Titanic Fury

By Ben Berntsen

Part 1

Link didn’t exactly know who the tall, super-strong man who had just walked through the Western Gate was. But west of Hyrule was Titania, the Giant Country. That made Link like this man even less than before. He certainly did look Titanian, with a round, puffy face and a long black beard, and huge muscles that bulged out of his arms like balloons. When Link got up closer, he saw that he was only up to the giant’s waist. Link wished again that he hadn’t been near the Western Border at the time. It looked like it was his job to get rid of the intruder. Link drew his sword just to be careful, tried to make himself look as tall as he could, and approached the big fellow. “Who goes there?” Link asked. The big man let out a laugh that shook the hills.
     “You little people are as timid as rabbits. Put down your stick and hear me speak.”
     “I say again, who are you?” Link stammered nervously. Even Ganon didn’t seem quite as wild as this Titan.
     “I am Musc of Titania.” the man said. “And I come to see the King.” Link didn’t exactly like that. It just so happened that Titania and Hyrule weren’t on the friendliest terms right now. It was a known fact that Giants were short tempered and stubborn.
     “You can’t see the king right now.” Link stood fast. “The King is busy.” Musc said no more, but grabbed Link by the hood of his cloak and lifted him off the ground.
     “Come, little bunny.” Musc said, “Show me to your king.”

Princess Zelda hummed to herself as she sat next to her father and sewed. Her leisure was interrupted by a loud crash at the door. The heavy, wooden door fell onto the marble floor, throwing dust into the air, and in walked a heavy, looking fellow that had to kneel to get into the room. In one hand he held the dismembered knob of the door, and in the other, he held Link by the neck of his shirt. “What’s the meaning of this?” demanded the King. “Guards!” Several knights ran up to do away with the intruder, but the giant simply wrapped their swords around their necks and shoved them aside.
     “Out of my way, little bunnies.” Musc boomed. “I will speak with the king.” He dropped Link, who landed uncomfortably on the hard stone floor, and walked towards the king. The old man looked up at the giant.
     “What is your business?” the king asked.
     “I have a message.” answered Musc. He seemed to have calmed down. “Ganon’s forces are moving through Titania making a beeline for Hyrule, and he has the Giants fighting on his side. Except for me that is.”
     “Then you are a Titan.” Link piped up.
     “No.” Musc said. “I am only half Titan.”
     “Ganon and Titans combined?” Zelda said, “I don’t like the sound of that.”
     “And neither do I.” the king said. “I’ll have to do something about it. I’ll have a battalion of troops sent to ward off our new attackers before sundown.”
     “With all due respect, sire,” Link said, dusting himself off, “I’ve dealt with Ganon before, and I know how to defeat him again. I’d like to take this mission.”
     “And I am knowledgeable about the Titans.” boomed Musc. “So I will help you.”
     “But surely you can’t go alone...” the king said. “Such an army is far to powerful for just two people to defeat!”
     “We aren’t going alone.” said Link. “I know just the person to help us...”

