Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 3: Searching For Answers

Saria was standing at the edge. She knew if she crossed this line, she'd be out of the forest. Shadow told me as long as I have this Forest Water, I'd be able to leave. She took a deep breath, and ran. She felt the magic that had always embraced her growing weaker as she moved. Finally, she stopped.

It was huge! Never before could she see so far. "This is the outside world?" she wondered. "I wonder if I'll meet all the strange people Link told us about?" She thought about the rock eating people. "I hope so." Her face gain a look of determination. "But first to find Link." She marched foreward into the plains.


Link was standing in a void. Nothing seemed to exist. "Where am I?"


Link spun around "Who's there?"

-Hateful Murderer-

Link reached for his swords, only to find they weren't there! He was completly unarmed!

-What's the matter Murderer? Scared now that you don't have your tools of death?-

"Shut up." Link scowled "Who are you anyway?"

-Not only are you a murderer, but your also rude.-

"Ha ha. Your very funny" Link replied sarcasticly "Now who are you?"

-Why don't you look behind you Murderer?-

Link turned around. And nearly screamed.

It was Gohma. At least Link thought it was Gohma. It looked like it had rotted away, its eye was nothing but a bleeding mass of pus. It had bleeding gashes all over its body.

-Meet your first victim, Murderer.-

Gohma spoke, somehow. "Why did you kill me? I did nothing to you. All I was doing was trying to survive. And you killed me. And left me to rot! I would have understood if you had needed food, but you killed me for no reason!"

Link was agasp, "You were killing the Great Deku Tree!"

"Only so I could live! I was eating his roots and trunk! I wasn't cutting him down and leaving him to rot like you did to me!" Then Gohma vanished.

-Did that enlighten you Murderer?-

"What makes you think showing me a dead spider is going to accomplish anything?"

-Did you enjoy killing Gohma?-


-Did you enjoy it?-


-And yet you enjoyed killing the Wolfos, you enjoyed killing the Moblins and the Stalfos-

"But, but..."

-But what? Your a murderer, it wasn't easy at first. But now you can kill as easily as you can breathe. And you enjoy it. How does that make you feel?-

"How I feel is none of your concern!"

-Touchy, aren't we?-

"Shut up! Your the one messing with my head here! Your a liar!"

-Your calling ME a liar? You forget, you are not only a murderer, but also a liar.-

"I am not!"

-Look behind you.-

"Fine, what's it going to be this time, a dead chicken?" he chuckled at his little joke. He then turned around.

It was Ruto.

Her face was twisted with rage, anger and sadness. "How could you" she spat. "How could you play with my heart like that."

"Ruto I-"

"Shut up! I don't want to hear anymore lies from your mouth!"

"You don't understa-"

"You don't understand! I gave my heart to you, and you took it. So what did you do? You spat on it and threw it at my feet!" She stormed toward Link "You treated me like I was nothing! Like a whore!"

"Ruto, I didn't know-"

"What did I say about your lies!"

"Ruto, I'm not lieing."

"Yes! You! Are! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" She began punching him shouting "I hate you!" with each blow. Her punches became weaker, her shouts became softer, until she was curled up on the ground, whimpering "I hate you..." over and over again. And then she vanished.

Link stood there. He didn't know what to do, or say.

-Want to see more? Lieing Murderer?-


-You sure? I have soooo much more I could show you.-

"Shut up."

-I sense anger.-

"What did I say about shutting up!"

-And I'm cheerfuly ignoring you.-

"FINE! I am a Liar annd a Murderer! Are you happy now?! Are you!?

-Yes, but I don't think they are.-

Link looked behind him and saw, everybody he had ever met. "What the?"

-They have something to say-

Zelda was the first to speak up. "I can't beleive I trusted you with the Ocarina of Time."

Malon was next. "How could I leave Epona with you!?"

Darunia. "We are Brothers no longer!"

Impa. "I'm amazed you didn't hurt the Princess!"

More and more people spoke up, rejecting Link utterly. The Great Fairys, people he had helped in villages, Skull Kid, Tatl and Tael, even Anju and Kafei! Finally there were two people left.

Navi and Saria.

Navi flew up to Link, glowing an angry blood red. "I'm glad I left you."

Link reached out towards her. "No! Don't leave me again! Please!" But Navi was already gone. Link turned to the green haired girl. "Saira, please..."

Saria stood there, her face blank.

"Please Saria, don't leave me...I need you..."

Saria spoke, in a monotone voice. "I hate you." and vanished.

Link fell down on his knees. "No..please!" Tears were falling down his face. "Please come back! I need you...Saria I love you!" He finally fell to the ground sobbing.

