Saving Termina Once More!

By Green Hat

Chapter 1 Getting ready to visit Link


Link was lying down with his arms crossed behind his head and a beach towel beneath him. The shade that his parasol provided marred the rich sunlight, as he relaxed along the beach of Termina's Great Bay. He watched all the Zora’s and other people play in the water and listened to the Indigo-goes play there most famous song “Balled of the Wind Fish” in the fish tail shaped domain. He turned to his side to gaze at Princess Zelda. She was partly under an umbrella working on her tan. The hero smiled and grabbed a bucket, standing up and walked over to the shore to fill it with water.


“This’ll be good!” He whispered to himself, smiling.


When he came back, he tilted the bucket to dump the cold salty water on her, when suddenly he heard the music stop and the cries of all the Zoras. Everyone was running toward them screaming their heads off. Zelda woke up and screamed, pointing toward the domain. The Hero was startled by all this and dropped the bucket of water on the ground. He turned his head to where his friend was pointing and saw the most horrible thing that would ruin his day off of being a hero. The domain on fire!


Link woke up breathing heavily. It was only a dream, he thought to himself, saying it over and over again, in his head.


The dream wasn’t normal. He new something was going to happen. But what? Link thought. I should tell somebody about it. He looked over at his fairy Navi, sleeping in his green hat. He saw her little smile turn into a big smirk.


Smiling to himself, he went back to a more peaceful sleep.






“Father, may I go and see Link?” the princess asked innocently.


“What for Zelda?” King Harkanian answered.


“I don’t want to be cooped up in North Castle all the time. I need time with friends.”


The King thought for a moment then answered.

“I shall let you go, only on three conditions,” replied the King.


“What would those be?”


“You have a good time, tell me all about it and are careful,” he answered, with a big smile.


“Oh, you’re the best!” She ran up to her father. “When will I go to Kokiri Forest?” She asked.


“In a week my dear," the King replied. "I’m going to give you a little something before you go, too.”

“Great! I love you,” she said, hugging him once again.





“The next day…Only six more days and I will be by Link’s side.” Princess Zelda said dreamily, hugging herself. Impa raised her eyebrow and sighed.


“Princess,” Impa started, “I know you like Link a lot, but this ridiculous!

“You are just jealous aren’t you?” Zelda said playfully.


“You can’t wear a dress to the forest!” Impa exclaimed, holding up a lime green dress. It had tank top traps with dark green flowers, all over the flowers where little emerald colored sequins.


“That defiantly matches the forest! I’ll wear it my third day there!” Zelda squealed.

“Zelda, Kokiri forest is not clean like this castle,” Impa lowered here voice, “Haven’t you learned that when you turned into Sheik?”


“Well or course, but as you can see I’m not seventeen anymore. I’m back to my normal age,” Zelda replied in a matter-of-faculty voice. “Besides, any girl, especially the princess, can’t wear pants, now can they?”


“Yes, I suppose you’re right…I know what you could do, you could ask Saria for a dress to wear,” the Sheikah smiled.


“I’ll do just that.”


“Now, I have to go do some paper work,” Impa said with a sigh, “I’ll see you later.”









“Oh I’m good! Now I’ll just put these guy clothes that Link wears at the bottom of my bag. He’ll be so surprised to see me dressed just like him except I added a few girly things to it.” ‘She said aloud, putting the tunic, belt and floppy hat at the bottom of the bag and covering it with some cloth.


Dad would never let me wear guy cloths! Pants and a tunic with boots are so much more comfortable than a dress, corset and high heals! Oh well….dad will eventually get used to it. That reminds me I should tell Link that I’m coming to visit for a few days, but how? She thought putting her hand on her chin, sitting on her bed.


“I know! I’ll use my ocarina,” Zelda said.


The Princess started looking for her ocarina, under the bed, in her dresser, and book stand. Finally when she looked in her box of Link things it wasn’t the Ocarina of Time it was the Fairy Ocarina that Link gave to her. Zelda wasn’t aloud to keep the Ocarina of Time anymore because last time she had it, she almost dropped the precious instrument. The Fairy one was yellow all over with green mouth piece and on the sides’ dark green.


With a little hesitation, Zelda drew in a deep breath. Gently, she placed the woodwind's dark green mouthpiece to her lips and blew.

Chapter 2 the fighting incident

 Meanwhile in Kokiri forest….. Link woke up with a big smile on his face. Yes, it’s sunny out! He thought, stretching out his arms yawning, I should wake up Navi, she’s such a sleepy head, but first, to dress.  

 Link walked over to his dresser to find that it was reorganized. His clothes were folded! Damn! Saria just had to fold everything!


He searched through everything and finally he found his favorite tunic. The tunic was emerald green with the Kokiri emerald on the chest, then he had to search again for his dirt brown pants and belt. He put the tunic over his night shirt, with the belt around his waist, next he put his pants on. Link looked in the mirror that was over the dresser, to see he needed to brush his hair, bad.


Whoa this is a wreck, I need my hat to, he thought, touching his head and looking in the mirror. Oh yeah, Navi has it for her bed….


Link jogged over to his navy blue fairy. “Navi!” Link whispered, tapping on the night stand.


Wha…. What’s going on?” Navi asked sleepily, looking around. Navi turned to see Link behind her smiling happily.


 “Good morning,” he said, “sleep well?”


“Yes, until you woke me up! I WAS having the most wonderful dream!” Navi replied angrily.


“Good morning to you to, Navi,” Link answered, in a sarcastic tone, folding his arms. Navi couldn’t help but smile because Link had the messiest hair but said nothing about it.


“Sorry,” The fairy said, “It’s not all the time I have a peaceful sleep.”


“I know what it feels like, but I have to get dressed now and I’ll need my hat,” Link answered, changing the subject.

“You know,” Navi started, “Do you ever go a day without wearing this hat?” Navi said, pointing to his green hat.

“I have, once when I had to go to the castle for Zelda’s birthday. I don’t know why but the King said only himself and Zelda could wear something on there heads. Plus he wanted to impress his friends that were at the party.”


“I need a new bed too…” Navi suggested.


Link just smiled. “You’re right, but I need to tell you about something.” He said, changing the subject once again.



“I had a dream last night and it was about Termina and…”


Here he goes again! Telling me about his weird dreams! Navi thought, rolling her eyes, we go through this almost every month or two.

“Zelda and I were just tanning on the Great Bay beach. Then I decided to wake her up by dumping water on her when suddenly the domain was on fire.” Link finished.

“Wow, sounds like a crazy dream,” Navi said, sarcastically, “Too bad I wasn’t there! Instead my stupid fairy cousin Tatl helped you.”


“You mean you’re related to Tatl!” Link exclaimed. I never thought Navi was related to anyone, Link thought.


“I was always related to Tatl and her stupid purple brother Tael. The reason why I never talked about her is, because she was always so rude to everyone.”


 “What do you mean rude to everyone?” Link asked, curiously.

“Tatl used to live here long before the Great War. She wasn’t very grateful either.”


“I know what you mean,” Link said, “when my quest was over she said ‘We have a carnival to get to! So why don’t you just go about your own business.’ Anyway it was something like that.”

“She said that!? I can’t believe you saved the country then she says go away?”


“Well yeah…you went away right after Zelda returned me back to my normal time! Now I see how you’re both related,” Link retorted.


“I’m sorry about that okay…I had to go.”

“It’s okay Navi. I just didn’t know why you left. I even went out searching for you.“


Navi stood up and grabbed her companion’s hat. “Well anyway…here you go,” Navi said, flying up to Link and also changing the subject.

“Thanks Navi I have to go talk to Saria now,” Link said, putting on his hat as he walked out of the tree house.


As Link was climbing down the ladder something was thrown at him. He let go in surprise and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

 The hero laid face flat on the ground with grass in his mouth. Link groaned, spitting out the grass, yuck! He looked up to see Mido laughing at him, pointing.

 “I seriously thought it would take more that a little rock to knock you down,” Mido said, still laughing.

“That’s not funny Mido,” Link retorted, standing up looking rather annoyed. Mido just smirked.

“Y’know Link, I thought you were a “hero.” Mido replied.

“I am,” Link said, brushing off the dirt that was from the fall, “that just startled me is all. Why did you through it in the first place?” The Kokiri rolled his eyes.

“Oh…you know…to have some fun. I didn’t think you’d fall, I guess I was wrong,” he answered.  By now Link was fuming with anger and finally lost his temper and punched Mido in the face.


“I can’t stand you! You always intimidate me for no apparent reason!” Link bellowed. Mido just laid there holding his jaw. The bully stood up and punched toward Link and in slow like motion he jumped out of the way and kicked him in mid air on the side. Mido fell down holding his side groaning.

By now there was a crowd around the two. “Link is winning!” One of the Kokiri girls’s cried.


Right after that Link gave Mido another punch on the face. Mido kept trying to protect himself. Link was so into beating up Mido that he didn’t know that anybody was watching.


“I hate you!” He yelled, gritting his teeth and raising his fist once more.


Just as he was about to clout Mido again, one of the Kokiri who was brave enough to try and stop him stepped in and grabbed his arm but Link was to strong. The Kokiri boy fell to the ground with a thud.


I need to tell someone that can stop Link, the boy thought, as he got up and made his way out of the crowd, “Saria!” The Kokiri boy ran as fast as he could to Saria’s house next door.






 Saria sat down and had her breakfast that was an oatmeal salad, humming to herself. “I wish Link appreciated salads,” Saria said to her guardian fairy. “When he comes over here next, I’m going to make him eat one!” Her fairy smirked. “That’s right he’ll be sorry he ever came over,” Saria replied to her fairies smirk. At that moment a knock came on the door. “Yes, who is it?” she called.


“It’s Ned! There is a fight going on and Link is beating up Mido!” Ned called, with a muffled voice because the door wasn’t open.


“Saria ran to the door and opened it to see a concerned Ned. Tell me were this fight is?” She asked. Ned pointed to Links house. He was going to say something else but Saria was already running toward her best friends’ house.

 “I new Link was going to beat up Mido someday!” Saria thought. She could hear from the distance chanting saying; Fight! Fight! Fight! “I can’t believe he’s doing this.”


Link was beating the crap out of Mido. Every time he got up he punched him in the gut to see him collapse. “Link!” He heard his name being called.

 “Saria pushed her way through the crowd of the Kokiri’s. Link stop!” She cried. The chanting died down as she came closer to her friend.


“Stop it Link! Don’t pound Mido anymore, why didn’t you just walk away from his stupid, unkind comments,” Saria scolded.


“I’m sorry Saria, but…” Saria ignored him and helped Mido up.


Saria was still glaring at Link. The green haired Kokiri took the bully to his house to be patched up from all the thrashing that Link caused. Mido may be a jerk, but I still have to help him.  It’s the right thing to do and I’ll talk to Link later. Link stood there heartbroken. He new he shouldn’t have done what he’d done; he just had to lose his temper. In a way he was glad he punched him so many times, then he wasn’t.

Link watched Saria help Mido though the crowd that he never noticed was their. The boy that tried to stop him ran to the two and helped Saria carry Mido. Ned, was the Kokoris’ name, he turned his head and stared angrily at Link. I’m sorry, Link thought.


He decided to depart from the crowd to Saria’s house to wait for her. Link could explain everything to his friend. Maybe she wouldn’t be mad at him anymore. While Link was walking his fairy friend greeted him.

 “Hello Link.” She said.

“Did you see what happened?”


“Yes, I did.” Navi answered. “I’m actually glad that you beat up Mido. He really…”

Navi was interrupted by the loud sound of a “Hello?” from Saria’s house. Link and Navi looked at each other and shrugged. “Let’s go see who that is,” The Fairy suggested, flying though the window. When Link walked through the door the voice came again. “Hello?” It said. Link saw that Saria’s Ocarina was glowing bright yellow. He immediately recognized the voice and answered back.

“Hello, Zelda, is that you?”

“Hi Link! I thought I was going to be talking to Saria, but I suppose you here with her?” Link hung his head as Zelda mentioned Sarias’ name.

“No, actually she isn’t here,” he started. “I just have the Ocarina right now.”

“Well I was wondering if I could come over to the forest. You know to visit and have some fun.” It would take my mind off of Mido for awhile and that dream, he thought.

“That would be wonderful.”

“I knew you would agree!” The Princess exclaimed.

 Link smiled. “When will you be arriving?” he asked.

 “Impa says; ‘In six days,’” She replied. It’ll be so much fun! At that she left to get ready.

“Great! Just great! She’s coming over here to the forest!” Navi commented sarcastically. “Navi you shouldn’t scold Link like that!” Navi imitated, waving her finger side to side. The Fairy flew away muttering to herself, clenching her fists. Link stared at her with a stunned face.


I didn’t know Navi felt that way about Zelda, Link thought. “We’re just friends,” He said out loud.



 Saria was still walking the unconscious Mido to his house along with Ned. Thank you Ned, I really appreciate you helping me. ‘Saria whispered shyly.

 “You’re welcome Saria,” Ned replied. “I trust Mido will be okay. I still don’t believe what Link did; Link always seemed like the kind of guy who tried not to solve things by violence.”


“Yeah…I’ve known him ever since he was one week old. He was so cute when he was a baby. That’s what I least anticipated him to do. Ned gave Saria a concerned look. 

“Are you going to be okay with this?” Saria nodded. 


The two Kokiri arrived at Mido’s house with the door open already. Saria eyed it suspiciously. “He must have forgot to close it when he went out,” Ned suggested. They walked into the tree house and saw four chests by a red carpet that ran in the middle of the house. Two of the chests on each side of the carpet, on either side his bed and a couple of pot and pans, at the end of the carpet was a big tree stump that had stairs on both sides.


 Saria giggled at the site of Mido’s house. “Mido must play here sometimes like…like he’s a Prince or something.” Ned and Saria set the beaten up “bully” on his bed. While Saria was rushing around the house searching for first-aid supplies, Ned was gazed at the house like it was a palace.


 “Do you think Mido stands on that stump and declares war on Link with his imaginary soldiers?” Ned asked to Saria.  She finally found everything she needed to patch up Mido and turned to Ned.

“You’re probably right.” She answered, striding over to him.


Saria started to set everything up. First she took off Mido’s tunic and dipped a wash cloth in some soupy water and dabbed it everywhere to clean his cuts. Next she put some antiseptic over his cuts on his arms, chest, and face. Then Saria carefully wrapped bandages over them. “I’m all done now,” She started, “we’ll check up on him later. Both of them stood up and strolled out the door. When they were outside there was a crowd of Kokiri in front of the house. Saria and Ned got loads of question such as: “How is Mido? Is he dead? When will he recover? Did Link beat him up pretty bad?”

“Please, one question at a time!” The two shouted. A girl put her hand up jumping up and down to get Saria’s and Ned’s attention. Ned pointed to the girl as a gesture for her to precede her question.

“Is Mido dead?” She asked. (This is the crazy girl that is on top of the post thing with pig tales in OoT.) Ned shook is head.


“No he’s not; he will recover in a week or two. In the mean time do not disturb him unless you are changing his bandages,” Ned clarified.

Everyone started to leave except for one. “I would like to know,” he began, “If we may do almost everything we want since Mido won’t be around for a week?”

“You know I never thought about that!” Saria shouted, excitedly. “I guess we can!”


“Great, I’ll tell everybody right now that we may!” The boy roared with glee.




 The next day after Zelda talked to Link, she was trying to figure out what she should wear each day. “When I arrive, I’ll wear this plane green dress with the sequins ‘n’ flowers. After Impa leaves me there or someone else, I shall change into my “boy” cloths. No, I’ll wear those on my second, third and fourth day their instead. The rest of the time I’ll wear my other plane dresses that are pink, purple and aquamarine,” Zelda said to herself.


 The pink went down to her knees with a complicated pattern with flower-hearts and lace that streaked across the dress and had tassels at the bottom. Dress number two, the purple one was dark with tank top straps and frilled out when you spun around. Last but not least was the aquamarine. It wasn’t at all like the others, it had a castle picture embroidered in the front and had a cut on either side that went up to the knee.

 After the Princess was done with her clothing she went to her shoes. “For my pink outfit I’ll wear these pink sandals and for my other dresses I will wear my black sandals. Then for my “boy” garb I’ll wear my father’s black boots that he wore when he was 10. ‘She once again talked to herself.

 Impa could hear everything Zelda said. She always talked to herself when she was getting ready to go somewhere. Impa couldn’t let Zelda wear that outfit! It was bad enough to let her wear that T-shirt. For a Princess to wear that sort of thing is disrespectful. Only boys are aloud to wear boy cloths in Hyrule, especially the Princess of the Land. She new that Zelda was a little obstinate, but it was worth a shot, besides, if the King found out…

While Zelda was in her daydreaming, all of a sudden Impa walked in.

“Zelda dear,” the Sheikah started, ”I know what you are up to.”

“What…what do you mean?” 

“What I mean is that you cannot wear those boy cloths, I’m already letting you wear that shirt,” Impa answered.


“Why can’t I? Why am I not aloud to wear this I just want to wear it so I’ll fit in!” Zelda said, trying to reason with Impa.

“Other Kokiri girls wear green dresses with head bands in their hair with the choice of green or brown boots.”

“Oh fine, you win this time!” Zelda whined.

 Impa was satisfied with her work and left.

The Princess had a plan though, she would wear the “Kokiri girl” outfit, but she would get it dirty so she would have no choice but to wear the tunic and boots with trousers. Zelda always got what she wanted.  



Chapter 3: Avenge to the Fairies.



Link lay on his bed starring at the wooden ceiling, contemplating how he would apologize to his best friend. He wondered if it was best to tell her sorry or wait while. In the end he gave up and walked to her house. If she didn't want to forgive him, then that's what would happen. No, he didn't want that, he would keep his distance from her and explain everything to her. He knocked on her door and waited.


A few moments later the door was opened by Saria. She had a pained look on her face as she looked at Link. He took a step back so they were now two feet away and said, "Saria...I lost my temper back there. I'm sorry." Link made eyes contact as he said this.


Saria's expression didn't change; she only walked up to Link and embraced him tightly.





The pair was running through The Lost Woods racing to there favorite spot to play; the Sacred forest Meadow. With both of there fairies try to keep up with them. “Wait up!” Navi cried. “Will and I can’t keep up with you!” (Fairy Guardians always had to be at least 23 feet away from there companion. Unless the Deku Sprout was punishing them.)


Will is a fairly handsome fairy of 200 years. For a Fairy that is like a teenager. He has dark green eyes that were tinged with blue always kind and gentle. When he was sort of alone with Navi they were mischievous and bold. His color of glow was also green. He and Navi were best friends ever since…ever. Navi on the other hand was on the crazy side when with him. Around Link she was sarcastic and normal. 


 “Well you just have to fly faster,” Link shouted back to them. Will turned his head and gave Navi a “Are you thinking what I’m thinking” smirk. Navi looked confused then clued in.


“Let’s get them,” Will mumbled starting to fly faster. He shot a bolt of magic in front of Saria making a tree stump grow rapidly. Saria saw the flash in front of her and dogged the stump. Next was Navi, she had the perfect plan. She flew towards Will and whispered in his ear.


“I have a plan, we can fake getting hurt and maybe they will stop to help us. Then when they come we can break their lags so they can’t run!” Navi instructed.


“Break their lags!?” Will panicked, wide eyed. “You couldn’t possibly! It’s too crazy we have to do something else.”


