Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 11: Training and Tears

Doing chores are never Kasutos priority. Mostly because despite the fact that she got them done quickly and well, she was never thanked, or even given a break. Of course, now she had other things on her mind, namely the Sheikah hiding In her home.

Kasuto had taken care of him for hours, watching him. She had lived a sheltered life, really, with only her chores and her books to keep her company. To find someone like him, well, is it any wonder she couldn't keep him out of her mind?

Besides, she was thirteen, and had started the Changes a year ago. The instant a Gerudo started the Changes, meaning they could have children, they were expected to start looking at men. Life in the desert was harsh, and it was best to have kids sooner, rather then later, to ensure the survival of the Gerudo.

Of course, in practicality, very few Gerudo found men at Kasutos age, the average age was fifteen. But still, she knew what she wanted, she had faint memories of her father, something few Gerudo could say, and knew of the love her parents shared. She wanted that, and to get It would require time and patience.

She smiled, all she had to do was keep the fact that she's an orphan hidden, and there would be nothing Sheik could hold against her.


Kalo knew he was in Hyrule, the only problem was, where? Wherever Shadow had sent him, it was the opposite of the Forest, being almost completely devoid of life. I must be in the desert. That was the only explanation. Still, he was a Forest Fairy, the desert was not suited for him. The strange magic that was flowing through him made him somewhat ill.

Fairies are different then the other Races, the are basically pure magic, the take up very little physical space, but a Fairy drastically effects the magical field they are in. A Fairy acts as a magic lens, focusing the magic to make It much stronger. Their wings, don't serve the purpose that many people assume they do, they don't allow a fairy to fly, they do that by magic, they are more of a brake, spreading out the huge amount of magic they channel sometimes to keep them from killing themselves.

Kalo flew through the dry air, trying to make sense of where he was. The magical currents were shifting around a point some distance away.

Everything effected magical currents, living things more so. But all the currents were focusing around the point. The only people who had been like this that Kalo had seen were Link and Saria. It must be someone important. If Kalo could find out who it was, he could read his/her soul, finding out who they are.

Fluttering his wings for a moment, Kalo glided on the currents to wherever the person was.


Saria had never quite seen anything like Goron City. It seemed to be a massive spiral moving down, rooms branching off in every direction, Gorons were walking around everywhere she saw. Torches enchanted to never burn out provided light to every part of the city, there was no area that she couldn't see. Some Hylians wandered around, apparently here on business. All the while, there was the sound of rock being torn into. Signs were posted around the walls, as well as large murals showing Gorons doing a variety of tasks. (There was even one showing a Goron smashing a dragon with a hammer.) It wasn't as crowded as Hyrule Castle City, but still pretty full.

Link had a look of irritation on his face. "I hate crowds." he muttered. "Come on, this way." Link began leading them down the spiral.

"Wow, so this is how Gorons live. It's different, isn't it?" Malon was looking around left and right.

"Yeah." Saria said. It was surprising Saria how different everybody lived then the Kokiri. The Kokiri lived as a single group, doing everything for the soul purpose of helping the forest. The idea of doing work for personal gain was unheard of. Yet in the outside world money ruled everything.

Shaking her head, Saria noticed that they had reached the bottom of the city, a small opening lead the way to a tunnel.

"Here we go." Link said suddenly. "This is the Big Brothers chambers." He walked inside, Malon and Saria following soon after.


Sheik wandered through Kasutos small home. It really was tiny, there was a bedroom, a small kitchen, and a small room used for storing even more books. That was all, from the one window Sheik could see that all the other houses were larger and in much better shape then this one. It also was at the very edge of the village, far away from anything else.

Why is that? She thought, It's almost like they don't want her around.

Sheik saw a small ball of light fly through the window. A fairy? It turned and looked at him. Floated towards Sheik, stopping just an Inch from his face. Suddenly, It spoke.

"Princess Zelda?" he asked.

Sheik stumbled back, impossible! How could this fairy see through his disguise? "I…I don't know what you're talking about." he stammered.

The fairy flashed brightly for a second. "Don't try that. I know for a fact that the Time Sage Is Princess Zelda, and you are the Time Sage. You forget that fairies can see people of destiny."

Sheik glared at the fairy, what he said was true, but still…

"All right, fine, I confess. But I don't want you telling anybody, OK?" Sheik really didn't want anybody knowing who he really was.

The fairy glowed with amusement. "Right, Princess. I am Kalo of the Forest Fairies. Servant of the Great Deku Tree. Guardian of the Kokiri Saria."

"You can call me Sheik." Something hit Sheik. "Wait, did you say Saria?" Sheik stumbled back, this fairy was Sarias guardian?!

"Yes. I assume you know her?" Kalo said.

"Well, I've met her." Sheik didn't really know Saria that well. Having only shown up as a Sage at the last minute, he was only slightly acquainted with them, Impa and Ruto being the only ones he knew well. "But wait, I thought Guardian Fairies were supposed to stay by their charge at all times?"

