Sacred Flesh

By Shadsie

Disclaimer and Notes: I do not own the Legend of Zelda, obviously. Anyway, this is a particularly creepy fan fiction. In fact, I asked a friend if I ought to write out this premise at all, and got her encouragement before going ahead. My thanks go out to Sailor_Lilithchan for the encouragement and for allowing me to borrow a few of her general ideas/theories regarding the LoZ universe (namely, thoughts upon OoT/MM Link’s literacy and where Gibdos come from). This tale is both tragic and horrific – darkness and gory descriptions. It starts out sweetly enough, but it will grow into the horror genre after the first chapter. There a scene of a sexual nature in the third chapter that may be triggering to some readers – reader discretion is advised.

Setting: Post-Ocarina of Time Hyrule with heavy mentions of Termina and the Majora’s Mask events. There are some very minor Twilight Princess and A Link to the Past references.