Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 4: Together

Link was sitting in a jail cell. How he ended up in that jail cell is an embarrassing story. Stupid new guard. I should have just knocked him out. But nooooo, I had to be the good boy and let myself be arrested' It was times like this that made Link regret his vow to never harm innocents, no matter how annoying they may be. Look at the bright side; I'm not with the freak. That seemed to be the only good side. His gear was taken, he was in a small cramped cell, and he had to pee! If they think I'll use that chamber pot, they have another thing coming. Link was sure it was alive and was waiting for him to try and use it so it could suck out his soul. It's happened before.

"You know you'll have to tell me about how you got caught."

Link looked at the one who said that. It appeared to be a young man, (Appeared was the key word here.) slightly taller then Link, his blond hair falling over his face, covering one of his red eyes. His face was giving Link a know-it-all grin. That Irritated Link. "Oh, hello 'Sheik.'"

Sheik held up some keys. "I'm here to help you out."

Link smiled, his irritation forgotten. "Great! Now can you-"

"But...I would like to hear what happened"

Link felt the irritation returning. "Sheik now is not the time-"

"I mean, it must be a funny story."

Link gritted hi teeth. "Sheik I don't want to tell-"

"I wonder what would happen If I told everybody about-"

"Open the damn door you goddess-cursed transvestite!"

"Touchy. Oh fine." Sheik inserted the key and opened the door. "So are you going to tell me?"




"You want to borrow Epona?"

Malon was looking at her new friend with small look of surprise. "You just started learning yesterday!"

Saria gulped. "I know, but I'm sure I can handle it..."

"Saria, you could get hurt!"

Saria raised her hand to tell her friend to be quiet for a minute. "Please, Malon, I need to find Link."

Malon sighed "Saria..."


Malon seemed to have a battle going on in her. "All right, you can borrow her, but come back once you find. Link, OK?"

Saria let out a whoop of joy "Thank you Malon!" she gave Malon a big hug.

"Whoa, whoa, Fairy Girl, save your affection for Fairy Boy." Malon squeaked out, pulling out of Sarias bone-crushing hug.

Saria blushed "Malon!"

A fit of giggles escaped from the farm girls lips "Oh come on, I know you like him, it's so obvious. The way you blushed whenever you talked about him, which you did all the time by the way."

Saria smiled faintly "Well I guess I do like him..."

"Well tell me all the details when you get back." She got a wicked grin on her face "All the dirty details."

The dream rushed to Sarias mind and her face became redder then Malons hair. "Malon!!"

Malon let out a long stream of giggles. "Well, let's go get Epona."


Zelda sat down in a cushioned chair. "So Link, what brings you here this time?" She gave him a gentle smile.

Link looked at her and said blankly "I came here to take shameless advantage of your hospitality. If you must know."

"So you did come to see me." her smile grew bigger.

"I guess so."

Zelda's smile grew even bigger. "So, anything you want to do now that you're out of that cell?"


Zelda's train of thought crashed. "Pee? Why didn't you go in the cell?"

"I didn't want my soul sucked out."

Zelda stared "You're joking."

"It's happened to me before."

Before? "Link what does that... Never mind, I don't want to know. The bathroom is that way." She pointed in a direction "Just hurry up."

"Yes, Your Highness." Link replied sarcastically then he walked off.

Zelda sighed, Link, how am I going to get through to you...


Shadow was over looking Hyrule Castle. "So boring, the Forest sage will be here soon and the Sage of Wisdom is already bothering Link"

"For the last time let me out!"

Shadow stared at Kalo, contempt written on his features. "Is it a natural trait of fairies to be annoying? Because all you've done since I found you, is annoy me."

"You're the one who captured me!"

"Yeah, yeah. Hey, why don't we have some fun?"

"W-what do you mean by that?"

"Watch" Shadow held out his hand, his hand began to glow; suddenly it flew right off him! The hand melted into a black puddle. Then four things grew out of the puddle, each one seemed to have no defined form, shifting and changing by the second. The only defined things were two glowing red eyes on each. Then, Shadows hand grew back.

"What, what are those!?" Kalo screamed, disgusted.

"ShadowBeasts. My babies. They are part of me. If killed, they return to me and I regain their strength. One will go test the Forest Sage, can't have her being to weak now can we?" On cue one of them formed wings and flew off in Sarias direction. "The other three will attack Link." The creatures crawled off towards the castle. "Now things should get a bit more interesting."

