Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 2: Bloodshed

The plains of Hyrule are vast. One could spend weeks traveling in them and not find any sign of civilvation. This is exactly what Link wanted. Wandering through the fields, hoping to not run into anyone else. That was all he wanted. Damn them all rang through his head, it doesn’t matter what I do for them, what I’ve given up for them. He took out his sword and started practicing with it I’m always mistrusted, abused, used, why should I help them anymore? Links angry thoughts were interrupted by screams of terror.

Link casually looked around and noticed that just over a hill, was a small village near the forest. Link began to walk to the village, wondering what was going on. When he got there people were running away screaming. One man stopped in front of Link and said “Kid, get outta here! There are some wolfos that have escaped!”

Link looked at the man. “Escaped? You mean you people were stupid enough to capture some and keep them alive?” Wolfos were forest creatures, generally they stayed in the forest, feeding on the animals that lived there. But sometimes they would stumble out of the forest. They went mad after leaving the magical safety of the woods, killing anything that moved. Kokiri sometimes used their magic to tame wolfos, but Rabid ones were always killed.

“Hey! They seemed perfectly harmless when we found them in the woods!” The man, hearing a howl, started to run again.

Link turned around, and saw the reason the people were fleeing. A whole pack of wolfs’ their eyes clearly showing the madness that came from leaving the forest. Link also recognized that these had been tame once, they had the mark of the Kokiri painted on their chest. So that’s how these idiots were able to capture them. Heh, I bet Midos pretty pissed off about now, what with a whole pack of tame Wolfos vanishing. The wolfos’, sensing something about the young man in green stopped and looked at him. Link held out the Gilded Sword and whispered “Come on puppies, I’m waiting.” The alpha male of the pack charged, eager to taste this familiar boys blood. The Gilded Sword began to glow a fiery red. Link grinned. The wolfos struck! Swinging one of hits paws at Link. Link ducked under the blow and stabbed his sword straight through the animal. The wolfos howled in agony, and then burst into flames! Link watched impassively as the wolfos was burned to ashes.

The other pack members, seeing their leader killed, began to circle Link slowly. He would have none of that. Link charged forward, cutting through the beasts, burning them with the fire of his sword until the entire pack was destroyed.

Link sheathed his sword. “What...what was that!?” He turned around and realized that most of the people in the village were staring at him. They were afraid of him.

Anger suddenly overtook Links mind “What is wrong with you people!? I just saved your sorry hides and all you can do is stare? A thank you would be nice!” One of the men took a step forward his hand over a knife on his belt. Link couldn’t take it anymore “That’s it! You ungrateful freaks can rot in hell for all I care!” He stormed off, running toward the Lost Woods. No matter what I do, I’m never thanked, never allowed to rest, instead, I’m feared! And for the first time in months, he entered the Forest of Lifes Beginning.

Once surrounded by the welcoming magic of the Lost Woods, Link felt at peace. More at peace then he had for a long time. The Kokiri blood that had been put in his veins as a baby was rejoicing and strengthening as it welcomed the powerful magic that filled the air. It brought thoughts into Links head that he had been avoiding for a long time. Saria...

I need to tell her the truth he thought. I need to tell her, that I’m not a Kokiri What would she do? Would she reject him, or would she just give him that sad look, that same look she gave him when he left for the first time? So many things were unspoken between them. Perhaps I shouldn’t return to the village. But could he lie to her? Because not returning would be a lie. He felt it, the bond they shared, the bond that allowed them to talk through their ocarinas. It's gotten stronger. He felt drawn to her, their bond calling out to him. Suddenly it was overpowered. By a dark force that had emerged in the forest! Link could feel the evil, all qualms forgotten, he ran to the village, feeling the need to save what he once called his home.


He felt the hero coming. He laughed. Things were going just like he hoped.


Saria woke up with a look of joy on her face. “Link!” she exclaimed “Links coming home!” She could feel their bond, she knew he was coming closer. She quickly got out of bed, and began to get ready. I should look my best when Link gets here she blushed a little as she thought about looking nice for him, why should she worry what she looks like to him? She looked around to see if Kalo, her fairy, was here. He wasn’t. Good, then I won’t have to explain. She pulled out a shining tunic, treated with Forest Water to make it sparkle, it was the closest thing Kokiri had to formal clothing. Saria put it on, then she pulled a headband that had hardened, colored tree sap embedded in it (The Kokiri equivalent of jewelry) over her hair. She smiled. “Link will be here soon.” She felt happier then she had been in a long time. She completely ignored the nagging feeling In the back of her mind, the feeling that said something was wrong.


The evil was approaching. Soon they will meet, and his plans will come to pass.


Kalo was currently speaking to the Deku Tree. “I’m worried about Saria, she’s depressed all the time, almost every night she cries herself to sleep. What can I do?”

