The Prophecy Of The Chosen One

By Sven The Evil Monkey

Chapter 1-Accepting The Past

Link looked around. He was back all right. Back in the Temple of Time. Everything was normal again. And he would have the chance to grow up normally.
"Link," said Navi, his fairy friend. "It's time." Navi began flying higher and higher. She waved good-bye and then she was gone.
Link could have held on to this. He could have cried. He could have wept. But he didn't. He knew it was time. Time to face his destiny, time to become a man. Yes, a man! And with that, Link turned and left the Temple of Time. Forever.

Link slowly crept into the Kokiri Forest. It was late at night, and most of the Kokiri children were probably asleep. Link tiptoed past the house of the Know-It-All Brothers, toward the Hole of Z.
Link got on his knees and crawled through the hole. He was careful to avoid the rolling bolder, ducking into inlets in the walls until he reached the large chest. He had opened this chest months ago, to take the Kokiri Sword. But it wasn't his. Heck, he shouldn't have had it in the first place. The little red-haired boy was a Hylian, not a Kokiri. And so, Link did only what he could do: he returned the sword to the large chest.

The smell of warm apple pie filled Link's nostrils as he set foot in the Kakriko Village. The large town was one of the greatest places in all of Hyrule. No crime was ever around, all people had high paying jobs, and everyone ate heartily. Everyone but Link. He had been on the road for two days and hadn't had anything to eat. He didn't have the heart to beg for food and he didn't know how to hunt. It was hopeless.
Link sat down on a stoop, frowning. He took out his Boomerang and threw it, caught it, and threw it again.
"Nice Boomerang," said a voice behind him. Link spun around to see a young boy of his age standing behind him. The boy had bright green eyes and dark brown hair. He was wearing a red T-shirt, a brown vest, blue pants, and long black boots. He was an average sized, yet muscular boy, and was very attractive. "Where'd you get it?"
"Um," Link said. "Zora's Domain."
"Wow!" exclaimed the boy. "How'd you get in? They only let royal people in. Are you...?"
"No!" shouted Link. "No. I'm not a prince or something."
"Hmm." The boy sat down beside Link. "What's your name?" he said.
The boy extended his hand. "Rikard Trents." Link shook Rikard's hand.
"Trents?" Link said. "Wasn't that the name of a famous knight?"
"My grandpa, Harold Trents."
"Oh." Link stood up and began to walk off.
"Hey!" yelled Rikard. "Wait a minute!" Link turned around. "You look down on your luck. You want to come in and have some dinner with my family and me? Just some roast beef, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli, but Mom always fixes too much anyway."
Link tried not to drool over the thought of a plump roast on his plate. "Sure," he said happily.

The Trents family was one of the nicest in town. The father, Gregorio, was the best blacksmith in all of Hyrule and easily the wealthiest. The mother, Ayla Rase, was a housewife who also babysat a lot. Finally, Rikard was his father's apprentice in the blacksmith shop. The wealthiest yet kindest family in town. That was the Trents family.
Link took a big bite of roast beef. He washed it down with some water.
"Hey, Link," said Rikard. "Where do you live?"
Link froze. He hadn't counted on this. He would have to tell the truth. "No where. I'm a nomad. My mom and dad are dead."
"I'm sorry to hear that," said Ayla Rase.
Rikard looked at Gregorio. "Dad," he said, "can Link stay with us? It ain't like we're short on space."
"That depends," said Gregorio. "Link, can you work hard?"
"Yes, sir."
"Are you willing to pour your heart and soul into working every day?"
"Yes, sir."
"Are you physically strong?"
"Yes, sir."
Gregorio swallowed some carrots and then said, "All right. You can stay for as long as you like if you take up apprenticeship in my Blacksmith Shop. You can sleep in Rikard's extra bunk."
Link jumped up and shook Gregorio's hand. "Thank you, Mr. Trents!"
"To start," said the gray-haired man. "Call me Gregorio."

