The Prophecy Of The Chosen One

By Sven The Evil Monkey

Chapter 3- The Triforce Reunited

Sunrise. At this point in time, everything begins anew, everything is gold. But for the past six years, nothing has been new, or anything gold. For it was six years ago that Ognair, evil enchanter and living god, had brutally killed Jack, former King of Hyrule. In the years since then, Hyrule has become what it was before the reign of Jack began twenty years ago. The once beautiful kingdom was now a wasteland, its once lush field now a graveyard. There were few safe places, most underground. Other safe places were south near Lake Hylia, and north in Zora's Domain. There, the water helps protect the people from Ognair's fire. But now, as Ognair gains more power, the Ancient One, Rauru, knows that time is against him. He must find the chosen one now, before it is too late. Little does he know the boy's quest has already begun.

Gregory looked around the field. It was barren, although he had really expected it to be nothing else. The air was cold and stung the young man. He was used to the underground, where things are warm.
Gregory carefully surveyed the traps he had set around him. Should anyone or anything come near, they will go off and he will awaken. Everything was set. Gregory leaned his head back against the tree and closed his eyes. He thought of the other day.
It seemed like another typical day, that day did. Gregory's uncle Bart was frail and week, and Gregory felt sorry for him. Gregory had spent his whole life with Bart. Gregory never knew his father or his mother. The only immediate family he had at that point was two older siblings named Henry and Natalie. They both were killed years later, when Ognair began his conquest.
But Gregory had lived underground since that day, never surfacing except for food. He had learned some tricks though, like swordsmanship and archery. But this was his first time out on his own.
It was on that fateful day, that Gregory held Bart's hand and listened to his uncle. "Gregory," he began weekly. "My time has come. Today, you leave me."
"No!" he had said crying. "I won't leave you, Uncle Bart!"
"You must," Bart continue, his voice hoarse. "You must find the Trents."
"The Trents?" Gregory had been baffled.
"Elizabeth, and Trevor. Decedents of the legendary Rikard Trents. They hold the keys to defeating Ognair. That is your quest: to find the Chosen One. You must do this. Go north, my nephew. You will learn from there." Bart took a deep breath. "Take this." He said, handing and amulet to Gregory. "It was your parents'. Cassandra… would have been proud…." Bart's hand went limp and became cold. Gregory felt tears pouring down his face.
Snapping back into reality, Gregory heard a trap go off. It was a snare that had caught something. Gregory crept toward it.
A rabbit. Nothing more.

The sun crept over the horizon. It was a sight new to Gregory, as he had lived underground all his life. He watched it with joy, but soon forgot it and went on.
The hike north across the large graveyard once known as Hyrule field was demanding and brutal. The sword that hung and Gregory's side began banging him on the leg, and his shield became increasingly heavy. He had run across only a few things, like Moblins. He had received a fairly deep gash from one, causing slight swelling and immense pain of the left leg. He hoped that nothing would attack, as he was sure that he couldn't survive alone.
Unfortunately, something did attack. It was a Stalfos, a dead warrior, and it attacked with speed. Gregory stumbled backward as the Stalfos attacked. He fell back and hit his head on a large rock. As he lay there, drifting toward unconsciousness, he saw the Stalfos fall to the ground.

