The Legend of Zelda: The Sword's Resurrection

By Dragoon30

Authors Note: I wrote this story before I beat the game. So if its sounds a little weird you know why. I hope that you like it.


Chapter 1

After delivering a devastating blow to Ganondorf, Link prepared to deliver the final blow. Ganondorf prepared a fireball spell and shot it at Link. Link swung his sword, the Master Sword, and hit the fireball and repelled it back at Ganondorf. It struck Ganondorf in the chest. Link jumped high in the air above Ganondorf and swung his sword down at Ganondorf. When the final and fatal blow struck Ganondorf’s head, a great flash of light shone across of the land of Hyrule and the curses were lifted. But when the sword hit, the Master Sword crumbled.

"What the..." Link muttered as he caught his breath. He shook his head in amazement and disbelief. Suddenly Sheik, the last of the Sheikah, appeared before him.

"Link, you must reforge the Master Sword. For it is the strongest sword and the sword that no evil can touch." Sheik said to the bewildered Link.

"How shall I do this?" Link asked.

"You must go to the Temple of Time, get the Spiritual, Stones, gather the best blacksmiths of the Gorons, the Zoras, and the Kokiri, and gather the sages of those races. Then you must return here and forge the stones with this." Sheik handed Link a large, golden triangle. "This is a long lost piece of the Triforce. This is why there looks like a piece is missing. It has been handed down through my family for centuries. My father gave it to me before he and the rest of my family died. This is the only way for the Master Sword to be restored."

"Alright, I’m going to go to see the Gorons," Link replied and with that he set off for Goron city.

Sheik told him as Link left, "I’ll go to the Temple of Time and prepare the piece of the Triforce."

Chapter 2

Link jumped out the fifty-seven story window of Ganondorf’s castle. He took out his blue ocarina, about the size of half a flute, and played the "Song of the Earth" as he fell helplessly to the Earth . Suddenly, he was teleported and appeared on the ground.

"Phew...thank the gods!" Link gratefully exclaimed. "Good thing I didn’t mess up the notes!" He took his ocarina to his mouth again and played another song called, "Prelude of Light". Nothing happened. "What!?" he questioned very loudly. He played it again very carefully and slowly. "I don’t believe this. I should be at the Temple of Time. Hmmm," he wondered. He then played "Saria’s Song" and he heard a very friendly and familiar voice.

"Link, can you hear me?" asked the voice telepathically.

"Yes, Saria I can. Since your the sage of the Kokiri, can you tell me why a lot of my teleportation songs aren’t working?" Link asked.

Saria replied, "Has something happened to your sword?"

Link retorted, "Yes, the Master Sword has been destroyed. It crumbled when I delivered the last blow to Ganondorf."

"Oh dear," Saria moaned.

"What?" Link asked worryingly.

"The Master Sword maintains the balance of nature and magic. With it destroyed, some magic will not work and some monsters will become stronger."

"Sheik told me how to reforge it. I’m going to Goron City right now," he said.

"Good. I will talk to you later. I must prepare for this. "Goodbye," she replied telepathically

"Good-bye," he said.

Chapter 3

He took his ocarina and played "Epona’s Song". This summoned his majestic, brown horse, Epona. She came running down the path that leads you to Hyrule Castle. Link mounted her and sat on her brown, leather saddle. He gave her a whip and they were off. Since he could not warp to the Temple of Time, which is part of Hyrule Castle Town, it would take two solid days to get there. Ganondorf’s castle was in the middle of the desert. Link had only two full gallon-sized bottles of fresh water so he had to watch his rations. He had plenty of food and could kill animals if he had to. He decided that he would have to go to see Biggoron, the huge Goron who gave Link the Goron’s blade which is longer than the Master Sword, atop Death Mountain instead of going straight to Goron City. He only has his Longshot, bombs, and Fairy bow and arrows. Since the Master Sword was no more, he had no sword. He did have his Mirror Shield, that could repel any attack, though.