Link finished pounding his new blade with the hammer, and then dipped it in water to cool. After that was done, he firmly attached the blade to a handle made of wood. It was an elegant sword; one that looked like a master blacksmith had made it. Link then picked up his new shield and admired it. It was just basic silver, but could withstand the strongest blow.
"Nice sword!" said Rikard, amazed at how well Link was catching on to the blacksmith's game.
"Thanks," said Link. "I made you one too," he said, holding out a similar blade.
"Wow." said a shocked Rikard. "Thanks, Link. Thanks a lot!"
"No problem," Link said.
"Now I can be a knight like my grandfather!" Link and Rikard both laughed.
"Say," said Link, "your grandfather was a knight. Could you get us into Hyrule Castle?"
"No problem!"

The marketplace was busy as usual. Everyone was running, grabbing things as they went. Link and Rikard could barely move in the crowd. Yet Link did spot someone he knew. "Malon!" he yelled out.
"Link!" yelled the little red-haired girl. She ran to Link and Rikard. "Who's your friend?"
"This is Rikard."
"Hi," Rikard said. He kicked the dirt and began to blush a little.
Malon giggled. "What's wrong, Rikard?"
"N-nothing," he said. "L-let's go, Link." As the young boys walked away from Malon, Rikard stopped shaking. "Who is she?"
"That's Malon, my friend."
"Yeah," Link said. "I know. Anyway, I'm going to see Zelda."
The two friends approached the front gate of the castle. A guard stood there. "No trespassing," he said.
"Hi, Clyde," Rikard said.
"Little Rikard?!?" said the guard in disbelief. "It's been so long!"
"Can we see the Princess?"
"Of course, go right in!"

Zelda was ecstatic to see Link. She leapt into his arms and kissed him. Link, being just a young boy, was shocked, but he was in no hurry to break away from the kiss.
Rikard smiled and swung his new sword around as he watched Zelda and Link. When the kiss finally ended, he said, "Well, I guess you're happy to see Link."
"Very happy indeed," said Zelda, grinning. "Link, how do you know this rebel?"
"I'm living with him." Link smiled.
"Because I'm not a Kokiri. I'm a man. I need to live with Hylians. I need to prepare myself for adulthood."
Rikard clapped like a smart-elec.

Link and Rikard were just preparing to enter the house again. Link could smell Ayla Rase's pork chops on the table, just waiting to be devoured. Suddenly, something caught his eye.
She was beautiful, with flowing blond hair and dark brown eyes. She had finely chiseled features and a great body. She was dressed in a green dress with black stripes. Her lips were bright red and her skin quite fair, although slightly tanned.
Link looked like a fool ogling over her. Rikard understood. "That's Myral Nash, on of my friends. Come on," he said, "I'll introduce you. Hey Myral!"
Myral turned to see Rikard and Link. "Hello, Rikard," she said in a sweet voice. "Who's your friend?"
"This is Link. Link, Myral." The two shook hands.
"How do you know him, Rikard?"
"I," said Link, "am staying with him."
"I-I," Link stuttered. "My parents are dead. I don't have any other relatives."
"Oh," she said, saddened. "I'm sorry."
"It's okay. I just have to adjust and keep going. Learned that the hard way."
"Myral!" called a voice. It was her mother. "It's dinner time!"
"Be there in a minute!" yelled Myral. "Good bye Rikard. Good bye Link..." she said, blushing slightly. She then ran inside.
"Wow..." Link said.
"That, my friend, was my reaction when I first saw her."

Myral was awaked by a loud crash coming from downstairs. I sounded like someone had taken all the silverware in her house and dropped it. Myral stood up in her nightgown, a lacy white one, and put on her slippers. "Mother?" she said. "Father?" She tiptoed down the stairs.
Standing before her, was a floating, hooded figure. He wore a black cloak with red stitching. In his large hand he held a long staff. His eyes were the only part of his face visible, and they were glowing red. Below him were the corpses of Myral's parents. "Who are you?" she asked, staring in awe at the stranger.
"I," the stranger said, "am Ognair. Now, slave, sleep, for we have much to do." Ognair's eyes grew bright. Myral fell backwards and slept soundly, a sleep that could only be the beginning of her greatest journey.