When Gregory opened his eyes, he didn't know where he was. Was he in Heaven? No, if it were Heaven, the small cabin wouldn't be dusty. He looked around. The cabin was nondescript, with only a few chairs, two beds, a table and a stove. At the stove, cooking was a wide old man. He spun around, revealing a face that, for an old man, was not unattractive. "Easy lad," he said. "You took quite a slashing."
Gregory tried to stand, but the pain in his leg prevented him. "Who are you?"
"The question is," said the old man. "Who are you?"
"I am Gregory."
"Oh yes, Gregory. I have heard much about you."
"That's a shock," said Gregory, sitting up in bed.
"Thinks you," said the old man.
"Nothing." The old man looked out the window. "We don't get much joy since Ognair took control."
"He won't control forever. I'll take it back."
"Will you? How?"
Gregory bowed his head. "I'm going to find the Trents."
"Trents? They live near Lake Hylia. How will you get there?"
Gregory began cursing. He was obviously frustrated. "I don't know." Gregory said. "I can't even figure this out," he said holding up the amulet that Bart gave him.
The old man's eyes widened at the sight of the amulet. He breathed hard and began coughing. "Great gods…" he said. "Could he be?"
"Be what?"
The old man paused. "Stand boy. Close your eyes." Gregory did as he was told. "Now, I am throwing three balls into the air. Catch them all."
"Yes sir." The old man pulled out two balls only.
"Keep your eyes closed at all times."
The old man threw the balls up. Gregory caught them both. The old man smiled, waiting for something for Gregory.
"There are only two."
The old man smiled. "How do you know?"
"I can sense it, because I know that you are breathing more heavily then normal. Liars do that."
"Very good."
Gregory opened his eyes and say down. The old man sat too. "Now," he said. "What is your quest?"
"I already told you, I seek the Trents."
"Really? Who told you?"
"My uncle."
"No," said the old man. "Your uncle said find the Trents, but your uncle said find the Chosen One."
"How would you know? You don't even know who I am, much less my uncle."
"Thinks you." The old man smiled. "Maybe the Trents aren't the ones your quest is for, but just a tool in helping you in your quest. Suppose you mean most. Then maybe this quest isn't really a quest to find the siblings, but perhaps a quest to find yourself." The old man cackled. "Now get some sleep. Tomorrow I will show you to Hylia."

Why hike north? It was common sense that Lake Hylia, the largest lake in Hyrule, was in the south near the Gerudo Valley. The old man though, insisted that north would be the easiest way. So be it, though Gregory. His leg was bandaged and throbbing, but that was the least of his worries right now. The Trents were the most important thing to him at this point. Or were they? According to the old man, they weren't. But who was?
Find yourself the old man had said. What had he meant? A young farmer certainly couldn't have an intriguing past.
"Keep pace," said the old man. His large calves were visibly bruised from the Moblin attack earlier in the day. "We haven't much farther."
Gregory marched onward. "What do you mean? Lake Hylia is on the other side of Hyrule!"
"Yes, but this is the quickest route."
The two hikers finally arrive on a high bridge type cliff. They were opposite a waterfall. Gregory looked down.
He was standing on a Triforce symbol. Ay, the Triforce was the one thing that could give hope. But where was it?
Suddenly, the symbol reacted and the waters in the waterfall parted. An entrance appeared. Gregory turned to the old man.
"Gregory," said the old man. "This is where I leave you. You will go through here to the kingdom of Zora. There, the Queen will assist you in making it to Lake Hylia." The old man took a breath. "Remember, boy; the you hold all the keys to the future. The amulet you have, never part with it. It is essential to your quest. Find the Trents, and your quest will move along. Find yourself, and the quest will end. Remember that, boy."
Gregory smiled at the man. Indeed, it was difficult to smile in such dark times, but Gregory managed. He closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, the old man was gone.
Gregory took a deep breath and jumped across the gap into the cave. He nearly slipped on the water that lay there, but managed to regain his footing and continue into the cave. He never made it past the entrance.
"Halt, boy!" yelled the Zora guard. He quickly scanned Gregory over. Seeing the sword hanging form his waist was enough. The guard grabbed Gregory and took him to a cage.
"Wait!" yelled Gregory. "I request an audience with the Queen!"
"The queen will be with you in a moment, but will only see you if you are behind bars!"