“What are we doing here?” Musc asked as they entered the Lost Woods.
     “This is where we’ll find him. But be careful. We may have some trouble.” Link answered. They slowly stepped into the woods, being wary of every leaf crackle, every bird song, and every tingle of every bush. “Huh,” Link grunted. “I guess he’s not he...” Link was tackled by a man in ragged forest clothes. More similarly dressed men appeared from behind the trees. They attempted to attack Musc, but he just picked them off like cockleburs and flicked them out of his way. He pulled a thief off of Link and threw him at another one.
     “Hey!” a voice said. The fight paused, and everyone looked up at the top of a large boulder. “Who’s the wise guy?” The shape hopped gingerly off the rock and sped towards Link and Musc. He had red hair, a brown cloak, and a beautiful brown feather that he had stuck behind his ear. He was a thief capable of running faster than a Spring horse, and was almost as good a fighter as Link.
     “Ah.” Link said. “If it isn’t Blaze, king of thieves.”
     “And if it isn’t Link, king of the mud.” Blaze snapped back. He plucked a dagger out of his pocket. “How dare you ambush my thieves!”
     “Musc,” Link said, “Disarm him.” Musc yanked the knife out of Blaze’s fingers and snapped it like a toothpick. Blaze began to run, but Musc grabbed his feather.
     “Hey!” Blaze said, slowing down to a normal pace. “Without my Roc’s Feather, I can’t run anymore! Give it back!”
     “Not until you hear what we have to say.” Link insisted. Musc defiantly shoved the feather into his pocket. Blaze boiled up inside, but held his tongue. Link continued. “We’ve got a little job we need to do, and you’re going to help us do it.”
     “Oh, yeah? Says who?” Blaze was stubborn as a donkey, that was for sure.
     “If you don’t, my friend Musc’ll pop you between his fingers like a tick.”
     “Fine.” Blaze said. “Whaddya want?”
     “Ganon’s back.” Link said. “But this time, he has the Titans on his side. We’re going to cut him off before he can get to Hyrule. We need a fast runner, and you’re just the person we’re looking for.”
     “I’m not fast without my Roc’s Feather. Give it back.” repeated Blaze. Musc pulled the magical feather out of his pocket and stuck it back on Blaze’s head. The boy lept ten feet in the air. He landed, and moved his feet around, content. “Feel’s good to be light as a feather again.” Blaze commented.
     “Don’t try anything funny.” warned Link, “Because you’re stuck with us.” The three adventurers left Hyrule and walked along long-forgotten paths on Titania. Many times they saw huge footprints embedded in the wide sand roads. The forest paths that they walked on were seldom used anymore. Night came, and Blaze, of course, was his usual, stubborn self, refusing food or water. He only tried to escape once, and after they caught him, Musc suggested that they tie him to a tree for the night. That kept him from trying to escape, but it didn’t keep him from spitting and cursing for the rest of the night. Link discovered that it would really be difficult to get him to do anything unless they could convince him to help. The night went by slowly, and when day came, they started off again for Ganon’s army, which was camped near the Hyrulian border. Though Musc was strong, he wasn’t at all skilled with the bow, and since Blaze refused to hunt, all they caught was a couple rabbits, which where down to the bones by that afternoon. One day, Link spotted a cloud of dust gathering in the distance. “There it is.” huffed Musc. “Ganon’s army.”
     “Okay, smart guy.” Blaze said to Link. “You got us into this, now how do you get us out?”
     “Uhm...” Link’s voice trailed off.
     “You mean you don’t even know how we’re going to beat ‘em?” Blaze yelled. Musc’s rock-sized hand clapped firmly over Blaze’s mouth.
     “I’ll think of something.” Link said to himself. Link couldn’t hear what Blaze was mumbling, with his mouth covered by Musc’s fist, but he was sure he didn’t want to.

Part 2

Link's heart sank as the watched down at the enemy camp below. He stole a glance at Blaze, who had managed to break free of Musc's powerful grip. He trotted up to Link, apparently under control. "What are we gonna do?" he whispered to Link.
     "I... don't know." Link sputtered.