“Oh…well fine!” Navi bellowed, but not loud enough for the others to hear. “Here’s a rewrite of my plan then we do everything but break there legs. Instead when they come near us we can just throw a couple of magic vines then fly,” Will nodded in agreement towards her improved plan.


“Let’s do it then, because we are almost at the meadow,” Will proclaimed, as he started to fly down.


“Will, no!” Navi acted. The two Kokiri skidded to a halt; they twisted around to see Navi was tending to Will. Apparently, he “cloths lined” himself by an accident.


 Unexpectedly Will flew up in a flash, with his magic he shot vines at them that rapped around them. “AAH!” Link yelled in surprise. With Saria saying; “I can’t believe you Will!” Will and Navi laughed for five seconds then flew away.


 “I can’t believe they did this to us!” Link fumed.


“You’re telling me, we must get out of this mess,” Saria instructed wiggling around. All Saria’s wiggling made the vines titer.


“Saria” he began. “St…op moving its make…ing the vines tighter,”  She immediately stopped and sighed, looking gloomy for a moment. Link let out a sigh of relief as she did.


“Link, do you have a knife on you?” Saria asked,


“Crap! I never thought of bringing one!” Link answered. “I got an idea…we could work together.”


“What do you mean?” Saria questioned. He smirked.


“This might take a lot of effort…we will have a chance how it feels like to be an octopus that’s trying to walk on land.” He replied. Saria gave him an inquiring look. Link rolled his eyes also turning his head to Saria as far as he could and continued. “It means that we stand up together and walk together so we can go to the meadow. We shall demand for Will and Navi to untie us!” The Kokiri girl stared at Link like he was a slightly bizarre. “Riiight.” She answered in an unsure tone and started to stand up.






 Both Fairies flew into the meadow beaming happily. They swirled around each other and singing: “We got them! We caught them! We are AWSOME! La la la la laaaa!” After awhile of twirling, Navi was the first to stop.


“Do you think they will be okay?” Navi asked, sinking down to the soil. Will also stopped twirling.


“I sure do. Link is a hero and Saria is wise because she’s like 50 years old, “Will answered flying down to Navi, “Although I am 200 years old.” Navi smirked.


“You are the most immature fairy I have ever met, that why you’re my friend.” Navi replied, throwing a pinecone at him. Will answered that gesture by flying up in the air and making rain cloud. It soaked Navi to the bone in seconds. She was wide eyed, also mouth open sitting there like an idiot. Will snickered at his friend’s reaction. At seeing Will holding in a laugh Navi dried herself off, flying up to him saying: “Will, Guardian Fairy of Saria, “She said like she was a Queen then going in a playful manner. “You are going to die!” the whole way through Will was still smiling, but after the second part of her sentence…


“Will you can’t hide from me!” Will heard Navi shout. Will teleported under the tree stump, don’t ask how he was under it and still alive. The Fairy was sitting next to this big dead beetle that was killed by some other bug or mole. He didn’t like bugs one bit! “Oh…this is sooo degusting! I need to go somewhere else. I think I’m ‘going to die, just like Navi said.” Will tried to teleport into a better spot. He zapped himself, nothing happened! 


 Navi heard the moans from something. The sound was a tad muffled…the sound was coming from the tree stump! “Will?! I will find you! She taunted.” Navi decided that she would pretend to not be anywhere by his hiding spot. Fairies couldn’t escape from underground, Navi was going to get him back, and to top it off Navi had super sensitive hearing for fairies and Will new it. Sometimes she thought they were the most immature fairies in the whole forest. She flew towards the stump quietly. “Come and find me dam it! Will cried, in his head, ‘I can’t get out of the place! I new I should have hid someplace else.”





10 Minutes Later…





 Navi was sitting on the stump checking her nails. Her happy revenged smirk was gone as Will moaned louder.  She was getting sick and tired of all the moaning from Will. Finally he spoke instead of whining; “Navi!? I know you are there! I’m sorry I dumped water on you…or poured it! I’ve bin sitting by a huge dead beetle for the past 10 minutes! Please! Please! Let me out of here! ” Navi started to laugh hysterically, rolling around. “Y’know I thought revenge was sweet… but this is AWSOME!” Navi roared with laughter. “I will let you out though. That’s after Link and Saria get here.” Will started to protest; “That will take forever the way we tied them up!”


“Whatever…that’s what you get for working with me.” The fairy muttered, smiling.









 Link and Saria were walking sideways throw the passages slowly. Once in a while they would take a wrong turn and have to start all over again or either of them would lose there footing falling, bringing down the other. The first time they had to start from the beginning, both went to Link’s house to obtain a knife.


  How did they clime his ladder and go down the cliff. Link had to do all the work, climbing down the vines and up his ladder with Saria hanging on his back. Everyone stared at them when they walked through the village. It’s been exactly an hour since the two fairies had captured the two.


“Why the heck would they do this to us? The forest sage grumbled.


 “I don’t know …”Link responded as he looked through his desk. “They are always doing something naïve, stupid, pointless…all those things have the same meaning.” Saria smiled at his words.


 “When Navi is around you she’s normal, whilst with Will she’s crazy.”


“It’s weird that girls do that when around a guy they like…ah here it is!” Link started to cut the vines. Awhile past and the vines still weren’t cut! “This is odd…I thought I sharpened this knife.” He said grimaced. By now he was hacking away at the vines, still nothing happened.


“Y’know, I think these are magic vines that can’t be cut. They can only be cut by the fairy or fairies who cast them.” Saria suggested. Link scowled, this was bad news. “Wait! Skullkids can also cut magic vines too.” She remembered.


Saria urged Link to follow her out of the tree house. Link once again had to climb down the ladder with Saria hanging. They toddled up the cliff and into the Lost Woods once again.



Link gasped from an idea that out of the blue formed in his mind. “Why didn’t I think of this before? We could just push them off of us even if you did make it titer by wiggling.” He muttered stuff that Saria couldn’t quite comprehend. The two tried to lift the vines over there heads then down under there feet. Once again nothing worked. “Let’s just stick to the first plan, okay?” He sighed.


One more time they set out to avenge there Fairy Guardians. Will and Navi will be in big trouble when they arrive. The Deku Sprout will surly punish them somehow, probably by sending them to Forest Temple to dust. Saria will suggest that sentence for sure. She hated being the Sage of the forest sometimes, having to take care of it. Of course she had to protect the temple.






“Would this be a good time to tell you about this dream I had?” Link asked all of sudden.


“Yes, what was it about?”


“You probably don’t know anything about this land.”


“That doesn’t matter Link I might be able to help if you tell me.”


 He commenced to tell her of the land. “That Land is called Termina and I saved it a few moths after sending Ganon to the Dark Realm. My dream was taken place in the Great Bay Beach. Zoras live near there in huge fished shaped domain. There are Gorons, Terminians, Dekus, and fairies. Termina is like Hyrule except truly different at the same time. Anyways…Zelda and I were their at the beach tanning. I was listening to the Indego - goe’s play while Zelda was sleeping. Then I turned to gaze at her and decided to wake her up by dumping water. Unexpectedly everyone that was at the beach also started scream, running away. The music stopped and the domain on fire…”


 “And…?” she asked.


 “That was all that happened in my dream.” He replied shrugging as he spoke. “I think it might mean something. I don’t think I should’ve agreed to Zelda for her coming here.”


 “Zelda is coming here?” Saria asked wide eyed.


 “Yeah…?” Link answered slowly. “She told me on her ocarina that I gave her, before you came back home the other day. Your ocarina was sitting right there glowing so I decided to answer it.”


“Thank you for doing so, Link.” 




“Look we are changing the subject. I’ll help you amid your dream when we are untied. We are at this point now. Link you’ll have to climb down another ladder again.”


The hero sighed. “I’ll have to walk backwards for that. So start walking.” He commanded.


 Link turned to the side, walking backward. When Saria was close enough to the ladder he leaned forward as if to take someone on a piggy-back-ride. Then he positioned his hands through the tight vines so he could grab on. Next he kneeled down and placed his boots on the fourth or fifth step, climbing down to there destination: The Skullkids.


 “Skullkids?” the hero and sage said in sync. There was cackle from the tree stump that had to parts followed by another except higher and longer. The two friends scanned the area for anything.


“Skullkids?” they questioned again, impatience in their voices. Finally two Skullkids popped out of thin air and landed on the stumps leaving one in front of them. “Yes, you called,” The right said. 


“As you can see we need your help to get these vines off of us.” Link stated. “Our fairy guardians trapped us like this on our way to the Meadow,” Saria continued. “When they are together they can be extremely pesky.”


“You would like us to unravel you both?” The left inquired. Link and Saria nodded briskly.


“We’ll use our flutes to do this,” The right confirmed. “Step on to that stump in front of us,” The right ordered pointing to it. They did as they were instructed.


 The Skullkids snapped their fingers, their flutes appearing in hand, with a poof of smoke. Each nodded to each other and counted: 1 2 3 4… The song played was diverse. It had a native like rhythm. Needless to say it was a song that could get in your head. The Skullkids swayed from side to side lifting up one foot. To Link and Saria when they swayed, it seemed they would fall of there positions.


 Music notes and sparkles of magic swirled around them. They starred in marvel with jaws open. The vines were loosening along with the music growing fainter by the second. Soon they were untied; free. They stretched out their arms and legs.


“Thank you!” Link shouted in appreciation.


“Yes, thank you so much!” Saria thanked them.


“You’re welcome,” They said, and performed a back flip, disappearing.


“Come on we’ve got to go!” Link said, waving for Saria to come. They sprinted to the ladder climbing up and taking a right, right, left, and then forward. The Kokiri took the last turn entering a clearing, seeing a locked entrance to the rest of the meadow. Saria starred at it curiously. “Why isn’t the gate open?” Link walked forward slowly, making sure there wasn’t a booby trap.


Suddenly there was a loud howl and a Wolfus appeared, trying to kill Link. He circled around the Wolfus keeping an eye on Saria and mouthing for her to try and get over the fence to safety. He was trying to get the enemy’s attention to him and not Saria. “I wish I brought my knife! What bad luck!” he thought miserably. He should have kept it instead of throwing it back on his desk, when trying to be freed.


Saria ran to the fence trying to figure out a way to climb up. She looked around hastily for a way, and then she turned her head to see loose bricks that were slightly hidden from moss and dead ivy on the wall. She smiled. “Perfect!” Jogging over to the brick she shoved the ivy away and ascended to the top. “Link hurry!” She called from atop.


He turned his attention to her and darted her way. The Wolfus rushed after his foe. When he was about to attack the half Kokiri, Link soared through the air like in slow motion onto the wall and clambered out of reach.



Chapter 4 Finding of the Mirror

 Zelda was having the most wonderful time for three days. Sitting in her room usually wasn’t what she called fun, even though it is 14 yards by 14 yards. Once in a while she would go down to eat if something boring had happened. What happened that was boring? Well it all started when…


The princess was finally done packing for her trip. She now had nothing to do.

 “Five days left till the cherished day. I can’t wait that long! But I can’t just say I want to go there beforehand than I said. It would be rude.” The Girl sighed in frustration. “I know I’ll ask Impa for advice. She would know what to do!”

Zelda scurried to her door slamming it open.



Zelda squeaked in surprise. She turned around to see a guard struggling to get up. The princess blushed and walked over to help him.

“I’m sorry!” she said.

“It’s alright milady.” He replied. “I don’t think you knew that I was here to guard your room.”

Zelda put her hand to her mouth smiling underneath. “Are you sure your alright?”

“I’m fine.”

“Okay good, because I am in a hurry!” Zelda ran off down the steps. Faintly the guard could hear her say ‘sorry’ to him.




 After the two episodes of Zelda and Guards, the princess ran even faster to get Impa’s room. Plus she could hear her father coming, but she didn’t know where from.


 Zelda was one of those girls that would do anything to get her man or find something to do beforehand to pass the time. She didn’t know all the servants in the castle because she was wrapped up with the Link crush. To her Link was perfect, must have, and handsome kind of guy. She was a princess and Link wasn’t a Prince but he looked the part! Every girl in town or more like every girl in Hyrule wanted to be his girlfriend! (Except for the girls that were older than 14 of course! Older girls and women were only fond of him.) He had perfect blue eyes, blond hair, muscles, and skin. Those were only some of the thing that described him.

The princess slowed down to a walk. She was lost in thought of her Boyfriend- to-be, 14 year old Link the destined hero.


“Honey, Zelda?”


Zelda jerked straight up and froze in her tracks, she blinked twice to see her father and answered. “Yes daddy?”
“I heard something from your room.” The king paused and cocked an eyebrow. “It sounded like a door slammed open, and then clatter of a spear.” Zelda blushed.


“I made that door slam open and I didn’t know that there was someone there so I…” Zelda said quickly.


“Slow down Zelda! I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Alright, I opened the door and I hear someone say ‘Oof!’ then I froze and saw that I knocked down a guard by an accident.” Zelda summarized. “He’s alright though!” she added hurriedly.

“Well I just wanted to see if you were okay Zelda.” The King said.


“Do you know if Impa is in her room?” She asked.

“Yes, she is. Why?”

But Zelda already left.

 The King stood there very puzzled at his daughters’ mood. She was acting quite odd today, more than normal. “I should talk to her before she leaves to her friend Link.” Harkanian thought. The King made his way up the steps straight for Zelda’s room. He was glad that nobody was bothering him for what to do for balls. The Royal Fashion Designers would ask him what color of drapes he wanted for each room. If he wanted an exquisite table cloth for feasts that would get ruined anyway by the food or drink that would be spilled. He sighed. Life as a King wasn’t much fun, but f it weren’t for Zelda then he would never be able to do it all.
 Harkanian arrived at the door to his daughters’ room. When he was about to open it he glanced to the side to see the guard that Zelda knocked down. At first he didn’t know what guard was on duty there. The guard nodded to him with a smile as he did so.


“Ah…Oleo, I didn’t know you were the one that Zelda bumped down.”

Oleo blushed. “I um…didn’t think it would spread so fast.”

“Well you don’t know Zelda like I do. I don’t think she knew who you were.”


“Really, she can find out soon enough.” Oleo said.

“Just in case she opens that door quickly again then go on the other side of this corridor or door.” The King suggested.

“Yes, I know sire.” The guard answered with a bow.

 You see, Oleo wasn’t the brightest of all the guards for most things. He was a genius when it came to war strategies for protecting the castle, grammar and self defense. Of course the King had to point out that he had to move. Logic wasn’t one Oleo’s strong points. He was a captain of the guards and the best out of all of them. The captain of the guards was not only war strategy maker but also a bodyguard; it’s the same thing except you follow your subject around instead of guarding the castle-- just the one person. Oleo was the King’s right hand man and long time friend.




 Impa was sitting on her bed looking into a mirror being in awe of her, turning her face to see each side. Seeing that she looked alright, the Sheikah stood up putting the mirror underneath her bed. Impa sighed and sat down in front of her desk and started to actually finish some paper work. “I wish I didn’t have to do all this work. Instead I would like to be young again and be with Zelda and not have to worry about work all the time.” Impa mumbled.

There was a knock on the door.

 “Yes!” Impa shouted. “Who is it?”


“It’s me, Zelda!”

“Come in!”

Zelda opened the door and walked in. “I want your suggestions for things to do that pass the time.” Zelda ordered.

Impa stared at Zelda with a very questioning look. “You have nothing to do?”

The princess glanced at what Impa was doing. “Yes, and I need something else to do besides work. Something fun that will last for a few days.”

“I’m sorry Zelda but I just don’t have the time for this. I need to do finish this.”

“But Impa, you always have to finish something when I need you.” The Princess complained.


“Look,” Impa said changing her direction to face Zelda. “I have a job to do and I need to bring these papers to your father.” At that Impa left without closing the door.


The princess pouted head down in disappointment. Zelda stood by her nursemaids’ bed and sat down.


 When she sat down something ticked her heel. She squeaked in shock. It felt as if a small rock hit her just in the right spot. She stood back up and fixed her eyes upon a mirror, half hidden under the bed. The color of the mirror was silver with dark murky-like purple splotches all over it. “Why would Impa hide a mirror? It’s an everyday necessity.” Zelda bent over to pickup the mirror. Surprisingly the thing was very light and had something engraved on the back. “Impa probably wouldn’t miss this.” The princess murmured as she ran out of the room, tucking the mirror away.


 Zelda closed the door to her room, locking it to make sure she wasn’t caught with the precious looking object. Zelda scanned the room for anyone or anything before taking the mirror out to examine it more thoroughly. She saw that nothing or nobody was here and was safe. Again she locked a door but a window door that led to her balcony, which she could see all of west Hyrule.

 The princess held Impa’s mirror in her hands very delicately, like she was holding a rose that hadn’t had the thorns pulled. She flipped it over countless times, and came across the writing on the back. Zelda tried to make out of what it said but was too rusted with age. Zelda rubbed most of the rust and dust away.

 What it read was:




“Wow! That is so cool!” Zelda said thrilled. “Impa probably uses this to change her appearance to look younger!” Zelda giggled at the thought of Impa without the mirror. Then she looked closer. It had dots at the end. Did that mean that there was more? There was!—on the handle. It was ancient Hyrulian and was probably written in that text for a reason. Luckily for Zelda she could read it almost fluently. “It must be an important secret.” She sounded out every word slowly, so not to make a mistake.

This is what it read in small writing:


 “What an interesting spell…I wonder if I’ll be able to use this in my normal old self form.” She thought for a moment; hand on her chin resting her elbow on her left hand. “Probably not, I should turn into Sheik. But, it’s worth a try as me.” Zelda said shrugging.

 Zelda held the Magic Mirror with her left hand with her right hand rotating in circles. The princess chanted these words:




Nothing happened, except for a pitiful spark on the side.

She frowned, dissatisfied. “I’ll try as Sheik then.” Zelda hated it when she had to turn into Sheik, because she didn’t only look like a Sheikah boy, she was a Sheikah boy. It felt really weird to be a girl one second then the next a boy.


The princess put her hand in her pocket and threw a deku nut. With a blinding flash she was Sheik. “Ugh!” She said in disgust, except in a deep voice now. “Let’s try this again.” This time he/she said it softer and eyes closed:






 Ripples of fog started to sprout in the mirror; it seemed that it would never clear up. Suddenly it showed the fairest of them all: Link. Zelda gasped in amazement almost dropping it. She could watch her love (crush) anytime! “This is wonderful! I can’t believe my eyes.” She rubbed her blue eyes in disbelieve.

 The next thing she saw was Link having supper with his best friend Saria. He gobbled something up which appeared to be beef. His etiquette was perfect as could be but not as unhurried as Saria’s. They seemed to be talking in between bites. But Zelda couldn’t hear them. Link was doing hand movements that went along with what he was saying, and then Saria started to laugh clapping her hands at the same time.

 There was a knock on the door. Zelda jumped nervous and shocked at the same time. She threw another Deku nut and was back to her own self; hastily she stuffed the mirror into her wardrobe.


“Yes!” She said nervously.

“Zelda, Dear?” A deep, yet pleasant voice came.


“Come in!”


There was a rattle with the door. “Zelda dear, it’s locked!”

“I’ll come when you stop calling me ‘dear.’” She thought. The princess ran to her door and unlocked it with much noise. “Now you can come in Daddy!”

The King walked in gracefully. “Why was your door locked?”

