The Quadforce
(The Truth Unveiled)

By Angelia D. Newman

Zelda picked up her small child and walked to the window. She looked as people from all over Hyrule came to celebrate the birth of her son. She looked into his dark brown eyes and smiled at his serious and important look. His sandy brown hair crowned his sweet baby face, he raised his hand and softly pinched Zelda's nose. There was the mark of the triforce, clearly on his hand.

Link, Derek's Father walked in and reached for his son. Zelda gently laid him in his arms and a look of worry crossed her face. She was, of course, worried about the future of her son, like any normal mother. But this child was different, he was the heir to the throne and future guardian of the triforce.

Link placed a hand on her shoulder and said softly "Its all right, he'll be OK."

"I hope so, but he has a major job to live up to. I just hope he doesn't have to grow up to fast," she said softly

Link nodded and gently cradled his son and shook his head and spoke firmly "No child of mine will ever grow up too fast! I want a better life for him than I had!"

Link and Zelda slowly walked down the stairs of the castle and took there baby son into the throne room. Malon slowly made her way through the crowd and brought her daughter with her. She smiled as Link and Malon switched babies, each holding the other's child. David, Malon's husband grinned down at Derek and reached out to hold him.

"I thought I just had to have a boy, but then I had a girl and changed my mind. I do want a boy someday, though." David said as he held Derek.

"I thought I would die if I didn't have a son, and I had one," Link laughed

They each gave the babies back to the rightful parents and Malon and David were seated beside Zelda and Link. Malon looked down at her baby Elizabeth, who was born one day after Derek and smiled. Elizabeth laid there sleeping peacefully until the trumpets sounded, then Elizabeth along with Derek did too. Link, Zelda, Malon, and David each tried to quiet there wailing children, and eventually they quit crying.

After the ceremony Malon and David stayed at the castle to visit. They left the children in Link's crib. When it was time to leave they all went up stairs to get Elizabeth. She sat there looking at them when they opened the door with an extremely proud expression on her face. She reached out her plump baby hands out for Malon, and behold, on her right palm was the mark of the triforce. Malon gasped as she ran toward her and grabbed her up. The all sat there in disbelief. No one knew what had happened and Malon and her husband took there baby home with them wanting answers. But it would be along time before any could be found.

Chapter Two

In a dark castle, far away, Ganon watched his son. He plotted out how powerful his son would be against Link and his baby. The thought alone made laugh evilly out loud. No one knew where his son had came from nor how. The child had dark hair and pitch black eyes. The child sat there solemnly never giggling like small children do, he just sat there and looked at Ganon. Finally he crawled up to Ganon and put his hands on his knees before pulling himself up and looked into Ganon's eyes. Seeming satisfied, he returned to his spot on the floor quietly. Ganon watched him in wonder, he in fact didn't know where the child had come from.

Ganon had escaped from being locked up in The Dark Realm when a child had found an old book in an old abandoned library. He had found a paragraph that looked interesting about a dark Realm, chanted the words, the portal opened, and out popped Ganon. Ganon had escaped to his spanking brand new dark castle where he returned to being a maniac, constantly raving about the triforce, when he stumbled upon this child, who now sat staring at him.

"What?! Its not my fault that I don't have the triforce! But your gonna go and fetch it for me. Stop looking at me like that! What's wrong with you? Can't you see I'm raving, I mean plotting about how to get the triforce. Hey! Stop it! I'm not going to steal it, its rightfully mine, I mean your not going to steal it," Ganon said in a haunted tone.

"Bad, you bad!" the baby said, for the first time, still looking at him with a penetrating gaze.

"I am not! I mean yes I am! You will be too, wait and see!" Ganon screamed.

"You bad, bad Ganon, berry berry bad!" the child managed, still sitting there staring.

"Yes, I mean no, I mean yes! Stop looking at me!" Ganon picked up his seat and turned it around so the child could no longer look at him. But reflecting on the shiny black walls were two dark eyes looking at Ganon with disdain. Ganon yelled and ran out of the room, and the child looked after him before shaking his head with displeasure at the maniac.

Chapter Three

"Hey Daddy, what's that?" Derek asked pointing at a small bird in a vague direction.

"I don't know, what are you looking at?" Link asked walking over to his small three year old son.

"That!" Derek said.

"Well, what does it look like?" Link asked looking around.

"That! It looks like that!" Derek cried in frustration.

