Return of the White Knight

By Doug

            It is a bleak winter day in the town of Ruto with a heavy wind blowing off the mountains. Snow is falling heavily on the ground as a stranger wearing a white cloak rides his horse down form the northeastern mountains near the town. His horse blends with the snow quite well as he dismounts to enter the inn on the edge of the town. He gives the horse to a young lad which leads it off to the stables as he goes to enter the inn. He enters with no fanfare of any sort talking among the patrons is pretty load then he pulls the hood back on his cloak and complete silence engulfs the room. His blond hair goes down to his ears in a neat look. His blue eyes shine a little as he nears the bar where the bartender stands at the counter taking orders. He goes up to the bar and the bartender a burly looking fellow with a dark beard waiting behind the counter ignores him. He clears his throat and the bartender says “What do you want?” in a gruff voice. The stranger himself is young but not a stranger to Hyrule and says “I’ll have a shot of whiskey please.” The bartender gets it right away then looking at him says “Are you who I think you are?” The stranger responds “Who do you think I am?” “Well, I heard a story a little while ago that a young fellow fitting your description came to Hyrule back in the summer, an adventurer or so he claimed. He tried to charm the Princess Zelda he seemed to succeed yet when it came to saving her when she needed him he failed but Link succeeded and this adventurer left in shame. I believe his name was Prince Fascade.” The stranger smiles and says “Yes, I am him. I have come to redeem myself.” The bartender chuckles “Good luck I will believe it when I see it.”


            At the same time Link is in his room with the Triforce of Wisdom practicing his swordplay with his favorite target the tall chair in his room “Take this Ganon and that hiiiyaaa,” He says as his sword hits the chair he was practicing on. Then a knock comes to his door he asks “Who’s there?” “It’s just me Link,” the familiar voice of Zelda “Can I come in?” “Sure come on in,” he says as he dislodges his sword from the chair. She slowly opens the door and steps in. The room is a little bit of a mess but Link seems to like keeping that way and Zelda knows that she can’t convince him to clean his room but she does try nonetheless. Link stops what he doing with his swordplay to enjoy this visit. “What can I do for you, your highness?” he says in friendly tone. She smiles at him “I wanted to visit that’s all.” Link can sense there is something more then just a social call going on here. “I am not always so bright but I think you want me to do something,” he says in cautious tone. “Link, you are quite right I want you to ride with me over Ruto today. I have some things I want to get,” clearly demanding of him. “Ahh, Princess I don’t feel like it with it being such a cold day,” he says in an annoyed tone. “No arguments Link. I’m going and you’re coming with me if nothing more then to window dress,” Zelda says then leaves the room. Link puts his sword away and grabs a heavier coat and gloves preparing to go on this trip. He mutters complaints to himself the whole time he prepares then goes down to the stables where he gets Catherine. As him and Catherine leave the stables Zelda rides up “I knew I could count on you,” she says mockingly. “Kiss?” Link asks. “Nice try but no chance,” she says in response. “Well, excuse me princess,” he says in his normal displeased tone. Link’s expression of disappointment manages to stick with him as they ride out of the castle and then hit the split in the road north to Ruto and south Raura. They head north it will take about two hours if they go at a regular pace to make it Ruto.