"You're..." Kalo stammered "your...your not human!"

"No," Shadow hissed "I'm not."


Riding a horse in practice was a lot different then riding it for real. A lot harder. It's OK, I can handle this. Saria had her eyes closed, and was clutching the reins for dear life as Epona went forward at full speed. Just because I'm moving faster then I've ever moved before and if I fall I'll probably be hurt really...Oh Goddesses! I'm going to die! Suddenly, Epona stopped. Huh? Am I dead? Saria opened her eyes. Epona had stopped In front of a bridge, in front a large stone structure. The castle... "I made it! WhooHoo! I'm alive! I'm-" Epona reared suddenly, turning around and running away from the castle! "Hey! Wait! Stop! Why are you going that way!?" Saria turned around, and saw why Epona was running.

A huge thing was chasing them, it seemed to shift and change constantly, its wings flapping, causing it to slowly move foreword. It crashed into the ground. Saria became somewhat relieved. Then the relief was destroyed as the thing shifted into some sort of horse like shape, running towards her, moving even faster then Epona. Oh crud, oh crud... It grew an arm-like thing, the end of it tapered and sharpened. And it flew off the THING, launching towards her like a spear. "Left!" she screamed, pulling Eponas reins, making her turn. The spear rushed past her, smashing into the ground, before melting...

'What can I do?' she thought 'How can I get away from this?' The thing was catching up to her. 'Please Epona, go faster' Epona; however seemed to have other ideas. She reared back, stopping so suddenly that Saria flew off. Slamming into the ground. The thing stopped, looking at Saria with those glowing eyes. It seemed to be saying "get up." Saria struggled to her feet. The thing shifted into a roughly human shape, with two arms and legs. One of its arms lengthened and sharpened, like a sword. While the other one became broad, like a shield. It stood there, staring at her with those evil, red eyes.

You want to fight me!?" she shouted, realizing its intent. The thing nodded with the bulge that seemed to be a head. It charged, its "sword" pointed outward, ready to kill Saria. The Kokiri rolled out of the way and watched the thing cut through the ground where she had been standing there a second ago like it was nothing. It turned around and charged again, this time Saria leaped out of the way. Another deep cut was made in the ground. What do I do? What do I do?

The Great Deku Tree had forbidden the learning of attack magic by the Kokiri without his permission. Because of that, Saria did not know what to do.

-I can help you-

'Who's that?' Saria thought as she ducked under a strike aimed at her head.

-A friend.-

You can hear my thoughts? Kicking the "shield" into the thing, knocking it back.

-Yes, I am a part of you, a part that hasn't been awakened yet.-

Then how are you talking to me? Jumping over a swipe aimed at her feet.

-You need my help, I'll give it to you, and then I'll sleep again.-

How can you help me? She screamed as the "sword" cut her arm, it burned like fire.

-I will unlock some of the knowledge hidden in your mind-

It hurts it hurts she stumbled to the ground. The THING raised its sword, triumphant.

-Here we go...-

Sarias mind was suddenly flooded with new knowledge. She knew what to do. The thing brought its "sword" down, ready to finish her off. Saria would have none of that. Her hands suddenly glowing a pure white, she reached up, and grabbed the "sword"


The spell flowed through the thing, causing it to shake and pulse wildly. Saria was sure that if it was capable of making sound, it would be screaming right now. White light began to surround it, turning it into stone, before finally collapsing into a pile of dust. She stood up. Smiling from ear to ear, she beat it! She won! "Epona!" she called to the horse, which was now some distance away, "Come on! It's safe!" The foal just backed away. "Epona?" Saria then sensed something behind her! Rolling out of the way she turned around and saw another thing. This one was had three legs around a huge bloated body, a gaping mouth with sharp, uneven fangs was snapped shut over where she was a second ago. Oh, that's why Epona is staying away. She was confident that she could beat it; after all, she now knew very powerful spells. The thing turned and charged, eager to rip Saria to shreds. Saria didn't even blink.

"Farores Wind!"

Green light swirled around Saria. In an instant she was gone. The THING stopped, confused on where her prey had gone.

"Hey bozo! Back here!"

The THING turned around, and saw the Kokiri it was trying to kill standing twenty feet away. It charged again. Not even noticing Sarias hands were glowing a dark green.

