The Quest

by Megan

Chapter 14

Anna awoke with the first light of dawn. The sky was dreary, promising a rainy day. A cool wind blew into the cave, lifting a few stray strands of hair from her face. The chill and dampness in the air sent a dull pain into her injured arm, making her wish that faerie ponds were not so scarce in Hyrule.

Istas was still awake, as he promised her he would be. "No sign of the army's return?" she asked groggily, and he nodded. Upon seeing the Master Sword laying not far away from her, she remembered the events of the night before. Link had been captured! She struggled to stand, sending more pain through her arm. "We have to get going! We need to save Link as soon as we can!" she said, picking up the Master Sword and holding it with both hands. She struggled to pick up her quiver, which lay next to the sword. Managing to do this, she slung it over her back, then got her bow. Istas got his bag. Anna could see the Tetraforce laying inside. "We need to protect the Tetraforce, Istas. They know we have it, so they'll stop at nothing to get it," Anna told him, and Istas nodded.

With that, they headed out into the dim daylight. Dark clouds had already gathered, and a low rumble of thunder echoed throughout the sky. Mist was in the air, and it left beads of moisture on them as they started to walk through the trees. "I know there has to be a way into Ganon's underworld lair. We need to hurry and find it!" Anna told Istas as they continued to move. "Easier said than done, though," he told her, but she did not reply.




Ganon stood before the crystals that held Link and Zelda. "Dark Faerie! Come forth!" he boomed, and the Dark Faerie appeared above him. "Yes, Master Ganon?" she asked, floating down to his side. Ganon glared at her, then snapped, "Get those two brats you neglected to pick up last night and bring them here!" The Dark Faerie nodded in reply and said, "Yes, Master Ganon, I'll get the army on it right away." Ganon's eyes glowed. "No, you fool, you will do this alone, and do it quickly. The princess and the 'Hero' are almost ready to inherit their powers. We need to get those two brats here before they do. I know that they have the Tetraforce." The Dark Faerie nodded again, then vanished from the room.

After her departure, Ganon looked up at Link and Zelda. Both of them, their crystals floating side by side, glared down at him. He grinned wickedly back up at them. "Hmmm," he began thoughtfully, "this is quite a predicament for both of you, isn't it? You may as well get used to it, you'll be spending quite a long time in those crystals!" He laughed evilly. With this, he turned and strode out of his chambers.

Link turned to Zelda. She was extremely upset. Anger and sadness showed in her eyes. "Zelda," he asked her, "what are we doing here?" She sighed and turned to face him as best she could, given the crystal's limited space.

"Hyrule is doomed, Link. I hate to say it, but Ganon..." she said, trailing off. "What is it, Zelda? What is he going to do to us?" Link prodded her. Tears shone in Zelda's eyes as she looked up at him. "He plans to use the powers we will inherit to get the Triforce. What's worse, he's after the Tetraforce as well. If he gets it, he will rule over all...." She stopped, drew in a deep breath, and continued, "I...felt so helpless, Link. I couldn't do much to try and stop Ganon from capturing you. Now that he has both of us, the Triforce will soon be his, and our world will be destroyed." The tears of defeat and despair in Zelda's eyes finally rolled down her pale cheeks. Link sighed, then tried to console her. "Don't cry, Zelda. We might be captured, but there's still hope. Anna and her friend, Istas, are still out there. They'll find us..." Link trailed off, sighed, then said, "I just hope they can get here in time..."



Anna continued to walk through the undergrowth, Istas trailing behind her. They were unaware of the danger that lurked close by. The Dark Faerie, who had just appeared above the treetops, was searching the area for them. "Where did those two brats get off to? If I don't find them..." She emitted a cry of frustration, then began to fly around, looking down between the thick tree leaves. Unable to spot them, she floated downward among the trees. I'm close to them, she thought, hearing tree branches snap and leaves rustle. They were in a patch of trees ahead of her, deep into the forest.

A clearing was not far off, and the Dark Faerie went to it, knowing that they would have to come across it sometime. She grinned. I will bring them back to Master Ganon soon, and evil will finally rule over all, as it was intended! She laughed wickedly, then shrunk down to a smaller form. Hovering in the air, she awaited their arrival.

Anna grew increasingly flustered as the minutes passed. There seemed to be no way of entering the underworld from Hyrule! Her arm hurt more than ever because of the damp air, and the mist formed clear beads of water which rolled off her face as she walked. Smaller beads clung to her hair like small clear pearls. The weight of the Master Sword took a toll on her aching arms, making it nearly impossible to hold it. Yet, she pressed on, hoping to stumble across a hidden entrance to the underworld where she knew her brother was being held. The undergrowth, a green wall before her, seemed endless to her tired eyes.