He cried for what seemed like hours before the voice spoke up again.

-Heh, you ok kid?-

Link looked up "You..." he hissed "You did this!

-Sorry, you did. I just helped set it up.-

"I will kill you."

-Why? I'm the only friend you have left.-

"Your not my friend!"

-Well, then, how about kindred sprit?-


-Me and you are a rare kind. We could almost be concidered family!-

"Shut up! Who are you!"

-Look behind you and you'll find out. Heh heh heh.-

Link spun around, eager to stangle whoever had been tormenting him. He stopped. "No...No..."

Gannondorf was standing there.

A sick grin was on his face. "I'm the only one you have left, Murderer."

"No no no! Liar! Thief! Evil!"

"Scream all you want Murderer. It won't do you any good."

"No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! no no no no..."


Saria looked around. "Wow, this place is huge!" The field extended on for what looked like forever. "Now where is Link? How am I going to find him in this huge place?" She continued walking "Hey, whats that?" She jogged towards something she saw over a hill.

It was a complex of some kind. A large amount of land was surrounded by a fence, she could see all kinds of animals on the land that was fenced in. Large buildings dotted one end of the fenced in land. One of them had looked like it was a house. "Is that where outsiders live?" If it was maybe they had seen Link! "I think I should go check it out." She started walking toward the house.



Link woke up. It was just a dream, thank Din! He stood up. He was in the field, his swords were a short distance away. Alright, lets see where I am. He seemed to be near Lon Lon Ranch. Should I go there? I would like to see Malon and Epona again. A moment later he shook his head. No, I should just leave. He reached into his bag and pulled out the Ocarina of Time. 'I should return this to Zelda. Yes. Thats what I'll do. I'll return this to Zelda and leave Hyrule for good. The dream had shaken Link up and hardened his conviction that he was unwanted. 'Yes, it would be best for everybody if I left. He then set a path towards the castle.


Shadow looked on as Link trudged off. "Well Link, lets see what happens when you you reach the castle." He chuckled. "I wonder what will happen with the farm girl and the Forest Sage?" Something fun, he knew that. All was going according to plan.


Saria looked at the house. It was large enough to hold the whole village! She raised a shakey hand, and knocked on the door.

"I'm comin' I'm comin'." And the door opened to reveal the largest man Saria had ever seen.'

She knew outsiders grew larger, but she didn't know they grew THAT large. He had strong, muscular arms. Those were the only things that looked hard. His belly buldged out. His face appered gentle, with a large, round nose. He was bald, with some hair under his nose.

"Well hello Miss. What brings you here this early?"

Saria felt nervous, "Um..well whats your name?"

The man laughed, a big booming laugh. "The names Talon Lon. Whats yours?"Saria smiled weakly, there was something about this man that she liked. "My name is Saria, Talon Lon."

Talon Lon smiled. "Just call me Talon Saria."


Talon looked at the Kokiri "So Saria, what brings you here??"

Talons friendly demeanor had relaxed Saira so she piped up "Well you see, I'm looking for someone, and I has hoping you had seen him."

"Daddy, who's at the door?" another voice called out, a minute later a face was added onto the voice.

She was about Sarias size, with long red hair flowing down her back. She was wearing a white dress which went down to her feet. She had the same friendly aura that Talon had.

"Oh Malon, this is Saria, she says she's looking for someone." Talon said, waving his hand towards Saria.

Malon looked at Saria for a while before speaking. "You dress like a friend of mine, Saria, you know that?

Saria took this information in. "Really? What is your friends name?"


Sarias eyes widened in shock "Link? Thats who I'm looking for! Have you seen him?"

Malon gave Saria a knowing smile, "So your Saria, Link talks about you all the time you know. And no, I haven't seen Link in a while."

Saria blushed. Link, talked about her? "What did he say about me?"

Malon, eyeing Sarias blush, grined. "Oh he talked about how wonderful you are and how your his best friend and that he thought you were way smarter then him and..." Malon trailed of when she saw that Saria was a red as her hair.

Talon looked down at Saria, giving her his booming laugh. "Well any friend of Link is welcome here! Why don't you come in and have some breakfast?"

As if to answer his question, Sarias stomach growled loudly. "Um, OK."


"Saria! Where are you!"

Kalo was flying through the forest, yelling himself hoarse, looking for Saria. Stupid stupid stupid! How could I leave her after Link snapped like that? He asked some Gossip Stones if they had seen her. They hadn't. I've looked everywhere for her, what if she left the forest?,If she had she would be dead in a few hours. "Arg! Where is she!"