The cell was cold and wet. Water had seeped in under the walls and Gregory was beginning to feel sick. But the desire inside him, the desire to end his quest and this war, kept him alive. For three days he waited. The Queen, Zora, refused to see him, thinking he was a peasant. Finally, on the third day, she would see him.
She was tall and blue skinned. Built very well, she had a face that anyone could love. But that was not of Gregory's concerns.
"Hello, young man," she said seductively. It was obvious that she wanted him.
"Hello, your highness."
"What brings you to our kingdom?" she said, her eyes flashing.
"I seek passage to Lake Hylia."
"Lake Hylia? The devil's land? No, I couldn't let one as pure as you go there."
Gregory took a deep breath. "I must go to Lake Hylia. Either you will assist me, or I will go myself."
"I think it will be awfully difficult to go when you're trapped in a cage." She smiled. "But I can get you out," she said.
"Listen, Queen," said Gregory. "I have no interest in you. I haven't the time to put up with your crap. Now either let me out of this cage or god help me, I'll break out!"
"Fool," she said. "You'll rot in that cage. Stay there forever." Gregory probably would have, had a young Zora not rushed into the room.
"Your Highness!" he yelled. "We are under attack! It is Ognair's armies!"
"Dispatch our armies."
"They have all been killed!"
Zora lowered her head. Gregory spoke up. "Send me," he said, clutching the amulet at his neck. Zora noticed it for the first time.
"OH!" She knelt quickly. "Of course, my lord. You may go." Gregory opened the cage and pulled out a small nut, called a Deku Nut. This nut would paralyze his enemies long enough to give him the advantage.
It was a fairly small army that he was up against, but the dead warriors were going to be difficult to beat. Still, Gregory did not hesitate and he flung the seed to the ground. It shattered, sending out a blinding flash. The Stalfoses froze and Gregory charged ahead. He stabbed several with his sword and shot a couple with his arrows. There were about five left when the charge wore off.
Gregory fell back and pulled out a small dagger. He flung it at a Stalfos, killing the creature with a headshot.
Four left.
Another went down when his energy blast was reflected by Gregory's shield.
Three left.
The next Stalfos fell into the water from a height of thirty feet.
Two more.
Another died with a sword to the gut. And the last died when it was consumed by fire.
Gregory wiped sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. He turned around slowly, only to find the Zora on their knees, bowing to him. "What are you doing?" he asked.
"Please forgive me, my lord." The Queen was upset. "I did not know it was you. You may have your passage to Lake Hylia." She pointed to a hole underwater. "That is the way. Go that way, please!" Gregory nodded and thanked the Queen. He then jumped headfirst into the hole.

Lake Hylia wasn't a very nice place anymore. The once beautiful body of water had been transformed into a desolate wasteland. Fortunately though, Ognair's warriors had conquered it so long ago, that they weren't even around there anymore.
Gregory emerged from a hole in the bottom of the lake a quickly surfaced for air. He looked around. All of the trees had died out and there appeared to be no life. There was, however, a tall building. Gregory approached the building, not sure what he would find.
The building was dark and damp. It was two-story and had plenty of empty space. And that is how it seemed to Gregory. Empty.
There was a sound coming from the second floor. Gregory looked up just in time to see a young man jump from the second floor with his sword drawn. He was going to attack Gregory.
The young farm boy easily fought off the attack. His adversary, a tall, sandy-haired man, fell backwards against the wall, but hopped up and lunged at Gregory. This man's speed was amazing, and he quickly took Gregory off his feet. Gregory was ready to roll as the man's sword came down, but he didn't have to.
"Stop!" yelled a female voice. "Don't kill him, Trevor!"
The man, Trevor, stepped away from Gregory. Gregory looked up to find a young maiden coming down the stairs. She was very beautiful and had sandy-colored hair, like Trevor.
"Trevor," said Gregory. "Trents, I presume?"
"That's for me to know, boy!" yelled Trevor.
The girl rolled her eyes. "Yes," she said. "That's Trevor Trents. I'm his little sister, Elizabeth. Who are you?"
"I am Gregory." He breathed heavily. "I come from the underground commons. I am the nephew of Bart. I was told by he to seek out you two, to assist me in my quest."
"What is your quest?" asked a disgruntled Trevor.
"To defeat Ognair."
"How do we know you're not lying?"
"You don't have any reason to believe I'm not. But you also have no reason to believe I am, except for that I promise I'm not. I am a common man, and we are men of our word."
Elizabeth studied Gregory. She looked at his dark brown hair and blue eyes, his bulging biceps and hi handsome face. Finally, she came to the medallion. "OH MY GOD!" she screamed.
"What is it?" asked Gregory.
Trevor cut her off. "It's nothing." He took a deep breath. "Gregory, where do we go now?"
"I-I don't know."
Suddenly, the building began shaking and Gregory knew they were under attack. He shooed the siblings to the door and ran after them. Suddenly, he felt a sharp blow to the back of the head and collapsed into unconsciousness.

