Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 13: Tragedy of Memory

Most of the Gerudo in the valley had returned to their homes, those whose homes the Moldorm had destroyed were going to live in the fortress until they could be rebuilt. Few had seen Nabooru's disappearance, and they were trying to keep it quiet, preparing a search and rescue party for her. Everyone else was getting back to their lives.

Kasuto was waiting; she had been talked to, and asked questions about what happened to their leader, with Kalos help they managed to get a good idea of what Shadow was planning, Sheik wasn't much help though. He hadn't said or done anything since his breakdown. He just sat there, staring blankly into space, it worried her. "Kalo?" She asked.

"Yes?" Kalo answered from on top of her head. (He seemed to like it there.)

"Do you know what's wrong with Sheik? I'm really worried about him." She looked down, moving around a rock distractedly.

"Well, I have a pretty good idea but..." Kalo paused for a moment, "well, it's like this. Sheik really liked someone, only this person liked someone else, Shadow took advantages of Sheiks feelings, using them for his plans. Sheik thought Shadow was a friend, so when he found out that Shadow was using him, using his feelings. I guess it was too much for him."

"Oh." Kasuto felt like she had a rock in her stomach, he like someone else? But she didn't return the feelings. Kasuto would have to be careful; she needed to wait until Sheik got over this girl before she could start actually trying anything. Remember Kasuto, friend first, lover second.


Link looked at the floating Kokiri, he was slightly taller then Link, with black hair that covered one eye, wearing a strange form of the Kokiri tunic, he looked like someone who was a member of the nobility. Link knew from past experience that he was a ghost or sprit of some kind, he seemed friendly enough, but he wanted to see Saria, and when it came to her, Link thought there was no limit on how cautious he needed be.

"Excuse me, but, what are you?" Malon asked, she was walking closer to the sprit.

The boy smirked, "Well cutie, my name is Makan, former Forest Sage. My job nowadays is living in the Kokiri Sword and giving advice to current Forest Sage. Speaking of that, where is she? I know she's around her somewhere, and she must be at least as cute as you, she where is she?"

Malon blushed a little bit, Link just rolled his eyes. Just what he needed, a womanizing ghost of a Kokiri. "Excuse me, but I thought Kokiri didn't understand flirting, at least such blatant flirting."

"You'd be surprised what one can learn from the outside world." Makan answered, he examined Link for a moment, "A Hylian with Kokiri blood?" he got a confused look on his face.

"I was adopted by the Deku Tree as an infant." Link replied, "So you live in the sword? How come I never found out about you?"

"Because, boy, I can only be awakened by the Forest Sage, this is just a normal sword to anyone else." Makan got a very irritating smirk on his face "So please take me to the Forest Sage, whoever you are."

Link was quickly disliking Makan, "My name is Link, I am also known as the Hero of Time." he growled

"Oh," Makan lost a little bit of his attitude, "well, Link, can you tell me where the Forest Sage is?"

"I don't know." Link spoke through gritted teeth. "I want to know but you just missed her." Link felt the sting of failure, he had failed to protect Saria, he had promised never to let her get hurt! For all he knew she could be suffering all alone!

"What? Where is she?"

Link sighed, "From what I can guess," Link pointed to Malon, "she casted Farores Wind, this other guy who's after the Sages modified the spell to transport her to who knows where."

Makan turned towards Malon, "How could you let someone do that! If you can cast Farores Wind, I thought you would-"

"She cast it by instinct." Link added.

Makan stopped his tirade, a big relief to Malon. "You cast Farores Wind on instinct!?" He glanced over her again, "oh, that explains it."

"What explains it?" Link asked, he guessed this was what Malon didn't want to talk about.

"She hasn't told you? Oh well, I guess it's because she doesn't seem to have any training," he turned to Malon, "Do you want to talk about it cutie?"

Malon looked terrified, but she got that stubborn look on her face. "Alright, fine, I'll tell you." She put away her rods. "The truth is that I'm a Witch."

"a Witch?" Link felt confused, "I thought witches were magic users?" Link thought about Koume and Kotake.