Zelda’s eyes bobbed from side awkwardly. “Um…”


“It is alright Zelda.” Harkanian said with a chuckle. “It doesn’t matter.”

Zelda sighed with relief. “What did you want to talk about?”

“I just wanted to tell you that I came in here after you left to see Impa.” He verified. “Also supper will be served in an hour.”

“Thanks for telling me daddy.” She said, giving him a half smile.

“Well…I have some important business to attend in the thrown room.” The king said in a   matter-of-fact way.


“I’ll see you at dinner.” Zelda said waving him off.

“Whew! That was a close one.” She thought closing the door and locking it again. She ran to her wardrobe and the mirror was still showing Link and Saria. By now they were cleaning up their plates. Saria said something to Link. He gave her a horrified stare. She seemed to snicker and she strolled out the door, Link was left behind to do the dishes. His fairy Navi stayed behind to ‘help’ as much as a fairy could. She was holding an over sized dish cloth sitting on the side of the counter, waiting for him to give her dishes so she could arid them.


 The princess laughed at the sickening look on Link’s face. But no matter what he did she always thought he was cute in anything he did.




 It was hours since Navi had finally let Will out of his trapped position. Will pleaded for twenty minutes strait. The navy fairy couldn’t take anymore of the moaning. His moans were like somebody dieing slowly and painfully, the difference was it never stopped.


‘Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!’ he screamed embracing her.

‘Wow! That was a response I didn’t expect.’ Navi thought. But what she said aloud was: ‘You’re welcome Will.’ Startled by the reaction Will made. 


 Link and Saria arrived at the same minute, just when they were hugging. They were caught off guard, trapped in a cramped bottle together for and hour. Navi screamed and yelled banging on the glass: ‘You can’t do this!!’ Link merely shrugged in response. Will huddled in what seemed to be a corner to him and whispering wide eyed: ‘I am trapped again. I am trapped again.’ Pointless to say Will was easily terrified with experiences with bugs, especially ones that were a lot bigger than him; typical Will.

 Link and Saria gave them a punishment as you have read before for an hour. They practiced their Ocarina’s together or Link practiced. They had fun while the two fairies were in utter agony.



“I am very disappointed in you, Will and Navi.” The Deku Sprout said in an angry yet very calm speech. The two fairy guardians had there heads down, trying to avoid eye contact. “What do you imply they do for a punishment?” he asked the Kokiri, who were sitting behind the fairies.

 They looked at each other, smiling roguishly and nodded in agreement. Link put his hand up. “Yes Link, what you have?” the Sprout said.

“It’s more like what we have but…”

“Just get on with it Link.” The Sprout sighed.


He nodded. “We have decided that they must dust the forest temple, weed the Lost Woods, do lot’s of chores for all the Kokiri, and help Mido recover from his accident.” (They didn’t tell the Deku Sprout about the fight.)


The fairy guardians heads snapped up when Link finished. “Why do we have to do that?” Navi whined. Will didn’t say anything he was too shocked. “It was my plan in the first place, Will shouldn’t be punished.”

“But Will…he threw the magic vines around us!” Saria claimed.


 The Deku Sprout closed his eyes thinking. “Will and Navi, Guardian Fairies of Link and Saria, you will do all the things Link put forward except for one,” he paused. “Do chores for the Kokiri, because you aren’t big enough to do any of the things they would want.” Everyone had a half smile on there faces at this remark except for Will and Navi.

Chapter 5 Suspicion and Young Love

“So Link,” the forest sage started. “Tell me, what do you need facilitating with this…dream of yours?” She tried her best to sound professional.


The Kokiri were sitting in Link’s tree house. They closed the windows and covered little holes in the walls with his cloths that were all over the room to make it pitch dark. Saria sat on a chair, one leg crossed over the other with a notepad and a little candle that was the only source of light. Link lay on his bed ready to answer any questions his best friend asked. It was like a therapist and patient to help resolve mental issues. Saria stifled a chuckle at the situation.   


Saria figured it was best to discover meanings of dreams in the dark and the only light that could be there was a candle. The note pad was for of course notes that would help her brake down the logical meanings of the dream until she knew what it truly meant.

“You know, everything,” He closed his eyes. “if it is a vision or a normal old dream.”

“I see.” she scribbled something on the notepad. “If this dream were to occur, what would you do?”


“Saria this is getting to be a little sad don’t you think?” he said getting up.

“Sshhh…” She shushed him and pushed him back down on the bed. “We need to do this! We are getting off the question.” Saria sounded irritated. 

He rolled his eyes and relaxed again. “I would go to Termina as soon as possible, and then see if I could find the cause of the fire.” He said. “By the way where are Will and Navi?”

“Don’t try to get out of this again or I can’t help you.” She hissed. “They are cleaning the Forest Temple.” She scribbled some more notes on the pad. “If the cause or monster or monsters or causes…”

“Just get on with the question!” Link snapped.


“Okay!” She shot back looking hurt. “Were to be 10 or 20 times bigger than you would you be afraid or brave?”


Link gave out a large sigh. “What kind of question is that? How would that help me? I would never be afraid! I would run strong and be brave!” he said putting up a hand over his chest as if he swore an oath.


“I just wanted to know.” She replied. “What do you mean you would run brave?”

“Well I…I wouldn’t want to get hit if it shot fire at me. Besides, it doesn’t mean I would run away.” The hero claimed.


“Right…” she said eyeing suspiciously. “Have you had this dream more than once?”



“Do you think you will again?—and dose it still bother you?” she scribbled his answer ‘no’ on the page.


“One: I don’t know for sure and two: Yes it dose still bother Me.” he said putting his fingers up as he said this.


“Have you ever felt you were going to fall asleep during a battle?” Saria said she put down his latter answer.

“I have once--”


“When was that?”

“Right now.” He completed his sentence, smirking.


 Saria had a questioning face on her for moment and then she understood. “Link!” she yelled annoyed and threw a big feather pillow at him. Link caught it laughing with tears running down his cheeks. Saria tackled Link to the ground hitting him with the pillow as the candle went out.






 Ned is one of those people who are just there and not noticed much. He did what pretty girls like Saria asked him to do—taking care of Mido. Ned didn’t think she was a snob to him like the rest of them. Saria was at Link’s house right now, she said something about a dream and dark. The Kokiri boy wished she loved him. Link always had girls all around him he would say. Saria was just Link’s friend after all, he didn’t have to worry about Link being in love with her. He could go ask the Deku Sprout for advice and if it would be alright for them to be Boy Friend and Girl Friend! To Kokiri’s, being Boy friend and Girl friend, was like being married. 

 The Kokiri took off Mido’s bandages and put ointment on so he wouldn’t get infected. He had to do this while Mido was asleep, because Mido always moved when you touched him. It became quite an annoyance after the 4th time. Ned sighed. He actually hoped that Mido would get better so he would have more time with Saria.

 Mido let out a half moan, half laugh. Ned jolted back into reality. He saw that his hands wondered by an accident and tickled Mido under the armpit. Ned immediately stopped blushing. He saw Mido open one eye and backed away slowly from the bed. The leader of the Kokiri winced as he rose.


“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Um…” Ned mumbled.


“And why is my tunic off?” Mido asked.


“I had to change your bandages. You always move when you’re awake. I thought it would be easier to wait till you were asleep.” Ned answered meekly.


“Why isn’t Saria doing this? She is much better at this sort of thing.”


“She’s at Link’s house…”


Mido frowned. “I didn’t hear that, say it again.”

“She’s at the Meadow.” He lied. He couldn’t take any chances; he liked her, by now he was at the other end of the room.

He eyed Ned suspiciously. “Something tells me you aren’t telling the truth.” Standing up he tried to take a step forward but stumbled to the floor.


“Mido! I’ll help you.” Ned ran his side. “I should leave to rest.” The boy handed him his’ tunic. Ned ran out the door glad that Mido fell.


“That was close!” he thought. Ned headed for the Deku Sprout.







“Deku Sprout?” Ned asked.

“Come young one.” The Sprout commanded calmly.


Ned walked forward at a snail's pace.


“What is it you wanted?”


“I would like…for…Saria…” He trailed off in embarrassment.


“It’s alright Ned, I won’t laugh.”


Ned’s spirits grew. “I would like for Saria and I to be B.F. G.F.” ‘B.F. G.F was code.’ Ned didn’t want anybody to hear, his fairy snickered.


The Deku Sprout smiled. “You can’t yet Ned. Saria must agree before I do.”

“Huh…? I thought…” he had a questioning look.


“Saria must be willing to do this, not just you. She must know, did you tell her?”

“Um…No, I didn’t.” Ned said dumbfounded.


“Well go ask her and then bring her here if she accepts.” The Deku Sprout said smiling wildly.


“Thank you!” the Kokiri boy said blushing and ran off.






 July 18, 1657


Dear Diary…The greatest thing has happened! I found a magic mirror! It shows you who you love anytime you want, but there is a catch, I have to turn into Sheik and say a spell. Ugh! I can’t tell you thought because it was written in ancient Hyrulian…so it has to be a secret. But I will tell you this it was a catchy spell. Link is the one who is shown in the mirror. He is soooo handsome!


 The mirror belongs to my nursemaid Impa though…I stole it from her room when I asked her for something to do. She probably won’t miss it. I had it for three days already so that gives me proof. I sat on her bed after she said ‘I don’t have the time Zelda. I need to get this work done.’ Blah blah blah… When I sat on the bed something hit me. I saw it was silver mirror that had murky-purple splotches all over it. There was writing on the back and on the handle. Dark ugly purple as I describe it is the color of the Shiekah race.


 In the past couple of days I saw Link with his best friend Saria. (I hope they are friends.) They were running through the Lost Woods and there Fairies Will and Navi were with them far behind. My love Link called back to them for some reason I don’t know. Saria’s fairy, Will, shot magic bolts at her and a tree stump grew rapidly but she dodged it just in time. Then they stopped running after a few minutes. Link and Saria turned around and walked to there fairies and they tied magic vines around them!

 I am kind of jealous because they were like that the whole time! I new Navi didn’t like me, but she has gone too far! Now I have a really good reason to wear the tunic and boots. Navi will be so annoyed; now they are with the Deku Sprout and Will and Navi appear to be in trouble! (YES, NAVI IS IN TROUBLE! Poor Will.) Link and Saria are behind them…Uh oh! I have to go to supper again! *Sigh* Good bye Diary I need to go!



 The cooks did the finishing touches on the food and set them onto beautifully made trays of silver. Patterns of flowers and ivy were etched in the bottoms. They put spinach around the cooked pig and an apple in the pigs’ mouth to make it look extra impressive. On the lobster they put anchovies and ousters around it. Vegetables were also served along with caviar.


“The King Harkanian will be pleased!” one of the cooks named Annie squealed. Everyone else heaved a sigh.


“Shall I take the food now to the table?” Penne` asked.

“Yes, you may,” Annie said.

Annie loved to cook; if the King or Princess liked it then she was always delighted. She and her sister, Penny, worked at the castle. Annie had red hair and hazel eyes with a slightly tanned complexion and dimples on her cheeks. Her sister Penne` was a different character. She was shy with fright when it came to talking to the Royal Family. She looked pretty much the same as Annie except she had high cheek bones, but no dimples.


“Are you going to eat Annie?” Penne` questioned.


“I am,” She answered. “Why are you still here? You should be setting the table.”

“I did.”

“You did it that quick?!”

“Annie, you were standing there for five minutes,” Penne` stated.


She sat in a stool leaning on island counter. “What are we having this time Margaret?” Annie said putting her elbows on the table.

The head cook put a dish of rice, mashed potatoes mixed with peas, and broccoli. “This is what we are having today.” Margaret said bluntly. “Get your elbows off the table! That’s terrible manners!”

If you got the idea that this woman was joyous then you were dead wrong. Margaret had wrinkles that came with the ‘being old’ package. The old women had green eyes with her hair turning gray. For an old cook you would expect to see a fat person but no, she was skinny. Annie, Penne`, and all the rest of the cooking and cleaning staff disliked her. They all tried to be nice to her so they wouldn’t make her be any more depressing than she already was. They all thought she was like this because her husband left her.


All the younger cooks and maids ate at the island counter. Annie was the only one who didn’t have proper protocol. Margaret was extremely annoyed by this but did her best to say nothing.


“Hello everyone!” said a female voice.


Everyone turned around on there seats to see Impa walk into the room. “Impa!” Annie said, she dropped her fork on the table and ran to Impa like her life depended on it.


The Sheikah staggered back when Annie hugged her. “It’s nice to see you Annie.” Impa said hugging her back. “The food looks wonderful! I can’t wait to eat it.”

“Tell me after supper if the King and Princess like it!” The miniature cook commanded.


“I think you should sit down now, Annie,” Margaret interrupted. “By the way, Impa…what did you come in here for? Was it so you could say you would like to eat the food we made?”


“No, I came in here to ask you if any of you have seen a small hand held mirror around?” she answered. Annie let got of her embrace on Impa. She stepped back and sat in her seat, beginning to eat again. Everyone else either shook their heads or said ‘No, we haven’t seen one.’

“Thanks for your time everybody,” Impa said nodding to everyone and glared at the old hag, Margaret.


When Impa left, Annie let out a sigh if guilt. “I should tell someone that I saw the Princess with it…but then the Princess would get mad at me. I don’t know what to do…I could talk to Penne`!” She looked up from her half eaten plate full of food trying to find Penne`. Her sister was hiding behind the other side of the table. Luckily everyone else was done eating, they had a big day tomorrow, and Annie only helped with supper.


“Penne`, come here I need to tell you something.”


“Why do I have to come over there?”


“I don’t want anyone over hearing,” Annie said taking two more mouthfuls of food.


Penne` sighed and walked around the table to her sister. “Why do you always say I have to come over here?”


“I don’t know…but that is beside the point. I saw the Princess run out of Impa’s corroders the other day.”

Penne` gasped. “Do you think she stole the mirror Impa was asking about?”


“I think so…I don’t want to get on trouble!” Annie whispered hesitantly, she had look of sorrow. “Her Highness would probably get mad at me…I’m not sure what to do.”


“I think you should tell the truth. The Princess may get mad but she doesn’t have the power do anything rash to the servants, only the King dose.” Penne` whispered, resting a hand on her sisters’ shoulder.


Annie smiled at her sister with content. “Thank you Penne`. I will tell Impa sometime but not today. I don’t think it’s the right time.”




The King, Zelda, Impa and some of the castle guards sat in the Great Hall. Torches filled the room with soothing light and the curtains were open letting the moonlight shine throughout the Hall. Decorative scented candles were spread across the middle of the long rectangle shaped table. The candles filled the room with a fresh lilac aroma. King Harkanian sat at the head chair, Zelda on his right, Impa on his left and the guard sat alongside. Fine China was put out in front of them with cutlery plated with gold and steel underneath.

“My…this looks wonderful!” the King said astonished, his mouth wide open. “Tell me Impa. Tell me who prepared all of this tonight,” He asked Impa because she was the only one who wasn’t eating yet.


Impa thought for a moment gazing at the sealing. “Let’s see, little Annie, Margaret, Holly, Georgina, and…Sasha.”

“Who is this little Annie?” Harkanian asked scooping up a spoon full vegetable.


“She is the youngest of the cooks,” Impa informed also starting to eat.


The King swallowed. “I would like to meat her.”


“She isn’t the only one in her family who is working here. She has a sister Penne`.”


“Oh? I would like to meet them both,” He said.

“Penne` she…is really shy when it comes to talking to the Royal family, even me.”


“How shy is she?”

“She will either run away to a hiding place or just freeze in her tracks not saying a word.”

“Well I’ll tell Annie after dinner that her sister needn’t be timid of us.” Harkanian said.




“I hope you don’t mind me asking but, have you seen a hand held silver mirror anywhere?” she asked hopefully. “If I don’t find it soon…I don’t know what will happen.”

At that moment Zelda instantly tuned her attention to her ‘daddy’ and nursemaid as she heard the word mirror. “Oh know they found out!” Zelda’s eyes and mouth were wide now. Her food dropped out of her mouth and some of the gourds gave her weird looks, she gave them an embarrassed smile and wave. They continued their conversation.


“I’m afraid I haven’t Impa. Why do you ask?” he said starting on the pig meat.

“The other day I was using it and then when I came back from our meeting it was gone.”


“Was it an expensive mirror?” the King asked starting to sound interested.


“In my family and whole race it is important.” Impa said playing with her food as she talked.


“Don’t worry Impa.” The King assured. “I’ll keep an eye out for it and ask some servants to.”


“Thank you Harkanian.” She said and took a bite of food.


“This isn’t good. I have to be more careful from now on.” Zelda thought. “I’ll take it with me to the forest.” She persisted to eat her food.

“Zelda, dear?” the King posed.


“Yes daddy.”


 “I would like you to behave yourself after supper.”


“Why? I don’t know what you are talking about.” Zelda said nervously. “He’s going to ask about the mirror! I’m going to die!”


“You are going to meet some of the savants for a change.” He informed. 


“But daddy, they are servants.” she whined. “Whew he didn’t ask. I’ll just act like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.”


“Think of it this way.” He began. “Your friend Link is a peasant the servants are peasants, so you are essentially insulting Link.”


“I…I never thought of it that way…” she said dumbfounded. “I can’t believe I insulted my beloved Link!!”

“So will you be polite?”


“Yes I will daddy.”



“Who are we meeting anyway?”


“You’ll see after supper. Now eat your food.” The King commanded and continued to eat his own food.

Chapter 6 the Evils



 The two fairy siblings were talking with random towns’ people. They had nothing else to do; actually they never had much to do. Ever since this Link character came two years ago from a forest and saved the whole land of Termina from the moon crashing down and Majora’s Mask; Clock Town, Ikana, Great Bay beach, Southern Swamp and Snowhead. It was fun at the time for two months; technically it was only three days, very confusing.


 Nobody believed them of living three days over and over again, summoning the four legendary giants in a short period of time. All they remembered is that they saw a blond boy with a sword and shield that had on a green tunic and cap playing a blue ocarina. ‘The days seemed to go by fast.’ one of the carpenters had said. ‘I saw the boy enter the clock tower entrance. A minute later I heard an ocarina playing, after that the four giants came and held the moon all night long.’ The boss carpenter had said.


 But that was long time ago…the only person that believed in them was Kafei Doutor. Link had helped him recover the Sun’s Mask from the thief Sakon, enabling him to return to his Fiancée Anju. ‘I believe you Tatl and Tael.’ He said to them. ‘It’s too bad he had to go…’ Right now Kafei and Anju were on vacation. 


“What should we do today?” Tael asked.


“I don’t know.” His sister Tatl replied.


“We could go find the Skullkid!” Tail suggested.


“Let me guess, we are going to play hide and seek in the grass again aren’t we?” Tatl said sarcastically.


“Yeah…” he said his wings drooping. “I miss Link. It would be so fun to have him back on another adventure!”


“It would be way better instead of wondering around Clock Town!” she said, her golden glow brightened.


“But we both know that will never happen, unless a monster or something appears.” Tael flew toward west clock town. Tatl followed him.


“Where are we going?” she called after him.


The purple fairy glanced back. “We haven’t gone to the beach for a long while.”


“I bet the Indigo- Goes will be practicing today.” She neared her brothers’ side.


