The Sheikah Girl

By C.T. and Daramen



The fire was spreading quickly across the field as the mother of the poor infant girl panicked ‘How will I save my daughter?’ She thought to herself, then she noticed the two magic stone necklaces on the table. One was good, one was dark, bitter evil from a sheikah spirit. The mother was so flustered in the rush of the fire getting closer and closer that she put the evil necklace around her baby and threw her out the window, in hopes that she would survive the flames. As the mother perished in the fire, the baby landed on a lily-pad  (don’t ask why) and slowly floated towards Kakariko Village, miles away from the fire.


Eighteen years later then the day of her birth, and the fire. She wanted to know what the symbol of the eye on her stone  necklace  meant. She was venturing through Hyrule Field on her horse, Ruby. Slowly trotting towards Lon Lon Ranch to buy some milk for her friend, The cucco lady, some Lon Lon milk.


  But she bumped into a blond haired, blue-eyed boy (her age) riding a horse with a white mane that he called Epona.

  “Hi,” the girl said sweetly “where are you going?”

  “Lon Lon Ranch.” he replies.

  “Me too.” she said back “I’m Elvira, what’s your name?”

  “Link.” he smiles.

  “Race ya to the ranch!” she says while laughing.

  “You’re on!” Link smirks. And the race began. Epona and Link came in first.

  “Okay you won, but I’ll get you next time!” She smiles.

  “In your dreams.” he jokes.                                                       




A month later, Elvira had fallen in love with Link.... and then.......







Once Link and Elvira were riding through Hyrule Field on their horses. Then Link started talking in a way that made Elvira think something good was going to happen.

 “How can you tell a girl you like her without embarrassing yourself?” Link asked.

 ‘Yes! He likes me!!!’ She thought. Then she answered. “You’d have to learn yourself.” She said with a smile.

  “Thanks for the advice, now I’ll be right back. I’m just going to Hyrule Castle to tell the princess that I love her.” Link rides off.

After he left Elvira’s eyes began to twitch, her stone necklace began to have an evil red glow, and as no-one was around she screamed and ran towards Hyrule Castle Town on Ruby like a bullet. She leaps on the drawbridge as it was about to go up because the sun just came down, she hurdled through the market and jumped over the fence towards Hyrule Castle. She knocked over the guards and got in. Link had not arrived yet, so she still had some time to do her evil deed. But then, a guard came up to her, her stone glowed a vicious  red and sucked out the soul of the guard. His body laid there lifeless, she noticed she could also take form of the soul she sucked out. An evil grin spread across her face and rode in to the courtyard towards Zelda.




“ Wh- Who are you?” Zelda says nervously. Elvira just laughs as her stone glows and it sucks out the soul of the princess. Elvira morphs into the form of Zelda, and makes sure she changed her voice to sound like her as well.

  “Nowwww....... where to hide the pathetic princess’s body.” Elvira found a little dungeon in the back that had been hidden for many years, no-one but her found it... so she threw in the princess’s body and locked it up. “Perfect.” she said to herself. She heard the gallop of Link on Epona coming, so she got in a convincing position that she was the real Zelda. She heard Link walk up to her and say.

  “Hello princess.” She turns around like Zelda would.

  “Hello, Link.” She smiled.

  “I’ve been wanting to tell you something...” He tries to hold her as he says this.

 “What?” Says Elvira trying to squirm out of his hug, and make him think that Zelda doesn’t love him.

  “I really like you Zelda...” He begins to lean in closer.

  “Yeah you’re a good friend.” She tried to emphasize the word  friend very hard. Then Link leans in to kiss her, and she shoves him away. “Look, Link,” she begins to speak “I think you’re a good friend and if you can’t handle just being my friend, then maybe  you shouldn’t even be that much. Now... GET OUT!” She screams and points to the doorway.



Link runs for the doorway with Epona behind him, after she was sure they were gone she laughed wickedly, and spoke to herself. “This is going even better than I planned, soon I’ll have that Kokiri’s heart, and perhaps I can become more powerful than Zelda herself!” again she has another wicked laugh. “I think I’m gonna like being a princess, but first...” She morphs back to normal, and rides Ruby back out to Hyrule Field to find Link, crying by the drawbridge to Hyrule Castle Town. “What’s wrong Link?” she asks. Link wipes a tear from his eye.