"Well, they are, you see Witches are Magic users that specialize in the Magic of the physical world, namely Fire and Water Elements. But Witches aren't trained that way, their born that way. Generations of Hylians, Zoras, Gerudo, and Sheikah have bred themselves to harness that power, my body is hardwired to using those two Elements, I can barely cast Light Orb, but I could probably cast Burning Annihilation or Great Flood with just a little practice.

"My, my mom was a Witch, she married my dad even though he wasn't very good at magic, and her family didn't like that. When I was three, I got sick, really sick. I was going to die." Malon started to sob, her eyes shined with tears. "Nothing worked, finally my mom used a powerful healing spell, I got better quickly. Of course, it had a price; the spell she used exchanged her life for my own." Her sobs became louder, tears dripped onto the ground "She died three years later; by the same disease I had...I killed her..." Malon stopped talking, she merely cried. "I killed her..."

Link had no idea Malon had something like that in her past, she had always seemed so cheerful, so happy, she was the happiest person Link knew, to see her like this...he wrapped his arms around his best friend, "It's alright Red, it's alright." She sobbed louder, "Red, don't worry..." he tried to comfort her.


"Amnesia?" Ruto asked, looking at the girl named Saria.

"I...I guess so..." Saria looked around..."I think I know you, from somewhere..." Saria frowned, she was so confused..."Your name is pretty long though." she giggled.

"Oh, that's just my full name, you can call me Ruto." The Zora sat down next to Saria, "I just used my full name to see if you recognized me. I guess you don't." She sighed, it was going to be hard to take care of her, but Ruto would do it! She had started studying the Healing Arts five months ago, and Saria was the first real patient she had, besides, the girl looked nice to be around. "Saria, I'm going to be taking care of you until you get better, is that all right?"

Saria nodded, "I'm fine with that Ruto, I hope I get my memory back soon." She smiled gently, Saria seemed like such a friendly girl.


Sheik sat down in Kasutos home, all alone, he hadn't moved or talked for an hour. Just let me die. I don't want to live anymore... He hoped that a new fight would come soon, so he could get killed there, he didn't think he could kill himself, so he would let some monster do it for him. The door creaked, someone entered.

"Sheik?" It was Kasuto, "are you alright? I brought you some food." She walked in holding a plate of fruit. "Eat up. They gave us some Labrynnan Bananas because of the big help we were."

"Go away."

Kasuto frowned, "Sheik, you need to eat."

"I don't want to eat."

Kasuto placed a plate in front of him, "Sheik, please, I'm worried about you."

"Worried about me?" Sheik snapped "That's a laugh! Why would anyone worry about me! Nobody cares about me, I'm alone, and I'll always be alone! Nobody understands the pain I feel. The one person who I cared about, the one person who I thought cared about me, ran away with someone else who I can't stand a chance against! My ‘friend' is nothing more then a manipulative bastard who used me in some sick scheme! I'm alone, Kasuto-"


Kasuto slapped him across the face. "Shut up! You think I don't understand what it's like to be alone? I do! I am an orphan! My father was banished when I was just a baby! My mother was murdered by our leader! I saw her die! I have been rejected by everybody, not because of anything I did, but because of something that wretched man did. I have been an outcast my whole life, you're the first person to be nice to me for as long as I can remember, and I won't let you wallow in self pity! I know what it's like to be alone." Her face softened, "but I don't want to be alone..." She kneeled down in front of him; her face was soft and gentle. "Please, help me, I'll help you. We can stop being alone...please?"

Sheik couldn't say anything, she just stared at that soft face, Kasuto had a strange question in her eyes, and Sheik didn't quite understand it. Kasuto is such a confusing girl... "OK," he whispered, not even noticing anything else.

"Thank you." Kasuto whispered, she hugged him, Sheik hugged back. She didn't let go, nether did he.

They soon fell asleep.