Kalo dimmed somewhat. "We...we got separated, I'm trying to find her."

Sheik guessed that Kalo wasn't telling the whole truth, but he decided not to press the issue.

"Sheik, I brought you some water!" The seemingly ever-cheerful Kasuto yelled as she entered the house. She held up a large gourd.

"Um, thanks Kasuto." he took the gourd and took a swig of water. "I was really thirsty, thanks.

Kasuto smiled, "Your welcome." Her eyes strayed over to Kalo. "Hmm? What's that?" She asked pointing to the fairy.

"Um, I'm Kalo, a fairy." He floated closer to the Gerudo. "Hmm, Interesting." he muttered.

Kasuto looked at Kalo with fascination. "A fairy! Wow, I've never met one before!"

Sheik chuckled silently, Kasuto was one of the nicest people he had met. She's kind of pretty too. Sheik didn't even notice that thought.


The Big Brothers Chambers were more of an office then anything else. The large ornate tapestries that covered the walls were mainly used to absorb the sounds from the outside, the giant statue that was In the back covered a entrance to the Fire Temple.

Link saw his Sworn Brother, Darunia, sitting at a stone desk doing the most boring part of leadership, paperwork. Link shook his head, grinning, he really pitied Zelda, Ruto, Nabooru, and Darunia. He didn't think he had what it took to be a leader, mainly the lack of patience for dealing with paperwork and diplomacy.

"Brother Darunia!" Link called out, catching the Gorons attention.

"Brother Link!" Darunia said, a warm smile coming across his face. "What brings you here? I haven't seen you in weeks." Darunia hadn't changed much, it seemed. He was still the casual, fun-loving (His pranks drove Link insane), all too impulsive Goron that Link knew. "Ah, who are the pretty young girls with you, I knew you were a stud Link!" he let out a large belly-laugh

Link sighed, normally Link wouldn't mind goofing around with Darunia, but now"Darunia, I'm afraid I come with bad news."

The change was instantaneous, his eyes hardened, his face became grim and serious. His whole body tightened, Darunia was ready for anything. "Link, what do you mean bad news?"

"Have you heard about the attack on Hyrule Castle City?"

Darunias eyes widened. "No, I haven't, we Gorons don't receive news quickly. I shall send Brother Harikan aid."

Link shook his head. "The only casualty of the attack was the outer wall, though I'm sure they wouldn't mind the help." Link looked over to Saria and Malon. "What I am worried about is that the Gorons are targeted by the same fiend." His face twisted into anger as he thought of Shadow Soon, Shadow, I'll kill you. For hurting my Saria, you will suffer…

Darunia didn't notice Links change of expression, he was too busy making his match. "What! If they think that they can attack the Goron Race! Thank you Brother Link! I shall inform our army of the threat!"

"Wait! Darunia, our enemy summons monsters immune to normal blows, only magic can harm them." Link turned back to the two girls, "Now, I must prepare, I'll see you soon." He walked past them, "You can talk to Darunia for a moment, but I want to see you both soon."


It was ready.

Shadow sent the mental command to the beasts in Gerudo Valley. They began to rise. "All is going according to plan" Soon the Sprit Sage would be his.


It was a place of emptiness, of death. Souls of the Dammed screeched in agony as they suffered for what they had done In their life. When they had been punished enough, they would get another chance at life.

However there were some who would never get another chance.

Shadow wandered through the depths of Hell. Searching for one bound here forever, the one with the power he needed.

A dark shadow, covered with massive, fiery chains binding it appeared in Shadows vision, he smiled. He had found him.

-Who dares...are you here to torment me, dammed soul? I can still destroy you, even chained for eternity.-

"I am not a soul, you may call me Shadow, for that is what I am. I must admit, it is a pleasure meeting you, Majora, God of Death and Evil. I think I would have rather met you when you were sealed In that mask, however."

An inhuman screech was heard as the dark god struggled against his eternal bonds.

-You mock me Soul Wraith! I can see what you are now! I shall remove your host from existence once I break free!-

"You can not hope to break free, Majora, you are bound by the power of gods much stronger then you. A Gods death is such a minor thing, normally, but you have been bound in Hell forever. But, I can offer you some peace"

-What sort of peace can you offer me, Soul Wraith?-

The evil god seemed to have calmed down, listening to Shadow calmly.

"The one who killed you had the power of Farore."

-Farore! Her! Why did she interfere with my quarrel with the Giants of Terminia?-

"Because her chosen had stumbled into that world. Because her and her sisters owed the Giants a favor, because, frankly, she probably didn't like you that much and was glad for an excuse to bind you." Shadow smirked.

So, that's how...I see. So it was only with her blessing that he was able to become the Fierce Deity without killing himself. But what does that have to do with the peace you offer me, Soul Wraith?

"Revenge, Majora, I wish to destroy the world Farore and her sisters created, and I need your help."

A sick and twisted chuckled filled the air.