Just then he heard a voice speak up. "I know where she is" It was the Gossip Stone that overlooked the village.

"Really? Where did she go!"

"Outside the forest."

Kalo nearly fainted right then and there. "No! Please tell me what happened!?"

"Well, you see, a cloaked man showed up, gave Saria two bottles of preserved Forest Water. Saria left, and the man vanished."

Preserved Forest Water? Forest water was water saturated with magic of the forest, however, it quickly lost its power once outside of the forest. It was possable to preserve it, but it took powerful magic. In times of old Kokiri Mages would use the water to leave the forest, for just a sip would revitalize them for thirty hours. But the secret to the magic was currently sealed away, in the Forest Temple. 'Someone had access to forbidden knowlage. And used it to get Saria out of the Forest!' "Thank you!" he called out to the Gossip Stone.

"Just doing my job."

"Well I'd better get going!" First to the Deku Tree to tell him he was leaving, then to find Saria!


Saria was full. Breakfast was strange. Good, but strange. "Please tell me how to make bacon." She begged to Talon "I love it!"

"Link liked the toast and jam better" Malon said with a giggle. "What do you Kokiri eat anyway?"

"Nothing this good!" Saria exclaimed. "Thank you for letting me have breakfast."

"It was our pleasure Saria." Talon said "Now why are you looking for Link?"

"Um, I need to find him. He's hurt and I need to help him." Tears began to well up in her eyes.

Malon placed a hand on her shoulder. "Why don't you wait here for a while, Link stops by sometimes, maybe he'll show up soon."

Saria looked at the red-head. "Well I guess so."

Malon beamed "Good! Come on Fairy Girl, I'll show you around the ranch!" She then grabbed Sarias wrist, and began leading her.

'Fairy Girl?' the Kokiri thought.


Link had arrived. Hyrule castle loomed over him. He slowly walked across the drawbridge.

"Hello Link. Good to see you again."

Link turned toward the guard, they all knew him name by now. "Hello there."

The guard winked at Link "Going to see the Princess?"

Link rolled his eyes "Maybe." He really didn't need the guards gossiping about him and Zelda. But it seemed to be unavoidable. 'Dosen't matter, I'll be leaving after this, so let them talk.'

The gaurd snickered, "Well good luck, and say 'Hi' to the Princess for me!"

"Sure." Idiot...

The Market Place.

Link was trying to force his way through the crowd.

It was times like this Link wondered if most Hylians were completly insane. What possesses them to all swarm in a cramped place like this every day? He sure didn't understand them half the time! And he was one of them! Kokiri are much easier to understand. Links thoughts were interupted when a dog nearly ran him over.

"Bad Richard! Don't tackle the boy!"

"I hate you all..." Link muttered to himself.


"Wow Malon, the horses are amazing." Saria was looking at the horses. They were wonderful animals. Saria then saw one she reconized. "Hey! thats Links horse! Epona!" She ran up to the foal, only to find her run away as soon as Saria got close.

"Well Fairy Girl, looks like you don't know how to handle Epona." Malon commented.

"Oh shut up." Saria fumed. How did Link get her to trust him? Oh! The song! Saria turned to Malon, "You wrote Eponas Song, right?"

Malon shook her head. "My mom did, but I guess I consider it my song."

What's a "mom?" "Can you teach it to me?"

Malon seemed surprised, "I don't know, I only teach it to my friend..."

"I'd like to be your friend..." Something clicked in Sarias head. "I know! I'll teach you my song and you can teach me your song."

"Your song?"

"Yes, my song, I only teach it to my friends."

Malon seemed to take this in. "All right, you teach me your song and I'll teach you my song. Deal?"

"Deal." They shook hands. Before bursting into giggles.

"OK," Saria begun, "This is my song." Pulling out her Ocarina, she began to play. The cheerful song filled the air. Sarias eyes were closed as she let the Song Of the Forest take over her senses.


Link suddenly stopped. Sarias Song? he could hear it as clearly as if he was right next to her. he looked around, searching for the source of the tune. When he had to dodge the dog, again.

"Richard! Leave that boy alone!"

Link gritted his teeth. "Urge to kill...rising."


Saria finished playing. She always felt relaxed after playing her song. She opened her eyes and saw Malon, with a look of awe on her face.

"Saria, look around you."

Saria did. All the animals that had been out at the time had gathered around her! "Wow." she whispered.

"Even Epona was there, though she ran off once you stoped playing. I'll...I'll teach you my song now."


Link stopped once again as he heard a song he knew Eponas Song? Whats going on? Is Malon here? Link started to look for Malon. Then the dog tackled him, and then it took something from him.

"Richard! Leave him alone!"