            The time passes quickly as they near Ruto but something doesn’t seem right in the noise of what sounds like battle is heard and Link spurs Catherine ahead. Ganon’s minions are all over the place with torches and weapons in hand. Link sees the inn where it looks to be one person with a crossbow holding his own against overwhelming numbers. Link cuts his way through the first line of monsters which are moblins with cressword. Link jumps off his horse somersaulting over a wave of stalfos and getting near this one person who has held these monsters so far. Link says as he zaps and cuts his way through the minions “Hey, I am supposed to be the only hero here.” Clearly the person defending the town knows it’s him that this comment is directed but doesn’t respond due to trying to stand against these monsters. Link throws a bomb which takes most of the monsters directly facing this guy then runs up to him. Then they go continue fighting back to back thinning out the remaining monsters. Zelda is over a ways stopped by the monsters but fighting them with her bow and magic for any of them that get close enough. As last of the minions fall in smoke Link and Fascade step away from each almost in disgust. The crowd in the village is jubilant with this rescue. Link and Fascade stare at each other then all the sudden to Link’s surprise Fascade extends his hand. “Link isn’t it? I am sorry we didn’t get a proper introduction before.” Link responds shaking Fascade’s hand “I thought you had left.” “I did but I returned,” Fascade says. Zelda slowly walks over to the two of them recognizing Fascade and remembering that fateful summer evening that he had failed her. “Ah, Princess Zelda it is so wonderful to see you again,” Fascade says in his most charming voice. Zelda isn’t buying and responds in bitter tone “Yeah, good to see you as well.” She backs away just as he attempts to kiss her hand and stands next to Link. As the clamor in the town settles Fascade says to Link and Zelda “I am here to redeem myself.” Link laughs under his breathe remembering how he failed Zelda, who elbows him just as does.


            All three ride back to the castle, Zelda remains quiet while Fascade and Link talk. This is a shock to Link because the last time Fascade was here he had nothing to do with him. Fascade tells his side about that fateful night and then the lonely ride home to Arcadia that very night. Then follows up with mentioning the chat he had with his father about being an adventurer. Fascade finishes with “And father told me that if I wanted to be an adventurer I had to be willing to get dirty to get the job done, I reluctantly agreed,” this is as they near North Castle. All three dismount Zelda leaves the scene almost as quickly as she can to the throne room both follow her at a distance. She runs up to her father and informs what happened on their trip to Ruto at the same time Link and Fascade both enter the room. King Harkinian recognizes Fascade and since he was asleep at the time of the attempted kidnapping of Zelda by Ganon’s minions he didn’t know about Fascade’s failure to rescue his daughter. “Prince Fascade, how wonderful to see you again,” the king says. Zelda is not pleased with her father’s response and stands with a frown on her face behind him. Fascade responds “Thank you sir I am honored to be here.” “Prince Fascade, why don’t stay a while. Tonight we are having a party celebrating the ending of winter and beginning of spring,” the king says. Zelda clearly not pleased says “Now, daddy I don’t think Prince Fascade really would want to attend on such short notice.” Fascade simply smiles and says “Now, I would be honored to attend your highness.” Zelda walks over to Link who is now heading toward his tower and stops him out of sight from everybody else. “Did you hear what daddy said?” Zelda asks. Link nods a yes. Zelda asks “You don’t think that’s right do you?” Link says slowly “Well, I don’t know the answer you want to hear. Fascade seems like he has changed though I still don’t trust him. As to whether or not your father has the right to invite him to the party tonight well that’s up to him. He’s king remember. It’s not like I’m invited or anything so it doesn’t matter me.” Zelda calms herself down and says “I don’t care if Fascade has changed I feel still uneasy around him anyway. Though the party will take place tonight you’re going to be my date but don’t try anything or I will make you so sorry.” Link smiles however he knows she means business about trying anything primarily no attempting to kiss her as mad as she is she might bust his lip for trying it.