Meanwhile, far away, in the enemy camp, Ganon, the gargantuan, pale blue boar and tyrant of the Dark World, rested his bloated form against a nearby tree. "Pug!" he shouted, carelessly. "Come here, slave!" A wart-faced young Moblin ran to him and bowed low to the ground.
     "Yes, master?" asked Pug.
     "Arise." ordered Ganon. Pug did as he was told. "What news did our scouts bring back?"
     "I am afraid I bring bad news." Pug said. "One of the Titans has chosen not to help our forces, m'lord. He has escaped into Hyrule."
     "What?!" Ganon stood at full attention. "Get me the Titan's captain! Now!" The little moblin scuttled into one of the tents nearby. Ganon sighed. He remembered the good old days when good help was always availible. Maybe it was because his moblins had been smarter then, and not so overbred. They were built for their teeth, not their brain, and that was the problem. Moblins were overall insufficient for the job, now. Instead, Ganon had to take up with the Giants. They weren't much smarter, it was true, but they were stronger. And if they had a smart leader, like Ganon, they could bring Hyrule to rubble, and bring him the TriForce. Giants also had good fighting instinct-- they were warriors almost as soon as they could walk. Why couldn't Ganon's own Moblins be like that? Ganon stiffened as one of the huge tents nearby began to shuffle around. The flap opened up and out walked the ten foot tall leader of the Titans.
     He was feared by all in Titania. He had powerful arms as thick as an Octorok's neck, powerful legs, and long, wild hair that flowed from his face. He was blind in one eye-- it had been burnt in a battle long ago. He was appropriately called "Cyclops". He was short tempered, but clever-- for a giant.
     Cyclops broke out of the tent, and rose to his full height, towering high above Ganon. In his hand he held a wicket looking club with two huge spikes rising out of the end. Next to him stood Pug. The little moblin was shivering dreadfully. Ganon smiled at the huge Titan, baring his long, jagged, and stained teeth. "Cyclops." Ganon said.
     "What do you want now, pig?" Cyclops roared like a lion. He squinted his huge, throbbing eye in the sunlight.
     "I am told that one of your men has defected and escaped." he rubbed his magic trident, threateningly. "Is this true?"
     "No." Cyclops answered. "A half-Titan. He is of no concern."
     "No concern." Ganon's voice trailed off. He rose to his feet, held out his trident, and fired a long beam of energy at Pug. The moblin dissolved into greenish pulp on the leaf-covered ground.
     "I'll do the same to you, Cyclops." Ganon growled. "Find that Titan or you'll join Pug." Cyclops grumbled, and went back to his tent, dragging his club behind him. The two points dug little trenches in the ground as they were dragged along. Ganon didn't care how many men he lost. He wanted the Tri-Force. And he would get it any way he could. Despite what Cyclops had said, Ganon considered the possibility that he was being watched by the renegade at this very moment.

Link rested against a tree, thinking so hard that Blaze could almost see steam rising out of his ears and trickling into the reddish sky. Link's eyes were shut tight. His hands were covering his head, and he was mumbling to himself. Suddenly, Link's eyes popped open wide. He jumped to his feet, and drew his sword. "I know!" he shouted. "I know!" Musc and Blaze ran over to him, and Link carefully whispered his plan. Blaze backed away. "No!" he shook his head, causing his red hair to go wild in the wind. "Never!" Blaze backed into a tree. Link and Musc stole a glance at each other, then grabbed Blaze.

"This is never gonna work!" Blaze whispered.
     "Shut up!" Link whispered back. Link sat on Musc's shoulders, and Blaze sat on Link's shoulders in a terribly dangerous balancing act. Musc had wrapped his long cloak around all three of them, except for Blaze's head, which was hooded so that his face would not be seen. Link had his arms up the long sleeves of the cloak, and did his best to move them realisticly without loosing grip on either Musc or Blaze. They slowly edged towards Cyclop's tent, where the warlords were meeting. Ganon would be there too. Just the name caused Link to shudder. If there was one thing in the world that Link feared, it was the giant boar. The tent flaps whipped open, and the trio of balancing adventurers shuffled in.
     Link pinched Blaze's leg, to tell him to get started. Blaze spoke in as deep a voice as he could. "We... I mean, I, the head scout, have returned with news of the land ahead."
     "Let's hear it." one of the Titans grumbled. "The land ahead is guarded by 15,000 men, all with bows and swords. They are tall, strong men."
     "15,000?" Ganon muttered. "That may prove difficult." he stole a glance at Cyclops. "How many men can your giants take down."
     "We could finish off 30,000 with ease, Ganon." Cyclops answered.
     "Very well, then." Ganon began. "Wait a minute." His huge, clawed fist grabbed Blaze by the neck. "I don't recall having any Titans in our scouting party." The giants looked at each other.
     "Well, um..." Blaze stuttered. "I, uh, I mean..." Link heard a sound that would have been the equivelent of his worst nightmare. Musc sniffled his giant-sized nose.
     "Don't sneeze!" Link whispered. Musc snuffled his nose again, very loudly, this time. Dread shot through Link's heart.
    "Ah, ah..." Musc began. "CHOOOOO!" Link and blaze shot out of the cloak like cannonballs. Link crashed into the cieling, grabbed a pole, and slid down carefully. One of the Titans saw him and whacked the pole with his club. The entire tent began to slowly fall to the ground. Blaze was less lucky. He happened to land in the last place he would've wanted to-- in Cyclop's face.

