The Prophecy Of The Chosen One

By Sven The Evil Monkey

Chapter 2- The Hero's Way

It was an early morning in the beautiful kingdom of Hyrule. Birds chirped and bees buzzed as the sun soared overhead. Few people were up this morning. One of those up, though, was Rikard Trents.
Rikard was the Knight Capitan, leader of the United Armies of Hyrule. A pact made two years ago joined the Gerudos, the Zoras, the Gorons, and the Hylians into the United Armies, and Rikard was the first Knight Capitan. He lived in Hyrule Castle. He had a loving wife named Malon and a child on the way. He was also brother to Link, the High King of Hyrule.
Rikard, as always, was up practicing his archery. One couldn't be a Knight Capitan without perfection. Rikard was dressed in a red shirt with no sleeves and blue jeans. His short brown hair was beginning to grow out, so he was planning to crop it again.
Just as Rikard readied himself to take another shot, a messenger came into the courtyard. Rikard had seen him before, but didn't know his name. "Sir," said the boy. "Master Link requests an audience with you."
Rikard thought for a moment. Link typically wasn't up this early. It must be important.

Link had really changed over the years. He went from a young, naïve boy that fancied rough and tumble girls, to a wise ruler that was perfectly content with his wife Zelda. Link was only Twenty-Two, but had already made several decisions affecting all of Hyrule, the biggest having been the United Armies Treaty.
Link, unlike most kings, didn't like a throne or fancy wardrobes, so he simply walked around in typical clothing all day. Today, however, he was perched on his throne.
Rikard entered the room, not quite sure what to expect. All was made clear as Link stood.
"Rik," said Link, using Rikard's childhood nickname. "I've always talked to you as a close friend, a brother. But now I must talk to you as a king. Rik, we're in trouble. In southern Hyrule, near Lake Hylia, there has been unusual commotion. People have been dying. You are the Knight Capitan. You and three others will make your way to the lake and report back to me. I'm sorry about this."
"Link, I'm your brother. I know all about these risks. I will take the mission. But if I shouldn't return… appoint Jeffery my heir." Jeffery was Rikard's most advanced student.
"Good luck, Rik."

Rikard slowly crept around the bend. Three other knights were in tow and he was trying to be careful. Not much seemed wrong, but looks can be deceiving. Just as the quartet was about to give up hope, a knight named Wedge spotted something.
"Knight Capitan!" he whispered. I've found something!" Rikard approached. It was a tunnel, hidden within the wall. There was light near the end.
"Follow me," said Rikard. The group entered the tunnel, a bit uneasy. It was empty, except for a lantern that hung overhead. The light gave off an eerie glow. "Wedge," said Rikard. "What do you think?" Wedge did not answer. "Wedge?" no answer. Rikard turned.
Wedge hung there, his body brutally mutilated. Blood dripped from his eye sockets. Rikard gazed around. All of his companions were in a similar situation. He knew death was around him, so he did the only thing he could do. He drew his sword and stood steadfast. The noises he heard made him weary. Slowly but surely, Rikard began moving toward the exit of the cave. Then, the creature came down upon him.

No one really knew what it was like living in the Hyrule Castle except those who lived there. The peasants roaming the streets think it is grand, but it really is too big to live in. That it why it took the messenger so long to reach Link's bedroom.
Zelda was out in the marketplace, talking to several young maidens, but Link was in his room, reading a novel. The messenger opened the door.
"Yes?" said Link.
"Your majesty," said the messenger. "It is my regret to inform you that the Knight Captain, Rikard Trents, is dead."
Link closed his eyes. He didn't cry out. He didn't scream or curse. He simply closed his eyes.
A tear rolled down his cheek. Why did it have to be Rikard? Rikard was like a brother to Link. And how would Rikard's family react? Malon, little Brian, they would be devastated.
But Link was a king. He had to handle this like a man. "Messenger," said Link as he opened his eyes. "Bring me Jeffery."

Jeffery Conard was seventeen. He was tall, with golden eyes and black hair. He was very strong and healthy, and brave. But he didn't know what the king wanted him for.
Link, as usual, didn't sit on his throne. Zelda did though, as she looked up at her husband. The twenty-one year old Queen was even more beautiful than before. Her golden hair was long and radiated beauty. She was two months pregnant with her first child.
Jeffery kneeled before his royal leaders. "Your highness," he said. "What does thou need of me?"
"Jeffery," began Link. Zelda put her hand on his. "Rikard, he is dead."
"My mentor? The knight captain? No, it can't be." Jeffery had a look of shock on his face.
"It is, Jeffery," said Zelda. "But that is not all. We need you to take his place."
For the first time since kneeling, Jeffery looked up. "But your majesty," he said to Zelda. "I am seventeen! My training-!"
"Jeffery," said Link. "Your training is far greater than any other knight. You must accept the challenge."

