The Tempest

by Megan


There was no moon, no stars to light her way through the inky blackness. The water reflected no light, making it as black as the expanse above. Yet, the young woman in the wooden boat in the middle of the Hyrulian Sea needed no light. Evil thoughts are black as a night sky. After all these years, she was finally returning to the land where it had all began. She would be able to seek and find what was supposed to be hers. All those years ago, I could have had it all....she thought, her slender, pale hand tightening around the midnight colored prism around her neck. As the water lapped quietly against the sides of the boat, memories of times long gone began to come to her, allowing her to look back to events she wished she could forget.

Her name was Tempest, and she had been born into extreme poverty on a remote island, several miles from Hyrule. This island was so secluded, no name had been attached to it. Upon this island, there had been a tiny village, her village. From the time she was very young, she had been forced to steal to survive. Her childhood was made unbearable by poverty, as well as shame. Shame had been in the early years, however. As time wore on, she became hardened, not thinking about how her theft affected others. Everyone else in her village had been poor as well, making it so that villager was pitted against fellow villager in a fierce need to survive. Even in her earliest days, Tempest constantly witnessed what such a fierce need can do to people. Fights broke out almost every day over food, no matter how meagre the portion. The fights grew in number and ferocity as the years passed. Killing soon followed. She, just a young child, cowered in fear in her small dwelling as the battles raged just outside her doorway. Her parents, too, participated in such fights. Many were unwilling to fight; yet it became a necessity if one wished to simply eat. Those that were weak were the first to lose the battle for food, even for life. The strong engaged one another in bloody fights that raged in the village's dirt walkways. Even passerby weren't safe, often getting dragged into frays. The children watched it all, either shrinking back in fear or participating in battles of their own. As she grew older, she found herself in a few such battles. It was here that she learned just how ruthless another person can be, just how far a need for food and rupees can transform a person into a monster. Through it all, her thieving skills became better, more crafty. She was just a young girl at this point, but was just as merciless as the murderers that stalked the paths at night. She too, often ventured out at night to plunder. It was easier then, with most people in their homes, to steal food or to filch a few rupees here and there from markets, unnoticed.

With what she stole, Tempest managed to make a simple living. Her parents, by this time, were no longer around. They had abandoned their own child to escape the fights and squalor of the ruined village. The girl they had left behind now found herself struggling to hold on to what little she possessed. Others would come to her dwelling when darkness fell, trying to take what she had for their own. She carried a dagger at all times, even when at rest. A few times, she had to resort to using it. She wounded many a thief this way. After a time, the number of attempted thefts on her food and rupees eased, but did not stop. People were like animals, such was the state of poverty on the small island. Those that no longer wished to fight left the island, leaving in boatfulls for a better existence. Soon, the small population of the village was even smaller. This did not deter the fights and killings from taking place, though. They grew in number and intensity.

And she had seen it all. Too young to leave the island on her own, she stayed in her dwelling by day and only ventured out at night, when less squabbling was occurring. The poverty had become worse as well, leaving little even for the thieves, and she now found herself coming back with increasingly less each night. It went on this way for the next several years. One evening, while walking the dirt paths that crisscrossed the village, she overheard two people discussing something. Hiding herself behind the nearest building so as not to be seen, she eavesdropped on the conversation. A man spoke. "Can't believe what's goin' on in Hyrule. Heard tale that a Gerudo by name of Ganondorf's gonna be a'goin' to the Sacred Realm ta git the Triforce. Wants other people ta git involved, too. Insane, I tell ya." Tempest did not hear what the other villager said in response; she was no longer listening. It seemed too good to be true. People were actually going to try and get the Triforce? She felt her heart leap, and she trembled with excitement. Wild thoughts began to flit through her head like birds in a spring sky. If she found this Ganondorf, perhaps she could have a chance at touching the sacred Triforce, gaining some of its power. Then, she'd no longer be tired, hungry, every day. No longer would she cry the bitter tears of disappointment and anger as she tried to sleep at night. It was then and there that she decided to travel to the land of Hyrule, to meet this Ganondorf and find the Triforce.



