Tales of a Lost Kokiri

By Pata Hikari

Chapter 7: Battle At Hyrule Castle City

Link woke up in the inns bed. Yawning, he sat up, seeing Saria in the bed next to him, he realized it had all really happened. It's real, all of it. He thought happily, well, that means... Means what? What would he do now? Should he stay with her? She will end up getting hurt... he knew this. As long as he was the "Hero of Time" trouble would come to him like nothing else. And if she was with him...

And there was this Shadow person? He's obviously what the freak warned me about. And that meant he was dangerous, and apparently wanted Saria harmed. And if she is hurt by that thing... Images of what Link would do to Shadow if she was hurt flashed through his head, all of them painful. But what if Shadow wanted for him to leave her alone? Why am I playing the What If game? I want to be with Saria so I'm going to be with her! Satisfied with his decision he got out of bed.


Malon had woken up at dawn and was now doing her chores, as always. Feeding the cows and horses that she took care of, the ones which were used by her and Talon. The dark feeling had passed, Malon was sure Saria was alright.

As long as Malon could remember, she had strange feelings, they happened before bad things happened, change, or just strange events. After her mothers death her music had almost begged to be sung. When it was sung, she had a tingling feeling, and the animals always were healthier If she sang. She had never asked about It, nor had she told anyone about them.

Taking the blue rod out, she held it in front of her. It seemed to speak to her, telling her how to use it. Raising the rod over her head, she swung it down.

A bolt of blue light shot out of the Ice Rod. Shooting forward, it slammed Into an old barn wall. Ice began to spread around the building, until it was all in one large block. "Um...." Malon put away the Ice Rod. "I think I'll wait for lessons..."


Pulling herself out of bed, Zelda wondered why she felt so miserable.

Oh, right, Link was in love with a Kokiri and not her.

Bloody Hell.

Somehow Saria was alive, Zelda knew she should feel happy, and she was. But the jealousy was there, overshadowing all other emotion.

Zelda had fallen in love with Link shortly after seeing him as an adult for the first time. Seeing him awaken fight to save a land he had not know existed a few months ago to him only made It grow. After sending him back, she was support, always lending a hand, always helping him. And he was kind to her, his bright and happy personality cheering her up.

Until he came back from his search for Navi, his failed search.

He somehow became depressed, angry, bitter and nasty. She didn't know about what happened, and he had refused to explain it. And he was never the same. 'Now what?' She wanted Link to be happy.

"Your too noble, you know that, Time Sage?"

Zelda noticed a young man sitting on her window. She recognized him. "Shadow?"

Shadow smirked "Pleased to see you again, tell me, had Link been well?"

Zelda sighed, "He's In love with someone else."

Shadow shook his head. "Oh well, I had hoped my idea of you lending him the Ocarina of Time would work out."

Zelda smiled sadly, Shadow had showed up one day, he had said he was a seer and had Seen the dark future, he claimed to want to help her, she had received wonderful advice from him and he had even helped her out a few times. It was he who said Link needed the Ocarina of Time, and from what Link had told her, Shadow was right. "Well, he said it's been useful. But, why didn't you tell me about Saria?" She looked at him, almost pleading.

"Zelda, I can only See things that are of Importance. Which is why I'm here. Check the seal. That is all I need to say." Shadow vanished, like he always had when he decided to leave.

The seal? Did he mean the seal on Ganon? Reaching inside herself, she tuned in to power of the Sages, feeling the magic of the gods.

"Oh, crap."


Waking up to the smell of bacon and eggs. Saria burst downstairs. "Bacon!" She shouted with glee.

Link gave the Kokiri a dry look. "You like bacon, don't you?"

"Yup!" Saria said chipper. She looked at the food Link was eating, she started to drool. "I want some." reaching out to Links plate.

"Mine!" Link pulled his plate closer. "My food, I ordered some for you, here It comes!"

A plate of tasty outsider food was placed in front of Saria.

She dug in. "I love bacon."