"Well, lets see...I see a bird over there, a tree in that direction, I see your Mother right there," Link said pointing things out.

"Oh, hello little tree," Derek said pointing out the bird.

"Uhhh, no. That's a bird." Link said taking Derek's finger and pointing it in the right direction.

Zelda laughed at her sons attempt to name things, especially 'that'. She carried her young newly born daughter over to Link. Link looked lovingly at his little Racheal. It was incredibly odd, Derek had the mark of courage, Racheal had the mark of wisdom, and Malon had a mark they had never seen before. Rumors were circulating that Ganon had escaped and he had found a child he was raising, but Link and Zelda didn't believe it, or perhaps didn't want to believe it. Derek looked up at Link, eyes full of adoration and love for his Father. Derek always said "Next year when I'm older, I gonna get a sword and shield like Daddy's and go save the world."

Link and Zelda smiled at Derek, but inside they cringed at the thought that he might too, have to go and risk his life to save the world.


"Hello, Momma," Elizabeth smiled as she ran to Malon.

Malon grabbed up her daughter and held her close. "Hello, Beth."

"Can we go up to the castle today and see Derek and Rachel?" Elizabeth pleaded, giving Malon puppy eyes.

"Well...I..alright," Malon conceded, not seeing any harm in a little trip. She brushed back an auburn silky strand from Elizabeth's face and sat her down. She took her hand and led her inside.

"David, honey, we're going to the palace for a little visit. We'll be back shortly," Malon called.

"All right," David nodded and kissed them both good-bye.

Off they rode to the palace, and on there way they did not see someone lurking in the shadows. On the way Malon saw a red book with the sign of a triforce she had never seen. She felt a desire to read the book and it was an odd thing, so she picked up the book and took it with her. While she was at the palace she accidentally left it there and later on Zelda found it. She opened up the cover and it said:

'When the goddesses ruled and created the world they made the forces and hid them in the sky to protect the world. Lest anyone of evil should take all the forces, the world would turn evil forever and collapse into an everlasting dark age. But if one of complete good should find the forces and wish with a pure heart that the world would turn into a golden age, it would be so. The goddesses saw that evil were after the forces so they decided to lock them away. They locked them into The Sacred Realm but behold, one of the forces had fallen out of the sky, so they created a people to eternally guard the force and make sure that no one took it unless it was The Chosen One Of A Pure Heart. This force was of love and that is why if one of a bad heart took it he would have the power to destroy love. But no one is of a perfectly good heart, but if they wish for good, then when they found the love force it would make them of complete good and love. But for all these years it has remained hidden. The Evil One will steal Power, The Courageous One shall have Courage, and The One Of Wisdom shall have the force of Wisdom. Four young children shall be born, and you will know when it is them, for they will have the marks of the forces on there hands. The Forces are Courage, Power, Wisdom, and Love. They are called The Quadforces.'

Zelda sat there shaking when she had finished the prophesy. No wonder when Ganon stole Courage, Wisdom, and Power he hadn't been able to take away all good and send the world into a dark age. She thought back and remembered when Ganon had stolen all the forces and Link went and took Wisdom and Courage back. Finally, they had thought they had gotten rid of Ganon when they had sent Ganon into The Dark Realm and he had taken the power triforce with him. She shook her head and corrected her self, the quadforce. Then she thought of Elizabeth. She had the mark of love. They had to find the Love Force before Ganon did. She wondered if Ganon even knew about the love force, or the quadforce. At that moment Link walked in and without a word she handed Link the book. He looked at her curiously, but didn't say anything. He read the passage and his mouth formed a thin, tight line.

"What do you think?" Zelda asked in a quivery voice

"It can't be. Its probably just a joke, most likely to distract us from getting the power force," Link answered through a constricted throat.

"Oh, but Link, think if it isn't. Then what? I know you don't like the idea of our children going in search of the force, but...what choice do we have?" Zelda asked desperately.

"Never! I don't want to hear another thing! I will never allow anything to make my children...have to take on such a task!" Link yelled at her.

"Link, lets go for a walk," Zelda said in a tone that he didn't dare argue with.

They went for a walk out over Hyrule field. They were miles away from the palace when they heard armies of horses. They turned just in time to see horses with mounted knights on them bearing down upon them. Before Link or Zelda could do anything, the knights reached for there clubs and knocked them out.

Chapter Four

"You are finally mine!" Ganon roared as he looked evilly at them "Now tell me where the triforces are and we might let you die peacefully."

