Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 5: Time On The Town (AKA: Pointless Link/Saria fluff)

Sheik could not believe what he was seeing. Saria was kissing Link! What is she doing? Sheik knew what he was feeling. And he didn't care; he forgot about that he was Sheik right now, all he remembered was Link getting kissed. "What do you think you are doing?" he shouted.

Saria pulled her lips away from Link. "Um...." She seemed nervous. "Well, I..." she trailed off.

Link was completely unresponsive. His eyes were glazed over and he seemed to be in a coma. Great... Sheik glared at Saria. Almost wishing his glare would burn her.


Link was in a state of euphoria. Saria had kissed him. The fact that Kokiri didn't know about kissing didn't matter. He felt her lips on his, and he loved it. Saria pulled away after Sheik...or is it Zelda? Whatever after Sheik/Zelda said something, she pulled away. Her face was looking at Zeleik. No fair! She's his! Shelda better stop taking her attention away from him...Hey, Blue Potion! Sheikda brought him some! He quickly drank it. The awful taste cleared his mind quite quickly.


Saria was embarrassed. She had forgotten all about Sheik! He was glaring at her, he seemed really angry. Why? "Um, Sheik-
"Why are you kissing him!?"

Kissing? Is that what's it's called? "I...wanted to." Saria heard Link mumble something like "she's mine...”

Sheik didn't seem to take that well. "Wanted to! You just wanted too!" He took a bottle of blue liquid from a pouch, and threw it at Link. "Why did you want to?!" He seemed really angry at this point. Why is he so mad' she pondered He seems almost...jealous. Jealous? It made some sense, but, Saria was pretty sure that Sheik wouldn't be jealous of her over Link, would he? "Sheik, why are you-"

"Ugg! This stuff is nasty!" Link had rejoined the world of the living. And Sheik was instantly in his face.


Link had to admit. An angry Sheikah was one of the most frightening things one could ever see. An angry woman was also one of the most frightening things one could ever see.

Sheik was both.

Link suddenly felt very afraid for his life. "Um...Zelda?" he asked, using her real name. "Could you...go change?" He hoped that Sheik would leave.

He did. "Fine" he spat "but I'll be back soon. He stormed out of the room.

Link let out a sigh of relief. Why was Zelda so angry? It suddenly hit him like an Iron Knuckle.

She was in love with him.

He had been so busy wallowing in self-pity that he had missed all the signs! How could he be so stupid! 'Now what am I going to do.. .’ Link didn't want to have to deal with Zelda, so he did what he did when there was a problem and he couldn't deal with it right now. "Saria, can you grab my equipment?" pointing to his things lying in a corner.

Saria nodded, walking over to the corner, picking up the things, and coming back. "Here you go" she said quietly.

Link took her hand. "Thank you."

"Farores Wind!"

A flash of green light, and Link and Saria were gone.


Zelda felt the magic spell. She quickly ran to her room.

Link was gone.

"No..." she whispered "he left me...he ran away..." Zelda slumped to the floor, and started crying. "He hates me he hates me...." she sobbed. She then felt someone’s arms wrap around her.

It was Impa. "There there, Zelda. It is alright." She tried to soothe the princess.

"It is not alright! He hates me!" Zelda shouted.

Impa narrowed her eyes. "Zelda, you are being irrational, Link does not hate you. He still desires to be your friend."

"Then why did he run!" Zelda knew she was being irrational, but she didn't care at the moment.

"Do you love him?"

Zelda was taken aback "what?"

"Answer my question, Zelda." Impa had become stern.

"I...I...I YES!" She shouted, then breaking down into more sobbing.

Impa sighed. "Zelda, just because Link does not return your feelings does not mean the he hates you. Besides, you are only twelve, much too young for matters of love."

Zelda sighed Impa, I'm older then I look. Seven years older to be exact. But she was right, Link didn't hate her. But she was going to have a few words with him when he got back. Feel my wrath, bwahahahah. A faint smile appeared on her face. "Thank you Impa, I feel so much better now.

Impa smiled besides, it’s Links loss. That’s good, how about we go practice?"

That would take her mind off Link! "Sure!"


Link had warped them to a small back ally. 'Saria..." Link was staring at her, he knew that. He didn't care.

She was beautiful. Her emerald hair framed her soft face, her sky-blue eyes shined with happiness. Towards him. He wanted to kiss her again.

"Link," She said, her voice sounding like a forest bird’s song. "I have something to tell you." She took a deep breath.

What was she going to say? Would it be good, bad? Would she cruelly reject him after all this?

"Link..." she began, she looked up at him, into his eyes. "I love you."

'She loves me...she loves me...' "You love me!" Link jumped into the air. Hugging her tightly. Link had never been so happy in his life! He stared into her eyes. "Saria, I love you too." All worries flew out of his mind, the fact that he was a Hylian, and she was a Kokiri. It didn't matter, He loved her, and she loved him. He gave her another kiss.