 “Nothing, Zelda just hates me that’s all!” and begins to sob. Elvira hugs Link and says,

 “It’s okay I’m here, I’ll never hate you.”

 “Thanks,” he begins to say. “but I need to hear that from Zelda.” Elvira pushes Link to the ground.

 “Why do you need so much for her to love you! I’m right here!!!! All you care about is that stupid princess! Can’t you tell when someone else loves you?” Elvira gets on Ruby and rides away crying. Navi comes out on to Link’s shoulder and says to him.

 “You a**hole! That poor sweet girl really liked you and was going out of her way to make obvious hints that she did! All you do care about is that stupid princess!” Navi slaps him across the face and then went back to her hiding place. Link went home to sit around and mope about being such a loser.





Elvira was at her house getting some magic potions and plotted to capture another friend of Link’s souls.......


   Elvira saddled up Ruby and started riding towards Saria’s house, then she knocked on her door. “Who is it?” Saria asked. Elvira busts down the door and walks in slowly with an evil smirk on her face. “Wh- why are you walking towards me like that Elvira? Elvira? Elvira don’t! NO! AAAAAH!” Elvira steps out of Saria’s house, now in the form of her, and walks over to Link’s house.

 “Come in.” Link says after she knocked on the door. Elvira walks in.

 “Hey Link.” she says.

 “Hey Saria.” Elvira walks up to Link and says

 “Elvira just spoke to me, she said something about leaving Hyrule by drowning in Lake Hylia or something like that. I think you better go.” Link runs out the door. “Perfect.” Elvira says to herself, morphs back to normal and heads for Lon Lon Ranch on Ruby.


  Once there, Malon was singing in the corral (as usual.) Elvira walks up to Malon and says to her

  “ This is the last time you’ll ever sing that song.”

  “How is it the las- AAAAAAH!” Elvira morphs into Malon and heads for the Dark Realm to get the allegiance of (who else) Dark Link. She realizes being Malon won’t help here and changes back. She knocks on the door of Dark Link and hears him say

 “If you’re Link you better get outta here! Same to you Zelda!”

 “I’m not Link or Zelda,” she says through the door “I want your help to destroy them... tonight.” Dark Link throws open the door.

  “Well why didn’t you say so?!” He said with a giant smile on his face. “Come in beautiful!” and lets Elvira in.

  “You see this necklace?” she asks him.

  “Yes?” he asks in confusion. Elvira morphs into all the people who’s souls she captured in the evil shiekah necklace.

   “Zelda is lifeless, Link’s two other friends are lifeless, and he thinks I’m at Lake Hylia trying to drown myself . Ha! The idiot!” Dark Link tries to hold Elvira, she tried to back away at first, but remembered this isn’t the real Link and she likes this one... so he got to hug her. “Okay,” she said “you need to stop hugging me now... I know I’m amazing but you have to let me go if we want to destroy them. Can you teleport me to Lake Hylia in chains?” she asks.

  “Sure, but why?” he asks back. “If you show up there too, you can pretend you’re trying to kill me... then when he dives in to save me............”

  “What?” he asks.

 “.....You stab him! Stab him with your sword until he dies! HA HA HA HA HA!”

 “Wonderful idea my sweet.” He says, and chains her up.

  “Now, teleport  us to the lake!” she commands. Dark Link pulls out his dark ocarina and plays it to send them to Lake Hylia.


   When they got there, they set up everything and waited for Link to show up. “Here he comes, get ready Elvira.” says Dark Link. Link rides up on Epona and stares at Dark Link and Elvira and says.

  “Elvira I’m sorry, and what is my evil twin doing here?”

  “Link help me!” Elvira screams (she’s a good actress) Dark Link takes his hand and slaps Elvira across the face and says. (He is also good at acting)

  “Shutup! You stupid woman, screaming won’t help you anymore!”

  “Get away from her!” Link leaps toward Elvira, Dark Link cuts his arm with his sword. “AAAH!” Link falls to the ground, Elvira gets out of the chains laughing wickedly.

  “You fool! Me and Dark Link are partners, you are the one who is going to die!”

 “I’ll call for Zelda, she can help! Now who’s the fool!”Link smirks.