"SIRE!" yelled the guard. Link hopped up from his wooden chair. "SIRE! Monsters! They are attacking!"
"Dispatch the United Armies!"
"I have, and they are losing!"
Link grabbed a sword and a shield. He was a king yes, but also a warrior.

Broken bodies littered the battlefield. Brave warriors lay there, spitting blood. Link had seen worse.
The men were still fighting. Link could see Jeffery, putting his sword through many a Moblin. And then he saw a horrifying sight. Ognair sat on horseback, his large hands holding a black staff. It became obvious to Link that Ognair was controlling the armies.
Suddenly, the staff left Ognair's hand and slammed into Link's head. Darkness overcame the valiant king.

"Where am I?" asked Link as he opened his eyes. It became obvious that he was in a cave. And Ognair was with him.
"Well, my boy," said Ognair. Link knew he was smiling under that hood. "Having a good old reunion, eh?"
"Shut up, wizard!" yelled Link. Ognair held up his hand to silence Link.
"Quiet." Ognair's red eyes flashed. "You, boy, are going to be a general in my army."
"You can't brainwash me! I've overcome that!"
"Foolish boy, I have no need to brainwash you!"
"How then?"
"A simple revelation will bring you to me…son."
Link closed his eyes. "You're lying."
"Am I really?" Ognair took off his hood. His face resembled Link's somewhat, but it could be a trick.
"My father was a great knight."
"I was a great knight, thousands of years ago." Ognair smiled. "I found my Triforce and became immortal. So many years ago, I found your mother and she fell for me. Then Ganondorf killed her. But you, my son, can help me."
"Why should I?" said Link, in a harsh tone.
"Because I am your father. I can shape Hyrule into a true paradise. I can give you everything. Your wife as well, and all your friends. The world would be perfect."
"You're lying. Zelda says-."
"Honestly, who are you going to believe, your father or a royal family member?"
Link took a breath. "Prove you are my father. Show me the birthmark. On your side."
Ognair nodded and held up his cloak. There it was, the family birthmark. "Is that enough for you? Will you join me?"
Link contemplated the idea. Finally, he responded.

"Forward!" yelled Jeffery. The United Armies marched into battle valiantly against the Dark Warriors. Jeffery had seen Link at the head of the Dark Armies, but didn't care. He was now the enemy.
Zelda hadn't seen him yet. She knew her husband was missing, but didn't see him on horseback. When she did, she fainted.

Jeffery was nervous as Zelda awoke from her sleep. He knew what kind of shock she might be in. "Majesty?" he said as she opened her eyes.
"My husband…" she said slowly. "He is gone."
"Majesty…" Jeffery began.
"I am Zelda. My husband was Link. Now, he is gone."
"Zelda," said Jeffery, "Your husband is alive. It's just a spell."
"Is it?" said a voice. Jeffery spun around. Standing there was a small creature. He was obviously a Skalkid. His skinny legs and arms were long and he had no hair.
Jeffery drew his sword. "Who are you?" he asked.
"My name is Typko Kai. I come from a far off island."
"Why are you here?"
"Oh," said Typko, "I am simply here for the good of my people. I am here to keep this war from spreading to other lands."
"By doing what?"
"Why, protecting the Queen, of course!" Typko smiled slightly. "And besides, I can tell you a bit about the rouge wizard and your rebel King."
Zelda sat up in bed. "What about them?"
"They are kin," said Typko, his voice carrying sadness. "Ognair is Link's father."
Zelda wiped a tear from her eye. "So that's why they are working together?"
"Yes. Link's visions are clouded. He knows not what he is doing. If he did, he would certainly rebel against it."
Jeffery sat down. "We are doomed. Our King has betrayed us, and our greatest warrior has fallen in battle."
"Don't judge the scene without carefully examining it," said Typko. "Your King may have turned, but there is more to the Captain's disappearance than meets the eye."
Zelda spoke up. "You mean he may still be alive?"
"Perhaps," said Typko. "I know where his body is, but I can't guarantee life."
"Where?" asked Jeffery.
"To the south, in the area known as Lake Hylia. He lays there."
"I must go find him!" Jeffery jumped up.
"Wait. Be warned that the monsters are lurking and won't hesitate to strike you down. You'll need help."
"Then I will take Chris with me."