-So, Soul Wraith, is that what you need? Very well, I shall aid you. This will destroy Farores chosen as well.-

"Wonderful, now, I need you to help me with this." Shadow took out the sword he had made, It was shaped like the Master Sword, and had some of the same magic within. Of course, it also had the means to harness the Sages power. However, the blade was dull, the hilt gray, and the indents uneven. "I need you to imbue this sword with your power. It is similar to a sword the Three Goddesses have made, called the Master Sword. I wish to make a counterpart for it."

Very well, Soul Wraith. It shall be done.

A dark and terrible power formed over the blade, Shadow quickly let go of it, the sword hovered in the air, glowing a blood red. Finally, It stopped, the sword was now razor sharp, its indents perfect, and the hilt the same red the light had been.

There Soul Wraith, I have imbued the sword with what little of my power that I can access. Use it well.

"Thank you Majora." Shadow bowed and faded from Hell, into the Void.


Kalo floated over Kasuto. "I can tell you're infatuated with Sheik. Just don't do anything rash." he whispered to her.

Who does he think he is? Kasuto glanced at Sheik. I know to be careful.

Kalo suddenly shuddered.

"What's wrong?" Sheik asked.

"The evil, it's coming! From the north! Quickly, we need to warn the people!" He fluttered around in a panic.

"I'll go warn everybody!" Kasuto cried out. She grabbed the only weapon in the house, a sword that belonged to her mother, Kilya. She knew that the other Gerudo would listen to her about this, to lie about an attack was a serious crime, punishable by extreme means. She dashed out the door, heading to the Announcement Bell, a massive bell that could be heard throughout the village.

"I'll come with you!" Kalo cried out, "Sheik, stay here until we need you, we don't want you getting caught at the last minute."

The young Gerudo ran towards the center of the village. To the east was the Fortress, odds are whatever wanted to attack them was aiming for that. Reaching the main part of the village, where dozens of women were gathered. Some of them noticed her and gave Kasuto looks of contempt. But she paid them no mind, not now. Spotting the bell, she ran over to it, grabbed the rope, and pulled.

The noise from the bell was like nothing else Kasuto had heard before, the sound shook her very bones. Instantly the other Gerudo turned to look at her, and more were showing up already, to see why the bell had to be rung.

"We're under attack!" She shouted "From the north!"

Within a second of her announcement, the Captain of the local guard (The one in charge of the village.) was marching up to her. "Kasuto, is that true?"

"Of course it's not! She's some inbred little snot!" A girl Kasutos age shouted.

"Did I ask you?" The Captain shouted, turning back to Kasuto. "Now, is this true?"

"I'm not a liar." Kasuto muttered through gritted teeth.

"Very well, I'll send a scout to check your story."


Saria watched as the massive Goron looked over at where Link was a moment ago. He turned to look at her and Malon, smiling slightly, he spoke. "So, who are you two anyway?"

"Oh! My name is Malon Lon, sir." Malon held out her hand, Darunia took it and shook it slightly.

"Bah, I hate formalities, Ms. Lon, just call me Darunia."

Malon nodded, "Then just call me Malon" she smiled, Darunia was a very easy person to get along with.

The Goron turned to Saria, "And what's your name?" Saria frowned for a moment, it was hard reintroducing yourself to someone who you actually knew quite well, but they didn't know you at all.

"My name's Saria, pleased to meet you." Saria took Darunias hand.

"Saria...that name sounds familiar...I think Links talked about you before."

"Um, me and Link are...close." Saria felt a little blush come on her face.

Darunia raised an eyebrow, "Close? How so?"

"Close as in Making-Out-in-the-Closet close." Malon added in cheerfully.

"Malon!" Saria shouted, her face a flaming red. "Can't you once be tactful?"

"Nope!" The redhead chirped. "It is my blessing and my curse to be brutally honest at all times."

"You just like embarrassing me." She muttered.

Darunia laughed, a deep, loud, chuckle, "Well, glad to hear my brothers found a girl to keep him in line. Every man needs one, you know?"

Saria groaned, Malon and Darunia had such similar personalities that she could tell that the frustration was only beginning. They both laughed at this.

"Hey, Darunia, I have a question, why do you call Link your brother?" Malon had gotten over the slight nervousness that came from meeting the leader of a Race.

"Because he is." Darunia answered. "We Gorons place family above all else, even above good food!" He slapped his belly for emphasis. "Link did a great service to us Gorons, he managed to save our Race from starvation. Such service deserves the highest honor, being made a member of my family Is that honor, he is officially my brother, on all Goron records, he Is there, listed under my family name. Not only is he a citizen of the Goron Nation because of this, he is also an heir to my families wealth, and will always be welcome here."

"Wow" Malon whispered In awe. "Who would have thought that Fairy Boy has that, he never talks about it. Then again, he never talks about his life much...he's only told me little things, only lately have I found out more about him."

"That's just the way he is," Darunia said softly "he is selfless to a fault. Always placing others before himself. He's seen terrible things, I'm sure of It."

