The Prophecy Of The Chosen One

By Sven The Evil Monkey

Prologue- The Hunter's Game

Rain made it perfect. The hunt was going great. The young man stood in the rain, letting it drip down his brow. His bow was drawn. The red bird flew overhead. The arrow flew from the bow and pierced the heart of the bird. The winged specimen fell to the ground and died. The hunter approached, smiling. This would make a tasty meal for tomorrow.
It was not to be, though, as the bird exploded. All that was there was a golden triangle. It spun upside down, and the hunter wasn't quite sure what it was. He reached out to it.
Back, it said. The hunter was startled. Only touch this sacred triangle with the intention of taking it. Grab it, and you shall become the immortal owner of the Triforce of Life. Be warned, the triforce will bring out what is truly in your heart and can lead to divine peace, or great evil. The hunter didn't know what to think. Finally, he thought. Screw the warning, he thought. He grabbed the triangle. Suddenly, his body broke into flames. The flames slowly formed a black cloak. The cloak cast a shadow that covered the hunters face. All that was visible were his glowing red eyes. He knew who he was now, and what he must do.
He was Ognair, and the Triforce was to be his.

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