Link threw the ball as hard as he could. It landed right in Rikard's palm, having flown over the heads of Zelda and Malon. It was early morning at the Lon Lon Ranch. Link and Rikard, along with Zelda, had spent the night there and had a hearty breakfast.
Fun was the name of the game, as Link and the others took turns riding Epona, playing baseball, running races, and sword fighting. There were plenty of fun things happening until the message came.
"Rikard," said Talon, walking into the pasture. "A young girl called Myral's family was found dead this morning and she was missing."
Rikard turned dead white. He was so shocked he couldn't speak, scream, even cry. He just stood. Finally, he inquired, "H-h-have they found her body?"
"I told you she was missing." Rikard fell to his knees.
"Why?" he screamed.

The four friends slowly walked back to Rikard and Link's house. There was little conversation among them. Malon and Zelda didn't know Myral and Link hadn't known her long. But she had been Rikard's friend since he was two.
Rikard kicked a stone. Link pulled out his Boomerang, threw it, and caught it. Zelda began reading a book. Malon sung a beautiful song. All four actions ceased when they heard the hovering sound above them.
"No," said Rikard looking up. "It can't be you."
Hovering above them was Myral, but there was something different. Her normal dark brown eyes were now replaced with burning red ones. He gorgeous green dress had been replaced with an ugly black and red one. She was wearing red high heels and had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. But there was one more thing that terrified Rikard.
Spurting from a place in Myral's back were two large red wings. Myral was an evil fairy.
Link and Rikard both drew their swords and shields. Zelda removed a small dagger from her pouch and Malon removed a slingshot Link had made for her from her pocket.
"Rikard," said Myral in an evil voice. "You and your friends cannot defeat me."
"Myral what's happened to you?" asked Rikard, running out of breath at the end.
"Everything in some ways, nothing in others."
"What?" asked Link.
"My.... creator helped me realize my true potential."
"Ganondorf!" yelled Link.
"The Gerudo King?" said Myral. "Oh no, this man wields far more power than Ganondorf."
"Who then?" asked Rikard, his patience running out.
"May I present my master, Ognair."
Slowly, the form of Ognair began to materialize. The evil sorcerer was grinning from ear to ear. "Link and Zelda," he said. "You two have something I want."
"What do they have that some butt ugly retard like you would want?" asked Rikard, now completely out of patience.
"Their... Triforces, to be simple. Once I get the other three pieces, I will be unstoppable."
"What do you mean other three?" asked Link.
"This is what I mean," Ognair said. He held up his hand, revealing a Triforce mark on it. His Triforce was the one in the center. The one thought long gone. The one thought a myth. It was the Triforce of Life. "Give me your Triforces now!" yelled Ognair.
"Never!" yelled Zelda, throwing her dagger at the wizard. He blocked it but wasn't prepared when Link cut off his head.
"Some god-like wizard," said Rikard.
"Fools!" yelled a voice. Ognair's head was rejoining with his body. He was whole again. "You cannot kill me! I am immortal! This isn't called the Triforce of Life for nothing!"
Link and Rikard slowly began to realize what there chances were at winning this battle. They felt they had lost when Ognair cut loose with a blast of energy. Everything went dark.

Rikard opened his eyes slowly, not quite aware of where he was. Slowly it dawned on him that he was in a cell. In a cave, by the looks of it. Not a good place to be it. No one else was with him. No one, save a wizard that looked much like Ognair, except he was in blue and white.
"So, young fool," said Aganhim, cackling. "My brother tells me of you and your friends powers. That it good. I shall embrace those powers when you join the Cult of the Shadow!"
"Cult of the Shadow? Never heard of it."
"You will," said Aganhim quietly. Rikard reached into his pocket and pulled out a small nut. I had been given to him by Link at the Ranch. He waited until Aganhim came close, then through it at the keyhole of the bars.
There was a flash. The door burst open and Aganhim lay unconscious. Rikard pulled out his sword and shield while running down the one hallway to the one door. He kicked it open to find Zelda, Link, Myral, and Malon bowing before Ognair.
"Fool," said the sorcerer. "My slaves and their Triforces are mine." The four young slaves stood and drew their weapons.
Zelda attacked first, but she, Malon, and Myral were easily defeated.
Link brought down his sword hard on the first swipe. Rikard blocked and counter, slicing Link's arm. Blood spurted freely. Rikard then hit Link with his shield, knocking him out.
"Very good," said Ognair, beaming. "You have won this match. Your friends are under their own power again. You will find the way out up those stairs. Good day."
Rikard looked puzzled, but didn't ask questions. He had won.
Malon and Zelda were getting up and rubbing their heads. Link was busy dressing his wound, but Myral was a different story.
She was once again in her green dress. Her eyes were brown. But she was still a fairy. She flew to Rikard.
"Sorry Rikard," she said sadly. "I-."
"It's okay." Rikard smiled brightly. It was finally over.