"We are not going to tell you anything." Zelda said as she stepped forward "I would rather die a thousand painful deaths!"

"Well, how do you feel about that Link?" Ganon asked turning on him.

"You know I would never tell you anything!" Link yelled.

The child with black hair walked forward and looked Ganon in the eyes. He reached out and put his hands on his temples and turned Ganon's face toward him. "What is it? What do you want now? I don't have any food!" Ganon said more quietly, trying not to look into his eyes.

"You bad, you berry bad Ganon, you berry berry bad." the child said still looking into his eyes "You let then go now."

"No! And I'm not bad, I mean I am, so why should I?"

"You let them go now, Ganon," the child said staring into his eyes.

"Ohhh! All right, take them to there cell!" Ganon said, and sighed in relief as the child turned and walked away.

Back in the cell, Zelda turned to Link in disbelief "Did you see that? That child is the only one who can have any affect on Ganon. I've never seen anyone so flustered in my life. I wonder about..." suddenly Zelda's voice caught in her throat "Do you think Derek and Racheal are okay?"

Link looked up at her, his eyes full of tears "I can only say they had better be, or I swear I'll kill Ganon! They may say he is invisible with that power force of his, but he has never seen a Father's rage!"

Chapter Five

Derek looked around and lay crouched down holding his baby sister in his arms in the hidden part of the castle. Above, he heard footsteps and voices. He looked curiously at the courage force and the wisdom force his Dad had told him so much about. He lay Racheal down and propped her head up as Momma had shown him to do, and crawled over to the courage force. He reached out and touched it for the first time. Everytime Derek tried to touch it, Link would run over and grab his hand and tell him not to touch. It glowed so bright he had to shut his eyes and when he reopened them the glow was not so bright. His hand felt warm and suddenly he wasn't so afraid. On impulse he picked up Racheal and pushed her hand against the force of wisdom. She was sleeping, but she immediately awoke as her eyes popped wide open. She sat there looking at it as it glowed a bright blue color.

"Do you feel that?" he asked his little sister, who turned and looked at him with wide eyes.

They heard the footsteps grow quieter and then they heard the horses ridding off into the distance. When they came out everything was in ruin. Derek packed some of his things into a sack and put the forces in them. He sat against one of the walls that was still half-way standing. For an hour he sat there, until he heard someone ride closer. He started to run, but saw it was only a peasant, and he looked different. He was tall and had black hair, bright green eyes, a long pointed nose, and had red cheeks, that always made him look like he was blushing. He stopped when he saw the castle and two children.

"Ha, ello dare....ahhhhh whay are da doint all by tourselt?" he asked in a funny accent.

"My parents are the Queen and King of Hyrule. The got stolen but we hid," Derek said motioning to his baby sister and himself.

"Ahhhhh, da you tot, ahhhhh, anyswere, ahhhhhh, you tan tay?" the farmer asked.

"Yeah, we can stay here," Derek said looking at the castle.

"By you swelf" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," Derek nodded.

"You, ahhhhh, had better, ahhh, tome swome wis me," the farmer said sitting them and there things in the back of his wagon.

Chapter Six

(14 years later)

"Hey Derek! Wait for me!" Racheal called running up to Derek. He had just gotten off work, and she had just gotten out of school for the day. Derek glanced at her and took her school books and led her home. When they got home he sat them on the counter, went over and kissed his Mother, the only one he could remember. She was a pretty woman with long dark curls and lashes. Her eyes were a bright blue that really stood out. Her nose was, like all the others long and pointed, and she had the rosy cheeks. He went outside to help his Father with the farm chores while Racheal helped her Mother prepare supper.

"Momma, guess what! Jaren asked if he could walk me home today, but I told him you probably wouldn't like that very much," Racheal said carefully watching her Mother's reaction.

"Honey, your only fifteen," Her Mother said glancing at her, to watch her reaction.

Racheal sighed and nodded as she looked down "Yeah, I know."

Her Mother fought to decide what to do "Well, when I was your age young men were walking me home after school. So, I see no reason Jaren can't walk you home, as long as that is the extent of it."

Racheal's blue eyes immediately lit up and she wrapped her arms around her Mother "Oh, thank you Momma!"

After supper, Racheal was feeling in need of a walk, so she decided to look around. She saw the shed and something within her perked up. She had never been in there and it was always locked, but she felt as if something were calling her. She looked around and through a window she peeked in.