"Natures Wrath!"

The green light shot out of her hands, forming a tornado around the thing. It was picked up and spun around. Saria raised her hands, and the tornado became a sphere of light, she slammed her hands together. The Sphere collapsed on itself, before exploding. Waves of magic shot out from the explosion, destroying the thing utterly. Saria noticed that Epona was now standing by her side. "I did it girl." She said to the horse, all her strength gone, "I beat them..."

And everything went black


Inside the Royal Library, Link was reading a book on history. Zelda was watching him. Why does he have to be like this? Flowed through her mind. Why did he change from that sweet boy I once knew? Link was now cold, distant, sarcastic and cynical. His old personality would sometimes pop back up. But it was never for long. Did I do something to him? Or was it just the stress that came from being the Hero of Time? Sometimes Zelda wished she hadn't sent them all back in time. No. this was the only way' Only she and Link remembered the seven years that Gannondorf ruled Hyrule. Maybe it would have been best if Link had forgotten too... But now was no time to reflect on that. Now was the time to try, once again, to pull Link out of his shell. "Link? Do you want to go out?"


Here we go again.. "Why not?"

"I like reading."

"But it's such a nice, sunny day."

Link looked up at Zelda. "Princess, if you had to travel in the hot sun for days at a time, you wouldn't call this day 'nice'." He went back to reading his book.

Why Naryu? Why? "Link..." Whatever Zelda was about to say was stopped by sounds of fighting. "What's that!?"

Link was already up, running towards the window.


Link jumped out the window.


Kalo watched in horror as three ShadowBeasts ganged up on the guards. "They'll be killed!" He struggled against the magic field, but it held strong.

"They won't be killed Fairy, nobody shall die. Don't you get that?!" Shadow was starting to regret capturing Kalo. 'By Din, he's irritating....'

"And yet people will be hurt! You've already hurt so many people! How many more will suffer."

Shadow didn't say anything.


"All will suffer..."


Link landed. 'Hmmm, three stories, not my personal best, but still pretty good.' He ran out to see what the cause of the fighting was.

When he arrived he stopped in his tracks. Shadows... The strange creatures looked like living shadows, with glowing red eyes and an unstable form. I looked like it took some effort for them to keep a fixed shape. One looked like man, but with arms longer then it was tall with razor sharp claws at the end of them. Another looked like some sort of insect, with five legs and a long body with a bladed tail, and no head. The last one had six arms and two wheels on it with a circular body. What strange monsters. Link thought but this must be what the freak warned me about. Link drew the Great Fairies Sword and took out his Mirror Shield. Let's do this. Just then one of the guards cut of one of the wheeled Shadows arms! The arm flopped to the ground and melted into a black puddle. Huh? Link stopped in mid-charge That seemed too easy Then the arm grew back. Oh, they can regenerate. Link then noticed something bad. A fourth Shadow was forming from the puddle! Crap! Not only do they regenerate but any parts cut off make a new one! Link summoned up the magic for a Light Sword. "Alright, I guess I'll have to take them out fast." Link rushed to battle.


The forth ShadowBeast looked like a giant bladed top, constantly spinning, its eyes somehow staying in place. It spun toward its target. Its siblings noticed the target as well. He had summoned the Light Sword magic, but it didn't matter. They were to fight the target, just like Father had told them too, and if they died they would return to Father and live again.