Link lay on the top bunk while Rikard lay underneath. "Hey Rikard," he said.
"Yeah, Link?" replied Rikard.
"What ever happened to Ognair?"
"He just left. That's all." Link shrugged and fell to sleep. Rikard lay awake, thinking, when he finally came to the slow realization that Link wasn't just a friend anymore. He was like a brother, the only one he had ever had. Rikard smiled and closed his eyes, content that his life was about to get a whole lot better.
Part Two: The Artifact of the Future

Link tossed and turned in his bed. Not wishing to sleep yet, the nineteen-year old man climbed out of bed and walked outside. He couldn't see a thing for the brightness.
The brightness was coming from a wide red light shooting down the center of Hyrule Castle. This was truly out of the ordinary. Link ran into the house, grabbed his steel sword and shield, put on his green hat, and ran. Dashing to the castle, Link began to hear the words, "Link, help me!" echoing through his consciousness. He recognized the voice but wasn't fazed. He kept pushing. He opened the door to the castle.
A beautiful woman, about Link's age, stood there, engulfed in a red portal. "Zelda!" yelled Link.
"Link," said Zelda, trembling. "Help me!"
"I'm coming, Zelda!" Link ran and grabbed Zelda's hand.
"Pull Link!" yelled Zelda. "Pull!"
"I'm trying to pull!" yelled Link. "But I'm being sucked in!" Zelda vanished from sight. Link held on, but couldn't keep himself from being suck in. Both disappeared.

Link felt a hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Zelda. "Zelda?" Link said.
"Yeah, Link?"
"Where are we?"
"I don't know. You passed out. But just look around." Link glanced around. He was in a desolate place. Bodies lined the streets. Nothing was there but death. Then a bomb exploded just a few feet away from the young couple.
"My god. Nothing but death." Link looked behind him. "And that cabin." Link grabbed Zelda's hand and they ran for the cabin. They burst through the door only to see an old man sitting there.
"Hello, young man. M' lady." Zelda looked perplexed.
"Who are you?" she said.
"My name is Hermile. You are Zelda and Link."
"How do you know who we are?" asked Link.
"You are historical figures." Link now looked confused as well.
"Excuse me?"
"You each lived five-hundred years ago. I know all about you." Link suddenly began to feel something-weird going on in his head.
"Why are we here?"
"As far as I know, you were called by the evil sorcerer Ognair."
"To find the artifact. The Artifact of the Future. The artifact was created in your time, forged from the same stone as the Master Sword. The Master Sword is far supieior to your steel sword. Anyhow, the Artifact was supposed to magnify the power of the Triforce. Before it could carry out it's task, an evil wizard took it to the future. My time. He used it to destroy the world using the Triforce of this time." Hermile paused. "There. You have it."
"Wow." Link grabbed his sword and shield. "I've got to stop this man."
"Whatever you say," Hermile said.
"Zelda, come on!"
"Link," said Zelda. "I'll stay here with the Hermit. I was never much for the fighting." Link wanted to protest, but he knew it would be useless. He walked out of the cabin.

Link ripped off part of the sleeve of his shirt. Wrapping part around his arm and part around his head, he continued to push forward. He had been hurt badly in a battle with five Stalfos Knights. The skeletal warriors took him completely by surprise. His sword was gone. All he had left was his shield.
Link slowly staggered into a cave. He sat down by a rock, breathing hard. Then he heard movement. He looked around. Then he felt the breath on his shoulder.
"Young one..." said a voice. "You are Ognair's warrior?"
Link replied, "I know of Ognair."
"Ognair is a great evil. He serves the lord and he destroyed the world."
"Who are you?" Link said.
"I am Fredrick. I was king before the pig." Fredrick gasped. Link noticed a deep gash in the man's side.
"You're dying." Link put his head down.
"I know," said Fredrick. "My son is in that room." He pointed. "His name is Jack. He will guide you from now on...." Fredrick stopped breathing. Link laid the body on the ground and walked into the other room.
"Hello, Link," said a voice.
"How do you know my name?"
"All know of Link." Link knew it was Jack speaking. "Where is Zelda?"
"With Hermile." Jack jumped up and grabbed his shied and sword. He threw another sword to Link. He began to run. Link followed.
"Why are you running?" Link shouted.
"Hermile doesn't exist! That was Ognair!"