-I’m afraid there is little we can do to help her, Kalo, you have felt her destiny, correct?-

“Well, yes, I know she is the Forest Sage, but there is no reason for her to awaken, is there?”

-No, there is no reason for her to awaken. But as the Forest Sage, her fate is deeply tied to that of the Hero of Time.-

“But, Link is the Hero of Time! And Link is the reason she is depressed! Is her destiny the cause of her sadness then?”


“No? Then what is?”

-Her heart, she loves Link, more then she should.-

“You mean she desires him?”


“But Kokiri should not feel such things!”

-Saria is not a normal Kokiri, you knew this when you were assigned to be her guardian.-

“But what of Link?”

-I do not know, Navi may know, but she is gone.-

“Link is a Hyilan, it would be natural for him to feel such things, perhaps that is why Saria feels for him.”

-I don’t think that’s the case, Kalo. I think it is true love-

“But...she can not be with him...Wait! Link has Kokiri blood in him! We can strengthen that until he is almost a pure Kokiri! It works for the Gerudo, why wont it work of us?”


“Why not?”

-Link is needed by the world.-

“So there is no way for Saria to be happy?”

-There is a way...but it may not exist anymore-

“I see...”

-Perhaps you should return to your charge, you must warn her of the evil approaching. I feel that her strong bond with Link has blinded her to it.-

Kalo nodded, “Very well, will their be a need to evacuate the village?”

-No, Link will handle it.-

“I see...” Kalo then went back to his child.


“Saria, why are you wearing that?” Mido asked. She was wearing her best clothing. ‘What’s going on? She seems happier then she’s been in months.’

Saria beamed, “Link’s coming home” she smiled even brighter. “I can feel him coming.”

Before Mido could respond to that, Kalo flew in front of them. “Saria! Something bad is coming!”

“What?” Saria asked “What do you mean by that?”

“Something evil.” Kalo was glowing a dark red by now. “Its going to attack the village.”

“What!” Mido shouted. “We need to get ready to run or fight!”

“No!” Daka, Midos fairy, said “the Deku Tree said we should stay here.”

“So fight it is.” Mido “Daka! Go tell the other Kokiri to get ready to fight!”

“OK Mido” the fairy said, and flew of to warn the rest of the village.

“Saria, please go inside. I don’t want you to get hurt.” Mido looked at Saria, concern written on his face.

“But...”Saria seemed to stop, worry flowing through her “OK, I’ll go inside and get ready.” She walked inside her house. ‘Come home soon Link, we could use your help.’ She began to change out of her clothes.


Link had arrived. He was standing on the cliff overlooking the village. He looked down and noticed the Kokiri were gathering, holding bows and spears. They knew they were about to be attacked. Link jumped down, started running towards the group. “Saria! Are you there!” he shouted.

Mido turned around and saw someone he had not expected to see. “Link!?” he exclaimed “Your back, and just in time to! You use that sword of yours to help defend the village-”

“Mido I know its being attacked!” Link shouted “Now where is Saria!” Link didn’t want to leave her unprotected, he wanted to keep her safe. And he knew why.

“She’s in her house,” Link turned and ran to her house “now wait, stop!” Link wasn’t listening. He just kept running to Sarias house.

“Saria!” Link shouted, running into her house. Link suddenly stopped, seeing that Saria...was changing her clothes. Link instantly turned his head away, blushing furiously.

Saria stared at Link, her joy at seeing him was quickly overrun by embarrassment. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! Get out!” she shrieked, throwing one of her shoes at him. She was blushing even more then Link was.

Link ran out of her house. Panting and red-faced What a way to greet her... he thought wryly. A minute later Saria came out, dressed. She looked at him for a second before pulling him into a hug.

“Thanks for coming back.” She whispered into his ear. Link could feel his breathing quicken. Saria pulled back and looked Link in the eyes. Link felt lost, everything vanished, it was just him and Saria.

Then Saria slapped him.

“That’s for barging in without warning and seeing me half-naked.” she said matter-of-factly.

“I deserved that” Link muttered, rubbing his cheek. “But, I’m glad to see you again.” His eyes brightened.

“Link! Saria! We could use your help!” Mido shouted at the two of them. Interrupting the moment between them.

“Were coming Mido!” Saria shouted “Come on Link, something’s about to attack the village, we could use your help.”

“I’d be glad to” the green-clad boy said. And the two went to join the rest of the Kokiri.

Kalo sighed Saria, I’m sorry...I don’t know what to do, I want you to be happy but to be happy you need Link, but you can’t have him. I wish I could help. He then flew back to talk to the Deku Tree about that way he talked about.


An hour passed before the attack came. Before that, all the Kokiri eagerly welcomed Link back. When the attack came, Link realized how bad the attack was.

It was an army.