Over the next few days, gossip and talk of all sorts spread through the village like a fire in a dry forest. Talk of the Gerudo, Ganondorf, and of the Triforce was on the lips of everyone, thoughts of the same subject in their brains. Many thought the undertaking was insane. In these circles, the name Ganondorf was synonymous with the term 'crazy'. Yet, for all those that condemned him, there were those that saw only a need for power. Ganondorf was hailed as a genius by such people, one of whom being Tempest. There were many rumors that Ganondorf had tried to get the Triforce and failed; yet others swore that he had gained terrifying power from it. And there was another group that firmly believed that Ganondorf still had to enter the Sacred Realm and get the Triforce. Many people talked of going to Hyrule to join him. Within a few days, many began to launch their boats out on the Hyrulian Sea, often going in large groups. Gathering her scant belongings, Tempest left her dwelling with one of these groups.

They travelled over the ocean for many days, surviving through hunger, seasickness, and temperamental water. The Triforce grew closer with every stroke of the paddle, with each breath they drew. With people being as close together as they were, and with hopes mounting, arguments about petty things would have broken out, if by this time they had grown too weary to argue. Finally, the lookout gave the cry that land had been spotted. The people in the boat, who had been lifeless with exhaustion, began to come to life, cheering and screaming as they began to come closer to the land that had been seen.

From the moment that the boat's front hit the shore of Hyrule, the occupants of the boat were frantic in finding Ganondorf. They poured out over the land in droves, searching out people who might know where Ganondorf was. Finally, someone gave a member of the group a correct location. Heading west, they found themselves in a fortress full of Gerudo women. Their leader was the great Ganondorf, the one who would lead them all to the Sacred Realm to find the Triforce.

From the moment they saw their leader for the first time, they knew their quest for the Sacred Triangles would be successful. Ganondorf was the only male in his village, which, Tempest learned, was customary. He led everyone in his village as well as they. He was tall, strong, red haired and yellow eyed, and his skin was golden brown. He was clad in black armor. His horse was a Gerudo stallion, black as pitch. He was an impressive figure that spoke to his followers of high hopes, and of the bitterness of unfulfilled dreams. Everyone hung onto his every word. Ganondorf also told them that their quest for the Triforce would not be easy. The gate to the Sacred Realm was located in a temple, and was guarded by a stone door. The door could only be opened by a certain person carrying certain stones, along with a special ocarina. As everyone began to despair at these words, Ganondorf said he knew who this person was, and would do anything necessary to get into the Sacred Realm. He departed that night. A few days passed, all of which Tempest and the rest of Ganondorf's followers spent within the Gerudo camp. Finally, in the middle of the night, Ganondorf returned, shouting for everyone to mount their horses and follow him. Confusion broke out for a few minutes while everyone scrambled for their weapons. Then, everyone began to mount their horses and take off after the dim form of the galloping black stallion and its rider. There was much talk as they road. Apparently, Ganondorf had found the way into the Sacred Realm. The Triforce would soon be theirs.

Finally, they came into view of a drawbridge. It was down, and Tempest could make out a small town just behind it. Ganondorf led them right in, galloping down the cobblestone walkway that ran through the center of the town. People were out of their houses and screaming, "Look, Ganondorf returns!" There were other shouts of, "He was responsible for Princess Zelda's exile, the dog!" Ganondorf slapped his horse and shouted, making it run faster. The rest of the people followed. People who stood shouting in the middle of the walkway either got out of the way or had a close encounter with death by the multitude of hooves that stampeded through the town. Many others ran inside their houses or trembled alongside the walkways with fright. Ganondorf paid them all no notice, and led his followers right to a large temple, situated near the town. There were gasps of awe and murmurs from the crowd rallied behind Ganondorf.

Dismounting, Ganondorf led them all inside. Tempest admired the red carpet she walked on, edged in gold, and the large windows. The ceiling was so high, it vanished into nothingness above their heads. The carpet led up to a black marble altar. Three stones, one red, one blue, and the other green, shone from three hollows in it. An inscription was beneath it. Beyond that, there was a large doorway. A symbol of the Triforce glowed above it. Beyond, there were many steps. And in the center of these steps was a beam of light, the very one that would lead them to the Sacred Realm. Ganondorf stood before the altar, holding up his hands for his followers to halt and listen.