Never in his five thousand year career had Makan heard something like this, Link had explained, after he had finished comforting Malon, everything that he knew. And it boggled his mind. Sure, Sages had been the target of nuts before, but most of them were assassins or nutcases. (He still remembered that weird old man who wanted to steal the female Sages' underwear.) But nothing like this had ever happened, it didn't make sense, there was no death in the air, but Link said they had been fighting these monsters called ShadowBeasts, something he had never heard of, which was new. He thought he knew pretty much everything about arcane lore, some of it he swore never to reveal to any living thing. The part about the fake Master Sword disturbed him greatly, even worse, to hear that the Fire, Light, Shadow and Sprit Sages had already been captured. "So the Water Sage, the Time Sage, and the Forest Sage are still safe? And the Water Sage isn't awakened yet?"

"Pretty much," Link said. "Now, I think we need to find the Water Sage, as she is most likely Shadows target."

"Fine, who is the Water Sage, do you even know who she is?"

"She is the princess of the Zoras, she'll be easy to find." Link answered.

"Alright, anyway, our first priority is finding the Forest Sage. However, before we leave, I have a question: What the hell did you do to my sword?!"

"Not now, we need to save Saria!" Link quickly evaded the question; Makan realized that he was right anyway.

"Your right, Link. So her name is Saria? Pretty name, I wonder if she's as pretty." He mused; meeting cute Kokiri was always a plus in his book.

"Sorry, she's taken." Malon spoke up, she seemed to have gotten out of her depression. Makan had met people like her. They kept their darkness covered up by a cheerful personality, only to cry when they let it go. She needed help, but this Saria was more important.

"Yeah, so don't bother her." Link growled, he sounded touchy on the subject.

"Whatever, now, from what you've told me, I know how this Shadow is capturing the Sages, he's using a spell that last a checked was stored in the Light Temple. Anyway, it works by harnessing the power of the Temple to restrain the Sage, most of the time, it's used in the Temple itself, but I'm guessing Shadow is using a different strategy, he's placing awakened Sages near the others, using the awakened Sage to channel the power of the Temples, it's very difficult magic, I think it would be best to find Saria, and take her as far away from other Sages as possible."

Link took in all the information, "right, if what you say is true...then Shadow must have taken Saria to Zoras Domain!"

"So all we have to do is head there, find Saria, and take her away before Shadow can do anything!" Malon squealed, "This is great! We're going to beat him!"

"That's lovely babe. But tell me, how are we going to get there?" Makan asked, it would take a day to reach Zoras domain from here. How could they do it?

"Well, Sword-boy, I happen to know the Songs of the Temples." Link smugly replied.

"Wait, that warp-tunnel to Lake Hylia is still here? Great! So, let's go." Makan folded his arms, "somebody pick up my sword. I'd rather not it be you Link, how about the lovely Ms. Malon?"

"Whatever, I don't know if I want a playboy sword." Link muttered


Saria walked around the beautiful Zoras Domain, she was glad the kind Zora was here to help her, otherwise, who knows what might of happened to her.

"Ruto?" she said, "I was wondering, why are you helping me? It must be hard, guiding around a girl with no memory."

"No Saria, not at all! First off, I'm glad to help you, I want to help people." Ruto placed her hand on Sarias shoulder. "Listen; once I wasn't really nice, in fact, I was a spoiled brat." There was an "oooohhh" from Saria, "I really was bad, I got everything I wanted, and I still demanded more! The worst part is that I thought it was normal! Anyway, this continued until one day, someone who didn't do what I said, someone who said no to me. That was the first time anyone hadn't listened to me, I was angry. But nothing I did changed him; finally I realized that perhaps he was right. He ended up changing me; he helped me, even though I didn't want it, and even though I was a snot around to him. I realized that happiness wasn't about getting what you want, it's about being kind, about helping others, that's why I started studying the Healing Arts, that's why I'm helping you."

"Wow, that's amazing Ruto, what happened to the boy who changed you? Where is he?" Saria wanted to meet this person who could single-handedly change someone. "I bet he's an amazing person."

Ruto became regretful looking, "I'm sorry, I don't know where he is, you see I got really mad at him, I told him I never wanted to see him again, and he left." She sighed, "I just wish I hadn't gotten so mad at him, I'm sure he hates me now." She sighed, "Oh well, it's been months since I saw him, I can't dwell on it you know?"