Kalo was waiting, in this strange void, a second could last an hour and eternity could last but a second, not only that, but he saw only what Shadow let him see. So when Shadow vanished, he usually let Kalo see what he was doing. But not this time. "This guy has not predictable at all, one moment he's nice to me, to everybody, next moment he's laughing about how he's going to kill us all. There Is no pattern to his actions, yet It all has a reason. I hate this guy..." he sighed.

"Glad to see I'm so loved. And before you ask, I was setting up Phase Two of my plan." He seemed in a good mood. That meant someone else had been conned in his strange plot. "I must admit, Zelda was a tricky one, I had to start on her early." Chuckling, he continued "and Fairy, being predictable is bad. I never let anyone predict my actions, even if it causes me setbacks." Grinning he continued, "So what do you want to do today? I think it's high time for some new ShadowBeasts, don't you?"


"Arrgh! Where are they?" Sheik was rushing through the marketplace, looking for Link. It was early morning, so the market wasn't as crowded. But still, he had checked three inns so far, and no sign of him of Saria! "Why does this has to happen to me?" Finally, he spotted them leaving a rather small inn. "There they are!" He rushed towards the two.


"There you are!" Sheik was standing In front of them, "Link, Saria, we need to talk!"

Saria felt concern, Sheik seemed reasonable, but she needed to break this gently as possible, "Sheik, you see-"

"Not that!" Sheik interrupted, "What I need to talk about Is much more important then that."

"What's more important than Teenage Hormones?" Link quipped sarcastically.

"Link, shut up for a minute." Saria ordered him 'Honestly, he needs to relearn his manners' "Now what Is It?"

"It's the seal on Ganon, it's...unstable." Sheik held up his hand before Saria or Link could interrupt him. "Saria, when you were reawakened, you added such a serge of power to the seal that the parts that were still being contributed subconsouslï½™ by the other Sages were overpowered. It made the seal very unstable."

"What, what does that mean?" Saria suddenly felt very cold.

"It means that, within a month, the seal will unravel, and Ganon will be free."


"Is that your plan? To release some evil the Sages have sealed away?" Kalo was surprised, he seemed to have figured out Shadows plan! "Admit it!"

"Maybe, maybe not." Shadow responded casually, watching more and more ShadowBeasts emerging from himself. "But In all honesty Fairy, it seems rather cliché, all this just to release some moron who was imprisoned by them in the first place? Who's to say they won't do it again? Really, you have to think a little harder. Ah! Done!"

At least seven hundred ShadowBeasts were standing there, awaiting orders from their master.

He gave them with a smile on his face.

"Attack the Sages! Attack their homes, their families, their people! Attack the Hero of Time! Go forth my children!" Shadow shouted to all the monsters. They faded into the real world. Ready to do Shadows bidding.

"An all out attack?" Kalo asked "I thought you were the subtle type."

"I am never predictable, remember that Fairy."


Link was using every curse word he knew. This is beyond bad. After using up his vocabulary, he looked at Sheik, "We have one month to prepare. I say we make the most of it."

Saria stared at Link "What can we do? Do we let him take over Hyrule again?! He was too strong for us last time, all we could do was seal him away!"

"I know that! But what choice do we have? I say we attack the moment he gets loose, maybe we can overpower him If we do a surprise attack.." 'Well, I was right, my life is now beyond hell.'

Sheik shook his head, "Link, I don't think a surprise attack will be possible."

Saria nodded, "It would be best-"

The sound of rock crumbling Interrupted her.

"What In the world was that?" Sheik shouted.

Link turned to the direction of the sound, "Sounds to me like a part of the outer walls of the city being knocked down." He replied casually.

"Linky?" Saria asked.

Wince "Yes?"

"Show more concern!"

Sheik was already running to the source of the trouble.


"Zelda did not come to breakfast." King Harikan, King of Hyrule, said. "Impa, to you have any Idea where she ran off to this time"

Impa sighed, "Sorry Harikan, I don't have the slightest clue."

"Didn't Link visit? Maybe she's with him?"