Link noticed that the moment he got within view, all four Shadows stopped fighting he guards and focused on him moving toward him in their own way. The wheeled on got there first, swinging one of its arms at Link. He ducked and cut through its arm, the Light Sword vaporizing it. Link then stabbed it. "Die! You stupid creature!" The Shadow burst into white flames; it was gone in an Instant. The human-shaped one reached Link next. Swinging one of its clawed arms him like a punch. Link blocked it with his shield, and then he swung his sword at the Shadow, ready to kill another one. Only to find his blow deflected by its claws. Link noticed that its claws were a lighter color then the rest of It. "Ah, so you have some defenses after all." The Shadow circled around Link, just staying out of reach. The Insect and top moved foreword. The Clawed Shadow stuck! extending its arms to attack Link. Link jumped into the air, dodging the strike, he put away his shield, and pulled the Megaton Hammer out of his bag. He landed and swung the hammer, slamming it into the ground. The shockwave went through the earth the insect wobbled somewhat, the human-like one stumbled, but the top fell on its side. "Hah!" Link shouted and threw his sword, still charged with Light Magic, Into the Top-Like Shadow. It died the same way the wheeled one had. Link then drew the Gilded Sword. Holding the Hammer and the blade in front of him, he fake-yawned. "Is that all you've got?" The Shadows seemed to be angered by this and rushed foreword. The Insect Shadow swiped at Link with its tail. Link blocked it with the hammer. The Human-Like Shadow extended its arms but Link spun his sword to deflect the blows. The insect spun around, knocking the hammer out of his hand. Not good. The human-like one then reached out towards him, Link raised his sword to block. And the Shadow grabbed his sword! Pulling it out of his hand! AH CRAP!! The two Shadows began to wobble a little bit, like they were laughing. They charged, ready to finish of the Hero of Time. The human-like one swiped at Link, he sidestepped the blow. The insect leapt at Link, Link jumped over it, only to be hit by the flat end of its tail, Link flew into the castle wall. Gotta get my weapons back! Link pulled himself up and began running towards the Great Fairies Sword. The human-like shadow extended his arms, ready to attack him.

"Nayrus Love!"

Link summoned the protective spell, the claws bounced off the blue diamond. Alright! Time to win! He continued to rush towards his blade. But he was stopped by a massive blast of black energy. What the? The insect was shooting black balls of shadow at him. Link could feel the strain from keeping uo the spell against such a powerful attack. Ah man this sucks. Should use my trump card now? The magic shield shattered. Yup. He began to focus his energy, channeling it into his hands. Please let it work Link had only done this once before, but the situation had been about as desperate. "Lets see you freaks handle this!" He slammed his hands into the ground.


A huge pillar of fire shot out of the earth, surrounding Link. The Shadows seemed afraid of the all-consuming flames the fire flew out, engulfing them. They were vaporized in a second. The pillar faded away, leaving only an exhausted Link. Man, those Wrath of the Gods spells really take it out of you then he passed out.


In the world Hyrule resides in magic is quite common. Every race has magical properties. And almost everybody can use some magic. Mages are those who study magic, invent new spells and archive those that already exist. The ultimate magic is the power of the Triforce. But the Triforce is generally inaccessible to the average mage. The most powerful of magic users are those who can harness the raw power of the goddesses, the residual energies that are left over that didn't go into the creation of the world, this is the next best thing to the Triforce. This magic is known as three spells: Dins Fire, Farores Wind and Nayrus Love. These are known as the Spells of the Gods When the Spells of the Gods are used, anyone with any magical training could sense it from a mile away. They are that powerful.

Impa of the Sheikah was pondering these spells. Someone used Farores Wind today. But that boy, Link. What had he used? The spell had made the Spells of the Gods look like parlor tricks. He was asleep on Princess Zelda's bed. Such power in one so young, I once would not have worried about this, for he was a kind, noble boy. But now...' Impa didn't know what to do.


Without turning around she responded "Yes Zelda?"

"Is Link alright."

"He is fine."

"Thank the Goddesses." Impa watched as Zelda placed a hand on Links cheek. "I'm glad he's ok..."

Zelda.... Impa thought sadly can't you see that he can or will not love you? You must realize that. Why do you peruse him? Allow him free reign of the castle; spend every waking moment you can with him every time he visits. Even trust him with the Ocarina of Time! He can or will not love you, which I can see. She sighed. Some lessons you had to learn on your own.


Saria woke up to find herself in a bed.

"Thanks goodness your awake!" A voice said.

"Huh?" Saria saw the woman who had spoke to her. "where am I?

"Oh! You're in the infirmary."

Saria didn't know what an infirmary was, but decided not to comment. "Um, how did I get here?"

"Oh! Some people found you in the field, passed out. They brought you here. What happened to you, you poor dear?"

"I...can't remember..." What happened? The last thing she remembered was saying goodbye to Malon. Where was she? "Where is this place?"

"You are in Hyrule Castle Town. Is that where you wanted to be?"

Hyrule...castle? "Yes! I needed to come here! Thank you!"

The woman smiled. "By the way, a horse was found standing gaurd over you, is it yours?"

"Epona! Where is she?"

"At the public stables, you don't need to worry."

Saria let out a sigh of relef. "I hope I haven't been a bother."