"My loyal followers, our toil has been justly rewarded. Just a mere hour ago, the boy that held all the keys to the Sacred Realm removed the Master Sword from the stone. He is gone, and will not trouble us. The meddlesome Princess Zelda is gone as well. I made sure to 'escort' the princess and her nursemaid out of town. After she had gone, I came to this temple, the Temple of Time, and saw the boy open the door with my own eyes. I watched as he was sealed away in the realm. After that, I came for all of you. Hurry, the portal will not last long!"

Cheers of "All hail Ganondorf!" rose from the assembly. Ganondorf grinned widely, then walked through the door, up the steps, and toward the light. Here, he paused and turned back to his followers. "Come, my people, the Triforce awaits!" At the sound of these words, the people who stood before the altar came running forth at a flood. They all went to the light, ran right through it, and simply vanished. The others watched in astonishment before starting through themselves.

Tempest was one of the last people to walk up the steps. Her body trembled with excitement and fear. What lay beyond? With a shaking hand, Tempest reached out and touched the light. To her surprise, it didn't hurt. She could feel a pull which tugged her, inviting her to come to the world beyond. Closing her eyes tightly, Tempest walked into the light. She could feel the pull again, sense the light grow brighter outside her tightly closed eyelids. It felt as if she were floating. Suddenly, the light dimmed, and her feet touched solid ground. Opening her eyes, Tempest found herself amid a paradise, a perfect world. Here, the grass was green, the sky azure. The flowers which grew were luminous. Ganondorf began to lead them through this perfect land. Suddenly, the sky turned bright gold. There were cries of surprise and fright from the crowd. Squinting, Tempest looked up into the amber sky. There, just slightly more golden then the sky around it, was the Triforce itself. As everyone watched in awe, a whispered voice reached their ears, a voice so mysterious that it defied even the most vivid of imaginations. "Make a wish; it shall be granted," the hypnotic voice of the Triforce whispered softly. Ganondorf laughed evilly, holding his hands up to receive the Triforce's power. All the people behind him pressed forward, shouting about their own need for power. Ganondorf turned on them, snarling like a wild animal or a creature possessed. A dagger was in his hand. With a cry of rage, Ganondorf plunged forth, holding the dagger. Even from where she was, Tempest could see the looks of horror on the faces of the people, some from her own village. These looks quickly turned to pain as the dagger found its marks. With blood running out of them like crimson waterfalls, the afflicted fell to the earth. There were gasps and cries from the rest of the followers, who quickly tried to back away from Ganondorf and his slashing dagger. Many more fell, and pandemonium broke out; it was clear that they had been betrayed. As soon as Ganondorf knew his followers were far enough at bay, he reached out for the Triforce again. Those that were left standing watched as Ganondorf's face contorted into a mask of twisted victory, heard his laugh that rang out and echoed in their ears like a nightmare. There was a bright flash as Ganondorf's hands, tainted with the blood of those he had killed, made contact with the Triforce.

It was at this moment that time seemed to stand still. Everyone watched with a mix of awe and fear as the Triforce's light engulfed the figure of the Gerudo. Moments later, his laugh of triumph turned to a scream of anger. When the light vanished, they could all see the monstrous face of Ganondorf, see him holding absolutely nothing. "The blasted Triforce has separated itself!" Ganondorf shouted, his body trembling with rage. As he shouted, an image of the Triforce appeared on the back of his hand. He now held the Essence of the Triforce of Power. The remaining people backed away as he came toward them. The top triangle on the image he carried on his hand glowed with a mystical light. "The power of the Triforce of Power shall aid me!" he cried. A blast of light came from the hand he held out before him, striking the people in front of him. The smell of burnt flesh filled the air. Tempest tried to run but stumbled, falling to the ground. The beam of light passed just over her head. The final cries of those who had not escaped rang in her ears. She could hear the lurid sound of blood sizzling. Panting and shaking with fright, Tempest turned to where Ganondorf stood. He grinned at her as he came, the image on his hand still blazing with light. "Looks as if you're the only one left. I won't need the sorcery of the Triforce of Power to destroy you." As Tempest lay, stock still, he held his bloodstained dagger over her head. His demonic laugh sent chills down her spine. As he came closer, her paralyzed legs began to work again without her conscious thought. She began to run, Ganondorf's shout following her. He cursed as he tried in vain to build his power. Up ahead, she could see the light, the portal that had led her here. Heart hammering, Tempest ran into the portal. She could feel herself being transported back to the Temple of Time. Once there, she began to run. She ran through the people of the town, over the fields and to the Hyrulian docks. Jumping down into a boat, she loosened the rope that tied it to one of the posts with her dagger. When the boat was free, she began to paddle without stopping. Dawn had begun to brake over the horizon when she finally reached her village, now devoid of all people.



