The Tempest

by Megan

Chapter 2


Tempest's entry into Hyrule was hidden under night's dark cloak. No one would see her in the blackness. Leaving her boat at Hyrule's shoreline, she had made her way to the mainland. The light of the moon was her guide through the cobblestone streets and narrow paths between the rows of cottages. She was quiet, each move silent and precise, as she picked her way through the small village of Kakariko, careful to keep a wary eye out for any villagers that might be out this time of night. Somewhere in this village, there had to be the person she was searching for. She had to be hidden, reclusive, if she was to be successful in her mission. She would first find a dwelling place that was suited to her, where she would discreetly watch the villagers go about their everyday lives, watching, waiting for the right one. Once she found the correct person, she would trap them alone, she the ravenous cat and her victim the fearful mouse.

Most of the small cottages had light in their windows, a sign of habitation. She was especially cautious as she made her way past them, fearful that someone would see her and think her suspicious. If such an event were to occur, her plan would be ruined. She didn't have time to waste looking for another place to carry out her scheme. Already, as she walked down the flagstone before her, a jolt of pain, a sign of her weakening strength, caught her off guard. Drawing in a sharp breath, she stopped for a moment. The Prism of Souls glowed with its soft violaceous light from the folds of her long cloak, sending patterns of light playing across the front of her wine colored dress. Gripping it in a shaking hand, she smothered the light. It grew dim from within her closed hand, then finally faded. Releasing her held breath, she continued to walk in the midnight air.

There were some bigger houses near the front of the village, and she went toward them. Next to a larger house, there was a smaller cottage. Bars were on its windows, and the doorway was small. Upon entering the building, she found it to be decepitvely large, in spite of its small interior. No one lived there now; the last inhabitant had abandoned it. The first light of dawn touched the green floor of the dwelling, blackness striping it as a result of the bars on the windows.

Tempest smiled as she surveyed her surroundings. Something about this building reminded her of her childhood home. The bitter feelings such a realization stirred were quickly replaced with a renewed burst of momentary pain. She was getting weaker with every precious second she wasted; she knew she didn't have much time now.

Standing quietly before a window that overlooked the village, Tempest stared out silently into daybreak's strengthening light, hoping it would not be long before she was rewarded.....


Princess Zelda sighed softly. It had hardly been a day since her father had left Hyrule, and already she was learning that running a kingdom wasn't all she thought it was. Already, her nerves were frazzled, and her patience was wearing thin. "Thank the goddesses Impa had remained behind with me! I wouldn't know what to do without her," Zelda said softly, although no one was in the throne room with her. The morning sunlight streamed through the castle windows, illuminating the floor. The shouts and drone of the servants' many conversations reached her ears faintly.

Sighing once again, she placed her chin in her hand. Memories of the way things once were filled her mind. Before Agahnim had come to the castle, before she had met Link. She had always been busy then, between learning her magic skills and behaving in the proper manner royalty dictated. During that time, the six maidens had lived at the castle with her, so there was always someone to talk to. After Link had rescued them, though, the maidens returned to their families, leaving her by herself in the castle again. Before Agahnim had imprisioned her that rainy night in the dungeon, Zelda had not realized how unfulfilling royal life was. Now that she had had the chance to experience what the world had to offer, she wanted to see more, do more. However, everyone at the castle thought of her as the fragile princess, and she was never allowed to go anywhere without someone at her side to protect her. Now that she was ruling the kingdom until her father returned, she found the life of a princess more restricting than before. She wasn't even allowed to step foot outside the arches at Hyrule castle, and was growing quite lonely and bored indeed. On such a beautiful day, I should be outside, not trapped within these dreary walls, she thought, shaking her head.

Finally, she rose from her setting place, descending the staircase that led to her golden throne. She was tired of sitting and doing nothing. Looking to the window, illuminated by the bright sun, she decided to go out among her subjects. Walking amongst them would make her forget her worries and responsibilities for awhile. Quickly, she began to walk down the long hallway, her dress whispering as she went. Passing the kitchen, she nearly ran into Impa, who was overseeing the preparation of the midday meal.