Link couldn't concentrate on running because he was filled with fear. Zelda, his friend, his partner, was in the clutches of a madman. Again. But this time it was different. Link was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he nearly ran right into Ognair's hut. Jack grabbed his collar and kept him from getting into the cabin.
"What are you doing, you idiot?" Jack said in a whisper.
"But I-." Link began to talk, but Jack silenced him.
"Here is the plan," he began. "I want you to go in and get Ognair to reveal himself. I'll handle the rest."
Link reluctantly walked into the cabin. Zelda was lying on a bed and "Hermile" was standing over her, chanting. "Ognair," Link said. The Evil sorcerer spun around, finally revealing his real form.
He wore a dark crimson hood with traces of black. His face was barley visible. He had a scruffy beard and large hands. In his left hand was a giant spear. "May my dark master rule. May you die."
Jack bolted into the room. He pulled out a sword and set it on fire. He flung it into Ognair's stomach. The dark sorcerer fell to the ground. "Let the girl go and I will let you go."
"Curse you, Light Prince." Ognair destroyed the barrier that held Zelda to the bed. She bolted up and dashed to Link's side. Jack pushed his sword further into Ognair. "But you said-!"
"I lied." Jack continued to ram the sword through Ognair, but the wily sorcerer vanished before the deathblow could be given. "Missed him again."
Zelda, for the first time, noticed Jack. "Who is this man, Link?"
"Zelda, this is Jack. He is supposedly the former prince of this land."
"Hyrule," Jack said.
"This land is Hyrule."
Zelda sighed. "So the name hasn't changed."
"But the world has." Jack sat down on the bed and put his head in his hands. "Seven years ago," he began. "An evil thief, I forget his name, came to our castle and overthrew the king and I. He kept my twin and-."
"Twin?" Link said.
Jack sighed and wiped a tear from his eye. "Jackie, my slightly older twin sister. He took her, mesmerized her, and made her his queen so he could rule. With the help of Ognair, he changed the land. The last few humans, the Warriors, whom I lead, are in a constant struggle with the two. Many have died. I almost did."
"I can believe it," said Link, eyeing the large scar just above Jack's left eye.
"Now that you two are here, I was hoping you could help me rescue Jackie and save the land. Will you?"
"Of course," said Zelda.
"Good." Jack pulled somethings out of a pouch and threw then to Zelda and Link. "Put these on."

When they were finished, Link was dressed in a black tunic that supposedly could withstand heat, cold, and the strongest blow. With a new steel shield and improved sword, Link looked ready for anything.
Zelda was also dressed in a black tunic. She wore black boots and two bracelets, which gave off a defensive shield. She was armed with twin daggers that could penetrate even the strongest armor. This was the most armed, and the most aggressive looking, that she had ever been.
Jack, whom was setting by the door, said, "Well, I suppose the Lost Woods is our next stop."
"Why?" Link asked.
"In the Lost Woods resides the legendary Master Sword."
"Oh man! If I had know we needed one, I would have gone to the Temple of Time!"
"So that is where it was all those years ago. Hmm." Jack stood up and grabbed his sword. "Let's go."

Ognair slowly raised his glass and took a drink of the red rum inside it. Across from him, his brother, dressed in green and white, mimicked the action. Ognair began to speak. "Brother," he said. "I have found a worthy adversary. A man named Link. You know, the ancestor of the one who left the kingdom and fell in love? I met him in the past, shortly after the imprisoning war. He is with his future-."
"I know," said the brother. "I know."
"Anyway, I believe that we can eliminate him easily. Unfortunately, he has joined the rebel know as Jack."
"Did I hear the name Jack?" said a voice.
A woman walked through the door. She had long brown hair, was slim, and had red, evil looking eyes. "Ah, Queen Jackie," said Ognair. "Please sit." Jackie pulled up a chair and poured a cup of wine. "Now, brother Agahnim, you may know what I want to do..."