When he woke up, he was in the cabin. The old man stood at the stove. Trevor and Elizabeth slept on the other bed. "Back again, are we?" said the old man.
"Yes," said Gregory. "You might say that."
"Might I?" asked the old man.
"Listen, old man!" snapped Gregory. "I am sick of your incompetent questions! Tell me who you are and why you are interested in me!"
"I," said the old man, "am Rauru. I am the Sage of Light and an immortal being."
"And the other question."
"This will take some explaining," said Rauru. He sat down on a chair. "Ten thousand years ago, an oracle named Nabu prophesized that one day, a great evil would come upon Hyrule. She said that in that evil would be born a man with the courage to combat the evil. He would be the Chosen One." Rauru paused. "A few thousand years ago, a young man named Link was born. He was raised by the Kokiri. Soon, he was trapped in a time portal for seven years. When he emerged, the world was nearly destroyed. But Link persevered and defeated Ganon, saving Princess Zelda."
"Had Link stayed there, he would have prevented everything that has happened since. But he desired to regain his lost time. Returning to seven years prior, Link became the adoptive brother of a man named Rikardn Trents."
"Wasn't he a legendary knight? The first captain of the Untied Armies of Hyrule?"
"Yes, but he nor his ancestors there," he said pointing to Trevor and Elizabeth, "are our main concern. You see, since Link refused to reshape the future but reshape the past, which eliminated him from being the Chosen One. Suddenly, our hopes seemed lost. However, since he returned to his time, he was shot forth to our time, twenty-five years ago. He helped topple Ognair then and begin the reign of King Jack and Queen Cassandra. Then, Ognair took over and killed them both. Before Jack died, he entrusted his children into the safety of a life-long friend. Unfortunately, we do not know what happened to these children. We do know though, that one of them is the Chosen One."
Rauru sighed. "The reason I have chosen you is that I KNOW that you are only one who can find the one. You are the only one. The amulet you wear around your neck," he said pointing, "is the thing that proves it to me. Only the Hunter can find the Chosen One. And you are the Hunter."
Gregory took a deep breath. "So what you mean to tell me is that I can find this Chosen One?"
"Yes," said Rauru. "I know where he is, but I cannot make contact with him. The only way to do that is to find the Master Sword."
Gregory leaned forward. "Where is the Master Sword?"
"It is in the Lost Woods, about a days hike away from here. Tomorrow, when you wake up, I will be gone. You three travel to the Lost Woods and find the sword. There, you shall leave the amulet. Then you can find the Chosen One."

The sword was beautiful. Since the last time it was used, the Master Sword had become a beautiful shade of gold. It sat in a stone pedestal.
Trevor looked with contempt at the sword. "I'll pull it," he said. He climbed on the pedestal and began trying to pull. An electrical shock sent him backward.
While Elizabeth tended to him, Gregory noticed something in the pedestal. In it was a slot the exact shape of the amulet. And in that were words carved. They were written in the ancient Hyrule language that no one no longer spoke. But Gregory suddenly began to understand.
'Here place the key to finding the Chosen One. Do it Hunter.' Gregory placed the amulet in the slot. Suddenly, more writing popped up. Elizabeth and Trevor couldn't understand it, but Gregory could. It said 'only though of royal blood may pull the sword from the stone. Pull it and the Chosen One will be found."
Gregory slowly placed his hands on the sword, wandering if he would meet Trevor's fate. He pulled.
A large flash of light occurred and a yellow beam shot straight up in the air. Half a world away, the demons of Ognair screamed in fear.
Half a meter away, Elizabeth did the same. She couldn't even see Gregory anymore, but she knew he was there.
When the light faded, Gregory stood there, sword in hand. He had a new shield and a new shirt. He was looking energized. Elizabeth asked him, "What happened?"
Gregory took a breath and smiled. He realized it now. "I found myself." Gregory smiled at Elizabeth. "I am the Chosen One."

* * * * *

"What do you mean," said Trevor, "the Chosen One?"
"Years ago, the Oracle Nabu prophesized that one day a man would rise up through the wasteland that Hyrule had become and change it to the way it should be. That man was once thought to be the legendary Link, but it wasn't. It was then revealed that the man would be of royal blood."
"Fifteen years ago, my father and mother gave me to a hermit named Bart, along with my siblings. My father was Jack. My mother was Cassandra. I am PRINCE Gregory."
"But why did you try to deceive us into thinking you were from the commons?" asked Elizabeth.
"Because at the time, that was my belief."
Elizabeth studied Gregory much like she had the first time she had met him. But now, she didn't look at him questioning him, she looked at him with a feeling she had never had before. Yes, she thought, he is the Chosen One.