"What are you doing?" Derek's voice asked from behind her.

She instantly whirled around and said in a whisper "Derek! Don't scare me like that, I nearly had a heart attack! I was...just wondering...what was in this old shed."

"What?" he asked.

"Well, you and I have never seen what's inside so....don't you want to know?" Racheal asked.

"No, not really," Derek answered good-naturedly.

Suddenly, the glass busted open on the window. Derek pulled her down and landed on top of her to prevent the glass from hitting her. However, the glass didn't even come close and landed to there side. Derek looked around and finally gave in to Racheal's pleading and let her go inside. Derek boosted Racheal up and she climbed through the open window. Derek glanced around but no one even seemed to notice. Funny thing was, when the glass shattered it didn't make any noise and just broke. From inside Derek saw a rope fly out and he climbed in. They saw a small bag and some boxes. Derek felt something pulling him and he started to open the bag. When he pulled it open a bright light shined out. Actually, two lights were shinning. A green one and a blue one.

"What do you think this is?" Racheal asked walking over as she spotted the two lights.

"I don't know," Derek said looking at the forces curiously.

Racheal reached out and grabbed the blue force, and when she did she saw a young woman with blond hair and blue eyes. She had pointed ears and was reaching down to hold her small child. It was unmistakably Derek. Then she was holding another baby that, in a smaller form resembled Racheal. Instantly, she knew it was there Mother. The quadforce of wisdom had reavealed it.

"What are you doing?" Derek asked looking at her. He reached out and picked up the quadforce of courage and saw the same image. They stood looking at each other all revealed. They were not from here.

"She looked just like us..." Racheal said.

"So!" Derek said But in truth he remembered this woman from some where.... He had images of a young man showing him birds and trees, a mother calling for him. He closed his eyes, it was too much.


"Come here!" Ganon said to his 'son'.

"I'm coming," Andrew said walking over to Ganon.

"Tell Zelda and Link to hurry and come here!" Ganon said to Andrew.

"Very well," Andrew said in a mysterious voice.

He went to the prison were they had been held all these thirteen years. Zelda and Link were no where to be found, and he knew why. The night before he had let them free. He walked back to the throne room and told Ganon of this.

"What?! You were supposed to be watching them!" Ganon yelled.

Andrew sat there staring at him as Ganon shifted uncomfortably under his sharp gaze. Ganon looked away.

"This is your fault and since it is you will go and find them!" Ganon said in a harsh yell.

"Of, course, but I will need the power force to get them, you know how long it took you to find them," Andrew said lowly.

"What?! Never!" Ganon roared.

"Well, then I guess you will never have them. Is this not what you have been training me for?" Andrew said looking calmly into his eyes.

"All right! But then be gone, and do not return to me until you find them!" Ganon roared.

Chapter seven

"Zelda! Link!" Malon cried running toward them, crying.

"Oh, Malon!" Zelda cried as they ran into the others arms.

"We thought you were dead!" Malon cried.

"For a while, so did we," Zelda said in tears.

"Mother, what's going on?" A light gentle voice asked walking out of the house.

"Elizabeth, come here! Look its Zelda and Link!"

Two soft brown eyes studied them a moment before a beautiful smile spread across her face. "Hello," Elizabeth called softly before running toward them. It seemed impossible that she could remember them, after so long, but perhaps Malon had kept her memory by telling her stories.

"Ohhh, Elizabeth how you have grown!" Zelda cried thinking of her own children

Elizabeth smiled softly again. She was very beautiful, with auburn curls and rich almond colored eyes. She was tall and had a sweet sense about her. They all continued there laughing and hugging before Zelda settled down to matters.

"I must find my children!" Zelda cried. Link wrapped his arms around her and held her as she began to cry

"Zelda, Link, there is something we have to tell you," Malon said as gently as she could. "When we found out about what happened at the palace, we went immediately to find the children, the were already gone. Most likely Ganon's men took them."

"What?!" Link cried in anguish. "We were in the dark palace and they were not there!" Then a look of sadness filled his whole face as he realized that meant they had probable been killed.

"Oh, Link, I'm sorry! Please don't cry they may still be alive," Malon cried softly.

"Please Link, Zelda, listen to me. They are alive, I know they are, I can fill it. Its like something powerful is telling me," Elizabeth said earnestly

Suddenly, a warm and tingling feeling surrounded Link and Zelda and knew they it was the quadforce. "They must have the quadforce! They are alive!" Zelda said in hope.