            Ganon is watching the whole thing pondering what to do next. “So Fascade has returned I am sure he will make his presence known enough to drive Link away or maybe something better might happen,” Ganon says to himself.  Ganon sends a keese to infiltrate and view the party. Back at the castle evening is setting in with many nobles and royalty going to the party. Link himself is uncomfortable he doesn’t normally attend these sort of things; Zelda did invite him though her reason for doing so has to do with Prince Fascade being there. Link knows she is openly hostile of the prince ever since that evening and the prince acts like nothing happened by flirting with her. Link is still preparing when there comes a knock at his door. “Who is it?” he asks. “It’s me, are you ready?” Zelda’s familiar voice answers back which sounds impatient. Link puts his boots on and gives a final look at himself in his mirror dressed from head to toe now he is wearing a plumed hat, purple coat, white pants, and brown boots. ‘This is the fanciest I have ever dressed’ Link says to himself as he opens the door. Standing before him is the princess dressed equally well wearing her favorite green dress that matches her eyes and a pearl necklace. They leave to go to the party Link knows there will be dancing something he isn’t much good at and dealing with nobility which is equally uncomfortable for him. They walk in together but not like a regular couple they’re not even holding hands as they enter the throne room which is set up to handle all these guests. Zelda leans over to Link giving him this order “Walk with me over to the punch and we will get a drink.” Not only is he there to make the princess does not feel obligated to dance or have anything to with Fascade he is also there taking orders from her which is lousy for him. Once at the punch bowl Link gets a glass for the princess as she ordered him to. Zelda is just a few feet from Link, he hands her the glass carefully. The evening goes by painfully slow for Link who stands near Zelda aside from the occasional interruptions from Spryte trying to make passes at him. Fascade stays pretty much to himself. Link leaves to get some fresh air and stand outside for a while. Fascade spots this and heads over to the princess who didn’t seem to notice Link leaving. “Princess Zelda, may I have the next dance?” Fascade asks. Zelda looks for Link but realizing he has stepped out says in an anguished tone “I guess so.” They both go out on the dance floor and at this time Link walks back in. Link sees that Fascade and Zelda are dancing then realizes he has failed. He mutters to himself ‘boy, am I going to get when she gets off the floor.’ Zelda and Fascade dance merrily back and forth. The dance ends Zelda seems to forget who she has danced with as he walks her back to get a drink. Link keeps his distance in the doorway. “Zelda, I just feel so much like I failed before and I owe you so many apologies for that,” Fascade says in a charming voice. Link can’t hear any of this but he is starting to get a little jealous just like before. Zelda says in return “You do owe me and I don’t forgive easily nor do I forget.” “Zelda, I can only say sorry so many times I beg you to forgive me for my failing. I promise I won’t ever fail again,” Fascade says. “Alright, I forgive you but that doesn’t mean that things can go back to the way they were. I would have given myself to you if you hadn’t have failed. And do you know how close it came to me losing Link as a friend, even though he is obnoxious at times he is still Hyrule’s greatest hero,” Zelda retorts. “Surely, you would at least allow me to try to convince you I have changed,” Fascade says as he nears her. Link has about seen enough and leaves the room in anger. Fascade moves forward to kiss her and she pushes him away. “Don’t ever try that again, you still don’t get it. I said I forgive you not here I am come and take me,” Zelda says angrily. “So Link is your choice then, so be it. Then I will challenge him to a duel for you to prove myself,” Fascade says arrogantly as walks out the room. Spryte managed to catch all of this then leaves the room.