"Princess, where are you off to in such a hurry?" the silver haired woman asked in her soft voice. "I was going off on a walk, Impa, it's such a glorious morning, wouldn't you say?" Impa smiled a little. "Yes, Zelda, it's a fine day. However, you have a kingdom to rule, and I think it best if you go out later." The older woman's voice was gentle but firm. The princess frowned slightly. "Yes, Impa, but I believe it would be better to go out now, since no one wants to speak with me presently," Zelda answered just as firmly. Impa sighed. "All right, Zelda," she relented. Smiling, she continued, "But make it a short walk, would you?" Zelda nodded to her nursemaid. "I'll be back soon, Impa, don't worry," she assured.



Link awoke with the first rays of morning's fair light. After dressing, he peered outside. It appeared to be a perfect day. The sky was cerulean, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen in the cheery expanse. He decided to visit Sashrahala; he hadn't seen the wise man in quite awhile, not since the start of their last adventure.

He looked to where Anna still lay quiescent. Shaking her shoulder, he said, "Come on, Anna, get up." At first, there was no response from his sister's still form. Then, slowly, like a bear coming out of hibernation, she began to move. Slowly, her eyes, still clouded with weariness, opened. She stumbled out of bed as he went outside to wait for her.

After a few minutes, she emerged, still half asleep. "Where were you last night?" he asked her. "I came home late," she replied, yawning. He sighed, saying nothing, instead beginning to walk. Fatigued, she trailed him to Hyrule castle. Link was hoping to see Princess Zelda so that they could walk to Kakariko. As he came under the castle archway, the large, ornate front doors came creaking open. Princess Zelda came out onto the cobblestone walkway, making her way past the gardens which bloomed with roses of many colors. She gasped, startled, as she saw Link and Anna standing in wait for her. "Hello, Zelda," Link said, walking up to her. "Why, hello, Link, how nice to see you," she responded, the wind running its fingers through her golden hair.

"Want to come with us to Kakariko Village?" Link offered, and the princess smiled faintly. " I was just heading there myself," she replied. As he began to walk, Princess Zelda followed alongside him, Anna following along behind.

Upon reaching the village, the shrieks of children at play and the calls of the many vendors trying to sell their wares filled their ears. Through the sea of milling people, a few people called greetings to Princess Zelda, Link and Anna. There were the sounds of people spreading gossip and laughter, broken by the occasional call of a chicken. Link guided them through the crowds up to the large house of the village elder, Sashrahala. He wished to tell the old man of their last adventure. Reaching Sashrahala's door, Link rapped upon it. "Come in," the muffled voice of the elderly man called. Link opened the door. Sashrahala's hunched figure stood before him. "So, Link, I heard of your recent victory against Ganon. Well done, my boy. But please, tell me more," Sashrahala greeted.

After taking a seat and recounting the story of their adventure, Link told of how he and Zelda and Anna had inherited the Essences of the Triforce and Tetraforce, concluding with the Tetraforce vanishing into the depths of the unknown portal Anna had opened. Sashrahala's wrinkled face spread into a grin. "Ah, just as it was foretold," he said. There was a pause in the conversation. Anna's thoughts turned to the fortune teller's prediction of her misty fate. Yet, she said nothing. She felt uncomfortable as she thought of that night. She could still hear the teller's voice in her head, ominious, soft, and almost sinister. She suddenly felt cold in spite of the fact it was sunny in the room where she now sat. What had the teller meant when she'd spoken such foreboding words? The initial chill she felt strengthened, nearly freezing her heart with fear.

"Anna, what's wrong?" Zelda asked her quietly, upon seeing the look on the younger girl's face. Anna swallowed hard. Sashrahala, Zelda, and Link were all looking at her curiously. "I....N-nothing," she stuttered. Link and Sashrahala resumed the conversation they'd been having, but Zelda still continued to glance at Anna with worry. She seemed to be thinking deeply about something that troubled her, but what could it be?