Jack lit the fire and sat down. Link and Zelda sat close to each other, holding hands. "We shall sleep here for the night," said Jack. "But you'd better sleep. We'll leave early tomorrow." Jack laid down and began to sleep. Zelda also slept. But Link sat up, watching the area. He looked at Zelda, then at Jack. Then he heard the crack of a stick.
He faced a bush. It was rustling. He pulled out his sword. Suddenly, a figure jumped out of the brush and grabbed Link. Losing his grip on the sword, he knew he was finished. He then saw the pale moonlight shine off evil, red eyes. He saw the face of the attacker. The he saw the knife.
"Who are you?" Link screamed. This woke up Zelda and Jack. They pounced on the man and held him down. Jack examined him.
"I don't know him." Suddenly, the man bolted up and pulled out another knife. He ran at Link. Then, suddenly, he stopped. His eyes became normal blue ones and then he said;
"Yes!" screamed Zelda, the dagger in her hand glistening, with the pale moonlight shining off of the blood on it. "In the name of the dark king! In the name of the... the... the... ooh...." Zelda felt tears running down her eyes. She ran to Link, put her arms around him and began sobbing. "What's happening to me!??" she yelled. Jack shook his head.
"I know you love her, Link," he said. "But she is weak. Leave her."
"So you can get her!?!?" yelled Link. "I don't think so! I have been putting up with more than you can imagine! First, I was a Kokiri! Then, I became a Hero! Then I was a Hylian! Then my relationship with Malon gets all messed up and she marries my best friend! My life is in pieces and you want me to give up the one important thing I still have!"
Jack shook his head. "If you want to fight, I'll fight. But let's make things interesting. You win, you get the Flaming Sword. I win and I get Zelda. Deal?"
"Deal." Link lunged forward, making sure to be on the offensive end of the battle. The shield of Jack blocked his attack. The young prince then swept Link's feet out from under him. Link hit the ground with a thud.
"You thought you could beat me." said Jack calmly. Link brought up his shield and smacked Jack in the head with it. Jack lay on the ground, unable to move. Link brought down his sword. It stopped an inch away from Jack's chest.
"I can't." Link dropped his sword. "You may be a jerk, but I can't kill you. You are my partner and I can't give up a partner because of personal gain. You may live."
Jack looked at Link. "You have won. You proved that to win, one doesn't have to kill. My sword is yours." As Jack handed his sword to Link, a bright light filled the air.
"Very good, Light Prince," said a familiar voice. "You have passed your sword. Not like he could do anything with it."
"I trust you would know, wouldn't you, Ognair?" Jack smiled, but the smile quickly faded as the sorcerer materialized. Beside him was Jackie.
Zelda's face and mind went blank. Her eyes changed from blue to red as they began to burn with evil. "Yes, Princess Zelda." Ognair smiled as Zelda floated toward him. "Her killing the man was my doing. She is mine now."
"And why aren't we your slaves?" Link asked.
"I just want to kill somebody." Ognair began preparing to kill Link and Jack. Quickly, Jack scooped up a rock and threw it. It hit Ognair in the jaw. Zelda and Jackie both closed their eyes and fell to the ground. Suddenly, a blue barrier surrounded them.
"Do not be alarmed, Link. The barrier is my doing." Ognair frowned at Jack, knowing even he could not break through Nayru's Love.
"Curse you!" yelled Ognair. "The great king of evil will have my head!" Ognair spun and vanished.
Link ran to Zelda's limp body. "Zelda." Link picked up the body and began to sob. "Please... no..."
Zelda slowly opened her eyes as Link's tears hit her face. "Link?"
"Zelda!" Link stopped crying and the two embraced. When they pulled away, they found Jack standing next to a beautiful woman.
"Zelda, Link," Jack said. "This is Jackie."
"Pleased to meet you," the woman said, smiling.
"Well," said Link. "I guess our quest is over."
"No." Jack's face grew grim. "We still do not have the Triforce or the Artifact and we still haven't beaten the king. We'll make ham out of him. The pig must die!"
The pig must die... Link thought. "Jack, do you remember the "king's" name now?"
"What is his name?"
"His proper name is Ganondorf. We call him Ganon."
As the name Ganondorf echoed through his consciousness, Link began to have mixed emotions. Hatred. Fury. Fear.