            At the same time this is happening Link is still mad in his own right. And says to himself ‘I was a pawn’ ‘a fool’. Spryte flutters into the room a few minutes later. “My Link you sure look angry. Are you alright?” Spryte asks. “Sure whatever, I feel like such a fool,” Link says in an anger voice. “Now calm down Link,” Spryte says in a reassuring voice. Link still mad says “Come on Spryte you were there and saw what happened. She made me her escort to keep him away and it didn’t work. I’m sure they’ll have a happy life together without me.” Spryte responds “And you didn’t even see what happened a few seconds later did you? He tried to kiss her and she pushed him away.” Link begins to smile “She what?” “You heard me she wouldn’t allow him to kiss her, but that’s not where it ends. I heard him say that he was going to challenge you to a duel for her honor,” Spryte says. “So he wants to fight me fine. But I will wait until he offers the challenge in person,” Link says confidently. At this moment Zelda walks into his room “I’m sorry about what you saw, if you wouldn’t have left me the first time to go outside it probably wouldn’t have happened. After you walked out the second time I felt so bad.” Link says “I heard about everything and I’m sorry for making such a snap judgment about what I saw. I was about to leave but Spryte told me everything that happened after I left.” Zelda asks “What all did she tell you?” “Oh nothing that you stopped him from kissing you and that he wants to duel me for your honor,” Link says. “You’re not going to take him up on the offer are you?” she asks. “Yes, I am. If he thinks I would walk away from a challenge he can forget about it,” says Link. “No, Link I order you not to do this,” Zelda remarks. Link says “Why, the arrogant fool wants it, why not give it to him.” Zelda is gravely disappointed by Link’s response and says “I don’t want bloodshed or anything like a duel in my honor,” then pleading “Please Link promise me you won’t accept the challenge.” Link is frustrated with her response “And let him say that I chickened out of it, never!” Zelda shakes her head and looks down. “I was really hoping you wouldn’t accept,” Zelda says. “I will allow him to make the challenge in person rather then just take it as is, if he’s serious otherwise I won’t accept,” Link says then follows “I hope he isn’t serious.” Zelda seems a little relieved “Thanks Link.” Zelda leaves and Link ponders his choices.


            The next morning Link goes to the dining hall for breakfast. Fascade is already there with the king. Zelda is also on her way to get breakfast and enters a few seconds before Link. As Link arrives Fascade stands up “Link, I want to ask you something or should I say tell you something.” “Prince Fascade what is it that you have to say,” Link says in friendly tone. “I guess you heard all about last night at the dance didn’t you. The princess told you I am sure. Now I want to at this time say I challenge you to a duel to prove yourself and also to protect the princess’ honor,” Fascade blurts out. Zelda jumps in “Hey, I don’t want this not here, not now.” Link stays silent. Fascade addresses her “This must be done I have my honor to maintain and my reputation as well. It is too late to stop it.” Link takes a deep breathe and says “If you think it must be done Fascade I will give you what you ask. If its fight you want it will be a fight you get. Duel accepted.” Fascade smiles and says “Shall we say in the courtyard in an hour?” Link now smiles “Yeah that sounds good I will meet you then to settle this. What are the terms for the duel?” Fascade says “Two weapons and no more, I have my crossbow and short sword and you?” “Cressword that’s all I need,” Link says confidently. Zelda interjects “Can’t we settle this without fighting?” Both look at her and say “No.” “Fine you two idiots can kill each other for all I care, I won’t be there to watch,” she says hoping to stop this foolishness. Again they both respond at the same time “Okay.” Zelda is furious at both of them for doing this and walks out the room. King Harkinian stands up and says “Alright since this is what you want I will judge it no cheating from either side. I agree with my daughter but since you both want this I will honor it.” Ganon is watching the whole thing in absolute delight and gleefully says “This is just what I wanted now I can steal the triforce and have the princess as my bride.”