 Brother and Sister flew out of Clock Town unnoticed by the guard. Termina field looked brilliant the sun shining brightly on the hot spring day. Birds chirped blissfully as their young ones longed for worms. The sound of running water from the fountains out front was pleasant, even more birds washing there. When they past by a breeze caught the water making mist blow on the fairies, the water sparkled beautifully.


 They finally progressed to the beach. Zora’s and some other people played in the water. Others lay on beach towels under umbrellas; some were sleeping and others reading. The ocean glistened purely with the perfect music playing capturing the mood. Tael flew toward the water; he hovered for a moment putting something on his wings then fell purposely creating only what a drop of water would make. Tatl laughed, following the suite.


“This is so much fun, why don’t we do this more often?” she giggled.


“I don’t know!” Tael answered smiling. “Let’s come again tomorrow!” he splashed Tatl playfully.


“Hey!” she splashed him back but using her magic making a mini wave, drenching him.


 Tael screamed in surprise to him the wave was huge. It came down on him like rain would, never ending it seamed. When it finally ended Tatl was flying to the beach. “I’ll get you for this!” he called after her.


 Tatl laughed silently. She was flying toward the beach. “I seriously need a tan,” Tatl muttered. “I look like a ghost.” Suddenly Tael was by her side. She screamed in protest. “Truce?” she said meekly, putting on her puppy dog pout.


Tael sighed. “Fine, until next time…”


“Tail, I’m going get a tan.” Tatl said lying down on a towel. “Wanna join me?”


“Sure.” He flew over beside her. “What’s the point in even trying?”


“What do you mean?”


“You’re as pail as a ghost, you do this every summer and nothing happens.”


“I know but…it’s worth a try.” She stammered.


“I sense you are cursed. Look at me,” he looked down at himself. “I am as dark as anybody white can get and you…”


“I am cursed with eternal whiteness that shall never end until,” the fairy placed a hand over her chest. “Link comes and breaks the horrible spell.”


“Thanks for reminding me about Link.” Tael said sarcastically.


“Sorry, couldn’t think of anything else.” Tatl apologized. 


“Whatever…let’s just enjoy the music and chill.” Tael said crossing his legs.




 It was a dark and murky night; fog filled the floor of the cave. The cave was damp; you could hear water dripping from far off. Stalactites, stalagmites, and draperies formed the creepy cave. Moon milk bubbled like a witch’s cauldron under a fire. Torches filled the room casting two big shadows on the far end. There was a faint sound of coins slipping to the ground and a thunderous groan- no two, but the other more high.


 The sources of the sound had sinister blood red wings, their scales and tail also red but extremely hard as a bullet proof vest. The bottom of there bellies had golden coins stuck to them like glue. Their claws and teeth razor sharp and the snouts had smoke puffing from them.


 Three men sneaked into the mysterious cave beyond the Great Bay Temple. They traveled by boat from the shore of Great Bay beach. One of the Fishermen lent them a cruiser; he thought they were only going fishing. But no, they wanted the gold that was taken from them. They would be the Termina’s heroes if they succeeded. All would not be poor anymore, living on the streets, begging for food and water, wearing old ragged cloths, being cold at night nor having a place to stay whilst storms occurred.


 Their names were Jack, Lawrence, and Davie. When the brothers had been young and were told old tales, about dragons and the four giants. These of course were true, exiting history lessons that were well learnt. One of these stories would always want to be told again and again.


 A long time ago in their ancestor’s time two dragons Male and Female attacked Clock Town. They burned most of the town and stole gold from the towns’ folk. The dragons came from the west and the people who survived blamed the Zora’s for the attack. So they put fence to block any of the Zora’s from coming near to Termina field and the town. Zora’s didn’t have or could ride any horses and the only way they could get over the fence is to use horses.


 To make matters seem worse, two witches appeared one day from the sky, they clamed that they weren’t evil and they were known as Koume and Kotake. So the Terminians said that if they weren’t evil they could cast a spell so that the dragons wouldn’t ever come back. ‘We will but there is a small catch.’ Koume and Kotake replied. One of the towns’ folk asked, ‘What is this catch?’ The two witches told them. ‘We will cast this spell but it will not last forever. If one of your decedents goes to the island that we have created then the spell will be broken. Chaos will occur.’


“Those creatures my brothers are dragons.” Lawrence whispered.


“Why are we here again?” Jack asked in a low whisper.


“Because we need to get this gold that was stolen from us. Besides we dearly need it.” Lawrence answered.


“Well we better hurry or else we’ll be dissolved into ashes.” Davie hissed.


 The three men trotted quietly toward the pile of gold taking out their bags. Hastily they started to stuff the gold bars and coins into the bags. When the bags that they held got too full the one of them sprinted to the entrance and dumped the gold on their cruiser. The trio had about six bags filled of gold already. This process kept going on and on for long while. The large pile grew smaller by the hour. They wanted to get this done before day brake, if they could the dragons wouldn’t roast them.


“One more hour until this pile is gone.” Jack said. He handed Davie his full bag.


“I don’t think the cruiser can hold anymore than we already have in it.” Lawrence stated.


One of the dragons stirred at the sound of coins spilling. Lawrence and Jack both froze and turned to Davie. “Sorry guys.” he whispered. He picked up the coins and ran quietly to the doorway. 


“That was a close one.” Jack mumbled wide eyed.


“It better not happen again.” Almost as if on cue they heard a loud ‘aaahhh!’ and a splash. Lawrence and Jack froze completely still, the male dragon half opened an eye looking around suspiciously. Lawrence and Jack ran for there lives hiding behind some stalagmites.


“What did Davie do now…?” Jack groaned.


“I don’t know but we better hurry. Our lives depend on it.” Lawrence hissed.


 They ran to another stalagmite when the dragon wasn’t looking their way. Jack saw the entrance close by but he didn’t see was the dragon looking near where they were hiding. He started to run but his brother caught him on his belt, Jack fell with a loud thud. “Wait until the thing isn’t staring near us.” He whispered, peeking over the rock formation. “Now!” The two brothers made brake for it, but they weren’t fast enough.


“Who are you humans?!” The male roared, smoke fumed from his nostrils.


Lawrence turned around slowly. “I…I am Lawrence a…and this is my b…Brother Jack.” He stammered. He was looking into the dragons’ flaming red eyes, while Jack was looking down at Davie who had fallen out of the cruiser and was looking horrified at what he was hearing inside.


The female woke up suddenly and glared at them with her pink eyes. “Who are you humans?!”


Her husband rolled his eyes. “I already asked them that question, Glades!”


“Well soooooorry for being, Leo!” she snapped.


“Do you always have to do this?” He growled.


Jack turned to the dragons, then to his older brother. “We should go now, while they are bickering.” Lawrence nodded. Without anymore hesitation they ran and hopped into their borrowed cruiser. Davie had already gotten in the boat and before his brothers were ready he paddling with all his might. Jack picked up two ores and handed one to Lawrence they also started to row as fast as possible.


 The dragons stopping arguing and looked around to see that the humans were gone! All that was left that belonged to them was two sacks and a small piece of fabric from a cloak.


“You let them get away!” Leo accused pointing a finger at his wife.


“I let them get away? It’s not my fault that you didn’t wake me up!” Glades retorted.


“Everything was going fine. I was focused on capturing them then you asked the stupid question.” He blamed.


Glades inhaled and shot a mouthful of fire at him. He ducked and the fire melted some of the gold coins that were behind him.


“What was that for?!” he moreover inhaled and shot an even bigger bolt of fire at her, she didn’t duck because he missed and shot right out of the doorway, scorching all around.


Glades laughed falling over. “You always did have bad aim!”


Leo flared his nostrils glaring fiercely at her. “We don’t have time for these dragonish actions.” He paused to ketch his breath. “We need to destroy Termina, this time instead of just stealing gold all those years ago.”


“Planning how to destroy is what we didn’t do last time.” Glades pointed out.


“Yes, first we attack the beach.”


“But the Zoras got blamed for our assault, maybe if we destroyed everyone else except for Clock…”


“I see what you are getting at.” Leo pondered, thinking for a moment. “I think this is the best plan you ever came up with Glades.”


“Thank you. So when do we start our plot begin?”


“Soon, we will begin soon enough.”


“Hey, what about those three humans? What if they tell somebody about us?”


“Don’t worry they won’t. Sometime tomorrow we will burn them to ashes. They wouldn’t be able to reach the shore before we came. Its sixty miles from here to the shore, in addition we’ll have some fun for once.”


 The dragons smiled roguishly, or how dragons could smile. These dragons were different. Dragons with Pink and Red eyes always meant dragonish acts, especially if they were married. Leo and Glades weren’t very smart either. Glades didn’t have the best plans and Leo he had horrible aim. You get my point?







 Jack, Lawrence and Davie paddled as fast as they could away from the island cave. They were at least a mile away. Jack peeked over his shoulder to see if the dragons were fallowing but he couldn’t see anything because of the thick fog that was now forming all around. He faced Davie seeing only a few feet ahead. He peeked again behind him this time seeing a flicker of light.


Jack tapped Lawrence on the shoulder. “What is that?”


Lawrence turned around in the cruiser. “All I see is fog.”


He saw the light again except farther away. “Davie look, can you see it?” It flickered again.


He stared ahead of him to see what his brother was talking about, squinting. “Guys…” Davie began. “We should just keep going.” He commanded.




“I think the dragons are fed up right now and we need to keep going or else what I said in the cave earlier will happen.” Davie answered gravely.


This time Lawrence saw what they were talking about. “Its fire!” he cried and he rowed faster. His brothers did the same.







 The siblings rested on the beach saying nothing, just listening to the dreamy music. The music went on for a long time, at least till the afternoon. Terminians and Zoras went home as the time passed and the heat got more unbearable. Tael and Tatl stayed there pending everybody had left. They to, were finding the suns rays harsh.


“We should go now.” Tael suggested. He looked up and saw that it was cooling down but not in a good way. “I think it’s going to rain.”


Tatl gazed at the thunderheads that were now forming, her eyebrows drew together. “The sun was shining just a minute ago.”


“This is really eerie weather.” He turned to fly away. “I don’t like it sis, c’mon.”


 The dark clouds were thick, rushing toward the beach. Zora’s domain looked evil in the gloom, it seemed as if it was a fish demon ready to gobble up the whole ocean. The water grew rough by the wind; sand blew unsympathetically hitting the fairies causing them to slow down. It started to rain big drops pelted the rocks, they slapped on Tatl and Tael like pebbles, most unpleasant feeling for fairies.


 Tatl glanced behind her she saw a half wrecked cruiser. Tatl squinted her eyes and with a hand to block the rain. Three grown men rowed quickly, but not as swiftly as three people could. She ignored the rain and flew out to the three men dodging the waves that seemed to be trying to drown her. Tael followed her yelling: “What are you doing!! Come back!!”


“Are you alright?” she yelled at the top of her lungs. They nodded and one of them pointed in the opposite direction. She stared that way so did Tael, what they saw was the worst thing imaginable; Dragons. The evil demons were flying fast they needed to get away.


“Fly!” Tael panicked.


“No! We need to help these men!” Tatl screamed.


 She closed her eyes and focused on the boat. Tael did the same being calm all of a sudden. Magic flowed through the air and around the boat making it fly toward the shore. When the boat hit the sand the men scrambled out of the boat and ran to the Spider house.


“Now we can fly!” Tatl yelled as she and Tael flew after the three survivors.


 Chapter 7 Discussion

The tree house was as messy as ever. Clothes were everywhere, pillows and other possessions lied on the floor waiting to be put away. Stray feathers from the pillows were almost everywhere. The bed that used to be neatly made was rumpled and the candle that used to be lit was out and broken, wax spread across the wood like entrails from a dead animal.


“We have been having this pillow fight for hours.” Link said despairingly. “And look at my house…oh well.”

“Yeah I know, we haven’t gotten anywhere with the dream.” Saria remarked trying to catch her breath.


“I think if I have the dream again, then I know for sure that I have to go there.”


Saria took a look at her notes. “Link, I think I have something!”

Link turned her way and crawled over to sit beside her. “Let me see!”


She showed Link her note. “This is a prophecy dream Link.”

“How do you know? You just put down what I answered.” He frowned.


“Oh, sorry. Was I showing you the notes I had for that questionnaire thing?”


“What are you going to show me Saria? - it’s almost suppertime.”


“Well, look here. You told me about your dream when we were trapped, right?” she showed him the outline of his dream that she wrote down before.


 Saria suspected the reason why Navi and Will were acting so strangely was because they sensed danger, and whenever fairies sensed danger they acted as if they themselves were evil. If she was right, then she and Link would be able to get some more answers. And besides, Zelda was in Link’s dream, and Saria would find out about this clue first.


“Yes.” Link said hesitantly.


“And Zelda was in your dream right?”


“Yeah, so…?”


“Well since Zelda is coming over here tomorrow then it must be true!” she explained excitedly.


Link’s mouth dropped. “That’s wonderful Saria…” his happy expression died down. “This means now that Termina is in danger.”


“I’m sorry Link…” she apologized.


“There is no need to, Saria. These sorts of things happen.”


“Don’t worry, Link.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “You will thrive, you always do.”


“Thank you, Saria.”


“Well I have to go make supper for both of us, and then we can make plans for Zelda’s arrival. You’ll figure something out.” Saria stood up and walked out the door.









 When Saria climbed down Link’s ladder, she was face to face with Ned.


“Ah!” she jumped, then and relaxed as she realized who it was. “You scared me!” 


“Oops! Sorry, didn’t mean to.” He flushed. I need to ask her…but when the time is right.


“I am going to make Link and I some supper.” she informed. “Would you care to join us?”


“Sure, why not.” Ned smiled. “I could help you make dinner if you want?”


“I could use an extra hand…” she paused. “Thanks Ned. Link is so lazy sometimes.”


Ned gazed at Saria’s emerald green hair. It glistened naturally, just like a real emerald. He caught his eye on something that wasn’t natural. “Saria, why is there a feather in your hair?” he asked.


She stopped in her tracks. “Oh… this…Link and I were having a pillow fight and I guess one of the feathers got caught in my hair.” She flicked it out and it landed on the earth. “We’re here.”


Ned went in front of her quickly and opened the door. “After you.” He said, holding his hand out in front of the open doorway.


The sage giggled. “You are such a gentleman.”


 Ned really was a gentleman to her ever since the “incident.” He was always opening doors for her, saying ‘sorry’ if he had scared her, did or said something wrong. He helped with Mido and when she couldn’t do that he would take over. She really thought that he was dreamy in his own way. His sapphire blue eyes, white blond hair…she liked him to a big extent, if only if he would ask her to be his girlfriend. That would be the best thing ever that happened.


They started to concoct supper without delay. Saria was worried Link might get too hungry, especially since he was cleaning up the pillow fight chaos. If he did get too famished, there would be nothing left to feed him! Saria snickered at the thought. The Kokiri made an everyday forest meal: potatoes, meat, and nuts.  


“Ned, would you pass me the gravy?” Link asked.


Ned swallowed his potatoes and passed the gravy. “Here you go.”


Link poured the gray substance on his spuds; he cut his meat and dipped it in the gravy catching some potatoes with it. Saria watched him in disgust.


“Link, what you are doing?” she questioned, frowning slightly.


He looked up from his supper. “I’m eating.”


“No, what are you doing with your meat and potatoes?”


“I’m mixing them up together.” He grinned. “It really tastes good. You should try it guys.”


“I think I’ll pass.” Saria answered.


“I’ll try it.” Ned said suddenly.


“See Saria, Ned doesn’t think it’s gross.” The hero sneered.


Ned let out a moan of satisfaction. “That is really good!”


“Ugh!” She shuddered. The boys laughed.


“The food is going to be in your stomach anyway until you digest it. You may as well eat it all together.” Link explained.


“I suppose, but I’m still not eating that.” She pointed at the mess on Link’s plate.


“So, how are Navi and Will doing?” Ned asked, changing the subject.


“I think they only cleaned half of the Forest Temple in the past day.” Saria answered.


“That’s pretty good for a day, that place is huge!” Link remarked, eating more of the mix of potatoes and gravy.


 After supper, Link was asked by Saria to wash the dishes, again. He was not happy at all with this. For part of Navi’s punishment, she was to Link or Saria help with washing and drying cutlery. Altogether both fairy and half -Kokiri weren’t happy.


“Saria, let’s go check on Mido.” Ned suggested, standing up from his chair.


“Okay, we haven’t seen him for awhile.” She answered.








 The two Kokiri walked out the door. The sun was slowly drifting below the western horizon. Other Kokiri ran around finishing up their daily chores. Ned led the way to the cliff where Mido’s house stood, when they came to his house, Ned walked right by it. Saria stopped for a moment. She had a questioning look on her face but she knew that, that wasn’t where they were going when he kept leading. He climbed to the top of the ledge and helped her up gently. Then, he let her walk past him up the vines. When they were at the top, he sat her down near the waterfall.


“Saria?” he asked.


“Yes?” she replied. “So, why are we here and not at Mido’s?”


“I…I have been waiting a long time for this.” Ned stammered.


“A long time for what?” she asked. She was very confused now.


“Well Saria…this is a little hard.” I hope she doesn’t get mad.


“Well what is it?” I hope it is what I think it is!


“I um…wanna ask you if you would like to be…my Girlfriend.”


She sat there stunned and wide eyed and started to cry.


“Oh Saria…I didn’t…” Shoot!


“Ned! That is the thing that I have been waiting for you to ask me for the longest time!” She hugged him tightly. Ned hugged her back.


“I didn’t think you would accept!” Ned exclaimed, hugging her a little tighter.


“Well, I did, didn’t I?” Saria smiled.


Ned kissed her softly, holding her elbows gently. She stiffened and then relaxed, finally they parted.


“We should go tell Link.” Ned said.


“Yes…Yes we should.” She answered, wiping her tears of joy away.


Ned took her hand, helping her up. “After we tell Link, we should go to the Deku Sprout.”


Saria started walking, holding Ned’s hand. “Let’s go then!” She shouted and smiled, running toward her house.








 The fairies sat with the brothers in the spider house. They were in the library, hiding in one of the secret rooms. Davie was the one who pushed back one of the shelves. Tatl and Tael shot little fire balls to light the three torches, making a pleasant glow. It’s seemed like a safe enough place to hide from the dragons. There, they could introduce themselves and talk about the evil attackers.


Davie stood near one of the corners in the small room by his brothers. “Hi.” He said to the fairies.


“Thank you for saving us.” Jack said.


“We don’t know how to repay you two.” Lawrence added, smiling.


Tatl and Tael stared at each other for a moment and turned to the trio. “Don’t mention it.” Tael replied.


“I was the one who truly wanted to save them.” Tatl thought. “So what are your names?” she asked.


Davie stepped forward, bowing to their saviors. “I’m Davie.” He introduced, pointing to himself, and then pointed to his brothers as he presented them. “This is Jack and this is Lawrence.” They both bowed.


 The fairies could now take a look at them. Davie had a large build with blond hair and green eyes. His cloths, that must have been nice once, were now torn and stained from the ocean water. Lawrence had the same color of eyes but with black hair, he also had clothes that were tattered. He was skinny with medium sized build. Jack, the younger brother, had the most torn cloths.  With the same build as Lawrence and had a hair color between brown and blond. The only difference from him and his brothers was that he had blue eyes.


“It’s nice to meet you all.” Tatl curtsied in the air.


“Now, would you present yourselves?” Lawrence asked.


“I’m Tatl, and this is my older brother Tael.” Tatl said.