Finally, she spotted what seemed to be a small clearing not far ahead. "We'll rest in the clearing up ahead, okay?" she asked Istas, who nodded in agreement. He was as equally tired as she was. As they got closer to the clearing, Anna could sense something evil up ahead. Istas felt it too, though not quite as strongly. They paused. "Something's off up ahead," Istas said, to which Anna nodded. Cautiously, they continued on. The feeling got stronger as they drew closer to the clearing.

"It's coming from the clearing," Anna determined as they continued toward it. Finally, they were in the clearing. Anna laid the Master Sword down, then put an arrow to her bow. Istas had drawn the sword Link had let him borrow. Both were ready for whatever challenge lay ahead.

The Dark Faerie knew that she had been discovered. She made no effort to try and hide herself any longer. She flew out in front of them, then returned to her original form. "It's the Dark Faerie!" Anna exclaimed. The Dark Faerie grinned wickedly. "You two are coming with me, Master Ganon's orders," she said, then fired a torrent of black energy at them. They cried out in surprise as they were thrown backward through the air, then came to a harsh landing on the hard ground. Istas rose first, then helped Anna. She trembled with rage. Her pendant started to glow with its own mysterious power, firing a hit at the Dark Faerie. The Dark Faerie dodged, then rapidly fired some magic spheres in their direction. They managed to dodge them. Anna removed her pendant from her neck and held it up. It began to glow again, then released some of its own power. The Dark Faerie laughed wickedly as she avoided it. "Pathetic fool, do you really think that worthless pendant can stop me?" she asked, then fired some more of her own energy at them. Istas cried out in pain as he was struck. He fell, unmoving, upon the ground. "One down, one to go," the Dark Faerie said, laughing. Anna's eyes hardened with profound hatred. "You will pay!" she shrieked, then fired some of her pendant's energy at the Dark Faerie.The Dark Faerie cried out as the beam found her shoulder, slicing across it. Glaring down at Anna, she snapped, "You wretched little brat! How dare you do that to me! You and your little boyfriend are both coming with me, there's no use in trying to fight me!"

"I'll never give up!" Anna said defiantly. "Oh, but you will. Master Ganon needs that Tetraforce. He needs you two as well. So, you have no choice. You'll both be coming with me!" the Dark Faerie said, then released another blast of dark energy at Anna. There was no time to get out of the way or defend herself. Anna felt the energy hit her, sending burning pain deep into her body. Tears of pain welled in her eyes, and her head felt clouded. She sank to her knees, groaning in pain, then fell to the ground.

The Dark Faerie grinned. "Oh, what a shame. Looks as if I was right, after all." With this, she used her magic to make the limp bodies of Istas and Anna float in the air, along with all the weapons they had been carrying. Finally, she made the bag with the Tetraforce float in the air. Gripping it tightly, the Dark Faerie murmured, "Master Ganon will be quite pleased. Evil will finally rule over both dimensions!" With this, the Dark Faerie disappeared, taking Istas and Anna with her.

Ganon returned to his chambers, awaiting the Dark Faerie's return. When she finally did return, she would bring him the boy and girl, as well as the Tetraforce. When the Tetraforce was added to the Triforce, Ganon would finally have his ultimate wish fulfilled. He would become supreme king of everything in both dimensions. Everything as well as everyone would be under his command. He smirked at the very thought of it.

Suddenly, the Dark Faerie appeared behind him. He turned to face her, pleased at the sight of the lifeless bodies of the boy and girl under either of her arms. In her hand, she carried a bag. She tossed the bag at his feet. "Here is the Tetraforce, Master Ganon," the Dark Faerie said. Ganon grabbed the bag greedily, then removed the Tetraforce from it. He gaped at it in anger and surprise. There were still some pieces missing! Ganon snatched the bag up from the floor, and crammed the Tetraforce back inside.