He whipped Epona again. They gained some distance. His green Kokirish vest and hat blew while he was riding. The yellow, hot sand was kicked up into the air by Epona’s hooves. Dust and sand flew everywhere and this made Link’s throat hot and dry. He decided to stop and take a drink of water. It was about mid-afternoon when they sopped. He took out one of the bottles and took a small drink to try and conserve the water. He poured some water into Epona’s pouch and let her have a drink. After they were done, they set out again. At nightfall they had reached the Hyrule Fields. They stopped and rested at a spring. Link and Epona took as much as they wanted to drink and Link refilled his bottles.

They slept for only two hours and started again. There was a chill in the wind and the moon was full. The ground was silent as they rode along. They were attacked by some Skeleton Creatures, that looked like Tyrannosaurus Rexes, but Link annihilated them easily with his bow and lethal arrows. He had perfect aim and rarely missed. He was also an even better swordsman. At daybreak they were almost half way to Goron City. They would half to pass through Kakairo Village to get to the trails. They kept going and Link saw Hyrule Castle way in the distance which meant that they were almost there. It looked no bigger than a quarter but as they got closer it got bigger and bigger. He entered Hyrule Castle Town and went into the market. There were stores, novelty places, houses, business stands, people arguing about prices, people running about, dogs running about, kids playing, and shops to win stuff by doing things. He saw the castle in the distance. It stood tall and high in the sky. It was made entirely of stone and was well guarded. It had a drawbridge, a moat, a yard, a courtyard, gates, and other such features. He took a left and the end of the bustling market and entered the courtyard of the Temple of Time. He left Epona by the marble steps and entered the Temple.

Chapter 4

He walked over a painting of the Triforce as he came in. He saw where the spiritual stones usually are, over a marble structures with readings on it, and they weren’t there. He got kind of worried but then thought Sheik might have them. He entered the Master Sword’s sword room. He saw Sheik on the ground and he was hurt.

"What happened?" questioned Link as he helped Sheik up.

"The sages came with guards and demanded the Spiritual Stones. They said that their land is being ravaged by natural disasters and the Spiritual Stones would prevent it. I tried to explain but they wouldn’t listen. All but Sage Saria, demanded these. She came and told me that you’ve talked to her and you can use the Spiritual Stone of the Earth of the Kokiri," Sheik replied.

"Where is she?" Link asked.

"I am here," she chimed in as she entered. She had green hair like the grass in spring. She wore a green dress that looked kind of like an apron. She looked like a child for the Kokiri do not age. Link was raised as a Kokiri but is truly a Hylian, the people who live in Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Castle, and Kakairo Village. The Kokiri can’t leave their forest because they will die but since Saria is a sage, she can use magic to protect her. "The leaders of the other races said that their land is ravaged by natural disasters. They said that if they had their Spiritual Stones order would return to nature. You must talk and reason with them. They must listen for their stones will only delay the disasters for a short period of time. Time is one thing that we don’t have."

"Alright, I know what I must do, though I don’t know if I can," Link replied.

"I must go back to the Sacred Meadow Forest in the Lost Woods," Saria stated.

"Why?" Link interrogated.

"I’m preparing for the reforging of the Master Sword. You and the other two races will find more out later," she replied and left.

Sheik turned to Link and said, "Go now to get the races to cooperate."

"Right," Link replied and ran out the door and through the doorway.

Chapter 5

He mounted Epona and they galloped out of the town. It was mid-afternoon when the left so no monsters were out in the fields. It was humid, but the air rushing at them kept Link cool. It would only take them two hours to get to Kakairo Village. They were going at a moderately fast pace. He entered the town and stopped at the inn. He got off Epona and entered. He paid fifty rubies, out of his five hundred. for the night. He put Epona in the stable behind the inn. He went back in and up to his room. He laid down on the bed. The pillows were soft and feather-filled. He slept for a good ten hours. He got up and gave the innkeeper his key. He got his horse and walked over to the local store and bought a bundle of bombs, containing twenty, for seventy-five rubies. He also bought one hundred arrows for ninety rubies. He exited the town and went through the steel gates that lead to the mountain trails. Death Mountain stood tall in the sky. He rode up the trail and shot a many spider-like crab creatures. They pounced on him but he shot them off. He took a left instead of going straight towards Goron City. He left Epona and climbed up a few ledges. He went down a small, open tunnel and shot a few Big Skulltillas, a huge spider-like creature. He climbed up the tall ledge and stood tall at the top. The he saw the Goron that was taller the tallest tree. "Biggoron, I need the Goron’s Sword."