Tael flew closer to Jack. “If you don’t mind me asking,” he began, “Why were you out there in the first place?”


Jack glanced at his brothers then said, “We uh…we just decided to go on a cruise.” He couldn’t possibly tell them that they were taking what was once theirs, and that they lead the two dragons all the way over here to destroy Termina. He couldn’t tell them that it was their entire fault


Tael was not convinced.  “I don’t think you are telling the truth.” He accused.


Tatl flew next to her brother. “Please tell us the truth. It would really help us.” She pleaded. Her glow brightened.


All three men looked at each other nervously. “Give us a moment.” Lawrence said. They huddled together whispering, heads close.


Tael rolled his eyes. “Let’s talk about something.” He said to Tatl flying a few feet away from the brothers.


“That would be?”


“If they tell us some important information then we should try to find a path that leads to Hyrule.”


“So you are saying that we should tell Link about this?” she replied.


“He’s our only hope.”


“But what about the dragons? They could be waiting for us on the beach right now! Lawrence, Jack and Davie, what about them?” Tatl panicked.


“Don’t worry, I have an escape route.” He assured her. At that moment the brothers stopped whispering, the two fairies turned there way.


“We have come to an agreement,” Jack said, glancing at his brothers.  “We will tell you every detail.”


“So tell us then.” Tael ordered.


“A long time ago, back when Termina was at least a thousand years old, two dragons appeared. They came from the west; farther out from the shore past the Great Bay Temple. There name were Leo and Glades, husband and wife apparently…”


 Lawrence, who new the tale best, told Tatl and Tael everything he knew. The only thing about this story he didn’t know was the part about the two witches Koume and Kotake. They had a lot of questions to ask about this. The fairies knew about the witches, but the fairies didn’t know they had come to Termina like that.


“So you are telling us that the reason those ugly dragons came is because you wanted your gold back.” Tatl inquired.


“That pretty much sums it up.” Jack said.


“Well thanks for all your help.” Tael said sarcastically as he and Tatl turned to leave.


“Where are you fairies going?!” Davie asked. “It’s dangerous to leave.”


“Well, we just asked you for information so we can …” Tael had to think of the right wording so as not to tell them of their plan. “Send for help!” he finished.


“Good job brother.” Tatl thought.


“It’s their own loss guys.” Lawrence said, and turned to Tatl and Tael. “Fine, go! But we aren’t going to help you if something happens.”


“Bye then.” Tael said, waving and then disappearing through the wall.


“Should we trust them, brothers?” Jack questioned.


“I’m not sure, but…” Lawrence trailed off.


“But what?” Davie asked.


“They did save our lives.” He answered.


“We’ll just have to settle for what we got then. If they don’t come back in a day, then we’ll go searching.” Davie concluded. “Do you all agree?”


They looked at each other, thinking, and nodding in agreement.








Navi was called from her punishment at the Forest Temple with Will. They had cleaned half of the temple by now. Dusting, scrubbing, and organizing was what they did. To make the job harder than it already was, they had to find all the keys to unlock all the doors and find the map. Navi complained that they had to do all this. She said that Link had all the keys and the map, along with the compass. But, unfortunately, Link apparently put them all back in place. 

Link stood there with Navi, doing the dishes again. His hands were beginning to get wrinkled from the soupy water. He was doing a fairly good job scraping off the food that was stuck to the wooden plates. The hero smiled to himself when he washed off Saria’s plate. Her disgusted face when he mixed gravy with potatoes. He was surprised that she didn’t make salad, but Ned did help make supper, he must have been the reason why she did not.


“This is boring.” Link moaned to Navi.


“Oh, come on Link, Saria does it all the time. The least you can do is wash the dishes for her.” Navi retorted.


“No, the least I could do is nothing.”


“That is not what it means.”


“Well, when you think about it, it can mean two different things.”


“You and your logic…” She muttered.


“I bet you’re only saying that because you feel guilty about trapping me and Saria with those vines.”  He said, handing her a knife. She took it cautiously. “By the way, why did you do it in the first place?”

“Well, I don’t know…whenever I am around Will, I act a ‘lil crazy.” She admitted. “And it’s probably the thing fairies do when evil is near…” the fairy trailed off at her last sentence.

“So, my dream is truly prophetic.” Link whispered.


“What dream?” Navi asked stupidly.


“I told you.”


“No you didn’t.”


“You answered to what I said. When I told you about the dream.” He said as he handed another plate to Navi.


“I did?” She asked.


“Yeah…” Link frowned. “What has gotten into you?”

“I guess going into the Forest Temple everyday has helped me-um…-not thinking strait.” She said hopefully. If Link feels sorry for me then he might go talk to the Deku Sprout and he will assign me to do something easier.

“Navi, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Uhh…You do?” The fairy asked, setting the now dried knife in the dish rack.

“Yes.  You want to go on this adventure with me.” He said as he handed her a big pot. Navi’s eyes widened when he let go of the pot. The weight was a little too much and she dropped it. It crashed to the floor with a loud clang. “Nice going, Navi.” Link muttered.



Chapter 8 Finally There


Impa sat in her room, frowning slightly for the loss of the magical mirror. It was a treasure passed down by her now dead Sheikah family. She had earned it from her mother when she learned to master the disappearing trick with a deku nut. This was the most valuable thing Impa had ever owned.

The mirror could show you anybody you wanted, no matter where that person lived. Even in another world or dimension. If you didn’t know what they looked like, if you had never even met them, you could still see, just by saying their name or what they are. Of course, there is a spell that you have to say before giving them the persons’ information, along with hand movements. Luckily, only sheikahs or anyone with a bit of sheikah blood in them could use it.

The royal nursemaid laid back on her bed in frustration. Who could have stolen it? There aren’t any sheikahs left. No one has any sheikah blood in them…then it struck her. She hit her forehead. How could I have bean so stupid? The last person that I know of that entered my room was the princess! Sure, Zelda could get curious at times, but not enough to steel. Then again…it was her fault –in a way- that the princess stole it. Zelda had nothing to do, so she came over to ask for some ideas on what to do. Impa just had to say she had work to do. The amount of time I spent talking to her I could have just told her how to entertain herself.

She sighed. Standing up, Impa walked out of her room. She marched down the corridor quickly, Zelda would be leaving in half and hour. Soon the sheikah heard girls giggling. Zelda had made friends with the servant girls: Annie and Penne`. They seemed to get along quite well; they liked exactly the same things. At first the princess didn’t want to meet them, but now she really liked them. Needless to say it took a lot of persuading for Penne` to come out of hiding.

The three girls came into view with Zelda holding her bag.  The king was also there. They all stood in front of the drawbridge laughing. A chauffeur was waiting outside, and Oleo was in front holding a whip. Impa marched right up to them; she was worried that she might not obtain her precious mirror. Hopefully the princess didn’t show the mirror to her new friends.

Annie was the first to spot her. “Impa! Over here!” she called.

Harkanian twisted his head in Impa’s direction. “Impa, have you come to say goodbye to Zelda?” he asked kindly. Harkanian wanted to travel with his daughter to see the Kokiri forest. He said that he would give her a little something to.

“Yes.” she said.

 Zelda turned to Impa. “Sorry guys, we need to go.” She waved her friends goodbye. “Come on daddy!” the princess tugged gently on her father’s sleeve.

“Bye Zelda! Bye your majesty!” the sisters said together waving. Annie ran up to the sheikah who was now sprinting across the corridor. Penne` stayed where she stood.

“Princess Zelda!” Impa shouted. King and princess were seated inside by now, with Zelda shutting the door hurriedly.

 Three things happened all at once. The coach was moving with Zelda and Harkanian in it, Annie was hugging Impa slowing her down. Finally, the worst part…the gatekeeper was closing the drawbridge. “Sorry Annie, I can’t talk right now.” The sheikah pulled away from the little cook’s grasp, the drawbridge half way closed.  Impa sprinted up jumping off. She did a flip landing gracefully at the edge of the moat. She sprinted across the front courtyard. Impa caught up to the carriage at the gate. She banged on the side door; Oleo stopped the chauffeur.

The king opened the door frowning slightly. “What are you doing?”

“Ditto.” Oleo said bluntly, hopping down from his seat.

“Well…” Impa took a moment to catch her breath. “I think the princess has some explaining to do.” She stared into Zelda’s eyes, the princess bowed her head.

“Zelda, what is Impa talking about?” the king asked.

“She um…” Zelda stumbled, head still bowed. “I…I stole her mirror.” She mumbled.

“What was that?” both the king and sheikah pressed.

 Oleo had no idea what was happening so he asked, “Excuse me sire, but what is going on?”

“Just go tend to the horses.” He answered bluntly. Harkanian said to his daughter. “Spit it out Zelda.”

“I stole Impa’s mirror, okay!” she admitted.

The king’s eyes lowered. Impa smirked slightly. “Zelda, that mirror is magical and very special to me. It belonged to my mother at one time. It’s the only thing I have left from her.” her voice was soft. “Could you give it back?”

Zelda lifted her head. “So you aren’t mad at me?”

 “No, I’m not.” 

The princess reached in her bag, pulling out the silver and purple splotched mirror. “Here you go.” Impa took it gratefully.

“Why did you take it in the first place?” the sheikah asked. “And did you figure out how to use it?” She frowned and grinned at the same time, “Don’t tell me ‘of course I know how to use it. I just look at myself.’”

“I was board and well…yes, I did figure out how to use it.” She put a hand behind her head, embarrassed.

“What did you see?” the sheikah asked.

“I…I saw Link. Don’t call him ‘what.’”

Impa smirked. “You saw Link, eh?”

“Yes his and Saria’s fairies, Navi and Will acted strange.”

“How did they act strange?” Impa questioned.

“They weren’t themselves…they…they trapped Link and Saria with magical vines. After that, they flew to the Sacred Forest Meadow. Link and Saria got help from the skullkids. When they found their fairies, Will was trapped beneath a tree stump.” Zelda summed up.

“That’s interesting…” Impa pondered, “Don’t fairies only act strange when evil is near?”

(“Why doesn’t anybody tell me what’s going on?” the king asked himself.)

“Yes.” Zelda replied.

“That mirror would come in handy.” Impa said.

“Does this mean I can keep it for a while?” the princess asked excitedly.

“I don’t know,” the sheikah said hesitantly, “If there is danger you can keep it.”

“Thank you, Impa!” the princess stood up from her seat and hugged the sheikah.

By now Annie and Penne` had caught up with Impa. The girls were puffing, leaning on their knees. Everyone turned to stare at them, except for Zelda.

Zelda ran up to them, “I’ve got to go you guys.”

Annie stood up straight. “First, tell us what is going on.”

“I stole Impa’s mirror and-”

“We know.” Annie and Penne` interrupted, red on their cheeks.

“You knew?” Impa and Zelda asked, shocked.

(The king shook his head, smiling and sat in the coach. “I’ll just be in here.” He said.)

 “Yes, we knew, for awhile now. We didn’t want to tell you because we thought Zelda here would be mad at us if she found out we ratted her out. And then, after we became friends we were more afraid to tell you, for fright of losing you as a friend.” Annie explained.

 “I see.” Impa said, quietly. “It’s alright now, girls. It turns out Zelda might need it.”

 “We must go now Zelda dear.” The king spoke up.

 “Coming daddy,” She hugged her two friends and then Impa, “I’ll see you later!”

 The princess climbed into the coach. Oleo, who was happy to finally leave, shook the reigns. The horses started to walk; at the end of the path Zelda stuck her head out waving. Her friends waved back, Annie and Penne` stood on the tips of their toes. The king had to pull the princess back in when they passed though the gate. In the coach, Zelda smiled happily. This was the longest week she ever had. She could finally see her Link.




 The rain was pouring down hard on the dragons and into the Great Bay Ocean. They spotted the three men that had stolen some of their gold. The men rowed as hard as they could, it seemed. Leo turned his big head to his wife, smiling evilly. Glades did the same but snickered as she did. They turned their attention back to the boat.

As they flew it seemed as if the humans were actually gaining speed! It was alright though; the dragons weren’t flying at their full potential. Finally the beach was in view and so were these small lights. One was purple and the other, white. It sickened them. They sped up, their wings beating swiftly. Glades frowned when she saw magical energy coming from the lights. The boat hovered in the air and then landed on the beach. Once again, the dragons picked up their pace. Now the three humans ran toward a hut, with the tiny lights following.

“We lost them!” Leo roared, when they landed on the beach.

“I know that!” Glades yelled.

“Well, what do we do now?” Leo asked, placing his claws on his hips. 

“I don’t know,” she replied with a shrug, “we could start small, by burning up the place.”

“No, we can’t start burning Termina yet,” His voice was a whisper, “those lights…they might be fairies.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Those fairies might alert those damn witches! We’ll be ruined.” he explained.

“Oh, I get it now,” she said, “those fairies might come out of the skylight that is in there.”

“That is good plan,” Leo remarked, “I’ll guard the skylight, while you stay here and guard the entrance.”

“Sure thing.”

“By the way, how did you know there is a skylight in there?” he asked, hovering.

“I saw it the last time we were here.” she answered.

“I see.” was his straight reply, he looked at her suspiciously.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Oh, nothing…”

“Okay, then.” she said sweetly.

Hope she isn’t up to something, Leo thought as he flew away.




The room was dim; the only light there was the torches and the two fairies with the sound of the torches’ fire cackling. Tatl and Tael flew up above the book shelves, toward one of the two doors that stood in the walls. Instead of just opening them, they just flew through them. The next room they entered had cobwebs and pots scattered around it and a staircase to their left, leading to the basement. They flew down the stairs, taking the shortcut anyone who could fly would take. The lower elements of the spider house were exactly the same; they flew through the door to their right.

Now, this room was actually sort of cozy. In the center of the room, there sat a lone table with two chairs on each side and hanging from the ceiling hung a fancy bowl shaped thing. It didn’t look like anything they had ever seen before. The floor was tiled and it held pots covered with cobwebs. On the walls, rested two pictures of the Skullkid and on the opposite wall from where the fairies entered were four native masks. In between the masks stood a chimney, at the bottom was not a fire but a small gate that lead to another room.

 “I remember this place now!” Tatl exclaimed, “How did you know where to go? You never came here when Link was last here.”

 “Remember all the mishap the Skullkid caused during Link’s adventure?” Tael asked, “We stopped by here and placed all the skulltulas.”

 “Oh, I see.” she said, following here brother through the gate.

Instead of stairs leading to this room, there was just a slant. As always, they flew up it. At the top, they saw that it was the one and only room that could have natural light. It was night time of course. This room had a round skylight, which had fancy swirls. The room itself was round also. There were rafters on the ‘sides.’ In the center of the room sat an open chest. That brought back memories, especially to Tatl.

 “Link, opened that chest…” Tatl whispered, her head bowed.

 “I see,” Tael whispered back, “we have to keep moving sis, through that skylight and we can see Link again.” he flew over to Tatl and hugged her.

 “Thanks bro.” she said, hugging him back.

 “We will see him soon, now let’s go.” he said softly.

Tatl smiled at her brother and flew toward the skylight. Once they were through they looked around for any danger, namely the dragons. They saw nothing but the stone wall that blocked Termina Field from the Great Bay Sea. The rain still poured but it lightened up a bit, the clouds weren’t as thick either. Tael turned to the East, he could see bits of light shining; it was almost dawn. Everything seemed to be clear, but there was just something odd…suddenly they heard a loud screech. The fairies jerked their small heads toward where they heard the sound.

 “That did not sound good.” Tatl whispered.

 “I know sis, we should get going.” Tael said, he took Tatl by the arm and the fairies flew as fast as they could.




Leo hovered over the skylight. He could see the small lights they saw earlier entering the round room. He could hear small voices coming from them, they were fairies. They were close now, appearing to be hugging or…Leo smiled slightly. The fairies parted and they were flying toward him! It would do no good if they saw him now, so he flew to side, out of sight.

The fairies sprung out, hovering, looking around. They are checking for us, Leo thought. While Leo was lost in thought, he let his claws slide against the rock he laid on. This created a loud scraping noise. He jerked back to reality, this was not good. The fairies heard him and they were getting away again! Leo quickly flew to Glades.  Once he was there he saw that she was lazing off; she laid there on the sand.

“Glades!” he yelled, “the fairies have come out of hiding! We must go, now!”

The female dragon shot up, “Oh, hi,” Glades smiled nervously.

“Let’s go!” Leo was now very angry.

“I’m coming!” she shot back, her wings flapping.

Leo was now after the fairies, he no longer waited for Glades. He spotted the two fairies. They were just entering Termina Field. He frowned; he couldn’t believe he was being out flown by little magical creatures. It didn’t make any sense, none whatsoever! Fairies had small wings, dragons had big wings…it still didn’t make sense! But Leo would not give up just because of this.

He could hear Glades catching up, she was breathing hard. The male dragon ignored her; he couldn’t afford to lose them again. The fairies were half way to Clock Town. Leo just crossed the border of the beach, now entering Termina Field. The fairies entered Clock Town, with the dragons close behind them. Leo and Glades finally reached Clock Town.  It was a good thing nobody was awake yet.

The duo searched for the purple and white fairies. Glades was the first to spot them, she pointed to them. They were going to enter the clock tower! Leo zoomed forward, he breathed in deeply, ready to blow fire at them. Glades joined him a moment later. Both dragons had a clear shot of them, but Leo-as always- missed. The fairies dodged them, flying in a zigzag pattern. Glades was a hair away from smoking them, she cursed and fired again. Once again they dodged both of the dragons’ efforts to burn them.

Now Leo was resorting to snag them with his bare claws. His red eyes blazed with utter fury. But fairies were quick, they dodged every attack, they were determined to reach that clock tower. Glades joined in the melee, also firing and trying to nab the fairies. She was close to nabbing the white fairy a few times, but to no avail the fairy always escaped. Both dragons roared, because they were not succeeding. That was a big mistake right there. 

People starting shouting from their houses, saying to keep it down; some even came outside to tell them personally. They clearly didn’t know who or what was out there. A young woman and a young man, who seemed to be newlyweds were rubbing their eyes and shouting at them. When they opened their eyes all the way, the woman screamed in terror at the sight of the dragons. The man pulled her back inside briskly, shutting the door. A moment later all the lights in the house burnt out.

 Without warning, the white fairy suddenly shot magic to the sky and the clock stopped ticking. The magical creatures made a dinging noise, it seemed that they were playing an odd song; the white fairy had a higher pitch. The next thing the dragons knew, people stopped moving, the clouds no longer moved and the fairies were gone! Leo and Glades roared.

 “I can’t believe this!” Leo screamed, “We have failed to capture them again.”

 Glades didn’t know what to say, so she just shrank down to the ground. Her eyes were in utter shock. “What was that spell that they cast?”

 “It doesn’t matter, but we need to find a hideout until we make our next move!” Leo answered, “Hurry, before the spell wears off!” He flew away; Glades followed.




The fairy siblings had finally gotten away from the evil dragons. They played the Inverted Song of Time, to get away. They knew it was a risky spell to cast but it had worked. Now they flew inside the Clock Tower, they could hear water turning the water wheel, which caused the clock to keep time. As always they flew through the stairs that lead to the lower elements of the tower. When they were down they flew above the water and came to a thick stone gate. Tatl was the first to try to go through, but to no avail. Tael tried also, he also didn’t succeed.

 “Why can’t we go through?” Tatl screamed.