"That's right Ruto" Saria nodded, "learn from your mistakes, and don't dwell on them."

"Good point Saria," Ruto hugged the amnesiac girl, "You're pretty wise, you know that? I bet everybody listens to you back where you live."

Saria blushed, "Me? No, I don't think so...I just wish I could remember where I live..."

"Well, what do you remember?"

Saria closed her eyes, trying to bring something up from her mind, "I remember..." her body tightened, "I remember falling, falling, and a light..." She struggled to bring out the image, "It covered me....and darkness..." Saria felt woozy, falling down, Ruto caught her, "Someone hurt me, someone took away my memories."

"Saria?" Ruto shook the girl, "Saria!"

Saria blacked out again.


Kalo flew into Kasutos home, he noticed the two children.

Sheik and Kasuto were both asleep, their arms wrapped around each other, it was a positively adorable scene. It almost made Kalo sad that he would have to end it.


"Sheik, Kasuto, wake up!" He said. No effect. "Come on! Wake up!" Still they slept, this was getting interesting, Saria had always been punctual, and he had never had to wake her up before. These two however, were clearly lost to the world. "Now how did the Great Deku Tree tell us how to wake up lazy Kokiri, oh yeah, I'm going to like this" Kalo took a deep breath and, with his voice magically magnified, shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Wake up lazy bones!"

Both kids jerked awake, Kasuto pulled away quickly, she was blushing heavily. Sheik was a little red as well.

"Glad to see you two sleepy heads are awake." Kalo said chipperly, "anyway, we need to get going. I suggest we go to Zoras Domain, or at least Hyrule Castle."

Sheik stood up, glaring at the fairy. "Oh fine, Kalo, I guess it's time for me to leave." He turned back to Kasuto; he suddenly gave her a hug. "Thank you, I'll come see you again, I promise."

"You're leaving." Kasuto whispered. "I'm going to be alone again, aren't I? Just after you said we wouldn't be alone."

"No, it's not like that..." Sheik trailed off..."Wait...it is like that, I'm sorry...I won't leave one of the few people who understand me behind." Sheik smiled, "you can come with me."

Kasuto instantly shot up with glee, "Yes! You won't regret this Sheik! I'll just grab some stuff and we'll go!" Kasuto started to run off, but Sheik stopped him.

"Wait, take this," Sheik handed her a small bag, a Kokiri bag. "It's a Kokiri made Holding Sack, as far as I know there isn't anything that can't fit into it, and I don't think it can get full either. Use it to pack away the things your taking, OK?"

"Thanks Sheik." Kasuto smiled, Sheik smiled back, Kalo shook his head at least Sheik wasn't wallowing in depression anymore, but he was still worried about Sheik giving the poor Gerudo the wrong idea. Ah well, he was sure that Sheik was aware of what was going on, and was doing his best to keep Kasuto from getting to carried away.

"Do you have to take her along? She'll only get in the way" Kalo said to Sheik, "by the way, when are you going to tell her the truth?"

"When I can Kalo, right now isn't the time for major revelation about me." Sheik muttered. "And don't tell her either, it will be easier if I tell her myself."

"Done!" Kasuto walked out, her hair was down now, the deep red shining in the sun, flowing down. "Well, shall we be going?" She laughed, "I can't wait to see the world outside the valley!"

"Like a giddy schoolgirl" Sheik mumbled, smiling fondly. "Come on, I'll take you to my horse."

"Sure, you lead the way." The two children left, Kalo stayed behind for a moment, to check to see what Kasuto took.

"By Din, Kasuto! Did you take everything you own?!"


Like a gentle rain, a blue light descended down upon a small pedestal, resting on a tiny island in the middle of Lake Hylia. The light faded, forming two figures.

"Wow!" Malon exclaimed, "That was beyond words!"

"Warping is like that Red." Link grinned, "You can't really describe it, you just have to live through it."

"Yes, yes, very interesting, now can we go?" Makan appeared again.

"I know that, ghost," Link looked at Malon, who was gaping at Lake Hylias splendor.