            An hour later the courtyard is surrounded by onlookers as both combatants approach. The king is on his veranda overlooking the courtyard as the two enter the courtyard and says “Gentlemen, when I drop my hand to my side that is the signal to begin.” Both nod their heads in agreement. A magical barrier goes up to protect the onlookers from any missed shots. Link has his sword and shield ready just as Fascade has his crossbow ready. The king drops his hand Fascade starts shooting at Link rapidly which Link is able to dodge by jumping then rolling out of the way. Link fires a few zaps back at Fascade who uses his small buckler to block them. Fascade again fires his magic crossbow Link fails to move out of the way this shot which hits him in right shoulder. Link drops his sword as he falls backwards about the five feet. Fascade continues shooting as Link jumps back to his feet surveying the damage done to his shoulder a magical burn too many of these and he’s dead he knows. Link is unable to get to his sword through all the magical bolts being shot at him.  Link uses his shield fending all these shots which bounce off wildly in other directions. Link decides to try to deflect the next shot back on Fascade. Fascade takes a little time to reload again and level the crosshairs on Link. This time as he shots Link is able to deflect back on Fascade. Fascade doesn’t move quick enough to react and takes the hit in the chest area knocking the wind out of him forcing him to drop his weapon. Link runs forward and Fascade draws his short sword. Link forgets he doesn’t have his sword as rushes forward then as he nears Fascade he realizes it. Fascade laughs at him “So what do you think you’re going to do now without a sword you’re useless.” Link hits him with his shield again right in the chest area. Fascade is knocked to ground and his sword comes lose from his hand. Link looks at him “That’s what I would do without a sword, not so useless after all hey?” Fascade gets back to his feet and delivers a right handed punch to Link’s face hitting him in the mouth busting his lip. Link reacts with a kick to the stomach area. Both back away Link bleeding from his lip and Fascade catching his breathe from that kick. At the same time this fight is going on Zelda is in her room uttering complaints to Spryte “Why do they act so childish?” To which Spryte responds “Boys will be boys. And besides they will wear each other out I don’t think they’ll fight to the death.” This doesn’t really calm Zelda’s nerves. The door to her room explodes open as about ten moblins rush in and grab her. Zelda screams but no one hears her. Spryte does the only she can do and flies as quickly as possible out of the room to get help. Zelda is caught and tied up within seconds. Ganon walks into the room smiling “This could not have worked any better, if I had planned it myself, Link and Fascade are busy fighting and there is no one to guard the Triforce.”  “Don’t be so sure pigface,” Zelda says rebelliously. “What do you mean by that my dear?” Ganon asks. “Did you really think we would leave the Triforce of Wisdom totally unguarded?” Zelda says. Ganon yells to one of the moblins “Go and get the Triforce I am sure she is lying about it.” Three moblins with one keese following run down the stairs then across to Link’s tower. Zelda wasn’t lying, Captain Krin and Impa are in Link’s room with two other soldiers. The moblins ram down the door the soldiers are taken by surprise but react well stopping two of the moblins while the one in charge tries to take the Triforce but Captain Krin is in his way. The moblins stand no chance and are quickly destroyed. The keese flutters back to Ganon and he says to himself ‘the little fool was right, no matter I will take the princess anyways.’ Ganon leads the moblins and the princess to an underworld entrance in the wine cellar. Just as Link and Fascade are preparing to go again at each other with their weapons Spryte makes it to the scene and both stop. Spryte is completely out of breath as she spits it out “Zelda, Zelda has kidnapped by Ganon again.” Link shakes his head in disbelief and Fascade is now feeling very bad about this, while the king is speechless. Link looks at the king “Your highness I will return with the princess I promise.” “Well, good luck my boy,” the king says. Link walks away heading toward the wine cellar Fascade chases him down as he reaches the wine cellar “Link, I am so sorry I feel I have caused this. I want to help you get her back.” Link is cautious about this offer and reacts in kind “You want to help this isn’t your fight and what about our duel?” Fascade is visibly upset “Link, I know it’s not my fight but I have fought Ganon before you know that. And as for our duel we will finish it as soon as the princess is safe.” The second answer didn’t really make Link feel to well but he realizes that he might need some help. “Okay deal,” Link says confidently. Link leads the way to the down into the wine cellar finding the loose floor stone where Ganon came through.


            Dropping into the underworld passageway they both land on a muddy floor. Fascade doesn’t even seem to notice this time around. Link spots the tracks of the moblins leading to and from the castle. “I’m sure Ganon will have some surprises for us since he knows someone will come after the princess,” Link says. Fascade responds “You’re right I’m sure he will so we must move as quickly as possible to get him before he makes it back all the way to Death Mountain. He could hide the princess anywhere in there.” What Fascade and Link don’t know is Ganon is already there and is watching them. “So the fools want to come and get you my dear,” Ganon says to the princess who is chained to the wall in the main hall of Ganon’s throne room “Well, we will just have to welcome them.” Ganon gestures to the evil jar “Come forth my minions and welcome the heroes to their doom!” As Link and Fascade journey deeper neither says much. Finally silence is broken when Link says “Why do you dislike me so?” Fascade is slow in his response “I never really disliked you I guess it might be jealousy because of what happened that evening last year and then again last night of course. You ruined my reputation.” “No, I didn’t. You did that yourself deciding not to rescue the princess when she was kidnapped that time,” Link says. Fascade thinks then says “I suppose you’re right I did admit that when we were riding to the castle yesterday didn’t I?”