"Sure, here it is! My finest work..well here you go little buddy," Biggoron said.

The sword was so long that Link needed to use both hands. He couldn’t use his shield. He slung the scabbard around his back and climbed down. He went back to Epona and got on her. They took a right and went down to Goron City.

Chapter 6

He left Epona at the entrance and took out his Longshot and shot it at the wall. He swung down to Duarnia’s, the leader of the Gorons and also the Sage of the Gorons, room. The guard there recognized Link and let him pass. The Gorons are rock-like creatures that eat rocks. He entered the room and saw his longtime friend Durania.

"Durania, I need the Spiritual Stone! of Fire" Link exclaimed.

"Oh no, not you too!" Duarnia replied.

Link told him what’s going on. "That is why I need the Stones. It is the only way to reforge the Master Sword.

Durania said, "Alright, you saved my race before so I will help you. I will go with you and convince Sage Ruto."

They went down a secret tunnel and warped to the Zoras Sage Room. They found Ruto meditating. The Zoras are fishlike/humaniod creatures.

"Link, Durania, what has brought you here?"

"We need the Spiritual Stone of Water," Durania said.

"Why?" Ruto asked kindly.

They told her the story.

"The natural disasters will only yield for just a while longer. If we reforge the Sword, nature will be in order. Will you help us?" Link told and asked her.

"For you Link, I will," Ruto replied. They went through a secret warp gate. While going through they talked.

"Even though your magic is not working, we Sages still have a connection with magic and have these warp tunnels unless all magic disappears. For that to happen, the Triforce must be destroyed along with the Master Sword. Then, the world would suffer dearly," Ruto said.

"Yes if that happened, it might come to we will have to live underground or in caves. But that would not be a problem for the Gorons, now would it?" Durania said. They appeared in the Temple of Time. They saw Sheik and Saria next to a table made of marble.

"Now we must use Link’s Megaton Hammer. Only the Hero of Time can do this. We must place the stones from the hilt and down in the order of the Kokiri’s Stone, the Gorons’ Stone, and the Zoras’ Stone. Then put the piece of the Triforce on top of the Goron’s Stone. Link you must hit dead center so the Triforce’s magic will melt the Fire Stone. The heat and magic of the Fire Stone will melt the Stones and forge together," Sheik said.

Link took out his hammer and got into position. He raised it high and with all of his strength pulled it down. When it hit, there was a shockwave and a blinding light. When the light died down, the saw the newly reforged Master Sword.

Chapter 7

"It is done," Sheik said.

"Not entirely," Saria replied, "we must no take it to the Sacred Meadow Forest in the Lost Woods and place it there. Then it can rest and regain its lost strength. It must go there because the Lost Woods is the center of all magic and the Sacred Meadow Forest is the strongest of the Lost Woods."

The others agreed. Using his ocarina, Link could now warp because the Master Sword was reformed. He warped them to the Sacred Meadow by playing "Minuet of the Forest". He stepped forward to a Triforce symbol He took the sword by the handle and lifted it over his head. He jammed it down into the center.

The End


Many years later they came back and created the three pendants. They casted a seal over the sword and hid the pendants in three palaces, which later became full of monsters. The made a plaque and which they engraved: "To be worthy to have the Master Sword thou must obtain the Pendant of Courage, Pendant of Power, and the Pendant of Wisdom. Then return here and claim the sword that no evil can touch." The sword ‘slept’ there until the next hero came and saved Hyrule.

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