Saria was ecstatic. Link loved her! He pressed his lips against hers, "kissing" her. It was all worth it. Everything she had done, it was worth it. She pulled back. "Link, don't ever leave me."

Link looked at her, "Saria-"

"Promise me." She gave him The Look, the look all girls know how to give boys in order get what they want.

Link faltered. "OK Saria, I promise I'll never leave you." he held her close. 'This isn't so bad.' She seemed so small, so fragile, in his arms. "I promise I'll never let you get hurt...” he whispered, so quietly that only a Hylian could hear it.


Kalo looked on, horrified at what he was seeing. "Saria! Can't you see! You are only setting yourself up to be hurt!"

Shadow chuckled "You know, fairy, they can't see or hear us. We aren't on the same plane of existence as them."

Kalo glared at Shadow. "You think setting them up for heartbreak is funny!"

Shadow laughed "My dear fairy! They won't live long enough to suffer heart break!"


Malon was thinking about her new friend. 'I wonder if she found Link yet.' Link was the first real friend she had made. They met in the Market. His strange clothing, his confused face, and that cute fairy drew her to him. They became fast friends. Malon had never felt any romantic attachment towards Link, though her dad often teased her about him. Once even asking Link if he wanted to marry her! Links reaction to that had been amusing, or so Talon said. But when Saria had turned up, she knew this was the friend Link had talked about non-stop. Saria was everything Link had said she was. Malon had taken an instant liking to her. So she had trusted her with Epona, and her song.

"Malon! Are the cows fed!" Ingo, the head ranch hand, shouted. Link didn't like Ingo, for some reason, and the two of them had gotten into some shouting matches, Link showing off his rather, impressive vocabulary of curse words. Some of which Malon had never even heard before, and she lived on a ranch! "Yes, Mr. Ingo."

Malon heard something familiar, an Ocarina! 'Link? Or maybe Saria?' Malon followed the sound. She found neither Link nor Saria. It was a young man, cloaked, playing a red ocarina. Malon listened to this song. It sounded sad, seeming to echo through her soul. It ended softly, seeming to fade away like a gasping breath. The man looked up; she could see only his eyes.

They were red. "Did you like my song?" he asked.

Malon was put back by his eyes. But she responded anyway. "Yes, it is very beautiful."

He smiled. "Thank you, it is called the Nocturne of Shadow". It is a sacred song of the Sheikah."

"Wow, a Sheikah song? Are you a Sheikah?" Malon felt attracted to the mysterious man

"Well, I am called Shadow." he said. Giving her a smile, which she could see even though the rest of his face was concealed. "And I have a gift for you, Malon."

Malon was surprised. "Why would you be giving me a gift?"

Shadow smiled gently "I have been watching you for a while Malon, only now have I managed to speak you."

Malon blushed 'A secret admirer?!' "Well...what is the gift?"

Shadow chuckled and held up a small bag. "Actually it's more like gifts. A Fire Rod and an Ice Rod. It will take some training to use them, but I think you can handle It." he handed the bag to her. "One thing, Link will be looking for the Sages soon, go with him." Then, he vanished.

Malon gasped in shock. She had heard that Sheikah were capable of vanishing in thin air, but she never thought it was true! Malon opened the bag; it was a lot larger on the inside then on the outside. Inside were two scepters. One red and one blue. 'They look just like the ones in moms’ book...no...don't think about that.' Malon closed the bag and went into her house.


"OK...what was that for?" Kalo asked. Looking at Shadow "What part of your grand scheme involves giving a farm girl forbidden magical weapons?"

Shadow shrugged "I just felt like it would make things more interesting to have her around."

Kalo stared "You mean that had no reason whatsoever?!"

Shadow gave him a fierce grin, “now who said that?"


Saria was in heaven. She had followed Link all over town, now that it was nearly sunset it was a lot less crowded. Link had shown her the shops, well most of them

"Hey Link, can we see that place?" Saria asked. Pointing toward a store called The Happy Mask Shop.

"No." Link said bluntly.

"Why not?" Saria asked.

"Because I hate that store." He said, and left it at that.

Link had shown her some interesting places around town.

"ARRRGGG!!!!" The owner of the Treasure Chest Game shouted. "How do you always win?!"

Link smiled. "I guess I'm just too lucky sir." he said as he rubbed the odd looking magnifying glass with his shirt.

Of course, a priceless memory had been made as well.

Saria was looking at Link with concern as he grabbed he bag of explosive toys for Bombchu bowling. "Link, are you sure this is safe?" Saria," Link commented in a soft tone "relax, these bombchus aren't even real, they just make a big flash with lots of noise. They give out real ones as prizes. Watch I'll prove it." He wound one up, but didn't let go "I'm a whiz at this game so I can afford to sacrifice one." He had this cocky grin on his face. The bombchus eyes were now flashing red. A sign that it was about to go off.