"Look Zelda, there is no quadforce, all right!" Link shouted, but suddenly realized that if it were true it was the only hope he had of his kids still being alive. He has to believe. "Or maybe it is."

"I will go out and find them," Elizabeth said with a distant look to her eyes.

"No!" Malon cried firmly.

"Mother, you and I both know I must. Please, understand that Racheal and Derek's lives may depend upon it," Elizabeth said softly.

Malon's eyes held a sign of recognition and she ran crying into the house. Elizabeth looked after her in sorrow at hurting her but determination in the fact she knew what she must do. David, his eyes holding tears followed Malon inside.

When Malon came back out she carried a bag filled with water, food, clothes, and other necessities. "Come back safely to me. And please bring back Derek and Racheal," Malon cried.

Elizabeth hugged everyone one last time and set out for Eclipse, Epona's grown foul. She waved one last time as she left the ranch.

Chapter eight

Elizabeth had thought this journey would be hard, but she had no idea it would be this terrible! She wiped sweat from her brow before ending her break, mounting Eclipse, and putting away her canteen. The sun was hotter than normal, and she felt her head begin to spin. She tried to make Eclipse stop, but realized she wasn't moving. She had been trying to save water because all the streams had dried up, and was now dehydrated. She had just finished the last drop and her tongue felt like sandpaper. Her eyes were gritty and she was very hungry. Her food was now gone and the last time she had eaten the bread had been so mouldy it made her sick. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. She was in serious trouble.


Andrew rode as fast as he could to escape the Dark Castle. This was the first time he had ever left the dark castle and had no intentions of ever going back. He hated Ganon and all the people that were there, save Link and Zelda. They were the only truly kind people he had ever known. Everyone else was kind because they feared him because they thought him to be powerful. For some reason he didn't understand, he made Ganon uncomfortable. He would just look at him and request something and Ganon would give in. He was tired, tired and sick of the castle. The quicker he got away the better. He didn't want to go back, but hated to lie. He had given Ganon his word he would come back when he found Link and Zelda, but he would never bring them back. So he would never go near the Lon Lon ranch where Zelda and Link had told him they were going. In a way he had always thought of them as his parents, and they in turn treated him like he was there son. He knew that they had at one time had a son and daughter, but Ganon had torn them apart. He thought maybe that was why they loved him so much. He thought of them as he rode along. For some reason he had to have the force of power with him. Mostly because he didn't want Ganon to have it. Ganon had tried to raze him to be evil like him, and he probably would be if it weren't for Link and Zelda. Link had touched him with his kindness, and Andrew had found it preferable to when Ganon had tried to teach him hate. He sighed, he sure wished he could see them again.


"We can't tell Dad or Mom about this, for some reason they didn't want us to find them. If they knew we found them they might get mad," Derek said as he stuffed hid the strange green stone in his treasure box. He quickly locked it, pulled up a board and slipped it in, replaced the board and nodded for Racheal to go to her room and do the same. When she had done that she crept back into his room and sat down on the end of his bed.

"Derek, do you want a girlfriend?" Racheal asked curiously. It was well after midnight and Racheal had quietly slipped into Derek's room to talk in secret, as was there custom when something was bothering them.

"No, well maybe, I don't know. I mean, I would if I found a girl I really liked. But so far I can't say I care about any of the girls that I know," Derek said thoughtfully

Racheal nodded, they were both evading the subject they really wanted to talk about. Finally Racheal spoke up "Well, I know you saw the same thing I did when we touched the stone. That woman, she seemed somehow firmiliar."

"Yeah, but I don't want to think about what it meant. I mean, I had this strange feeling she was our Mother, but that's impossible," Derek sighed.

"Is it? We always did look different than everybody else. We talk different too. And that woman and man had theses symbols on them too," Racheal pointed out.

Derek thought a minute before nodding "Yeah, but.... Well, what do we do about it," Derek asked.

"Just leave it to me. Tomorrow I'll try some things," Racheal said as she walked out the door.


"So, the other day, some kids and I were discussing foster parents. Alicia fond out when she was twelve she was adopted. She said she would have rather have not known, but if I were adopted, I would want to know," Racheal pointed out.