After a short rest the group started off to the Lost Woods. It was a long, dangerous journey. All were injured, except for Link. On the fourth day of the journey, a hazardous event occurred.
Jack, being the one who knew the lay of the land, led the group. Behind him were Zelda, then Link, and finally Jackie. "We are about two days travel from the Lost Woods," Jack said. "But only one pure of heart can wield it. That means I can't."
Link didn't know what Jack was referring to, so he kept pushing.
Suddenly, a whirring sound filled the air. Link turned around. Ognair stood before him. The whirring sound was the energy building up in Ognair's hand. "Oh god." Ognair fired.
Jackie jumped in front of Link, taking full force of the blast. Ognair cursed and vanished. Jackie lay on the ground, bleeding. Jack dashed to his sister. He touched her neck, checking for pulse. There was none. For the first time in his life, Jack broke down. He cried and cried. Link lowered his head. He knew what Jack was going through.

Two days passed. As Zelda and Jack entered the Lost Woods, they began to think. How are we going to find the Master Sword? Link, on the other hand, knew exactly where to everything was. Except the sword.
"Jack," Link said. "Where is the sword?"
"In the Sacred Forest Meadow, right outside the Forest Temple."
"Thanks!" Link dashed away, knowing exactly where he was going. Jack and Zelda followed him.

When the group reached the Master Sword, they were all stunned. Over the years it had changed from a pale gray to a brilliant gold. It was a sight to behold.
It was stuck into a pedestal. Link walked up to it. Then he paused. "Jack." This was hard for Link to say. "You take it."
"I can't. I have killed a man."
"So have I."
"No, I mean a human." Link lowered his head, knowing only he could draw the sword.
Link grasped the hilt of the Master Sword. As he pulled, black beams of energy flew from the blade. They hit Link head on. He suddenly felt his mind drifting. After the battle with Ganondorf.... The evil spreads.... Only those pure of heart can draw the sword. Others will be destroyed.
With that final thought, the sword came free. Link fell backwards to the ground, sword in hand. Zelda ran to him and helped him up. "Link!" she shouted. "Are you all right?"
"I'm fine." Link looked at Zelda for a minute. "Thank you for being concerned. No one else would be."
Zelda looked away then turned back to Link. She leaned closer to him.
"Link," said Jack. "Zelda. We must continue." The two young people looked at the prince. They knew he was right, but they didn't want to know. They separated and walked toward Jack.

As they neared the dark gate of the castle, more and more creatures began appearing. Moblins and Stalfoses were the most common sights. Finally, they arrived at the gate.
"This is it." Jack looked at Link. "Take the Master Sword, drive it in the ground. Then pray." Link followed Jack's instructions. As the drawbridge went down, Zelda looked at Link. They knew that one of them might die. They were trying to hide their emotions, but just couldn't. They walked toward each other and kissed.

Link, Jack, and Zelda slowly walked through the castle, knowing that traps could be anywhere. Ognair knew that they were coming. Ganondorf knew they were coming. But they didn't care. Finally, they came to a large room. It was dark. No one could see. The trio kept bumping into each other. "Sorry, Zelda," Link once said.
"I'm not Zelda."
"Sorry Jack."
"I'm not Jack." Suddenly, the room lit up. Link saw Ognair floating there with Jack and Zelda hovering above him. He had used the cover of darkness to cast a spell on the two. Their eyes were blood red. They flew toward Link and scooped him up.
"It is your choice, Master," said Jack and Zelda in unison. "Kill him or make him one of us!"
"I believe the latter would be an incompetent act." As Ognair began to power a blast of energy, Link remembered something a great Fairy had taught him. He began to chant.
"Fire brings wind... Wind makes love... Love is a result of Fire..." While Ognair was puzzled, a large blue light surrounded Link. Nayru's Love was working. Ognair stumbled back. Jack and Zelda fell to the ground. Link brought up his sword and rammed it into Ognair's body. The evil sorcerer spit out blood. But he didn't die. He simply vanished.
Zelda and Jack bolted up. They were no longer hypnotized. Zelda ran to Link. She put her arms around him. He put his arms around her. They kissed and then pushed onward.
Finally, the trio reached the main chamber. Before them was a huge door. On it was a sign. It said, "Only the Hero may enter." Link knew what the mocking message meant. He would have to be the one to go in. He turned to Zelda. "I want you to wait here," he said. "I may not come back."
"Link" Zelda said, tears pouring from her eyes. "Please don't go."
"Shh." Link put his finger on her lips. "I must go. But I will always be with you." Link closed his eyes and kissed Zelda. Zelda also closed her eyes. When they pulled apart, Link said, "I love you."
"I love you." Link turned and walked through the large door to Ganondorf's Quarters.
"Link," said Jack.
"What is it?"
"Good Luck.