 “I don’t know!” Tael shot back, he tried again, and again he did not pass.

 Tatl sagged to the floor, “This isn’t fair! We came all this way for nothing…” her legs were spread out in front of her, her wings drooping. Tael swore he thought he saw a tear rolling down her cheek.

 Tael flew downward, sitting next to his sister. “We can’t give up hope yet, sis.” He assured her, patting her on the back.

 She sniffled in response.

 “What a sweet scene!” a small mischievous voice exclaimed.

 Tael pulled away from Tatl and stood up, “Who’s there? Show your face!”

 It cackled; its laugh seemed to be all around them, “I don’t think so!”

 “Why not?!” Tatl finally yelled, her hands cupping her mouth, “Scared of two little fairies?”

 “No, I just want to have a fun time with you!” it replied.

 “Well, we don’t want fun!” Tael burst.

 It laughed again, this time its voice changed, “Okay, you guys I’ll come out.”

  They fairies could see a large scary looking shadow, as its footfalls got louder, the shadow shrank. The next thing they knew out popped the Skullkid. He was laughing his head off, holding his tummy with one hand and the other on the wall for support. Tatl and Tael were not impressed, they were wasting time. They flew over to him, with frowns on their faces and their hands on their hips. The Skullkid finally turned his head up, smiling. When he saw the fairies faces he laughed even harder.

 “We don’t have time for this!” the siblings screamed in the Skullkid’s ear.

 The Skullkid finally calmed down, “Okay, what do you want?”

 “We want to pass through that gate.” Tael said, pointing to the thick gate.

 “Why don’t you just fly through it?”

 “We can’t, it’s too thick.” The purple fairy pointed out.

 “I see,” he replied, “And what am I supposed to do about it?”

 “You could open it for us since you are bigger and stronger.” Tael stated.

“Fine, I’ll give it a whirl.” The Skullkid said lazily.  Walking up to the door, he pulled out his flute and played a few odd sounding notes. When he was finished, the gates didn’t open. For a while the fairies just hovered beside him, waiting for something happened. After it seemed that the doors wouldn’t open, they did!

 “That took a while.” Tatl remarked.

 “Why’d it take so long?” Tael asked.

 Skullkid shrugged, “I don’t know.”

 “Thanks for opening it for us!” Tatl said.

 “You’re welcome,” Skullkid replied, “Why did you want it open anyways?”

 “It’s a long story, we’ll explain later.” The fairies said in sync and vanished through the gate.

 “That was odd…” Skullkid said to himself.


Chapter 9 Jealousy


 It was a quiet morning in the forest. The birds chirped their early tunes. The rays of the rising sun streaked through the softly moving leaves, illuminating spots of emerald green grass on the ground below. Very few Kokiri were about this morning. The few carried on with their chores as usual: cooking breakfast, cleaning up inside the house and out. Three of them, however, were not engaged in their usual activities. They were heading to the exit of the forest. Soon, a princess would be waiting there.




 The carriage approached the waiting Kokiri, led by two white horses trotting gently upon the dewy earth.  Before it even stopped, Zelda leapt out, arms outstretched, and almost knocked Link down. The princess latched onto him so tightly it almost pushed the air from his lungs, and a soft grunt escaped his lips. Zelda drew away, leaving Link blushing brightly and standing face to face with the king himself. Saria giggled as Ned stood there nervously. The king frowned at his daughter. 

“Oh,” Zelda blushed, “I forgot to introduce you all. This is Link, daddy,” she said, gesturing at the fair haired boy, “and this is Saria and…”

“Ned, my name is Ned,” The Kokiri said tensely. 

“Ned,” the princess echoed, “Well, I am Princess Zelda of Hyrule and this is this is my father, King Harkanian of Hyrule” Zelda extended her hand for Ned to shake.

“It’s nice to meet you, Princess, Your Majesty,” He said as he shook each of their hands in turn.  Saria followed suit. 

“I am bad at introductions,” Zelda whispered to Link, covering her mouth so the others wouldn’t overhear.  She then turned to the king, “I’ll be seeing you daddy.” She hugged her father and waved to Oleo, who was driving the carriage. She started to walk toward the entrance of the forest but once again, the king grunted. 

“I need to give you something first, Zelda. I know that you can take care of things now, so you may have the Ocarina of Time,” He said formally, handing the precious instrument to his daughter. 

Zelda froze, she turned around, her face a large smile, “You will really trust me with this?” she hugged the shining blue ocarina close. 


“Thank you so much daddy,” Zelda looked over and saw the Kokiri waiting impatiently for her. ‘Sorry, guys’ she mouthed. “Goodbye daddy,” The princess hugged her father once more, and then ran off into the forest with Saria and Ned.  Link stayed behind.

The king held onto his shoulder. He turned around slowly, “Yes sir?” he asked. 

“You take care of my Zelda, okay Link.” Harkanian ordered, firmly. 

“I will,” Link answered back. In the distance, he could hear the princess calling his name. “I had better go. Goodbye, sir.”  

 As Link ran off, the king stood watching him.  After the young boy disappeared into the darkness, Harkanian climbed back into the carriage. Once the door was shut, Oleo shook the reigns. Neighing, the horses trotted off.




Zelda grabbed Saria’s hand, pulling her away from Ned. “What are you doing Zelda?” the Kokiri girl asked, shocked. 

“Need to show you something!” the princess told her excitedly. Saria was struggling to keep up.

Saria stopped in front of her house, “Show me in here. It’s my house.” 

They both hurried inside. The princess shut the door hard, practically slamming it. She sat down next to Saria, opening her bag on her lap. Zelda stuck her whole arm in it and felt around at the bottom. The princess frowned, “Saria, I can’t see inside my bag. Could I use Will for light?” 

“Will isn’t here right now. He’s on duty. Don’t ask.” 

“Okay…I didn’t want to resort to this but…” She held up her bag, tipped it over and dumped its contents all over Saria’s clean floor. 

Saria stared in utter shock. Being a neat freak, this was too much for her, “What did you do that for?!” she cried, pulling her hair in frustration. 

“Whoa! It’s okay! I didn’t know you would react like this!” Zelda assured her, pulling stuff back into her bag, swiftly. “Just take deep breathes…”

Saria did just that, sitting down slowly. “It’s okay Zelda.  I just… don’t like messes.” 

“I’m sorry.  Anyways, here is what I was going to show you.” The princess revealed a pair of pants, boots, and a green tunic.  She also had some accessories: a belt; round, silver earrings; and a green hat. “Do you like it? I just had to get it!”

Saria’s eyes widened, “Oh, my!  I wonder what Link will think of it! Hurry up and try it on!” the two girls let out squeals of excitement.

The princess waved her finger around in a circle.  “Oh, right.”  Saria took the hint to turn around while Zelda undressed. 

 The princess was changing as fast as possible. She was dreadfully afraid that Link or Ned might walk in on her. Now that would be extremely humiliating. She had gotten all of her clothes off, and had just started to put the tunic on when suddenly there was a knock at the door. She heard Link and Ned shouting, and remembered that the door wasn’t even locked! 

“Saria, are you okay?” Ned shouted, banging loudly on the wooden door.

“Zelda, what is going on in there?” Link questioned, his voice full of concern. 

“Saria, quick! Lock the door!” the princess hissed. 

 Saria sprinted across the room, nearly slamming into the door. “Girl stuff, be out in a minute!”  She turned the lock and sighed in relief, sliding down. On the other side of the house, Zelda quickly pulled on her pants and boots. She then replaced her Triforce earrings with the silver hoops, tightened her belt, and stuck her thick hair inside the forest green hat. For the finishing touch, she adjusted her bangs, just like Link’s. She stepped in front of Saria’s long mirror; she really did look like Link.

“Wow! You look…amazing! I’ll tell Link and Ned to wait just another minute.”

 “Why do we have to wait?” Link asked.

“No questions!  You’ll see soon enough.” Saria shouted through the heavy wooden door.

“I’m ready!” Zelda announced melodically. 

 Saria’s door opened and a figure walked out; a figure that looked like Link.  When the boys saw Zelda, Link gasped and Ned was just awe struck.  

“So, what do you think Link, Ned?” the princess questioned, twirling around. 

“I never thought you would look good in my cloths.” Link whispered. 

“Ditto.” Ned said bluntly. 

“Well, I thought you would like it, Link.” Zelda was all smiles. 

“I do.” Link grinned, “Anyway, Saria and I have to tell you something very important, Zel.” He held onto her hand and led her toward his house, as Saria and Ned followed.




The Terminaian fairies wandered through the heavily shaded forest. The rich aroma of earth and fallen leaves filled their nostrils.  Little birds chirped their pretty songs as they bounced from branch to branch through the ancient trees.  Squirrels scurried across the ground, carrying acorns and chattering to each other.  It was beautiful and peaceful, just as Link had described it during his time in Termina.    

 The fairies came to a fork in the path; there were two caves. One of them radiated a mysterious light, while the other path was dark and still.  Both were chilling, but which one to try first? Link had said the Lost Woods was tricky. Instinct would steer you toward the brighter path, but that could very well lead you the wrong way. 

“Come on Tatl, you decide which way to go. You were the one who hung out with Link most of the time.” Tael told his sister. 

“Yeah, um…let’s go through the dark one.” Tatl suggested. 

Tael gave her a questioning look, “You’re kidding, right?” 

“No, you said it yourself. I was the one who ‘hung out’ with Link the most of the time.” She set her hands on her hips with her head held up high. 

“Fine, but if it’s the wrong way…” he shook his head. 

 Tatl took the lead.  At first, she wasn’t sure what she was doing, but after they flew threw the first cave, her spirits lifted a bit.

“See, I told you!” Tatl gleamed. 

“Keep going.” Tael said gloomily.  

 As before, Tatl was lead. They passed through a second cave, then a third. The fairies kept going until they were confident the darker caves were leading them in the right direction. The forest seemed to go on and on! But, Tael had a feeling they were close to their destination. 

 Even though the forest seemed like it would never end, it was truly beautiful. There were so many things to see.  As the fairies passed by a small pond, a frog reached out with its long, sticky tongue and caught Tatl, saving her from the reach of a giant horsefly.  Was that normal? As they pressed onward, the fairies came across carvings on some old logs. There were pictures and writing. “Follow not the light,” it said.

“You know, I think we are doing just fine!” Tatl said.

“Well, let’s hurry up. Because Termina is in danger and we need to find Link.” Tatl flew through the next dark cave. 

 When Tatl emerged, she was shocked to see a Skullkid! He looked just like the one back in Termina! He could even play the flute, too. The fairies rushed up to the Skullkid, which frightened him.  He stopped playing his flute and tried to whack Tatl and Tael with the instrument.  

They both dodged the Skullkid’s attempts, yelling, “We are friends! We just want your help!” 

He calmed down, glancing at both of the fairies. “If you are friends, do you know Saria’s song?” 

What the heck is Saria’s Song? Tatl thought, with worry in her eyes. Then something struck her. Link had always played this mysterious song back in Termina. He said it was a song his friend taught him, a friend named Saria!  “Yeah, we know it.” Tatl answered confidently. 

Tael gave a questioning look, “No, we-” he began to say, but Tatl rang the three notes with fairy magic. 

Tael caught on, playing harmony. The Skullkid listened intently, hopping back and forth from foot to foot. Nodding approvingly, he started to play along with them with his flute. The song was enchanting and playful at the same time. At the end, Tatl played the last note so loudly it resounded through the clearing.

Their new friend laughed hysterically, just like their other Skullkid friend. “That was very nice! We must be friends. Now, what did you want help with? And what are your names?” 

“We are looking for a boy named, Link. Could you give us directions to where he lives?” Tael pleaded. “It’s urgent!” 

He laughed, “Well, first of all, you really didn’t have to talk to me to get directions. All you had to do was fly through that last cave and then across the bridge! Secondly, Link isn’t really a boy anymore. He’s around fourteen years old. To everyone around here, that’s pretty old.”

“All Skullkids are the same…” Tatl muttered.

“I thought, Kokiri were really old anyway, but they just didn’t age physically.” Tael said.

“Well, you know what I mean.” Skullkid said more seriously. Out of the blue, he disappeared.

“Now, we can’t waste anymore time!” Tatl cried.  She and Tael darted toward the final cave. 

 Tatl blazed through the forest, not watching where she was going.  She screamed as she almost flew into a post. Tael, on the other hand, was more observant and saw his sister approaching the random post.  He flew next to his sister and seized her by her hand, slowing her down. At the same moment something hit the brother and sister.




 Will and Navi both finished cleaning up the last quarter of the Forest Temple. It had only been a few of days since the day of their punishment. Even though they used there magic, it was still a tiring job. Now, the two fairies were taking the long way back to Kokiri forest.  Instead of just going through one of the light, natural holes they decided complete the Lost Woods backwards.


 The reason for this is, whenever they were spotted in Kokiri Forest they would have to go directly to the Deku Sprout; both fairies would not permit to go anywhere else. But the special part about doing the Lost Woods backwards is the posts near the bridge that leads to Hyrule Field. Will and Navi made up a little game a long time ago before Saria was born. They would fly around each post as fast they could. But, here is the catch; they would have to walk on them sideways. Whoever finished it the fastest won. Will had come up with the name: Post Racers. Creative, huh?


 As they reached the end of the woods, the came across the Skullkid, who –of course- was playing his flute. “Why hello little fairies!” he said happily. “Guess who I met today!”


“Hi, Skullkid.” Navi replied tiredly.


“Look, Navi and I had a long day and we really just want to play a game of Post Racers.” Will said abruptly.


“Fine by me…” Skullkid remarked lazily. He continued to play his flute.


 Both fairies shook their heads at the Skullkid. Slowly flying toward the game sight, they looked at each other, smirking they nodded and began the race. Will started to count for Navi as she flew around her post.


 The blue fairy was on her third post when her foot caught on a loose piece of wood. She lost her concentration, sending her down to the ground. Navi recovered quickly, though, but she didn’t head back to her original post. Instead, crashed into something, not hard, or soft it was in between. Navi squeaked in surprise, while she heard the same reaction from two other fairies.


“Why don’t you watch where your going!?” Navi yelled at them.


Both fairies turned around, with their eyebrows glued together. When they saw who had yelled…


“Navi?!” Tatl and Tael cried.

“Tatl, Tael! What are you guys doing here?!” Navi was in utter shock. Yeah sure, she is just coming here to ruin my life!


“We…hey, why aren’t you with Link?” Tatl asked her cousin accusingly.


“Look, it’s kind of a long story…” Navi replied, smiling nervously, “Now, don’t change the subject and tell my why you are here?”


“Tatl and I need Link’s help…or more like Termina need Link’s help.” Tael told her.


“Termina always need Link’s help, everybody needs LINK’S HELP! Why is that? I don’t know, they think I’m just an annoying little blue fairy who screams in people’s ears!” Navi ranted, “Nobody wants my help…” she whipped back a tear.


“Uh, Navi…is something wrong?” Tatl, asked in concern.


“Navi?” Will suddenly, called, “Where are you?!” he spotted her along with two other fairies that he did not recognize.  He quickly flew over to them; he got a closer look at the two other fairies. One who had a purple glow and the other had a white. Will took a good look at Navi, she was crying, “Navi? What’s wrong?” he asked patter on the back.


“She is sad that everyone wants Link instead of her.” Tatl whispered to Will.


“And who are you?” Will inquired.


“Oh excuse us,” Tael cut in, “We are Navi’s…err…cousins. This is my sister Tatl and my name is Tael. Who are you?”


“The name is Will and it’s nice to meet you Tatl and Tael.” the green fairy answered.


“Could we cut the crap and get on with this.” Navi said harshly. “Let’s just go and find Link so that my dear cousins will be happy.”


“Come on, Navi! Couldn’t you be nicer to your cousins?!” Tatl said sarcastically.


“Yeah, why can’t you?” Will retorted.


“That was sarcasm, Will.” Navi told him. “Now let’s go.”


 The navy blue fairy took the lead, passing by Tatl, she deliberately shoved her with her should. Tatl glared at her, following her cousin Tael and Will joined in. Navi lead them through the Kokiri forest, it seemed that she was trying to avoid all of the Kokiri children. Tatl tried to fly down and talk to some of them but, Will and Navi always grabbed her and told her that the Kokiri children didn’t like outsiders. As they passed by each of the tree houses Tatl and Tael’s memories rushed back to them from a long time ago. They had good times, before they were kicked out of the forest…but that was all in the past.


 Now they neared a tall tree house with a pointed top and a high deck. It did not have a proper door, or steps. Instead it had a curtain replacing a door, and ladder attached to the deck. A sign stood in front of the house, it said: “Link’s House.” The four fairies hovered in front of the door, listening, to see if anyone was home. Tatl peaked through the curtain, she saw two Kokiri children sitting on the floor -on of them had green hair- listening intently to two other children. They were sitting on a wooden bed; one of the children was Link!


Tael crept up behind his sister, “Who is in there?” he whispered.


“Link is in there.” She whispered back, not moving her head. Tatl examined the other Kokiri…it was Link too? “You guys…I think Link has a clone.”


“What?” Navi murmured, “Let me see.” Tatl moved out of the way, letting Navi see what her cousin saw. There really was another Link! Navi inspected the clone more. This one saw like a girl, and had long dark eyelashes; she would recognize that girl any day. Navi began to giggle, “Oh, Tatl that is the Princess Zelda, not another Link! She is just REALLY obsessed with Link.”


“Huh, let me take a look,” Tatl pushed Navi out of the way, Navi was right. “Fine.” The white fairy grumbled.






“What do you mean, Termina is in danger? I thought you saved it.” Zelda said, she sat next to Link on his bed, with Ned and Saria sitting cross legged on the floor.


“Have you ever studied fairies?” Link asked.


“What kind of question is that? Don’t try and change the subject.” The princess criticized.


“Look, if you studied fairies, they act weird when something bad is about to happen. Like, Saria and I got tied up the other day, by Will and Navi. Plus, I had a prophetic dream, last week; you were in it. I have feeling something bad is about to happen in Termina.” Link finished.


Zelda tried to take all this information in. She took a deep breathe and said, “Is there anything I can do to help?” She said smiling. “Do I finally get to go on one of your grand adventures?!” she said excitedly.


“Yes, of course but, we need a plan first.” The half-Kokiri told her, “Tatl and Tael may come warn us of the danger there.”


“You called?” a high pitched voice questioned.


Everyone in the tree house snapped there heads toward the door. Four fairies hovered in a line. Two of them were Will and Navi, and the others...


“Tatl, Tael!” Link shouted as he ran over to them, “You couldn’t have arrived at a better time!”


“We haven’t seen you in so long, Link!” both fairies screamed in sync. They hugged him, or at least what they could hug. Navi watched them, glaring at Tatl.


“Zelda, this is Tatl and Tael.” Link introduced.




Chapter 10 Moving on



 The two Kokiri’s, the two Hylain’s and four fairies headed to the Deku Sprout. Link and Zelda needed to inform him of the danger in Termina. Also, Will and Navi still weren’t off the hook. Navi still didn’t tell her two cousins why they didn’t want the other Kokiri children to see them on their way to Link’s house. But of course, Link who thought Navi told them the truth, mentioned cleaning the Forest Temple.


“So, you and Will are in trouble, Navi?” Tael asked casually a smirk on his face.


Navi glared at her purple cousin, “Why should you care?”


“Guys please.” Link said in annoyance.