 “Oh, you mean this Zelda!” Elvira morphs into Zelda while laughing evilly. Link frowns.

 “But how... how did you...”

 “I know you’re wondering how I can do that,” she begins to say “it’s with this.” she holds up her stone necklace and morphs back to herself. “I’m not really this girl, no, you see her real name is Ella, her mother put the wrong necklace on me the day she died.... MY necklace. Now I’ve been controlling Ella all her life, of course if she got out of my control she’d remember it all... the poor dear, I’ve spoken with her soul before... she really does love you Link. But I’ve said too much... if you can find me I’ll tell you more.” she left in a puff of smoke... although Link didn’t know... Elvira was heading for Dodongo’s Cavern.


  After a while of thinking, scratching of the head, and Navi slapping him across the face, (don’t ask how) they finally realized to go to Dodongo’s Cavern. When Link stepped inside he saw Elvira standing on the lava, once she saw Link she looked at him, smirked, and said.

 “So, you managed to figure out where I am, huh? Well, I’ll keep my word and tell you  more. Back when I was alive, I was a princess... but I was to wed such an arrogant slob that I-“

 “You mean like yourself?” Link asked.

  “Shutup you f****** S** of a B****!”

  “Woah.... I didn’t think you’d swear like that,” Dark Link paused “you’re cool!” and leaned in to kiss her, Elvira put her hand on his mouth.

 “Not now, sweetie... we’re killing someone right now.”

 “Ohhhhh..... right.” and he turned and glared at Link. Link began to back away.

  “Can you just tell me more about Ella?”  Link asked.

  “Fine.” She snapped back. “She wanted to be a fighter... just like you, in fact... there was almost nothing that you did she wouldn’t try. Her heart was broken when she found out you liked Zelda... it made me actually care for about 2 or 3 seconds as I heard her soul cry.” Navi came out and slapped Link on the face again.

 “I’m beginning to think it’s that time of the month.” Link says while rubbing his cheek.

 “This is no time to be talking about hormones, Link!” Navi shrieks at him. Dark Link points and laughs.

 “Ha- ha!” Link runs towards Elvira about to hit her with the Master Sword, but gets whacked by Dark Link instead of hitting his target.

  “I wouldn’t hit a girl if I were you, fight me instead ‘fairy boy’!” Link tries to whack him with his sword, but got hit by Dark Link first. “Wow, you sure are slow today!” He taunts, and hits him again... Link is now too weak to fight... just as Dark Link was about to finish him Elvira cried.

 “Stop! Don’t kill him! It’s me Ella! I’m fighting hard to speak but I-....” Elvira shakes her head and screams.

 “Okay Elvira’s back! Nowwww,” She looks at Link with an evil smirk on her face. “Finish him!”

 “Okay my sweet,” Dark Link turns to his twin... “Say goodbye ‘fairy boy’ HA! HA! HA!” Dark Link was just about to plunge the sword into Link once and for all, and have the pleasure to see the glaze of death over his eyes....

 “STOP!” and Elvira jumps on top of Dark Link, knocking him to the floor. “Link get this necklace off me! Then destroy it! Link you have to...” Elvira shakes her head and screams once more. “God! I hate it when she can talk!” She says to no one in particular. Link then knows what to do. Link gets up with all his strength and grabs the stone on the necklace. “What are you doing?” Elvira asks, the necklace still attached to her.

 “Getting rid of you!” He says triumphantly, and yanks on the necklace... it doesn’t come off. “Oh, crap.” Link says to himself. Elvira laughs.




“You pathetic fool! This necklace won’t come off with a mere tug!” Then Link shoves her and the chain breaks and she falls to the ground, she was  knocked unconscious. Link now had the necklace, and there were ashes and flames blowing around everywhere... Dark Link tries to sneak up on his twin... but as usual, it didn’t work.

 “You’re not going to destroy my girlfriend ‘fairy boy’!” and begins to slash at him with his sword. Link, actually thinking this time, uses his shield to block his attacks so he could speak with Navi.

 “How can I destroy the necklace Navi?”

  “I don’t know Link... THROW IT ON THE GROUND!” She screams. Link throws it on the ground... nothing.

 “It’s not working, Navi!” He yells back.

 “Well don’t look at me about it! Think for yourself for once!” Navi snapped at him.