Trevor was a bit skeptical on Gregory's exclamation that he was the Chosen One. Trevor had been alive when the war broke out and he had lost all hope. But he couldn't deny that with Gregory leading the party, there seemed to be a new, upbeat tempo.
"So, Prince Gregory-?"
"Stop right there, Trevor," said Gregory. "Whatever you do, don't call me Prince Gregory. I am simply Gregory."
Good, thought Trevor. At least it hasn't gone to his head. "Okay, Gregory, where do we go now?"
"We will head west, through the Gerudo Valley. From there, the Gerudo's will help us to Hyrule Castle, where we can crush Ognair."
"Why not just head north to the castle?" asked Elizabeth.
"Doing so would be like diving headfirst into a pond three feet deep. We have to maneuver around the guards."
The siblings followed their leader in the long hike across the graveyard once called Hyrule Field. Trevor seemed to accept Gregory more than ever before, and Elizabeth was happy that the two boys were getting along.
The hike was a long and grueling two days, with several hold ups. Poes were the most common enemy, but Moblins and Gibdos also littered the way. It only got worse when they arrived in the desert. Thirst was a problem for the Trents siblings, but Gregory seemed oblivious to the drinking problem. It was as if he had become one with the universe, one with time.
Elizabeth dropped, her blue dress covered with sand. Trevor soon followed. Gregory finally sat down to think. What now? I can't just leave them, but what shall I do? I can carry one of them, but the other will die by the time I can get help. What can I do?
Gregory began patting on his legs. The noise was much louder than it should have been. Then he realized that it wasn't the noise of the beat on his legs, but the beat of a drum, right behind him.
Gregory spun around to find two Gerudos standing behind him. They were beautiful, dark skinned women with long red hair. Their eyes were piercing, as if they could see into Gregory's soul. "Halt, male!" they yelled. "Why do you with to pass through our valley?"
"I must pass through," said Gregory. "I need a passage to Hyrule Castle. I will defeat Ognair."
"BAH!" yelled on woman. "Ognair cannot be defeated by the likes of you! No one can defeat him!"
Gregory held up the Master Sword and showed it to the ladies. "OH!" they yelled. They bowed to Gregory. "Forgive us, Chosen One," they said. "We didn't know!"
"Mmmm Hmmm," said Gregory. "Now listen, Gerudos, I need you to help me. You will carry the man lying there back to your fortress. You will give him water and food. Tomorrow, you will lead us to the back of Hyrule Castle. There, we will finish this war. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Master!" they both yelled. The women picked up Trevor and Gregory picked up Elizabeth. They walked away towards the Gerudo Hideout.

The Gerudo's were most gracious to Gregory and his companions. However, Gregory had not realized how dehydrated his companions were. Trevor took three days to be able to even walk, and Elizabeth took nearly twice that many. One day though, Gregory noticed something peculiar.
"Elizabeth?" Gregory said, coming into her room. The sandy-haired girl was sleeping soundly. Gregory was holding a bowl of water for her. He sat it down on a table. Quickly, he noticed something amiss. The room had not changed temperature, but the water was suddenly no longer in the bowl. Droplets dripped down the side, but the water was gone. Gregory shrugged it off. He shouldn't have.

Night was cold in the Gerudo Hideout. All of the red-haired women slept soundly. So did Elizabeth and Trevor. But Gregory couldn't. The Chosen One stood at the entryway to the hideout and watched carefully. He should have looked back.
On a ledge behind him floated a beautiful woman. She had two long spurts of hair, one made of fire, the other ice. She had green skin and a gorgeous face. She had big lips and long legs. She was though, despite her beauty, as lethal as they come. Gregory didn't see her beautiful face though, but he felt her legs as she jumped down and kicked him in the head, knocking him out cold.