“Stay out of this Link.” Navi retorted, frowning, “You don’t know what my cousins are truly like.”


“Yes, I do! You told me last week.” Link retorted.


Zelda was walking next to Ned, who seemed like he didn’t want to talk to the princess. Finally, Zelda just had to start a conversation, “Uh, Ned…where is your fairy?” she asked curiously.


Ned looked up, slightly nervous, “Oh, she is keeping an eye on Mido.” Zelda gave him a questioning look, “You mean Link didn’t tell you?” he whispered, “Link got in a big fight with Mido…so now Mido is being watched, since he apparently started it in the first place. Link won anyway.”


“Pfft! Link would never get in a fight.”


“Actually, Zelda…it’s a true story.” Saria suddenly said, “But don’t hold it against him.” she added hurriedly.


 Zelda frowned, tapping Link on the shoulder, she asked, “Link, is it true that you got in a fist fight?”


Turning around, ignoring his friends bickering, he looked at her in shock, “I…um- yeah. I did get in a fight.” Link stammered.


The princess frowned.


“Look Zelda, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Mido made me fall in the mud.”


“I know you hate Mido and he can be a complete jerk but, just making you fall in the mud really, isn’t a reason to start a fight.” Zelda said.


“Look, now we are probably going to get in a fight now, Zel.”


Suddenly, Tatl ringed and Navi screamed, “Hey, watch out!” Navi said this more for Link and than Zelda.


 Both Link and Zelda looked back with confused look on their faces. They took another step forward and plunged into the water. They both let out a yelp as they went down, Zelda latched onto Link like he was the only thing that could save her. Tatl and Navi began to giggle, Will and Tael laughed hysterically, while the two Kokiri tried to help them out.


“That was not funny!” Zelda told the fairies.


Link stood up, taking off his hat, squeezing it out, the water poured out like rain. With a grin he threw it at Navi and Tatl, the green hat hit the target right on, almost knocking the little fairies from the air. “Hey, what was that for?!” they yelled.


“For not using your magic to keep us from falling,” the half-Kokiri replied, “and now we are wasting time standing here. Let’s hurry up and tell the Deku Sprout where we are going.”


“Why do we need to do that?” Tael questioned.


 “Because, if the Deku Sprout found out that Navi was gone without his permission she would be in even bigger trouble.” Link replied.


“Oh.” Tael said dumbly.


Tatl rolled her eyes, “You know, if you just thought about it for a second, wouldn’t the Deku Sprout be proud of Navi for helping save another land?”


“Hey! Why can’t I go?” Will said.


“Yeah, why can’t he?” Navi inquired.


“Just go, Will.” Saria smiled.


“Let’s go then!” Zelda urged, squeezing out her hair.


“Saria and I will tell the Deku Sprout what is happening. You go ahead.” Ned smiled.


Link hugged his two friends. “Thank you.”


Zelda also began hugging the Kokiri, “Goodbye.”


Tatl heaved a sigh at the scene, blowing back a stray hair out of her face and folding her arms.


Once everyone said their goodbyes, Link, Zelda and the fairies headed back to the tree house to get supplies and dry cloths for only Link. The princess insisted that if she was going on an adventure, she would have to suck it up and live with the fact that she wouldn’t always get the chance to change cloths.








The rain poured down, hard on the sandy beach and raging thunder struck every ten seconds. Each droplet of rain pounded the mossy rocks like bullets. Umbrellas had blown down and a few of them even had rips in the fabric, caused only by the rain! Powerful gusts of wind started to blow, and whipped the palm trees around and the sand blew violently. The only safe place was the spider house.


The spider house wasn’t what you would call a sauna, since it was underground it could become very cold, to make it worse the torches looked as if they hadn’t been lit in years. Davie, Lawrence and Jack sat, huddled with their knees against their chests behind the hidden hideout in the library around a torch. The two other torches had burned out and they were extremely cold. Lawrence shivered violently and his teeth chattered loudly. Jack turned his face away from the small torch to Lawrence he glared at him, shaking his head. He swallowed down saliva, and began to stare at the fire again. 


Davie looked around the small room slowly and then at his brothers. “Guys, I think we should try to find Tatl and Tael.”


Jack faced his brother, “But, it hasn’t even been a day yet. They’ve got a couple more hours left.”


“Plus the dragons could still be waiting outside of this hideout. We are better off waiting for them.” Lawrence said.


“If we stay here any longer we may be too late to help anybody. Also Tatl and Tael along with the help that they went to fetch could get ambushed.” Davie replied boldly.


“So, what should we do?” Jack queried.


“I think we should sneak out, try and warn our fairy friends about the dragons,” Davy replied, “just in case.” he added.


“Well, brave leader, do you even know where they went?” Lawrence asked in a sarcastic tone.


Davie froze, with wide eyes, he never thought about that before. “No, I do not.”


“This is great! Just wonderful!” Jack exploded, “We are going to die from starvation and from the cold. If we are lucky we could survive by ripping our clothes to shreds and putting it on this torch. But of course that might not happen because the torch only has so much oil and we have very little cloths!...” by now Jack had stood up pacing back and forth. “Once our clothes are gone we would be even colder then we are now and disgrace ourselves at the same time!” his face was red and his breathing was rigid. “So, in conclusion, we must form a plan.”


With that, the torch slowly burned out.




 Lawrence held out his hands in front of him, holding onto the shelves and walls walking slowly, with Davie and Jack close behind him. They weaved through the book shelves, trying to find the only exit in the dark. Jack held on the back of Davie’s tunic, he let out a small yelp and jerked away, Lawrence froze in his tracks.


Jack rolled his eyes even though nobody could see him, “Davie, it’s only me.” he whispered, “I should hold onto you while you hold onto Lawrence.”


 With Lawrence leading the way, nobody bumped into anything while they walked slowly toward a wall. As they got to the end of the wall they turned to their left they felt along another one of the shelves. Once they got to end, Lawrence began to move around to the other side of the shelf. He dragged his hand on some of the dusty, old books with his arm stretched out in front of him. After a few steps his hand met another stone wall. He sighed to himself and so did his brothers, but he didn’t give up and began to walk beside the wall. This time his hand didn’t feel cold stone but soft wood.


“Guy’s I’ve found our exit!” he exclaimed. He turned the door knob, pushing it open it made a loud squeak.


“It’s about time.” Jack said, annoyed, “Let me direct you guys, we’ll get out of here faster that way.”


“You’re lucky its pitch black in here.” Lawrence muttered. Davie heaved a sigh and felt his way around and grabbed Lawrence’s tunic. “Ah! Don’t touch me! Hold on to Jack.”


“It’s dark in here, all right, I can’t see a thing.”


 The brothers took one step through the door one at a time; again, there wasn’t any light, just darkness. They proceeded as they did in the library, but this time Jack led the way, he could vaguely remember where the next door was. He walked forward, moving his arms in front of him around like he was swimming. At the same moment a large cobweb dropped down on him. He tried to rip it off.


“What are you doing?!” Davie and Lawrence hissed, in sync.


“I’m trying to find the next doorway!” he answered.


“It’s to the right.” Davie whispered.


“I knew that!”


 Jack moved his arms out in front of him, walking slightly faster. His hands touched a wooden surface he felt around for a door knob. Once he found the knob, he turned it around, opening the door, causing it to squeak. They all looked slightly upwards, finally, a faint light shone down on them. The brothers squinted their eyes and walked forward. They all climbed carefully over a medal fence, which was made of spider web designs. The Terminaians stood quietly for a few moments; they could hear a raging storm outside.


 Davie took a run at the steep, slippery slope as fast as he could. With no avail, he slowly slid back down. Lawrence rolled his eyes; he knew Davie was never the fastest runner in their family.


“Don’t look at me that way. I may be slow but this is pretty, dang slippery and harder to run up than it looks!”


“Fine, Davie, whatever you say.” Lawrence said, lazily, “It’s my turn now. I can do it.”


 He stepped back with his left foot against the fence and crouched down. He took a deep breath in through his nose, with his back rising. Lawrence lifted his head and sprinted, toward the slope. Once his foot came in contact, his foot slipped, he fell face first into the ground and slid downward slowly with a groan. His brother’s began to laugh hysterically. 


“It appears that our brother has been proven wrong!” Jack laughed.


“Now who’s slow?” Davie sneered jokingly.


“That’s beside the point!” Lawrence snapped as he lifted himself up off the hard floor. “We need to get out of here.”


Jack began to search the small room; at corner of his eye he spotted a small pot on the right side of the room. He stared at it for a moment, curious; he walked toward it. Both his brother watched their brother with interest. He squatted down and peered into the pot, hoping to find something useful, to no avail he saw nothing but blackness. Jack frowned, he picked up the pot and stood up and brought it over to better light. Still, nothing but blackness could be seen. He turned it upside down. Absolutely nothing fell out, not even a piece of cobweb or dust.


“Do you think there is anything good in there?” Daveie questioned.


“There could be maybe if I just stick my hand in-”


“No,” Lawrence said abruptly, “there could be something dangerous in there. You never know with this spider house. Try feeling around inside with a stick.”


“May I ask where this stick is?” he replied, with one eyebrow raised.


Lawrence searched around the room and saw nothing but a burned out torch, another pot and the…pointed fence. He smiled slightly, “Never mind about a dull stick. How about you try turning it over -like you did before- and sticking it on one of the sharp tips of that fence.”


“Sure thing,” Jack replied. He walked up to the fence and stuck the pot over one of the sharp ends of the metal fence. At least he tried to.


“What’s wrong with this piece of pottery?” Davie cried, mystified.


“It’s like it’s cursed!” Lawrence shouted, he to was just as confused as his brother.


Unexpectedly, Jack hurled it to the ground, with a loud cry of frustration. The now broken pieces of clay shattered, surprisingly they didn’t spread all over the place. Instead they slowly faded as they fell and disappeared, at once a short stream of fairy dust flew up and a pair of golden bunny ears popped out of thin air. The three brothers glanced at each other with bewildered faces, at the same time they looked down at the bunny ears. It appeared to have a face on it and could be worn on the head. Lawrence recognized it almost immediately.


“This is the bunny hood! I heard of it a long time ago. It is said that this guy who took care of some chickens in Romani Ranch had this,” Lawrence explained, intently as he picked it up.


“Well, if it’s so important, what does it do?” Davie questioned.


Jack’s eyes widened. He remembered the story his grandfather told his brothers about the guy with a bunny hood, as they sat by the fire place. When somebody put it on, it could make anyone run faster than they could before. They were only small children but he remembered it. “Don’t you remember, Davie?! The stories grandfather told us? This bunny hood can help us run faster than ever!”


Lawrence quickly put on the hood. He could feel the energy surge through him. He pushed past his brothers and headed for the slippery slope. He slipped slightly but he did not falter. His boots kicked dirt behind him, he heard both his brothers cough, and it was a surprise that Jack didn’t curse as well. Lawrence slowly turned his head to see that he was half way up but he could hardly see with all the dirt and dust rising into a cloud. He pressed on, finally, he reached the top, and he didn’t even feel tired at all! Lawrence took the bunny hood off and threw it down to his siblings.


Davie caught the bunny hood, “It’s my turn now.”


 He did the same thing as Lawrence but he almost crashed into him because he was running so fast. “Be more careful, will you?” Lawrence said, irritated.


“Sorry,” Davie replied. He turned to his other brother and threw the bunny hood down to him.


This time Lawrence moved out of the way, Davie followed suit. Finally, after a couple moments of waiting, Jack reached the top of the slope. Unlike Davie he immediately removed the bunny hood from his head. He looked at both of his brothers, and grinned.


“We should check if the dragons are waiting outside for us, before we walk out of here,” Lawrence stated, as he peaked out of the doorway. He was surprised to find that the storm had cleared up. It looked to be about two o’clock in the afternoon. The Terminaian looked both ways, ahead of him, and up. He slowly stepped out side; he beckoned to his brothers to follow him. “The coast is clear,” he whispered.


Jack snickered as they ran across the sand, “The coast is clear.”


“Now is not the time to make jokes,” Lawrence rebuked.


Davie chuckled but said nothing.


Once the Terminaians found their boat, it was now smashed, and a few wood chips scattered a short distance away. Luckily most of the gold was still there along with the sacks, and so they gathered as much of it as possible. Davie glanced around for danger every so often. There was no sign of the dragons or monsters. Once they finished stuffing all the gold into the bags, the brothers slung them over there shoulders and ran toward the Great Bay entrance and exit. About half way through the exit, they slowed down to catch there breathe and hide in the shadows, so they wouldn’t be seen.


After the brothers rested, one by one, they began to run out of the shadows glancing around them suspiciously. Finally, they came upon a fabulously decorated fence with spikes on the top. The first time they crossed it, (when they were heading to the dragon lair) they hoisted each other up on the fence with their feet in between the spikes. Next, they carefully put their heels’ at the edge of the opposite side and jumped down. The Terminaians repeated this, but threw the sacks of gold over the fence. Knowing that there were Leevers waiting for something to attack, they began to sprint across the sand.


Jack gasped for breath, not because he was out of shape but the sack of gold coins was extremely heavy after awhile. “I need that…bunny hood.”


“No, Jack…” Lawrence gasped, “It wouldn’t be fair. We…are all…equally…tired.”


Suddenly a Leever emerged from the sand. It began to move thought the sand toward Jack, he gasped for breath stumbled. His outstretched leg caught on of the Leever’s orange spikes, he let out yelp of pain but kept pushing on. He could feel his own blood running down his leg, he hope he wasn’t bleeding too much. Once it settled own into the ground two more rose in front of Davie and Lawrence, they quickly stepped out of the way but Lawrence fell to the ground in exhaustion.


Luckily he landed entirely on the rich, green grass. Davie and Jack soon followed behind him also collapsing to the ground. Jack winced as he drew back the cloth from his cut. Lawrence and Davie finally caught their breath; they slid over to see how Jack was doing. Their brother was closing his eyes, clutching the side of his calf. Davies eyes widened at the sight of it, while Lawrence asked him how big it was.


“I don’t know,” he answered with a grunt. “The pain is…it’s eerie.”


Lawrence and Davie exchanged worried glances. Davie spoke, “Let’s take a look at it.”


Jack unhurriedly took his bloodied hands away from the gash. He let out a scream. “Check it quickly!”


Lawrence peered at it, the skin was sliced vertically and the length was about six inches long. Blood oozed out slowly, it didn’t appear to be deep. Orange looking liquid was spread all around his brother’s injury. Jack’s skin was pale and shriveled. Jack let out another yelp of pain and quickly clutched the gash once again. Lawrence watched his brother fall on his side curled up in a ball.


“Jack, I’m so sorry I didn’t give you the bunny hood,” Lawrence said sorrowfully, “It seems that it wasn’t fair not to give it to you.”


Davie smiled slightly, for he had an idea. He stood up and hurried over to a small pool of water by a fence. He ripped off a piece of his tunic, and soaked it in the non salty water. Davie ran back and knelt beside his fallen brother. He abruptly tore away Jack’s hands, he screamed and writhed on the ground. Lawrence saw what he was about to do so he firmly held onto his brother, also covering his mouth. Davie dabbed the orange liquid until it was gone, he ignored all his sibling’s muffled screams.


Next the Terminaian cleaned up all the excess blood with the other side of the cloth. He bit on the bottom of his tunic once more and tore a longer portion of the cloth away. Now he rapped it around the gash. Jack’s screamed subsided and breathed heavily. Lawrence quickly lifted himself off of Jack; he truly hoped the dragons weren’t nearby.




Chapter 11 Pursuit



Even though the death smell still lingered there, Ikana Canyon was always peaceful this time of year. Tourists traveled from all around to visit the Canyon and Valley. Geordi gave the tours; he showed them the four Poes, which an adventurer had defeated once, the fairy fountain and well. Nobody was admitted to enter the Stone Tower Temple or Castle. It had pesky birds flying all around, ready to attack anything living. There were also enormous boulders falling out of no where in the Temple, nobody knew exactly where they came from.


There was also a ride on the river which Pamela, the scientist’s daughter, thought of. A boat two witches had conjured up was given to them. This particular boat started in a cave and then to the water fall that led to the swamp. It magically brought the people in the boat back safely to the dock. Tourists went on this at the day and the ride was especially made for warm spring days, perfect for today.


Unfortunately, there would be no tours. No one could go anywhere in Termina for the time being. In the middle of the night the Mayor of Clock Town had ordered six soldiers, to warn the rest of Termina about the two dragons who attacked recently. They took their most trained with them, so they wouldn’t draw any attention to themselves. Two of these soldiers arrived in Ikana Canyon. They climbed the newly constructed ladder and pounded on the door of the Music Box House.


Pamela opened the door, “Hello?”









The two ancient dragons flew across Termina Field, toward their old hideout, Ikana Canyon. The last time they were their not many Terminaians could be seen and they could also follow the river to where Koume and Kotake probably still were. If they could get to the witches before anyone else, their plan would work out perfectly. But they could not just destroy them. These witches were extremely powerful.


Leo and Glades arrived in Ikana Canyon a day after the episode in Clock Town. They were appalled to see that their hideout was turned into something delightful for human’s, but not for dragons. There were decorations on all the stone huts and signs that told what the hut held inside and where something else stood. A large sign with a creepy font said stood in front of the well. The same kind of sign stood in front of the Ikana Castle, and Stone Tower. All of these signs said, “Beware of evil birds, nobody permitted.”


The water fall fell gracefully down into the river and the docks had boats tied to them firmly. The dragons noticed that there was a gate which blocked off the stream from turning the water wheel on the Music Box House. They were surprised it still stood there.


Leo frowned and let out a growl of disgust. “What happened here? Our hideout has turned into a human attraction!”


Sssshhh!” Glades shushed, quietly, “Someone might hear you.”


Leo glared down at the ground in anger and let smoke from his nostrils. He lifted his head and moved his blood red eyes around, searching the area with his night vision. He flew over to the cave which held some extra boat supplies and fishing tackle. Glades stared at her husband with a confused expression. Leo hovered over the river creation ripples on the water with his wings. The dragon took in a deep breath and blew enormous ball of fire into the cave!


Glades bared her sharp pointy teeth, for she caught on to Leo’s Plan. She began to breathe fire on anything that wouldn’t cause too much smoke to rise. The dragons destroyed everything they could as efficiently as they could. The huts crumbled to the ground, all the banners burst into flame and the ashes blew away. With their dragon abilities, they demanded the flames to snuff out. Soon after they searched the area for anything that could talk to humans and they found -in their favor- that there was no sign of other life. Both of the dragons smiled deviously in satisfaction.


Suddenly, Leo’s webbed ears perked up. Both dragons touched the ground and fell completely silent. There were very small footsteps on the grass and then came a larger pair, along with a small clank of metal. The dragons could not see whoever was running, but they had to kill them before they warned anyone else that they were here. At once, Leo followed the sound toward the entrance of Ikana Canyon. He looked carefully, especially the shadowed areas. Not wanting to make any noise, Glades stayed behind and watched for the humans they suspected were around.









The wind blew, the long grass swayed and the only sound was the dragon’s claws tapping against the ground. Even then, they hardly made a sound. The man and woman hardly even breathed as they removed their shoes, but as for the guard he didn’t dare remove his own armor. This would make more noise than it would if he didn’t take it off. Although, they didn’t have need for it in the Terminaian Army (until now), they taught their soldiers to move quietly with their armor on. He was truly grateful for this, for he could have a chance of saving the scientist and his daughter.