            A few steps later they enter a huge room with stone columns near where they entered. Suddenly the door behind them slams shut Link knows what this signifies they are about to fight a pet of Ganon’s. A few seconds later in a great puff of purple smoke appears a four headed Gleeok. One of the heads looks at the others and says “Look’s like lunch has arrived.” Fascade aims his crossbow at the body hitting it but it has little effect just infuriates the monster more. Link yells “No, we got to aim for the heads to defeat this thing shooting the body will take too long,” just as two of the heads spit fire right at Link. Link defends himself with his shield. Fascade ducks behind a column to avoid being hit by another head shooting fire at him. Fascade says “I hear you Link. Take out the heads and we win.” As soon as the fire ends Link fires a zap at one of the heads making it disappear. Fascade jumps out from the column with two zap bolts hitting two other heads leaving just one. The Gleeok responds with “Hey, no fair.” Just as he finishes saying that Link fires a final zap taking the last head out. The body disappears into purple smoke. Link says “I guess we work pretty well together.” Fascade then laughs “Yeah I guess so,” then remembering what they came for “We better get a move on this.”


            The Gleeok reappears in Ganon’s evil jar which Ganon notices “So they were able to survive this far. Well, that will soon change Thunderbird, Shadow come forth.” The Shadow bows before Ganon “What is thy bidding my master.” “Prince Fascade and Link have come to rescue the princess destroy them immediately,” Ganon says in an evil tone. “Yes my master. They shall not make it here,” the Shadow says. “Hmm…see to it they don’t,” Ganon says as the two disappear. At the same time Link and Fascade continue fighting and beating all these minions Ganon has placed in front of them with hardly any effort as they move from room to room. Fascade says “Is this the best Ganon can come up with these grunts are hardly any trouble at all.” Link is normally overconfident this time he stays cautious. “Well, I am sure that Ganon has more surprises for us to run into just before we make it to him,” Link says. They both enter another large room. All the sudden an energy blast hits them, knocking both off their feet. The familiar sound of laughter is heard. They both rise to their feet quickly. Then the voice which is Link’s but not coming from Link’s mouth “So you have made it this far well you won’t make it any further.” No one is seen as Link yells “Come on out and face me you coward.” Fascade is trying to figure this out. Link says to him “The Shadow is waiting to face us. It is pure evil, it’s the side of me that I don’t know. Hatred, loathing, fear, rage, everything that I hate about myself, usually he’s not alone.” Just as Link finishes saying this another energy blast them throwing them backwards. Fascade says nervously “I can’t see where these attacks are coming from.” Link in calm voice “That’s the other one Thunderbird. The Shadow’s sidekick I have faced both before. A thunder spell is the only way we can see Thunderbird.” Link puts his hands together and chants the spell. “BOOOM!!!” The thunder spell colors Thunderbird blue and makes him visible to them. Link says “I’ll deal with my evil twin if you handle this chicken bird.” Fascade nods yes then Link runs toward the Shadow who is in the corner of the room. Thunderbird looks at Link but Fascade shots at it hitting it in the chest then yells “Hey, are you afraid to face me you aught to be!” Thunderbird’s full attention is on Fascade as it flies right at Fascade who rolls out of the way of the claws.