Part 3

With a yelp of surprise, Blaze landed squarely on Cyclop's face. The giant roared and blinked his huge, grotesque eye at Blaze. The boy shoved off with his feet, leaping into the air, and hit the oposite wall of the tent, causing even more panic. The tent slowly settled on the ground, flat as a pancake.
     Meanwhile, Link had landed safely on the ground. He looked upwards, and saw the tent coming down apon him. He started off to find Musc, when he hit what felt like a brick wall. He slowly looked up and gasped. It was Ganon. The giant boar spun his trident menacingly, and threw a powerful beam of light at Link. He dodged out of the way, and the beam melted a hole in the tent. Link kicked Ganon in the shins, just long enough to distract him, and dashed out the open flap of the tent. Link stopped when he reached the outside of the tent. He saw a flash of red hair, and immediately resumed chase. Blaze had hopelessly outrun Link, but he eventually caught up with him, a safe distance away from the camp. They watched the wreckage below, as the Titans and moblins ran to assist the warlords' fallen tent.
     "Now where's Musc?" Link asked.
     "I dunno." Blaze said between breaths.

     Ganon sneered. Their captive wasn't a Titan. And he wasn't a man. More like a cross between both. Ganon stepped up to the tall, hairy Titan-Man and rose to his full height. "Where are the other two?" he asked. The titan-man said nothing, but glared at Ganon. If he hadn't been bound, he probably would have tried to rip the boar's head off. Blood ran from the titan's nose and lip, and his wrists were burned from struggling with the rope.
     "Where are the other two?" Ganon repeated, growing angry. The titan continued his silence. Anger boiled in Ganon's veins. "Very well," Ganon backed away from him. "Put him in the Pit until he will talk."
     "Yes, m'lord." said one of the moblins guarding the titan. Musc was kicked and then dragged away.

     In an hour or so, they had reached the Pit. It was essentially a very large crater in the middle of the ground, about 20 feet deep. There was a mound of sand at the bottom of it. Musc said nothing as he was pushed in. He let out a little yelp as he tumbled to the bottom. The moblins backed away to a safer distance, as if afraid of what was in the Pit. The mound of sand began to shake as it moved back and forth, sending a deadly chill down Musc's back. The giant tried feverishly to unbind himself, but he only tripped over his own two feet and landed flat in the soft sand.

     "Did you hear that noise?" asked Link.
     "You mean the noise of an insanely evil monster sneaking up behind us so that it can eat us from our innards out?" Blaze asked.
     "No." Link said. "I think I can hear some moblins cheering. Let's see if we can track them-- it might lead us to Musc." After one or two arguements from Blaze, they got up and followed the noise with haste. By and by they neared a large crater in a clearing.
     "Uh, oh." Blaze said, pointing to the guards.
     "Easy work." Link said confidently, drawing his sword. Blaze took his cue and drew his as well. They pounced the surprised guards and finised them off quickly. Then they crawled towards the pit to peer down into it. Link was horryfied as what he saw.

     Musc still didn't quite know what was going on. The pile of sand continued to rumble, and chunks of rock began to fly out of the ground. Musc backed away from the pile, but he found himself up against one of the sandy walls of the crater. Sand and dust flew everywhere in and explosion, and out popped a gargantuan Leever. The half-animal, half-plant creature seemed like it was at big as a tall building. It lunged at Musc, jaws gaping, but the titan charged out of the way. The Leever crashed into the wall, and got a mouthful of sand. But that only made it more angry-- and dangerous.