Where am I? Thought Gregory. He was in some sort of cell, a brick one. Surrounding him on either side were large bars and a pair of guards. Lying opposite from him, on a table outside the cage, was his equipment.
The guards. He recognized them. They were the same two Gerudos that had saved his friends in the desert. But why were the guarding him?
Gregory poked one of the guards on the back. She didn't respond. He tried again. No response. Finally, Gregory spun her around. Her eyes were blank white, no pupils or coloring. "Gerudo!" he yelled. No response. The guard slowly turned back around.
Screw the guards, it was time for action. Gregory attempted to extend his hand, hoping to reach the table on which his sword lay. No luck.
He closed his eyes and extended his arm. The room began vibrating as the table slowly moved toward the cell. Finally, it was close enough for Gregory to grab his sword. He slowly picked at the keyhole, until it finally gave way.
Gregory burst out of the cell. The guards made no movement to stop him, as they couldn't. Snatching up his shield and equipment, Gregory charged out of the room, and into trouble.
There they stood, all of the Gerudos, all wearing the same blank expression on their faces. Elizabeth and Trevor were there too. And in the center stood the beautiful women. Her long flaming hair and pouting lips would impress and seduce many a man. But not Gregory. The Chosen One stood steadfast, his sword drawn.
"Come to me," said the green woman. "Come, and join me. Join the clan of Twinrova!"
It was tempting, thought Gregory. The woman was beautiful and had things well in hand. But her voice was cold and her eyes were dark, and he knew that she would lead him down the wrong path.
"Never, sorceress!" yelled Gregory, his eyes blazing. Gregory drew his shield.
"Fool," said Twinrova, floating up in the air. She drew back her hand and out shot fire. Gregory blocked the beam with his sword, reflecting it back. The witch moved and the beam hit the wall.
The woman obviously knew what she was doing, so Gregory theorized that his sword would have little effect. So he drew his bow. At the same time, the witch fired a beam of ice a Gregory. The Chosen One shielded his eyes and the arrow took the blast. Looking back, Gregory noticed the arrow was glowing blue. Instinctively, he fired it at Twinrova, freezing the witch. He leapt into the air and slashed her. He repeated this three more times before the witch tried to escape.
"NO!" she yelled. "Not while I have so much of a life to live!" Gregory stopped her speech with an arrow to the back. The witch wobbled for a couple of minutes before finally falling, her life ended.

The Gerudos were certainly grateful toward Gregory after the incident. The Chosen One welcomed their hospitality, but was somewhat put off by the constant nurturing. He needn't any slaves, and decided to quickly leave.
"Gerudo," said Gregory to one of the warrior women. "My companions and I seek passage to the back of Ognair's lair. Will you assist us?"
"Most certainly, master," said the Gerudo.
"Stop calling me master. I, like all of you, am a servant of the three goddesses. My mission is to get this land to a point when no one shall call another master."
"You speak of foolish laws, not used in over four hundred years."
"Which is why I evoke them now. The world must become as it once was."
"You won't be able to do it. We are slaves, and all shall forever be."
* * * * *

That night, it wasn't Gregory who found Elizabeth, but Elizabeth who found Gregory. The Chosen One was hunched in a corner, drinking from a bowl of water. It was the first time Elizabeth had seen him drink, and it put her at ease. "Gregory?" she said.
Gregory looked up. His eyes were filled with fire. "I just don't understand it." He closed his eyes. "I feel like one of a kind."
"You are," said Elizabeth. "You are the Chosen One."
"Am I the only one who believes? Years ago," he stated in a voice that was harsh, "when Link was named King for the first time, he declared that all men will be free. Now, no one believes. Not even the Gerudo, who have always obeyed only themselves."
"I believe," said Elizabeth. "Men should be free, they should be able to govern themselves. Men should be free."
"But they aren't and they won't be. Not without sacrifice. Sacrifice of blood and sweat… and maybe even life."

So this was the Devil's Court, the Realm of Demons. This was the castle of Ognair.
Not much to look at, really. It was a bland color with no real emotion showing. It was very dark though, and Elizabeth shuddered just by looking at it.
"This is it," said Gregory. "My quest ends here. Tonight. Two years ago, when I left the Underground Commons, I was but a young boy, unsure of my future. Only now do I realize that that whole time, I was unsure of my past." Gregory closed his eyes. Destiny lay in the castle ahead.