            The Shadow runs into another room with Link close on his heels. Shadow turns and faces his light side counterpart Link. The Shadow hisses at Link “I owe you for the last time we meet. Time to pay up for it!”  Then the Shadow attacks Link with one low swing which Link jumps out of the way from. Link comes back jumping up in the air and coming down with his sword trying to cut the Shadow in half. But the Shadow just Link is too quick and moves out of the way. The fight in other chamber between Fascade and Thunderbird is heating up with. Thunderbird swiping at Fascade then getting up and moving quickly out of the way before Fascade can shot him. Everytime Thunderbird does this Fascade looks for a weakness. Fascade is able to dodge these attacks but has little time to take aimed shots at Thunderbird because the strikes are so near him. Fascade finally spots a weakness primarily when Thunderbird preparing to strike he shots energy from his wings then attacks this keeps an almost constant fire down on Fascade which he ducks. But this time Fascade pulls his buckler out. Thunderbird shots the energy blasts which Fascade block then fires his crossbow right at Thunderbird. Thunderbird is caught unprepared with this counter and falls to the ground rather then swinging down. As soon as Thunderbird is down Fascade unleashes his magical crossbow’s strength. Thunderbird is destroyed and disappears in purple smoke. Link and Shadow go back and forth is combat Link is even able to shoot a couple of magical shots at Shadow. Fascade runs next door following where Link went. As he enters he sees Link engaged with the Shadow. The Shadow is giving up ground and runs next door this time they all enter the main chamber with Ganon and Zelda watching. Ganon is furious and yells “I told you to destroy them.” Dark Link responds “Hey, I’m trying. There two of them.” But this is break Link needed and he hits Dark Link destroying him. Ganon stands between Zelda and Fascade as he enters. “So you want to save the princess now instead of avenging yourself what a fool you are,” Ganon says to him. “And I will free the princess,” Fascade says. Ganon puts his hands together and throws a magic missile. Fascade drops to ground to avoid getting hit. Then from the ground shoots his crossbow at Ganon. But Ganon moves the bolt however hits Zelda’s chains freeing her. “Zelda, I am glad you’re free now,” Fascade says as runs over to her. Just as he finishes saying that a beam of energy hits him in the back knocking him out. Zelda runs up to him, Ganon reappears in front of her. “Well, he should have made sure I was gone before checking on you,” Ganon laughs. Zelda at the same time pulls a boomerang out of magic pouch and throws it at Ganon. It hits him in the chest de-energizes him immediately and sending him to the evil jar but the room’s ceiling begins to cave in. Link runs over to Zelda and Fascade who is still on the ground. Zelda looks at Link and says “We have to get him out of here,” looking at Fascade. Link and Zelda grab Fascade helping him to his feet. They run for the exit as quickly as possible with Fascade still hurt. As soon as they get to passageway the entrance to Death Mountain collapses behind them. Link remarks “Well, I was going to do that anyway.” Link and Zelda realize they are now safe and place Fascade on the ground hoping to revive him. After a few minutes Fascade comes to. “It’s to see you safe Zelda,” he says. Link looks at Fascade and says “I’m glad that’s over with.” Fascade says “Oh, that’s right we do have to finish our duel don’t we?” Link sighs “If that’s what you want I figure that today you redeemed yourself with that rescue.” “I did, didn’t I. I suppose finishing that duel isn’t really necessary now is it,” Fascade says. Zelda says “That’s the first bright thing I have heard from either of you all day.” Link smiles “No Prince Fascade I agree it isn’t necessary to finish that duel let’s just call it a draw okay.” “Agreed,” Fascade says.


            Later that day Prince Fascade and Link shake hands as Fascade mounts his horse while Zelda is looking on. “Thank you Link,” Fascade. “For what?” Link asks. “For allowing me to redeem myself,” Fascade says in the return. “Have a good journey and good luck in your adventures,” Link says. “You two are welcome in my kingdom anytime please don’t be strangers,” Fascade says. Then Fascade follows with “Let me know when you two get married okay.” Link grins and Zelda elbows him for this knowing that he let Fascade on their relationship.

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