Link groaned and got up and got a good look at what the dog had.

The Deku Mask.

"Give that back you dumb mutt!"

And so the chase began.


"Good job Saria!" Malon cheered.

Saria had managed to learn Eponas Song very quickly. And now the horse was standing right next to her. "Hello there." she whispered.

"Well she likes you now Fairy Girl! So were friends?"

"Friends." Saria smiled "You know, your the first new friend I've had in a while."

Malon laughed "Always good to hear. Hey, you want to learn how to ride Epona?"

"Well I don't know-"

"Come on, it will be fun!"

Saria sighed "You win. I'll learn." This girl was convincing!

"I always do. Lets start!"


Chasing a dog through the back alleys of Hyrule Castle Town is not Links idea of fun. Unfortunatly that is what he is doing right now. "You stupid dog, when I catch you I'll Ice Sword your sorry tail so hard..."

"Must you always resort to violence Link?"

The dog stopped, dropped the mask, and ran off. Link looked at the man that made the dog flee. "Oh great, it's you"

The Happy Mask Salesman frowned. "Now Link, is that any way to great a friend?"

"No, but luckily we're not friends."

"You wound me Link."

"Cry me a river."

The Salesman laughed "Oh I do enjoy bantering with you Link!"

"Can we get on with this? I know the only reason your here is because you need to tell me something. Or you have a screw up you need me to fix."

The Salesman seemed to pause. "I liked you better when you were childishly noble and kind."

Link smiled bitterly "Well, you're one of the bigger reasons I'm a cynical bastard, you do know that right?"

The Mask Salesman face showed regret "I'm sorry Link, if I had known what the Terra Force Mask could do..."

"Yeah yeah, its all in the past. So shut up and lets get down to bussiness. Is it work or just advice?"

"A warning from my bosses."

"Thats new, usually they just plop stuff on me with no warning."

"Well..they kind of...didn't relise this was going on."

"So its like Majora?"

"Yes, only it's connnected to you in some basic way. They can't tell who or what it is."

Link stared at the man in front of him. "Anything I need to watch out for?"


"That's it?" Man, if I have to watch out for shadows, the next few days are going to be real fun. he thought bitterly

"There is one more thing though..."


"You are ordered to stay in Hyrule."

Link glared at the Salesman. "I hate you."

"Don't hate the messagner."

Link sighed What am I going to do now?

"Goodbye Link, I'll see you later." he began to walk away.

"You know" Link began "for messagner of the Goddesses, your kind of weird."

The Happy Mask Salesmen laughed "Since when have they chosen normal people?"

Link smiled "True, true."

"You want to spend the night at my shop, or will you mooch off the Princess?"

"Depends on weather or not I want to sleep at a freaks house."

"I'll take that as a maybe."


Kalo was out on the plains. "Ok, I need to find her, bring her back, and find out who gave her that water, and pray he isn't evil." Why was he given a Kokiri with such and important connection to the fate of the world? "I can almost understand why Navi just went up and left." He stopped. "Its the Song of the Forest! Saria's playing it!" He began to fly towards the source of the magical song.


Shadow was angry. "Cruse that salesman! Curse that Gossip Stone! Now Link is prepared, and that stupid fairy is going to find the Forest Sage!" He took a few deep breaths "OK, calm down, you can deal with this. But how?" He suddely relised it. "Of course...heh heh heh. This may work out to my advantage. Now Fairy, fly to your little charge, but don't think you'll help." He burst out laughing.


Dinner at Lon Lon Ranch was a wonderful meal. Saria enjoyed the meat and potatoes. She had spent most of the day learning how to ride a horse. It had been pretty easy, beause Epona had been very helpful. Apparently she was wlling to do anything anybody who could play her song, namely Link, Malon, and now Saria.

"Will you be spending the night Saria?" Talon asked.

"I don't see why not. This has been a wnderful experence for me, Thank you."

"Well, its wonderful to see Malon make a girl friend her own age."

Malon smiled "I'll show you to the guest room."


Malon took Saria to the room pointing to the bed she said, "You can sleep there."

"Thanks. Good night Malon."

"Good night Saria."

Saria sat down on the bed. It was so soft. I'll have no trouble falling asleep on this. She reached into her bag, and pulled out one of the bottles filled with Forest Water. One sip per day.. She pulled out the cork and drunk some.

Instantly she felt a rush of energy flow through her. It was unlike anything she had ever felt before! A power, which she hadn't even known was being drained, was instantly filled. What a ruch! I can see why Shadow said this will keep me alive. Yawning a little, she decided to go to sleep. Pulling her pajamias out of her bag, she changed into them, laid down in the very soft bed and almost instantly fell asleep.