Stalfos were there, rabid Wolfos, and Stalchildren as well, all creatures of the forest. Stalfos and Stalchildren were outsiders twisted and driven insane by the magic of the Lost Woods. They hated Kokiri and attacked them if they ever saw one. But there was also some creatures that showed this attack was not of the forest. Moblins. These monsters were shaped by evil magic. They hated all life and wished to destroy it. They feared the forest because all creatures within would normally turn against these abominations. To see them here meant one thing. Someone evil wanted the Kokiri killed.

“Oh boy.” Link said “Looks like I came here just in time.” With a savage grin, Link drew two swords. The Gilded Sword and The Great Fairy Sword. “Saria, stand back this won’t be pretty.” Link walked toward the mass of beasts. “Who’s first?”


Mido looked on as Link marched straight to the army that was poised to kill them. “What is he doing!?” he hissed “Trying to kill himself? That stupid, Fake-Kokiri is-”

“Mido!” Saria shouted “I believe in him, I know he’ll be safe.”

“How can he? Look at the odds!”

She blushed “I...I just know...”


A moblin charged, its huge spear pointed forward, ready to kill the small green thing holding two blades. The thing jumped over its spear, shocked and confused it began to ponder this new development. It looked down, and there was the thing! The thing thrust the longer blade into it. It felt the cold metal go through it, it felt the black blood flowing from the wound. It felt the pain. It fell over, dead.


Link pulled out his sword from the moblins corpse. “Who’s next?”


Saria watched in horror as two Stalfos lunged at Link, their rusty swords ready to kill. Link be careful! Link spun around his swords, blocking both attacks, before cutting the stalfos in half. Praise Nayru! Saria stood up and shouted for joy as Link removed six Stalchildren from the attacking force.


The monsters were attacking Link all out now. The whole army was swarming around him, and the whole army was falling. His swords gleamed in the sunlight, with each flash a monster died. However, one got a lucky hit in. A moblin managed to ram his spear into Link, instantly he flew back, slamming against a house. He could hear Sarias scream his name. “Ung..” he stood up slowly, there wasn’t even a mark on him! The moblin looked confused, shouldn’t he be dead?


“All right, now you’ve gone and pissed me off.”

Saria was confused. Why did Link say that? She had been so relieved when she saw he hadn’t been hurt Must have been the flat side of the spear. But what did he mean by that?

Sarias question was answered by Links swords suddenly being surrounded by a golden light. He charged forward, slamming them into the moblin that hit him. The moblin exploded in a golden light, and there was nothing left afterwards.

“The time for going easy on you bastards is over!”'

Link charged forward slicing each monster, leaving nothing left. Link slammed his swords into the ground. And the golden light flew out of them, destroying the creatures as it went. Only five Moblins remained. They turned and ran, droping their spears.

“You think you can run? it's to late to run!

The swords began to glow brighter. Link was getting ready to finish them off. What is he doing? Oh goddess, he’s going to kill them even though their running, he’s enjoying it! No, Link isn’t like that...



Link heard Sarias voice, and stopped. The Light Magic faded from his swords and he turned around. What he saw was the shock of his life.

The Kokiri were staring at him, and they all had one look on their face. One he had seen on some villagers a few hours ago. One of fear..


Saria was looking at him, shock and disbelief on her face as well as fear


She slowly backed away, her eyes never leaving his swords.


Link turned and ran, running past the Kokiri, towards the edge of the forest. nonononononononono.... They feared him.

Saria feared him.

And that tore his heart in two. He didn’t stop running. He realized he was left the forest and was on the plains. It didn’t matter. He just kept on running.



Saria watched Link leave. What happened to you Link? What changed you into someone who enjoys killing?

“I can help you find the answer”

Saria turned around and saw...someone. He was about as tall as Link, wearing a black cloak that covered his whole body, even his face was shadowed. “Who are you?”

“Someone interested in your welfare, Forest Sage.”

“Forest Sage?”

“Never mind. The point is I can help you.” He took out two bottles. “These are filled with forest water.”

“Forest Water doesn’t last long outside the forest.”

“If you would let me finish, Forest Sage, these bottles have a spell of preservation on them. The water will last for years. Take one sip each day and you will be able to leave the forest.”

Saria took the bottles, it seemed too good to be true. “How can I trust you?”

“I assure you they’re harmless. After all, it is impossible to lie to a Kokiri, is it not?”

She paused “Well, you are right..”

“Of course I am Forest Sage. Now will you accept?”

“Wait, who are you? And what’s the catch?”

“As I said, someone interested in your welfare. And there is no catch. I only ask you find Link as soon as possible.”

Saria seemed to accept this. “Okay...” she took the bottles. “I guess I’ll go...thank you...um...can I call you something?”

The cloaked man seemed to smile. “Call me Shadow.”


Shadow laughed as he watched Saria leave he forest, taking the bottles with her. “Enjoy your happiness Forest Sage. Enjoy your happiness Link. I have taken steps to start it. But do not think it will last.”

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