The Sequal to the Ocarina of Time

by Lady Elizabeth

Chapter 2


Link was just awakening as he saw Ganondorf standing over him, a long black whip conjured in his hand. Ganondorf grinned like a mad thing and sniggered.

"So, Link, you decided to awaken before your torture, mmm? Ironic isn't it? Well, enjoy!" Ganondorf said as he whipped Link's exposed belly. Link shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, he would not give Ganondorf the pleasure of his screaming in pain. Ganondorf whipped harder , and harder, and harder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Link screamed , a smile played on Ganondorf's lips. The whip cracked an inch above Link's sweating head.

"Well I guess the big boys do cry sometimes!" Ganondorf said, sniggering at the teardrop on Link's cheek.

"That was from my pity! My pity for you!" Link cried.

"Save your pity for the weak, boy.-Oh I'm sorry I should really say 'young man' shouldn't I? Well all's fair in love and war kid! Heheh!"Ganondorf smiled.

"Isn't that what you are? Weak and feeble? And don't forget helpless!" Link mocked. Ganondorf growled, becoming volatile, he snapped the whip on Link's head , then his stomach, and finally his intestines , leaving scars all over Link's body.

"That was a warning, boy! Next time I won't be so gracious!" Ganondorf spat. And just to make Link angry , he bent down and slapped Link's cheek so hard he fainted. Now to talk to the princess, Ganondorf thought.


Zelda sat on the cold floor, she felt paralyzed, her body was so sore, but why? She was cold too, the floor was cold the walls were cold everything was cold, all except for Zelda's ever-rising fever. Zelda feared she would never be able to escape with Link. But Link really didn't deserve to escape, after all, Link had quit as the Hero of Time so he should get some free torture time. He deserved it! Suddenly the door flew open, Ganondorf stood in the doorway, as he strode in he brought a few moblins as well.

"Well princess , I am back." Ganondorf said.

"Oh and you brought those horrible moblins with you." Zelda said angrily shifting uncomfortably, her arms were chained to the wall.

"If you aren't careful I'll give you to them. I'm sure they'd enjoy a young, pretty girl like you. Wouldn't you, boys?" Ganondorf asked, turning to his moblins. They all smiled madly and nodded crazily. One moblin lashed out towards Zelda, only to be slapped by Ganondorf.

"Uh-uh! Mustn't touch! Well, not yet anyway." Ganondorf sniggered.

"What do you want from me?!" Zelda demanded angrily.

"You KNOW what I want! I want the Triforce! Or should I kill Link? Or maybe you'd make a good award to the moblins, who have already had it coming. Unless you get off for good behavior." Ganondorf said.

"Fine, kill Link. See if I care." Zelda said breazily. Ganondorf snapped his fingers and a Lizalfos brought in a struggling Link.

"Zelda! You don't care?!" Link shrieked.

"I didn't think they had you so close! I didn't mean it!!" Zelda cried.

Ganondorf leaned close to Zelda's ear, "Then give me the Triforce, Link has already given up his. See?" Ganondorf held up his hand, he had two Triforce symbols on the back , Power and Courage. Zelda gasped at the glow of the two.

"LINK!! HOW COULD YOU?!!" Zelda screamed.

"Zelda, I didn't want to-"

"Shut up Link! I thought I could trust you! But I guess not! And even if we do escape from here you won't be the Hero of Time any longer! You cheat!!" Zelda yelped.

"Princess, I do suggest you give me the Triforce. My moblins are quite eager to see you, privately. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!" Ganondorf laughed.

Zelda looked at her cold feet, she didn't want the moblins to enjoy her in any way, "Ganondorf...maybe we could come to .....some type of.....agreement...".

"Marvelous! What did you have in mind?" Ganondorf inquired.

"If you promise not to hurt Link - or make me one of the moblin's prizes - then I will give you the Triforce." Zelda said.

Ganondorf just had a sly and evil idea, make Zelda his wife, "You have my word, sweet one.".

"What's with the 'sweet one' gig?" Zelda inquired. Ganondorf shook his head, he pressed Zelda's hand to his chest (the only way to get the Triforce out of her), Ganondorf felt the Triforce flow from Zelda's hand to his body, he grew stronger as Zelda grew weaker. Finally the Triforce was his! With a deep rasping breath Ganondorf and Zelda fell asleep from exaustion (it used some of Ganondorf's magic to get the Triforce).


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