Once they stood up, they quickly followed the Terminaian guard in the shadows. Their hearts beat rapidly as they ducked into the cracks in the stone walls. The trio moved further away from the male dragon, but of course it took colossal steps. It could tell which direction they were heading. Luckily the dragon didn’t know exactly where they were, so that was a plus.


The girl held onto her father’s arm tightly as they swiftly walked toward the spiked gates. She was terrified of the dragons killing them. Pamela risked a glance back, her eyes widened even more and she nearly let out a squeak of fear, but a hand covered over her mouth. She looked up to see her father’s concerned face. Almost at once she turned away from her father’s face and kept her back at the dragon. She just starred at the Terminaian soldier ahead of her and was carful not to make a sound.


What these soldiers are doing for us is so heroic, Pamela thought. She felt her eyes start to well up and tears streaked down her face. Her father held her close as they followed the Terminaian soldier.


Out and into the shadows they went. Every time they walked into the moon light, they took a great risk. The soldier had to be extremely carful, for if he went out into the light his armor would shine slightly…but that was enough for the dragons to spot them. Every move had to be timed perfectly in order for them to stay hidden. He wanted so desperately for the entrance of Ikana Valley to stand before him get the scientist and his daughter to be safe.


He took another step and another and another…and another…in and out of the shadows with fear. This was a complete nightmare. The soldier looks back to see how the father and daughter were holding up. They were holding on to each other tightly and doing there best to stay quiet. He caught a glimpse of the terrifying dragon. Its many teeth were sharp, stained with blood and the look in its red eyes was of great evil.


As the minutes past the dragon started to get impatient. It wasn’t trying to be quiet anymore. The dragon breathed fire through his nostrils and its eyes darted from side to side even more, it walked faster. The Terminaian soldier, Pamela and Geordi had to move swiftly, for the dragon already knew they were there. They started to run as fast as they could toward the entrance, it was finally in sight and fortunately the soldier’s horse was still nearby. Geordi and Pamela’s lungs burned from the exertion, but they kept going. The solider quickly help the scientist and his daughter onto his steed.


There wasn’t any room for him.








Lawrence and Davie carried their injured brother across Termina Field. This was an extremely challenging task, for they had to carry the sacks filled with gold coins as well. They decided to take turns carrying Jack and the gold. All day from the time Jack said he felt he could travel, until eleven at night. Usually it would only take three hours to reach where they were, but their load was five hundred, fifty pounds or more!


Davie’s arms started to ache from carrying the gold (more like dragging) and he let a loud groan. Jack’s face was still screwed up from the pain in his leg. Lawrence didn’t seem to care that every jerky step he took was excruciating. Lawrence did care about his brother’s discomfort, but his arms were sore and he wasn’t used to carrying this much for so long. They all hadn’t slept for almost two days…oh, they were exhausted. At least now they were at the Ikana Valley entry way.


Davie stopped for a moment and looked around. “Hey, can you hear that? I think somebody is coming toward us on horseback pretty fast.”


Lawrence halted and glanced back at his brother as Jack let out a small groan. “Yes, I hear it too…”


Jack was the only one awake enough to think that there could be danger. “Don’t you see,” he grunted, “this person… could be running away…from danger…or they are going to…attack us!”


Lawrence set Jack down on the ground. “My arms are sore and I bet they can easily carry you to Clock Town.”


Jack looked at his brother like he was crazy…he was. “How…how could you think that? Don’t you understand that maybe someone has sided with the dragons or incidentally leading the dragons to us?”


“And how do you know the dragons are in the Ikana area?” Davie questioned.


“Well, remember the history lessons. Koume and Kotake are the only ones who can stop the dragons. The witches live in Woodfall Swamp right?” Jack paused to shift his injured leg. “The river in Ikana Valley is connected to the swamp. These dragons are planning their pursuit in Ikana because they know it’s going to be difficult to defeat Koume and Kotake.”


“You put a lot of thought into that didn’t you?” Lawrence remarked. He picked his brother up and started to walk swiftly toward Clock Town. Davie followed, struggling to drag the three sacks.


The horse’s hooves clattered against the stone ground. It drew nearer to the three brothers. Jack peaked over Lawrence’s shoulder and he saw two people on the horse. There was two faint furious roars came from the Ikana area, one was deeper than the other. Davie’s grunting couldn’t be heard anymore as he heaved the bags filled with gold across the stone ground. They were getting closer to Clock Town and the two people on horse back were only twenty yards away from them now.


A man’s voice called out, “Hey! You three!”


The brothers stopped all at once and turned around to face a middle aged man and a young girl dressed in their night clothes. They were already off the horse before the brothers could say anything. The girl held her shoes in her right hand and most likely the man’s too with the left. Their faces were marked with fear and fatigue.


The girl was quite pretty however. Her body was a perfect hourglass shape. She had a few freckles on her nose and cheeks and her skin was slightly tanned. Her now wind blown, strait, brunette hair came down to her shoulders, with bangs covering her forehead. The girl’s nose was the same as the man’s: long but rounded at the tip. She had chocolate brown eyes that showed immense fear.


Man’s face was a seemingly natural pale one, which held scared, emerald green eyes. His hair was carrot colored. It was cut short on the sides and slightly thick on the top with a large curl in front. His body was framed like Lawrence’s, but with fifteen pounds less of muscle. He took hold of the horse’s reins and took step toward the brothers. He was about to say something else to the brother’s, but Lawrence beat him to it.


“What happened to you?” he said as he readjusted Jack in his arms.


“Two dragons are in Ikana,” the man said with sorrow in his voice, “they destroyed everything we owned except for the Music Box House we live in. Two soldiers came to warn us that there were dragons in Clock Town. My daughter and I just barely escaped. One of the soldiers led us toward the entrance as one of the dragons followed us…” he paused to pull his daughter closer to him. “ The other…he stayed behind incase we got into trouble. We remained unseen until we saw the soldier’s horse. The dragon grew impatient and chased us; we had no other choice, but to run to the horse. There wasn’t enough room for the soldier and the dragon was going to kill us. He stayed behind to distract the dragon…that was over an hour ago…” he hugged his daughter tightly. “They sacrificed their lives to save us.” Everyone bowed their heads in silence.


Finally Davie spoke, “Their lives will have been wasted if they find us here.”


“Who are you?” Lawrence asked suddenly completely ignoring Davie’s comment. “I recognize you from somewhere.”


The girl smiled weakly at him, “My name is Pamela and my father’s name is Geordi,”


“Oh yes, I’ve seen posters of you in town advertising your business.” he replied.


Pamela’s eyes wondered to Jack’s bandaged leg. Her eyes widened and asked in a concerned voice, “How did you cut your leg?”


“We to, escaped from the dragons,” Lawrence began. He did not dare mention that it was their fault the dragons entered Termina. “On our way here we were attacked by Leevers and Jack here wasn’t so lucky. Davie cleaned the cut for him.”


Lawrence has been carrying me from then until now,” Jack said with a smirk on his face.


Pamela looked at Lawrence admiringly and slipped her shoes on. “We could give Jack a ride on the horse to town.”


“That’s very kind of you.”


“Yes, thank you,” Jack said.


Lawrence walked over to the horse, Geordi helped him seat Jack on the horse. Jack groaned in pain, but didn’t make a scene.


“Hey Lawrence, could you help me with these?” Davie gestured toward the sacks of coins.


“Yes, Davie,” He replied.


“May I ask what’s in those bags?” Geordi said, leading the horse toward the brothers.


All three brothers seemed to freeze and stop breathing all at once. They did not plan to run into anybody…they did not have any idea what to tell anyone if they asked what was in the bags.


Davie glanced at his brother and spoke. “Um…this is just a bunch of-”


“Pebbles!” Lawrence interrupted.


Jack mouthed to his brother behind Geordi and Pamela’s backs, “What? Pebbles?”








Geordi and Pamela were escorted by the brothers to Clock Town. They believed the brothers were really carrying sacks of pebbles to increase their strength. The people of Clock Town were in their homes sleeping, but now soldiers were blocking all the entrances. The one they encountered mustn’t have been part of the army for long. His armor looked loose and not completely strapped on properly. He had an expression which showed curiosity instead of dignified.


“Sirs, I can’t allow you to enter the town with those sacks, unless you let me check what’s in them,” the East Guard stated.


Davie, the biggest of the group talked to the guard, “You must let us through. My brother was injured by a Leever and these people,” he gestured toward Geordi and Pamela, “Were nearly killed by the dragons you are trying to protect the citizens from!”


“I’m very sorry sir, but I must let me check what’s in the bags. This is the perfect time for smugglers to act and we can’t take any risks,” the guard reached to open the sack Davie was holding. Davie held onto the bag even tighter, “It sounds like there could be money in there!”


“It’s okay!” Pamela unexpectedly ran past her father toward the guard. Geordi started to run after her, but Lawrence stopped him. “My father and I know what’s in there. It’s only pebbles. These young men were only carrying them to increase their strength. They thought they could run across the sands in Termina Field, which Leevers live in. Of course they were just stupid enough to do this and of course their brother Jack was wounded.”


The brothers were speechless, they…they were completely baffled by that story. Maybe the guard would buy it and let them through. Oh, but how dare she call us stupid!


Out of nowhere there was a high pitched laugh filled the Terminaians ears. “Don’t you get it? You have to show him what’s inside the bag in order to get in. That’s how these puzzles work.”






The small group walked (or flew) among the unpopular part of the Lost Woods. Gradually, the sounds of the forest decreased and the trees grew taller.  Zelda was fascinated with the change. Despite the seven long years she spent as Sheik and being able to do whatever she wished, she never seen anything like it. She ran ahead of Link and the fairies to look closely at a fallen tree, moss on a rock which seemed like a fluffy green carpet.


Every step Link and Zelda took, their boots squeaked and every time they squeaked the fairies plugged their ears, which was all the time. Right now Link was leading Epona to give her a brake from Zelda and his weight.


Navi flew up to Link’s ear and said, “Hey, you and Zelda must ride Epona now! Your boots are still squeaking! I’m begging you!”


Link chuckled lightly, “Zelda! Let’s ride Epona, we’ll get to Termina faster.”


“I thought you didn’t know the way that well?” Zelda remarked as she ran towards Link with her squeaking boots (much to the fairies dismay).


“No, I remember how to get there now. All we have to do go strait ahead,” Link answered.


“All right!” the princess replied.


Link helped Zelda clime onto Epona and hopped on effortlessly in front of her. The four fairies rejoiced silently to themselves just as Epona galloped off with her riders. In moments they arrived at an abnormally large tree stump. The only light the trees allowed to shine through shone on the stump, which caused Zelda began to stare at intently. Link joined her and almost immediately grinned widely. There was an old carving in the tree stump.


“This must have been carved by Skullkid…” he remarked.


Tatl flew past Navi with a slight glare to Link’s other ear. “Yes, he did. He still considers you a friend you know?”


“Skullkid? You certainly haven’t told me very much of Termina!” Navi and Zelda said in sync. They looked at each other in disgust.


Will and Tael glanced at each other helplessly. Tael took action, “Well, we’re wasting time here. We need to keep moving. All we have to do is turn right and follow the path.”


“Yes, of course,” Link whispered something into Epona’s ear, she broke into a gallop.


The small group quickly came to a log tunnel, just like the ones in Lost Woods. It did not lead to any other log tunnels, only four tree stump steps. This was a major problem for Epona, for she couldn’t climb them. However, the four fairies said they could easily transport her while Link and Zelda jumped from tree stump to tree stump. Of course, they did this quite easily and surprisingly Epona didn’t make a fuss.


Link gestured for the fairies to come closer to him and Zelda. “I need you to be our light,” he whispered, “There is a cliff up ahead.”


Zelda gasped, “There’s a cliff? The fairies are going to use their magic to help us get down right?”


“Yes, of course they will,” Link replied staring the fairies down.


The fairies sighed and began to do what Link asked. In almost no time they approached the cliff and Navi immediately carried Link down with her magic. Tatl did the same with Zelda while Tael and Will made sure Epona stayed where she was. Soon, Tatl and Navi raced up to help Will and Tael carry Epona down. Once the group reached the bottom they found out they had to be carried by the fairies once again after they went though a tunnel. At the other side of the room Link and Zelda ran over and pushed on the wooden door. It opened and they ran through to find themselves in a room where the other door was on the opposite side. The only way they could reach it was if they flew. The fairies and Epona came moments later and they were ready to transport them all to the other side. However, Link grinned at Tatl and Tael as he pulled something out of his tunic.


The fairy siblings gasped, “You brought the Deku Mask!”


Zelda and Navi looked at Link questionably. “Deku Mask?”


“Yes, don’t you remember? I told you all about the masks I obtained the last time I was in Termina. I could transform in to a Goron, Zora, Deku, Giant and the Fierce Deity,” without waiting for a reply he put the Deku Mask over his face.


Nobody, besides Tatl and Tael ever saw Link transform before, so they were frightened and shocked at the display. Link screamed and hunched over in pain. Body part after body part he transformed into a Deku. He shrunk down to two feet and turned to look at his friends with big orange eyes.


“Y-You…” Zelda stammered with wide eyes, “Are so adorable!” she knelt down and squeezed Deku Link, this caused him to yelp in a somewhat watery voice.


“Zelda, please stop!” Navi cried.


The princess let go of him. “I’m sorry Link. If you were me you’d defiantly hugged me.”


“No, that’s okay. I didn’t mind,” he smiled, but it could only be seen though his eyes. Navi glared at him and the rest of the fairies covered their mouths so they couldn’t be heard laughing.


Link waddled over to a Deku Flower and his boots squeaked. Zelda watched with interest as Epona stomped her hoof impatiently. Deku Link dove into the flower, staying there for a few moments there was a puff of dirt and he popped out ten feet in the air. He flew across the room with the help of pink flowers. Just when it seemed he couldn’t go any longer he dropped down centimeters from the edge. Zelda and Navi – the only ones who hadn’t seen this done- gasped.


Link pulled himself up and as he turned around he chuckled. “It’s okay. That always happens. Now could you all get over here?”








The group entered a room full of pillars made of rock and soil with grass growing on the top. There were also oddly shaped trees blocking the view of unseen pillars. They were so tall you couldn’t see the bottom of the floor of the room; it was only a bottomless pit of despair. The most unnatural thing about the room was everything seemed to glow. Zelda gasped as she gazed at the room, but nobody else seemed to care.


In front of the group, a deku flower was planted. Link’s boots squeaked as he waddled to the flower and burrowed himself in it until a puff of dirt shot up. Immediately he flew into the air and glided to one of the thicker pillars. Now it was the fairies turn to move Zelda and Epona to the tunnel. As Zelda was floating with the navy and yellow glow around her, she saw Link swiftly jump from flower to flower. She still couldn’t get over how cute Link was in Deku form.


Closing her eyes, the princess smiled to herself, but when she opened her eyes she made the mistake of looking down at the abyss. “Ahh!” Zelda yelped as she hugged her bag. “Can’t you transport me any faster?”


“You’re lucky you aren’t falling, because this is harder than it looks,” Navi said, sneering.


“What?” the princess replied wide eyed.


“Navi! Don’t scare her. This is beyond easy,” Tatl smiled. “It’s just Navi here is slowing us down.”


Suddenly Link’s gurgling voice was heard from across the room, “How much longer will you take? Navi stop messing around. Remember when we had to go, go, go?”


Fine, I’ll hurry, the navy fairy thought, rolling her eyes.


Zelda jerked forward so suddenly she almost dropped her bag. Both fairies carried her towards Link and set her down next to him. They quickly flew back -before Zelda could yell at them- to help Tael and Will move Epona. The princess saw something in the corner over her eye. She turned her head to see some sort of sad tree. She crawled towards it to take a better look.


Link saw her puzzled expression. “I believe that’s the Royal butler’s son of the Deku Palace. This was one of Majora’s evil deeds.” His expression was unreadable as Zelda looked at him. She turned to gaze at the dead deku.


What possesses people to kill someone innocent? Zelda thought angrily.


Looking over at Link, she saw him grabbing at his face to take the Deku Mask off. Zelda’s mood changed completely as she giggled watching him more, he seemed to be having a bit of trouble.


“Do you need some help?” the princess smiled. At the same moment the fairies and Epona landed on the platform, they began to laugh once they realized Link’s problem.


“Haven’t you put that mask on and off at least one thousand times?” Tatl asked skeptically.


“Yes, but I- oh no!” Link’s orange eyes widened. “What if I’m stuck like this again, Tatl?”


Everyone gasped. The princess crawled to Link’s side and began to search desperately for a way to take the mask off his head. Her face was filled with worry and everyone else’s was in shock. Link frowned as he reached up and held her hands in his, squeezing them. “Look, this has happened to me before. We’ll figure out a way to change me back again.”


“Yes, that’s right. Link did it once, he’ll do again,” Tatl smiled with confidence.


Zelda looked at her slowly; smiling back she nodded and stood.


“Now that we know Link is going to be okay, we should get going,” Navi said almost rudely.


They walked thought the dark passageway and found themselves in a weird hallway. It twisted all the way so the other door was upside down and there was a path leading to the door. The hall was made completely out of stone.


“What the heck?” Will asked. They all looked at him. He hadn’t said anything for a long time. “This seems familiar doesn’t it Navi?” he turned to look at her.


“Yeah, it was in the Forest Temple,” the navy fairy replied.


“Well let’s go! We only have to go though this twisted hallway and we’re in the Termina!” Tael shouted.


“Come on everyone!” Link waddled though the hallway. “It’s not that bad.”


Zelda watched Link as he began to turn upside down. “I don’t think this will go well…” Zelda mumbled.


As they followed Link, Epona and Zelda didn’t seem to like it. The princess moaned from dizziness and Epona neighed unhappily. Link did his best to comfort the mare and the fairies tried to keep the princess from collapsing. Finally they made it to the other end and quickly entered it. Almost immediately after they passed though, the thick white doors slammed shut. They found themselves in a room with a water wheel, which turned a tall post that extended into the ceiling. Sound waves from the rushing water and creaking water wheel bounced off the stone walls and floor. Near the entrance, moss grew all over fallen stones and a rusty gear wheel. On the left hand side three ramps lead to the top of the room.


Without hesitation, the group followed the ramps up to a room with ornately decorated stone walls. The only way out was though equally beautifully decorated wooden doors at the top of a five step staircase. Link and Zelda raced toward the door with the fairies leading Epona. Together the princess and hero pushed open the doors. A fain light shone in their eyes, but once they set foot onto the stone road of Clock Town the saw it was only a torch. It was in the center of Northern Clock Town.


Zelda was in awe at how beautiful the town was until she turned around to see the clock tower. Everything so far in Termina was always decorated, but wasn’t much of a surprise when she saw that the clock was too. The princess was captivated at how everything was constructed, unlike Hyrule. It wasn’t as detailed, but in its own way, striking too. The princess clutched her bag tightly until her knuckles went white. Link noticed how precious the princess’s bag seemed to be and how she much she clung to it; he waddled over to her. Zelda was interrupted by Link, who was tugging on her pant leg.


“Zelda, this might not be the best time, but what’s in your bag?” he asked.


“Oh! I’ve been meaning to show you all something, which I believe will be useful,” Zelda replied.


“Hey, all of you get over here. Zelda has something important to show us,” Link called.


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