Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Epilogue: The Seeds of the Future

A girl wandered her home, a massive palace. She was waiting, waiting for her heart to heal. Waiting for someone.

She was coming to terms with herself, she knew that she could be happy someday.


A Gerudo stood behind a counter, giving masks to children and smiling as they played.

She was still confused, but this new life looked pretty worthwhile


A girl, living alone on a ranch, flipped through a book on magic. She was absorbing the material rapidly. She cursed quietly as she heard her father call to her, asking if she had done her chores. She hadn't.

She smiled, thinking about those who she cared about. Before running off to do her chores. Before she got in too much trouble.


A shadow wandered the world. He knew the world was mad at him. He knew that, but he did not care, he knew he deserved it. He hoped he could gain forgiveness one day.

But he planned on earning it.


Deep in the Forest of Life's Beginning, two people who looked like children, but their eyes shined with an age beyond their looks, played gently.

They stood close to each other, before kissing softly. Three words could be heard.

"I love you."


The seeds of the Future have been planted. May they grow into beautiful flowers.

The End

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