The Sequal to the Ocarina of Time

by Lady Elizabeth

Chapter 1


Ganondorf awoke in a glass crystal he heard screams that practically made his ears bleed . He covered his ears hastily trying to clear his mind of the death-defying screams . Finally they stopped , Ganondorf fired a lightning blast at the glass and after about twenty shots it shattered not very strong glass . Ganondorf wanted revenge oh-so-badly .

"All in due time . " Ganondorf reassured himself . "I will be out of here soon . And that insolent little princess and that idiotic Link will grovel at my feet." Ganondorf added . Suddenly a portal opened not one to escape but one to see the outside world . Ganondorf entered the combination to spy on Princess Zelda and Link (they were with each other at the time ) .

"Link something isn't right . " Zelda said worriedly .

"What do you mean ? " Link asked .

"Well I've been dreaming about Ganondorf . I know he's up to something , in the dreams he has killed you and I'm chained to a wall with blood running down my wrists and body . I know this is a prophecy that will come true ." Zelda said .

"Me dead ? You're dreams are messed up ! Ganondorf can't kill me ! I've beaten him about ten times !" Link said almost angrily .

"My dreams have never been wrong before Link . And as much as I hate to admit it you're going to die . " Zelda admitted . Zelda held Link's hand .

"But they have to be wrong now ! I'm not supposed to die ! I'm Hyrule's final hope ! I'm not even twenty years old yet !!!!! " Link shrieked .

"I know you don't want to die Link I don't want you to either but it's a prophecy ! You'll die and I'll be chained to a wall with Ganondorf laughing insanely watching me suffer . I don't like this fate but it's our destiny Link ! We can't change it !" Zelda replied .

"Well I can . " Link muttered heading towards Kokiri Forest .

"Hey where are you going ?!" Zelda demanded .

"To Kokiri Forest ! You say I can't change my fate ? Well I can , I quit as the Hero of Time and you can't stop me !!" Link said angrily .

"Do you wanna bet?!!!" Zelda raged. She pushed Link against a wall with her magic , Link was at her mercy, Zelda shot out a blast of light at Link who immediately fell unconscious.

Zelda stormed out of the Temple of Time, she was ticked off so badly. A young Gerudo stopped her.

"What?!" Zelda asked angrily.

"Princess, I am Karimar. The Gerudo sorceress, I wish to ask a favor of you." the Gerudo said pleasantly.

"What is it?" Zelda inquired wearily.

"Could you let me into the Dark Realm??" Karimar replied.

"What?! I can't do that! I would be breaking a law ! Besides, Ganondorf would get out!! Forget it, Kari!" Zelda growled.

"Please princess! I have to get in there! Please i'll do anything." Karimar begged sadly. She decided to put a spell on Zelda to MAKE her open the seal, but it was all a plan just to get Ganondorf out.

"Well.....okay, but just this one time!" Zelda said, under Karimar's spell. She walked with the young Gerudo to the Temple of Time, unaware that Karimar had left. Zelda chanted something in alien tongue and the seal opened, Zelda was sucked into the Dark Realm , with Link who was still unconscious.


Ganondorf sat on his throne ,bored. His troops were training and his torture room was empty, because there were no enemies in the Dark Realm. Until now.

Suddenly, Zelda and an unconscious Link fell into Ganondorf's throne room.

"Well , well , well, what have we here? The Hero of Time and The Princess of Destiny. Interesting!" Ganondorf exclaimed.

"Ganondorf!" Zelda gasped weakly.

"Yes, my dear. So what brings you here? Ohhhhhh I get it, my apprentice -Karimar- must have tricked you into opening the portal." Ganondorf mocked.

"Jeez, you don't have to rub it in." Zelda said .

"Oh but my dear, that's my specialty!" Ganondorf mocked, grinning.

"Listen, let's just say Link and I were never here? Shall we?" Zelda asked.

"No I think not , my dear. You see if I did that I'd be missing out on my revenge. I'll put you in a cell and Link in the Torture room. Come on." Ganondorf said grabbing Link and tossing him over his shoulder, he grabbed Zelda's hand and walked her to the cell. Ganondorf roughly threw Zelda into her cell , she hit her head on the wall causing a slight trickle of blood to spew from her wound.

To Be Continued...

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