"This is on the other side of Central Hyrule! We arrived here in less then a few minutes! By Nayru, that's amazing!"

"Yes, it's nice, but Red, we need to do something first, well actually you need to do something."

"What Link?" Malon asked.

"Well, how to phrase this right, well, you see, you need to take your clothes off."

Link really hated the awkward silences that followed these sorts of comments.

"I what?!" Malon screamed.

"Hear me out Red! You don't have any spare clothing, we'll be swimming, you don't want your clothing to get wet, do you?" Link stepped back out of hitting range, again.

"I don't care if my clothing gets wet!" Malon shouted.

"Well, you are wearing white, and white, cotton clothing is little better then being naked when wet, in fact, some guys find it more arousing if the girl has wet clothing on." Makan, however, as in hitting range, this became obvious after Malon punched him. Sadly Makan is a ghost, and as such can choose when to interact with the mortal plane, so Malons punch passed through him.

"Fine! But if either of you look you'll cease to be men!" Malon pushed Link behind the small monument to the Sages on the island. "Back in the sword!" she shouted to Makan.

"Oh fine." the Kokiri ghost muttered, returning to the Kokiri Sword.

Link waited behind the stone for a few minutes, before hearing Malons voice call out, "all right! You can come out now!"

Malon was now in the water, the distorting effect preserving her modesty. "I put my clothing in my bag! It's water proof like yours!" She shouted to him.

"I'll be there in a minute!" He called back, and proceeded to take off his own clothing.

"Arrg! Link! Let me turn around first!" Malon, who Link was sure was blushing, screamed, then as she turned around, she muttered "Boys..."


"Link! Give it back!" Saria chased Link through the forest, he had taken her Ocarina and was now running from her. "Don't think you'll live through this experience! Mark my words! You're dieing tonight!"

Link just laughed, holding her homemade instrument in his left hand, he ran away from her. "You'll have to catch me first!"

"Meeeeeeannnnnnnieeeeee!" Saria put on a burst of speed, managing to tackle Link. "And give me it back!" She began pulling on her precious Ocarina, Link held onto it though, he was the strongest of the Kokiri, after all.

"Fine, I'll give it to you." Link laughed, letting go of the Ocarina, Saria tumbled on the ground. Chuckling, Link said, "That was pretty fun, don't you think?"

Saria just gave a "humph" sound, turning her back to Link.

"Saria? Are you alright?"

Saria ignored him.

"Saria, please, speak to me."

The Kokiri girl started walking away.

"Saria! I'm sorry!" Link stood up and started following her. "Please! I'm sorry! I was just playing!

Saria spun around, she had a look on her face that would have made a Stalfos run like a spooked Deku Scrub. "Link, this Ocarina is important to me! I made it myself! I don't need people taking it from me."

"You made it yourself!" Link looked ashamed now, "I always thought you found it lying around the forest. I didn't know." He bowed his head in shame, he couldn't even look at her anymore.

Saria felt her anger fade, she smiled softly, "It's alright Link, I forgive you."

"Really?" Link looked up at her, a large grin on his face.

"Yes silly! How could I stay mad at a cute face like yours?" Saria giggled.

"I'm...cute?" Link blushed.

"Yup! I'd say, your the cutest boy in the village!" Saria smiled, Link was so adorable!

"R-really, well, Saria." Link stuttered, "I th-think your the prettiest girl in the village." Link turned even redder, looking away.

Saria felt her face go hot, this young Kokiri. Only two decades old, had called her pretty, why did she care? Why was she blushing like that? "Th-thank you Link." She managed to squeak out...

Saria found herself in the blackness of her own mind once more...

-This is when you started to fall in love with him...-

A voice inside her head spoke, as the memory faded, and she returned to the light.


Ruto watched as Saria began to stir, she was waking up!

"Ugg...my head..." Saria groaned, "Something, I remembered something."

"That's great!" Ruto smiled, "So what did you remember?"

"It...it was a boy, he took something from me, I chased him, I tackled him, he...gave me back the thing he took, I was mad at him..." A blush came over her face. "He apologized, I...he called me pretty..." Her face grew really red. "I...can't remember any more."