Her parents nodded and shifted around uncomfortably, and told them to hurry and to stop talking and eat. Racheal gave Derek and I-told-you-so look. He shrugged and hurried to finish eating breakfast. When Racheal was finished he walked her to school silently willing to admit Mom and Dad did act strange.

All day at work he was quiet and withdrawn. Later he decided to go out for a ride on Spirit, his horse. He saw a crumpled figure lying in the rode and pushed Spirit to a run.


Elizabeth sat on her horse, her head spinning around. She felt herself lifting up, up, up... She fell off her horse, and went unconscious.

They next thing she knew someone was bent over her shaking her. She opened her eyes to see a young man looking earnestly over her. He looked relieved to see her open her eyes and asked seriously "Are you all right?"

"W-where am I?" Elizabeth asked in confusion, not seeing her familiar room at the Lon Lon ranch.

"You are in Drafinia," He answered.

Elizabeth looked at him. He had sandy blond hair, dark brown eyes that looked earnestly into her almond ones, from what she could tell he looked tall, and he had a golden tan.

"Oh...." Elizabeth said softly feeling her cheeks begin to burn.

He took her hand and carefully helped her to her feet. Then, he swept her up and sat her on her horse. He mounted Spirit and lead him over to Elizabeth. "You'll be coming home with me until you are better. My Mother will be glad to have you," Derek said leading her horse. Elizabeth, thinking that everyone was good didn't even think of the dangers.

"All right," Elizabeth said


"Come dear, you may share a room with my daughter Racheal," Martha, Racheal's Mother said, leading the way to her room.

"Thank-you," Elizabeth said in appreciation.

"Why, we are most pleased to have you. Here, lie down for awhile. If there is anything you need just give me a call!" Martha said cheerfully.

Derek poked his head in and saw Elizabeth lying on Racheal's bed. He knocked politely.

"Come in," Elizabeth called softly. Derek loved the sound of her voice, it was soft and rich. She was beautiful, or so he thought. She also seemed to have a good personality.

"I brought you some water," Derek said offering her the glass.

"Ohh, I appreciate that. I haven't had water in a while," she said thankfully as she took a long drink.

"Oh, its no bother," Derek said waving it aside.

"Well, you can't keep waiting on me like this," she chuckled.

"Really, its not a problem, and I'll be going so you can rest," Derek said, with a hint of regret.

"Oh, please stay. I mean if you want, I haven't talked to any one in a while," Elizabeth called blushing.

Derek nodded gratefully and sat down on the edge of the bed. They were deep in discussion when Martha poked her head in to see how Elizabeth was doing to discover Derek sitting next to Elizabeth holding her hand. She smiled softly and walked out quietly.


Andrew rode up to town and looked around. A sign said it was called Drafnia. He spotted an inn and rode over to the post and tied up his horse. He walked in and spotted a man behind a worn desk. He walked over to him and asked "Can I get a room?"

"For how long?" the man asked in a disapproving voice, that matched his expression.

"Um, I'm not sure..." Andrew said uncertainly.

"Well, then how am I supposed to know how much to charge you?" he asked scowling

"Herbert! This young man is new here, some fine welcome your giving him! Come on dear, you can stay with me," a woman with a kind face offered.

"Thank-you, very much," Andrew said following the woman out the door to her house across the street.

"Now, I have to work at the inn, but you make yourself at home," the woman said cheerfully.

After Andrew had unloaded his things into the room the woman told him would be his, he stepped out into the street. He ran into a young lady on his way out.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" he said helping her up.

"Oh, its all right," Racheal said standing up.

"I'm Andrew," he said extending his hand.

"I'm Racheal, its a pleasure to meet you. Are you new around here?" Racheal asked.

"Yes, actually, I am," Andrew said nodding.

"Hmm, we don't get many visitors around here. Why don't you come over to my house for dinner, Mother won't mind at all," Racheal invited.

"Sounds fine, I'll just run it past Margerett, I'm staying with her," Andrew nodded.

"Great, see ya then!" Racheal called.


Over the next few weeks Elizabeth and Derek became great friends, perhaps more than that. Both seemed to have forgotten all about Elizabeth having to leave. But one day Elizabeth remembered. They were out walking through the meadow on John's, Derek's father's, farm.

"Derek, it is time for me to say good-bye," Elizabeth cried taking his hand.

"Why? You could stay here," Derek said pulling her close.

"No, I can't! I gave Zelda and Link my word I would find there children. There names are...." Elizabeth stopped, took a step back and gasped.