"Dark Faerie! There are still some pieces missing!" he snapped at her. Her eyes widened in fear of Ganon's rage. "Y-yes, Master Ganon," she said, her voice trembling. Ganon's eyes smoldered with rage for a few minutes longer. Finally, he snapped, "Drop the boy and girl. They will know where the rest of the pieces are." The Dark Faerie obeyed, throwing Anna and Istas unceremoniously at Ganon's feet. They were both regaining consciousness now, and groaned with pain as they landed. Anna was the first to open her eyes. Looking around the chamber, she managed to pull herself into a kneeling position. "Wh-where...?" she asked, confused. Finally, her bleary eyes focused on the figure before her. "Ganon!" she cried out in shock, struggling to stand. Istas, too, had finally opened his eyes and sat up. Upon seeing Ganon, he emitted a harsh cry of surprise. Both of them stood. Ganon laughed wickedly at them both. "So, you two have finally arrived here. Pity that one of you will only end up like these two." Ganon gestured behind him to where Link and Zelda hung suspended inside their crystals. "Link! Zelda!" Anna said in surprise, then glared at Ganon. "What have you done to them, ugly pig? What are you going to do to us?" Anna asked him. Ganon only laughed in reply. "You will soon find out. As I said before, one of you will be like those two. The other one...." He laughed wickedly, making a dagger appear in his hand. "Will get the point...of my dagger!" Ganon began to laugh again.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Anna said, firing a beam of light at Ganon. Ganon merely held out his hand and caught the light, absorbing it. "What?!" Anna exclaimed in surprise. Ganon grinned at her. "I have grown stronger than ever, you little brat. Your ridiculous little pendant has no effect on me any longer." Anna's eyes widened in surprise. Ganon must be ten times as strong as he was before! she thought in amazement.

"Enough chatter, though! I know that you two little wretches know where the remaining pieces are, and you will tell me now!" Ganon boomed at them, his eyes glowing red as blood.

Zelda's hand moved to the pocket of her dress. The piece of the Tetraforce was still there, still safe.If she had known she was going to be captured, she would have left it in the museum's hidden compartment... She watched as Ganon moved closer to Anna. "Tell me, you miserable little brat!" he roared. She glared at him, trying not to show her fear. "Even if I knew, I would never tell you!" Anna snapped at him. Ganon's eyes glowed again, narrowing in hatred. "You're lying to me, girl! I know that the miserable little pendant you wear is a piece of the Tetraforce!" he snarled at her, gripping the chain of the pendant. She cried out in pain as the chain snapped. The pendant came off of her neck and into Ganon's hand. He held it in his rough, deformed palm, looking at it. "Blast!" he exclaimed, "there is still one more piece to be had!"

Zelda's hand gripped the piece of the Tetraforce in her pocket. Should she reveal that she had the last piece? No, she thought, gripping the piece even more tightly, I can't betray everyone in Hyrule by giving the piece to Ganon! She and Link continued to watch as Ganon threatened Istas and Anna.

"One of you can meet your end, or both of you can! It makes no difference, just as long as I obtain the Tetraforce! With it, everything will be mine!" Ganon snapped, brandishing his dagger. Lunging forward, he took Istas by the shirt, holding him aloft. "Well, boy, it looks as if you will be the first to go!" With this, Ganon held his dagger to Istas's throat, preparing to kill him. "No, leave him alone!" Anna cried, and Ganon threw Istas roughly to the floor. "What? You want me to leave him alone? Well, in that case..." Ganon began, then suddenly lunged foward, holding the dagger's point out straight, "You will be destroyed first!" He aimed for Anna. She leapt swiftly out of the way. Ganon lowered the dagger's point, then came at her again. "Stop! I have the last piece!" Zelda cried from the confines of her crystal. Ganon paused, then turned to where the princess floated. "Well, well. So, the precious Princess Zelda had it all along!" Ganon exclaimed. Using his power, he made the piece float through the wall of the crystal and to his hand. Gripping it tightly, he opened the bag containing the Tetraforce. The piece Zelda had given Ganon filled in another of the prism's spaces. "Now for the last piece!" Ganon exclaimed, holding up the pendant. It took on a bright glow. There was a blinding flash of light. Suddenly, the pendant itself was gone, and the three smaller pieces that had formed the image of the Triforce inside the pendant fused together, making one bigger piece. The Tetraforce glowed as the last piece floated over to it, making it whole. The completed prism hung suspended in the air. My dream! Anna thought with surprise. Ganon turned to Istas and Anna. "I know one of you two brats hold the Essence of the Tetraforce! Now, which one is it?" Ganon asked, waiting expectantly. He knew that the one that held the Essence would be revealed soon, and as soon as it was, he would put them inside a crystal, then kill the remaining one. Still, he waited. Nothing happened. Maybe it wasn't one of them, after all. He started toward them.

"It looks as if neither of you hold the Essence after all. Oh, well, it looks as if I'll have to send my army out later to find out who does....In the meantime, I guess I should dispose of you two," he said to Istas and Anna. "Where to start?" he asked mockingly, looking back and forth between them. Finally, he took Anna by the shirtfront. She gave a cry of fear as she was held up. "I shall begin with you. You didn't want your little friend to die, so I'll simply kill you in front of him!" Ganon cackled as he pressed the dagger to Anna's throat. She gasped in pain as the dagger left a red, bloody line across her throat. She could hear Ganon laugh again as his grip tightened on the dagger, preparing to slice her throat with it....


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