Song of Storms

By The Master

Chapter 1: In The Wind


A boy stumbled through the woods. He shifted with unease, the pack on his back cutting deeply into his shoulders. It’s amazing how much a sword, shield, and an ocarina can weigh when you’re tired, hungry and lost in a place fittingly called the Lost Woods. He let out a dull sob. It was no use. He had to go home. His numb fingers felt backwards into his pack and pulled out a shining metal instrument. He played a few high notes, and within seconds he was whisked away in a flash of gold light.


 “What am I going to do?” wondered the glum man out loud, his gramophone humming in his hands. . Duhduhdeeduhduhdedeadadadadududa.”My life is ruined!”  He snarled. ”And all because of some snot-nosed little punk!” It was true. Kakariko village was in disarray, with water shortages and sudden outbreaks of storm.  And all of it seemed to be linked to his windmill going too fast. Duhduhdee…“No, not just because of him. This accursed song as well!” Duhduhdee…A thunderclap sounded in the distance. ”Here we go again” mumbled the man sadly. Duhduhdee…


“Milady Zelda?” asked a timid voice. The question seemed to be directed at a tall girl wearing rich, pink robes. ”There’s a storm brewing” came the reply. ”Miss, come inside!” said the first voice again. The second girl, Zelda, faced the other speaker, her young servant, who had no name as one of her rank deserved, accompanied by Zelda’s nurse/bodyguard, Impa.

The balcony they were standing on shook, as though trying to break out of its moorings. “Ganondorf is coming” Said Zelda as though she hadn’t heard. Impa nodded, and disappeared. The girl resigned herself, to her mistress’ mysteriousness, and returned to her quarters.

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