"What? Zelda and Link, I swear I have heard those names before!" Derek said in exasperation

"You....let me see your hand!" Elizabeth turned his hand over, and there clearly was the sign of the quadforce.

"Please, look I know its weird but...." Derek said trying to explain, thinking that was why her mouth was hanging open, until she thrust her hand over and he saw the mark.

" Derek, son of Link and Zelda, the heir to the throne!!" Elizabeth cried.

"I have no idea what you are talking about. Unless..." Derek said with a pained expression on his face.

"Oh, Derek, I'm so sorry. I know you must be very upset. But you have to understand that Zelda, your true Mother, has to see you!" Elizabeth said.

"I know...but that means Martha isn't my Mother!" Derek said crying silently.

"Oh, Derek, I am sorry!" Elizabeth said hugging him.

"Of, course. We will have to go..." Derek said emotionally.


Andrew walked beside Racheal listening to what she had to say. She had told Jaren that she wanted Andrew to walk her home. His spirits soared as he led her to her house. Every day he spent as much time with Racheal as he could. She was the first girl he had ever met and he liked her alot. Suddenly at the last sentence she said he stopped cold in his tracks.

"So, I have to go with Derek to see my Mother and Father, Link and Zelda," Racheal said also stopping to look up at him.

"Link and Zelda? Your there daughter? Derek is there son? Are you sure?" Andrew said putting a hand on each of her shoulders.

"Yes, I'm sure. But you can't tell my parents, I mean my adopted parents. We are going to leave without them knowing," Racheal said tearfully.

"Oh," Andrew poured out the whole story of having met them and having the power quadforce, which he thought was only the triforce.

"You mean you have the power piece of the quadforce?" Racheal asked.

"Yes!" Andrew said seriously.

"Ohhhh, my gosh! I haven't ever seen one, but I do know that we have the love piece. What do they look like?" Racheal asked.

Andrew pulled it out of his pack and handed it to her when no one else was around. "I have one, well actually two of these!" Racheal cried.

"If we get the love force and put it together, and the one with an honest heart makes the wish, everything will be right again!" Andrew cried.

Racheal nodded and ran home. When she got there she told Elizabeth and Derek the whole story. They immediately went to the vault where they had the force and used the other forces to open it. The love force was a bright red. It was so bright they had to squint when they took it. They quickly shut the door and left. They had knocked the guards out and they lay fast asleep. They took them to the woods, gagged and tied them to a tree and left.

That night, they left taking there supplies and went as fast as there horses could go.


Malon sat on the porch of her house watching for any signs of Elizabeth. She sighed when she didn't see any, Elizabeth had been gone way too long. Suddenly she heard the sound of horses in the distance. As they came closer she recognized Elizabeth and called for the others to come out. She took off running for them. Elizabeth hopped off her horse and went running toward her Mother.

"Mother?" Link said uncertainty as Zelda walked up to him, her eyes full of unshed tears.

"Yes Derek, it's me," Zelda said as she wrapped her arms around him.

In that instant he knew that though she was his birth Mother, Martha would always be the one that had raised, cared, and loved him. He had two Mothers, both that loved him, he was very fortunate. He turned his head to see his Father embracing Racheal as tears streamed down both of there faces. He also knew they were home.

Andrew stood politely by, though feeling forgotten. Finally, after a long, long time, Zelda embraced him also and told him how much she had missed and loved him.

"We found the love force and also the power force," Racheal said in excitement. Link shook his head at the name love force, but he jumped at the name power force.

"What?!!!!!!" Link yelled.

"Its true!" Racheal said pulling out the force.

"Now, all we need is someone of a pure heart to wish." Derek said, naming the prophesy.

Link grabbed the power force and danced around until Malon took it from him and handed all the pieces to Elizabeth.

"Now, my dear, that is your job," Malon said quietly, proudly.

Elizabeth took the quadforce and wished with all her pure heart that the world was good. From the sky lights came flooding down. Ganon came bellowing up in the distance. He raised his sword and came charging. The lights all turned on him and blew him to bolivion. "Agggg!" was Ganon's last strangled cry. For a time everything was quiet, then Derek bent over and placed a kiss on Elizabeth. Andrew took Racheal's hand and smiled. The quadforce was taken up into the sky by the godessess to be forever locked away. Together they walked in happiness back to the palace.

Then peace flooded the earth, and everything was good again, at last.

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