Impa shook her head, "No, Link left a while before she vanished. Perhaps she is just wandering around the market place."

Harikan let out a long sigh. "Your probably right Impa, you usually are."

"Your highness!" A solider ran into the room "We are under attack!"

"What!" Harikan shouted "By whom?"

"Monsters, sir, living shadows, no defined shape."

Impa looked at the King, "I think I should find Zelda, this sounds like those beasts that caused trouble yesterday.

"Very well." the King said.

Impa was already running out the door. Zelda, I hope I can find you in time...


The ShadowBeast looked at the humans that had gathered around the hole It had made In the wall. They were holding swords, spears, ready to fight it.

Should it kill them? Father had gave them no orders to kill. Yet, no orders not to kill, like last time. The humans were forming a line, ready to fight It. Why not kill? After all, Father would have told them if they weren't to kill them. Feeling satisfied, it formed a claw. It swung It down to kill the humans.

There was a flash of green light. Then, a flash of blue. And its claw stopped.

It was confused, why had It stopped? The humans armor could not have stopped it, so what did?

It was a Kokiri, surrounded by a blue diamond. Wait, not just any Kokiri, the Forest Sage! It should kill this one! That blue diamond was what stopped its claw. It did not matter though, it would break It, then kill the Forest Sage. Father would be pleased!

The Forest Sage reached out, grabbing the claw. What was she doing? It pulled her up, forming another claw. Her hands were glowing, but that did not matter, the blue diamond was gone, so it could kill her. It drew back its new claw, ready to kill the Kokiri.

It never got the chance.

Pain like no other shot through its body. Starting at the claw the Forest Sage was holding, it rushed to the rest of it.

The ShadowBeast felt Its body break up. It could feel Its essence returning to father. It was sad, it did not get to kill anything.


Link watched the shadow fall apart, tuning into dust. I have to admit, she can take care of herself. Drawing the Great Fairy's Sword, he turned to Sheik. "Listen, magic's the only thing that can hurt these things. Cut them, and another will grow out of the wound. You got that?"

Sheik nodded, "Link, me and Saria both have more powerful magic then you, you should stay back."

Link grinned "And miss a battle? No way! Besides, who said I don't have powerful magic?" He charged into battle.

The shadows were pouring in from the hole they made, they were also leaping over the wall, and even tossing cut off parts over the soldiers heads!

The soldiers were trying to fight them, but they quickly were learning that they were only making the army stronger.

Saria was fighting like a Kokiri did. Link had never seen Kokiri fight before, he had preferred to stay at the village and take care of things at home. So he had never really learned how to fight. Besides, Kokiri mostly fought Wolfos and the rare Stalfos. But Link had to admit, a Kokiri fighting with magic was Impressive.

Saria was leaping around the mass of shadows, dodging every blow aimed at her with a speed not possible for a Hyilan. Leaping over one of them, she cast a spell that made a massive tornado appear around the shadows, tearing them to shreds.

"Beautiful..." Link whispered. Rushing towards a shadow that had just formed from a cut off part. His sword started glowing a bright blue. Link didn't even give it time to take on a shape, he cut it in half. Both pieces fell to the ground, frozen solid with magical ice, before shattering.

"One down, a million more to go."


Two monsters fell to Impas magic. "The whole city's become a war zone!" she shouted. And it was true, those beasts had overrun the city, people were fleeing to the castle, or boarding up their homes. Because they seemed to ignore buildings, only attacking people out in the open.

Blasting another one with a spell, she had learned they could only be harmed by magic after cutting one only to fine two in its place, she tried to see Zelda. People were running, trying to escape the battle, others were falling to the evil shadows.

Pulling out a transparent blade, she blocked a blast shot from a shadow which had taken the form of a cannon. She then cut through the creature, causing it co fade.

"Lady Impa! Thank the Goddesses your here!" A soldier shouted. Impa had reached a platoon of guards.

"What's the status of the city?" Impa demanded.

"Most people have evacuated, of boarded up inside their home. We can't bring them out because the monsters are patrolling those areas."