 “Oh, good God, Navi! Can you please be nice for one second!” Link yells back.

 “SHUTUP!” Navi yells at the top of her lungs “Talk to the Goddesses or something!” She screams. Link pulls out his Ocarina of Time (after he got Dark Link to run to the other side of the room for a moment because he kicked him in between the legs)and began to play a song to talk to the Goddesses. Then time seemed to stop as he was in an all-white room as he spoke to the Goddesses. Din said some inspirational crap that does nothing to help, same with Nayru, and finally... Farore told him to slash it with the Master Sword. Link said thanks and was immediately back at Dodongo’s Cavern in a flash of light.


He looked at the necklace and said “Good- bye Elvira!” and threw it to the ground and slashed it with the Master Sword. Link screamed as he shattered it because he was shocked with bolts of electricity, being knocked out.... but as he was still awake he heard the agonized scream of not just Elvira, but Ella at the same time. (Ella had a sweeter, more gentle voice than Elvira, when Elvira was nice, that is.) When Link woke up he saw Ella still lying on the ground... confused, Link got up and checked her pulse..... nothing. Ella was killed along with Elvira. A tear shed from Link’s eye he could not help but feel responsible. Navi came out from her hiding place and asked Link.

 “What happened, is she alright?”

  “No, Navi,” said Link in a quivering voice “she’s... she’s DEAD!” Link screams and starts to cry. Navi flies toward Ella, she stares in dismay. A small tear drops from Navi’s eye, it lands on Ella’s face.

  “We never even got to know the real her.” said Navi still staring at her. “Come on we better find Zelda, she’s trapped somewhere.” and Navi flies out the door, Link follows her... he took one look at Ella, frowned and head out the door, thinking he would never see her again. But he would see her again soon.


   As Link left the room, all the gossip stones in that area (she’s a sheikah, remember) bounced over towards her. You could hear a very faint sound of the song: Zelda’s lullaby. All these health fairies came out from the gossip stones and began to swirl around her, lifting her high into the air. As soon as all the health fairies were gone Ella woke up.

 “AAH! Where am I? Where’s Link?” Ella was sitting there for a few moments in shock that she could control herself again. Then she got up and walked out of the cave, and asked a goron if they saw him.

 “Oh, yeah. He’s heading towards Hyrule Castle Town, but be careful, it’s dangerous out there. I suggest you buy some protective weapons.” Ella thanked him and headed for Hyrule Castle Town. She knew she should’ve bought some items, but she had no money. Once she stepped outside Kakariko Village, she saw Link walking towards the drawbridge when this piercing howl sound came into the night... with the drawbridge closing and Link couldn’t get in. The stalchilds popped up from the ground near Ella and she screamed in terror, she really wished she bought those protective weapons now. Luckily, Link heard her scream and ran towards her, pulled his sword out and killed the stalchilds.

 “You’re alive?!?!” Link says in surprise at he finally got a good look at who he saved.

  “Yeah, for some reason, I am.” she said while smiling.

  “Will you help me find Zelda?” he asks.

  “Sure.” She said with no enthusiasm. If there was one thing she had in common with Elvira, is that they didn’t like Zelda.

  “Hey, Elvira told me that you liked me. I’m sorry.”

 “Look, as long as I don’t have to talk to her, I’m happy.” She smiles nervously. “Just take a bomb and blow up the rock in the room, you’ll find her there. I think she’ll be back to normal.” She walks away.

  “Wait.” Link says, he doesn’t know why.

  “Sorry, I can’t” She says back, and walks away. Ella went to a dark little hiding place - to cry. Navi secretly followed her. When she saw Ella crying, she felt it was time to talk to her.

 “Something wrong?” Navi asked.

 “Yes,” Ella said, while sobbing “I just can’t stand it!”

 “Can’t stand what?” Navi asked about to land on her shoulder. Ella grabbed her, taking Navi by surprise.

  “Just go away!” She snapped. And threw Navi out an opening of the dark area.

  “WAAAA!” Navi screamed as she was thrown out.

  “Poor kid,” she said to herself “Link is such a f***head!” and flew off. Elvira’s spirit was lurking around the area, she was spying on Ella, to know just the right person to target next, then it went off in her brain like a light bulb. Elvira’s spirit flew towards Navi....



                                              .....and so it begins.....



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