Ganondorf sat with his back toward Link. "You are here."
"That's right, ham for brains!" Link pulled out his sword. "I'm here to kill you."
"In your dreams." Ganondorf turned. He was in the shape of a large, green skinned pig. "But this is no dream. One of us must die for good."
"It won't be me." Ganondorf suddenly lunged at Link, catching him off guard. Link was barely able to bring up his shield and block the attack. He then swung the Master Sword at Ganondorf. The evil swine dodged Link's futile attack with relative ease.
"How could you even think you could beat me?" yelled Ganondorf. He brought down his hand and slashed Link's arm. Blood began to run. Link Whipped out something he had been saving: A Stalfos bone was in his hand. He threw it at Ganondorf. It hurt the pig badly. Link used the spare time to tear off his sleeve and wrap it around his arm. Link then noticed that it was his left arm that had been slashed. It would be much more difficult for him to fight now. Ganondorf neared Link. Two spears appeared in his hands. He pinned Link to the ground with them. He lifted his fist and then brought it down. It hit Link square in the ribs. He raised his arm for a second try. Then a sharp item stabbed his chest. Link turned his head. Jack and Zelda were standing there. Jack was holding a bow.
"I told you to stay out!" yelled Link, pulling the spears away.
"How about a 'Thanks for saving my life!'" yelled Jack.
Ganondorf was back on his feet and had shot a purple beam at Zelda. The Princess felt herself being pulled toward Ganondorf. "No!" Zelda yelled.
"Yes!" yelled Ganondorf!
"No!!!!!" Link jumped and rammed his sword through Ganondorf. The pig stumbled for a minute and then let Zelda go. He said;
"Castle.... fall...." Suddenly, the castle began to rumble. Link, Jack, and Zelda ran. They were near the exit when Link stopped.
"We forgot the Triforce and the Artifact!"
"They should be together on the third floor!" yelled Jack.
"I have to go get them!" Link turned. Zelda grabbed him.
"Don't go!"
"I have to. Just get out of here." Link ran as fast as he could, knowing that he had no chance of getting in and out in time.

* * * * *

Dashing past all of the panicky monsters in the castle, Link made his way to the Triforce Chamber. There sat the glistening artifact created by gods. Then Link noticed something in the center. It was a roundish object with a sword engraved in the center. This was the Artifact. Link grabbed both the Artifact and the Triforce. He ran. Finally, he reached the door. Then the castle exploded.

"Oh my god!" yelled Zelda. The castle had crumbled before her eyes. Link hadn't gotten out.
She ran toward the rubble, hoping to find a small piece of her beloved still intact. "Link!" she yelled. She called his name over and over. There was no answer. Finally, when she had given up hope, rubble started to move. She heard Link groan. "Link!"
The young man's upper body was showing. The lower body was under the rocks and boulders. Zelda ran to Link. "Are you all right?" she asked.
"Just feel like a building has been dropped on me." Link said with a smile.
Zelda smiled back. She kissed Link on the head. Everyone was feeling joy. Well, almost everyone. Jack stood with his head low. "They killed my sister. Those monsters killed my sister." Jack collapsed.

Link was freed from the rubble and he and Zelda wanted nothing more than to go home. "Link, Zelda," said Jack as he readied the time transporter. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Absolutely." Zelda said. "Have a nice life Jack."
"You too Zelda. I'll read about it."
As Link and Zelda stepped into the transporter, a whirring filled the air. Suddenly they were gone. Jack had lost all he had known.

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