Just then the desk lady interfered. "Wait! You grabbed some prizes by mistake! Drop it now!"

Link did a double take. "What-"


"Link! Are you alright?" Saria asked, concerned.

"Owie..." Link said, his whole body covered in soot.

Saria fell over laughing.

Now the sun was setting, and Link and Saria were now sitting on the outer wall of the town.

"It's beautiful..." Saria said in awe.

"Yeah it is" Link responded "When ever I need time to think, I just come here and watch the sunset."

"It's very calming..." She had never seen the sunset like this before. What a difference a lack of trees can make! "Link?"

Link turned to look at her, "Yes Saria?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Then he kissed her again. Saria closed her eyes, remembering the dream; there was a warm feeling there, but not the fire that existed in the dream. But the warm feeling was nice enough.

Saria smiled, life was good, Link was with her, and she will never be alone again.

She completely forgot about the Forest Water.


"HIYAAAA!" Another training dummy was chopped in half by a large Sheikah war knife.

Zelda was training, Impa was officially her bodyguard, in reality she was more like a mother figure, since Zelda’s own mother had died when she was young. So Impa was given a lot of leeway on how she treated Zelda and she had her own ideas on how to protect the princess.

Teaching her the Sheikah Martial Arts was one of them.

As such, every day since she was five she spent an hour every day training. It kept her in great shape. And it had come in handy during those seven lost years. After Gannondorf took the Triforce of Power, Impa fled with Zelda. She needed a disguise because Ganon knew Zelda possessed a piece of the Triforce. It was Zelda who thought of Sheik. Receiving a transfusion of Impas blood using a magical ceremony most often used for adoption. Zelda gained Sheikah blood, and then using the Triforce of Wisdom she strengthened it to the point to where she was for all intents and purposes, a Sheikah. Then to even further the disguise, she used the Triforce of Wisdom to make her appear and sound like a boy. For Wisdom can be used to confound and deceive. Not even a Kokiri could tell she was lying. She furthered her training in the Martial Arts until she was a master. When she sent herself and Link back in time, she discovered she still had the Sheikah blood in her, plus the knowledge she had gained. As such, it appeared to most other people that she had gotten a lot better really fast.

"YAHHH!" Another training dummy bites the dust.

Impa tsked. "Zelda that is the fifth one today. Those things aren't easy to replace, you know."

Zelda smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry Impa; I'm just a little frustrated right now."

Impa smiled "I understand Zelda; you do plan on forgiving him, right?"

Zelda nodded. "Besides, if I try to pick a fight with him he'll kick my butt. I'll just scream at him a lot, and make him beg for forgiveness."

Impa shook her head "I'd rather not have you make him beg, but I can see I can't stop you. Just leave the boy in one piece, alright?"

Zelda smiled and nodded, but on the inside she frowned. Link, I love you...but...maybe I'll be for you when you get older... her only hope was that Link would get over Saria once he got older and she stayed the same. "I feel awful" she whispered, too soft for Impa to hear.


They were checking into an "inn" as Link called them. It was a place where people could stay when they were away from home. The room had two comfortable beds in it.

"So Saria, what do you think of Hyrule?" Link was lying on his bed, gazing lazily at her.

"It's different" she said "Everything is so big."

Link smiled "Yeah, it is weird, I like the forest better."

The forest...My Banishment! Saria had forgotten all about that! "Link! There is something I need to tell you." She said, her voice taking on an edge of panic.

"Three Minutes, Forest Sage."

Saria turned and saw...Shadow? "What are you doing here?" She asked.

Link stood up. Distrust on his face. "Who are you, and why are you in my room?" He snapped.

"You may call me Shadow, Link but, my business is not with you today. It is with the Forest Sage."

Link seemed surprised "Forest Sage? How do you know about that!?" He snapped.

"Link, Link, Link" Shadow said, shaking his head. "I am the reason the Forest Sage was able to find you." Shadow faded and repapered in front of Saria. "Now, Forest Sage, I believe you have something of mine." Shadows hand glowed. Suddenly her bottles of Forest Water flew out of her bag and into her hands!

"Shadow! What are you doing?" She shrieked. She had forgotten about them! "I need those!"

"You want them?" Shadow asked mockingly. He dropped them on the ground; they shattered, spilling the water everywhere. "Oops, sorry. You have one minute, Forest Sage, one minute before you die." He vanished, laughing.

Link realized what he had done. "YOU BASTARD! COME BACK HERE I'LL KILL YOU!!!" he screamed in a rage. "No! Saria! Please! He must be lying!."

Saria knew he wasn't. She could feel it. She could feel herself fading away..."Link..." she coughed

"SARIA!" Link pulled her into his arms. "Saria! Please, you'll be OK!"

"Link." Everything was fading, was this death? She felt herself get weaker..."I'm sorry I didn't realize it sooner...I...love..."

And everything went black.

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