"He hides behind a mask." Saria added in. "He's hurt, and he need help, and I love him, I'll help him"

The room became quiet.

"I think we need to prepare for the attack." Malon said, "Come on, Saria, let's go find Link."


Sure enough, the scout had came back with bad news. Kalo fluttered over the Gerudos heads, listening In.

"Captain, there is an army, of sorts, hundreds of Leevers are leading the way." Leevers, creatures that live In sand. They rise out of the ground, spinning rapidly to move. Their sandpaper-like skin (like a sharks skin) tears through prey, and then their tongue comes out of their mouth and, like a tentacle, picks up the bits and pieces. Leevers lived in the desert, but so many of them at once, it was unnatural.

"That isn't so bad."

"No...it's worse. There are Sand Golems." Sand Golems are massive piles of sand, magically given life, In the shape of a human. They aren't natural, extremely hard to kill in a desert, and unbelievably strong.

"Sand Golems? So some sorcerer Is attacking us."

"Also, some strange pig-men." Moblins.

The Captain was now extremely worried. "Is that all?"

"No, there are Gibdos." Gibdos, lost souls magically given bodies at the cost of their free will. The slow, plodding bodies devour all things living. Necromancy, forbidden magic, forms these monsters.

"Anything else?"


Kasuto shuddered. Kalo could understand, she was terrified at the prospect of these monsters attacking her home, killing people she knew.

...none shall die Fairy…

Shadows words came to him, he had said that nobody would die. But was he telling the truth? He had never lied before. He deceived by telling only part of the truth, and letting you draw your own conclusions, usually in his favor. So should Kalo believe him? If so, what should he say? That nobody Is going to die because the one who started this attack said so? It sounded crazy, even to him.

"Come on Kalo, lets go tell Sheik." Kasuto whispered, heading back to her house.

I wonder if I should tell the Princess about Kasutos infatuation with her. Kalo thought for a moment. Nah!


The marching of the army stirred its attention, not enough to awaken it from Its slumber, but enough to put it on alert.

An battle was coming. There will be blood, there will be food.


Link was sitting in the small quarters he owned. "Glad to see you're here." he said as Malon and Saria entered. He turned to look at the two girls. His two closest friends, one was more then a friend. "OK, I'm going to be blunt. I could cut you both to ribbons in ten seconds."

Saria and Malons eyes bulged out at Links statement.

"Zelda could do it in fifteen." he added.

The two girls just stared.

"You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this, well, the truth is that I'm going to start teaching you two how to fight."

"Wait," Malon said. "What training do you have? I want to know what you're going to teach us."

Link shook his head. "I don't have any formal training, though fighting for your life on a regular basis tends to teach on a thing or two about fighting."

"Oh," she paused, acting like she had said something wrong, "alright Link. But wait, why are you going to teach us?" Malon was slightly confused.

"Because, Red, you signed up for this, that means that you need to learn how to fight. You may have those magical weapons, but magic can only go so far against a skilled warrior." Link reached over and pulled the Gilded Sword off his back. Placing the sword, sheath and all, on the ground. "Well, who wants to go first?"

A moment passed. Then, Saria walked over and picked up the Gilded Sword. She held it for a moment, before taking It out of Its sheath, holding it in a awkward way. Well, Link could see it was awkward, Saria probably thought that she was holding it correctly.

"Attack me." he ordered her. Link winced as he said this. He knew he would have to hurt Saria for this, but it was the safest way to learn. "Attack me, Saria." Link said again.

Saria whimpered slightly. She looked Link in the eyes. It's alright...love, I promise that nobody will be hurt badly, you might be bruised a little bit, but you'll be better off for it.

Sarias eyes widened. She nodded slowly, a tear slid down her cheek before she swung.

It was a slow, unwieldy swing. She obviously had never used a sword In her life. Link didn't even have to think about what to do. He ducked under the strike, reaching foreword with lightning speed, he grabbed Sarias wrist, and squeezed a painful pressure point.

Saria cried out, her hand convulsed violently, the sword dropped out of her hand. She grabbed her still shaking hand. Tears streamed down her face. "Th-th-that h-h-h-hurt!"

"Yes, Saria, I know. Heh, Zelda taught me that one." he rubbed his wrist In memory. "She disarmed be In ten seconds."

"I...understand Link, it just…hurts!"

"Well, fighting hurts too. Now pick up that sword and attack me again."

"You're kidding right?" Malon said. "Her hand is still shaking!"

"Red, I continued to fight after a giant, flying centipede bit clear through me. I think Saria can handle a shaking hand." Link said calmly.

"Links right." Saria bent over and grabbed the sword, her hand was still shaking. She swung the blade, it arched toward Link. Link ducked again, this time, however, when he struck at the pressure point, Saria pulled her hand out of the way, barely, she just managed to keep from losing control of the sword as she pulled against it's momentum. She pulled back and did a thrust this time. Link raised his hands, placing them around the sides of the blade, he twisted It, the sword was torn out of her grasp. It clattered on the ground.