Why me? Impa was seventy-two years old (Sheikah live a long time.) she hadn't been in a major fight in forty years. I need to find Zelda. "Good! Listen men, I suggest you leave. Magic is the only thing that can hurt these beasts, so If you don't know some attack magic, leave!"


"Is there no end to this?" Saria exclaimed. She was still at the hole in the wall and shadows were still pouring in. Two of them jumped in from of her. Growing long arms with claws on them, they marched foreword. Lets try something new. Holding her hands out in front of her, she asked the Shadow Temple for aid.

It granted it. The symbol of the Shadow temple formed over her hands. The symbol of the Forest Temple appeared over it, though you could see both. Thrusting it onto the shadows, she shouted, invoking the spell. "Shadows, I command you! Serve evil no longer! Fight with me!" The shadows fell to the ground, shifting wildly. Saria could feel them resisting, but she pushed foreword, eager to take control of these monsters from their master.

Saria didn't notice that all the other shadows were also reacting.


"Urg!" Shadow was on his knees, clutching his chest. "Err...I..." The magic that was surrounding him grew brighter. It cackled around him like lightning. "She...thinks she can control me!?" His cloak fluttered around him. He began to stand up. Magic pulsing off him. With a shout, the magic flew off him "Nobody controls me!"


Saria could feel the shadows weakening. They were slowly taking the shape she wanted them too. She smiled "I win."

Then they pulsed. A symbol appeared on the shadows. One Saria recognized.

"The Triforce?"

Then her spell was thrown off.


Sheik ducked under a shadows attack. Moving her hands In a circle, she thrust them out. Shooting waves of light out of them. Three more shadows fell. "This is going to take forever..."

"Wahhhhhh!!!" Saria flew past him, slamming Into the wall. "Ok...don't try that again."

"Are you all right" Sheik took a second to check on the Sage.

"I'm fine." She jumped off to battle again.


Fire. Ice. Light.

Beams. Spins.

Fire. Wind. Love.

Cutting. Blocking.


Link smashed his sword Into a shadow.

It burned.

One tried to cut him.

It froze.

Pulling his blade out of the frozen shadow, Link looked around him. Nothing was left. Nothing. No blood, these shadows didn't bleed. It looked like nothing had ever happened In this part of the city.

Link heard clapping. There, was the one person Link hated as much as Ganondorf.


"You...you dare show your face to me!" Link growled. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Very well. Though I really don't see why we must fight." Shadow reached into his cloak and pulled out a sword. "Shall we do battle, Link?"


Link moved first. Swinging his sword at Shadows head. Shadow blocked using his own blade. For a moment the swords locked, before they both jumped back. Shadow slashed downwards at Link, who twisted to the side to avoid the blow. He then thrust his sword at Shadow. But Shadow knocked It to the side. Link then slashed at his Shadows legs, Shadow jumped over the blow, swing his sword down even as Link tried to twist his own around. Letting go of the Great Fairy's Sword, it was too heavy to use right now in a fight that required speed, he rolled out of the way of the blow and drew the Gilded Sword. They circled each other. Link held his weapon in front of him In a defensive position, Shadow had his at his side.

It had all taken thirty seconds.


Saria found herself relieved.

No more shadows were coming through the wall. "Thank Farore." Those that had moved past her, were probably being taken care of by Sheik and Link. "I should find them." Taking a few deep breaths, she ran off to find the others.


They were running.

There was no other explanation for it. All the shadows were running to a specific point. "They aren't even bothering to fight anymore." Sheik had picked off three of them as they ran, the shadows didn't even retaliate. They just kept on running. "Whatever they're heading for, It can't be good." He began to follow one of the shadows."


The shadows were amassing. They seemed to have gathered in a circle. Impa pushed her way through, they seemed to have no Interest in fighting anymore. She saw what they were watching.

Two people, one of which Impa recognized as Link, the other a cloaked person Links height. Were in a dance of death. The sound of swords clashing filled the air. Moving at such speeds that Impa could barely see them clearly. They fought.

