triforce of wisdom came from her hand onto Gannon's.

"Nooooo! Shouted Link as he went to stab Gannon in the back. Gannon turned around as he shoved the dagger into Link's hand and the triforce of courage came from Link's hand onto Gannon's.

" Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Laughed Gannon. " The entire triforce is now mine! I shall rule the world! " Shouted Gannon. Gannon held the triforce over his head as Link looked in amazement. Time almost froze as Link looked at the triforce. It was beautiful, The sun reflected off of it and shone a golden shadow over all of Hyrule. Every piece was exactly the same as the other. Each piece perfect in every way, The three pieces were interlocked as if it was just one giant triangle. Link could almost feel the radiant power coming off of it. But the goodness and peacefulness soon wore off. It was clear Gannon had made his wish. The golden shadow quickly turned to dark and black, as rain clouds hovered over Hyrule. It began to thunder and lightning.

Link quickly snapped out of his trance and realized what to do. He ran up too Gannon and stabbed him in the heart with the master sword. He then shouted, " Six sages open the seal to the golden land and get the hell out of there! "

Gannon was then sucked into the golden land. The six sages appeared and asked Link what to do. " Seal the gate to the realm, Never let it be open. The golden land will be Gannon's prison. It will keep him locked up...for a time. " Replied Link.

Link then realized realized that Gannon had dropped a book before Link had sealed him in the golden land. He went over and picked up the book. " Mystic Spells of Ancient Hyrule " Link said to himself. Link then went over to Zelda, " Zelda, I swore under oath that I would protect you to the best of my ability and to the death. It seems I could not fulfil that oath. Gannon has the entire triforce, but I sealed him inside the golden realm. I love you Zelda, but I failed in my promise to your father. And now you are dead. " Link began to cry.

He then noticed there was a page book marked. He quickly turned the page and began reading.

Resurrection of a Sage: If a sage was killed then one must resurrect it. This is a difficult task because the regiments needed are very rare. Some blood from the hero of time, a drop of blood from the remaining sages, and a symbol of great power. All the blood must be put on the symbol of power, when the blood of spirit, shadow, forest, fire, light and the hero of time are put together it creates the cure for anything because of its supreme peacefulness.

The symbol of supreme power must then be shoved through the sage's heart and it will be resurrected.


Link called the sages and collected a sample of their blood. He then took a sample of his own blood. He picked up the Dagger of Nagul which Gannon dropped and placed the blood on it. He wondered if the spell might be altered since Link was also the sage of light. He raised the dagger and shoved it through Zelda's heart. There was a flash of green, red, purple, yellow, blue and orange. Zelda opened her eyes and coughed.

" What happened? " Asked Zelda.

" You were killed by a stalfos, but we resurrected you. Gannon stole both of our triforces and combined them to make the full triforce. But I locked him in the golden land with the master sword. We then sealed the entrance to it. I fear we must destroy the temple of time to protect the golden land forever. Replied Link.

" So Hyrule is rid of Gannon? Link you did it! Hyrule is free! I planned to send Ganondorf to the golden land in the first place because when there is no courage or wisdom to keep the triforce in balance it looses its power. There is only power since Gannon is the only one in the golden land. Gannon could receive power from his triforce because it did not need any wisdom or courage to stay in balance. Also if a seal on the golden land is cast the triforce takes it as a protection spell so it aids the seal. In the evil realm it has no effect because it is just a void." Said Zelda.

" Well Hyrule is rid of Gannon. Do you wish to continue on to New Hyrule?" Asked Link.

" Sure...Can you give us a lift sages? " Asked Zelda.

" Sure " Replied Alinia the sage of water.

" Ok then let's go! " Shouted Zelda.


A moment later they arrived at the edge of a mountain looking at New Hyrule, There were villages already built. Also a castle stood in the very heart if New Hyrule. It was surrounded by a moat as well.

" Why Link, This place has already been settled, There were Hylians here before us! " Shouted Zelda.

" I have an idea..." Said Link. " We have avenged the sages' deaths by banishing Gannon, but how about we name the villages after them. I think we should call that village west of the castle, Ruto. And the village east of it Rauru. How about we rename Kakariko village too Darunia. What about that village north of the river, would you like to call it Saria? " Link said.

" I think it's a great idea Link...But what about Impa? She was a sage. Is there not a village for her? " Asked Zelda.

" Well how about the next child born into royalty we name Impa. " Said Link.

" That's a good idea Link. I think we should call the castle North Castle. "

" Perfect name Zelda. " Replied Link.


Most of Hyrule then moved to New Hyrule and settled in the villages. Zelda did not get married but did become the


34 days 7AIW: Today I arrived in the sacred realm. The golden land as some call it now. Although I have the triforce I do not control it. It aids the seal put on the golden land to the light realm because this is where the triforce was made. The triforce was only in the light realm for a few seconds. Also I have learned that I can only withdraw power from the triforce. It needs a symbol of courage and a symbol of wisdom near it for me to withdraw its full force.

I have made my wish on the triforce as well. It will not come true anytime soon though because it requires wisdom and courage to be fulfilled. I can act as a small symbol for both but it will feed the triforce little of these virtues.

The golden land has changed greatly since I last was here. It resembles the evil realm very much. Although no soul cages are in this realm. This land is actually to my liking. The sky is a gold colour rather than blue, the trees are green and lush, ancient statues of Din, Faore and Nayru are placed about the realm, Temples are also scattered about the realm where the temples of spirit, shadow, forest, fire and water should be. The pyramid where I landed is the temple of light. I have put the triforce back in the temple of light so that no one can get it. Also I am assuming that it should get some extra courage and wisdom in the temple.

I have no fear of dying in this world since time does not pass in it. I am basically immortal in this world. I must stay in this body of Gannon since the Moon Pearl was never found. As soon as this seal is broken my first objective will be to get the Moon pearl and return to Ganondorf Dragmire.

No life resides here in this realm. When I receive enough power from the triforce I will create an army of foes. I shall only use one minion I have used before, the stalfos. The other minions have proved worthless.

I am aware that Zelda and Link have the Dagger of Nagul. It is still a threat as they can extract the triforce from me. My wish to conquer the world will be completed soon. I cannot communicate with most of the Hylians since telepathy has been lost throughout time. I can still haunt Zelda's nightmares though. When I am strong enough to break the seal I will kill their descendants as well as the sages'.

I have just been thinking of an idea. What if I were to separate the triforce so that I could receive power directly from the triforce of power instead of the entire triforce. It will speed up my ability to break the seal on this realm faster. But then my wish would be ruined and it would be impossible to re join the triforce because it needs a symbol of wisdom and courage to be joined. Curse it. It has begun to rain here in the golden land.

I must stop this entry now. In time Zelda and Link's descendants will pay...

Ganondorf Dragmire


The End


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