"That's enough, it's Malons turn." Link looked at the Kokiri girl who meant everything to him, she glared at him. "Not yet Link, I'm still able to go." She picked of the Gilded Sword, and swung again.


Nabooru, member of the Moon Clan, Master Thief, leader of the Gerudo Nation.

Nabooru was young, only twenty, but she had a gift that few others had. She was the most skilled of all the Gerudo, beating everyone out in everything.

In the absence of a King to rule them, the Gerudo have contests of every skill that Is important to the desert amazons once every two years. The winners form a council of leaders. Nabooru was victorious in each and every one. This made her the sole leader of the Gerudo.

She liked the job.

Plus she was a popular leader, Gannondorf had not been. In fact, the only reason the people hadn't revolted Is because those he disliked had a tendency to disappear. He ruled with terror, overturning decades of reforms, such as the one that allowed marriage, from the law books, returning the Gerudo people to a life of harsh thievery, where before him they were spreading out, becoming successful, and even considering joining the Hyrulean Confederacy. Of course, he had made the offer of joining, but he openly bragged how it was a ruse to gain power. It would take years to undo all the damage he did. Already the attitude of many of her people had been warped, fitting his view of the world. Reinstating the harsh laws governing children was the worst thing he had done. It made them little more then soldiers in training, with orphans and sickly children practically animals. And since Ganondorf had made quite a few orphans...she still shuddered thinking about how he treated them.

Of course, that all ended six months ago. She had woken up from a strange, half-remembered dream about the end of the world, when she heard the news, Ganondorf had just...vanished. Nobody knew where he was, and a few days later his foster mothers Koume and Kotake, who had always had a position on the leadership council for as long as anybody could remember, vanished as well. Quickly the contests were formed, and Nabooru won them all. And so she was now the leader of the Gerudo, and began to fix the mess their corrupt King had made.

At the moment she was returning from a journey to the Sprit Temple, it was not the first time she had been there. She knew that Gannondorf was desecrating that Sacred Place his whole reign. The first time she went, the entrances were blocked by heavy stones. But a nice young boy named Link, how he got there she had no idea, had retrieved one of the treasures of the Temple, the Silver Gauntlets. With those she could move the blocks and begin cleaning the Temple out.

And now, after six months, the Temple was free of Ganondorfs filth.

Riding back to the valley, she thought about what she should do next. Perhaps reinstate the reforms. Yes, that was the best choice.

Nabooru saw something in the distance, a messenger? She was moving fast on her horse. Nabooru had her won horse go faster, to reach the messenger.

"Nabooru!" She shouted the moment she was in hearing range. "The valley is under attack!"

Attack! What? "Yah!" making the horse go at maximum speeds, she ran towards the valley. Who's attacking us now? Someone with a grudge against Ganondorf?


So much.

There were about three thousand Gerudo living in the valley. Of those, only eight hundred of them were able to defend the fortress.

Fighting about two thousand monsters. More then double the defenders.

Sheik had studied military tactics, he knew a bad situation when he saw one.

"Kasuto, can you use that?" The young girl was strapping on a sword that seemed to big for her. She was also looking at scrolls that Sheik recognized as magic tomes.

"Yes, Sheik." Kasuto said, she held out her hand, closing her eyes, muttering an incantation which beginners used to help focus their spells. "Soul Lance!" orange light flared around her hand, a blast of Sprit magic launched out of it, slamming Into the wall. A scorch mark was left behind. "It works better against living things." she said.

"Very good, Kasuto! Most Gerudo have a hard time casting Light Orb. You've managed to cast a mid-level battle spell!" Sheik could see she had a talent for magic.

Kasuto turned beet red. "R-r-really Sheik?" A silly grin crossed her face.

"Yes, you have natural skill, you could go places In Hyrule" Sheik smiled at the giddy girl, it seemed strange how a simple compliment could set her off like this.

Kasuto got a strange, glazed, look on her face. Shaking her head, she spoke to Kalo. "I heard that fairies can form mental links with people to provide aid and focus, is that true?"

"Um, well, yes." Kalo became uncomfortable. "It's my job...I am a guardian fairy, I still have a connection with my charge...I can't form a strong link with anyone else, especially a non-Kokiri, but I think I can help." He fluttered over Kasuto, there was a strange glow for a moment and Kasuto seemed to get slightly stronger. "There, I think It's good, though it was pretty hard."

"Alright, Sheik...I'm going to take you out now. Please stay with me." Her voice cracked slightly.

"Sure thing." The three walked outside, where the Gerudo were gathering.

"Captain?" Kasuto very well near whispered, "I have someone else to help us."

The Captain turned around, in a moment her eyes fixed on Sheik. "Kasuto, who is this…boy?"

"I am Sheik of the Sheikah, Captain, I am a servant of Princess Zelda, I came to offer warning of this attack, but it's clear that I am a little late, so instead I will offer aid In battle." He bowed respectfully, "I may be young, but I am a master of Sheikah Martial Arts and Shadow Magic."