Suddenly, they stopped.

Link was the one who spoke first. "Well, I gotta admit. You're pretty good. I'm still going to kill you, but you're pretty good Shadow."

Shadow seemed amused by this. "Link, I can not die. This fight Is over, I wanted to see if you were as skilled as I thought, and I was correct. You can deal with the ShadowBeasts." He turned around. "But first..."

Suddenly, Impa found herself being grabbed by dozens of ShadowBeasts. They dragged her struggling form towards Shadow. Before she could reach him, the ShadowBeasts were blown off with a spell. Impa stood up. "You sent these monsters." she hissed.

Shadow smiled "Guilty as charged, Shadow Sage. But still, I am glad you are here. Now I can strike." Shadow blurred, moving In front of her. Impa held up her hands for a spell, but it was to late.

"Ha!" Shadows hand flashed purple and a purple crystal formed around her.

Why does this seem familiar... Impa then blacked out.


"You cheating..."

"Now Link, I really think insulting me won't do anything." Shadow said casually, as the crystal containing Impa faded.

"Your trying to free Ganon, aren't you?" Link hissed. "That's what this is all about, isn't it!"

"And so the Hero makes his guess, but...like so many other things, he is wrong!" Shadow seemed to snort with laughter "I could care less about that fat Gerudo."

Link held his sword in front of him, "Then what is this all about!"

"This? Mostly to keep you on your toes Link. Speaking of that, I sense your little girlfriend approaching. It's best I leave now! But don't worry, I'll leave behind a gift." Holding up his right hand he summoned some magic. Magic formed around his hand, swirling like a cyclone, and the ShadowBeasts were drawn into the whirlwind. Until they were all one black spiral. "Ta ta, Linky." Shadow vanished.

I'm beginning to really wonder about him...

The spiral melted into a huge puddle of shadow. And it grew.

First It became a black ball, at least half as tall as the castle. Then the arms and legs appeared. Limbs that looked like a hawks talons formed feet. Human like hands formed at the ends of the arms.

Whitespines that looked like they were made of bone appeared all over its back, bursting out like grass.

That same bone burst out of the ends of the talons and fingers.

Two long, silver blades grew out of its wrists, extending beyond Its hands.

Black scales formed over Its whole body, red scales formed swirling patterns.

Finally, a single, huge eye opened on Its center. It was bloodshot, with a glowing, red iris, Teeth lined the pupil, gnashing like the eye was a mouth.

Then It made the first sound Link had ever heard a ShadowBeast make.

A huge, earth-shattering roar.

"Oh crap..."


Pulling at Sheiks arm, Saria shouted. "Snap out of it!" They had both seen the monster form. And Sheik was still staring at it. "Sheik, we have to go fight it! Link Is probably already there!"

Sheik shook his head. "Saria! Do you see that?" he shouted.

Saria gave Sheik a dry look. "Welcome back to the world of the living. Now lets go see if Link needs help."


Dodging its claw, Link threw his boomerang at it. It flew foreword in a curving arc.

Only to bounce off the demons skin harmlessly.

"OK, the boomerang does not work." So far the demons scales had proved impenetrable. Link had considered the eye as a weak point, but shooting an arrow at the eye had only produced a beam of magic shot at him.

Link ducked under a long, blue, sticky tongue that shot out from the mouth-like Iris.

"Maybe this will work!" Pulling out two bombs, he through them on the tongue. It slurped them up.

The demon seemed uncomfortable for a moment. Then is shot a plume of flame from Its eye at Link.

He blocked the fire with his Mirror Shield. "Bombs are off the list." Is nothing able to hurt this thing? Magic didn't scratch It. No weapon seemed able to pierce it's armor. "And the bloody eye counter-attacks!" It didn't seem fair. Jumping over the slashes the beast made at him, Link continued to think. Ok, Magic, swords, hookshot, arrows, bombs. I've tried those, what do I do next?