"Nonsense child, you needed it."

Saria got out of the bed. She felt fine. "Thank you. Can I go now?"

"I don't see why not."

Saria went out to see the Market for the first time.


A splitting headache greeted Link when he woke up. Why me?

"Link your awake!" he heard Zelda exclaim.

"Did you stay by my side? How sweet." Link commented sarcastically "Now get me a headache cure and some Green Potion!"

Zelda rolled her eyes "Do I look like a servant?"

"You're the only other living thing in the room. That's close enough!"

Zelda giggled At least his sense of humor is still intact, darker, but still intact. "Oh fine I'll get you some Blue Potion, I hear it's a great headache cure, plus you won't need to worry about green potion!"

"Fine just bring it!"

"Alright, I'll go off to the market to get some." She stood up and left.


The Market.

There was nothing Sheik liked better.

He had never understood why Link hated it so. The hustle, the bustle the sounds of life, and of course, the cheap goods. "Lets see, I need to buy some Blue Potion. To the potion shop!' Sheik went to make his purchace.


Sair had never neen so many people in her life! Everywhere there were people! People talking, running around, buying things, selling things. It was noisy, Saira had never heard such a load thing in her life, sure a Wolfos howl was loulder, but that was a brief burst of sound. This was constant. And crowded. The thickest part of the Lost Woods wasn't as crowded as this. If Link is here I'll never find him! Saria began trying to move through the mass of "adults" (What big outsiders are called) She didn't even notice the person her size untill she rammed into him.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't see you, it's just so crowded and it's my first time here and.."

Saria was inturppted by the boys outburst.



Sheik was shocked. What was Saria, the Forest Sage, doing here? And not in the Forest where she belongs? He realized that he had bluted out her name..How was he going to cover that?

"How do you know my name?" She asked, looking at him

"Um..I reconized you! Yeah! You see I'm a friend of Link and-" Sheiks lie was intturped by Saria.

"You know Link? Do you know where he is? I've been looking for him!" Saria was speaking very quickly.

Sheik was confused. "You want to see Link? I guess I could take you-" Saria again inturrpted him.

'Really! Thank you! I've been looking all over for him. I need to talk to him." By the time she finished talking her voice had taken on a sad tone.

Sheik gazed at the Kokiri. "I guess I could take you to him. Folow me." Saria followed the fake Sheikah.


Link was still in bed. He was thinking about something that had happened yesterday. He had heard an Ocarina play Saria's Song and Epona's Song. But how? Both songs were not common knowlage, only Malon and Link knew Epona's Song. (Link didn't count Romani under this list, seeing as she was from another dimencion and all.) Saria's Song was a bit more common, being, in fact, the Sacred Song of the Forest. But only the Forest Sage and those she gave permission to could play it. It was impossable to learn otherwise. So only, Saria, a few Kokiri, and him knew it. So who played them? Why are you giving yourself a headach over this? Oh yeah, because it's a mystery, and misteries tend to make your life a bit more hellish. Links thoughts were intturpted by a familer voice.


Link turned, and stared.

It was Saria.

Link had never been so shocked in his life, Saria, was here. And she looked...happy to see him. She was running now, calling his name, toward him. When she reached him, she wrapped him in a big, bone-crunching hug. Urk!

"Link! I found you I found you I can't believe it I found you! After you left I followed you and got lost and met Malon and Epona and found the castle and met Sheik and oh, I'm so glad I found you!" she said this all very fast.


"I was looking for you!"

She was looking...for me? the look on Sarias face after the fight at the village appeared fresh in his mind. "Saria...why would you look for me?"

"Because Link...I-"

Sheik inturppted them. "Saria, could you explain how you are here?"

Saria got a sheepish look on her face. "Can I talk later? I want to spend some time with Link first..."

Sheik sighed "Alright.."

Link smiled at Saria. "I don't know how you're here, but thanks."

Saria blushed. "Your welcome, Link." Suddenly Saria did something that gave Link the second biggest surprise of his life.

She kissed him.

It was around this time that his brain turned off.


"Wasn't that beautiful!" Shadow commented. Making false sobbing noises.

"Is this all part of your plan?" Kalo asked

"In fact, yes, the Forest Sage did a wonderful job fighting off the ShadowBeast and now she and Link are together at last. Phase two can begin."

"Your sick, you know that?"

"Thank you."

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