Sheik didn't see the starry eyes Kasuto got, but the Captain did, she smirked. "Very well, Sheik of the Sheikah, we need all the help we can get. Kasuto! Since you seem to have taken him under your care, I am making you responsible for his actions, if he commits any crimes, it will come out of your hide!"

Suddenly the air was filled with buzzing, the buzzing of hundreds of Leevers, eager for death. They spilled over the hill, spinning foreword. Sheik drew back his hands. "Dins Fire" he launched the modification of the spell he thought up. The small sphere of fire flew toward the monsters, the sphere was now in the midst of them. "Yah!" Sheik slammed his hands together, the sphere exploded. Fire shot everywhere, destroying a sizable fraction of the Leevers.

There was a moment of silence. Then Kasuto spoke. "I'm sooooo glad you're on our side Sheik."

And the battle begun.


Malon rubbed her sore arms, of course, that wasn't the only part of her body that was sore. Actually, her body was sore, finding a spot that wasn't sore was the challenge.

Link was a merciless trainer. Hitting their weak spots and hitting them hard. He wasn't hit once, they were hit once...every three seconds. And to top it off, Link had gone off to practice! All that time he spent beating them didn't even make him sweat.

Saria, of course, had gone off to watch Link. More like drool over him. Though Malon had to admit, Link wasn't too bad to look at. But still, those two had it bad. Malon wondered when she'd meet the one for her. Ah, well, I'm twelve, not time to think about stuff like that. Malon really had to thank Link, he had helped her mature, when she already was more so then most girls her age, even more, to the point that most people who knew her treated her as an adult. Must come from ten years of hard labor on a ranch, city people have it easy. Her eyes caught something. Links bag.

Curiosity overwhelming her, she walked (cursing Links harsh training with every step) over to the bag. Opening it, she reached inside, feeling its infinite depths. She felt many things, finally she felt something that she thought she recognized. Pulling her find out, she saw it was a Picto Box.

She held it up, it looked like it had been customized quite a bit. I didn't know Link had taken up Pictography. It seemed to be a color model, even better. "Insert evil laughter here." she said, with a grin on her face.


Slash, parry, thrust, swing, block. Link danced a dance of death. His swords flashed in the torch light. The Great Fairy Sword, Saria didn't know where it had come from, all she knew was that it was powerful. The Gilded Sword, a sword with the magic of the Forest within, and something else, something guiding her when she had practiced with it. Link used them like the master he was. It was beautiful. She felt a sort of thrill, an excitement watching him. How I wish I could be held by him right now… she thought wistfully, but she didn't want to interrupt his training.

Link suddenly stopped. Turning to face her. He smiled, "I heard that." he said.

Saria gasped "You…you heard my thoughts...wait, in training...you didn't talk to me, you thought those words!" Saria decided to test something Link…can you hear me?

-Yes, I can Saria, It's like when I play your song...only stronger.-

Link walked toward her, setting his blades down. "Now lets give you what you want." He wrapped his arms around her. Saria shivered, he was sweaty, it covered his whole body, giving his skin a shine. He also was giving off a slight scent, she liked it.

"Link" She kissed him, having no need for words.


Link and Saria pulled away from each other, behind them was Malon, holding a strange box and a grin on her face.

"And so the lovely moment between Hyrules greatest couple is captured forever by the beautiful pictographer Malon Lon!"

"Red! Is that mine?!" Link yelled.

Saria placed her finger on Links mouth. "Don't yell at her, it's just her way of saying she's happy for us."

Link calmed down. "Women" he muttered. This prompted giggles from the two girls.

"I admit, yes this is your Picto Box, it's very nice, custom made I assume?" Malon handed the box, apparently called a Picto Box, back to Link.

"Yeah, it's kind of a hobby of mine, pictography." Link said, opening the Picto Box and taking out a piece of paper. "Well, you were enjoying yourself Saria." he said with a smile.

"Hmm, let me see." Saria grabbed the paper, and nearly fainted. There, on the paper, was a perfect picture of her and Link, their lips glued to each other, Saria saw that Links arms were around her waist, while hers were over his neck. "What is this!" she shouted.

"It's called a Pictograph, basically it's an image placed on paper. You make It with a Picto Box. I have a custom Eagle Model Deluxe." He grinned. "It's kinda fun actually, some people call it an art form, I just see It as a fun hobby."

"Hey Fairy Boy, does this have a timer?" Malon asked.

"Duh, do you think I'd get one without a timer?" Link replied.

Malon grinned, something about that grin scared Saria "Picto Shoot!" Malon shouted, grabbing Link and Saria, placing the Box on a stand, turning a knob on it, and dragging them back. Yup, definitely scary. She thought


A Pictograph of them standing next to each other. Saria didn't look to happy.


Link holding a ball of flame in front of him. (This came about after Malon asked who was the better Magic user, Saria made the image of a coucco with Forest and Shadow magic. Link admitted defeat gracefully, only ten minutes of whining)


Saria and Link kissing, again, though not as heated as the last one. (This one was taken after Saria accidentally burned herself with the fireball Link made, he gave her a "kiss to make her feel better" and Malon caught the tender moment. Saria had to be restrained.)