Sheik jumped on one of the demons many spines, Link hadn't noticed him of Saria enter the battle, the monster hadn't noticed either. Saria was off somewhere else, while Sheik was going to try to see if it had a weakness up here. All these spines over this spot, it must be protecting a weak point!

Sheik was proven wrong, however, when the spines began to rumble.


Link watched as the ShadowBeast, apparently bored, started shaking.

"What is it doing?" He wondered. Link got his answer when the things spines launched into the air. "Oh." Summoning Nayrus Love, The blue diamond formed around him, protecting him from these spikes that were about to rain upon him.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Link looked up to see Sheik, clinging onto one of the falling spines for dear life.

'Looks like It's going to hit me.' Link held out his hands.

Nayrus Love protects the caster from all forms of attack. A falling Sheikah apparently did not count as an attack. The spine shattered on contact with the barrier, but Sheik fell through. Link was able to catch him though. "Good morning Sheik! Glad to see you're here, care to help me in dealing with this hell spawn?" Link said in an all to cheery tone.

"Must you always be sarcastic?" Sheik asked.

"Yes, yes I do."


Saria was circling around the battleground, the central market place. It was empty, all the stalls smashed to pieces. The products that were left behind in the wake of the attack were destroyed. Seeing Link safe and unharmed made her feel a little better. But who knew how long this would last?

The monster seemed angry that Link had lived trough the attack. It charged toward Link and Sheik. Raising Its hand, it shot a black ball of shadow. Sheik jumped out of the way.

But Link raised his shield. The attack collided with it, but it spread. Wrapping around Links legs, trapping him in place.

"No!" Saria shouted. She ran to Link, even though she knew she wouldn't get there In time. She watched as the demon raised its wrist blade, thrusting It down. She watched as Link raised his sword on reflex to defend against the attack,

Something clicked.


Link felt it.

A surge of power unlike any other. Only the Triforce could compare. It shot through his body, filling him with renewed strength.

Link felt something form in his right hand. It was round and metal, yet felt light. He didn't have time to see what it was, for the monsters blade hit his own.

It was held back by the Gilded Sword, which was glowing a bright green.

-He's doing it! I can't believe it. He's holding it back!-

Sarias voice. It sounded in his head. Like when they talked using her song. But this was much stronger, he felt her emotions, her memories. For an instant Link understood Saria perfectly, their minds one.

And Link knew Saria felt the same.


Sheik felt more surprised then he had before in his life. Seeing Link hold back that massive thing with his sword was awe inspiring. The shadows binding his feet faded and Link began to press foreword.

The demon was being pushed back by Links advance. It pressed back against the young man. Only to finally be injured. The blade on its wrist exploded.

Roaring In anger, the monster swung its injured hand at Link, who jumped onto the hand. Sticking his sword into its arm, Link ran up it, leaving a huge gash as he went. He then jumped off It, seeming to hover over It for a moment, he fell down, sword first. Slicing threw the beast, he landed below it.

Roaring in pain, the demon began to glow, parts of it fell off, becoming those shadows once more. The shadows then faded away. This continued until all that was left was the eye. The eye shuddered, then exploded in a flash of green light.

Link stood up shakily, sheathed his sword, and passed out. Dropping something he had been holding in his hand.

Running to Link, Sheik checked on him. He heard another thump, looking behind him, he could see Saria passed out as well. What in the world? Looking down at Link, he saw what the young hero had been clutching.

The Forest Medallion.


"Saria! Saria! Where are you Saria!" A five year old Link ran through the forest, trying to find Saria. He closed his eyes and began feeling the magical currents that pervaded the forest, trying to find Saria among them. He wasn't very good at it, but that's just cause he's little, right?

Finally he heard her talking to someone.

Link had the best hearing of all the Kokiri, it was something he had noticed about him a long time ago. He could hear things nobody else could. Link was very proud of his talent.

Running to the source of the sound he shouted. "Saria!"

Saria turned her head an noticed the small Kokiri, "Link!" she said with a smile on her face. "What is it?"