Ruto patted Saria on the back. "That's OK; the fact that you remembered something is great!" Ruto grinned, "And it looks like someone has a person they like!"

Saria blushed, "I don't know that!" What little of the memory she could recall came back to her, she blushed, "maybe I do...I don't know..."


"This is unforeseen." Shadow muttered, Saria was not supposed to lose her memory, though that seemed to have been a side effect of messing with Malons spell. "Though this may work to my advantage." All that had happened is that Saria forgot how to use her power, it was still there, he could still use it to capture Ruto. "Well, Water Sage, don't think you've gotten out of your part just yet." he chuckled.


It seemed that nothing else could return memories to her, her mind was blank.

And that boy wouldn't leave her thoughts!

All she had was a hazy picture of a kind person in green, not even a name, yet is was enough to trigger warm feelings she hadn't felt before, at least she didn't remember having before. Did her heart remember what her mind couldn't? It was driving her insane! She wanted to know who she was, what she was, why she was here, and who took her memory.

"Why?" She asked the nameless, faceless, person who took her life away, "Why did you do this to me? Why did you take away who I am? Leaving me with small clues, but nothing to help me! Why? Am I being punished for some crime? Do you hate me and want to see me suffer? Answer me!"

"It was an accident."

A young man, cloaked, stepped out of the shadows, facing her. "I am terribly sorry, I did not mean for you to lose your memory.

"I know you." Saria whispered, she felt angry just seeing him. "And I don't like you."

"Yes, in truth we could be considered enemies. However, there is no need for us to fight, for one thing, I am not looking for battle, another this is that you don't remember how to fight."

"Saria? What's wrong? I heard you screaming." Ruto entered the room.

"Ah yes! The guest of honor! Pleased to make your acquaintance Water Sage."

Ruto looked at the cloaked man with suspicion, "Just who are you?" she murmured.

"I am called Shadow." he said, "Now, I am glad to see you are here, for now we can finish what I came here to do." He held out his hand, a strange blue glow surrounded it-

But Shadow suddenly ducked, a moment later a streak of golden light moved past where his head had once been, it slammed into the wall, a huge explosion resulted, making a new door for the room.

Standing in front of the entrance, the one who had launched the attack, was the boy. The boy from her dream! He was holding a bow, he put it away and drew a sword though. It was a strange sword, it was pink and green.

"Well crap, I thought I'd take your head off before you'd notice me."

"Link..." Ruto muttered...

"I know him! Ruto! It's the boy from my dream! I know him!" Saria shouted.

"You know Link?" Ruto muttered, "what a small world."

"Saria?" Link asked, "What are you talking about?"

"She doesn't remember you Link." Shadow said, taunting him. "She has lost her memory, now all she has left is faded images and invisible faces to haunt her. Look at her, once the proud Forest Sage, now, a pathetic creature that has lost her life and can barely remember her own name!" His voice mocked her, told Saria her faults, her problems. He was right.

"You...you die today!" Link blurred, one moment he was at the doorway, the next he was in front of Shadow, ready to cut him in two. Shadow blocked the strike with his own sword, a sword that worried Saria greatly.

"Link, what makes you think that this will end differently then last time?" Shadow asked, as he blocked more lightning fast strikes. "I can merely summon some ShadowBeasts and distract you long enough to make the Water Sage mine."

"There is one reason I'll win Shadow." Link said, doing a strange spinning strike which Shadow blocked, "You see..." Link vanished in a flash of green light, Shadows eyes widened as he saw the beam of blue light coming towards him, it hit him head on. Instantly ice began to form around him. "...I have backup." Link finished, repapering in front of Saria.

Another girl appeared, Saria knew this one as well, holding a strange blue rod. She swung it again and again, blue light coming out of each swing. Until Shadow was incased in a pillar of ice at least ten feet thick. "Take that!" She shouted savagely.

Saria looked at Link, the boy from her dream. "Saria..." he whispered.

Saria started crying "I know you...but I don't remember you!" The tears flowed faster and faster.

It was the first time Saria remembered crying.

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