Malon making a pose, with Link giving her Bunny Ears (Literally, he put his Bunny Hood on her. Afterward, she chased him, he ran, she caught him. There was minor pummeling)


Saria holding the Gilded Sword In front of her, with Malon trying to take it from her. (Malon asked Link to reenact one of his fights, somehow It ended with the Great Fairies Sword imbedded in a wall with Saria stealing the Gilded Sword.)


Malon and Saria giving Link a kiss on a cheek. (They snuck up on him. Link was beet red for the next minute. Both girls did much giggling.)


All three piled on one another, with silly grins on their faces. (The story behind this one Is best left for another day.)

"That…was the most fun I've had In weeks!" Link shouted, pulling himself off Saria.

"You needed it Fairy Boy." Malon said "Your way to serious."

"Someone has to be Red, it might as well be me. You know, being the Hero of Time and all that."

Saria bopped Link on the head. "You don't need to be alone, Linky."

There was much wincing.

"Linky?" Malon choked out, trying not to laugh. "Cute...nick name, Fairy Boy...Bwahahah!"

Saria gave Link a wicked smile. "Oh yes, we girls called him Linky until he was thirteen. Now I do it to get on his nerves."

"Saria" he groaned.

Saria laughed evilly "Poor, poor Linky. Stuck with this horrible nickname."

Link muttered curses under his breath about girls.



The Leever spun towards Kasuto, eager to tear into her flesh. She took a step back, it moved closer. What am I doing? I can handle this. Jabbing her sword foreword, the Leever smashed right Into it, abruptly It stopped spinning. Purple blood oozed from the wound, spilling all over the ground. Kasuto gagged, she had never seen anything like It. Pulling her mothers sword out, she stabbed another Leever. This Is hell…



So much blood.

It began to stir. The smell of blood was nearly strong enough. Soon it would awaken, and then it would eat.


"Alright Red, let's see how good you are with those magic sticks."

"Fire and Ice Rods." Malon corrected.

"Whatever." Link added.

Malon held of the red scepter. The tingling came back to her. It was begging to be used. Pulling her hand back, she swung.

The Fire Rod flashed, suddenly a massive ball of flame built up around it. it grew and flared foreword, smashing into a stone wall, the spot where the fire hit was now glowing a hot red color.

Well, that went better then the Ice Rod. Malon thought. "So, what do you think?"

Link and Saria looked baffled. Their stares moved from Malon, to the Rod, to the wall and back again. "Red, what you just did, well, let me show you." Link took the Rod from Malon and looking at it carefully, swung it.

A fireball slightly larger then Malons flew out of the Rod. "Here Saria, you give it a try."

The fireball that Saria got a fair bit larger then hers.

"Um, what was the point of that?" Malon asked.

"Red, I have Kokiri blood In me. My magic reserves are naturally larger then the average Hyilan. Plus, I've received training, plus my reserves were artificially increased by the Great Fairies. Saria is a pure-blooded Kokiri and a Sage, though she hasn't received a gift from the Great Fairies. So she has slightly stronger reserves then mine. You, however, are a Hyilan who has never received magical training. So in theory, you should have much weaker magical reserves then Saria and I. Yet you have nearly equal power to us. That's not normal."

Saria nodded. "Malon, is there something about you that you should tell us?"

Malon looked down at the ground. "I…I don't want to talk about it." She didn't want to open up painful memories. Mom…

"I understand, Red." Link placed a hand on her shoulder. "You don't have to talk about it."

"Thanks Fairy Boy." Malon said, giving Link a hug "Maybe I'll tell you later."

"Yeah, Malon, don't worry." Saria said, joining in the hug.


"Heh heh heh, I guess I left the Picto Box on." Saria mumbled.


Sheik spun his chain, cutting through three Leevers. Spinning it around he sliced through the monsters. His chain is a Sheikah weapon, with the links being razor sharp. He wielded it like a whip, It was a beautiful dance. More and more fell.

Sheik suddenly found his legs frozen, he looked down, a Sand Golem was holding on to his legs. More of them were appearing, crawling over the Leevers. His chain went through them harmlessly. Crap!

"Soul Lance!"

The Sand Golem holding him exploded in a burst of sand. Three more sprit spells blasted the Sand Golems, and they fell apart.

Kasuto stood behind Sheik, holding out her hand. She was breathing heavily, pulling her sword back, she smashed it into another Golem. "Mystic Blade!" There was a burst of light and it fell apart.

"Kasuto!" Sheik ran over to the Gerudo. "You alright?"

"I'm…fine...Sheik" Kasuto said between gasping breaths.

"You're not fine! At this rate you're going to pass out!" Kalo shouted.

"I'm fine!" Kasuto yelled, stabbing her sword into a Leever that was struggling to upright itself. "I'm just not used to this."