For a few years afterward, Tempest remained in the ruins of her village. The bitterness of being denied power as well as her hatred for Ganondorf rankled within her soul, making her want to seek revenge. She sought to become a potent sorceress. Late at night, she would stay up, thinking of ways to one day get the Triforce for her own. She read many books on wizardry, some of her studies and spells lasting up until morning's first light.

Finally, one night, blinking into the fire she had made to warm herself, Tempest came up with a phenomenal idea. Immortality was the key to having the Triforce for herself. Many times in her books of spells and necromancy, she read how the energy of souls contained enough power to sustain one for many years. Most of the spells that involved taking such energy were time consuming to perform, and drained the sorcerer. Tempest rose from her fire, grabbing one of the books. Leafing through it, she found the proper spell. Here was a spell that could create a powerful prism, one that could drain the energy necessary. Laying the book on the table, she studied the words for the spell, eyes hard and cold. Finally, she rose from her chair, retrieving her black cauldron and bags of powder. Loosing the drawstring on one such bag, she emptied its contents into the bottom of the cauldron. She repeated this with another bag, then another. Then, it was time to add the last ingredients to the brew.

Taking her dagger, Tempest slowly slit one of her fingers open. Red beads of blood slowly dripped into the cauldron below, gleaming like minute rubies in the fire light. When enough of her blood had been added, Tempest referred to the book alongside the black pot. After reading the words carefully, she dragged the cauldron to the fire. Lifting it with some difficulty, she hung it over the burning flames. Finally, she knelt before the fire, her pale face illuminated with the blaze's glow, beginning to chant the ancient words to a spell long forgotten. Her eyes closed as a trance began to overtake her. Stretching her hands out, she began to concentrate. The fire swirled with violet, pink and yellow colors, wavering and crackling as if being fanned with a strong pair of bellows. The inside of the cauldron glowed with a mystical light. Liquid, formed by the magic, sloshed along the sides, rising up higher and higher, churning and frothing. Finally, it began to stretch upwards. Floating out of the cauldron and before Tempest's eyes, the liquid hung suspended for a few moments, quickly turning black. It began to harden, forming the uniform walls of a prism. The sorceress held her hand out, catching the newly formed prism as it fell. As she held it, light swirled within it like a violet tornado. A small smile formed on Tempest's lips as she put it around her neck. Shortly thereafter, finding no further use for them, she burned all the books on sorcery.


That had all been a couple centuries ago. Since then, her tale had become legendary. Now, as she held her prism, the Prism of Souls, in her hand, she could feel its power. Within the walls of the prism she carried around her neck was the energy of a soul. Her body fed off of it until it was gone, then it would be time to search for another soul to usurp, preferably one that belonged to a strong person. She had lived for all those years in this way. However, it was not exactly immortality. Without the energy of a soul, she would soon die. She couldn't perish, not after all she'd been through. She'd heard of all the happenings with Ganondorf becoming Ganon, of the boy that had defeated him, and the Seven Sages. Years later, she heard of his escape, of the Dark World, and of the one who had defeated him. He, the holder of the Triforce, and the current princess of Hyrule were descendants of the ones who had originally defeated the King of Evil. She smirked at the thought of Ganon's numerous defeats. What an imbecile, she thought, laughing.

She felt a pang deep within her, and knew that the energy of the soul trapped within the prism was getting weaker. Soon, she knew, it would be time to find a new soul. A new day was beginning. In the dawn's first rays of light, the woman could discern land just ahead. It was Hyrule, the place where it had all begun. She'd been biding her time for centuries, but not anymore. A small smile tugged at her lips as she eagerly began to paddle toward the land mass ahead. A new soul and the Triforce would soon be hers.....

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