She dismissed the thought as she realized how late it was getting. Impa was expecting her back at the castle any minute now. "Link, I have to go back to the castle now," Zelda said to him softly, and they both rose from their chairs. "We have to go, Sashrahala," Link told the wise man, who stroked his long white beard and replied, "All right, my boy. Come by anytime you wish." Nodding, Link, Zelda and Anna headed back into the hustle and bustle of the village, taking one of the cobblestone paths that would lead out of the village and take them to the castle.




One of Tempest's ivory hands clutched at the prism at her throat. It glowed softly to match her rising frustration. She had been unable to find any one in the village strong enough for her purposes. Swearing softly in anger, she turned away from the window she had been standing in front of. For years, she had done this, and she'd never failed at it before. She wasn't about to start now. Always, there had been someone strong in body as well as spirit. Because of the strange ways the prism worked, she was able to use only the energy of other females. This narrowed her search considerably. Presently, she had not been able to feel any strong energy from any of the female residents of this village.

The prism's glow grew a bit stronger, and a jolt of pain shocked her body. It had been the strongest one yet, and her eyes widened with the pain. She had felt such pain before in all the years she had the prism, but never before had it been so strong, urgent. It robbed her of her breath, and she gasped desperately in hopes of regaining it. No sooner had she accomplished this than another spasm of pain ripped through her with terrifying ferocity. Crying out sharply, she sank to her knees, holding the glowing prism away from her neck. From within her cupped hands, the prism emitted a bright glow that lit up the dimness of the cottage like a lantern. Feeling weak, Tempest slowly rose to her feet. It can't go on like this, she thought fiercely. I must gain new energy or perish in the attempt!

Standing perfectly still for a moment, Tempest prepared herself for another burst of pain. When none came, she slowly opened her eyes, slowing her rapid breathing. Suddenly, she sensed something. Stumbling to the window, she peered outside. Three figures were emerging from the cottage beside her own. The first was a beautiful young woman, dressed in ornate clothing, followed by a young man clad in green clothing. The third was a younger girl. As she watched them leave the village, she could sense strong energy about all three of them.

Turning away from the window, Tempest reached into the folds of the cape she wore about her shoulders and produced a tiny orb. Holding it in her hand, she closed her eyes. An incantation emerged from her lips. Slowly, she chanted the spell, her voice rising and falling out of a harsh whisper. A glow rose in the center of the small sphere she was holding, quickly spreading within it. The soft white light illuminated her pallid face, making her blue green eyes become dark, gleaming hollows. Her long brown hair became lost in the blackness that surrounded her. Appearing more to be a figure out of a morbid nightmare than an actual person, Tempest stared deeply into the tiny sphere she held tightly in her grasp. A flickering image was rising within the confines of the crystal ball, and Tempest held it closer to her face.

As the image flickered one last time and was finally frozen in the orb, Tempest could see the group she had seen before. Her magic was allowing her to see who they were.The woman in the ornate dress was Hyrule's Princess Zelda. The young man dressed in green was Link, the holder of the Triforce. The familiar names entered Tempest's mind, and she gasped in realization. They must be the descendants of the Hero of Time and the Princess of Destiny! she thought in shock. The younger girl Tempest had seen was Anna, also a descendant of the Hero of Time. One of the females must be the one I've been searching for! Tempest thought, a small smile twisting her lips.

Her eyes closed again, and another spell was chanted in a low monotone. The light within the sphere danced and flickered much like the light of a candle. Tempest's eyes flashed open as a blurry image appeared to mingle with the light inside the sphere. As the image became clearer, Tempest frowned. Another image was forming beside it. "How can this be?" she murmured quietly, confused. Surely there was only one person to take energy from? Wide-eyed, Tempest looked at the two images within the ball. She gasped in shock as they finally became clear. She could sense that the second figure to appear within the ball was a bit weaker than the first. No matter. All she had to do now was decide which one to target. A slow smile formed on her lips as she looked down upon the images in her sphere, the forms of Princess Zelda and Anna.

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