"Will you help me?" Jeffery asked. Chris Berkin, Jeffery's best friend, nodded as the duo mounted their horses.
"Are you sure it is safe to leave the queen with the Skalkid?" asked Chris.
"The castle is swarming with guards. I'm sure that they can keep one man under wraps."

Zelda sat in a chair, her back to Typko. She didn't want to look at him. He was revolting. Kai though, stared at her. He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pebble. He threw it and it hit her in the head, knocking her out cold."

"Kai," said Ognair, smiling. "What is the price for the girl?"
"I want one thing," said Typko. "I want the Ocarina of Time!"
"Why?" asked Link. He was wearing a black suit now.
"The Ocarina can save my people… and destroy your enemies."
Ognair smiled brightly as he handed the Ocarina to Kai. Typko began walking away, having left Zelda in Ognair's clutches.

Kai had a strange route to follow. It leads him through Lake Hylia. By the time he got there, Jeffery and Chris were there as well.
Chris spotted Kai out of the corner of his eyes. The Skalkid was not tough to miss. And Berkin knew something was wrong. Drawing an arrow from his quiver, he fired and pierced the Skalkid's chest. Typko was now stuck to a wall, but appeared to be in no pain. Jeffery and Chris rode their steeds toward him. Jeffery dismounted.
"Now, Kai," said the Knight Captain. "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be protecting the Queen?"
"The Queen is in the clutches of the one man who can save this land… Ognair." Kai suddenly burst free from the arrow. He knocked down Berkin and grabbed Jeffery by the throat. He smiled as he raised his hand to deliver the killing blow.
Suddenly, a sword cut through the air and cut off Kai's hand. The Skalkid fell to the ground and looked up. There, in the sunlight, stood Rikard Trents.
"'Bout time you got back, Kai!" yelled Rikard, clutching his shoulder.
"You know him, sir?" asked Jeffery.
"Too well," said Rikard. "He ambushed me in the cave and killed many men, including your father." Jeffery bowed his head. "He spared me because I could tell him secrets. Then he told me his plan. I spent the last couple of months freeing myself."
Rikard looked down at Typko. "Now, Kai. Give me the Ocarina."
Kai reluctantly reached into his pack and handed the Ocarina to Rikard. "Now, where is Ognair?"
Kai shook his head. "Never. He'll kill me."
"And so will I, if you don't tell me." Rikard placed his sword on Typko's chest.
"Fine, it is under the Kokiri Forest. Go to the Sacred Forest Meadow, turn left and you can't miss it." Rikard nodded. He knew that Link was now in his grasp.

"Why, Link?" asked Rikard, clutching his arm. "We are brothers, you and I."
Link circled Rikard. The two had engaged in a long, hard sword fight, and the King was winning. "My father says that this is the only way."
"Link, blood is not thicker than water!" Rikard pulled up his sword. "I may not be your brother, but I loved you like one for years. He has tried to kill you for Din's sake!"
"Tough love."
"Is that what you believe. Because if you do, kill me. Because I don't need a brother who thinks obedience to his father is more important that saving the world that raised him."
Link looked around as Rikard laid down his sword. His wife Zelda sat on a throne in the back of the room, her eyes glowing red. She was now in her fifth month of pregnancy.
And there, on the big throne, sat his father. Ognair smiled, nodding at Link to kill Rikard.
Link turned back to his adoptive brother. He wanted the death, evidently.
Link raised his sword and stopped for a moment. Should I? he thought. This was the man who had given him a home so many years ago. His father had tried to kill him when he knew him, but a total stranger had given Link the life he yearned for.
Link threw his sword at Ognair. The wizard deflected it, but seemed shocked. Rikard took this opportunity to drive his sword through Ognair's heart.
Ognair smiled. "Good," he said. "I had hoped that it would be like this. You are all free and the armies have vanished. But soon, very soon, your decedents will feel my wrath. Good bye soon, it's been nice."
Ogniar vanished. Zelda stood up, and she looked normal again. The balance of things had been restored.

"Rikard," said Link, sitting in his bedroom. "Why did you refuse to fight me?"
"Link, you're my brother."
"But that doesn't mean I should kill you. So why did you lay down your sword. That's not the warrior's way."
"No, Link. That's the heroes way."

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