Saria was in her meadow. She didn't know why, but she has always had thought of it as her domain. Maybe it was the old building that rested in it that drew her too it.

She was sitting down on the large stone slab that was in the middle of her meadow when she heard a sound.

It was Link.

He was standing there, a small smile on his face. He looked...different somehow. He looked...desireable. He walked towards her, slowly. Saria stood up, Link was just a few inches from her. Neither said anything, or even moved for a few seconds. Then Link moved. He wraped his arms around Saria, and then he pressed his lips against hers. It was a strange feeling, but a very pleasent one. Saria felt all strenth leave her as he held her closer to him. She melted into his arms, their lips still pressed together. Her whole body felt warm inside as she felt Links body press against hers. Link pressed forward against Saria, and Saria found herself lying on the ground, with Link on top of her. That warm feeling was now a fire.

She knew she wanted more.

She pressed her lips against Links even harder, tasting his lips and mouth. A long moan escaped her thoat as she reached up to his shirt and began to take it off....




"Wake up Saria!"

Saria groaned. Whoever stopped my nice dream is going to pay... The dream left her in a strange state. That warm feeling was still in her, plus she was all sweaty. And at the same time she felt good, half-asleep, but good.

"Saria, wake up right now!"

"I'm up, I'm up." Saria looked at the thing that had woken her up. "Kalo? Is that you?"

"Yes it's me! What are you doing here!"

"Last I checked I was sleeping" Saria said sarcasticly.

"You know I don't mean that!"

"Sorry, Kalo, but you just stopped a really good dream. So I'm kind of irritated."

"It doesn't matter. You need to go back to the Lost Woods right now!"

Saria relised what he was saying, he wants me to give up, to go back, to never see Malon again, to never find Link...


Kalo was stunned. "What do you mean 'no'?"

"I'm not going back without Link, and that's final."

"Saria, you don't understand-"

"No. I will not go back and that's final!"

'Dosen't she relise that she is likely falling into a trap?'"Saria, I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice."

Saria relised what he was about to do No Kalo, please don't make me choose between you and Link...

"Saria of the Kokiri, as your Gaurdian Fairy, appointed by the Great Deku Tree, I order you, under penalty of banishment, to return to the forest with me."

It was the last resort for any Gaurdian Fairy. For if a Kokiri became too rebellous, they could envoke this order, if the Kokiri disobeyed, he of she was banished, never allowed in the village or the presence of the Great Deku Tree again. Only twelve times in the history of the Kokiri has there been a banishment. And only once had a banishment been revoked.

Tears were flowing down Sarias face. Please take it back..

"Saria, I'm waiting."


Kalo was sure he didn't hear her right. "Saria, what did you say?"

"I said no."

"Saria! You understand what that means, Don't you!?"

"Yes I understand! You had to make me choose between home and Link, and I chose Link!"

Saria... "You love him."


"You love Link. You love him in a way Kokiri shuldn't and there is nothing I can to about it." Kalo was glowing a depressing blue now. "I'm sorry Saria, I'll be going to imform the Great Deku Tree of you decision. Goodbye Saria..." My daughter... He flew away slowly, taking on last glance at the girl he loved as his own child.

Saria was numb about what just happened. She had just given everything up, for Link. I love Link... it echoed through her mind I love Link...

I love Link...

I love Link.

"I love Link!" she finally said aloud. She loved Link! That was why she always felt happy when he was around, thats why he gave her that warm feeling thats why she would do anything to find him!

"I love Link!" Tomarrow, she would put those horse-riding lessons to use. To find Link.

And to tell him how she felt.

Because he is all she had left.


Kalo drifted slowly back towards the Lost Woods, in no hurry to inform the village that Saria had chosen banishment.

"Sucks to be you." A voice said.

Kalo looked foreward, to see a cloaked man. "Who are you!"

"Call me Shadow. I am the one who gave the Forest Sage the tools that led to her banishment."

A cloaked man.. "You..how could you! Wait, Forest Sage? How do you know about that!?"

"All part of my plan. But your interfrance almost runied it." He let out a sinister chuckle. "Luckily I managed to strenthen it by leaps and bounds, all thanks to you."

"You monster..."

"Thank you." Kalo could see the sick grin. "However, I can not let anyone else know of her banishment." Shadow vanished suddenly appering in front of Kalo, there was a flash of light and Kalo was in a glowing sphere of light. He was trapped.

"Let me out!" Kalo shouted.

"Don't worry, I won't harm you. You can wittness my plans come to fruit."

His laughter echoed through the plains.

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