She isn't a fighter. Sheik thought, She doesn't have the strength or skill to keep this up much longer.

An inhuman moaning filled the air. The Gibdos had reached the battlefield.

"Crap!" Kalo shouted "Just what we need!"

"Grr...those undead freaks aren't going to be standing long! Soul Lance!" Kasuto shot another blast of magic at the monsters. A Gibdo was struck by the attack, it stumbled back, and kept on moving. "No! Mystic Blade!" This time Sheik saw the whole spell, Kasutos sword glowed for a brief second, before an image of the sword flew off it, making slashing motions, It cut through a Gibdo, and it fell, but it began crawling using only its hands. "No! S-s-sprit w-wa" Kasuto fell to the ground, propping herself up with her sword, she struggled to stand. She fell face first into the sand.

"Kasuto, please, you've done enough" Sheik whispered. "I'll protect you until you can fight again." He pulled out his War Knife. "You know, I should have said good-bye to Link In person, because It looks like I'm going to die." he said casually. "Ah well, can't say I lived a good life, in fact I could say I lived a downright hellish one. But I might as well go down fighting."

"Don't say that!" Kasuto seemed to have found the strength to stand. "You're not going to die If I, Kasuto Lilia of the Wolfos Clan have anything to say about It!" She held up her sword. "I still don't know you very well, and I'm damn sure I want to get to know you better, I can't do that if you're dead!"

Kasuto smiled at him and those strange, golden eyes that Gerudo have shined. Sheik took a step back, before nodding.

"That was a great speech Kasuto, but you forget, we are surrounded by beasts and the undead. We don't have many options, your running on sheer willpower alone and Sheiks Shadow Magic Isn't very useful against the undead."

"Do you have any bright ideas Kalo?" Sheik asked, just before blasting a Sand Golem and a Leever with a spell.

"Well...do you have an instrument?"

"Wait. I have a harp. Will that work?" Sheik remembered that harp...it was the same one he used to play the Songs of the Temples.

"Good, I want you to play this song." Kalo began making bell-like noises, it was a simple tune, yet it had a ring of power around It.

Sheik decided to listen to the fairy, playing the simple song, he felt a strength behind it...two spells! It was a Song of Power! Sheik sent out the mental command. Whatever helps us stop the monsters! he hoped the song would work...

"What In the name of Farore is that!" Kasuto shouted. Because a beam of light had suddenly shot down over Sheik, the light spread out, bathing everyone it its glow. The Gibdos shrieked as the light touched them, turning to dust. Within a minute all the undead had been destroyed.

"What was that!?" Kasuto asked, the Leevers and Sand Golems were confused by the sudden destruction of a third of their army, leaving them easy prey for the soldiers.

"It's called the Suns Song. A Song of Power that Link taught us, he told us it has two functions. The main one is warping a person to sunrise or sunset. The second one is destroying the undead, I think it worked."

"I'll say." Kasuto said "I've read about Songs of Power, but I've never heard one before."

"They can be useful, come on! Lets finish off these monsters!" Sheik shouted.


It woke up.


Wonderful blood.

The stink of death.


It began to rise, eager to feast.


Link was alone, Saria and Malon had gone off to find some food they could eat. Link wasn't hungry, so he was just wandering around the city.

"Hmm?" he thought he spotted something...in a small crevice. He walked over to the area. He inserted his sword and began prodding. "What's in here?" he wondered.

He got his answer In the form of an attack.

Suddenly a ShadowBeast leapt out of the crack, swinging a ax-like appendage at him, Link wasted no time blocking the blow. As soon as the first one came out, however, hundreds more poured out of every crack, hole, and shadow in the city.

Saria! Link screamed in his mind. Get ready! They're coming!

The attack on Death Mountain had begun.


The tides of the battle had turned. Without the Gibdos to perform the final offensive, the Leevers and Sand Golems were dropping like flies.

Kalo was glad to see that so far, there seemed to be no deaths, it was a miracle to most, but Kalo guessed that it meant that Shadow had been telling the truth.

But Kalo sensed something off. Over in the center of the village, where most of the fighting had taken place, there was a strange feeling…like something was coming…There were thirty Gerudo still fighting the few monsters there. Kalo frowned, why was he getting a bad feeling...It came to him.

Get out of there! He sent the mental command to the soldiers, it sapped most of his strength and he fell, landing on Kasutos head. But it worked, within a moment all the Gerudo had fled the village square. And not a moment to soon.

Because a second after they had left, the ground exploded! Huge amounts of rock and sand flew everywhere, a terrible crunching sound came from the dust cloud. The dust cleared and Kalo could see what it was.

It was a giant, segmented worm, almost thirty feet long, and about fifteen feet tall at its highest. Each segment was a round sphere, smaller then the one before it, ending on a glowing orb that pulsed with power. A sickly brown color, It had only two other features, two massive orbs for eyes on the top of the largest segment, and a huge, gaping mouth, lined with sharp teeth. used solely for tearing apart living things.

"A Moldorm".

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