He had no idea how big the castle was! From the outside, the Devil's Court looked relatively small compared to the Temple of Light, and the Hylia Courthouse. But oh, he was wrong. When he finally reached the apex of the castle, he thought that no battle could be worse than that. He was wrong.
Gregory turned to Elizabeth and Trevor. "I want you two to head out of the castle. Leave and stay at least fifty feet away. I don't know what could happen in here." Trevor looked at Gregory, his eyes full of contempt.
"NO." he said firmly. "I am staying to fight."
Trevor tried again to speak, but found that he couldn't. His mouth wouldn't open. He felt the skin stretching over his mouth and nose. He couldn't breath!
"TREVOR!" yelled Elizabeth. She tried to help him but found herself encased in a pink crystal.
Gregory turned around. He couldn't help Trevor now. He was going to die.
It was a magnificent sight. The god sat there, watching Gregory's face. A normal man would have shown fear, but Gregory's face was cold and hard.
Ognair sat in front of Gregory. He wore long flowing robes and had dark red eyes. The hood of his cloak cast a shadow on his face so dark that one couldn't see any features, except the red eyes. He had large hands and towered over Gregory. But the Chosen One stood strong and drew the Master Sword.
Ognair floated around the room like a shadow. "Life has a funny way of making things happen, doesn't it?" He sneered. "So many years have passed since I was last challenged, but I am dominant." He took a breath. "Several years ago, I gained the Triforce of Life. Twenty-five years ago, I gained the Triforce of Power. A couple of minutes ago, I gained the Triforce of Wisdom by killing that useless Trevor. And now, there is only one." Ognair pointed toward Gregory. "It is in you. And so, by killing you, I can truly become the ruler of all."
Ognair stood back and began to draw in a dark energy. He fired it at Gregory. The Chosen One exploded, shattered into several thousand pieces.
"Too easy," said Ognair.
But it wasn't over. There was a spark, and within seconds, Gregory was back together.
"How?" Ognair said, choking slightly.
"I am the Chosen One!" yelled Gregory.
"Bah!" yelled Ognair back. He lunged at Gregory, his lance beating against Gregory's sword. They traded blow after blow, until finally, Ognair was thrown to the ground.
He hopped up. "You know," he said. "I was once like you. Human. Mortal. But now, I am so much more. I knew your ancestors, knew them well. I was so close to them, and they never suspected me."
"Who are you?" asked Gregory.
Ognair reached slowly for his hood and pulled. Anyone would recognize the face.
Eric. Eric Tawdry, former Knight Captain of the United Armies of Hyrule. The man who had caused the downfall of the Armies. This was the true face of Ognair.
Gregory heard the splicing noise and knew spikes were coming up behind him. Ognair leapt at him. Gregory though, moved and Ognair impaled himself.
"It's over," said Gregory.
But it wasn't. Ognair, with his last breath, grabbed Gregory and threw him onto the spikes as well. Both men spat out blood and died.

Death, they say, is cold. But it really wasn't. It was warm. Where am I, thought Gregory. He wasn't sure. All he knew was that Ognair was still with him.
Suddenly, light burst everywhere. What was happening?
Then he saw her. There was a beautiful woman standing in front of the two men. She was tall, regal, and emanated a green glow. "Greetings, men," she said. "I am Farore, the Goddess of Courage."
"Why are we here?" asked Ognair.
"You two possess the Triforce. Both possess it, but only one can have it. I have looked into your hearts and seen what lies in them. But it is not my decision. It is the Triforces. Whomever it picks shall become a god, and reign with the rest of us among the clouds. The other shall die forever."
The Triforce broke away from its two holders. It joined in front of the men, combining into a single golden triangle. It glowed and shimmered. And then, all Gregory saw was light.
* * * * *
He was gone, thought Elizabeth. Trevor had died. And now Gregory's body lay atop the spikes, cold and lifeless.
"You can't be dead," she said quietly. "Please no!" she yelled. "I love you! You can't be dead! If you are, I've lost all I love!"
Elizabeth placed her hand in Gregory's. To her surprise, his grip tightened around hers. The spikes fell away and Gregory was left lying on the ground.
"Am I alive?" he asked Elizabeth.
"More than that!"
"Then it worked!" Gregory tried to stand, but couldn't.
"The legends say you shouldn't be here. You should be a god."
"I should be, but I rejected it."
Elizabeth's jaw dropped. "Why?"
"So I could stay in Hyrule and rule the land the way it should be ruled." He smiled at Elizabeth. "At your side." He smiled and did something he had never done before.
He kissed Elizabeth. He kissed his queen.

The celebration was grand, as the Gerudos and Kokiri danced beautifully. Merchants from the Underground Commons ate heartily and the Gorons played with each other. The Zoras strayed from the fire, but had several drinks. King Gregory and Queen Elizabeth smiled at the beings united before them, dancing. They were free.
Half a mile away, children danced in their beds.
One thousand miles away, cows mooed.
And one world away, the Sage of Light, Rauru, smiled gently and died. His quest was at an end, and his soul was finally at peace.

The End

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