     With a yell of attack, Link plunged into the pit, swinging his sword so fast that it looked like a shining beam of light. Link sliced one of the Leever's pedals from its' neck, spewing firy slime everywhere as the creature let out a blood curdling scream. Blaze came soon after. Seeing the red-haird boy, the Leever instantly forgot it's pain and went after Blaze. The boy began to dash around and around the giant monster, keeping it distracted while Link armed his Hookshot. Musc, summoning his strength, yanked with all his might and stapped the cords that bound him. He tied the rope together to make a whip, and came after the Leever with full strenght. He whipped the creature, throwing more sap into the air, and Link fired his Hookshot. The grappling hook sunk deep into the monster's skin. It roared again.
     Blaze stopped running, and backed up, preparing to charge. He blasted forward, and raised his feet to kick the creature. He hit it with the force of an army at 100 miles per hour, so hard that the boy bounced back into the wall and was knocked unconscious. The blast yanked the creature up by it's roots and it went flying high into the air. It landed outside the crater and exploded into a huge splash of slime and sap that spattered agains the walls of the crater.
     After a time, the three adventurers had made it out of the pit. "Boy! It doesn't get much worse than that." Blaze remarked.
     "Think again!" Musc said, pointing at the horizon. The entire army was rushing straight at them. Link and Blaze gasped. They grabbed Musc and made a run for it. Their eyes were wide with fear as the army chased after them, with screaming giants and moblins waving their weapons in fury. Link could almost feel the claws of Ganon's moblins tearing into his back as he ran. Blaze was already far ahead the rest of them because of his speed.
     "Figures he'd abandon us..." Link huffed between breaths. Just then, Blaze popped up again.
     "Hurry up!" he said. "The gate to Hyrule is ahead!" Hope shot through Link's heart. He pushed himself to the point of passing out. The mountains ahead grew larger and larger as they grew closer to the border. The army was still behind them, just as furious as before. Link could feel his legs giving out from under him. They gave in, and he fell towards the ground. Musc grabbed him and flung him over his shoulder as he continued to run. They passed through the gate not a moment too soon. Musc put down Link.
     "Run, little bunnies!" he ordered. "I shall hold them off!" Link and Blaze ran to the safety of their home country. Link could only watch as he saw what Blaze was about to do.

     While Ganon waited behind, Cycops led his army without fear. "Perhaps our day of conquest shall come closer than I had anticipated." he yelled at the top of his lungs over the hubbub. There, ahead, was the Traitor, Musc. He was going to be flattened by Cyclops' army. Just before they arrived, though, Musc let loose his battle axe with all his strength into the side of one of the mountains. Screaming war calls, he chopped again and again at the mountainside. Huge boulders began to fall. The Traitor was insane with anger! With one final blow, he caused a gargantuan avalanche. Rocks and boulders fell everywhere. Cyclops turned around and waved his hands at his forces. "Turn back! Turn back! Retreat!"
     It was like trying to hold back a river with a net. In an instant, the army had crushed Cyclops under their feet. They, in turn, were crushed by the boulders. So was Musc. When the dust settled, Link and Blaze crawled, unable to walk, towards the wreckage. "Oh, man..." Link said to himself.
     Blaze said nothing, but Link could see in his eyes how he felt. "He was a great warrior." he finally said. "Do you think Ganon was in there?"
     "I've not a doubt." Link answered. The boulders began to move again. But this time, they were shaking from the bottom up. Rocks flew everywhere, and out crawled the last person either of them had expected to see-- Musc. Nearly every bone in his body was broken. His face and arms were covered in blood and dust. But he was alive. They climbed away, up to the top of the hill that overlooked the gate. The only passage from Titania to Hyrule had been crushed, along with Titania's military force and possibly even Ganon in the avalanche. And Link knew that Hyrule would never again be threatened by the giants.


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