"Mido was mean to me again, he said I'm a little runt, who isn't even a real Kokiri because I didn't get a fairy." Link began to sniffle.

"Link! Don't listen to Mido!"

"But Mido says that getting a fairy is the most important day of a Kokiris life..." The tears were flowing now...

Saria, however, had a solution. "Well maybe Mido's right, but doesn't that mean the most important day of your life hasn't come yet?"

Link looked up at Saria, she was right! She's so smart! "Wow, I guess that means the most important day of my life is going to be big, if it hasn't happened yet!"

"Exactly!" Saria gave him her "I'm so proud of you!" smile.

Link looked up at Saria, she was so nice. Pretty too, though he had never told her that! Giving her a hug he said, "I love you Saria."

Saria smiled "Thank you Link." Hugging him back.

Link never stopped loving her.-


Saria was sick.

She had caught some disease form an outsider she helped guide out of the forest. Now she was coughing, sneezing, and generally feeling miserable. The Great Deku Tree called It a "cold." And In truth she felt freezing, but everyone else said she was very hot. The Kokiri had been told that being around her could make them sick too. So she was all alone, with only Kalo to keep her company.

She cursed her luck.

"Saria, you alive?" a gentle voice called out. Link.

"Unfortunately..." Saria muttered, before sneezing.

"I'm here to take care of you." Link stated, stepping inside, with some hot soup. "The Great Deku Tree said soup Is a great help for 'colds.'" he stated, holding the spoon over her face. "Open wide."

"But you'll get sick too!" She shouted, but after she finished taking, Link put the spoon in her mouth.

"I don't care. I'm not letting you stay in here all alone. Besides, If you kick the bucket, who will Kalo yell at?"

"I could yell at you." Kalo replied.

"But it wouldn't be the same." Saria said, her mood improving with Links presence. Then having another coughing fit.

"See? We're one big dysfunctional family." Link laughed.

"You've been hanging around the Know-it-all brothers too much" Saria giggled as well. Link place some more soup in her mouth. "This is good soup, you made it?" Link was the best cook in the village, he said he was able to smell the high quality herbs and spices among the low quality. Though how, none of the Kokiri knew.

"Of course! Nothing but the best for my Saria!" And he knew It.

"Your Saria?" She questioned, giving him the Evil Eye.

Link blushed "My best friend Saria." he said. The soup was gone. "Better?"

"A little bit." She responded.

"Good, I'm spending the night here, in case you need anything."

It was Sarias turn to blush. "Link...you don't need to do that."

"Nonsense! You might need something in the night, I'll be here to get it!" Link said, using his "I have made a decision and not even the gods themselves can make me change my mind" voice.

Saria sighed, "Fine, but that makes you my slave until I get better."

"Yes Master." Link responded.

All three burst out laughing.

A week after Saria got better, Link got the "cold," and Saria took care of him.


Zelda looked at her two friends. Both of them passed out. As they had been for the past three days.

Amazingly, nobody had been killed. There were some injuries. But none fatal. The only "casualty" had been Impa, who had vanished without a trace. Zelda took this hard. Impa had been like a mother to her. And now she was gone. The last person to see Impa had been some soldiers.

"Link...please wake up..." Tears were flowing down her cheeks "You're the only one I have left..."

And he was lost to her.

She clutched at what she had found In Links hands, the Forest Medallion. It was the symbol of the Forest Temple, and a sign of Links bond with Saria.

"Link, I don't care if you go with Saria, just wake up..."

"Princess, they are fine." It was Shadow.

Zelda looked at the cloaked person. "Did you See them?" She sobbed.


Zelda felt a great weight come off her soul. Wrapping her arms around Shadow, she sobbed Into his cloak. "Thank you...I was so worried that they were hurt...or worse..." She pulled away from Shadow.

Shadow turned away, she saw him clench his fists. She heard him muttering "It must be done...it must be done..." Finally he turned to her. "The Gerudo need aid now. Aid Sheik can give." He looked at her for a moment. He whispered something she couldn't understand. And vanished.

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